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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  January 25, 2017 11:00am-11:31am PST

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they turned around to look and the kayak was upside dound an he was no -- down and no longer able to see his friend. >> five agencies are the in the bone chilling water searching for a missing kayaker after capsizing during the dumbarton bridge last night. i'm kristen zse. >> and i'm natasha zouves. they're trying to find the man in his 30s. matt keller is live there. matt? >> reporter: natasha, i just spoke with the coast guard and they say today is great weather for their search. you could see one of the boats out here on the bay.
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they say there are calm seas, light winds and unlimited visibility. they've also sent up a coast guard helicopter. their hope, somehow this man survived the night. here is the latest video of the fremont fire department launching into the bay near the bridge. six boats from fremont, san jose and menlo park fire department and the coast guard are searching for a san jose resident kenneth maldonado, missing since late yesterday afternoon after his kayak took on water and the kayak over turned with the flotation device still inside. he hasn't been seen since. searchers are breaking up the bay into a grid and doing a slow methodical search. >> launching this morning is the best time to go out and spend the day trying to canvass this search. but at some point this weather, darkness and also the changing tide will dictate how long we could be out here. >> reporter: and they are using
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two drones that helps thaem see from the water. with the resources they have they believe they could finish up the grid search today. live in fremont, matt keller, abc 7 news. a new development in the search for the missing womans who whose car crashed into a creek in fremont. the search has now moved to help in the search for jada jenkins. her car was pulled from alameda creek, four days after her accident on niles canyon road. family members are holding out hope that she is alive because the vehicles windows were broken out and her seat belt was unfastened. law enforcement is helping with this morning's search. if you ride b.a.r.t. and park at a nearby shopping center, we have a big warning for you. they are getting serious about tracking down. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live with more. amy? >> reporter: hi, kristen.
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here is the move. see the parking lot here. this is the shopping center. awfully tempting to put your car here and walk through this breezeway and the shopping center is right over but the shopping center say they are tired of being used. shoppers at the market place in union city say finding a parking sh spot here could be a challenge. >> it is hectic. it is hard finding parking. i go around three times and i sit and wait and cars are honking for me to move out of their way and i'm waiting for this car to get out. so yeah, it is hard. >> reporter: shoppers are competing with b.a.r.t. riders who use this lot, even though they aren't supposed to. officials with the shopping center have had enough. they are now towing b.a.r.t. rider cars out of the lot. tow truck drivers are watching people get out of their cars and walk to b.a.r.t. >> they are there beyond the two hour limit and if the cars are still there, they are towing the
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cars. yesterday they had four tow trucks working the parking lot. >> this is why this is happening. according to bart, 52 # 21 riders enter the station and the lot has 1144 parking spaces. police say the shopping center is within its right to tow the cars. police department has nothing to do with this because it is private property but even some officers appreciate the enforcement. >> not only as a police officer but as a citizen that lives here and uses that shopping center, i know how bad the parking was there for customers. >> reporter: so look at the shopping center parking lot. it is pretty full. and we don't see any tow trucks here right now. but don't be tempted because if your car does get towed, i checked with the company, they will charge you at least $270 to recover your car. a amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. b.a.r.t. directors will begin a two-day workshop to consider how they will spend
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funds from a $3.5 million bond measure voters approved in november. b.a.r.t. said the 40-year-old infrastructure is in critical need of upgrades. the board will consider changing fares and parking rules and fees. you could see soon see the self-driving uber cars back in san francisco. they put the brakes on after a fight with the soilt and state over permits. this time around uber said the vehicles will only be used to map streets. they -- there will be a driver behind the wheel and the self-driving function is disabled. the dmv is okay with that. but many believe they still plan to employ self-driving cars in the city. a judge delayed sentencing for a political consultant after sheriffs officials said house arrest was not enough for having child pornography. his clients were mayor ed lee. he was arrested in may of 2015 and pearce had hundreds of images showing children being
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sexually abused. he would likely serve six months of house arrest followed by five years on probation. we're tracking news out of washington. the president plans to strip forward funding from 200 sanctuaries including san francisco, oakland and san jose. in an exclusive interview with abc news, the sprez spoke about his -- the president spoke about plans to build a wall on the border. here is lorna zack. >> reporter: today the president heads to the department of homeland security and he has a big day planned, and quote, we will build the wall. daling david muir he will still ask mexico for payment but the u.s. taxpayer will front the cost forsake of expediency. >> when does construction begin. >> as soon as we can -- >> within months. >> i would say within months, yeah. certainly planning is starting immediately. >> but following these actions to advance the keystone xl and the pipelines yesterday --
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protests unfolded a sign reading "resist" as the president plans to use his powers on immigration and the border wall and this morning he tweeted there will be an investigation into voter fraud. >> i think he stated his concerns of voter fraud and people voting illegally during the campaign. he continues to maintain that belief. >> reporter: but that belief that millions of undocumented people voted has no basis in fact and disputed by the trump campaign lawyers who in court filings wrote all available evidence suggests it was not tranted by fraud or -- tranted by fraud or mistake. >> he wants to investigate something that could clearly be proven to be false. >> reporter: the president announced his pick for the supreme court will be coming next thursday. and as we're awaiting details about the proposed immigration actions today, sources tell abc news to expect it will deal with immigration and refugees from
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muslim areas. lorna zack, abc news, washington. and you'll see more excerpts from the david muir exclusive one-on-one interview with president trump later today on abc 7 and then a one-hour prime time special tonight at 10:00 p.m. san jose is the first city in the bay area to ban the communist vietnamese flag from flying on the flagpoles. it banned the flag after hours of emotional debate. it split the community between older generations who fled communism and those younger that agree with the flag. but leaders did not want it to ever be an option. and a plan to raise tuition. right now tuition and fees run $13,500 and that will go up by $336 for in-state students under the proposal. nonresidents now pay over $40,000 for tuition. they would have to pay an additional $1,300.
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uc officials say the hike is needed to cover increasing costs and decrease in aid from the state. this morning a group of oakland raiders fans meeting to discuss ways to keep the silver and black in the bay area. fans held protests during the season to show anger at owner mark davis' plan to move the team to las vegas. this morning fans and city leaders will see what they see as the impact and they promise to use any legal means possible to prevent the team from moving. >> this morning, did you see the dow hit a record 20,000 points. we're going to explain what is driving the huge rally on wall street. >> michael jackson's daughter said his death was not an accident and what they believe happened to him. and the terminator meets the holy father at the vatican. the passion both share. and here in the weather office, all is quiet. even though there is clouds out there that looks like they could drop some rain, but not much in the forecast until next week. so we'll talk about a few
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sprinkles for tonight and
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in the sierra squaw valley is open today, one day after a ski patroller died on the job. 42-year-old joe zitches was killed after a device used for avalanche control went off. and they are saddened and decide
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to reopen after talking with ski patrol. leadership ask they they ron the mountain in honor of they are friend. and there is an outpowering of support from the community. a go fund me page has raised more than $125,000. if you would like to donate we have a link on police hope you may recognize two men who dined and dashed at local restaurants. so you are looking at images ca captu captur captured. and this man wearing a reflective vest, the kind when they are working along roads. he is known as dino. > investors are cheering the milestone on wall street, crossing the 20,000 mark for the first time ever. it is just over the mark at 20075 and strong earning from boeing and other big companies are driving the rally today, up 162 points today.
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the nasdaq and other indices is also up. michael jackson's daughter is sharing details with "rolling stone magazine" believing her father was murdered. she said it may sound like a conspiracy theory but she believes it was a set up. and dr. conrad murray was convicted after he overdosed in 2009 and she talked about tough times, revealing she was sexually assault bade stranger when 14. they did not tell anyone until recently. former governor schwarzenegger met with pope francis. they attended the pope francis weekly audience. the meeting between the terminator star and the pope was not set up before hand. both former governor and pope francis share a passionate fighting climate change. our nation's a41st president
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george h.w. bush could head over over the week as he continues to recover from nam own yu. the 92-year-old left intensive care on monday. his lungs are clearing and that he is working with physical therapists to build up strength. barbara bush is back home in houston after she was hospitalized for bronchitis. ike eye yu recalls a product and why you shouldn't sit in some chairs. and this is what one neighborhood woke up to this morning. the sinkhole that opened up and the damage it already caused. >> and the mt. sutro camera checking out the golden gate bridge. it is
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welcome back. ikea is recalling popular beach chairs sold worldwide. you may even own these. the reason is that the chairs can collapse. five people have actually gotten hurt after reassembling it incorrectly. people having a hard time putting the chair back together after they wash the fabric seat. and some people have injured fingers and needed medical attention. it involves all models of the my singo beach chair. and they are offering a full refund for those. neighbors in sannance ello are talking preventing flooding in the community. flood sirens have went off twice this year, recently when the creek overflowed. that prompted evacuations downtown. they are considering several flood control plans including a catch basin on county property in fairfax.
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and also buying and demolishing downtown buildings. >> it has a lot of water in the creek and it is low so it provides a substantial obstacle to the water. >> and an $58 million grant will pay for future flood prevention measures. imagine stepping out of your home and seeing this. a gigantic sinkhole opening up north of philadelphia. it is just a few feet away from two homes. it has swallowed up both of the front yards an the white pickup truck. one man heard a strange noise overnight and he actually walked out front and it was so dark he couldn't see anything. so imagine how freaked out he was when he stepped out this morning and saw this in daylight. i need the lottery numbers from that guy. that is pretty lucky. hi everybody. if you are tired of the rain and need to dry out. here you are looking at live doppler 7 and no radar returns. there are a few clouds out there
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from the sui from the sutro tower. partly cloudy and dry this afternoon. another chilly night with follow more widespread and a little bit of frost inland and then below average by 3 to 5 degrees. we'll get there and get above it by sunday, monday and tuesday. if you are stepping out, cooler in novato at 43 and a string of 51s in san francisco. and fremont and hayward, with mountain view warm spot at 52 and including antioch. temperatures warming to about 52 to 56 degrees. so a little bit of warmth left in the air mass over the next couple of hours or so. in fact, this is the way your day breaks down. you see the clouds from the east bay hills an just look at how gorgeous and emerald green they are because of the rain. 2:00, 51 to 54. sun and clouds. by 4:00, 52 to 53 and if you are heading out this evening, grab
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that coat, you need it. once the sun sets, down to the mid to upper 40s by 6:00 and low to mid-40s by 8:00 and increasing high clouds as the storm system approaches us. underneath that, get an easterly pull to our wind tonight. >> that could bring some follow into our neighborhoods by the morning. and looking at the temperatures, flirting with freezing once again. didn't have any reports of black ice this morning. there is a overwhelm chance we may have some tomorrow morning. let me show you what is going on. the next storm is not impressive, but as ittet goods closer to the coast it just kind of stops. it pulls up and pulls the reins and stops running our way. if it had a personality, look at the north bay and go, you are good. you've had enough rain and i'll stop at the coast and give you showers for the morning, a few clouds and watch as it backs away into the evening hours. so here is what will happen on the accuweather seven-day forecast. what that front will do is bring us more clouds and keep our temperatures below average for
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thursday and a little bit milder on friday. and then back to average for saturday as the lunar new year begins. year of the rooster. you could see there. 60s away from the coast and even the coast makes it to the 60s by monday and a stronger storm coming in late tuesday. so increasing clouds and cooler weather and this time next week we should be dealing with our next storm. >> what an auspicious start to the new year. >> we'll take it. >> thanks, mike. parents, you may remember hatcha mole, one of the hottest toys, couldn't find them. some people complained that the toy eggs would not hatch. now a mom from bakersfield is suing the parent company in federal court claiming the hatch-a-mole did not believe up to its promise. the company said they stand behind their product. >> an amazing site off the coast of norway, a pod of orcas swimming past the diver. and they don't care about the guy in the diving shirt so close by. a diver believes the whales were on the hunt for herring and
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thankfully not hungry for a diver. >> no. a chicago zoo is celebrating a new arrival. >> a baby anteater. have you seen one. we'll show you all about and what she is doing to
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coming up at 4:00, abc 7 recognizes local stars doing extraordinary things. meet a man called the heart and soul of a nonprofit helping oakland teens. and a local school getting serious about seceding from the district. how the move is dividing royalties an communities tonight on abc 7 news at 5:00. love this next story. most babies like to cuddle with mom but one anteater is just as happy riding on her momma's back. take a look. here she is. just hanging out and going along for the ride. this is the newest member of the brookfield zoo in illinois. she is not so giant right now. the little pup is only two months old. >> she looks like a miniature version of her mom, doesn't she. she is the second giant anteater born at the zoo. his sister was born in 2015 and moved on to the pittsburg zoo and starting her own life. right now they are considered a vulnerable species in honduras
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and brazil and northern argentina so breeding programs are very important. >> it is awesome. >> but how do we know she doesn't look like dad. >> she has her mother's eyes. >> so observant, both of you. i'm looking for the pink panther, but that dates me. i used to watch that if re-runs. >> that is okay. i know what you are talking about. >> thank you. >> let's take a look at what will happen this weekend. >> shall we. >> it is the lunar new year and the weather couldn't be much better. mid to upper 50s on friday and saturday and sunday and high clouds and sunshine. of course chilly at night. temperatures back in the 40s. but no rain, not yet. >> something to crawl about. >> from all of us here at abc 7 news, thanks for joining us. >> who wants to
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>> today on our show another player will attempt that white-knuckle climb to a million-dollar payday. will they make it? let's find out. it's "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] ♪ hey, everybody, welcome to the show. are you guys ready to play "millionaire" today? [cheers and applause] today's returning contestant was raised in an inner city neighborhood and is here to win today to help pay it forward for her community. from las vegas, nevada, please welcome back the beautiful ruby scott. [cheers and applause] how are you, my dear? >> i'm good. i'm good. >> come on over. [cheers and applause] how are you, my dear? it's good to have you back. >> good to be back. >> you're in the middle of a good game. we'll catch everybody up to date on that in a minute, but i want to hear more about th


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