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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  January 24, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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are driving in from the altamont pass or plan to, look at what you are facing. sky7 just arrived at the scene on interstate 580 and to describe this as a mess is probably underplaying it. it stretches for miles. >> in fact, that delay for drivers growing by the minute. alexis has been tracking all of it for us this morning. let's start with abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield who is live at that back-up. amy, any improvement? >> reporter: hi, natasha. i'm happy to show you some good news. look at this. they are picking up the cones, indicating to us that these lanes are opening. so, that is the good news. pshut down here on westbound 58 are opening up in time for the heart of the commute. it is only 6:00 a.m. so, we still have a ways to go in this commute. now, let me show you the bad news. this is the view from sky7. the back-up that has already accumulated here at 6:00 this morning. you can only imagine what it would have looked like at 8:00 a.m.
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this is going to take a while to work itself out so that is the concern. if you are about to leave the house, you might want to brace yourself for still having a slowdown, but it is going to be opening up and picking up. so we're happy to tell you that. this is livermore. this is at the altamont pass. this is headed into oakland and san francisco so people coming from tracy, from the central valley, it's because of potholes that they had to repair. they started working on this at noon yesterday, so that's how long this has been in place. but of course the concern was this morning commute but look at this. light at the end of the tunnel if you're in that back-up. it is going to open up. traffic starting to move again. happy to report that for you this morning. happy tuesday, everyone. reporting live in livermore, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. let's go over to select. amy reports that things are getting better but that doesn't mean that people are going to have a great time coming up. >> if you're in the back of this back-up, it's good news that
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those lanes are opening up. but check out this drive time. 2 hours 49 minutes, tracy to dublin. now that we are getting these two right lanes back open since they wrapped up that pothole repair, hopefully this will come down significantly soon but boy, that is major. that is going to take a long time to recover. westbound 4, antioch to concord, up to 24 minutes and san rafael to san francisco, you're looking great at just about 17 minutes. bay bridge commute, you've had a rough morning today as well. metering lights on just before 5:00 a. 5:00 a.m. due to a crash on the incline and no recovering from that point. so you are if anything just a little extra congested through the maze this morning so it really has been a tough go in those spots. we have some trouble in the south bay. i'll talk that in a minute. let's check in with meteorologist mike nicco. >> good morning, alexis. hi, everybody. i'm trying to bring you some good news, what mother nature left behind, alexis is telling you it's not very nice. i've hit one of those potholes, by windshield definitely shows that. here's a look at what's going
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on. light rain across the north bay and along the peninsula coast and that was dwayne, one of our engineers, he's going to come on down here and help us fix one of our cameras. we've had a couple of hundredths of an inch of rain. we love dwayne. so far this morning, across the north bay. here's a look from the east bay hills camera and it's a little bit cooler this morning, dress warmly. 37 to 44, the showers are over by noon. 47 to 52. more sunshine this afternoon. 50 to 53 and grab a coat, you'll need it this evening. let's get more news with reggie and natasha. breaking news out of san jose where a collision between an uber driver and a pedestrian has resulted in life threatening injuries. this happened at a quarter to 4:00 this morning on tully road, a major thoroughfare there. it's now closed between center road and tenth street. the uber driver told police the pedestrian suddenly stepped out in front of him and that he didn't have time to stop. the pedestrian was not in the crosswalk.
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abc7 news reporter matt keller is going to have a live report from that scene at the bottom of the hour. we just spoke about that emergency pothole repair in livermore. caltrans crews are working double shifts to fill all the potholes that have sprung up on bay area roads. they're getting so big, they're getting their own name. chp named this sinkhole on highway 13 in oakland, steve. the rain affects the road in two ways. from the surface, where tires squeeze water into the asphalt, causing it to crack and break open. also, below, where rain water looszens the soil underneath. a busy highway for north bay drivers is going to be closed for a few more days at least. highway 37 between 101 and atherton is going to be closed until at least afford because of flooding and take a look at this. sky7 was over the area in novato yesterday. a lot of water blocking lanes. caltrans tried to pump it out but as you can see, the nearby fields, they're clogged too so the water doesn't really have anywhere to go. and look at that car stuck in all of that. so, the chp says 580 through san
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rafael is your best option if you need to go east out of the marin county. santa clara valley water district board of directors is facing a bit of a tough task in tonight's meeting. they need to convince water logged residents, many of whom saw video of the lexington reservoir that conservation is still a fact of life. the board will consider several water use reduction options, certainly no one is going to need to water their lawn for some time, but other restrictions like not hosing off your driveway or watering the grass in public street medians currently remain in effect. developing news out of the east bay. berkeley police investigating the mysterious cause of death of two people and two cats found dead inside an apartment. the bodies were found yesterday afternoon at the complex on deacon street near webster. police confirmed carbon monoxide poisoning does not appear to be the cause. they also say there were no obvious signs of trauma. a neighbor tells us a man and a woman in their 30s live in that unit. the victims' identities have not
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been released. check this out. caught on camerament milpitas police are hoping you might recognize these two prowlers. one of them appears to be holding a shotgun. this surveillance photo was taken last week and it shows the men walking through the backyard of a home on eagle ridge drive. we're going to show you another photo that has a clearer picture of one of the suspects. police say the same prowlers were also spotted about a half mile away in san jose. this is outside of a heome on lisbon court that same morning. a vallejo family is demanding answers after a police officer shot and killed their 21-year-old relative. this happened on sacramento street early yesterday morning. police responded to reports of people fighting with weapons and officers found a 21-year-old angel ramos holding a knife, attacking a 16-year-old union city boy who was on his back. police wrote in a statement, their officers shot because of the threat he posed to that teen. >> our preliminary investigation indicates that he reacted
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properly. >> i was told that he had a knife in his hand, but there was no knife. period. we ended up finding a knife inside of the kitchen. >> investigators haven't said if that knife is the one ramos was holding when he was shot. police say the 16-year-old victim was treated at the hospital for minor injuries. the solano county d.a.'s off is investigating shooting. the oakland city council will discuss where whether to allow the police to intercept public cell phone use. if approved, they can use cell site simulators called sting rabs. those are devices that act as real cell phone towers to identify phones and capture its content. the committee will meet at 6:00 tonight. a san francisco start-up is rethinking how it hires people. next, why applicants are now being asked to work for a week before they're given a job offer. plus sky7 still over interstate 580 this morning and you can see, yep, there's a back-up of cars, drivers facing big delays still through the
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big delays still through the altamont pass because of a
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back out live to sky7. over the cen
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this morning, we had that emergency pothole repair near altamont pass just past north flynn road and we've got a significant back-up that remains. you can see traffic just barely inching along here on westbound 580 and this goes all the way back into tracy so i am going to flip into the traffic maps. it's open now, so that is the good news. just a few moments ago, they were able to get those two right lanes back open but you were jammed back on to 205. that is still 13 miles, those speeds, we'll check in a few minutes but that is looking a little bit better. also quickl want to mention that westbound tully is still closed in san jose and that is between center and 10th due to that crash involving a pedestrian. we'll take another look at things from sky7 in just a few. right now, let's check in with mike nicco. >> hi, everybody. thought we'd open the weather window on the golden gate bridge because there's a light shower right now but i'm not seeing many of these cars are their windshield wipers on but as you look at live doppler 7, you can definitely see some green on top of the golden gate bridge and as
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you head down the coast in san francisco, through the sunset district, down towards pacifica, and daley city, temperatures east bay, low to mid 40s elsewhere with alameda at 43, richmond about 44 degrees, same temperature in san francisco. 30s down in los gatos, san jose, fremont, look at that, pleasanton, livermore, antioch, brentwood and fairfield, 42 in santa rosa, 45 for some of our warm spots, temperature today about 52 to 55 degrees be increasing sunshine but freezing cold in the deepest inland valleys tonight. one more slight chance of a shower in the accuweather 6 day forecast and then 60s for the weekend. >> thank you. coming up next, a setback for england's plan to exit the european union. also a big morning for hollywood, oscar nominations just revealed. the nominees already getting a lot of buzz this morning. a live look at 280 and san jose, and as we head to break,
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580. we have a live crew on the ground monitoring the situation and we'll keep you posts. now to brexit. britain's government has to get approval from the parliament now before starting its exit from the european union. the prime minister had promised voters but wanted to start the process without a vote. there will be a two-year process of negotiations for brexit. the bill is expected to be passed in time before the end o of march. we are smack in the middle of flu season and the cdc is reporting a spike in cases across the country. compared to this time last year, there are twice as many cases, nftd. flu season peaks between january and march and doctors say there is potential that it could reach epidemic levels this year. doctors say vaccinations are the best way to reduce the risk of getting the plu but it does not prevent it. >> if you're in the high risk group, the elderly, the very young, pregnant women, definitely worth getting your
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flu shot. it will take two weeks to kick in. coming up on "good morning america," hear when the best time is to get treatment for the plu and that is at 7:00 here on abc7. in fort worth, texas, police are asking for the public's help to identify this man. he walked into a guitar center and actually hid a tobacco sun burst fender guitar in his pants. you can see it took him a while to get the thing in there. you would think the store had some sort of alarm at the door. at least more attentive employees but apparently not. the guitar was worth at least $1,700. you might check ebay if you want it. but then you'd be doing something really illegal. >> don't do that. >> i wouldn't recommend that. also i wouldn't put a guitar in your pants for lots of reasons. this morning, a big congratulations to a hollywood star from the bay area, oakland native mahershala ali was just nominated for an oscar. >> best supporting actor for his role in "moonlight." the oscar no, ma'am nations just
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announced so here with the nominees for best supporting actress. >> viola davis in "fences," naomi harris in "moonlight," nicole kidman in "lion," octavia spencer in "hidden figures" and michelle williams in "manchester by the sea." >> the musical "la la land" leads the academy award nominations. it has 14 of them. and here are the other nominees for best picture. "manchester by the sea," hacksaw ridge, which a lot of people forgot was even out ever this year, so long ago, "hell or high water," "hidden figures," "arrival," "lion," "fences," and "moonlight." you can find a complete list of all the oscar contenders on our website, and don't forget, abc7 is the only place to catch the oscars on sunday, february 26. jimmy kimmel is doing the honors, hosting the big show. we're going to go over to our traffic reporter, alexis smith, who has been watching
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this altamont pass problem all morning long and it's still backed up. oh, yeah, sure is. in fact, when i came in this morning about 3:00 and heard we were going to have the two right lanes closed, i said that's going to be a disaster and it certainly has turned out to be that. we are looking at 580 from sky7. the good news is, about 15 minutes ago, they were able to wrap up that work and all lanes are back open. so i have been watching sky7 and the speeds are starting to pick up here significantly as you approach altamont pass, that road work was around north flynn but the damage certainly done. it stretches all the way back into tracy, about 13 miles and honestly, i think this is a little bit exaggerated. it should come down shortly but westbound 580, tracy to dublin, that is saying almost 3 1/2 hours. that is crazy this morning. southbound 680, dublin to mission boulevard, still okay, and we still have that sinkhole on southbound 13 just past highway 24 in the oakland hills and we've got plenty of areas
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just with some potholes out there. i know mike nicco, you've hit a few of them with your own vehicle so just those roads in tough shape with all the rain. >> yeah, that altamont pass is just brutal. my parents drove their motor home through there one time and the back end practically fell out of there. that's one of the worst stretches of highway we have here. on the other side, you can see that lows out over the coast and that's where i'm watching some showers right now on live doppler 7. that thing is sinking to the south and as it does with that counterclockwise rotation, it's going to hurl a few more showers near the coast, maybe over the bay up there about 9:00 or 10:00 and then all is clear. increasing sunshine today in a dry afternoon but we got some traffic there on 680 heading south into 24, pot-ridden highways. slight chance of rain wednesday night and thursday. i hate to throw it in there because it's such a small chance. warm and dry this weekend. that's what you want to see. storm impact scale, we'll put it toutout there for this storm. scattered showers near the coast, localized noogd is
6:21 am
possible because the ground is so saturated. light breeze, not expecting much in the way of any damage there. 7:00 to 9:00, you can see that low pull away and taking the moisture with us so during the lunch hour, you'll need the sunglasses and during the evening commute before the sunsets and then overnight, you can see the clouds dissipate, but look at the that will be our biggest challenge tomorrow morning. in fact, thursday morning, a chance of a shower near the coast and then look at the sunshine, friday in the 60s, are coming back for the weekend and into next week. hey, reggie, natasha. this is very interesting. a san francisco start-up trying something new. you can't get a job offer from them until you've gone through a trial week. the company is called weebly and it says candidates who rock job interviews don't necessarily always go on to become stellar
6:22 am
employee so the web hosting service said it decided to shake up the hiring process. they say about 75% of prospective employees end up getting an offer. the rest, cut. >> you know what that means? it means that you actually have a job interview that lasts an entire week. >> and that is horrifying. because you have to be nice to people for that whole week. you can't show your true colors. >> shining through. next, "7 on your si's" michael finney is tackling your toughest questions. plus open for business,the irs now accepting tax returnsment but this year, you'll have to wait longer get them. you can always keep track of your weather or traffic on the screen and there is a live look screen and there is a live look of the sky7 and that back-up
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all right, a live look from sky7 right now. you see that light line right there, that is the backup on westbound 580. alexis is going to have much more on this in just a few minutes. happening now, the irs is now accepting your tax returns as long as you file online. and this year, we're all going to get three extra days to get those tax returns done. the deadline, april 18. that's because april 15 is a
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saturday and monday the 17th is emancipation day, which is celebrated in washington, d.c.. time now to ask finney. >> esther from san francisco has a question about college savings. "7 on your side's" michael finney has her answer. >> i have a 2-year-old son, and i wanted some advice on how to start saving for college. >> hey, esther, that's a great question, because it's never too early to start saving for a college education. really, the only deal out there is a 529 plan and anyone can contribute to it. it's an investment account where the money grows tax-free. so, parents, grandparents, other relatives can all add money to the account. now, so that you'll get a better ytd of how all of this works, i'll post a link to the irs website, which explains all of this. just go to and esther, thanks for your question. >> if you have a question for michael finney, record it on your smartphone or tablet and shair it on social media using #askfinney. we have breaking news unfolding in the south bay, an accident involving a pedestrian
6:27 am
and an uber driver. also governor jerry brown is delivering his state of the state address today but he is already making big moves following those big storms. and we've been talking about it all morning but the drive out of the central valley is brutal. here's a live look at westbound here's a live look at westbound 580 from here's a live look at westbound 580 from sweetie, you know what we're craving right now? crispy chicken and fried egg with bacon-like brunch. brunch? but it's 8pm-and it's tuesday- huh, i wonder if my mother would like to stay with us... here's what i'm thinking-brunch. all day, every day. should we get started? who wants coffee? introducing my new brunchfast menu. with 10 delicious items like my bacon and egg chicken sandwich, southwest scrambler plate, a sparkling blood orange cooler, and homestyle potatoes. served all day, every day. only at jack in the box.
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that breaking news in the south bay, one of san jose's busiest streets is closed after an accident involving an uber driver. >> the driver hit a pedestrian who is now seriously hurt. let's get right to matt keller live on tully road. >> reporter: good morning, natasha and reggie. tully road is a major road. you can see the backup here that is causing on the westbound lanes. we are standing on the eastbound side. they are diverting traffic on center road around this investigation. the westbound lanes are closed between center road and tenth street here on tully while pretty investigate and they told us what happened at about 3 this morning. >> well, it's still under investigation but the driver indicated that he was traveling in the westbound direction when the pedestrian stepped out in front of him, didn't have time to avoid the collision. >> reporter: i just talked with police. they say the victim appears to be a male in his 60s. irritate appears he was not in a crosswalk when he was hit. he was taken not hospital with
6:31 am
life-threatening injuries and police say he's still is considered to have life-threatening injuries. the driver has an uber sticker on his car but didn't know at the time if he was on his way to pick up a passenger. police say he was cooperating and did not appear to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. we just got an update on when they estimate this road, this major road, tully road, to be open this morning. they say they are looking at abdom about an hour and a half, they hope to have it open by 8:00 a.m. and the other big issue right now is a big mess on the commute in the east bay. >> if your drive takes you on 580, you could be facing some serious delays. >> we will look at that long backup here on westbound 580 from our sky7 crew here. so, it stretches basically from tracy all the way up to altamont pass, which is where we have that emergency pothole remayopa and then a little bit of fog out there this morning through the
6:32 am
valley there as well. in any case, i can flip over and show you how long this backup is on our traffic maps. you can see that stretches all the way back on to 205 and we're still down to 3 miles an hour, picking up the pace a little bit. as you get slightly closer. mass transit looks great this morning, if you want to use ace rail, that is on time. i would suggest that or delaying your trip, maybe another hour when this has a chance to trin out. all right, we want to continue our team coverage now on the ground with abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield. >> amy was there as crews started to move the equipment out and cleared the lanes so amy, does it look better where you are? >> reporter: hi, reggie. here is the recovery. this is where traffic is moving again. this is what u have to look forward to. you do have, eventually, a clear path into oakland and san francisco. here on westbound 580. unfortunately, though, there is a backup that did accumulate. here's the live look at sky7 at
6:33 am
how that's looking right now. it's going to take a while to work itself out. what happened was they had to shut down two lanes here on 580 to do some pothole repair work. the potholes from the storms opened up and they had to deal with them so they shut the lanes down at noon yesterday so they have been at it for a while. worked overnight. they just reopened the lanes within the last 30 minutes. so they did get it open in time for the heart of the morning commute but for all the early risers, the pain is being felt, and the backup is -- has qumed. so there is going to be a delay pushing through here, but hopefully, if you haven't left the house yet, but the time you get here, this will have opened up and eased up for you and you can get on into work. but just be aware that this has happened. lanes are open now. backup, though, is in place. live in livermore, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. and you know these potholes are the direct result of the weather we have been having, just the relentless rain.
6:34 am
>> so when is this rain trend going to end? meteorologist mike nicco has your answer. >> that's a great question. right now it's raining hub caps probably and you could use a couple, amy. size 15. all right. here's a look at what's going on. we do have a little bit oflight rain on live doppler 7 mainly from san francisco right across the golden gate bridge and up into marin county all the way up into novato and this is slowly sinking to the south and shrinking in coverage. so for today, as we look at sutro tower, we're going to go with a stray shower near the coast through 7:00 and then everything's over by about 9:00 or 10, increasing sunshine, temperatures in the upper 40s to low 50s at noon, will cool quickly by 7:00, low to upper 40s. one last chance of wet weather before 60s are in the forecast, guys. >> that sounds nice. developing news in hayward. deputies are looking for the gunman who killed a teenager last night. this happened on princeton street around 7:00. police responded to reports of gunshots and then found a
6:35 am
16-year-old dead. deputies haven't released any information on a suspect or possible motive. the alameda county sheriff's office wants any witnesses to give them a call. an 18-year-old tracy woman is still missing this morning. chp plans to once again shut down busy niles canyon road through fremont to try to pull her car out of that water. investigators believe her body is inside. her family will be there as they work today and witnesses say she drove into alameda creek after hitting another car on niles canyon on saturday. the water has just been too rough for divers to enter, so crews have been searching from the ground. it was actually her family who helped locate her car. >> one of the family members picked up a rock and threw it at the object in the water, and it sounded like it hit a tire. >> you can see that drone flew over the area and confirmed that it was a tire. to make the fast-moving water safe for divers to enter, water will be shut off upstream. niles canyon road will close at 10:00 this morning. governor jerry brown is
6:36 am
going to deliver his state of the state address at 10:00 this morning. he already declayed a state of emergency last night for 50 california counties, the areas hit hard by mudslides, flooding, damage from the recent storms. all nine bay area counties are included in this. brown says damage to roads and infrastructure is estimated in the tens of millions. so, this declaration is going to allow caltrans to seek immediate assistance from fema and for the office of emergency services to provide help to local governments. the napa county board of directors expected to approve its own emergency declaration today. recent storms there have caused all this damage to roadways and several public facilities, including water treatment plants. and much like the rest of the state, this particular napa county declaration would allow state and federal government money after it's decided if the request meets eligibility requirements for federal assistance. we have new details coming from a special oakland city council meeting. the wife of the ghost ship manager made a rare public appearance.
6:37 am
she lived at the warehouse with derick almena and their three children. according to our media partner, she apologized at last night's meeting and says that they carry a very heavy weight on their shoulders. she also is blaming the media for what's happened to her family. earlier in the day, lawyers for almena claimed that the fire that killed 36 people actually started from bad wiring in a building next door. they are not saying, though, where that information is coming from. oakland fire is still determining the cause. the d.a.'s office is also investigating possible criminal charges. the ghost ship fire is also prompting greater protections for people evicted when their landlord has to repair code violations. last night, the oakland city council nearly double the fees for landlords that they must pay to tenants who have to move while safety improvements are being made. congress to the chronicle, the fees are designed to protect those who complain about safety issues in their building. big day for san francisco's police chief, getting ready for his first official day on the job. >> chief of police for the city
6:38 am
and skoun of san francisco. congratulations. >> mayor ed lee swore in the new chief, bill scott, at the still hall yesterday. scott spent 27 years in the l.a. police department, rising to the rank of deputy chief. scott says a lot of officers may have wanted a chief from within the department but he doesn't see that as a hurdling. >> you know, even after my appointment, i think there were some people that were disappointed that somebody was brought in from the outside. i don't see that as an assault to me. i think that's just the nature of the beast. >> chief scott says he plans to learn about the city and the department by joining his officers on patrol. today, president trump will welcome auto industry leaders to the white house as he makes a push for more jobs in the u.s. this comes just a day after pulling out of a major trade deal with asia, the trans-pacific partnership. >> right now, the first -- >> okay. great thing for the american
6:39 am
worker, what we just did. >> farmers in fresno disagree with that. they say much of their industry is export based including 80% of the world's almond supply. the american farm bureau estimates that the free trade deal would have provided a $4 billion boost to our food producers. senate committees are expected to vote on several o president trump's cabinet picks today, the judiciary committee expected to support senator jeff sessions for the next attorney general, south carolina governor nikki haley expected to get the green light at the foreign relations committee. reuters reports that votes are delayed for montana representative ryan zink and former texas governor rick perry, nominated to lead the interior and energy departments. also elaine chow and are expected to pass at the commerce committee today. san francisco school leaders are calling on state senators to
6:40 am
vote no on the confirmation of betsy devos. all seven members of the city's board of education and local teachers' unions have sent letters to senators diane feinstein. they attack her perceived lack of qualifications and experience. world news tonight anchor david muir is going to do the first one-on-one interview with president trump. you'll see excerpts all day tomorrow on abc and then a one-hour primetime special is at 10:00 p.m. okay, i'm going to take you back to altamont pass, westbound 580. things are moving along pretty well around north flynn where we just talked to amy hollyfield. the lanes opened back up about half an hour ago but if you are back in the tracyarea, we still have about 12, maybe 13 miles of some really heavy traffic. so, obviously, this is the westbound side, that heavier side and it is still pretty
6:41 am
tough getting out of tracy and heading towards the dublin area. that backup spills over on to 205 and our drive time is improve bug this is still terrible. westbound 580, tracy to dublin, about 2 1/2 hours. better than 3, which we did get up to a short time ago. westbound 4, 33 minutes for you. southbound 101, san rafael to san francisco, just some slight delays there. at 18 minutes. and also has been a pretty tough morning through the bay bridge toll plaza. we had a crash early today, just before 5:00 a.m., and those metering lights actually flipped on 30 minutes before they normally are. that happened right around 4:58. just have had tough time bouncing back there through the maze. on top of that, we have flooding on highway 37, continues to be closed and then southbound 13 just past 24, massive sinkhole that chp named steve. so yeah, like you said, we should have started with a names because we have so many potholes out there. start with a like we do hurricanes and name them all. good call on that drive time. it went down significantly since
6:42 am
you said it happened. here's live doppler 7. you can see green over the golden gate bridge. and right down through the sunset district. this is the way it looks as we open the weather window. you can see a little bit of moisture out there, nothing too heavy, not many cars with window wipers on and i gave the morning commute a yellow just because of those isolated showers near the coast. evening commute will be completely dry. 52 to 55 are our temperatures this afternoon. so even with increasing sunshine, a little bit cooler than average. here's a look at 280 at 17, you can see the sun developing across the south bay. the commute, just because it's wet in the morning, we'll give you a caution. but good for on the water and good for out and about as it will be slightly warmer with that afternoon sunshine. now tonight, we'll have tule fog that will leak into the east bay and north bay valleys and temperatures will be near freezing so thick frost, alexis and i will keep an eye on the possibility of black ice developing. most of us in the 30s tomorrow, much cooler than this morning. rich mopd, oakland, san mateo,
6:43 am
san francisco, and half moon bay in the low 40s. one more chance of wet weather before those 60s. details coming up. another issue with yahoo this morning. there is a new delay in their make a merger with verizon. and we are staying on top of that traffic alert in the east bay. it is 6:43. sky7 live over the altamont pass where we are still seeing tha (over intercom) ann, are you coming in? negative! stay on target. what are you guys doing? artoo, thrusters! they're closing in!
6:44 am
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. today's storm is level 1. that means light rain so keep an umbrella handy and drive safely. track today's storm any time on the abc7 news app. download it now. all right. this is a live look from sky7 this morning. check this out. just miles of backup. in fact, carl the fog is blocking a lot of our view a lot of the worst of it, alexis says, on westbound 580 through the altamont pass area. about 12 or 13 miles of backup at this point. of course we'll keep tracking this for you. happening today, governor jerry brown is going to swear in javier basera. the l.a. area democrat has vowed to defend the state's liberal policies against donald trump's administration. he will be california's first latino attorney general. he was the highest ranking latino in congress. governor brown says he will be a champion for all californians. he's going to be sworn in at
6:47 am
10:00 this morning at the state capitol. the san jose city council will discuss a ban on the national flag of vietnam, making sure it never waves in the skies above city hall. san jose city councilman tam nguyen wants to make sure the socialist flag never sees the he says it flies in the those who fled communism. >> we ran away from that flag. this is our safe home and that flag keeps chasing after us. >> nobody has asked to fly this flag in the last dozen years and it's not flown on any city flag pole in that time that i'm aware of. >> the ban would reaffirm a resolution the city council passed in 2005. yahoo says it is moving ahead with its plan to merge with verizon. the deal won't close, though, for at least anothe three months. the announcement comes as the company is being investigated by the u.s. securities and exchange commission.
6:48 am
they're looking into whether yahoo's two massive data breaches should have been reported sooner to investors. that's according to the "wall street journal." yahoo did not publicly disclose the 2013 and 2014 breaches until last year. okay. get your oscar scorecards ready. the nominations for the 89th academy awards are now in. >> here are the nominees for best actor in a leading role. >> casey affleck in by the sea." andrew garfield in hacksaw ridge. ryan gosling in "la la viggo mortensen in captain fantastic and denzel washington in "fences." >> the academy is also over the moon for "moonlight," the movie received eight nominations this morning, including best picture. naomi harris, who was nominated for a supporting role says her brother called her this morning to tell her the good news. >> we were screaming and then i was screaming. and then i called my mom and she
6:49 am
was screaming and so, yeah, the whole family is just over the moon. this is -- it's unbelievable. really, really unbelievable. >> she's british? i saw that movie and had no idea. >> she did a great accent. >> she's really good but she's up against some competition in that category and congratulations to the entire cast of that movie, including oakland native mahershala ali, just nominated for an oscar for best supporting actor. you'll find a complete list of all the contenders on our website, abc7 and do forget, abc7 the only place to catch the oscars, sunday, february 26. >> jimmy kimmel is doing the honors this year, hosting the big show. and we have a big problem this morning for a lot of you who are commuting swoo into the east bay and into san francisco. so, what are you looking at now, alexis? >> we've got pothole problems, reggie, all over the bay area but one in particular that we're looking at from sky7 right now. the actual pothole has been repaired and it was massive, about four feet across, it was so deep you could see the rebar in the road so you can
6:50 am
understand just why it took them so long to repair it. they've been working on this since yesterday afternoon. looking at that long backup on we westbound 580 and we can't see the worst of it because the fog is so thick. but it stretches for seriously still about 12 miles. it spills over on to 205 as well. but i do have a little good news i want to quickly check our drive times, down to 1 hour 40 minutes, we were up to about 2 1/2 hours at our worst point this moing, tracy to dublin. so hold on a little bit longer, take ace rail this morning, probably ber. slight delay southbound 680 and a pretty minor issue here if you have traveling on westbound # 2, crash just past the san mateo bri bridge toll plaza. also a delay on the pittsburg bay point line and that is in all directions due to an equipment problem. right now, let's check in with mike nicco. >> good morning, alexis. all that tule fog you were showing, that's coming towards us tomorrow. and the next several days in our
6:51 am
inland, east bay, and north bay valleys so while it's going to be dry, there are going to be issues for the morning commute and some of that could freeze tomorrow morning and develop black ice. otherwise, look at the dry air coming in behind this air of low pressure that is sinking down to the south and bringing showers near the coast. but you can see the sunshine. make sure to have the sunglasses today. dry afternoon, slight chance of rain wednesday night into thursday, so slight, i didn't even put a storm impact scale on it. warm and dry. that's what's going to happen with that weekend sunshine. this morning, we're 36 in santa clara, 35 in saratoga and 39 in san jose and 40s aren't milpitas, mountainview, a santa clara. we've got 37 in redwood city, look at danville, 36. usually some of our cool spots, novato is 42 along with san pablo, alameda, and san francisco, about 44 with 41 right now in pacifica and also san mateo. so for today, yeah, keep a storm impact scale on, it's 1 for scattered showers, some localized flooding is possible because the ground is so
6:52 am
saturated but notice by 9:00, it's over. by noon, sunshine, and for the evening commute, no need to worry about it. it's not going to have any as veracity as far as the weather goes. here accuweather 7 day forecast. even thursday with a slit chance of a shower near the coast, 60s come back saturday, even reach the coast by monday. thank you. new study about cervical cancer shows more women are dying than first thought, and in particular african-american women and older women are at a greater risk. the human papilloma virus or hpv causes cervical cancer, and it can be prevented by the hpv vaccine. a study out of johns hopkins found that african-american women in the u.s. are dying from the cancer at 30% higher rates than white women. 77% to 47%. many of those women who are dying are older than 65. researchers say it's unclear why they are dying of the cancer at higher rates. higher rates.
6:53 am
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♪ strummed guitar you can't experience the canadian rockies through a screen. you have to be here, with us. there's only one way to travel through this natural wonder and get a glimpse of amazing. and that's with a glass of wine in one hand, and a camera in the other, aboard rocky mountaineer. canada's rocky mountains await. call your travel agent or rocky mountaineer for special offers now. time now is 6:54. here are the seven things you need to know before you go. number one, traffic, major problem, pothole repair, westbound 580, altamont pass did wrap up about 6:00 this morning but 11, 12 miles of backup. here's a live look from sky7, starting to move once you get closer to altamont pass. still really congested. number two, breaking news in san jose, you're going to want to avoid tully road.
6:55 am
partially closed as officers investigate a crash involving an uber driver and a pedestrian. the driver said the man stepped out in front of him and that man now has live threatening injuries. niles canyon road will close again at 10:00 this morning so crews can pull out a missing 18-year-old woman's car from the water. her family will be there today as they work. number four, one last chance of a shower. check it out live doppler 7. it's mainly along the marin county coast. this has a shelf life of about three hours and then get ready for sunshine, grab those sunglasses. number five, governor brown delivers thinks state of the state address this morning hours after declare ago state of emergency for most of california. the governor said the state is facing tens of millions of dollars in damage because of a recent storms. number six, a new study finds san francisco is the most dangerous city in california for drivers. the study compared factors like crashes, population, and teen drivers. berkeley was the next bay area
6:56 am
city on the list at number four. and number seven, "la la land," the early front runner, following this morning's oscar no, ma' nominations. it has 14, including best picture, best actor, and best actress. you watched it here on abc7. we have the full list on our abc7 news app and and i think no matter who you are, you have to root for an east bay boy, right? mahershala ali. up for best supporting actor in "moonlight." good stuff. >> good stuff. a live look from our explore exploratorium cam. we'll be back in 25. with so much happening so fast, it's hard to tell what's real and what's not. >> we know you need a team with experience, a team that asks why, demands the stroout and gets it right. >> the truth. every day with every story. >> we're right here where we've always been.
6:57 am
on your side. >> we're abc7 news where you live.
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good morning, america. overnight donald trump doubles down. repeating false claims he lost the popular vote because of millions of illegal ballots at a congressional event he hosted as the president takes executive action on trade and abortion policy, his press secretary tries to repair his heated relationship with reporters. >> our intention is never to lie to you, jonathan. >> going back and forth with our jon karl. punishing storms. a powerful nor'easter pounding the coast with winds topping 65 miles an hour, ripping roofs off homes. rain flooding this new jersey train station. snow and ice creating a dangerous commute. thousands of flights canceled or delayed. as a new winter storm takes aim at the center of the country. terrifying collapse.


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