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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  February 5, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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live, this is abc 7 news. >> he's in! patriots win the super bowl. >> new england, we love you. you've been with us all year. we're bringing this sucker home! >> san mateo's tom brady in a league of his own tonight after the greatest super bowl come back of all time. tonight brady soaks in his record fifth super bowl title as in five. good evening i'm eric thomas. brady of course grew up a fan of the 49ers and whether all is said and done the pride may be well considered the best passer of all time, better than his idol, joe montana. let's check with somebody who played with joe. anchor is mike schumer. >> never seen anything like t. it's all about tom brady.
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the patriots had a 21 1/2 lead. down 25, but came back to force overtime winning his fifth super bowl title. brady was a little shaky in the first half but came out firing in the second finding his receiver with amazing accuracy. he threw for a super owl record 466 yards to become the first quarterback ever to win five super bowl titles and four mvps surpassing terry bradshaw and joe montana. that's pretty god company. the game had to be julian adelman. he comes up with it, kid from wood side high down on the peninsula. led to the game time td to force overtime. of course in overtime brady gets the ball first to make sure the falcons never saw it again. leading the game winning run by james weiss, the patriots win 34-28. amazing game, amazing quarterback, amazing win. >> down 25 points, i mean it's hard to imagine us winning. but took a lot of great plays and that's why you play to the end. it's 60-minute game.
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halftime, i say we weren't down at all. i mean, we were disappointed in the way we played and knew that we could go out and do a lot better in the second half. >> i've never seen a performance like that from a quarterback in any super bowl. brady is now the only quarterback in super bowl history with five super bowl titles and four mvps. the first hall of famer for sure. i might walk away on top with that performance. we'll have a lot more coming up in sports. >> we'll see what happens. thanks a lot. abc 7 news was in san mateo where patriots qb tom brady group up and where his family still lives. neighbors say they never had a doubt their hometown boy would get the job done. >> he's been through these games before and they've been behind several games and they always find a way to get back. and he definitely proved it again today. >> ever since he was a little kid five or six years old, on a saturday morning he would knock on the door to wake up my boys to go outside and play ball. he's always loved to play. >> brady's neighbors have been having super bowl block parties since brady's first super bowl back in 2002.
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tonight boston's prudential tower lit up with a big number 5 on it for the five super bowl championships the patriots have won with tom brady and bill belichick. and fans in boston took to the streets to celebrate after the win. our abc affiliate there sent up its chopper. you could see plenty of people. maybe the cold weather or the fact they've won five super bowl played a part in the massive crowd. and of course there was much more to the big game than just the contest itself. coming up in just a few minutes we look at some of the best moments outside the action on the field and hear what people have to say about a few controversial commercials. all right. the other big story tonight, brace yourself for several days of rain. taking a look outside at our sfo cameras. see wet run ways and taxi ways. the first of three storm systems is here and the others waiting their turn. the meteorologist joins us now with how long we'll need to keep the rain gear handy. >> rain will be in the forecast. live dop doppler 7 trekking the
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first storm in a series of three. let's show you where it's raining now. into the south bay and along the peninsula from san jose sunnyvale, up to red wood city, couple pops of yellow in san mateo. similar stories a across the bay, hayward, union city. some heavier downpours pushing off to the north and east over the next half hour. around pleasanton 11:16 p.m. around 11:25. the storm impact scale this will be 1, a light system scattered showers, just want to give you a heads up tomorrow morning. use caution with this scattered showers and standing water on the roadways. even stronger storms set to arrive after this one. accuweather forecast coming up. >> thanks a lot. to developing news now, a man was shot and killed tonight by fremont police. that city's first officer involved shooting of this year. abc 7 news reporter mel any woodrow is live at suter drive where the confrontation took
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place. mel any? >> reporter: the officer who fired was not shot but he was taken to the hospital for injuries. though it's not clear what those injuries were. police were not clear if the suspect was armed. in fremont, after police say an officer shot a man who died, the initial call for some sort of disturbance. a police spokesperson says it's unclear if the officer who fired was dispatch today that initial call. >> he located one of the subjects involved and that's when the incident occurred. >> it's shocking, it's a little scary. >> reporter: candice says she heard gunshots. >> i heard three and didn't see anything. i liked out the window and didn't see anything. >> reporter: the officer involved is a patrol officer with approximately ten years with the department. he was not shot but was taken to the hospital for his injuries. >> he did require medical attention, but it is not life-threatening so we're very thankful for that. >> reporter: sergean cortez says the fremont police department is in the preliminary stages of body cameras.
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he said some units have them, though was unknown if this officer did. >> it's up to us to do our best in the situation. unfortunately it doesn't always turnout that way. >> reporter: police have not said if the suspect was armed. they are not actively searching for anyone else and say there is no public threat. in fremont, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. >> tonight it's a case of executive order versus restraining order in the fast moving legal fight involving president trump's travel ban. here's a look at where things stand. ment legal battle pits the department of justice against the states of washington and minnesota who want a temporary halt to the ban on friday. an appeals court in san francisco refused the federal government's request to immediately restore the ban and is instead requiring both sides to file papers to further prove their case. the states reply to the appeal tonight. 97 tech companies including apple, facebook and twitter signed onto their case while the justice department must respond by 6:00 p.m. tomorrow. this is leading to a lot of
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uncertainty for immigrants. abc 7 news reporter is live at sfo where a young girl from yemen was finally able to reunite with her family who lives here in california. kate? >> reporter: eric, this is a girl whose parents are u.s. citizens. her siblings already live here in california and yet these kind of convoluted immigration laws further complicated by last week's travel ban. she was stranded in yemen, a dangerous war torn country and she was there for years without her immediate family. after four years apart, she waited anxiously for her little sister iman to arrive at sfo on u.s. soil for the first time. then tonight with a grin across her face, 12-year-old iman walked out of customs and into her arms. her story began 12 years ago when her mother, a u.s. citizen, was traveling and gave birth to
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her in yemen. but it wasn't until this past friday when a federal judge in seattle signed an order to temporarily stop president trump's travel ban. accompanied by her father shall she was able to complete her journey home to california. >> we waited a long time. it's 7 years already. so, after 7 years finally to be home. >> reporter: it took 7 years to get a visa to travel to the u.s. even though both he and his wife are u.s. citizens. that visa finally came jn 26, the day before trump signed his executive order suspending immigration from seven predominantly muslim countries, including yemen. >> whatever they did that's not fair. some people are bad. that doesn't make everybody bad. >> reporter: they were stranded in immigration limbo for a week unsure if they would be able to fly back to the u.s. making tonight's home coming that much sweeter. >> finally i have all my family home so it's the best.
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>> reporter: after waiting at sfo the family drove to loss ban os where a new u.s. citizen is home with her mother, father and sisters. reporting at san francisco international airport, kate larson, abc 7 news. >> president trump took aim at the possibility of california becoming a sanctuary state during his pre-super bowl interview that aired today on fox. >> as you know, i'm very much opposed to sanctuary cities. they breed crimes, there's a lot of problems. if we have to we'll dee fund. we give tremendous amounts of money to california. california in many ways is out of control as you know. obviously the voters agree otherwise they wouldn't have voted for me. >> the president threaten today take away federal fund forgive current sanctuary cities and from the entire state of california if it becomes a sanctuary state. the super bowl's high okinawa tan football and dazzling side shows bring together millions of americans. but there were some moments that went outside the lines.
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reaction to a somewhat politically charged super bowl. plus a california law maker responds after he had to be escorted out of his own public forum. and tonight's the sierra getting snow, lots of it. what you need to know if yo afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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san mateo's tom brady and the new england patriots winning the first time overtime super bowl tonight was special enough. but the special moments and the politics surrounding the big game had many people talking as well. at green's sports bar in san francisco, there were cheers for the big plays along with moments these fans will never forget. >> president bush, would you please toss the coin? >> fresh off a hospital stay, the coin flip from former president george h.w. bush and
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his wife barbara delighted the players and their hometown crowd. the commercial set a more serious tone that in years past, the political climate now in this country front and center. audi took on gender equality. >> what do i tell my daughter? do i tell her that her grandpa is worth more than her grandma? >> the message that progress is for everyone was well received here. >> i do feel that the owners of the organization probably do have strong feelings towards what's happening and may not besiding with the way the election did turnout. >> budweiser created controversy for diving into the immigration issue with the story of its founder. >> i think it's amazing. i think that we should be promoting that this country was built on immigrants and success is built on that. >> some people called for a boycott of the beer maker, but belinda silva said it's good to see companies standing for something. >> where your money goes to is kind of where your influence should go. >> for the big halftime show. ♪
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>> lady gaga started with a patriotic theme. guide wires lowered her down to the stage. ♪ some expected her to make a strong political statement. but she kept with the theme of accepting our differences. >> everybody should be part of the celebration. ♪ >> and santa clara based intel played a big part nft super bowl halftime show. the lights dancing behind lady gaga were intel-grown. immediately following the performance intel showed its drones up in the sky and sailing back toward the ground. intel said its software amazingly allowed it to control more than 10,000 drones at a time. well, president trump reacted to the patriots come from behind win with this tweet. what an amazing come back and win by the patriots tom brady, bop kraft and coach bell check are total winners.
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the only thing bert than seeing super bowl 51 live, being with my son, down 28-3, sit down by my side, dad, and watch the patriots come back to win. airbnb chose to highlight diversity. people of different races and religions and #we accept. airbnb offered free housing when president trump's immigration order was in effect. today the ceo announced the five year goal to announce people around the world will need short term housing when they need it. tonight a california law maker who said he wished his constituents voiced their opinions in a different way. >> it only works when people are talking with each other rather than shouting at a each other. >> get him out. get him out. >> you can hear the chants outside the event just outside sacramento. hundreds of people were left out because fire fighters capped it
11:18 pm
at 200 people. the crowds chanted demanding mcclintock answer their questions inside the republican kopg man faced another tough crowd including one from a man whose wife is fighting cancer. >> if you cancel the a-c-a without putting a viable alternative in there on my fixed income we will not be able to afford the medication that she now takes. and she will die. >> mcclintock said his party did not have a set plan but they were working on several to replace obamacare. be very careful if you're headed up to tahoe tonight or early tomorrow. here's a look a few hours ago at i-80 at cassel peak. you can see snow coming down and on the ground. chain restrictions are in effect. win at the storm warning began at 7:00 with 3 feet expected at the higher elevations. >> in accuweather we're talking feet of snow in the sierra and several ibz of rain over the next several days with a series
11:19 pm
of storms once again. that's their sights across the region. live doppler 7 is active tonight on the job finding the rain. let's go in a little tight tore street level. around san jose, sunnyvale, some isolated downpours at the top. lighter rain around east palo alto, red wood city. we'll take you into hayward, dublin, pleasanton similar story now. mainly light rain and a couple pops of yellow on the screen. even brentwood and antioch. we have some light showers out there right now. in the sierra we have that snow coming down, chain controls right now on 80 and also on 50. this snowstorm is going to stick around at least through tuesday afternoon. some fresh powder coming there. chances of rain the next seven days, here we go, that storm wide open once again. monday. tuesday will feature our strongest storm across the region. but the wet weather sticks with us through friday. the good news, the weekend right now is looking dry and looks to be filled with sunshine. but a wet week lies ahead. storm impact scale tonight through monday, got a light
11:20 pm
system working throughout this hour. scattered showers, some isolated downpours here and there, and it's breezy at time. the wind is not a big factor with is this current storm system. fuchl weather watch the time stamp hour by hour. meteorologist mike tomorrow morning will be tracking some scattered showers working through the region starting at 4:30 a.m. so, there will be some drops falling as you go to work and school. won't be widespread rain. and that's really the theme. even through the early afternoon. 1:00, it's not raining everywhere, but rain showers still in the forecast. into the evening we go, the rain becomes more widespread in nature. future weather more green on your screen. and this is ahead of our next storm system that will strengthen early tuesday morning. the storm impact scale tuesday morning gets an upgrade to a 2, moderate storm. the big difference with the one coming tuesday morning will be the wind. they will gust anywhere from 30 to 40 miles per hour throughout the entire morning on tuesday. along with the scattered downpours and the chances there of some thunder.
11:21 pm
so, an early heads up. tuesday morning is going to be a very slow morning commute with the downpours and the wind whipping. give yourself some extra time tuesday morning. give yourself some extra distance between the cars. even into tuesday by 11:00 in the morning we're still tracking those downpours. pops of yellow you see on the screen. we total up the rain the next two days. future tracker rainfall shows you a pretty healthy amount through oakland, san francisco, about three fourgts to an inch and a half. little less in the south bay. still you'll get rain the next two days. higher amounts in the north bay and santa cruz mountains an inch and a half to 3 inches of rain. the accuweather seven day forecast, you'll want to download the app a, very handy tracking the storms tomorrow, tuesday, the rain and wind. a mild day but wet on wednesday and then thursday night into friday morning
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astronauts at the international space station d decided to join the super bowl fun. a hail mary pass. they threw the pass the length of the entire cabin. the crew claim it traveled more than 564,000 yards. that's only true if you take into account the ball was technically traveling 8800 yards per second as the iss orbits the earth at more than 17,000 miles per hour. i thought aaron rodgers had a great arm. >> but did somebody make the catch? >> a receiver. always a receiver. >> there you go. >> speaking of that big super bowl game, something to watch. >> it was something else. tom brady just planted himself in the conversation as the best quarterback in the nfl history winning his fifth super bowl title. brought his team back from a 25-point deficit to win the first overtime g
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>> announcer: abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> super bowl li had it all. one of the all-time great quarterbacks in tomd brady brought his team back from a super bowl record 25-point deficit, forcing the first overtime in super bowl history and he goes on to win his fifth super bowl title surpassing terry bradshaw and joe montana. tom brady fired up just at the beginning of a huge waive of emotions he would face in this game. second quarter after a pass turnover, falcons take it 71 yards the other way, devonta freeman runs it five yards out. they get the ball back.
11:30 pm
19-yard td pass, austin hooper, 14-0 falcons. largest deficit in the super bowl for braid and i bill belichick. it got worse. driving, but brady picked off by robert and he's going 82 yards the other way. second longest pick in super bowl history. falcons led 21-3 at the half and the party was starting in atlanta. brady and pats fans would hang their heads in frustraion. they didn't hit rock bottom yet. sick yards, coleman, 17-23, 28-3 falcons. momentum would change. 2:13 left in the quarter. brady to james white. 28-9 after three quarters. 19 point lead after three, 93-0 in postseason. new england doesn't care. changing the point and the game ryan fumbles on third and one after a huge hit by high tower. falcons 25, wasted no time. brady to danny a.m. endole a, six yards two-point conversion. trailed by 8, six minutes
11:31 pm
remaining. throws it deep to julian adelman. look at this catch. unbelievable, gain of 23. white would complete the 91-yard drive with one-yard touchdown run. two tds and two tds opt ground. still needed two point conversion. brady to a.m. endole a, game tied for the first time in history goes to overtime. falcons won the opening toss. pats win it in overtime. pass would end it. they got it, drives in in, the patriots win the super bowl, completing the largest comeback in super bowl history. 25 unanswered points. tom brady wins his fifth and fourth mvp. super bowl record 466 yards. >> this year down 25 points, i mean, it's hard to imagine us winning. but took a lot of great plays and that's why you play to the end. >> you have to believe. that's what we just kept on
11:32 pm
saying, you have to believe. got to believe. >> a we were here to compete in this game because we earned it. that's the only reason why. tonight we earned a championship. these guys played like champions. you know, when it counted the most in the fourth quarter in overtime, so, it's about this team and what this team accomplished. it isn't about anything else. >> one of the greatest second halves in super bowl history. this abc 7 sports report brought to you by river rock casino. we'll breakdown super bowl li
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good evening. i'm eric thomas. in tonight's headlines, san mateo's native son celebrating super bowl number 5 tonight. the neighborhood held a block party to watch the come from behind victory. it is tradition going back to 2001. police in fremont shot and killed a man tonight. it happened on mouery avenue and suter drive. police say it started as a disturbance call. an officer was injured and went to the hospital. police have not said if the suspect was armed. the battle over president trump's executive order on immigration continues tonight. the order remains on hold, but the states of washington and minnesota have responded to an appeal by the justice department. that appeal seeks to undo what seattle judge's court order that blocked the president's immigration ban on friday. abc news reporter david wright explains what this all means. >> this is the scene playing out at airports across the country. families torn apart by the trump
11:37 pm
administration's targeted travel ban reuniting with hugs and tears. with the ban now on hold pending appeals, it's a race against time for visa holders to get into the u.s. >> i didn't know how long it was going to take me to see my mother. >> reporter: an anxious moment for many families. >> i only hope everything is okay. >> reporter: officials canceled this woman's visa in the confusion. now she's back in syria, her husband in virginia. it is unclear how long the doors will remain open. overnight a federal appeals court rejected the trump administration's bid to immediately restore the travel ban which denies entry to people from seven predominantly muslim countries. a legal review of trump's executive order now almost certain to make its way to the u.s. supreme court. vice-president mike pence is defending his boss. >> i think the early days of this administration are going to
11:38 pm
be described in the history books as days of action. >> reporter: president is spending the weekend at his florida resort. at an interview he taped friday with fox's bill owe riley, is raising eyebrows. in it trump admits he admires russian president vladimir putin. >> putin is a killer. >> there's a lot of killers. we have a lot of killers. why, you think our country's so innocent? >> reporter: that comparison does not sit well with lawmakers, including trump's fellow republicans. >> there is no moral equivalency between the united states of america, the greatest freedom loving nation in the history of the world and the murder rust thugs that are in putin's defense of his cronyism. >> reporter: david wright, abc news, palm beach. >> california congresswoman nancy pelosi is calling on the fbi to investigate trump's ties to russia. house democratic leader called for an investigation of mr. trump's financial and personal ties to russia to determine whether he could be blackmailed by officials in that country. on nbc's meet the press pelosi said she wants to see the
11:39 pm
president's tax returns to get to the truth in the relationship between mr. trump and russian president vladimir putin. for the second year in a row you'll have three extra days to pay your taxes. tax day falls on april 18th because of a federal holiday. still, the state tax board wants you to get a jump on taxes and file early. they warn you to keep an eye on your mailbox daily for important documents as tax refund scams are a growing trend. >> scammers are becoming more and more brazen. what they're doing is stealing personal identification, personal information and they're using it to file fraudulent tax returns in an effort to steal refunds. >> he says if a red flag goes up with a return, the irs will reach out to the taxpayer. and the irs has a warning tonight about a growing tax scam. it targets employees of companies, school districts and nonprofits. abc news reporter gloria riviera tells us how to protect ourselves. >> reporter: tonight the irs with an urgent alert.
11:40 pm
>> you're secure ton one minute and the next minute can t can come tumbling down. >> reporter: the chain accidentally released 20,000 w-2s to a scammer last year. >> there is really nobody left any more that's not a potential victim to this type of attack. >> reporter: it's called the w-2 fishing or ceo fraud scheme. cyber criminals disguise an e-mail as a request from a top executive to payroll or hr for employee's w-2 forms and personal information. >> when they send the e-mail, they're referencing specific things about the company and about the actual sender to make it look very real. >> reporter: the scammers then file fraudulent tax returns or worse. >> they can now get credit cards, they can open up loans. they can become you. >> reporter: that's casht difficult's concern especially alerting someone tried to steal his tax refund. >> our information is out there the rest of our lives.
11:41 pm
>> reporter: in 2016 the fbi estimate crooks stole more than $3.1 billion from 22,000 victims. to protect yourself, experts say file your tax returns early gloria riviera, abc news washington. >> a driver drove away after hitting a person who was changing a flat tire along 208 in san jose. paramedics worked to assist that man while in the northbound lane just after 4:00 a.m. >> initial units responded and found that it was actually a motorist changing a tire on the right shoulder that was struck by a vehicle. >> the victim suffered major injuries to his legs. chp officers believe he was hit by a red 2006 to 2013 toyota corolla. the car likely has damage to its bumper, right fog light and right front fender. violence broke out in vacaville during an after party following a college dance competition. police posted these pictures on facebook. officers say they got calls about fights. then a report of gunshots
11:42 pm
outside the sunrise banquet hall and event center around 1:00 in the morning. police contained the crowd. they didn't find anyone injured. the event center was hosting an after event party involving students from a number of universities. san jose state university issued a warning to students following an armed robbery near campus. it happened on friday on south seventh and east reid street. about two blocks from campus. police say just before midnight friday, two people held up a group of students, one victim was injured but will be okay. the robbers took off in a car possibly a gray dodge charger. a nanny went way above and beyond her job duties for a young girl she took care of. >> i just really had a strong connection with her. >> what she did to save the girl's life. >> and i'm meteorologist jim. rain moving through parts of the bay area tonight. the stronger storm will quickly
11:43 pm
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canada's rocky mountains await. call your travel agent or rocky mountaineer for special offers now. a young nanny in new jersey went to great lengths to save
11:46 pm
the girl she cares for every day. abc news reporter has the story. >> reporter: 16 months ago when a baby named talia was born in jackson, new jersey, kiersten miles then still a college student had never heard of the roscoes, but by chance mutual friends got them in touch. >> we interviewed her, loved her and she started watching our kid. >> reporter: she learned two things. first she liked talia. >> i had a strong connection with her and after caring for her for such little time. >> reporter: and second, this toddler needed a liver transplant. >> i already knew my blood type was a match. >> reporter: which is when she said take part of my liver. giving her part of her liver in a procedure performed more than 300 times a year in the u.s. and which kiersten learned when she research it had, recovery can be very tough on the donor. sometimes taking months. and yet -- >> if i didn't do anything, if
11:47 pm
something were to happen, i think i would have really like killed me inside. >> reporter: so, just weeks ago the surgery went ahead. and here they both are now, all signs very positive for both the donor and the recipient who met by chance. but now are connected for life. and by life. john donovan, abc news. >> earlier we told you about tom brady's five super bowl championships. you'll have to make due with five days of rain. here's drew. >> that's true. live doppler tracking some scattered showers mainly confined to the south bay and inland. go tighter and you can see where the wet weather is confined, livermore, fremont, san jose, approaching antioch at this hour. the light system on the storm impact scale. scattered showers and isolated downpours, but a stronger storm is going to move in here tuesday morning. the big difference with this moderate storm a 2, it turns
11:48 pm
windy tuesday morning. so, gusts 30 to 40 miles per hour, could have scattered downpour, slight chance of thunder. so, we also have to deal with a little bit of snow. by little, i mean a lot. one to 3 feet above 6,000 feet. so, winter storm warning is in effect, up to 4 feet over the crest. so you have heavy blow snow, low visibility, chain control in effect. just traveling there is not going to be fun the next 36 hours. accuweather forecast, the wet est day is tuesday with the morning rain. scattered showers through friday, the weekend now looks to be dry. >> the romper room forecast. >> super bowl. >> a little bit of super bowl heroics. >> i'm not the only golfer this week. pebble beach. >> golfers check. >> bill murray is going to be on the phone with you. >> all right. super bowl li had some of the greatest catches i've seen in a big
11:49 pm
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all right. as a former wide receiver there is nothing more exciting than a great catch, especially in the biggest game of the year. we had several in today's super bowl li starting with wood side's high school julian adelman. the tom brady passed the tip. ball hung in the air it seemed like forever. julian never took his eye off the ball. got his hand underneath it, makes the catch in a heap of falcon players. kept the drive alive tied the game and sent to to overtime. concentration and focus on this catch, all great players are able to do and julian adelman will always be remembered for this grab. >> he made a decent play. thankfully he didn't finish it and i just kind of just tried to track it and, hey, bang-bang play. >> i couldn't believe it.
11:53 pm
it was one of the greatest catches. we've been on the other end of a few of those catches and, you know, tonight, you know, we came up with it. so, it was a pretty spectacular catch. >> meanwhile the patriots concentrated on shutting down the falcons vets receiver. check out the work on the side lines. those catches, unbelievable grab. had he to get both feet down on both and to boot, fabulous grabs. neither will be remembered due to the falcons loss. >> i left it out on the field. i'm not disappointed how we played or anything. i felt we went out there and gave it our all. they were just the better team today. >> the most underwritten performance patriots running back james white. set a super bowl record with 14 catches 110 yards. six carries for 29 yards and two more touchdowns rushing plus a two-point conversion. he scored 23 of the 34 points including the game winner. if not for tom brady, he's the
11:54 pm
game mvp. >> if you get it in however you can and james ran it in. he had three touchdowns tonight? unbelievable what a hell of a game he played t. was awesome. >> probably the most disappointed player, matt ryan. once again, the league mvp did not win the super bowl. not happened since 199 when curt warner did so. 284 yards, two touchdowns but he was sacked five times meaning he held the ball too long, ka caus the fumble. a great season. >> nothing you can say. a tough loss. obviously very disappointed. very close to getting done what we wanted to get done. but it's hard to find words tonight. >> all right. the warriors had a three-daybreak to stew over their loss to the kings last night. seth curry missed a layup. late third quarter called for air pair of loose ball fouls 18
11:55 pm
seconds apart. draymond complained. steve kerr was trying to get a reason. he went ballistic. got teed again and ejected. never seen kerr get so upset. he was more frustrated with his team than the ejection. >> i was mad about a lot of things. i got what i deserved. we got what we deserved. before i was tossed and after. it's one of the worst games we played all season. we had no purpose. the ball didn't move. i didn't even recognize our team out there. >> colorado, buffalo going for the bay area sweep. all time, charlie moore misses the dive. double-double, 11 points, 24-2. first half five threes. finished with 1 points. cal up 15 at the point. colorado opened the second on a 17-2 run. derek white leading the way with 25. buffalo kept closing it. george king with a monster put
11:56 pm
back. got to within four, however couldn't overcome 11 cal 3s. grant mull infrom the corner. cal haj on to win 77-66. waste management phoenix open webb simpson 7 under 64. birdied three of the final four holes including on 18 here to get into the clubhouse. 17 under. meanwhile. hideki matsuyama shot 66. birdie on 18 for the win. needed one more rotation. he would go to a playoff. on the fourth playoff hole matsuyama finally ends with a birdie putt on 17. his fourth pga yea totour victo. this is brought to you by river rock casino. no greater feeling than winning a super bowl. you are bonded for life with those players. i tell you it's the greatest feeling in the world. and tom brady now, five super bowls, four mvps. nobody has ever done that. hard to compare with with joe because the different era. but it will be a great time to
11:57 pm
walk away. and finally, you picked the patriots. my streak of 14 straight super bowl picks was ended today. >> it happens to everybody. >> i'm not going to be a hater. the guy was just fabulous in that game. >> trivia question. you mentioned curt warner was last mvp to win the super bowl. went back to the super bowl the next year and lost two. tom brady -- that was his first super bowl. >> he's everywhere. >> thanks for joining us tonight, everybody. parks bc 7 news continues parks bc 7 news continues tomorrow morning at 4: did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything. comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet that's 10 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to internet speeds up to 150 mbps. and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today.
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