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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  January 25, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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today with a big catch. good morning on this wednesday, january 25. i'm reggie aqui. >> it is friday eve eve and you are here, i am here, natasha zouves, we have meteorologist mike nicco. good morning. >>. >> alexis smith. >> good morning. >> jessica castro enjoying the day off. let's start with you, mike. >> okay. let's talk about fog, why don't we. yeah, it's out there and it's pretty thick and oh just bumped up from mile to 2 1/2 at our reporting station in petaluma which means quarter mile visibility is moving somewhere and the temperature right around freezing so we could have some black ice on some elevated surfaces and that's where the thickest fog is right now. keeping an eye on san jose because we do have fog developing around gilroy, not as widespread as it's going to be tomorrow. here's a look from sutro tower. we're going to wake up with a lot of sunshine, little bit hazy because of the moisture in the air. low 50s at noon, mid 50s at 4:00 but back in the 40s by 7:00. almost a typical day for january. we haven't had many of those,
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alexis. how about on the roads. >> well, yeah, i'd say we're looking pretty typical in that we've got a couple trouble spots, northbound 880 one of them. we have that seven-car crashes this is a sig alert, three left lanes are still blocked and a couple of miles of delay there, spilled over on to 238 as well. in the meantime, i'm looking for a crash within the bay bridge toll plaza there in the car pool lanes, haven't spotted it on camera and it's looking pretty average here when we check on our maps, i'll have an update on that. look at mass transit coming up in less than ten. remember the self-driving uber cars with all the equipment on top? they're back on the streets in san francisco. >> uber pulled its cars after getting in a fight with the city and state over permits so how are they able to allow self-driving again? they weren't aren't. amy hollyfield live to explain this morning. >> reporter: good morning, reggie. this is the warehose where they keep them. we haven't seen them roll out yet this morning but they are coming.
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they're not going to use the volvos this time. you're going to see the ford fusions. they will have a driver this time. that is the catch. they will not use the self-driving function. uber was scolded last month for launching this self-driving volvos without a permit. now, uber said it didn't think it needed one because there was someone in the front seat who could drive if necessary. the city and state disagreed and said uber did need a permit. the cars were pulled from the streets. now you'll see them again, but this time, and they're going to be mapping the city and the dmv has said it is okay with that. although some think this is an indication that uber is still moving forward with plans to eventually use the self-driving cars. but not today. if you see the cars with all the gear on the rooftops, don't be alarmed. it is not what it looks like. the self-driving cars -- the self-driving function will be disabled. it is just on the streets for
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mapping purposes. reporting live in san francisco, amy hollyfield. happening today, congresswoman jackie spear will hold a town hall meeting to talk about the possibly impact of the trump administration. the meeting is in response to the hundreds of constituents who contacted her office after the presidential election. it's being held from 4:00 to 5:00 at the little brown church in pacifica. this morning, president trump has tweeted that he's going to launch an investigation into voter fraud, despite the fact that there's been no evidence so far that there is widespread voter fraud. and that he will announce a supreme court pick next week. sources also tell abc news that mr. trump will most likely launch a crackdown on sanctuary cities this week, like, for example, san francisco. last night, the board of supervisors set aside $1 million to pay the legal fees of undocumented residents. during the campaign, mr. trump promised to cut federal funding from cities that he said harbor dangerous immigrants who commit crimes against americans. president trump is also threatening to intervene if chicago doesn't stop a january surge in shootings.
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the president tweeted, in part, if chicago doesn't fix the horrible carnage going on, i will send in the feds. chicago mayor rahm emmanuel has vocally opposed donald trump on immigration issues. david muir will do the first one-on-one interview with donald trump and you will see excerpts all day today. you can also tune in for the one-hour primetime special tonight at 10:00. the woman who stole francisco supervisor swot scott wiener's cell phone could be released. lasonya wells struck a plea deal yesterday. she had faced a kidnapping for r ransom charge, which is much more serious. had she been convicted of that, it would have sent her to prison for life. public defender said that wiener's prominence and wells' record probably escalated the charges. wiener says he's satisfied with the this outcome and he hopes wells gets her life back on
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track. we are learning more about the sad mystery, the couple found dead in their berkeley apartment. police discovered the bodies of valerie morash and her ruz roger and their two cats in their deacon street apartment on monday. carbon monoxide and radiation poisoning tests came back negative and there are no visible signs of foul play or forced entry there. both of them, by all accounts, brilliant, mit educated. colleagues say she was a rising star in research science. he was a talented programmer. they were said to be a happy couple. autopsy reports could be released as early as next week. the city of san francisco says a group home near alamo square is operating illegally. according to "the examiner," the home caters the millennials and the reason that you're seeing that on your screen right now is because they apparently keep a tally of group hugs. this is video from its web page. the planning department says there are too many people living there. it issued a violation notice saying the home has to obtain the proper permit. the department says the millennial commune has three
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units and has to be occupied by families with more than -- no more than three people or boarders. happening today, b.a.r.t.'s board of directors have a busy day in berkeley. they're going to begin a two-day workshop that will cover changing fares, parking rules, and fees, most importantly of all how to implement last november's measure rr. that is the $3.5 billion spending bond. b.a.r.t. persuaded enough voters that their infrastructure is in critical condition. san jose is officially the first bay area city to ban the communist vietnamese flag on its city flag poles. council members unanimously cast their vote last night. the debate pit two factions of the vietnamese community against one another. older generations who escaped communism and younger immigrants who identify with their country's national flag. >> i do in the want our elders, those refugees who risked their lives to flee a country that was no longer theirs, to feel pain when they visit a city agency. >> as it is raised during lunar new year, black april, displayed
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in our homes, temples, and community, it is a reminder of our journey and the longing of our former country. >> to be clear, no requests were actually made to fly the communist flag, but city leaders just wanted to curb any possibility of it. san jose has 100 thourks vietnamese-american residents. an update to a story we rought you about san jose city council meetings. membersmented to start meetings an hour earlier and set a midnight curfew to make times more feasible for those who want to weigh in or hear issues but have to get up to work the next day. our media partner reports members didn't kw curfew but they did agree to start meeting an hour earlier at 6:00 p.m. san francisco is taking action to ensure affordable housing will be part of a development on treasure island. how people on the island will be helping to pay for the plan. plus dramatic video shows the moment a fedex truck is hit the moment a fedex truck is hit by a train.
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. we have a potential problem brewing up in the north bay. we've got a lot of moisture in the air floating around in the fog but when temperatures hit 32 in petaluma, that means elevated surfaces are going to be that cold and all that moisture is
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going to freeze so watch out for black ice in those areas until about 9:00. for the rest of us, freezing cold in san ramon but no fog there that i've heard of. 40 in redwood city and san jose, about 36. take a look at kroroyour tempers today. 52 to about 56, 52 to about 58 tomorrow. 54 to 60 on friday. in fact, look at san jose, our average high is 60. we'll get there saturday through tuesday but notice wednesday it starts to cool because our next chance of rain is rolling in tuesday. i'll show you coming up in the automatically 7 day forecast. >> we still have that sig alert working in the san leandro area so this is still on northbound 880 and now unfortunately we've got a disabled vehicle in the same area. that one's blocking the far left lane and then the three left lanes still blocked due to that multi-car crash up to 238 and as you can see, 238 is also slow from about 185. we also have a crash on southbound 680 and that is definitely heavy from 580.
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it sounds like they have pushed that off to the hold and we have a crash reported on the left side of the bay bridge toll plaza approaching there in the car pool lane, haven't spotted that on camera yet but that is backing up through the maze. mass transit looks great so far. affordable housing on treasure island is a step closer to reality, according to, the san francisco board of supervisors has voted unanimously to approve special financing districts on both treasure and yurba islands. taxes will go towards funding the 2100 homes slated for mid to low income families. even with this move, though, the city still needs $130 million more to pay for the housing plan. next, why the north bay commute might seem busier than ever. also, erin andrews' secret morning. the cancer diagnosis that nearly sidelined the tv reporter. and live pictures from and live pictures from washington, d.c., where [phone ring] hello. hi, it's anne from edward jones. i'm glad i caught you.
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celebrate our princess anniversary sale with award winning itineraries. 7 day fares from $799. visit your travel agent or princess cruises. come back new. it's 6:15. we bring you back to washington, d.c., live pictures of a crane where protesters have now scaled to the top of it. we're hearing that up to seven of them are now on this large construction crane, and our abc affiliate in washington, d.c., wjla, reports these are green peace activists that are up there. it's been creating a big mess.
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certainly. want to take you to this video. take a look at your screen. this made me stop and this is a fedex truck that is just smashed apart in utah. no one was hurt here but all this captured on dash cam from a state trooper's car. happened on saturday. this video just came out and that train just plowed straight through the truck. >> advising the semi was split in half. >> some people on the train that probably need medical assistance. >> some of the 82 train passengers complained of whiplash, but take a look at this. just before the crash, the crossing gates are up. no warning, no flashing lights there. officials say sensors up the track that control the gates failed because of bad weather. two employees at the crossing have been placed on administrative leave while they investigate. do you take public transit to work? a new report says more of you are now ditching the ferry, ditching the bus, ditching b.a.r.t. and driving. our media partner says traffic on the golden gate bridge rose
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in 2016 while the number of ferry and bus passengers in and out of marin dipped last year. roughly 41.5 million people drove across the graj in 2016. up 2.3% from the year before. the reason for the increase, they're saying it's because our economy is healthy. abc7 news has learned what san francisco's former interim police chief is going to be doing now. he's becoming an assistant chief in the department. tony chaplain is going to be the assistant chief of operations which essentially makes him second in command and in charge of many of the overall functions of the department. the new police chief, bill scott, was sworn in on monday. good news this morning in the fight against cancer. cancer deaths dropped more than 20% nationwide between 1980 and 2014. there are some areas in the country, though, where numbers have not come down and in some cases have actually gotten worse. overall cancer deaths were highest along the mississippi river, also near the kentucky/west virginia border. the rate was lowest in utah and colorado. the study is published in the
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journal of the american medical association. an amazing sight off the coast of norway. you see this pod of orcas there, swimming right past a diver. at least seven of them and they don't even care about the guy in the diving suit. maybe thought he was just a small orca. the diver says he believes the whales were on the hunt for herring. a team of scientists are about to measure the height of mt. everest to see if the world's tallest mountain is now an inch shorter. satellite data after a massive 2015 quake showed that the mountain may have dropped anywhere from a few millimeters to a whole inch. the survey will happen in two months and it will take a month to get the measurements back, another two weeks to compile the data to figure out if the mountain indeed has shrunken. >> i really feel cheated if i climbed it now. >> is there a risk of that? is that going to happen? >> no. no. but my wife gets on me because every time there's a documentary on everest, i stop skpa watch. i'm fascinated by it. especially the weather patterns up there.
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crazy. they change on a dime. let's talk about ours. we're changing a little bit. getting drier. little bit of fog out there but you can see live doppler 7 showing pretty much nothing oerch those clouds i overlaid on top of the radar. wool it's 34 degrees and traffic getting busy but i'll let alexis tell you if there's any issues to deal with as you head towards 24. blue sky today, yeah, just like yesterday afternoon, even more so, below average highs once again, though, freezing inland with more fog tonight so we'll keep an eye on black ice once again, alexis and i. warming frie warming trend for friday, saturday, sunday, and monday. fremont, palo alto, 55, we'll have san rafael and napa at about 53, for tonight you can see more widespread fog and temperatures in the mid 30s to low 40s. so there's a possibility of freezing fog. look at this next storm. today. you can see it getting closer and then it just stops during the overnight hours, and actually it retreats back to the south and west, away from us. so other than a few clouds,
6:20 am
tomorrow's going to be a lot like today. temperatures will stay steady friday and then when we usher in the year of the rooster, temperatures get warmer through tuesday. >> and right now, we've got several issues to get to on the roads. northbound 880, still dealing with that seven-car crash. just before you get to marina boulevard and then approaching that, we've got a car that stalled out. sig alert. you can see that backup on 238 goes to 580. so, it's been lingering for close to an hour at this point. still have not gotten any new updates so hopefully we'll get lanes open soon. southbound 680, we've got another crash there that is in the clearing stages but you're stop and go from almost all the way back up to 580 and a quick check of the bay bridge toll plaza, crash reported on the left-hand side of the car pool lane, approaching, have not been able to find that on camera. the maze doesn't look too terrible to me today and here's a quick check of drive times. pretty average out of the central valley and southbound 101 from the north bay.
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new controversy surrounding one of the holiday's hottest toys. now, you might remember hatchimals. very few of you actually got to have one because they were sold out everywhere. even if you did, apparently it was disappointing. some complained the toy eggs didn't actually hatch. so now, some parents are taking action. they are suing the toy's parent company. a mom from bakersfield filed the federal class action lawsuit saying the hatchimal she bought did not live up to its promise. the company says it stands behind its product. all righty. time to ask finney. dana has a question about interest rates. >> she spoke to us at our ask
6:25 am
finney event in walnut creek. >> how is the interest rate hike going to affect the interest rate on credit cards >> hey, dana, that's a great question. the federal reserve hiked its interest rate back in december of last year, and most credit cards followed. credit card interest rates increased on average about 0.25%. so that means most of us are paying an extra $25 for every $1,000 we owe. dana, thanks for your question. >> if you have a question for michael finney, record it on your smart phone or tablet and share it on social media with #askfinney. or go to you can see your question answered right here on abc7 mornings. happening today, the university of california board of regents is meeting and one of the items opt agenda is an increase in the cost of tuition. it already costs $13,500 for tuition and fees for instate uc students. non-residents pay more than
6:26 am
$40,000 for tuition, and their increase, another $1,300. >> castro valley and alameda county leads the list of the healthiest real estate markets in california. healthiest is defined by stability, fluidity, risk of loss, and affordability. so in other words, financial health. benicia and solana county came in third and the study was part of a study by smart asset. market health is also determined by ease of sale and costs associated with ownership. next at 6:30, growing outrage over president trump's plan to revive two controversial pipelines. also a frantic search in the south bay for a kayaker who disappeared on san francisco bay. when more resources will be brought in to help find the missing man. plus all the recent rain has been a big concern for residents of one north bay city. the action officials want to take too prevent flooding
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good morning to you. it is wednesday, january 25. i'm natasha zouves. >> i'm reggie aqui. jessica castro has the day off but we do have meteorologist mike nicco and traffic reporter
6:30 am
alexis smith here this morning. hello, mike. >> yeah, good morning. been following some fog across the north bay. it's on the move right now. and it's running into temperatures that are below freezing or at freezing, which means some black ice is still possible. i wanted to show you over the last hour, i've overlaid the visibility layer on live doppler 7. you can see the fog sliding southward on 101. you can see kind of showing up a little bit right here as we look from mount tamalpais south across the bay so be careful there. 32 to 42 our temperatures through 7:00. mostly sunny, highs in the 50s today. but back in the 40s by 7:00. hi, alexis. >> good morning. i'm going to take you back to our problem in san leandro. a sig alert that just will not clear. we tauked to chp just to confirm that we have the three left lanes blocked. northbound 880 before marina boulevard and they said, yeah, they're having trouble loading the vehicles on tow trucks. then just south of there, a disabled vehicle blocking the far left lane and i just noticed we possibly have a new problem on the 238 connecter to northbound 880 so that entire
6:31 am
area is a mess. big rigs excluded, but westbound 580 looking good for an alternate right now. bay bridge also has had a few trouble spots today. in the south bay, crews are searching right now for a missing kayaker. >> you can see the search area in purple on the map that we're showing you here. the san jose man and his friend were fishing when his kayak started taking on water near the dumbarton bridge. abc7 news reporter matt keller is live in san jose at one of the access points for rescuers. >> reporter: good morning. we've been in contact with the missing man's girlfriend, and she told us he is an incredible man and is asking for prayers. here is a picture of the missing man. he is 32-year-old san jose resident kenneth maldonado. his girlfriend told us he was out on the bay fishing with a friend in separate boats yesterday. last time he contacted her was with a text around 2:00 in the afternoon saying his kayak was taking on water. two people were in the water
6:32 am
near the dumbarton railroad trestle. men low fire found one man on a raft. he said he looked back, flotation vests still inside and no sign of his friend. more than a dozen rescue boats and two helicopters were sent out here. drones were also used to search the shoreline. i spoke with the coast guard, they say they have one boat on the water right now but they say at sunrise, they're going to be sending out more resources, including a coast guard helicopter. reporting live in alviso, matt keller, abc7 news. new this morning, president trump has tweeted about two major actions he's going to be taking. first, the president says he's be asking for a major investigation into voter fraud. mr. trump insists he lost the popular vote because millions of illegal votes were cast. there is no evidence to support that. the president says the investigation will try to determine how many people are registered to vote in two states. people in the country who
6:33 am
illegal lee vote and had votes cast by people who were dead. in a new announcement, the president says he will announce his supreme court pick next thursday. president trump certainly moving quickly on campaign promises. abc news has learned his crackdown on immigration may begin today and that crackdown may starts with an executive order temporarily banning refugees and suspending visas to anyone from the seven middle eastern nations. all of these countries have muslim majorities and that is outraging many here in the bay area. >> i did not anticipate that he is actually going to harm the immigrant community from these countries. >> because he targets a few countries today, nothing stops him from targeting other countries tomorrow. >> also likely to come this week, a crackdown on sanctuary cities like here in san francisco. last night, san francisco supervisors strengthened the city sanctuary status but agreeing to pay the legal fees of undocumented residents.
6:34 am
growing outrage this morning at president trump's move to revive the controversial keystone and dakota access pipelines. protests were held in several major cities last night dplug los angeles. climate activists are vowing the fight over -- to fight the stalled pipelines and bog those projects down in the courts. the u.s. is the world's largest oil consumer and relies heavily on imports. i want to let you know that world news tonight anchor david muir is doing the first one-on-one interview with president trump. you will see excerpts from that interview all day on abc7 and there will be a one-hour primetime special at 10:00. still no answers for the family of an 18-year-old who crashed her car into a fremont creek. the search for her will continue this morning. the family of jayda jenkins says they are not giving up hope that she will come home alive. sheriff's deputies did not find her body and say that her seat belt was unfastened and her car's nguyens were broken out.
6:35 am
>> maybe she's in a hospital. i'm not sure, but i'm holding out that we may find her. >> family members and law enforcement will be taking part in this morning's search. jenkins disappeared on saturday after having an accident and driving her car into the creek. the man whose shooting by san francisco police was captured on body cams is supposed to be in court this morning. 42-year-old sean moore as a bail reduction hearing today. police body cam video shows moore yelling at officers to get off his stairs moments before police shot him in a scuffle in ear injanuary. moore was hit in the stomach and the groin. the two officers suffered minor injuries. moore's family says he suffers from paranoid schizophrenia and he faces several charges. prosecutors will not charge a san jose state water polo player accused of sexual assaulting two women. the women told police they were assaulted by the male student in september. prosecutors say today they don't -- they will not charge
6:36 am
them because of conflicting statements. also, a lack of corroborating evidence. the student could still face expulsion. the redwood city police department is going to hold a memorial service this week for one of its own. officer silva died of natural causes while on duty last week. the 57-year-old was found inside the police station unconscious and not breathing. fellow officers performed cpr before paramedics arrived. silva passed away at the hospital. a memorial for the 18-yearly veteran is going to be held friday morning at 10:00 at the fox theater in redwood city and the community is invited. in the sierra, squaw valley is planning to reopen today after a member of its ski patrol was killed on the job. the report says 4 #-year-old joe was killed yesterday after an explosive device used for avalanche control detonated. the placer county sheriff's office is investigating his death. the resort says team members are deeply saddened and only made the stigs to reopen today after speaking with ski patrol. leadership asked that they run
6:37 am
the mountain in honor of their friend and we've been watching an outpouring of support from the community. this go fund me account has raised more than $97,000. it was just at $92,000 about an hour ago. if you would like to donate, we have a link on our website, the marin county board of supervisors declard a local emergency in the wake of recent storms. this coupled with the state's declaration should qualify marin for federal assistance to make road repairs. the county has been hit hard by flooding and damage, including some substantial damage along lucas valley road. and people in san anselmo are discussing plans to prevent flooding in their community. flood sirens actually had to be sounded twice this winter. most recently on january 10 when san anselmo creek overflowed. that prompted evacuations downtown. the town council is considering several flood control plans, they through building a flood water catch basin on county property in fairfax, also buying and then demolishing downtown buildings that are built over
6:38 am
the creek. >> it has a lot of concrete in the creek, and it's low. so, it provides a pretty substantial obstacle to creek water. >> neighbors agree the town can't keep enduring flood fears with every storm. an $8 million grant is going to help pay for future flood prevention measures. let's take a look and show you how much cooler it is this morning in most neighborhoods up to 10 in napa, only oakland's warmer and that's 3 degrees warmer so dress warmer just about everywhere. we are 34 right now in santa clara, cupertino, and saratoga, only allen rocks cooler at 33. downtown san jose is about 36. 40s out there around alameda, san pablo, san francisco, and bodega bay, just turned to 43. but livermore, 30 degrees for our cool spot this morning. good thing the tule fog is held off. 35 right around 101 and 880 in san jose, you can see the sunshine so just watch out for some foggy valleys if you're on the road this morning.
6:39 am
small waves on the water and public transit, chilly stations. 45 in downtown san francisco, temperatures in the 50s but nearing 60 for friday and more on the weekend forecast coming up. i want to take you back to our biggest problem of the morning. we've had this sig alert since just after 5:00 today but i just got some really good news, they were finally able to clear this crash. northbound 880 just before you get to marina boulevard, so all lanes back open there. they were in the three left lanes since just after 5:00 so going on an hour and a half now. not so good, though, we still have that disabled vehicle in the left lane just south of there so approaching marina boulevard and then on the 238 connecter to northbound 880, you're really slow coming in there from the tri-valley. we've got another collision and that is blocking the far right lane. so, westbound 580, still the way to go but hopefully we're going to start to see improvement as this thins out now that we have those main lanes back open there from that earlier crash, about 8 miles per hour on 238 and northbound 880. also good news for the bay bridge commute.
6:40 am
collision in the hov lanes approaching the toll plaza, that did clear in the last few minutes so westbound 80, highway 4 to the maze, 29 minutes, another 18 across the bay bridge and southbound 101, san francisco to sfo, only 10 minutes today if you have a flight and there is a look at the poll plaza, metering lights on since just before 5:30 this morning. we'll take a look at some drive times. happening today, a group of oakland raiders fans will be holding a news conference to discuss ways to keep the silver and black here in the bay area. during the season, many fans held protests to show their anger at the team moving to las vegas. this morning, the committee will meet at everett and jones barbecue restaurant. organizers promise to use any legal means possible to prevent the team from moving. we have some good news for 49ers season ticketholders, you're not going to have to pay more for your seats. niners announced they have frozen season ticket prices for the next two years, i guess when you're 2-14 and looking for your fourth coach in four years, you
6:41 am
need all the fans you can get. the red and gold tickets are still among the priciest in the nfl, season tickets range from $850 to $3,700. personal seat licenses which entitles you to buy season tickets are between $2,000 to $80,000. >> wow. coming up next, a close call for a louisiana state trooper while on the job. the terrifying moment when his car is hit by a truck. plus uber's self-driving cars are making a return to san francisco streets with one major change. what will now be happening behind the wheel. we are tracking this major milestone that just happened on wall street. wall street. the dow
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move along. come join us...during season of the force. now at the disneyland resort. and right now you can save on premium rooms at a disneyland resort hotel. kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever.
6:44 am
it is 6:44, and obviously, investors and the business community is still pushing a very pro-donald trump bounce, and this has been going on since post-election. the business community really crediting the 20,000 mark that we're seeing today, the first time in the dow jones history of getting there, to the promise that donald trump has made to investors that this would be a pro-business administration. and so, we can see that it continues to climb and be over 20,000 since it opened this morning. quite the milestone. >> look at that number. 6:44 in the morning and watch the car circled on your screen. it is going to drift to the right and then plow straight into the back of that state
6:45 am
trooper's car in louisiana. wow. that happened on saturday. a couple from florida noticed the truck was driving erratically and began taping this as it happened. it turns out that driver was under the influence of heroin. he and the trooper suffered minor injuries. the driver was booked for dui and driving with a suspended license. uber is bringing its self-driving cars back to san francisco, but this time, it comes with a twist. >> uber pulled the cars out of california after getting into a dispute with the dmv over permits for the vehicles. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield live for us in san francisco to explain what's happening now. amy? >> reporter: hi there. well, this is the warehouse where the cars are held. we haven't seen any rolled out yet this morning, but they are coming. you're going to see ford fusions this time. but this time, there will be a twist. uber says they will be manually driven. the self-driving option will not be used. they will be using them to map the city, a step many see as
6:46 am
tennessan indication that uber does plan to use the self-driving cars again so you will see the cars with all the equipment on the roof of the car starting today, but they will have a driver. remember, uber launched the self-driving volvos last month but had to stop using them when city and state officials said uber needed a state permit. uber disagreed, and claimed it didn't need one because it had a driver in the car that could take over at any time if needed. but they did pull the cars from the streets. the city and the state said, no can do, get them off. well, the dmv is okay with these fusions hitting the streets today because they will be used for mapping the city and will have a driver. so don't be alarmed if you see them today. everyone is on board with what is happening. reporting live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. good to know. thank you, amy. well, san francisco based wells fargo is overhauling some sales practices now in the wake of its fake account scandal. one would be to stop giving branch as heads up before
6:47 am
corporate inspections. it's being suggested that this gave employees time to cover up improper practices by shredding documents, even forging signatures. the bank admits employees created 2 million fake accounts without customers' knowledge in order to meet unrealistic sales goals. officials say they are taking steps now to tighten security and to improve sales practices. wells fargo did agree to pay a $185 million fine for their wrong doing. this next story is interesting and a little bit creepy. the first non-browning apples are slated to hit store shelves next month and yeah, we're talking about non-browning. a little misleading because they do brown, but it takes three weeks for it to get there. the apples will still get mushy when they turn bad but you won't be able to tell until you bite into it. dr. becky whirly explained the science on gma. >> there's an enzyme in the apple that when it's cut, it mixes with oxygen, there's iron in the apple and it oxidizes it,
6:48 am
basically rusts the am. so, the company that's genetically modified the arctic apple has spliced out that enzyme. >> these apples are called arctic apples, created in canada. there will be a limited release here in america and several midwest grocery stores starting on february 1. >> you know what? an apple has to be created. that raises a red flag in my head. >> i don't know if i mind my apples browning that much. >> it's natural. >> we have alexis here because we have something special today. abc7 stars recognizes local people who are doing strard narrow things. >> alexis recently met a man who's doing great stuff for a nonprofit in oakland. yeah, this is dwayne, and he runs dream catcher youth center and this is a place for homeless or displaced teens to come and either take shelter with them. they have beds that they can sleep in. they make dinner every night about 5:00. any kids can swing by. they have legal services. therapy, and dwayne and i got to hang out for an afternoon.
6:49 am
i got to see what he does. he's been doing this and supporting the community for 16 years, so i can't wait for you guys to see the full story at 4:00 today. and we have more information, dwayne has a lot of great analogies but one of my favorite ones, you know those rumble strips on the side of the highway? the kind of vgs, you know, give you a little warning. that's how he compares himself and dream catcher, like, hey, you need to get back in your lane there and gets everybody back on track so it's a great program and i really hope you guys can watch the story. >> tonight at 4:00 p.m. >> sometimes i need to stay in my lane, so i appreciate his advice. >> we all do. >> i am your lane bump most mornings. you're welcome. >> i don't do weather. i stay in my lane for that. mike nicco, he's good driving that truck. >> i appreciate that, reggie. natasha. alexis, that looks great. can't wait to watch it. good morning, everybody. here's a look at live doppler 7. i overlaid the clouds just to show there's a few high clouds that are going to roam through the sky. otherwise, look at that sunshine just developing on our east bay
6:50 am
hills camera. you can see there's a little bit of fog out there. once again. mostly sunny, calm and dry today, chilly tonight, fog more widespread and freezing temperatures so black ice possible once again and above average highs sunday, mondays, tuesday. here's a look at today's high temperatures. 53 to 56 degrees, lake port will be one of the cool spots at about 51. how about for tonight? you can see all that tule fog drawn in on a wind that's coming out of the northeast, temperature near freezing inland, low 40s in san francisco and oakland. here's a quick look at the next storm. you can watch it come towards us and by midnight, it gets right near the coast and then slides south and gets retreated like opposite ends of a magnet. look at this string of dry weather that's going to bring us through the lunar new year. another storm approaches tuesday with a chance of rain a week
6:51 am
from today. let's go back to alexis for traffic. good morning, mike. traffic alert but the sig alert of that has been canceled so things are starting to improve. northbound 880, we've had this crash here since just after 5:00 a.m. and they finally got that clear about 15 minutes ago so that was approaching marina boulevard. we still have a couple icons there on the map, a disabled vehicle approaching that in the left lane. and then a minor collision on the 238 connecter to northbound 880. so definitely still some residual delays hanging around. also improving, southbound 680, the crash cleared about 30 minutes ago. still stop and go from the 580 interchange. and a quick check of some drive times. southbound 101, santa rosa to petaluma, 26 minutes looking good on 580 if you want to use that for an alternate out of castro valley and then northbound 101 between the 280/680 split and highway 85, you're in the yellow. well, this morning, we are learning more about how erin andrews found out that she had cervical cancer.
6:52 am
the fox sports reporter the news and when the doctor called her, she said, what are you telling me. the news came as a surprise because andrews just got the all-clear from her doctors late last year. she said that battles throughout her career like the high-profile civil case has made her tough enough to beat cancer. we are back in 90 seconds with the seven things you need to know before you go. first our instagram photo of the day. beautiful rainbow. if you haven't yet, follow us @abc7newsbayarea so you can see a lot more photos like this one and share your photos and videos using #abc7now. >> pretty stunning sunrise. >> pretty stunning sunrise. keeping
6:53 am
6:54 am
it is 6:54 and here are the seven things you need to know before you. number one, the u.s. coast guard says it will roll out more resources in the search for a missing kayaker any moment now. kenneth maldonado vanished yesterday when he capsized near the dumbarton bridge while fishing with a friend. number two, president trump says he will launch a major investigation into voter fraud. there is no evidence of it, but he claims that illegal votes cost him the popular vote in the election. mr. trump also says he will announce his supreme court pick next week. number three, the dow making history. it has reached 20,000 points for
6:55 am
the first time ever. we've seen it jump higher since president trump was elected. number four, the drying trend continues today. there's a little patchy fog this morning, temperatures around freezing if not below inland so be careful the next couple of hours and dress those kids warmer, 30 to 33 this morning, but mostly sunny this afternoon. number five, there was that sig alert we had on northbound 880, seven-vehicle crash that cleared around 20 minutes ago. still have a collision on the 238 connecter to 880 so really the longest back up through castro valley there on 580. number six, uber plans to put self-driving cars back on san francisco treats today but says the cars will have a driver. they're only going to be used to improve the mapping system. uber ran into big problems with the city and state over permits when it launched self-driving cars last month. number seven, green peace protesters have scaled a giant crane just blocks from the white house and the trump hotel. it's one of two demonstrations
6:56 am
in washington, d.c., both protesting president trump. there is some pretty dense fog in some parts of the bay area right now. when can we expect that to burn off? >> about 9:00. same time the frost will start to melt also. so trying to get outside, you have to stay off the grass and those kinds of things. >> alexis, you said you have to scrape some frost off your windshield. >> first time this season.o cf1o >> it's about the sixth time for me. >> a look at the sunrise above the fog. thanks for joining us. >> we'll see you in 25 minutes with an update on news, weather, a and traffic. gma is next. with so much happening so fast, sometimes it's hard to tell what's real and what's not. >> we know you need a ne with experience, a team who asks why, demands the truth and gets it right. >> truth. that's what you can expect from abc7 news. >> the truth. every day with every story. >> we're right here where we've always been on your side. >> we're abc7, news where you live.
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7:00 am
good morning, america. building the wall. overnight president trump says he'll deliver today on one of his biggest campaign promises. >> build the wall. >> take executive action on immigration too. as protests break out over his new plans for this controversial pipeline. also overnight the president threatens to send feds to chicago to deal with the violence. new health alert. multiple strains of the extremely contagious norovirus now spreading across the country. closing schools from chicago to rhode island. dr. besser is here with the latest on the outbreak and the best way to prevent it. secret scare. "dancing with the stars'" erin andrews revealing her battle with cervical cancer keeping it from her colleagues on the dance floor and football field heading back to work just days after


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