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that's the off ramp there. it appears the driver is an emt. the chp says he called for help after the accident and was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. no other passengers were in that car. tough knew survey data for b.a.r.t. shows the agency has its lowest rider approval rating ever. >> riders have all sorts of complaints including breakdowns, delays, and standing room only trains. abc7 news reporter elissa harrington live for us in the east bay. >> reporter: this might not come as much of a surprise for people who take b.a.r.t. on a daily basis. as we know just yesterday, there was a system-wide delay that happened right in the heart of commute time. people were late for work. they're also sick of crowded b.a.r.t. trains. and it turns out that ridership approval is at the lowest it has been in 20 years. at the same time, though, ridership is up. this has forced more passengers to stand and riders are packed like sardines during commute
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times. more than 5,000 people were surveyed. here's a look at one of the findings. 69% of riders overall say they are satisfied with b.a.r.t.'s overall service. that's down from 74% in 2014. the largest decline in satisfaction, noise on trains, which is down 10%. people are also unhappy about the lack of seats and the reliability of elevators. i just checked and there are four elevators out of service today. a $3.5 billion bond measure was passed by voters, which of course should be used to make some improvements. and the agency is also rolling out some new train cars later on this year. reporting live at the pleasant hill b.a.r.t. station, elissa harrington, abc7 news. check this out. if you would like to see the b.a.r.t. survey for yourself, we've posted this on our abc7 news app. also we'd also like to know what you think. so post your comments on social media with #dear bart and we
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might share them on air. we are getting a better idea of what to expect in the first 100 days of president trump's administration a of me gave his first interview. among the topics covered, defunding 200 sanctuary cities across the u.s., including san francisco, oakland, and san jose. he also dove into his claim that millions of people voted illegally even though there's actually no evidence of that. the two also talked about another campaign promise, reviving water boarding and other interrogation techniques. >> when isis is doing things that nobody has ever heard of since medieval times, would i feel strongly about water boarding? as far as i'm concerned, we have to fight fire with fire. now, with that being said, i'm going with general mattis. i'm going with my secretary. i'm going to go with what they say. >> another big issue, the wall along the mexico border. president trump reinforced that mexico in some way or another will pay for it. house speaker paul ryan says
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congress will front the money, estimated to be between $8 billion to $14 billion. local leaders and immigration advocates are coming together, vowing to protect citizens, whether they're documented or not. they held a rally on cole circle to denounce the president's threat to deport millions of undocumented immigrants, saying we have made too much progress to go back. >> thank god i am now a citizen, but i've suffered the fear that many in my community suffer now. >> it's going to lead to a lot of harassment, racial profiling, and american citizens are going to get harassed too as they did before. >> we have one tool that is more powerful than either congress or the president, and that is the u.s. constitution. >> the mayor added that the executive orders will not change how his city is aye. >> motion passes.
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>> two school districts in santa rosa passed a resolution last night opposing betsy devos for u.s. education secretary. and this is becoming a national trend. crit cannics of the conservative billionaire cite her lack of experience with public schools and her support of school vouchers and privatization. devos is going to be up for a confirmation vote by the senate later this month. happening today, a federal judge in san francisco is expected to hand down the sentence for pg&e for its role in the deadly 2010 san bruno pipeline explosion. a jury found the utility guilty of six felony counts, five for violating pipeline safety standards and one for obstructing the investigation into the explosion. each count carries a $500,000 fine. the maximum pg&e would pay is $3 million. eight people died in the blast. new this morning, incredible video out of just north of seattle, washington. a massive three alarm fire erupted last night at an apartment complex under construction in lynnwood.
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two firefighters suffered non-life-threatening injuries and the surrounding buildings, as you can imagine, were quickly evacuated. the army corps of engineers will soon start to study long-term fixes for three areas of storm ravaged pacifica. abc7 news as documented the city's problems over the years. they include cliff erosion, which prompted the evacuation of an apartment complex there. pacifica pier has also been damaged. last month, a giant sinkhole opened up on a trail leading down to the beach. it is now up to the army corps of engineers to determine if any of the sites are of federal interest. contra costa supervisors will meet to ratify a state of emergency because of all that recent storm damage. this washed out road is just one example. flooding, mudslides, sinkholes, they've caused an estimated $9 million in damage so far. that declaration will allow the county to apply for state and federal aid.
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you canyon road is open this morning. drivers can't help but wonder for how long. for the second time in a week, a falling tree has closed the major artery for hours, this time actually trapping a woman inside her car. katie utehs has that story. >> reporter: shaken but unharmed is how the woman who survived this tree fall described this. >> one of the trees on the east side of the roadway basically fell down and landed on the vehicle. >> reporter: the drive traveled northbound on crow canyon road just past cold water drive. around 6:00, the 100-foot tall eucalyptus tree fell, bringing power lines with it. >> it was on the ground and the consider was actually resting on the line. >> reporter: within an hour, pg&e deenergized the lines. last friday, on the same stretch of roadway, another tree fell and caused injuries. >> i think just because of all the rain that we've been having, i think that the trees and the root systems are not holding up as well as they should. >> reporter: crow canyon road has closed several times for
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storm-related clean-ups. in castro valley, katie utehs. 2 berkeley apartment building where six young people fell to their deaths has quietly been renamed. it used to be called library gardens. berkeley reports that the complex is now known as the k street flats. the building has been repainted and the two balconies that once faced out to the street have been removed entirely. and june 2015, a group of irish students were celebrating on the balcony when it collapsed. dry rot was the cause. happening today, uc regents are voting on a tuition increase for the first time in seven years. the regents are meeting in san francisco. if approved, tuition would go up by 2.5% or $282 a year at all ten university of california campuses. that would bump tuition up to $11,502 a year. officials say financial aid would cover the extra cost for two-thirds of all students.
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lieutenant governor newsom says he is voting against it. >> we do a great job to protect those that are very low income, but we do a terrible job providing resources for middle income families and that's who's going to bear this price. we keep raising this to a point, we're going to make college unaffordable. >> uc president janet is urging the regents to approve the increase. let's talk about some temperatures. here we go. we've got mid to upper 40s in san francisco from the castro and the mission at 45, same thing at ocean beach, along with the financial. let's look around the rest of the neighborhoods. 30s. santa clara at 36, pleasanton 38 along with petaluma and hillsburg, richmond 45, and san leandro and belmont around 43. few clouds out there. public transit, it's chilly this morning. but it will be dry. dangerous surf at the coast
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until 3:00 tomorrow morning. and if you're driving, it's going to be dry just about all day except for right near the coast this morning. looki looking back from the bush hills, you can see the clouds. temperatures are going to be about the same as they were yesterday. mid 50s. you can see some 60s showing up in the north bay tomorrow and even more so for saturday as more sunshine starts to roll in. i'll let you know when the 60s get to your neighborhood. also tracking a little bit of fog right now and one chance of rain in the quite 7 day forecast. we had a collision within the bay bridge toll plaza here. it's westbound 80, the third lane from the right so it was blocking a fast track lane. it looked really minor and it was. both vehicles just drove off. we do have a new problem westbound on the san mateo bridge. i realize this is not the best shot. this is a still picture from around the mid span and that is where that crash is reported so we'll flip over to our traffic maps instead.
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we've not been able to find out how many lanes are blocked yet but it does sound like at least one person has some injuries so they have called an ambulance to the scene. emergency crews getting there and we are seeing a little bit of a backup. the bay area reacts with fear and concern as president trump pushes forward on his agenda. next, the call to action. a bay area congresswoman is urging for her constituents. the ride service is expanding starting today. remembering a tv icon who remembering a tv icon who inspired a generation of wom
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it's the second leading cancer killer in the u.s. but, it is almost entirely preventable. most colon cancers start as polyps. and screening finds polyps,
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so they can be removed, before they even turn into cancer. if you're over 50, get screened for colorectal cancer. screening saves lives. if you drove by the shell refinery in martinez last night and you saw flames, you were not alone. firefighters say flaring at the facility located near marina vista and you can see steam or smoke rising there. officials running the refinery tweeted auto a message that fire training is happening until this afternoon at 3:00 and if you see flaring, it's part of that. recovery efforts officially ended in italy early this morning. firefighters spent a week searching through that rubble of an avalanche that crushed a hotel. it killed 29 people. the hotel is in an isolated part
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of central italy. crews pulled out nine survivors in the first days of the rescue. political leaders acknowledge delays in the initial rescue effort, saying that the local authorities brushed off the first alarms of the avalanche. president trump is making a whole lot of first moves in his first week in the white house. a local congresswoman is now taking action. she is addressing concerns from her constituents. lillian kim has more on the first of a series of town halls. >> reporter: have you been to one of the town halls before? >> >> reporter: congresswoman jackie spier call them first-time activists. >> i'm signing every petition that i can and i will be as active as i possibly can. >> reporter: they say much is at stake over the next four years from the environment to immigration. the congresswoman urged everyone to continue with the protests, call and e-mail the white house, and learn and read about rural
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america, which played a key role in trump's victory. >> i hope that i'm going to instill a sense of empowerment to you, because this -- our country has withstood terrible presidents. and we've survived. >> reporter: rnc committee woman dylan applauds those who become more engaged in the process but has a word of caution, especially to california's elected leaders. >> there's going to be areas of agreement and disagreement but this sort of we're at war is i think is ultimately going to hurt california citizens. >> reporter: at this point, though, it appears to be full steam ahead for the resistance. >> it's the collective o energy of all of us that are going to make a difference in this struggle that we're going through as a country. >> reporter: lillian kim, abc7 news. the suspect arrested in connection to a 34-year-old cold case in vacaville is going to appear in juvenile court today. police arrested marvin markal today for the murder of 14-year-old deanna lynn johnson. she disappeared november is a of
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1982 after attending a party at a neighbor's house. markal was just 17 at the time. he attended that same party. he was initially identified as a suspect. but the kit went cold until now. >> we are encouraged that the truth will prevail and finally justice will be done. >> markal has actually been serving an 80-year prison sentence in kern county for a separate homicide case. investigators have not revealed how they connected markal to johnson's death. the d.a. is going to ask that this case be transferred to adult court. happening today, lyft is expanding its operations to 40 new cities in the u.s. seven california cities are on that list, including chico and redding. the san francisco-based company wants to add 100 new cities by the end of the year and that would put lyft in 300 cities nationwide. lyft claims to reach about 55% of the u.s. population right
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now. i think we're going to get some sun later on today. are we also going to have to deal with fog, though? >> it's a great question, reggie and it's mainly up in the north bay right now. petaluma, half mile visibility, santa rosa one mile but we do see a little bit of fog forming around stockton and tracy. we do have some clouds rolling over us right now and that's going to keep the fog formation at a minimum today. here's san jose, 101 and 880, you can see it is dry with clouds on the increase today but that's going to be temporary, just for the morning, then we'll see increasing sunshine today and mild warming. unsettled weather arrives wednesday. that's when we could have our next chance of rain. as far as temperatures today, about 54 to 56 degrees with 56 in oakland, san jose, you can see also in los gatos, we got 55 in santa rosa and concord and fremont, 54, san francisco, san mateo, richmond, and half moon bay. here's a look at our storm system, gets right up, hugs the
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coast, says, never mind, and goes back the other way. and that's why we'll have increasing sunshine today. tonight, though, 30s, low 30s inland, low 40s around a oak, san francisco, and half moon bay. our first touch of 60s on saturday, they spread inland on saturday, even to the coast monday and increasing clouds tuesday and a chance of wet weather, a light storm wednesday. alexis? good morning, mike, and taking a look at our traffic maps i do want to head back to the san mateo bridge where we have a collision around the high-rise on the westbound side. it sounds like they're working on clearing this pretty quickly. couple vehicles pushed off on the right-hand shoulder. injuries are not too serious and fire department is already clearing the scene so a little bit of heavy traffic but i don't think that's going to last too long. eastbound 580 before greenville road as you approach altamont pass, we had a fatality investigation overnight. all lanes ep there about 2:30 this morning and typical delays filling in if you are leaving
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the central valley and coming from tracy. so many of us have warm memories and are celebrating the life of mary tyler moore. she's being remembered as a consummate professional who broke new ground at the time, it was very rare to see a woman who was single and in the workplace and did it with such >> you know what? you've got spunk. >> well, yes. >> i hate spunk. >> her sitcom, "the mary tyler moore show" set new standards for tv excellence. moore also sparkled on screen on the deck van dyke show. flowers laid at her star on the hollywood walk of fame and in minnesota, a fan paid tribute at the statue of a classic pose from the show. ♪ i just might make it after
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♪ >> you got to throw that hat. moore died yesterday at age 80 from cardiopulmonary arrest brought on by pneumonia. >> mary tyler moore's role as an iconic career woman touched so many people here in the bay area. she inspired them and helped them become who they are today. >> she was a real model of a, quote, modern woman that stepped out from behind -- she wasn't married. she had her own career. >> as a young girl growing up, i remember watching that show and i remember, you know, the thing that struck me the most, i think, viscerally, was her confidence and independence. >> she had her own apartment, her own life. mary tyler moore also spent many years raising awareness about type 1 diabetes because she was diagnosed with the disease at 33 years old and became an international chair of the juvenile diabetes research foundation. we posted this picture of mary tyler moore on our facebook page. you can share your memories of her by commenting or share the post yourself on your own page.
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>> this woman at the grocery store, her name was candy, and i was telling her that mary tyler moore had passed and she told me that she loved that song, "you're going to make it after all", that last line because it got her through chemo. good for you, mary tyler moore. you really touched a lot of people. we're in the middle of a big flu outbreak. next, the intriguing link between weather and the time you're most likely to catch the virus. also, looking for something fun to do in the bay area. how caltrain is coming to the rescue. blasting off to space in style. the space suits of tomorrow are here, but first this morning's "tech bytes." >> technology is changing a big part about air travel. >> american airlines says 90% of its passengers bring their own devices to view movies and tv shows in flight so the airline's new 737s will not come with seatback screens. >> in an effort to fight fake news stories, facebook is changing its trending topics feature. >> all users will see the same
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topics instead of those personalized by their behavior and in an attempt to keep fake news from trending, an article's headline and publisher will be shown. and tostito offering a way to keep drunk drivers off the road. the party bag detects alcohol. >> if the bag turns green, you're clear to drive. if it turns red, it's detected alcohol and then the bag will alcohol and then the bag will even help
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we are back at 4:54 and san francisco mayor ed lee is about to deliver his state of the city address this morning. the mayor responded yesterday to president donald trump's executive order denying federal funding for sanctuary cities like san francisco. mayor lee says he's going to continue to protect sanctuary city laws that have been in place now for 27 years. the mayor's address is going to happen at 11:00 this morning. kcaltrain is helping put th u in fun, it says. it's a new website. it debuted this month and it allows you to easily find fun things to do along its routes? get it. go caltrain lists upcoming events, and alerts passengers to places or events that offer discounts to them. and if this sounds familiar, it's because go caltrain is actually replacing a print publication that came out quarterly called "track the fun." now they're going more high-tech with that. okay.
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all right. we tried to shake away all the remnants of that rain. so much rain. that, we're looking ahead to sunshine and actually temperatures above average but not today. oakland's one of those, temperature is 59. we'll be close friday and saturday, warmer than that sunday, monday, tuesday, and when that next storm approaches wednesday, we're back cooler than average. if you're wondering about festivities for the lunar new year in san francisco, 43/58, sunday and it's going to be quiet in the sierra also. temperatures cooler than average through the weekend and then some snow starts to develop wednesday. hey, alexis. good morning. i have some good news if you're planning on driving across the san mateo bridge. everything moving along just fine. we did have a crash but we got the official all-clear from chp a few minutes ago. drive times, westbound across the richmond-san rafael bridge, and westbound 84 across the dumbarton bridge is also in the green at just nine minutes.
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on top of that, i have good news for drivers through the novato area. alexis, don't you feel like everyone we know has been under the weather at some point this season? there is a new study that reveals when you are more likely to catch the flu and it has to do with weather. it turns out seasonal flu outbreaks first appear after a cold snap. granted, this study happened in sweden so cold for them means below zero but over three years, the study found that the first cold spell was followed by a kick start to the flu epidemic about a week later. researchers think the dry, cold air absorbs flu viruses better, say from a sneeze, for example, researchers say those weather conditions likely keep the droplets aloft longer and it spreads them farther. the study, if you're interested, is published in the journal of clinical virolgy. this is boeing's design for a new space suit, they are 40% lighter than any current suit and the helmet portion is soft
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like a hoodie. it also has a wide visor. nasa has hired boeing and space x to fly crews to the space station and right now, nasa pays russia for rides aboard its rocket. >> why would you want a soft really want? >> i woul prefer more protection but okay. >> i've never been in says. >> i haven't either. the fight is on over president trump's plan to build two controversial oil pipelines. coming up next at 5:00 a.m., where protesters will be targeting their anger today. also, slip sliding away, the plan in the works to stop a pacifica cliffside from crumbling. and construction finally set and construction finally set to begin on a
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