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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  January 29, 2017 7:00am-8:01am PST

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good morning, america. breaking overnight, immigration order protests. the angry demonstrations starting at jfk airport. now spreading across the country. protesters pepper sprayed in seattle as outrage grows over president trump's executive order. >> a federal judge intervening overnight. what it means as the president insists everything is going smoothly. >> it's not a muslim ban but we're totally prepared and it's working out very nicely. you see it at the airports and all over. it's working out very nicely. >> hundreds of travelers impacted. dozens detained at a number of airports. families separated for hours including this 5-year-old boy. emotional reunions for some with
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the fate of others in limbo. >> i don't know what to do because i sold my house. i quit my job. >> will this director make it to the oscars? plus, disgust from a gold star father over the president's move. >> do you worry this will foment anger in america? >> it has. it already has. >> and even top american businesses say they're feeling the impact. good sunday morning, america. dan is off. i'm happy to have tom llamas once again by my side. this is a busy, frenetic, chaotic morning. a whole lot of uncertainty as major backlash erupts to president trump's executive order. >> so much happening this weekend. the policy and the way it was implemented is causing outrage across the country and around the world, and a legal challenge was brought by the american civil liberties union. this was the scene at jfk airport in new york where at one point at least 12 people were detained. protesters rallying outside
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after several travelers were detained there. and look at this, a tense situation overnight in seattle. protesters facing off against police officers. then you see pepper spray to break up the crowd of people. numerous arrests reported. >> wild scenes there. a lot of fast-moving developments in this story. here's the latest that we know right now. according to the department of homeland security, a total of 375 travelers have been impacted by this immigration order. a federal judge in new york has granted an emergency stay on the executive order. numerous protests are being planned throughout the day in cities across the country including new york, washington and los angeles. >> and this was the scene last night outside that federal courthouse in brooklyn. hundreds of people rallying leading up to the judge's decision. >> we do have full coverage for you this morning, and we want to start with abc's eva pilgrim live at jfk airport in new york. eva, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, guys. we are here at terminal four at jfk. this is the terminal that they are holding the passengers that have been detained.
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the road opened this morning. protesters closing it down overnight and many gathered at this airport and across the country calling for those passengers to be released. [ chanting "let them in" ] >> reporter: chaos at american airports. overnight police pepper spraying protesters in seattle as they joined demonstrators around the nation to picket president trump's new order banning travelers from seven countries designated as having ties to terror. >> we got a call from the airport authority saying do not bother to come and pick up your family. we are sending them back. >> reporter: the restrictions leading to hours in detention for dozens including this 5-year-old boy who wasn't reunited with his mother until late into the night. in cairo an iraqi man who risked his life working for the u.s. government pulled off his flight on the way to the u.s. >> i don't know what to do because i sold my house. i quit my job. my wife quit her job and kids
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left school. >> reporter: everyone in his family had a visa to travel given no warning they couldn't go. those who were able to get on a plane to the u.s. quickly running into issues at international hubs around the country. >> they got on board a plane before the executive order was issued, and when they got off the plane here, they were detained. >> dozens detained. in dallas and new york's jfk. the backlash forcing an emergency hearing in this federal courtroom in new york. the judge ruling those with valid documentation cannot be denied entry to the country. >> i understand the rationale. i support the president when he comes out and say we need to secure our border but at the same time, let's take a look at executive order. does it really -- yes, it's basically making all muslims not to come here. >> reporter: after hours of waiting, 81 legal permanent residents and special visa
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status travelers were granted waivers. family members tearfully reunited in d.c. and this husband and father of three in new york released after 19 hours. >> this is the soul of america. this is what pushed me to move, leave my country and come here. >> reporter: part of the confusion is each airline has their own policy for how they're handling this situation. some aren't allowing passengers from countries on that banned list to make the trip to the u.s. others are allowing some passengers who have special visas or a green card, tom. >> not only confusion but shock waves all across the country. eva, thank you so much. president trump defending his ban while signing new executive orders in the oval office as well saying the government was totally prepared to implement the policy. abc's david wright is at the white house with what else the president said about the new immigration ban. david, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tom. the federal court injunction certainly casts a shadow over this new policy. initially the administration had
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dismissed any outcry, but today they're going to have to regroup. the president still insisting the policy is working out exactly the way he meant it to. president trump is not conceding an inch to critics at home or abroad who call his executive order a muslim ban. >> not a muslim ban but we were totally prepared. it's working out very nicely. you see it at the airports and all over. it's working out very nicely. >> reporter: of course, those crowds at the airports would beg to differ. candidate trump first floated the idea on pearl harbor day 2015 after a deadly workplace shooting in san bernardino. >> donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states. >> reporter: back then mike pence called the idea offensive and unconstitutional. house speaker paul ryan condemned it too. >> some of our best and biggest allies in this struggle and
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fight against radical islamic terror are muslims. the vast, vast, vast, vast majority of whom are peaceful. >> reporter: now ryan has changed his tune saying president trump is right to make sure we're doing everything possible to know exactly who is entering our country. so far only a handful of republicans in the house or senate have raised any objections about the policy. the vast majority seem to be fine with it. leaving it to democrats like senate minority leader chuck schumer, who is demanding the department of homeland security rescind the policy calling it mean-spirited and un-american. do you worry that this will foment anger at america? >> it has. it already has. >> reporter: we sought out khizr khan, the gold star father who spoke at the democratic national convention. >> have you even read the united states constitution? i will gladly lend you my copy.
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>> reporter: what would he like to tell trump now? >> read the constitution. be familiar with the values that has made us a beacon of hope. do not make mockery of the legal system. >> reporter: well, this injunction applies to anyone caught in airports right now. people who traveled to this country already had boarded their planes in good faith expecting to be allowed in, people who are boarding planes today from those affected countries, citizens from those countries will likely not be allowed to board, but the whole thing is causing a lot of confusion, tom. >> this executive order may come up in conversations the president will have with more foreign leaders today? >> reporter: that's right, tom. today the president has phone calls scheduled with the king of saudi arabia and the crown prince of the united arab emirates, two arab countries that are not on the list affected by this policy and they'll also be rethinking their strategy in light of the federal court's injunction. tom. >> a busy weekend for the new president and administration.
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all right, david, thank you so much. >> thanks, david. we want to bring in legal contributor kate shaw an associate law professor at cardozo school of law. good morning to you. we know this executive order is already being challenged but in your estimation is it unconstitutional? >> well, i would say that applied to individuals who were in transit when this order was signed and who have valid visas or other papers that allow them to be here, very likely, yes, and that's what the federal judges who have weighed in have said. >> that one federal judge in brooklyn in new york issued a stay. will it affect cases all around the country? >> i think it is intended to. we may see some dispute of that stay but i think it's intended to reach everyone in this status. >> everyone in the country. in the meantime, we've seen the video, photos of travelers in limbo that are still being detained. what is their status? what's going to happen to them? >> well as you're seeing it's a pretty chaotic scene right now. it looks as though things are being handled in different areas differently. in some airports everyone has been released from detention and allowed to go home. what's clear, no one can be deported at this point but
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whether there can be continued detention is i think a legal question that may be sort of continued to be debated in courts over the course of today and tomorrow because it's not yet clear. >> in your legal career have you ever seen anything like this happen where an executive order is issued and there's immediate confusion and leads to sort of shock waves around the world? >> i do think that looking at this executive order and others felt similarly, it looked as though not sufficient thought had gone into it and the mobilization you've seen among lawyers and law professors and law students has been fairly unprecedented, so they are going to be i think working all day and through the night until some of these legal issues are resolved. >> kate, we want to thank you for joining us this morning. thank you for weighing in. appreciate it. and the immigration executive order is impacting the tech industry where executives are speaking out saying it is hurting employees, as well as the bottom line. abc's senior national correspondent jim avila is in los angeles with that part of the story for us this morning. hi, jim. >> reporter: good morning, paula.
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this morning some of america's biggest businesses are telling president trump his immigration restrictions made via executive action hurt their ability to recruit the best and brightest around the world making it difficult for many of their own employees to make it to work in the united states. the tech industry may be hit hardest. several industry execs saying trump's ban on immigrants from some muslim countries has immediate impact. apple's ceo tim cook writing to his staff, the company would not exist without immigration, let alone thrive and innovate the way we do. ceos of google, facebook, microsoft and others speaking out against the travel restrictions as well. the airbnb ceo going above and beyond on twitter saying his company is providing free housing to refugees and anyone not allowed in the u.s. the fight expanding into the movie world. trump's policy may keep this 2012 oscar winner from attending
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the academy awards next month. the iranian director of the film "the salesman" is nominated for best foreign language film. the nba this morning calling itself a global business asking the trump administration how the executive order would apply to players in our league. despite president trump's campaign promises to do just this, sources at the department of homeland security say the actual order was implemented so quickly, border and customs agencies had no new training or systems to process the refugees and immigrants in question and had to use the existing protocol leading to some of those delays. tom. >> jim avila for us this morning, jim, thank you. beyond business leaders, several world leaders are speaking out this morning about that travel ban. abc's jennifer eccleston is in london with a look at how this could affect us with international relations. jennifer. >> reporter: tom, this morning international leaders still coming to terms with the implications of the executive order and with that, a chorus of criticism.
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the harshest reaction from america's longtime foe iran announcing americans are not welcome in that country. one of seven nations now facing new entry restrictions. the foreign minister calling the ban an insult to muslims and some iraqi politicians suggesting their country might do the same. here in europe, concern among some u.s. allies, britain's prime minister theresa may after reaffirming her country's special relationship with the u.s. refusing to condemn the ban saying she just doesn't agree with it. the french prime minister accusing president trump of stoking hate and closer to home canadian prime minister justin trudeau posting on twitter, canadians will welcome you regardless of your faith. welcome to canada. president trump accepted an invite to the uk. politicians here calling for the government to suspend that visit until the ban is lifted. tom and paula. >> jennifer eccleston with the
7:14 am
global reaction. thank you. we want to bring in abc's chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz joining us from washington where she will be hosting "this week" later this morning. martha, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> and where do we begin? all right. >> quite a week. >> certainly that is the case. there's already been a whole lot of backlash to this executive order. did the trump administration underestimate the possible ramifications and what kind of ripple effects can we expect? >> well, they've obviously been working on this for a long time. this was a campaign promise by donald trump, but you saw those pictures at the airport. there's really chaos out there at the airports across the country in how to implement this executive order. that's the key here. were they given instructions, or did they give instructions to homeland security of exactly how to implement this? >> martha, a lot of tough talk coming out of the middle east, and iran has threatened to retaliate against the u.s. for this order. what could we expect from them? >> well, iran said it's a great gift for extremists, and they said it is an insult to the
7:15 am
islamic world. i think what you may see is iran banning americans from going to iran. they say if people already have a visa, they can still come, but at this point basically they're just saying no more americans if america won't let them in. >> meantime, there was a pretty significant phone call yesterday. president trump spoke to vladimir putin on the phone. the white house saying that this is a significant step to improving relations. your take, martha. >> well, i think one of the things that donald trump has to do, which experts will tell you, is he has to improve the relationship but at the same time not too much. putin is playing a game with donald trump in many ways, so he has to be careful. but already they've warmed to one another. they say they're going to fight isis together. the big question is, will donald trump lift the sanctions against russia? >> martha, another big headline we're following this morning, president trump has reshuffled his national security council and former national security
7:16 am
adviser for president obama susan rice has called it, quote, stone cold crazy. you know all about this. what does it mean? >> well, basically what they've done here is they say that they will not have the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff or the dni in those meetings unless it's in their lane. but in all of those meetings they say they will have steve bannon, and people say a move like this, a political operative like that, a chief strategist is unprecedented. >> martha, if you ever needed a couple of hours for "this week" this morning, i mean, there are so many more story lines than we could get to so we want to say i know you have a big show coming up so we'll let you go. but thanks for joining us. >> we sure do, thanks. >> martha will be speaking with white house secretary sean spicer and senator majority leader mitch mcconnell about president trump's first week in office, plus she will go one-on-one with robert gates all coming up on "this week" right here on abc. so we're going to have much more on the executive order coming up
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in our next half hour but we need some rob marciano. >> need a little break? i mean, a busy, busy morning newswise and happy to say this weekend very quiet weatherwise compared to last weekend but it's still snowing across parts of upstate new york and it's late to get this much lake-effect snow, jefferson county, cattaraugus county, some spots getting two feet already and might get another foot on top of that. so the dogs having a hard time with this. these lakes typically lake erie especially, you know, frozen about halfway. half of the lake usually frozen this time of the year. less than 3%, so it's been such a mild january so still open for business as far as lake-effect snows go for all of the lakes today. it will be winding down just a little bit. we got a little bit of a clipper type system that's going to dump one to three inches of snow across virginia, west virginia, tennessee and maybe even closer into virginia today. but not a whole -- not a real big deal and reinforcing shot of colder air coming in behind this for monday. as a matter of fact, temperatures will be feeling
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like in the 20s this morning in atlanta, in the 20s in new york. maybe not getting into the 60s in miami. very mild january there. if they stay 59 that's the first time they have done that this year but look at tomorrow's noontime windchills. it will feel like 9 in chicago. it will feel like 22 in new york city and near freezing in savannah, georgia, so certainly a chilly -- getting back towards winter as we've seen. meanwhile, out west finally quiet. we're still seeing those santa ana winds blow but a nice break from the action with bluebird skies for the rockies. good sunday morning. i am lisa argen, and this is a good from santa cruz where we will see plenty of sunshine today, and sunny and mild today. tomorrow, wet weather pattern arrives late on wednesday. all of the day on wednesday we will be dry into the late evening hours. you can count on warmer weather than usual until we get to the middle of the week. highs today, low 60s in oakland,
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and 62 in fremont. >> so much weather going on in the next half an hour. we'll dig deep into tom llamas' personal life, his history, his favorite color which a lot of people are curious about. >> that has something to do with meteorology? >> it does. >> what is your favorite color, thomas? >> orange. if you think about orange, you think about the sun and if you go from there, you just wonder where do we go, rob? i have no idea. >> you're weaving a nice tale and way to wax and wane there. >> looking forward to that. once again ron is not here this morning so we'll try to take over news duties. rob, we do -- ron, we do miss you and some other stories making headlines this morning and we do begin with breaking news overseas. reports that the u.s. launched a raid in central yemen overnight killing three alleged al qaeda leaders and one u.s. service member has been reported dead. the ground battle lasting just under an hour. the surprise attack coming an
7:20 am
attack after u.s. drone strikes are believed to have killed other al qaeda operatives in that region. in texas an early morning fire destroyed a mosque in the city of victoria saturday. firefighters say the islamic center was completely engulfed in flames by the time they arrived. no one was in the building at the time, and no injuries were reported. investigators are looking into what caused that fire. and the cdc now declaring the flu an epidemic. 37 states reporting widespread flu activity. that is up from 29 just one week ago. three children have reportedly died from influenza. in january hospitals in washington state report they are running short of beds as the flu rapidly spreads there. peak flu season, everybody, isn't until next month. >> wow. and finally some drivers in indianapolis doing a double take when they saw a pair of miniature horses trotting down the highway. it seems the duo escaped from a nearby stable for a morning run. it took police a little time, but they were finally able to round them up safely and bring them home. rob was really excited.
7:21 am
he thought those were ponies, but, no, miniature horses, there is a difference. >> you know, certainly back to all the snow that we've had out west it's actually -- i lot of the wildlife has had to come down and search for food in some of the towns so it's been an interesting matter. >> is that what the miniature horses were doing? >> i don't think they were doing that but they did look hungry. >> weren't they looking to go to the indianapolis 500 just a couple of months early. >> i love it. car racing. >> you know what they have, they have horsepower. >> boom. circling back, that's putting a bow around that topic. >> welcome to morning television. you own the cheesiest joke of the day, tom, congratulations. coming up this sunday, a wild shoot-out caught on police body cameras and the frightening barrage. two newly released videos and what they show about the fatal shooting of a man in chicago. plus, hollywood's award season is up. and the top contenders for the screen actors guild award. what they could predict for the oscars. we'll be back. >> we're talking predictions? >> oh, yeah.
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♪ in every honey nut "o". every lucky charms spoonful. and every cinnamon toast crunch square. ♪ you can feel good about general mills big g cereals. good morning, east bay. let's get up and going. >> this is "abc7 mornings." good morning. i'm carolyn tyler. protests are expected again today at airports here in the bay area and across the country. the demonstrations are reactions to president donald trump's executive order banning immigration from seven predominantly muslim
7:28 am
countries -- syria, yemen, sudan, somalia, iraq, iran and libya. federal judges have temporarily blocked the ban, but there's a lot of confusion. protesters are expected back at sfo today at noon at the international arrivals terminal. let's get a check now of the accuweather forecast. here's lisa. >> hey, carolyn. hi, everyone. good morning. the sun just coming up, and boy, still plenty of 30s and 40s out there and a breezy northeast wind. temperatures in the mid-40s in san francisco. 41 half moon bay. and we're looking at our east bay hills camera. you can see some haze, 60s today.
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welcome back to "gma." happening right now, major backlash. protesters rallying enraged at president trump's executive order temporarily barring foreign nationals from several countries. hundreds of people denied entry into the u.s. some detained at airports. others sent back on return flights. the policy causing outrage across the country and around the world. also right now audi's recall. volkswagen's luxury brand is recalling more than 500,000 cars in the united states because of two separate problems with its air bags and coolant pumps. the audi a5 and q5 are among the models affected. the company saying it will notify owners and repair the vehicles for free. and an epic match for the men's singles title at the australian open. roger federer and rafa nadal going head-to-head point by
7:31 am
point taking that hard fought game into a fifth set and in the end roger federer winning his 18th grand slam title in what some are calling one of the most historic tennis matches of all time. rob has been paying attention to it all morning long. >> tell us about some mind games, right. >> it's been hard to concentrate. the fifth set was like a boxing match. got to give it to the old man winning his 18th. amazing. >> and there were some mind games being played, right. >> he took a medical break and, you know, a little gamesmanship to stop the momentum of nadal and maybe it worked. >> we'll have more on that later. >> thank you very much, rob. more on the hundreds of travelers affected in the first day since president trump signed that executive order banning entry to foreign nationals from seven countries. people were detained at six major american airports. even more were not allowed to even board planes coming to the u.s. >> and earlier this morning we spoke via skype from dubai with ali abdi from yale university who left to do field research in afghanistan now unsure of his
7:32 am
next few steps and voicing his opinion on the ban. >> i think it is not making america safe again. it is making america more unsafe because i think it is feeding the already existing sentiments of xenophobia which, unfortunately, have been on the rise and the good news is i think i have received enormous, enormous support. they have been kind enough to send me messages of support and messages of kindness. >> ali, you are a permanent resident of the u.s. the president has been adamant it's not a muslim ban, but what is your reaction to that >> i feel that i'm not welcome in a country whose constitution really bans -- i mean does not let discrimination based on faith but to me it's very obvious that because of coming from a country, coming from a family and kind of being raised in a family with islamic beliefs, i'm not anymore welcome and that is just very, very sad. >> so you say you don't feel welcome in america?
7:33 am
>> i do not feel welcome anymore and actually i don't know if i consider the u.s. home because home for me is a place where i feel safe and i feel comfortable and where i feel secure. i do not feel that way in the u.s. with the current administration. >> ali, i'm curious. what is your next move? are you going to stay in dubai? do you have a lawyer? what exactly are you doing? >> i hope the situation gets resolved but the thing is the severity of my case is not at all comparable to thousands of others, many families whose lives are now torn. many students who cannot return to continue their studies because they have been attending classes or they have been teaching at the respective universities. there are kids who now away from their parents because of the executive order. and i'm very, very positive that with the collective resistance of people like me and also many americans inside the u.s., that this situation will change and problems will get resolved.
7:34 am
>> ali abdi joining us from dubai this morning. ali, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> and we'll stay on top of his developments throughout the morning and throughout the week. >> we certainly will. in other news authorities in chicago are releasing body cam video showing a wild shoot-out between police and a suspect. a violent night with a very violent ending and abc's marci gonzalez is here with that dramatic video. marci, good morning. >> reporter: yeah, it shows a massive response from the police department. dozens of officers swarming the scene as those shots were fired. the recordings just made public by chicago's independent police review authority as they investigate. this morning, newly released body cam videos show the dramatic gun battle. a suspect on the run. >> he went to the front of the building. >> reporter: shooting at police. officers firing back. >> shots fired. use caution. >> reporter: more than two dozen gunshots exchanged as police try
7:35 am
to capture a man they say shot his pregnant girlfriend in the abdomen killing their unborn child. >> she just said she got shot. >> she was holding the pillow over her stomach? >> yeah. >> reporter: the suspect richard grimes killed in the november shoot-out. >> he's down. he's down. he's down. >> reporter: at least two officers injured including this one dropping behind his squad car after the suspect fired. the recordings released just before the deadline of a new city policy calling for videos of police shootings to be made public within 60 days. the push for transparency following the shooting death of laquan mcdonald by a chicago police officer in 2014. the dash cam video not released until more than a year later, that sparking a department of justice investigation finding systematic problems within the police department in a city plagued by violence. after chicago's most violent year in two decades, already this year nearly 270 people have been shot, 42 people killed. and just this week city leaders
7:36 am
announced a new effort to help combat crime using advanced technology to detect gunshots as they're fired and quickly lead police to the location. they're also adding more surveillance cameras in some neighborhoods, just a part of the city's plan to try to turn things around. >> things so dangerous right now. all right, marci, thanks so much. let's turn to our senior meteorologist and sometimes tennis correspondent rob marciano with the latest on what's happening out there. >> hey, guys, if you're playing tennis here you want to use the yellow balls, not the white ones. snow across the west. keystone one of many resorts that are probably going to be extending their go and check out my old buddy from cnn shooting this at vail. look at this. just the trees draped in snow and then bluebird skies. just gorgeous stuff there and this sunrise at the top of snowbird in utah, gorgeous stuff there. all right. we're talking about snow but we got some light stuff, a little alberta clipper dropping out of canada, monday, tuesday and wednesday dropping very little
7:37 am
snow, maybe an inch to three in some spots, usher in colder air. seasonably cold air now but good sunday morning. i'm lisa argen. boy, it's a gorgeous shot out there, but we do have a little bit of fog and we'll look for temperatures to warm today into the 60s again for some of you. the this weather report is brought to you by wayfair and a programming note, nba showcase starts today. with one of nba's best matchups. tune in to see the thunder face off the cavaliers at 3:30 p.m. eastern on abc. tennis, skiing, basketball. there you go. >> you are our sports correspondent. >> i'm a little distracted right now. >> that's okay. all right. thank you, rob. >> all right, guys. coming up on "good morning america" -- the road to the oscars makes a big stop tonight at the s.a.g. awards. who is in the running to take home the big prize? and it's justin bieber on ice. the singing star showing off his moves straight ahead in "pop news." just tell me he doesn't get hurt, diane.
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for some people it's their favorite time of year. hollywood's award seasons, it is in full swing. >> yeah, tonight's screen actors
7:42 am
guild awards could give us a hint at who will take home an oscar this year. abc's chris connelly runs down the list of top contenders. brie larson. >> reporter: for brie larson, getting acknowledged by her peers was the fulfillment of a longtime dream. >> 20 years, 20 years of watching the s.a.g. awards. >> reporter: rolling out the red carpet for sunday night, the 23rd edition of the actors only kudo cast that boasts a strong track record as an oscar predictor. >> it's going to be a very interesting year here at the screen actors guild awards. >> i have four of them. >> reporter: viola davis will be looking to take the fifth nominated for her supporting role in "fences." >> thank you. >> reporter: 2016 winner alicia vikander sure knew how to party. >> i'm going to sit on a plane and get really drunk by myself and ask everyone in the cabin to dance with me. >> reporter: with no isabelle huppert and "la la land" not in best motion cast. those categories look wide open. giving hope to "manchester by
7:43 am
the sea" and omitted by oscar amy adams from "arrival." >> how is it more complicated? >> so it's a nice mix of people and you really do feel that all of hollywood has turned out to honor its most famous members. >> welcome to diverse tv. >> for "good morning america," chris connelly, abc news, los angeles. >> we thank chris for that. we'll have the highlights from the s.a.g. awards tomorrow right here on "gma." coming up on "good morning america," tuning in to tv deals just in time for the super bowl. becky worley tells you how to bag a big screen bargain, paula. >> can't wait for that. that was invigorating! you're probably wondering why i've just carved a giant wooden tiger. well, the answer is that a real one would maul me. i've crafted dr. whiskers here as a visual aid to show you that should you visit the lot, carmax associates will not pounce like tigers because people don't like that. come here to buy a car. dr. whiskers won't pounce.
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♪ we are counting down to the super bowl, and that is fueling our "weekend download." if you're thinks about upgrading your tv, becky worley joins us from san francisco with the best ways to watch the game at home.
7:47 am
becky, good morning, and the super bowl is spurring some super tv sales. tell us what you know. >> paula, if you want a good deal on a new tv before the super bowl, it is game time. like today. "consumer reports" analyzed tv sales data, best prices before the game, 14 to 7 days prior and that ends today. average discount, 22% off. >> so what are the biggest discounts you've seen? >> let's get right into it. normally i tell you prices for 32-inch sets and up but as a football fanatic myself, we are not messing around, bigger is better. let's start with a big one. 70-inch vizio, 30% off at best buy from what it sold for in december was 1400, now 998. another big price cut, a 60-inch tv from sharp, it's not the highest reviewed tv but the price, 500 bucks at walmart, 250 bucks off. $500 for a 60-incher. finally samsung tvs, they're some of the most popular around.
7:48 am
a 55-inch model 697 at sears. >> rob marciano has never been more engaged in any of your reports than this one. he's taking note, but, becky, what if getting a new tv for the super bowl isn't a deadline. should you wait? >> yes and no, the price slashing phase out of last year's models hits in may so you'll see another 20% price drop. that samsung i just mentioned will probably drop around maybe another 100 bucks, rob, rob, i'm talking to you, so if you have a specific model in mind, go now but today is a solid time to buy, guys. also get the ingredients for your seven-layer bean dip preparation. it's not just for the players. >> rob, will you please tell becky thank you? >> thank you, becky. if you get a discount on the installation that's key too. because every time i buy a tv, my wife says why didn't you hire professionals. >> thanks, becky. and "pop news" is next with diane. >> all right. onals. >> thanks, becky. and "pop news" is next with diane. >> all right. see me. see me to know
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at the corner of happy and healthy. >> paula is giving me a pep talk. >> you can do it. >> time now for "pop news" and diane is here. >> you did that great. >> thank you, tom. >> you're so welcome. >> we know that justin bieber can sing but overnight he showed off his hockey skills. the pop star made quite an impression at the nhl all-star celebrity shoot-out showing off his skating skills and even scoring during an open goal. they didn't go easy on him either, mind you. at one point hockey star chris pronger absolutely slammed bieber into the boards. but he got right back in the game. he also snagged a big assist helping his team win, 5-3. >> nice. well, he is canadian. >> he got cross-checked. >> i think you can skate before you can walk in canada. >> cuba gooding jr. was one of the other celebrities that competed and said, the kid can play. >> you see him in basketball games. he's an athlete. >> i think chris pronger is now wondering is it too late now to
7:54 am
say sorry. >> oh, there you go. >> i got it. i got it. >> for hitting him. >> great song. >> okay, we'll move on. mary tyler moore's recent passing put her big show "the mary tyler moore show" completely back in the spotlight and who could forget mary richards' bachelorette pad. the real-life victorian house where she rented an apartment is now on the market for $1.7 million. now, the interiors of mary's place were filmed on a set. the outside shots, though, were captured at this real 9,500-square-foot home in minnesota, minneapolis, with seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms, five fireplaces, a spa bath and sauna. i have fun trivia related to this. mary richards, the character moves later on in the series and it's because the people who lived in this house were so fed up with tourists coming by and they complained and when that didn't work they plastered it with political posters and just like that mary richards moved to a high-rise.
7:55 am
>> no way? >> forcing hollywood's hand. >> true story. nfl players are remembering where they came from in the sweetest way possible. the star athletes reunited with their high school football coaches honoring them at a luncheon, and while the players are obviously grateful for all the on-field lessons, baltimore raven fullback kyle juszczyk and his former coach david ward say their relationship stretches far beyond a love for football. >> so proud of him and the cloverleaf community is as well for representing us, not only as an nfl football player, he's even a better young man and even a better person, and that makes me -- i'm proud of that part of kyle more than i am the football part. >> can we get an ah for that one? i love seeing these big, tough guys just get really mushy and very sweet. don't miss the best of the afc and nfc at the 67th annual nfl pro bowl airing tonight at 7:50 eastern on espn. >> diane, thank you. i actually have a tear in my
7:56 am
eye. >> you remembered your high school anchor coach, right? you guys have a connection. >> i still don't have a coach but some people would say i made one. no? it's too late to say you're sorry. oh, that's justin's line. see you, everybody. >> thanks for watching. for watching. good morning, south bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc7 mornings." good morning. i'm carolyn tyler. developing news out of antioch this morning. police are investigating a shooting that's left a man in critical condition. it happened at 9:45 last night on caballo road near east 18th street. when officers arrived, they found the victim, who was shot
7:57 am
at least twice while sitting in a parked car. police describe him as a 35-year-old man from oakland. he's in critical but stable condition. no word on any arrests or possible suspects. police are asking anyone with information to contact them. happening today, you can get your first chance to shop at the preview of northern california's biggest rummage sale. every year, hundreds of people line up for hours for the white elephant sale in oakland. a warehouse near 880 and fruitvale avenue will be filled with donated clothing, jewelry, books, art and music. all money goes to the oakland museum women's board. admission to today's preview event is $15. the free public sale is scheduled for the first weekend in march. let's get a check of the accuweather forecast. here's lisa. >> hey, there, carolyn. good morning, everyone. it's starting out breezy in spots. here we are at the beach in santa cruz, where temperatures will once again make it into the 60s. a lot of sunshine, a few high
7:58 am
and midlevel clouds. 41 in navarro, 36 if concord, a chilly 33 in livermore. you can see the winds blowing here from the higher elevations, and that will dial back throughout the afternoon. 34 in gilroy. it's 46 in half moon bay. so if you're planning your day here in livermore, upper 50s by about noontime. should be a nice afternoon with low 60s for a high in much of our east bay and it should be sunny again tomorrow. carolyn? >> lisa, thank you. thank you for joining us. "this week with george stephanopoulos"
7:59 am
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