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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  January 24, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PST

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good morning to you, 5:00 a.m. on this tuesday, january 24. i'm natasha zouves. >> i'm reggie aqui along side meteorologist mike nicco and traffic reporter alexis smith. jessica has the day off today. so, alexis, we have some problems already early this morning. >> yeah, two major problems this morning. the first one, i'll start off with a crash on the bay bridge. this is westbound 80 on the incline towards treasure island. still can see those flashing lights, looks to me like we've got the far right lane down, possibly the two far right lanes down and as you know, we
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normally don't get these metering lights on for the bay bridge toll plaza until 5:30. they're not officially on yet but that back-up has stretched all the way back there so rough bay bridge commute this morning and a really rough drive out of the central valley. 1 hour, 42 minutes now. westbound 580, tracy to dublin, that is due to the emergency pothole repair. westbound 4 still okay, and southbound 101, that's okay. let's check in with mike. we have a few sprinkles but pretty dry. >> it was a nice drive in for understand this morning, not having to worry about hydroplanes. look at the north bay from bodega highway down towards bodega avenue, pengrove and petaluma, some right light to moderate rain right now. san rafael looking dry. closer you are to the coast, more likely you'll be wet during the morning commute. trending dry for august of us by noon. increasing sunshine so grab those sunglasses.
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low to mid 50s by 4:00, but back in the 40s, grab a coat if you're headed out this evening. one more chance of showers. here's alexis -- not alexis, excuse me. >> you can call me alexis if you want. >> here's reggie. >> she's a wonderful woman, i enjoy her. we're going to piggyback off something alexis was mentioning and that is a problem that results from a pothole in the bay area. this one is causing a big problem with that commute. >> two lanes closed on westbound 580 right now and abc7 news reporter matt keller is live in that area. matt? >> reporter: good morning, natasha and reggie. i wish i had better news for divers this morning, but what a mess here on westbound 580. check out the back-up. alexis says it's 11 miles long. it's going to be quite a commute this morning for drivers coming from the central valley and yeah, blame it on the potholes. chp is hoping to have those lanes reopened around 6:00 a.m. now, these potholes are getting so big, they're actually getting their own name.
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the chp named this sinkhole on highway 13 in oakland, steve. the rain affects the road in two ways, from the surface, where tires squeeze water into the asphalt, causing it to crack and break open and below where rain water loosens the soil underneath. caltrans says it's deplaying its crews as fast as it can but they're struggling to keep up. in the end, drivers pay the price. >> they need to fix it fast because i damaged the rim, i damaged the front of my car and i had to get that fixed, the back of my car, the bumper got blown out. yeah. >> this has been one of the worst seasons for potholes and other roadway damage we've seen in a long time. we haven't received this much rain this quickly. >> reporter: all right. caltrans says the repairs they're doing now are temporary. they need to wait for warmer weather before doing a more permanent fix and you can make it damage claim with caltrans if your car is damaged while going through one of thepotholes.
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just go to we set up a link there where you can fill out a form and make that claim. reporting live in livermore, matt keller, abc7 news. and new this morning, a new study shows san francisco is the state's most dangerous city for drivers. san bernardino and santa ana come in three, berkeley is number four. the t study focused on large cities, weighed factors like the number of crashes, hit and runs, percentage of young drivers as well to come up with that rating. a busy highway for north bay drivers is going to be closed for a few more days at least. highway 37 between 101 and atherton and going to be closed until at least saturday and that is because of flooding. sky7 was over the area in novato yesterday. you can see how much water is blocking lanes. caltrans tried to pump it out but nearby fields are water logged too so there's really nowhere for that water to go. look at that car stranded there. the chp says 580 through san rafael is your best option if you need to go east out to the
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marin county. the santa clara valley water district board of directors has a tough task in tonight's meeting. is that i need to convince water logged residents, many of whom saw the video of the lexington reservoir, that conservation is still a fact of liechlt the board will consider several water reduction options. restrictions like not hosing off the driveway or watering the grass in public streed medians remain in effect. developing news out of the east bay. berkeley police are investigating the mysterious cause of the death of two people and their two cats found inside an apartment. the bodies were found yesterday afternoon at a complex on deacon street near web center. police confirmed carbon monoxide poison does not appear to be the cause and no obvious signs of trauma. a man and a woman in their 30s lived in that unit. the victims' identities have not been released. caught on camera, milpitas
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police are hoping you recognize these two prowlers. one of them appears to be carrying a shotgun. this sur violence photo was taken last week early wednesday morning and shows the men walking through the backyard of a home on eagle ridge drive. here's a clearer picture of one of the suspects. the same prowlers were also spotted about a half mile way in san jose. this is outside a home on lisbon court that same morning. the san mateo county sheriff's office is investigating two men caught prowling a home in portola valley as well. deputies arrested 19-year-old jesus and 18-year-old jose after a homeowner saw them in her backyard nearly golden oak. both men from redwood city ran off when deputies got there. the suspects were caught and they're in possession of burglary tools. happening today, the oakland public safety committee is going to discuss whether to allow the police department to intercept our cell phone use. if approved, oakland police would use cel site semilaters, you may know them as the name
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si sting rays. these act as a real cell phone tower to identify phones and capture its content. the committee is going to kmeet at 6:00 i'll give you the good news first. we just watching this camera, westbound 80 on the bay bridge and it looks like our multi-car crashes that cleared in the last couple moment fwuz bad news is damage is done. those bay bridge metering lights on at 4:58 this morning. that is the earliest i've seen them flipped on. jam there had in the maze and that is is going to continue to grow. i'm not sure if we'll gouns back at this point. the other significant problem is westbound 580, altamont pass, that's where we have those two right lanes down, just saw matt there a couple moments ago. i tried to put into perspective how terrible this back-up is. probably around 12 miles if you're coming on 205. but look, it has stretched down on to 580 as well if you're coming from south of there. so 11 miles per hour, 5 miles an
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hour, 7 miles an hour. basically it's almost 2 hours right now. so just a really, really awful commute. they're hoping to have those lanes back open by 6:00 if you can delay your drive this morning, i highly recommend that. we'll take a look at that bay bridge again but let's check in with mike. feeling for those people i know on 24, there are some nasty potholes you can't get around. i can't wait to see how much worse they are after the weekend rain so be careful out there. slow down because of rain, especially big mass right there, right off the marin coast down toward pacifica and that's where that's going stay as you can see. it's more trending towards moving away from the coast than it is towards the coast. so down the coast today, that's where we have our best chance of wet weather because of the cloud cover across the north bay, a little bit warmer than yesterday while the rest of us are going to about 6 degrees cooler. we have 42, glen park at about 47 degrees, castro, west portal,
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all about 43 degrees, 39 down in santa clara and also in walnut creek where you can see the streets are wet but it's not raining. yellow, caution for the morning commute because of the wetness and it will be dry this afternoon on the water and out and about, afternoon sunshine and slightly warmer. we'll take a look at that next chance of rain coming in the accuweather 7 day forecast. there's concern about a growing issue that could mean budget cuts to schools statewide. statewide. >> we are
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today's storm is level 1. that means light rain, so keep an umbrella handy and drive safely. track today's storm any time on the abc7 news app. download it now. 5:the, welcome back. public schools across the state could be facing major cuts because of pension costs. according to "the chronicle," districts will have to redistrict billions of dollars from classrooms into retirement accounts. the reason? the amount of money that goes to the california public employees retirement system is expected to double within six years. district officials say the cuts could lead to bigger class sizes and less art and music in schools. a san francisco start-up is trying something new. you can't get a job offer until you've gone through a trial week. the reason? the web hosting service says it
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deded to shake up the hiring process because it was having a hard time learning about potential employees strictly from their resumes. weebly tells the business insider around 75% of prospective employees end up getting an offer. natasha, i'd never get a job. >> this sounds really harsh. all right. talk about a huge stash. this is what $20 million hidden in a bed looks like. the u.s. attorney's office shared this photo on twitter after federal agents found all the cash inside of a box spring at an apartment in massachusetts. a 28-year-old brazilian man was arrested and charged with conspiring to commit money laundering. the hidden cash was all part of an international pyramid scheme involving a company called telexfre. there we go. woo hoo! >> the mt. diablo summit closed to traffic and that allowed that guy to bobsled down a mountain
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road. yesterday's brief snowfall covered the area with a light frosting. >> let's get over to alexis smith with that big traffic alert. major headache for central valley drivers this morning, all due to potholes. we've seen so much of this the last couple weeks with the road conditions just deteriorating. so a major one blocking the two right lanes, they're trying to get it fixed. westbound 580 in altamont pass area jt past flort north flynn, significant back-up so that has spilled over on to 205, 13-mile back-up there and if you're coming up from 580, that's another five miles. i don't expect that to get better any time soon. bay bridge metering lights on much earlier this morning due to a crash that has cleared. about 20 minutes across once you make it on to the bridge. getting through the maze is going to be another story. let's check in with mike nicco now. no rain out there except for right along the coast and look
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at the set-up of live doppler 7. we've got a push of dry air that's going to bring us increasing sunshine. there's 101 and 880. seems to be doing okay. increasing sun today and the dry afternoon. slight chance wednesday night into thursday and then a warm and dry weekend. all right. your storm impact scale for today, scattered showers, localized flooding, near the coasts, light breezes for the rest of us. in fact, you can see it rolling away from us in the sunshine, breaking up by 9:00 and especially noon and into the afternoon hours. all right, here's a look at my accuweather 7 day forecast. terchs going to be in the 20s to 40s tonight and then we'll be in the 50s tomorrow. a slight chance for thursday morning and then look at the 60s saturday, sunday, and monday. well, this is the moment movie fans have been waiting for. the big morning, who is getting the oscar nod. the oscar nod. >> and who the bottom line is, for your goals, this is a strategy i'd recommend. this actually makes sense.
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we have some disagreement this morning about who should win the oscar. it's a big day here on abc7 and for hollywood of course as the 89th oscar nominations are announced. >> as you probably know, abc7 is your official oscar station. this year, the academy is going things a little bit differently. in fact, they are breaking the announcement into two separate parts. >> right, and we're going to show you both parts here live on abc7 mornings. we're also going to be streaming it for you on our news app. these are about to get underway and it's going to be the academy's samuel golden theater in beverly hills. when i said there was going to be disagree it's lilla"la la land's" year, natasha. >> it's going to be interesting after the oscars so white controversy last year, how that affects the nominations that are about to take place. let's listen in. >> the academy awards you think you know, that's not how it's always been. in 1929, there were no nominations and the winners were announced in advance. so today, we're going to change things up again and we're going to invite past oscar nominees
5:19 am
and winners to help welcome this new class. and to actually walk them through the next 33 days. >> for that year, i was part of that small selected group of the brightest stars and i was able to bring my mother to the oscars who always wanted to be an actress, and she got to sit right next to me and be so proud of me walking on that stage. the nominees for supporting actor are -- >> mahershala aly in jeff bridges in hell or high water, lucas bridges in manchester by the sea, dev pa tell in lion and michael shannon in nocturnal animals. >> the nominees for cinematography are -- cinematography are -- >> arrival, "la la land,"
5:20 am
moonlight and cyclsilence. >> the phone rang and my lawyer was on the phone. he said you were nominated for an oscar. i was by myself in this hotel room. i didn't have any family. before i had a chance to call my mom, my door rang and the waitress came in and i burst into tears and said, i've just nominated for an oscar and she put the tray down and said, give us a hug. >> documentary feature, fire at sea, i am not your negro, life animated, o.j., made in america, and 13 best documentary, short subject, extrems, 4.1 miles, joe's violin, "watani, my homeland" and the white helmets.
5:21 am
>> we are fortunate and of course you should -- with all of this, but a day after, the very next day after the oscars, the focus should be back to making films. good films. the nominees for foreign language film are -- >> land of mine, from denmark, "a man called uva" from sweden, "the salesman" fro iran, tann a from australia, tony erdmann from germany. tony erdmann from germany. >> the nominees for live action short are -- >> silent nights, sing, and code. >> when i heard my name, i think i just about passed out.
5:22 am
and then when i heard lenny abrahamson's name, the director of room kwoez, that's when i really lost my mind. it was just the best moment of my life. the nominees for lead actor are -- >> casey affleck in "manchester by the sea," andrew garfield in hacksaw ridge, ryan gosling in "la la land," viggo in captain fantastic and denzel washington in "fences." >> the nominees for sound editing are -- >> arrival, deep water horizon, hacksaw ridge, "la la land," and "sully." >> the nominees for sound are -- >> "arrival", hacksaw ridge, "la
5:23 am
la land," rogue 1, a "star wars" story, and "13 hours, the secret soldiers of >> it was very early in the morning and the first thing i did was wake up my wife. i think immediately call someone that is going to take you down a few notches. that's why i woke up my wife. the nominees for production design are -- >> arrival, fantastic beasts and where to find them, hale "la la land," and passengers. >> the nominees for special effects are -- >> "deep water horizon", "dr. strange", "the jungle book", kubo and the two strings, and "rogue one." >> we were making the big chill and i heard it and i -- as they
5:24 am
say in england, i was gob smacked. out of the blue. i had no clue. i had no expectations. >> costume design. allied, fantastic beasts and where to find them, florence foster-jenkins, jackie, and la land". make-up and hair styling, a man called ove, star trek beyond and suicide squad. >> a score or music in a film, that is, like, to me, the most impactful and powerful music. let's not forget about "jaws," that type of power that it exudes to drive your every emotion through the film and you don't even know that's what's driving your emotion. that is powerful. the nominees for origin
5:25 am
are -- >> "jackie", "la la land," justin her wits, lion, dustin o'hall ran, passengers, thomas newman. >> the nominees for original song are -- >> "audition" the fools who dream from "la la land," "can't stop the feeling" from trolls kwoez, city of stars from "la la land," the empty chair from jim, the james foley story. the james foley story. how far i'll go, from moana. stay tuned for part two of the announcements. returning shortly. . well, that's an interesting way to announce things. >> we haven't seen that before. that sort of prepackaged thing. all right. >> little sleepy, but i was really pleased to see --
5:26 am
>> one of our local guys made it. >> who you probably know from house of cards, super excited. he grew up in oakland. and they are going to continue in a few minutes with the nods for best actress, director, and best picture. >> and don't forget, of course, abc7, the only place to catch the oscars, sunday, february 26, mark your >> jim: jimmy kimmel was hosting the big show. >> i'm going to wake you up and everybody else when you see this drive time. this is not a typo. westbound 580, tracy to dublin, about 2.5 hours right now. major pothole repair so this is right in altamont pass for all those central valley drivers, it is a mess. i can not stress this enough. can you delay your trip, take eighth rail, anything is better. southbound 680 is okay, northbound 85. bay bridge metering lights on very early in morning due to an earlier crash. let's check in with mike nicco. take a look at january.
5:27 am
really quick, you know it's been wet but did you know in san jose it's been 2 is 1/2 times wetter than normal to nearly 3 1/2 times in santa rosa, 2 times in oakland, 3 times in san francisco. i'll put those on social media in case you want to chew on those numbers a little bit more. let me show you these. significantly cooler tomorrow morning, temperatures in the 30s just about everywhere until you get to around oakland, san mateo, half moon bay, some 40s there. >> thank you. next at 5:30, president trump is getting to work. his plans for a second full day working at the white house. plus we're tracking those big problems in the east bay, a pothole creating a huge back-up for commuters. for commuters. alexis
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and good morning on this tuesday, january 24. i'm reggie aqui. >> i'm natasha zouves. we're going to get to alexis on traffic, mike with weather in a moment, some sat, but back now to this morning's oscar nominations. >> we heard some of the nominees so far, including best actor and best supporting actor, casey affleck being in a momented for his role in "manchester by the sea." >> one of our local actors nominated for his best supporting role in "moonlight." great to hear. we want to go back now to beverly hills. the nominations are getting started again and this is sort of a format we haven't seen before. it isn't being read live. it's sort of prepackaged and we're getting to hear actors' accounts about what it was like to be nominated and to win. let's go back. my big piece of advice, when you're nominated, is not to pop the champagne right away because that's going to continue for a long time.
5:31 am
in this case, make 33 days. and you've got a big job ahead of you. you might have to give a speech in front of millions and millions of people and you don't want to screw it up. >> the nominees for original screen play are -- screen play are -- >> "hell or high water," land," "the lobster," "manchester by the sea," and "20th century >> and the nominees for adapted screen play are -- >> "arrival," "fences," august wilson, "hidden figures," "lion," and
5:32 am
>> so the first time that i really truly ever experienced the academy and the oscars was when i was there, nominated for an oscar, and i haven't stopped watching it since. the nominees for animated feature are -- >> "kubo and the two strings", "moana", my life as a sue key knee, the red turtle, and "zootopia." >> the nominees for animated short are -- >> "blind vaysha" "borrowed time" pear cider and cigarettes, "pearl" and "piper." >> i got to meet lee daniels, the director, and he just gave me the role after about 30 to 45
5:33 am
minutes of talking, and so i don't know how other people get nominated for oscars but for it was hella easy. here's some more of this year's nominations. >> actress in a supporting role. viola davis in "fences." naomi harris in "moonlight." nicole kidman in "lion." ok taif yeah spencer in "hidden figures." and michelle williams in "manchester by the sea." film editing. "arrival," hacksaw ridge, "hell or high water," "la la land," and "moonlight." >> my phone rang. it was my father, and we both just started crying and neither of us could finish a sentence. it was one of the greatest moments of my life and it was two years later that we actually got nominated together. and the nominees for lead
5:34 am
actress are -- >> isabelle huppert, ruth >> isabelle huppert, ruth natalie portman, emma meryl directing. "arrival," "hacksaw ridge", mel gibson, "la la land," damian, "manchester by the sea," kenneth lonergen, and "moonlight," barry jenkins. to our global community and film makers and fans, and to everyone who is inspired by movies and loves them as much as we do, thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> i'm thrilled to be here with cheryl to welcome the nominees for the 89th academy awards.
5:35 am
and i'm especially honored to help announce this year's nominees for best picture. >> "arrival," "fences," ridge, "hell or high water," "hidden figures," "la la land," "lion," "manchester by the sea," "moonlight." >> congratulations to all the extraordinary artists and film makers nominated today. it's going to be a great show. >> huge congratulations. >> congratulations. >> congratulations. >> the idea of you being an oscar nominee is actually now part of your name to the day you die. >> embrace this moment because just being nominated alone makes you a winner. >> make a speech anyway because there's nothing more boring than an unprepared actor. >> i want to congratulate all the nominees and i advise them to wear comfortable shoes to the
5:36 am
ceremony. >> get sleep when you can. sneak into the oscars with a flask. and have a good time. >> well, she's so fun. >> she brought life to that thing. but we do know who the nominees are, so at least there was information. >> we do, and already twitter buzzing about a significant number of african-american honorees this year. >> very different from last year. "moonlight." that's my vote. full wrap-up of the nominations in our next hour, including reaction from some of the big nominees. >> of course they're already celebrating, calling each other. don't forget, abc7 the only place you can catch the oscars, sunday, february 26, jimmy kimmel hosting. let's get to alexis smith now. she's hosting a big issues on the roads for us. >> not a party anyone wants to go to unfortunately this morning. and sitting there on 580, westbound side, for altamont pass drivers, just past north
5:37 am
flynn, that's where we've got that pothole repair in the two right lanes, 6:00, hopefully they'll have those lanes open but of course it's hard to tell just how soon they cn get that totally repaired and back open and in the moment, significant back-up into tracy on to 205, 13 miles and then some. if you can possibly delay your trip this morning, i highly recommend that. also, still trying to fix sinkhole steve as oakland chp has named him on southbound 13 just before get to wrbroadway terse. the two left lanes are blocked there. hoping to have that done by early tomorrow. let's check in with mike nicco. >> i appreciate the alliteration but why not start with a like we do with hurricanes. because you have that many potholes. my windshield, still haven't fixed it from last year's si sinkholes. look at live doppler 7 there. there's some pink in the mountains around nee and yountville. there's freezing level down to 2500 feet to 3,000 in some areas
5:38 am
but no roads where that is falling. you can see best radar returns are across the north bay. the better chance of some of that moisture with some of the darker greens around novato. let me broad tennessee picture more. the entire system is sinking down to the south so anywhere from the east bay shore out to the coast. possibility of a light shower this morning so morning kmus, isolated shower, go caution yellow, especially near the coast with a few slick spots. the rest of us, the ground and the streets are drying as we speak as more people get out there on the roads, the tires create heat from the friction and that helps dry it up. evening commute, ought to be dry for everybody. let's take a look at temperatures. 35 in san ramon for the cool spot. everybody in the 30s until concord and pittsburg. 36 in los gatos, san carlos 39, everybody else until the low to mid 40s, oakland and santa rosa at 43, to san francisco at about 44. let's take a look at what's going to happen today.
5:39 am
you can see in the 30s from 7:00 to some 40s around the coast. we'll be in the upper 40s to low 50s at noon and then low to mid 50s at 4:00 and then low to mid 40s back at 7:00. so it's going to get chilly quick. temperatures today will top outs in the low to mid 50s. take a look at your lows. one more chance of an isolated shower. we have a lot of news to get to this morning, including a new delay in the mega merger between yahoo and jerz verizon. a rare appearance by the wife of the collective's founder and her message now for the public. it is 5:39. boy a lot of traffic troubles out there. out there. we keep up information a
5:40 am
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right now, we want to go to that traffic alert that alexis has been talking about all morning long on interstate 580 at the altamont pass. >> abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is there live. amy, how's it going now? >> reporter: hi, good morning, natasha. what a nightmare. now, look behind me at westbound 580. you can see the traffic right there, it's kind of moving. it's, you know, not at a standstill, but then look this way. boom. two lanes are gone, and that is where you grind to a halt. what a pain this morning. avoid it if you can. this is westbound, headed into oakland and the city.
5:43 am
this is 580. they shut it down, these two lanes. i did check in with chp which and they're reporting possible good news. planning to open these at 6:00 a.m. we will be here, though, monitoring to see if that really happens. so stay with us. we'll keep you posted on that and on whether the damage has been done. reporting live from livermore, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. developing news now in hayward. deputies are looking for the gunman who killed a teenager last night. this happened on princeton street around 7:00. police went to reports of gunshots and that's when they found a 16-year-old dead. deputies haven't released any information on a suspect or possible motive. the alameda county sheriff's office wants any witnesses to give them a call. an 18-year-old tracy woman is still missing this morning. chp plans to once again shut down busy niles canyon road through fremont to try to pull her car out of the water there. investigators believe her body is inside. her family will be there as they
5:44 am
work today and witnesses say she drove into alameda creek after hitting another car on niles canyon on sunday. the water has just been too rough for divers to enter, so crews have been searching from the ground. it was actually her family who helped locate her car. >> one of the family members picked up a rock and threw it at the object in the water and it sounded like it hit a tire. >> you can see that drone flew over the area and confirmed it was, indeed, a tire. to make the fast moving safer for divers to enter, water will be shut off up stream. niles canyon road will be close t at 10:00 this morning. governor jerry brown declared a state of emergency last night for 50 california counties. these have been hit hard by mudslides, flooding, and damage from our recent storms. in fact, all nine bay area counties are included. brown says damage to roads and infrastructure is estimated in the tens of millions. so, this will allow caltrans to
5:45 am
seek immediate help from fema and the offices of emergency services. new details now coming in from a special oakland city council meeting. the wife of the ghost ship manager made a rare public appearance. she lived at the warehouse with derick and their three children. she apologized at last night's meeting and said that they carry a very heavy weight on their shoulders. she also is blaming the media for what's happened to her family. earlier in the day, lawyers claim that the fire that killed 36 people actually started from bad wiring in the building next door. they will not say, though, where they're getting that information from. oakland fire is still determining the cause. the d.a.'s office is also investigating possible criminal charges. the ghost ship fire is also prompting greater protections for people who are evicted when their landlord has to repair code violations. last night the oakland city council nearly doubled the fees for landlords that they must pay the tenants who have to move
5:46 am
while safety improvements are being made. according to "the chronicle," the fees are designed to protect those who clan about safety issues if their building. a big day for san francisco's police chief, getting ready for his first official day on the job. >> chief of police for the city and county of san francisco. congratulations. >> mayor ed lee swearing in new chief bill scott at the city hall rotunda yesterday. scott spent 27 years in the l.a. police department, rising to the rank of deputy chief, and he is aware that many people wanted to have a chief from within the department, but he doesn't see that as a hurdle. >> even after my appointment, i think there were some people that were disappointed that somebody was brought in from the outside. i don't see that as an assault to me. i think that's just the nature of the beast. >> chief scott says he plans to learn more about the city and the department by joining his officers on patrol. today, president trump will welcome auto industry leaders to the white house as he makes a push for more jobs here in the
5:47 am
u.s. and this comes just a day after pulling out of a major trade deal with asia, the trans-pacific partnership. >> the first one is withdrawal. >> okay. great thing for the american worker, what we just did. >> farmers in fresno disagree with that. they say much of their industry is export-based, including 80% of the world's almond supply. the american farm bureau estimates that the free trade deal would have provided a $4 billion boost to food producers. senate committees are expected to vote on several of president donald trump's picks today. the judiciary committee is expected to support snert jeff sessions. south carolina governor nikki haley is expected to get a green light at the foreign legislations committee. reuters reports votes are delayed indefinitely for montana representative ryan zink and former texas governor rick perry.
5:48 am
they're nominated to lead the interior and energy departments. also the nominees for interior and commerce secretaries are expected to pass at the commerce committee today. world news tonight anchor david muir is going to do the first one-on-one interview with president trump. you're going to see excerpts from that interview all day tomorrow here on abc7, including a one-hour primetime special, which airs at 10:00 p.m. yahoo says it is moving ahead with its plan to merge with verizon, but the deal will not be closing for at least another three months. the announcement comes as the sunnyvale based tech giant is being investigated. authorities are looking into when yahoo's two massive data breaches should have been reported sooner to investors, according to the "wall street journal." yahoo did not publicly disclose either the 2013 or 2014 breaches until last year. okay, so alexis has been busy all morning long tracking a couple of major problems. >> we're just seeing an incredibly long drive time here if you're trying to get out of the central valley.
5:49 am
honestly, surface streets, no great choices but that's going to be better than getting on westbound 205. tracy to dublin, 2 hours 48 minutes. this is where we heard from amy hollyfield. it's all due to the pothole repair. two lanes down at north flynn. they are optimistic they'll get those lanes open at 6:00. but damage already done. looking okay out of dublin to mission boulevard, 17 minutes between 101 and cupertino. and switching over to our photographic matraffic maps, there's that huge stretch of green. we're also seeing, if you're approaching the bay bridge, we had a crash early this morning so still feeling the effects of that. westbound 80 coming down through emeryville and getting through the toll plaza and we have those metering lights flipped on early this morning, it happened after 5:00, about 30 minutes earlier than normal so i don't think we're going to recover. collision in san jose on some surface streets.
5:50 am
i'll talk more about that next. let's check in with mike nicco. >> thank you very much. hi, everybody. no rain on that camera. it's our east bay hills camera and it looks pretty clear as it looks back toward san francisco but near the coast, that's where our weakening storm is going to slide south today with a chance of scattered showers. cooler tonight, warmer tomorrow, slight chance of wet weather thursday morning ask and then dry for a while. drying trends today but some of the clouds in the twisting of the clouds as that area of low slides on by us. so the closer you are to the coast, more likely you are to get affected by this particular storm, which is a 1 on our storm impact scale because of the light nature of these scattered showers. still a slight chance with such soggy ground, especially in the hills and mountains near the coast. could be localized flooding. here we are at 6:00. some up in the north bay and as we head toward 9:00 and 10:00, it's just about out of here, heading out at noon. you want to have the sunglasses, same thing during the afternoon
5:51 am
hours. overnight because of the clearing conditions, much cooler tomorrow and look at this. the chance of wet weather, you just don't see anything measurable with this storm. so let's talk about those temperatures. thick frost in our inland deepest valleys like santa rosa, 31, possibly danville and san ramon. even 30s around the bay shore, 40s around richmond, oakland, san mateo, san francisco, my accuweather 7 day forecast, little warmer tomorrow, slight chance for shower and then look at the 60s, saturday, sunday, monday. >> thank you. coming up next, we have a warning for people here in san francisco. the popular park where two wild coyotes have been spotted. plus do not try this at home. one man treats flooded roads like a lake. but trust me, he is a trained professional. we're going to take a quick break right now but we leave you with abc7 news now live, a look at the golden gate bridge. at the golden gate bridge. first morning in a while
5:52 am
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5:54 am
happening today, the two brothers accused of stabbing a man at a hayward target store this month are going to be back in court this morning. the brothers are charged with murder. police say they stabbed tyrone griffin in front of his son in the toy aisle on christmas eve. today, the brothers are going to be back in court on a petition to revoke probation. that plea hearing also expected to be set today. well, new study about cervical cancer shows more women are dying than first thought, and in particular african-american women and older women are at greater risk. the human papilloma virus or hpv causes cervical cancer and it can be prevented by the hpv vaccine. a study out of the johns hopkins found that african-american women in the u.s. are dying from
5:55 am
the concerns at 30% higher rate than white women, we're talking 77% to 47%. and many of those women who are dying are older than 65. researchers say they are still unclear as to why they are dying from the cancer at higher rates. two why wouild coyotes have spotted in san francisco. they were seen in the park. coyotes are native to san francisco, sightings increase between april and august. animal care and control officials remind you to keep pets indoors, especially at night in that area, and do not feed the coyotes. and also, don't do this. don't jet ski in a flooded street. this guy, mark gomez, has a possible excuse for doing this and this, by the way, happened in southern california in fullerson. he is a trained stuntman. and apparently, he's won numerous awards for his jet skiing technique, so if you're going to do this, be him. but don't be you. because you will likely ground
5:56 am
and ruin your jet ski, if not hurt yourself. >> he's going it right next to the curb but there are parts of the street that are completely exposed so he had to be pretty careful. >> that's why you shouldn't do that. >> just don't do it. hey, alexis. >> taking a look at our traffic maps today. most of us are in the green. light volumes but there is one major stretch of red out of the central valley and we've been talking about this all day today. westbound 580 past north flynn, still have two right lanes down for that emergency pothole repair. back up a little bit over 13 miles at this point. 3 miles an hour average. 7 miles an hour average as you get closer to the closure at altamont pass. hopefully those lanes will be back open at 6:00 but it is a mess out there this morning. live look outside in san jose. 101 and 880 looking okay but we do have a crash involving a pedestrian on tully road so the westbound side is closed between center and south tent and matt keller will have more on this coming up in the 6:00 hour. right now, let's check in with mike nicco with a look at our
5:57 am
forecast. >> hi, everybody. still have some issues at the coast, not only with the scattered showers but the high surf. look at the current wave height in monterey, 21. we're a little bit lower half moon bay, san francisco, bodega bay, 16 to 17 there but we could hang around 20 to 25 until 4:00 this afternoon. large breakers there. most of the wet weather will be down in the coast, or down in southern california. snow showers possible around tahoe and also yosemite. if you're waiting to get up there, leave tomorrow. and you'll have tons of sunshine and so much snow to ski in. it's not even funny. coming up next at 6:00, we are staying on top of that traffic alert in the east bay. >> in fact, sky7 just arrived to that massive traffic issue, major dels if you're driving major dels if you're driving in from the altamont pass.
5:58 am
5:59 am
the fastest waya to ruin pancakes.. that's why denny's uses fresh, never frozen blackberries that are fresh. and never frozen. did we mention they were fresh?
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now, at 6:00 a.m., if you are driving in from the altamont pass or plan to, look at what you are facing. sky7 just arrived at the scene on interstate 580 and to describe this as a mess is probably underplaying it. it stretches for miles. >> in fact, that delay for drivers growing by the minute. alexis has been tracking all of it for us this morning. let's start with abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield who is live at that back-up. amy, any improvement? >> reporter: hi, natasha. i'm happy to show you some good news. look at this. they are picking up the cones, indicating to us that these lanes are opening. so, that is the good news. pshut down here on westbound 58 are opening up in time for the heart of the commute. it is only 6:00 a.m. so, we still have a ways to go in this commute. now, let me show you the bad news. this is the view from sky7. the back-up that has already accumulated here at 6:00 this morning. you can only imagine what it would have looked like at


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