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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  January 24, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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that is a hopeful sign to her family. >> maybe she's in a hospital. i'm not sure but i'm holding out that we may find her. >> the search for jenkins will continue tomorrow with family members as well law enforcement. >> tonight president trump seems to be keeping his word on several campaign promises and taking action on several immigration issues. the president tweeted "big day planned on national security tomorrow. among many other things, we will build the wall. >> white house insiders say president trump is talking about
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increasing raids iraq, iran, libya, somalia, sudan and yes, ma'men. >> and america stands for justice. >> reporter: this man recently sponsored his mother-in-law's visa but now he's worried. >> i did not anticipate that he's actually going to harm the immigrant community from these countries. >> reporter: all of the countries president trump plans to name have muslim majority, which is why those at the
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council of american islamic are outraged. wednesday mr. trump plans to announce the construction of a mexican border wall, also likely to come this week, targeting sanctuary cities, but tonight san francisco's board of supervisors strengthened their sanctuary status by agreeing to pay the legal fees of undocumented residents. >> trump continues to espouse words of hit and discrimination and that is not what san francisco is about. >> san francisco has ear marked $1 million for undocumented residents' legal defense. >> also today president trump threatened to intervene if chicago doesn't stop a january surge in shootings. the president tweeted in part if chicago doesn't fix the horrible carnage going on, i will send in the feds. chicago mayor rahm emanuel has
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vocally opposed donald trump on immigration issues and today the white house doubled down on the president's claims that unauthorized immigrants robbed him of the popular vote. abc news anchor robin vagua challenged that claim. >> what evidence do you have? >> as i said, i think the president has believed that for a while based on study and information that he has. >> the press secretary refused to say what studies or information specifically. david muir will go one on one with president trump tomorrow in a primetime special at 10 p.m. >> new tonight, prosecutors won't charge a san jose state water polo player accused of sexual assaulting two women. they say they were assaulted by the male student in september. prosecutors say they didn't charge him because of conflicting statements and a
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lack of corroborating evidence. >> we learned new information today about the married berkeley couple found dead inside their apartment along with two cats. as vick lee explains, the cause of their deaths is still unknown. >> valerie and her husband, roger, were found dead on beacon street when a friend went to check on them. carbon monoxide and radiation poisoning came back negative. police say there were no signs of forced entry or violence. to say the least, valerie morash graduated from mit and a masters from u.c. berkeley. >> she was the go-to person in the lab on any statistical
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problem. >> reporter: as for the possibility of the couple tabkig their own lives, they say she was a rising scientist. >> valves on the a roll. she was hiring people and mentoring students over here. >> they say her husband, roger, also had a good future. >> he was a very good programmer, mit educated like val is and was working on video games. >> valves working at the smith-kettlewell. >> all this research to effectively communicate through the hand. >> to help the blind. >> to help the blind, yes, that was her primary focus.
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>> tonight san jose banned the vietnamese national flag from city-owned property. in front of a packed house the city council voted unanimously for the ban. the communist flag was already replaced by another flag that's been adopted by many in san jose. the vote reaffirms that decision. tonight both sides were able to make their cases to the council. >> i do not want our elders, those refugees who risked their lives to flee a country that was no longer theirs to feel pain when they visit an agency. >> it is a reminder of our journey and the longer of our former country. >> san jose has 100,000 vietnamese american residents. >> too much rain too fast leads to this. a rapidly rising creek in the north bay coming up. coming up the potential solution now dividing neighbors. >> and they're back. uber is bringing its self-driving cars back to the bay area, but tonight there is a catch. >> plus the bay area movie
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theater turning into a classroom and the oscar nominated film at the center of the lesson plan. >> and i'll show you how much rain we'll get in the coming days. >> and jimmy kimmel is coming up next. >> here's what's up tonight. all right, all
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time lapse video shows a rapidly rising creek after all the heavy rain. this a scene all too familiar for folks in that north bay
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community. >> now tonight there's planning under way to stop future flooding like this from happening again. cornell barnard is live at 11. >> reporter: the town council just recommended a flood control plan to the board of supervisors, which includes building a catch basin upstream and removing a building over anselmo creek. >> a few years back when it flooded, we had two and a half feet of water here. >> reporter: this salon owner has lived through it too many times before. now they are considering a plan to build a catch basin and purchasing and demolishing downtown buildings actually built over the creek, which block high water.
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>> there's a lot of concrete in the creek and it's low. so it provide as pretty substantial obstacle to creek water. >> reporter: pat is about to open his business. >> there's four feet between the water and the bottom of the building right now. >> reporter: despite the location, pat doesn't want to move his new restaurant. >> it's something you live with. why do you live next to a volcano or whatever. >> reporter: but many agree people can't continue to endure flood storms. >> it's a lot of emotion in having to endure rain storms and put of sandbags. >> reporter: cornell barnard, abc 7 news. >> uber will bring back a fleet of five tricked out cars to san
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francisco tomorrow morning. but their self-driving abilities will not be used. the cars will be driven manually with their self-driving systems disabled. the dmv said uber lacked the proper permits. that fleet of self-driving cars is being tested in arizona. >> tonight some very bright bay area kids got to see a special screening of an inspired oscar contender. >> abc 7 news was at century theaters where they saw the movie "hidden figures." it's about three black women who helped get man to the moon. lockheed martin hosted kids to help expand science education in diverse communities. >> i really want to share with the young people, that be proud of the things that you're going to learn and see in this movie. >> it teaches a lot about african-american women in nasa
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and it gives me a lot of courage to do the things i want to do when i grow up. >> what a delightful young lady. >> "hidden figures" received three oscar nominations, including best picture. watch the oscars life on sunday, february 26th. >> we are getting big changes around here. >> we really are. lots of big yellow balls on the forecast. the sun is shining. >> we had sort of forgotten what it looked like. we're going to get a good dose of it over the next six, seven days. we have clear skies right ow and i emphasize dry areas. here's a live view from our rooftop area. over the embarcadero, it's 46 in san francisco, 42 in oakland, 39 in half moon bay. it getting chilly in some of our inland area. it's 48 in santa rosa, napa 41,
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38 in fairfield, 37 in livermore. as we look here at pier 15 back at the san francisco skyline, these are our forecast feeteatf. it going to be chilly overnight. mainly sunny and dry nights ahead. we'll have a brief warmup on sunday and monday. let's look at our percent of normal rainfall for the season to date. santa rosa and livermore have had almost twice normal. and staywide snow pack is looking very good. it's at 197% of normal right now. so in terms of rain and snow, we're looking pretty good so far. but there's no rain in sight for a while. s we are forecast animations. dense fog in the central valley, patchy fog around the bay area. most it have will clear out by
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afternoon tomorrowin but it's going to be very, very cold in the early morning hours, especially in our inland valleys where lows will drop to 33, napa, fairfield, 36 will be the low. san jose upper 30s to low 40 ds right around the bay. tomorrow we'll have a few passing clouds. it will be a relatively cool day with highs mainly in the low to mid 50s. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. we'll have sunny sky notice afternoon. not much change in the temperature rain on thursday. saturday narks the beginning of a new year but clouds increase on tuesday. it will cool down just a little bit and there is a slight, slight chance of light rain next tuesday. >> that's the earlier rain we could see in the forecast.
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>> this is perfect. but
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some people in poland really want to show tom hanks how much they love him. it's all because of these photos. the former oakland resident jokingly posted on twitter last year. the people in the southern polish town were blown away by the pictures because those cars were made in their city back in the 70s. so they got together and bought one of the cars and plan to ship it to hanks after they fix it up and give it a little paint job. >> that's cool. on to sports. >> because that's what tom hanks really needs. he can buy anything in the whole world but that car. >> steph curry back home in
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charlotte tonight. he can buy anything he wants also. big
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abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> we start with hockey. patrick marleau scored four goals last night. he saved his best for tonight. working on his beard for a while. so is brent burns in addition to his slapshot. the one-timer for a 1-0 sharks lead. fast forward to the third. melcher carlson's shot.
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marleau, four goals last night. the game winner tonight, 4-3 san jose. 24 seconds left, logan couture blocks a shot. 41 saves, falls on top of the puck. they did push it in but the whistle had sounded, the play was blown dead, the goal was waved off and the sharks win their sixth straight game by a final of 4-3. >> today steph's alma mater renamed their student section in steph's honor. this was a ceremony held at charlotte christian. back then he didn't wear number 30. he wore number 20. >> i wanted to wear 30 but the jersey was too big. in high school it goes by -- the number goes by the size so i couldn't fit into that 30. >> curry's the right size now. in fact, he's not the only one
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wearing 30. curry's 30 jersey is the highest selling jersey in the entire nba ahead of lebron james and teammate kevin durant, who comes in third. how about nba tonight. blake griffin returning for the clippers in philly. j.j. reddick missed the floater. like i got your back. 12:29. they're still without chris paul. the sixers starting to play some decent basketball and take down the clips. a minute to go in regulation, are tied. jalen brunson drives. he misses. marquette comes back from 17 down and upsets villanova 74-72 and we're going streaking! down under at the australian
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open. serena williams taking on johanna konta. konta can't put her away. williams battles back and then pounces. forehandwinner, serena, straight sets, 6-2, 6-3 to reach the semifinals. abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. it's amazing serena and venus in their mid 30s and both have made the semifinals in
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we from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- matthew mcconaughey -- from "resident evil: the final chapter," milla jovovich -- and music from the americanos featuring ty dolla $ign, french montana and nicky jam. and now, by the way -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: welcome. thank you. very nice. thank you. hi, everyone. i'm jimmy, i'm the host. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. it's very kind.


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