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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  January 26, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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saying that. >> we're all jealous. >> we are all jealous. >> actually, today's going to be a really nice day. >> it is? oh, good. >> if you want to play hooky, i give you permission. tomorrow's going to be an even better day. >> what's the boss's number? kidding. good morning, everybody. here's a look at live doppler 7. one sprinkle possible there on south clarmt street, delaware street, coming off the san mateo bridge if you're heading westbound you may run into sprinkle and up 92 as you head towards 280 and half moon bay. otherwise cloud cover keeping us pretty mild this morning compared to yesterday. temperatures in the upper 30s to mid 40s. we'll see increasing sunshine, low to mid 50s and we'll round out your planner. we'll have a couple of chances of rain coming up in the accuweather 7 day forecast and some 60s for highs. taking you back to novato. state route 37 has been closed all week, of course, due to flooding, but as of last night, they were able to get the eastbound side of the roadway back open between 101 and
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atherton. the westbound side not open yet. that is still under water so we are seeing a little delay there on 37 approaching atherton and chp on the scene once again today helping to conduct traffic, hopefully moving things along a little bit faster. just getting word about a b.a.r.t. power issue developing delay between mcarthur and richmond. as i was walking up here, it sounds like that power issue has been resolved so about a ten-minute delay. i'll keep my eye on that. couple problems on westbound 80. i'll have an update on those coming up next. help could be on the way for a part of the bay area that is falling into the ocean. >> the army corps of engineers will start studying a long-term fix in pacifica. abc 78 news reporter matt keller is there live for us this morning. >> reporter: good morning. many people lived in this apartment complex here on esplanade avenue, and they had beautiful ocean views. well, that's because the cliff below them was eroding away. they were getting closer and closer to that ocean.
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that apartment complex will eventually be torn down but there's hope for others wanting to avoid that fate. according to the mercury news, the u.s. army corps of engineers will study long-term solutions to three areas here in pacifica that have been damaged by some powerful storms. that could lead to the federal government paying for much of the $6.2 million in repairs. those three areas are the pacifica pier, the seawall along boech boulevard and esplanade avenue where the apartment complexes are located. the army corps will do a three to four month study to see if the projects are of federal interest and if that's the case, they'll spend 18 months doing a feasibility study. reporting live in pacifica, matt keller, abc7 news. happening today, golden gate bridge officials could approve $2 million to pay chp during construction of the suicide net. according to sf gate, crews would be working at night and with the limited space up there, they're going to have to block
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off sidewalks and part of the road and that means chp is going to have to manage the traffic impact. that $2 million wound fund a projected 22,000 work hours for their officers so here's the heads up to anyone crossing the bridge at night. that project is expected to last up to four years. the president is in philadelphia today. he is speaking to congressional republicans at theirs annual policy retreat but we heard about policy plans last night when the president went one-on-one with abc's david muir. we learned that the president wants to start construction on the mexico border wall as soon as possible. he said we are likely just months away. >> ultimately, it will come out of what's happening with mexico. we're going to be starting those negotiations relatively soon. and we will be in a form reimbursed by mexico. >> so they'll pay us back. >> absolutely. 100%. last night, mexico's president said he rejects the decision to build the wall and they are not going to pay for any of it. as of right now, he is still
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scheduled to visit washington next week. [speaking spanish]. those are immigration advocates chanting in front of san francisco's city hall. president trump signed an executive order threatening to strip sanctuary cities of federal funding. and we're talking about san jose, oakland, berkeley, and san francisco in that list. san francisco receives about $1 billion, it's a tenth of our budget from the federal government. mayor ed lee says he is not backing down. >> used the word streams of federal grants and we're not sure what that means, because some of those grants are designed to carry out the stuff that we're obligated to do and if they don't want to fund it, i suppose they can defund us for that reason. >> mayor lee says it is too early to say how the city would make up for any possible shortfall. demonstrators are gathering in san francisco to protest the keystone and dakota access pipelines. president trump signed orders clearing the way for those projects to move forward. we saw protests earlier this
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week across the country. tonight, organizers in san francisco plan on demonstrating outside san francisco's federal building, holding signs and candles. overseas stock markets are going like gang busters this morning. grabbing some of the momentum from the dow breaking 20,000 for the first time. yesterday, in fact, the dow opened over that number and never went below it as investors kept buying. japan's nikkei this morning up nearly 2%, just a shade more than hong kong. the dow's activity is an indication, analysts say, of how excited investors are about the prospect of stimulus from president trump. we're going to see thousand dow does after today's opening bell. the port of oakland also jumping on the optimistic financial band wagon. officials there say they're going to be building 750 thours square feet of warehouses this morning. the extra space will allow more goods to come through the port as the demand from asia for agricultural products continues to grow. expansion will also create more
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jobs as well as more room to get the items on and off ships and trains faster. construction should finish by next year. nextbus is busted and san francisco board of supervisors president london is calling or may be calling for a hearing into the meltdown. this is according to "the examiner." the nextbus system tells riders when the bus is going to arrive. it's been on the fritz for four. breed believes the meltdown is shaking confidence in the public transit system. mta's director of transit says the agency is working hard to fix it. the bay area's newest transit system starts rolling later this year and now we're learning some people will be getting free rides to smart train stations. they are a necessity for new parents. next, where changing tables will be a lot easier to find. this is a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. those metering lights certainly on. we're keeping weather and we're keeping weather and traffic up throu
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hey did you know we had a high surf advisory? if not, here you go. it's until 3:00 tomorrow mornings and swells are getting bigger as we speak. we're 9 foot in san francisco,
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bodega bay, 12, possibly up to 20 feet, strong rip currents and sneaker waves are possible. also 46 in half moon bay, 44 in pacifica and on the bay side, foster city, 40, mid to upper 40s for the woodside, san ramon, livermore, san jose, 41, same thing in mill valley. your forecast for today, about 54 to 56 degrees a little bit of a bump tomorrow, 54 to 61 skpooel continue that 55 to 62 napa will it stop? no, monday's our warmest day. i'll show you that and rain coming wednesday in my accuweather 7 day forecast. hey, alexis. we've got quite a bit happening on the roads here this morning. if you're coming in westbound 80 trying to get to the bay bridge, unfortunately a couple trouble spots still to get past. westbound 80 past pinole valley road, backup almost to the bridge. that is around four miles. a couple of cars have been removed so hopefully we can get that lane back up soon. rollover crash westbound 80 just before gillman around golden
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gate fields is blocking the right lane. sounds like a street sign was taken out in that too. so caltrans is going to have to fix that. update on b.a.r.t. the power issue has been resolved but we have a 20-minute delay how in the fremont, richmond, and millbrae directions. also altogether car that went off niles canyon road and into alameda creek this morning. i'll talk more about that next. north bay's first passenger rail line in 60 years expected to start service this spring and marin wanted to make sure that county workers have easy access to get on that new smart train. the marin ij says the county is launching a free shuttle service. it will get county workers to and from their offices and the smart stations. last night, the board of supervisors approved spending about $200,000 on that plan and this is part of a one-year prielt program. help for bay area homeowners who need seismic upgrades, how you can get up to $3,000 from the sate. also, shia labeouf is in trouble again.
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it's an old piece of advice, but an oldie but a goody, slow down on icy roads. highway 55 in minnesota earlier
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this month. watch for a state trooper as the dash cam on that car, a semi skids across the road. narrowly missing an officer who was responding to earlier crashes. the trooper and the semi's path moved his squad car after he heard his partner yelling on the radio to get out of the way way. fortunately, and unbelievably, nobody got he will not divide us! >> did you hear that? he said, he will not divide us and that's what shia labeouf shouted as he was released from jail in queens early this morning. that is the same phrase the actor has been chanting since the inauguration in front of a live camera outside a new york city museum. apparently, that anti-trump protest ruffled some feathers because labeouf got arrested for getting into an alleged altercation with a man outside, pulling his scarf and scratching himg. california is expanding its brace and bold program to help retrofit more homes in cities near earthquake fault lines.
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homeowners in daley city, redwood city, and hayward may all be eligible for up to $3,000 in seismic upgrades each. eligibility depends on local joe look kal hazards combined with your home construction type's vulnerability. homeowners in san francisco, oakland, and an leandro have benefitted from the program since its inception two years ago. >> it's really significant to us. we knew it was something we wanted to do and basically being able to do it for free was really valuable. >> program registration lasts through february 27 and you can go to for a link to sign up. you'll also find a link to guidelines for stocking an earthquake survival kit. changing tables will now be required in both men's and women's restrooms in publicly accessible city buildings in berkeley. the berkeley city council approved the requirement, similar to the legislation signed last october by former president obama. that legislation requires all federal buildings open to the public to have diaper changing stations in men's and women's
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restrooms. berkeley's city manager still needs to figure out how that requirement is going to be enforced. 6:16 and this may be my favorite video of the morning. riley curry, of course, a constant show stealer. we love it. and she did it again. >> oops, she did it again. this time, during dad's jersey this time, during dad's jersey retirement ceremony. look at that baby girl go! okay, so, the student in the foreground there is getting riley's attention by dabbing and then riley responds by dabbing. >> this is a dab off. >> it's a dab-off and i think riley wins. >> hands down. >> they're at steph's hometown high school in charlotte, and he was having his, as we mentioned, jersey retired there but that's not the star of the show. riley is. >> always, always the star of the show. time to get over to alexis smith with a check on traffic.
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>> mike nicco and i have dab-offs every morning. >> it's so distracting. >> you're so good. >> it doesn't always make it on camera but he usually wins. he is really good at that. >> stop being so modest. >> okay, let's take a look at traffic this morning. overall, we're just seeing some slowdowns in our usual spots and then we've got a couple incidents to get to, including this one on niles canyon road. we actually have another vehicle that went off the roadway, little over an hour ago and into alameda creek and this is about the same location as that tragic situation over the weekend. the driver did make it out okay, has been transported to the hospital and now we're finding out that that car is submerged about halfway and it could take a few days to get it out so as soon as i get some more information or any lane closures i will update you. let's check in with mike nicco and a look at our forecast. we've got the sun for the next few days. >> yes, we do. and temperatures above average. however there's so much moisture in the ground it does leak out in the form of fog. and it is thick in some spots along 101 and reaching farther
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south than it did yesterday all the way down to san rafael. so watch out for that through about 9:00. here's a look at walnut creek, frit quiet here, mostly cloudy but afternoon hours, we'll have a blue sky everywhere. slightly cooler, fewer clouds tonight, some frost possible inland and an unsettled pattern develops next week and you'll need the umbrella. not today, not with all this sunshine, temperatures around 54 to 56 degrees. we should be in the upper 50s to near 60. tonight, inland, low to mid 30s so some frost developing there, mid 30s to low 40s around the bay shore and out words the coast. our next storm is a 1. it's light and it's next wednesday. it's a light system with rainfall 1/4 to 3/4 of an inch. did i say finally bring some snow to the sierra? that didn't make sense. what i mean is look at all this. temperatures in the 30s, thursday and friday, 40 saturday and then look at those low to mid 50s sunday, monday, and tuesday, well above the average high of 43 degrees. so that's what i meant by
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finally. all right. here's a look at our accuweather 7 day forecast. a whole lot of sunshine, mid to upper 50s tomorrow, 60 degree temperatures around the bay, they spread inland sunday, and then to the coast on monday. our warmest day, low to mid 60s, we'll see increasing clouds and breezes tuesday. temperatures back below average with that chance of wet weather, that storm light on the storm impact scale for wednesday. we've had so much snow up there. i can't wait to hear what you have to say, alexis. we have some ridiculous base totals here for all of our resorts. taking a look at a few. squaw alline, 132 to 186 inch base, north star, 97 to 160 inch base and heavenly, 135 to 185 inch base. no chains right now so travel there actually pretty good. 89, 50, and no chains required for 80 either. if you're leaving at this early hour on a thursday, those drive times are looking pretty good. diamond peak, boreal, not a typo, 240 inch base and mt.
6:21 am
rose, 163 inch base and i've been checking out some of the reports. folks are saying it's some epic skiing and snow boards. get that pow pow. thank you so much, alexis. it's about to get easier to get through security at some of the nation's busiest airports. also next, the reason your monthly expense reports are helping uber reach a big helping uber reach a big milestone.
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if you travel a lot, we may have some good news for you, the quick way for you to move through security at sfo is expanding to other airports. it is called clear and it is a program from a private company that uses fingerprints and eye res i.d. tech to identify preapproved travelers and move them quickly through tsa screening. it's available at laguardia and jfk. soon it will offered in atlanta and minneapolis. it's also being used at at state of emergency park. a big milestone for uber. the ride sharing service has surpassed starbucks as the most common business expense for business travelers.
6:25 am
that's according to a new survey. the company analyzed 40 million expenses from 1 million business travelers. uber accounted for 6% of all business travel transactions in 2016. as for starbucks, it's still the most popular new expense. time now for ask finney. don has a phone rewards. >> i upgraded my phone about a year ago and i was promised a $200 gift card for upgrading my phone. i keep calling and calling the company and i never receive my gift card. what can i do to expedite the process? >> reporter: hi, don na. that. here's what i want you to do. call the provider one more time and if that doesn't work, contact the california public utility commission and its consumer affairs branch. they're able to get you in contact with the person that handles cell phone promotions.
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now, i'll post a link to make it easy for you, donna. just go to >> if you have a question for michael finney, record it on your smartphone or tablet and share it on social media with #askfinney. happening today, mcdonald's giving away one of oits biggest secrets. >> the gold be arches will be handing out 10,000 bottles of its famous big mac sauce, part of a promotion to celebrate its new grand mac and mac jr. mcdonald's made this announcement with a promo video. the mcdonald's on union avenue in san jose and in san francisco, the mcdonald's on front street will be handing out the bottles until they run out. >> i was about to look up the calories in that, but why bother. next at 6:30, growing frustration for b.a.r.t. riders t problems leading to a new low for the transit agency. big changes at the site of the deadly berkeley balcony collapse, what you may notice the next time you pass by that apartment complex. sky7 is on their way to
6:27 am
niles canyon road, just arriving at the scene here where we have a second vehicle off of niles a second vehicle off of niles
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a live look right now at the opening bell at the new york stock exchange. investors are hoping to continue the gains made yesterday when the dow passed 0,000 for the
6:30 am
first time. growing frustration on b.a.r.t., a new survey shows riders are losing confidence in the system that so many of us rely on every day. plus the cost of college could be going up today for thousands of california students. why gavin newsom is blasting that plan. and of course the honors pouring in for mary tyler moore, including memories from her iconic costar, dick van dyke. let's get to meteorologist mike nicco with a check of your weather. >> all right. let's take a look at what's going on with live doppler 7. i was checking the latest reports and all those sprinkle that we were showing earlier that have now dried up didn't really leave much outside of point raze. here's a look at low clouds across san francisco. 6 to 43, not quite as cool as yesterday but still, dress warmly. 50 to 53, sunshine at noon, 52 to 54, more sunshine in the afternoon and then this evening it will be dry. even with the quiet weather out
6:31 am
there, a lot of issues alexis has been covering. we're going go back live to sky7 right now. they're over niles canyon road and i realize it is still really dark out here this morning but this is where we had another vehicle that went off the roadway, rolled into alameda creek, and it's just about the same location as the tragic crash over the weekend. the driver did make it out okay. he has been transferred to the hospital. to me, it looks like traffic is still moving along okay in both directions. i don't think we have any lane closures. i have seen plenty of flashing lights and we do have that car that is about halfway submerged and could take a couple days to get that out. so hopefully once we have more daylight, we'll have a better idea of what we're dealing with. westbound 88, couple earlier trouble spots have cleared. if you are a b.a.r.t. rider, here's a question for you, what is your biggest beef with b.a.r.t.? >> probably not a surprise to most of you, the agency is facing its lowest approval rating ever. abc7 news reporter elissa harrington live for us in walnut creek. >> reporter: reggie, natasha, i talked to some b.a.r.t. riders
6:32 am
here at the pleasant hill b.a.r.t. station and they tell me they are satisfied with b.a.r.t. when it comes to getting where they need to go, but they are unhappy with the cost and the lack of seats. that's pretty consistent with this new survey that just came out that asked 5,000 b.a.r.t. riders how satisfied they are with the service. satisfaction is the lowest it has ever been in the 20 years that they have been taking this survey. 31% of b.a.r.t. riders are just not satisfied. 41% say that b.a.r.t. is not a good value for the money. the price to ride has steady increased over the years. i checked and round trip from pleasanton hill to san francisco is $10.80 for a round trip. that's $54 a week. one passenger i talked to tells me that his commute home can get crowded. >> it's only bad like if the train's backed up or people kind of crowding in by the doors because they can't -- there's no seats. that's sometimes a problem.
6:33 am
>> reporter: other areas for improvement, according to the survey, the noise level, unreliable elevator service, and more space for bags or luggage. now there is some relief on the way, a $3.5 billion bond was approved by voters and new rail cars are on the way. reporting live at the pleasanton hill b.a.r.t. station, elissa harrington abc7 news. if you'd like to see the b.a.r.t. survey for yourself, we are posting this in our abc7 news app, also on and we want to know what you think. so post your comments on social media with the #dearbart. we might share them on the air. well, new this morning, until the south bay, chp investigating a crash involving a critical care transport vehicle in san jose. witnesses say that car rolled over several times on westbound highway 237 before it finally came to a rest on zanker road on the off ramp. sorry for this. it appears the drive is an emt. incorrect video here. the chp says he called for help after the accident and was taken
6:34 am
to the hospital with minor injuries. no other passengers were in that car. we're getting a better idea of what to expect in the first 100 days of president trump's administration. he gave his first interview as president to abc's david m and among the topics covered, defunding 200 sanctuary cities across the u.s. like san francisco, oakland, and san jose. he also dove into his claim that millions of people voted illegally, even though there's no evidence of that. the two also talked about another campaign promise, reviving water boarding and other interrogation techniques. >> when isis is doing things that nobody has ever heard of since medieval times, would i feel strongly about water boarding? as far as i'm concerned, we have to fight fire with fire. now, with that being said, i'm going with general mattis. i'm going with my secretary. i'm going to go with what they say. >> another big issue, the wall along the mexico border. president trump reinforced that mexico in some form will pay for
6:35 am
it. house speaker paul ryan says congress will front the money. we've seen estimates as low as $8 billion all the way up to $20 billion for that wall. in san jose, local leaders and immigration advocates are coming together the fight the president. they held a small rally at cole circle yesterday to denounce his latest orders. >> thank god i am now a citizen but i've suffered the fear that many in my community suffer now. >> it's going to lead to a lot of harassment, racial profiling, and american citizens are going to get harassed too as they did before. >> we have one tool that is more powerful than either congress or the president. and that is the u.s. constitution. >> san jose is a sanctuary city just like san francisco and oakland. the mayor adds the executive orders will not change how his city is policed. president close. >> aye. >> stay tuned board member. >> aye. >> thank you. motion passes. >> two school districts in santa
6:36 am
rosa passed a resolution last night opposing betsy devos for u.s. education secretary. this is becoming a national trend. critics of the conservative billionaire cite her lack of experience with public schools and her support of school vouchers and privatization. devos is going to be up for a confirmation vote by the senate later this month. happening today, a federal judge in san francisco is expected to hand down the sentence to pg&e for its role in the deadly 2010 be san bruno pipeline explosion. a jury found the utility guilty of six felony counts, five for violating pipeline safety standards and one for obstructing the investigation into the explosion. each count carries a $500,000 fine. the maximum pg&e would pay is $3 million. eight people died in the blast. happening today, contra costa county supervisors are going to meet to ratify a state of emergency because of all this. recent storm damage. this washed out road in pinole is just one example. flooding, mudslides, sing holes, they've cost an estimated
6:37 am
$9 million in so far and this declaration is going to let the county apply for state and federal aid. now look at crow canyon road. it is open this morning, but drivers can't help but wonder for how long. for the second time in just a week, a falling tree closed that major artery for hours and this time, it trapped a woman inside her car. that woman is shaken, but she's all right. a 100-foot tall eucalyptus tree came crashing down last night on the northbound lanes just past cold water drive. that tree took power lines down with it. and it took an hour before pg&e could de-energize the lines. last friday on that same stretch of road, another tree fell and caused injuries. >> i think just because of all the rain that we've been having, i think that the trees and the root systems are not holding up as well as they should. >> and look at that. traffic was backed up for quite a way until the tree and the car were cleared off the road. crow canyon road has closed several times this winter
6:38 am
because of storm related clean-ups. new video this morning out of washington, just north of seattle. look at this massive three alarm fire that erupted last night in an apartment complex under construction in linwood. two information suffered nonlife threatening injuries. surrounding buildings r evacuated. the berkeley apartment building where six young people fell to their deaths has quietly been renamed. irritate used to be called library gardens. berkeley side reports it is now called the k street flats. the building has been repainted and the two balconies that once faced outward have been removed. in june of 2015, five irish students and one from rohnert park were killed when a balcony they were celebrating on collapsed. the city of berkeley found dry rot as the cause. happening today, uc regents voting on a tuition increase for the first time in seven years. the regents are meeting in san francisco. if approved, tuition would go up by 2.5% so that equals $282 a
6:39 am
year. and that would apply to all ten university of california campuses. it would bump tuition to $11,502 a year. officials say financial said would cover the extra costs for about two-thirds of all students. still, lieutenant governor gavin newsom says he's going to vote against it. >> we do a great job to protect those that are very low income. but we do a terrible job providing resources for middle income families. and that's who's going to bear this price. we keep raising this to a point, we're going to make college unaffordable. >> uc president janet napolitano is urging the regents to approve that increase. state lawmakers opposed to the tuition hike say the university needs to cut spending. members of the assembly and students rallied at the state capitol yesterday. they claim uc spending is just out of control and that it's not fair to pass the financial burden on to
6:40 am
let's start down in the south bay, the cool spots at 39, we've got saratoga, los gatos, santa clara, 40, san jose, 41 degrees we've got 43 right now in san carlos, one of the warm spots, san pablo, alameda 47, look at the trio of 39s in the san ramon valley. lafayette, danville, out towards livermore and then 39, novato. you can see some of the clouds and the beautiful sunrise developing on 101 and 880. public transportation chilly at your stations this morning but at least dry. dangerous surf at beaches through 3:00 tomorrow morning and if you're driving, it's going to be dry all day. look from the roof camera, some of the fog that's trying to leak out of the north of about 10:00 and then hazy sunshine. more 60s saturday, more 60s sunday, more 60s, monday. i'll show you that in the next chance of rain coming up in fact accuweather 7 day forecast. taking you back to sky7 right now. they are over some typically
6:41 am
heavy traffic on 880 but you can see that heavy line on that southbound side. per usual. that is crawling along. let's flip over to the traffic maps and check out a couple of earlier trouble spots that really have merged into one long backup here. westbound 80 that was a crash we had just before 5:00 this morning. that one finally clear from the left lane about 15 minutes ago. you're still slow well beyond highway 4 and then past that, we had a rollover crash near golden gate fields, blocking the right lane for a long time so you can see we have heavy traffic all through the richmond area and a quick check of drive times. not terrible considering. but highway 4 to the maze on westbound 80 that's going to take you about 38 minutes, another 15 across the bay bridge and southbound 101, san francisco to sfo, 10 minutes for you. we still have about a 20-minute delay due to an earlier power issue for b.a.r.t. riders today. we'll take a look at a couple other slow spots coming up. that moment the dow climbed above a record 20,000 points, we're going to see if it's going
6:42 am
strong again this morning. that is next. plus remembering a tv icon who inspired an entire generation. the moving tributes to mary tyler moore. but first, here's george stephanopoulos with a look another what's going on on good morning america. >> coming up, packed first week for president trump and he sat down for his first interview from the white house with david muir. covered a lot of ground. congress starts to push back, the president heading there the president heading there today, we'll have the l
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welcome back. take a look. a live look at the stock ticker at the new york stock exchange and yes, for the second day in a row, the dow opened above 20,000. the buying frenzy extending to overseas markets as well. european stocks have risen to their highest mark since 2015. asian markets up as well. many analysts crediting the prospect of stimulus from president trump as fuelling this buying sfree. president trump is back on twitter this morning targeting mexico and its president. he tweeted that the u.s. has a $60 billion trade deficit with mexico. he says it's been a one-sided deal from the beginning of nafta with massive numbers of jobs and companies lost. but here's the real meat of this tweet. it says, "if mexico is unwilling to pay for the badly needed
6:46 am
wall, then it would be better to cancel the upcoming meeting." he's talking about a meeting next week that he's supposed to have in washington, d.c., with mexico's president. by the way, mexico's president already said yesterday that he was thinking about not coming to d.c. because of this whole wall issue. in any case, this is what mr. trump is saying this morning about what's going on and i'm sure this is going to be causing all sorts of headlines throughout the day. a local congresswoman is addressing concerns over the actions president trump has already taken and the many changes likely still to come. congresswoman jackie speier held the first of what's expected to be several town hall meetings. many in attendance told us they are first-time activists. they're worried about everything from the environment to immigration. the congresswoman is urging everybody to call and e-mail the white house, also to learn and read more about rural america since it played such a key role in the election. >> i hope that i'm going to instill a sense of empowerment to you because this -- our
6:47 am
country has withstood terrible presidents. and we've survived. >> the rnc committee woman is applauding those who are becoming more engaged but says she feels the us against them mentality will ultimately hurt california. san francisco mayor ed lee is set to deliver his state of the city address this morning. and he is responding to president donald trump's executive order denying federal funding for sanctuary cities like san francisco. mayor lee says that he will continue to protect sanctuary cities laws that have been in place for the last 27 years now. the mayor's address is set for 11:00 this morning. friends, family, and fans reacting this morning to the death of actress mary tyler moore. her first major tv costar talked about the woman that he called the best. >> she was the person that you saw. she was exactly, you know, what you see is what you get with
6:48 am
her. >> when she played laura petri, it introduced moore to a national tv audience but it was really her role as mary richards that rocketed her into super stardom. >> you know what? you've got spunk. >> well, yes. >> i hate spunk. >> that show was set in minneapolis where leaders in that town have removed the statue of her pose from storage, moving it into the city's new visitor's center. moore died yesterday at age 80 from cardiopull no narrow arrest brought on by pneumonia. >> mary tyler moore's role as an iconic news woman in a room full of men inspired many in the bay area. >> she was a real model of a, quote, modern woman that stepped out from behind, you know, she wasn't married. she had her own career. >> as a young girl growing up, i
6:49 am
remember watching that show and i remember, you know, the thing that struck me the most, i think, viscerally, was her confidence and independence. >> mary tyler moore also spent many years raising awareness about type 1 diabetes. she was diagnosed with the disease at 33 years old and became an international chair of the juvenile diabetes research foundation and abc news just announced a special edition of 20/20 this weekend to honor moore. it is called "mary tyler moore after all." it airs tomorrow night at 10:00 right here on abc. you may have seen flames and you weren't seeing things. firefighters say flaring at the facility located near marina vista and mococo road could be seen from highway 680. this video was shot around 9:30 last night and as you can see, those flames are gone. officials running the refinery tweeted out a message that fire training is happening until this afternoon at 3:00 and that flaring is all parking lot of that. so you should not be concerned.
6:50 am
good to know. we are on our way to possible 60s this weekend but mike we are getting through the transition day first. >> yes, we are. most of the sprinkles are gone so let's focus in on the fog and it's a little thicker in some spots around santa rosa and petaluma. we've got a little bit of fog trying to develop in our east bay valleys so you can see, as we look south on 680 right there, traffic's a little heavier than normal. alexis says there's an accident. she's going to tell you about that. accuweather highlights, sun, increasing minor warming. milder through the weekend and unsettled weather arrives wednesday. for today, our spread very narrow, 54 to about 56 degrees this afternoon. here's a look at that system. it came really close and then said, nah, never mind, and started to back off already and it will be gone. that's why you can see that increasing sunshine. lows tonight are going to hang out in the 30z and 40s. look at the 60s.
6:51 am
first around the bay saturday then inland sunday and then to the coast, our warmest day, monday. slightly cooler tuesday with increasing clouds and then that next light storm arrives wednesday. here's alexis. mike, you mentioned earlier, even though we've got decent traveling conditions we have a lot of trouble spots. take you to a fairly new one here on westbound 24. that is in central lafayette area. we've got a crash blocking the two left lanes and very slow on to 680 as you come through the walnut creek area, especially from concord. that's going to take some extra time today. westbound 580, another crash that was in the two left lanes as well. down to just the far left lane at this point. but you are backing up there through the 680 interchange. quick check of the bay bridge toll plaza. those metering lights on since 5:28 this morning but that commute has been a pretty quiet one, relatively speaking and i want to correct what i said a few minutes ago. we still have that to 20-minute b.a.r.t. delay due to an earlier power issue. it's not in the fremont area. the power issue was between mac arthur and richmond so the issue was resolved quickly however
6:52 am
those delays are sticking around. we do still have an issue on niles canyon road. another vehicle into alameda creek this morning. i'll have that update next. caltrain is saying it's helping put the u in fun. it's a new website calmed gocaltrain that debuted this morning. helps you find fun things to do along your route. gocaltrain has upcoming events like sports games, and also alerts you to places o r events that offer you a discount. if it sounds familiar, it should because gocaltrain is actually replacing a quarterly print publication called "track the fun" and that offered passengers the same service. we're back in 90 seconds with the seven things you need to know before you go. first our instagram photo of the day. beautiful, fluffy clouds out there. more to come this weekend. if you haven't yet, follow if you haven't yet, follow us @abc7newsbayarea and you c
6:53 am
6:54 am
us or headed out the door, these are the seven things you need to know. president trump on twitter this morning saying nafta has been one sided from the start and then this. if mexico is unwilling to pay for the badly needed wall, then it would be better to cancel the upcoming meeting. the two are scheduled to meeting in washington next week. sanctuary cities across california are vowing to stand firm. san francisco, oakland, san jose, they're all saying they will fight president trump's executive order to defund sanctuary cities that refuse to cooperate with immigration
6:55 am
inforcement. number three, it's mostly cloudy and milder this morning with limited fog up along 101 from san rafael up to windsor. here's a look at my school day forecast. dress the kids for 38 to 45 this morning but 52 to 54 with total sunshine and dry this afternoon. number four, another vehicle flipped off niles canyon road into alameda creek this morning. this was right around the location of the other crash that we had this past weekend. a driver did make it out okay. he has been transported. that vehicle about halfway submerged would take a few days to get that out. niles canyon road is open in both directions. number five, there's a new survey that shows b.a.r.t. has its lowest rider approval ever. main complaints include breakdowns, delays, dirtiness and standing room only trains. number six, the port of oakland is about to get bigger. quite a bit bigger. officials say they're going to start work on several new warehouses this year and that's going to bring in more business from asia and hopefully create more jobs. number seven, today mcdonald's is giving away one of its biggest secrets, 10,000
6:56 am
bottles of its famous big mac sauce to celebrate two new sandwiches on the menu. two bay area locations are taking part, june avenue in san jose, and in san francisco, the one on front street. >> i was just reading they made an i message app called the big mac special sauce finder. so, that's a thing. >> people are really going crazy for this. they really want that special sauce. >> i've never had it. >> you've never had a big mac? >> two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, on yns on a sesame seed bun. >> the ham burglar is going to come after you, alexis. >> with so much happening so fast, sometimes it's hard to tell what's real and what's not. >> we know you need a news team with experience, a team who asks why, demands the truth, and gets it right. >> truth. that's what you can expect from abc7 news. >> the truth, every day, with every story. >> we're right here where we've always been on your side. >> we're abc7, news where you
6:57 am
>> we're abc7, news where you live.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
for watching. good morning, america. abc news exclusive, president trump in his first network interview from the white house. what he's saying about torture. >> you're now the president. do you want waterboarding? >> his claim of voter fraud. >> you have people that are registered who are dead and who are illegals, who are in two states. >> as the president takes action on building a wall and increasing border security. president trump taking "world news tonight" anchor david muir inside the oval office granting extraordinary access to the white house. plus, what trump is revealing about his relationship with the former president, the letter that was left behind. and their ride together to the capitol. the exclusive details right here on "gma." ♪ who can turn the world on with her smile ♪ and celebrating mary tyler moore.


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