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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  February 24, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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almost anything worked to cart away belongings. there were things that people worked hard to buy. the city arranged for large dumpsters where residents could scarr disscarred flood debris. this is the first of many trips she plans to make. >> it's a lesson in not getting attached to your stuff. >> your life is more important than your stuff? >> absolutely. >> reporter: but there's mounting frustration from flood victims, especially with landlords unwilling to help. this man pays $1800 a month in rent. >> she said you need to come in and clean your own unit. i said i'm not a professional. you need to come and hire someone to come down here and clean my unit so i can go inside again. >> reporter: and homeowners in the brookwood area gathered to vent at councilmember morales and others in search for
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answers. some complain they pump out their basements but the floodwaters just come back. checks totaling $65,000 were to help victims. the mayor stopped by with doughnuts and coffee to thank first responders. where is where the rescue team is based that saved 330 trapped residents in rock springs. the mayor said they will hold public hearings in response to the flood. >> the bureaucratic finger pointing stops today. this happened in my city, i'm responsible. >> reporter: in san jose, david louie, abc 7 news. volunteers are needed tomorrow to help clean up after the floods. if you can help maybe shovel mud or clean some homes or garages, meet at roosevelt park starting at 7:00 tomorrow morning. the city will be providing gloves, tools and trash bags to anybody who comes down to help. you can show up until 3:00 in the afternoon. tomorrow the city of san jose plans to open a flood assistance center. it's going to be a multip-agenc
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one-stop shop. the center will be open from 9:00 to 4:00 this weekend and from 8:00 to 6:00 monday through friday. governor jerry brown announced a plan to immediately deal with some of the glaring weaknesses in the state's water and flood control systems. these were problems that were exposed in oroville and other places after the reechblt hcent storms. laura anthony is live with the story. laura? >> reporter: hi, larry. what the governor announced today is basically an acceleration of plans that were already in the works. the acceleration due to the problems exposed from years of neglect. >> we have our aging infrastructure and it's maxed out. >> reporter: speaking on the heels of some major issues in his state, california governor jerry brown wants to send more than $430 million immediately to shore up vulnerable dams and levees. >> it's a matter of balancing
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priorities. i would say these liabilities are a serious cloud, and we have to take them seriously and do more than chip away at them. we have to make substantial investments. >> reporter: the relentless rains of this winter have exposed a series of issues in northern california, the most prominent in oroville where heavy runoff created a hole in the main spillway and then the auxiliary began to fail, prompting the emergency evacuation of 100,000 residents. >> we've known for a long time that we've had issues with water infrastructure in california. >> reporter: she is a research engineer at the berkeley water center. >> people operating these dams are used to a drought mentality where their primary focus is to save water and so they are hesitant to release water before they have to, which means that then when a heavy rainfall comes, they find themselves behind the ball. >> reporter: the centerpiece of brown's immediate plan, nearly $400 million devoted to new flood protection for the sacramento, san joaquin river
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delta. so far no specific projects have been identified. laura anthony, abc 7 news. pg&e says it's making progress repairing a transmission tower that's being threatened by a landslide nero rind -- near orinda. the utility says once the lines are moved, it will likely dismantle the transmission tower and replace it. officials fear the encroaching slide could undermine the tower and send it toppling to highway 24 below. meanwhile the work continues on a collapsed section of highway 50 in the sierra. caltrans tweeted this picture today reminding drivers only one lane is open near bridal veil falls. crews are working to stabilize the slope that gave out under heavy rain last week. here's a look at live doppler 7. we have increasing clouds right now. i'll give you a wider view so
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you can see what's coming our way. the cold air will remain in place as the showers approach. once they hit elevations above 2500 feet, we could see some snow here in the bay area. here's your hourly planner going out this evening. it's going to be a chilly evening, especially after it gets dark. you may want to bundle up. if you're out late, be prepared for the chance of showers developing around midnight. showers will -- the chance of showers will increase during the overnight hours and we have some cold showers coming in in the morning. so the storm that's approaching us ranks 1 on the storm impact scale. it will be moving through tomorrow and we'll get another wave of showers sunday afternoon. mainly light showers. here's the forecast animation starting at 5:00 this afternoon. notice later tonight we'll see showers approaching the coastline, becoming more numerous during the afternoon hours tomorrow. that brings us back to live doppler 7. i'll show you what we can expect beyond tomorrow afternoon a little bit later. larry. >> thank you, spencer. a 33-day search for a tracy woman has come to an unfortunate
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end. the alameda county coroner has confirmed that the body found along the fremont creek yesterday is indeed that of 18-year-old jayda jenkins. she went missing after her car went into niles canyon creek on january 21st. severe weather compromised the search for her. her body was found 11 miles from where she first went into the water. an autopsy will determine the exact cause of her death. alameda county sheriff's deputy michael foley is giving back even in death as an organ donor. foley died yesterday from severe head injuries suffered in an accident wednesday morning near the santa rita jail. the 60-year-old spent 29 years at the concord police department and became a deputy ten years ago. after nearly 40 years of public service, deputy foley is still giving. >> if there's any little bit of good that came out of the tragedy of miket ettstmike's de organs will be donated to others
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and his spirit and his life will live on in those people. >> the funeral for the deputy is set for next week. sky 7 was over the b.a.r.t. macarthur station as rescue workers pulled a man to safety. it happened around 10:30 and forced the closure of the station. the man was conscious when he was taken away. he's now at highland hospital where his condition is unknown. the station reopened at 11:15. we're waiting for b.a.r.t. to tell us how this man ended up under the train. b.a.r.t. says ridership is down and as a result it may need to raise fares. this comes just months after a ballot measure passed that gives the system $3.5 billion. amy hollyfield has more on why b.a.r.t. says that isn't enough. >> reporter: one look at a packed b.a.r.t. train during commute hours and you can see rider ship at this time of day is up. it's all the other time that is giving b.a.r.t. problems. >> transbay peak trips are up. it's the weekend ridership or the rides that are not transbay
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in those peak hours that are down. and so that hurts our bottom line, of course. >> reporter: here's what b.a.r.t. is facing. a 15 to $25 million deficit in fiscal year. that's in part because overall weekday ridership is down 4% and the big one, down 9% on the weekends. officials are trying to figure out why. >> it might be because we're doing more track work on the weekend and there's delays. maybe uber and lyft have something to do with it. >> reporter: they have already put a hiring freeze in place and cut down on overtime. now there's talk of raising fares or starting an hour later in the morning. the early bird commuters say that would make life much tougher for them. >> the train is full. it's really packed at this time. so a lot of people use it at this time. so yeah, that would be a huge impact. >> it's already fairly expensive. i think enough people ride it to where they could run it even earlier. i don't really understand why they would need to run it later. >> reporter: could the rain be to blame? we've had a lot of it and
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b.a.r.t. officials say ridership goes way down when it rains. whatever the issue, they have got to come up with some solutions. it will ultimately be up to the board and officials do plan to poll riders this spring to get their thoughts. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. san leandro police are san elling drivers to steer of a train derailment for the rest of the day. sky 7 was over williams street where a union pacific train derailed this morning. there were no injuries or spills. the alameda county fire department tweeted these pictures of the derailment just before 1:00 this afternoon. they said drivers should avoid williams street until midnight because of ongoing repairs. much more ahead. talk about jumping into action. we'll hear from the nurse that helped deliver a baby in the parking lot of an east bay hospital when the mom couldn't make it inside in time. and terror in the high sierra. the snowboarder who had to spend a night in the snow. i'm michael finney live at james lick high school in san jose where the red cross has an
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evacuation center. 7 on your side has a help center. >> reporter: i'm kristen sze in hollywood. how do you go from hollywood outcast to oscar nominee? the story of mel gibson's revival coming up. at 4:10, this is not the red carpet. this is the long gray mile, the macarthur maze. as you can see, eastbound traffic heading from emeryville eastbound is just moving at a crawl. a little better on the right-hand side, especially for folks making the turn into san francisco. back with more on abc 7 news at 4:00.
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i thought we were going to have to do this all on our own. we've been working two days straight. tired, carrying everything up, but it's nice to see the city come an help us. >> in san jose, city workers and volunteers are helping residents replace all the things that they lost and begin the long process of rebuilding. >> a lot more people still need help. 7 on your side's michael finney is in san jose with a team of experts. michael, what kinds of questions are people asking you? >> reporter: you know, people are worried about the rental units they have, what's going to happen with their landlord. what if their landlord isn't helping them, we've been dealing with those kind of issues. we're set up over here, we have our consumer counselors that are right here. we have people from the state and united policyholder. we're talking about cleanup, we're talking about rebuilding. we've got a lot going on here. like i said, we're at james lick and that's where the red cross is set up with their shelter. how many people are here right now? by the way, this is lawrence
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with the red cross. how many people are here and how are things going? >> mike, we have 133 people here right now and things seem to be going well. of course with the shelter, the number fluctuates, people come and go. typically people come back at the end of the day so i think our number might go up here. >> reporter: everybody knows you can come here if you need a place to sleep, maybe some food. what are some other services the red cross is offering here at james lick. >> one of our services, we have a full health staff. we have a health staff here. >> reporter: wow. >> so people that have health issues can be checked out by the health staff. if people have lost their medication, the red cross will help them replace their medication. if people have lost their eyeglasses, those things can be replaced as well. >> reporter: boy, you guys do a lot here. thanks a lot for your time, i appreciate it. we're going to be back talking throughout the evening up until 7:00.
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we want everyone to know they can come by here if they have a consumer issue that is tied to the flooding, or even if it's not tied to the flooding. but come on down. we've got our consumer advocates here ready to go. so reporting live from james lick in san jose, i'm michael finney. >> thanks, mike. well, online shopping giant ebay says it's donating $25,000 to flood relief efforts in san jose. the donation is going to the silicon valley community foundation victims relief fund. that fund has already raised more than $500,000. you can find a link to the web page at a southern california snowboarder is recovering today. he got lost at heavenly and spent the night alone in frigid conditions. i'll show you the moment the chp rescue team finally spotted 32-year-old aaron yu early wednesday morning. the los angeles resident said he was heading down a run with friends and they were in near blizzard conditions on late tuesday when he accidentally veered out of bounds and suddenly found himself in
4:16 pm
chest-deep snow. >> it was scary. it was scary. i think it was probably one of the longest, coldest and darkest nights of my life. i have an incredible amount of respect for all the people who were involved in this effort. i'm so grateful to them. >> yu did suffer frostbite on two of his fingers, but he's lucky to be alive. rescuers say there's been an uptick in calls for help because of all the snow. they urge people to avoid snete avalanche-prone snow. well, it was a special and fast delivery for one oakland woman who gave birth in a car. it happened outside alta bates hospital. the family credits a nurse who was passing by saving the day. she heard the mother scream and jumped into action. alyssa harrington spoke with the family. >> reporter: one-day-old amaro is a healthy baby girl. she took her parents on a wild
4:17 pm
ride, was born in a car in this parking lot outsiede alta bates hospital in berkeley. >> a slow kind of labor and then it was mayhem. >> reporter: mom kim started having contractions the night before and my morning things took off. they got in the car for a short drive to the hospital but amaro would not break. >> my water broke on the drive, which is only a five-minute drive. >> reporter: dad dan said when they pulled up, he could see the baby girl's head. >> by the time i was able to like get her to sort of sit down and lean back, the baby was being born. >> reporter: a labor and delivery nurse happened to be in the right place at the right time. she just arrived for her shift, heard screaming and ran to the car for help. she called for a code stork, an announcement that lets the hospital know there's a baby being born outside. >> what that gets is a physician, our baby team and any extra nurses that are available to just come help see where
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we're at in that delivery process and get the mom and baby up to labor and delivery as quick as possible. >> reporter: surveillance video shows the crowd of hospital staff surrounding the car. that nurse has 32 years' experience, but thursday was the first time she delivered a baby on her own. mom, dad and baby are all healthy, and although it was chaotic, it's a story they look forward to sharing with their little girl when she's older. alyssa harrington, abc 7 news. >> what a story. >> she is so adorable. that is every parents' worst nightmare. i didn't know they had a code stork at the hospitals. >> now we know. >> they have a code rain. >> well, you know, we've had a nice break from the rain the last couple of days but we've had cold air. now with the rain coming in the cold air is going to remain so we might see some snow over the bay area hills. here's a look at live doppler 7. we see increasing clouds, although skies have been fairly bright all day. up to our north you see some of that mixed precipitation moving
4:19 pm
into the pacific northwest. it will be moving down into the bay area pretty soon. it's also going to hit the sierra eventually. a winter weather advisory is in effect from 10:00 a.m. sunday to 4:00 a.m. monday. we expect 4 to 6 inches of snow over the passes. there will be some travel difficulties. chain controls are likely as well. this is the view from mt. tam looking over the bay under lots of blue skies. 53 in san francisco, oakland 57, 53 at mountain view, 55 at san jose. gilroy 57 and a cool 50 at half moon bay. check out this view looking westward from the east bay hills. see a few clouds off in the distance there. it's 51 up north at santa rosa. mid-50s at napa, novato, fairfield, concord and livermore. a live view at the golden gate bridge where you see a very cold spider has left a little bit of a web there in the camera lens and skies are partly cloudy. these are our forecast features. we'll see cold showers developing overnight, although they will be widely scattered. it will be damp and chilly through monday and sunny and much milder tuesday through friday. but overnight the chill remains
4:20 pm
with us. we'll see low temperatures dropping down to or near the freezing mark in most of our inland valleys. low 40s right around the bay and near the coast. let's talk about our approaching storm. it ranks 1 on the storm impact scale. we'll see evidence of that storm tomorrow and then again on sunday afternoon. it will produce mainly light showers, less than 0.2 of an inch of rain likely to fall. here's the forecast animation. 11:00 tonight we'll see a few areas of showers widely scattered dotting the coastline. that pattern will continue into tomorrow afternoon. and then we'll see a little bit of a break going into sunday morning, but by sunday afternoon we expect showers to redevelop. again, along with the cold air there could be some snow levels down to about 2500 feet here in the bay area. so going through the weekend and even into monday, that presence of some snowflakes in our peaks is possible. rainfall potential through monday morning, we project only a few hundredths of an inch, up to 0.12 at half moon bay, but most locations will see under 0.2 of an inch. tomorrow we'll see high
4:21 pm
temperatures only in the mid-50s. it will be a little bit on the chilly side, but it's been that way the last couple of days. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. cold showers tomorrow, maybe snow over the peaks. a little bit of a break sunday but the mixed precipitation will return sunday evening. lingering into monday morning. each of those three days we rank the storm 1 on the impact scale. notice next week, high temperatures climbing into the upper 60s to near 70 by the end of the week. >> bring it on. i'm very excited for next week. thank you. all right. oscars anticipation. let's take a live look now from hollywood. we are just about 48 hours away from the big show. you can see the production getting set there. guess what, abc 7 news anchor kristen sze is there as well. >> lucky. >> i know. she's going to tell us about an apparent comeback for a star
4:22 pm
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we're counting down to hollywood's biggest night. the oscars are this sunday right
4:24 pm
here on abc 7. >> kristen sze is live on the red carpet covering the big awards show for us. kristen, what's happening down there? >> reporter: oh, my gosh. what's happening, larry and ama, so much excitement. just take a look at this, i'm on the red carpet, which is safely protected. but look at the marquee lights with the nominees' names, the fan bleachers. i really can't believe i'm here. somebody else who might not believe that he's here is mel gibson. he was, what, ten years ago since he last directed a feature film and now he's back in a big way with a nomination for "hacksaw ridge." the 89th annual academy awards marking an apparent comeback for a star. once seen as being out of second chances. following a 2010 domestic battery charge and a drunken anti-semitic tirade following a 2006 drunken arrest. >> i'm ashamed of that. >> reporter: many in hollywood said mel gibson would never be forgiven. >> time has gone by and there is a level of forgiveness.
4:25 pm
hollywood tends to give it a little easier. >> reporter: and it seems they're proving that, with gibson's first academy award nomination in 21 years for best director. on his world war ii drama, "hacksaw ridge." >> winning is not important. i think it's gratifying to be recognized by peers who are filmmakers. >> reporter: the recovering alcoholic crediting his re-emergence in the tinseltown spotlight to a change. >> the mel gibson i worked with on this film is unlike any mel i've ever worked with before. cool, calm, collected. he's been working on turning his life around for a long time and i'm glad he's finally being acknowledged for it. >> reporter: and while not everyone feels that time has healed all wounds and some have vowed to never work with the star again, gibson and his supporters hope on sunday his work -- >> we've got company! >> reporter: -- will be judged instead of his past.
4:26 pm
well, viewers will be judging the show, and what a production it's going to be. take a look at the front of dolby theater. it is gorgeous and they're not even done doing all the setup work yet. and now you know who hopes to walk out of the theater a big winner is "la la land" with 14 nominations. best picture nominee. i'll have more on the inside scoop on why hollywood is going gaga for "la la land" coming up at 5:00. larry and ama. >> nice. >> can't wait. thanks, kristen. and you can watch the oscars live only on abc 7. jimmy kimmel will host the oscars for the first time. live coverage begins at 2:00 p.m. the awards start at 5:30. pointing fingers over an i.c.e. raid. homeland security responding to the scathing words. briefing backlash. five major news outlets are excluded from a white house press briefing. i'm michael finney live at james lick high school in high school in san jose.
4:27 pm
coming up we'll show you how a flooding scam takes place. hang around. and do you recognize this couple at san francisco's palace of fine arts? a photographer wants to get this picture into the right hands.
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happening now, san jose's assistant city manager has been giving an update on the flood cleanup and help for all the flood victims. >> yeah, we had a live look and news conference had just wrapped up. this is the san jose emergency operations center where officials just mentioned that only 765 homes are still under evacuation. that's down from 1100 yesterday. this morning dumpsters for storm debris arrived along south 16th street and they'll be available in nine locations tomorrow as well. 3,000 people are still under a mandatory evacuation order. a new overnight shelter will open tonight at allen rock youth center as both high school shelters close. the river bed mobile home park has reopened to evacuated residents. south bend and global wheel mobile home park are partially open. parts of rock springs are expected to open by this afternoon and northbound center road where crews have been pumping water has reopened. a local assistance center for flood victims will open tomorrow at the shirakawa
4:31 pm
center. >> the process we're going through to get them back in, a lot of that has to do with ensuring the building is safe, ensuring we can have pg&e and water service to those buildings. so that's part of the process. >> we've also learned that as of noon today, donations to the san jose flood victims relief fund have now topped $500,000. we have a link with information on how you can donate to that fund on and on our abc 7 news app. i.c.e. is now responding to scathing words from the santa cruz police department's chief. this following a gang bust that the chief claims was a secret immigration raid. >> abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow is in the newsroom with both sides of the story. melanie. >> this is becoming a war of words. santa cruz's police chief says that the department of homeland security betrayed that agency's trust. i.c.e. in turn calling the police chief's statements reckless. today the police chief says he
4:32 pm
stands by his words. meantime it's still unclear whether any of the immigrants detained were in daly city, where police also assisted in executing search warrants. a home on rio verde street in daly city and apartments in santa cruz were just two of 11 locations where local law enforcement agencies helped i.c.e. execute search and arrest warrants as part of a five-year gang investigation. >> it was strictly around criminal activity. >> reporter: but thursday santa cruz's police chief said the department of homeland security acted outside the scope of the operation and removed individuals based on immigration status. >> this has violated the trust of our community and we cannot tell you how disappointed we are by the betrayal of the department of homeland security. >> reporter: i.c.e. struck back in its own statement writing allegations that the agency secretly planned an immigration enforcement action in hopes there would be new political leadership that would allow for an alleged secret operation to take place are completely false, reckless and disturbing.
4:33 pm
the agency says in addition to ten criminal arrests, 11 immigrants were detained. ten were ultimately released and one remains in custody due to his criminal history and possible ties to the ongoing investigation. santa cruz's police chief responded to the response, writing the detentions of those suspected solely of being undocumented immigrants by homeland security occurred after my staff had left the scene of the locations where they were detained, which begs the question as to why these detentions did not occur while my staff was presenting. it's unclear how many, if any, immigrants were detained at the daly city location. the city's vice mayor says she will introduce a resolution monday that supports immigrants. >> daly city is a safe haven. >> reporter: melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. president trump is continuing his break-neck pace of governing. today he criticized the media yet again and also signed an executive order designed to cut back on or eliminate government regulations.
4:34 pm
maggie ruly with the story from washington. >> reporter: president trump started off his day criticizing the media at the conservative political action conference. >> the fake news doesn't tell the truth. it never will represent the people, and we're going to do something about it. >> reporter: hours later, many media outlets, including cnn, "the new york times" and the "l.a. times" were not allowed to intend a meeting with white house press secretary sean spicer. the white house correspondents association is, quote, protesting strongly against the action and the associated press pand "time" boycotted the informal briefing. the white house telling abc who did attend the meeting along with nbc and cbs that it did not purposefully deny entry into any outlet but certain outlets were specifically invited. >> because we had a pool and we expanded it. we added some folks to come cover it. >> reporter: meanwhile president trump continues to act on campaign promises, signing an executive order today on regulatory reform, directing government agencies to set up
4:35 pm
task forces to find ways to eliminate or scale back regulations. >> every regulation should have to pass a simple test. does it make life better or safer for american workers or consumers. >> reporter: and moving forward with his travel ban. last month the president tweeted that 109 people were detained or held for questioning during a 27-hour period due to the ban. >> as maggie touched on, news organizations and first amendment activists are blasting the white house this afternoon for blocking those five major media outlets from attending the briefing today. in a statement, cnn said this is unacceptable, an unacceptable development by the trump white house. apparently this is how they retaliate when you report facts they don't like. we'll keep reporting regardless. the associated press and "time" refused to participate in that briefing just as soon as other outlets were excluded. president trump's arrival and the november election is rallying democrats. hillary clinton is out with a
4:36 pm
new video message that will be shown during tomorrow's dnc convention in atlanta. >> we as democrats must move forward with courage, confidence and optimism and stay focused on the elections we must win this year and next. let resistance plus persistence equal progress for our party and our country. >> clinton didn't offer an endorsement in her recorded message. right now the two favorites are progressive congressman keith ellison of minnesota, who's supported by bernie sanders, and former labor secretary, tom perez, a favorite of the obama administration. a chorus of cheers greeted the former president today during a visit to new york city. [ cheering ] a crowd gathered outside of the simons foundation building in manhattan when people found out that barack obama was inside. he walked out, waved to the crowds, put on his sunglasses and took off.
4:37 pm
gallup's final poll of mr. obama's presidency put his approval rating at 59%. he met with the foundation to discuss plans for his presidential library, which is being built in chicago. a number of tech companies, including apple, plan to file a brief in favor of transgender rights in a case heading to the supreme court next month. on wednesday the trump administration rescinded guidelines allowing transgender students to use the bathroom matching their gender identity. those guidelines were issued by then president obama in 2016. apple soon issued a statement opposing the white house's decision. apple took a similar stance last year when it opposed a new anti-lgbt law in north carolina. other companies on the list include ibm, microsoft and paypal. a shooter accused of killing an indian man as he shouted "get out of my country" has been sent from missouri to kansas to face charges. 51-year-old navy veteran adam purenton opened fire in a crowded kansas bar. two victim are from india and
4:38 pm
one of them has died. he may have thought those men were middle eastern. the third victim was shot after he stepped in after hearing the suspect yell racial slurs. >> i was just doing what anyone should have done for another human being. he turned around and fired a round at me. it went through my hand and through my chest here. >> authorities are investigating whether the man should also be charged with a hate crime. turning wildfires into wildflowers. all this rain has once desolate areas turning into beautiful fields of flowers. i'm spencer christian. from sutro tower, we see our skies are bright but clouds are getting thicker and some cold showers ar
4:39 pm
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our wet weather is causing all sorts of problems, especially in san jose, but it's been one of the best things that's ever happened to a central valley man. on tuesday a road closure forced jason pruitt to alter his morning routine. instead of hitting the convenience store he usually buys his lotto scratchers, he stopped at another spot. it paid off to the tune of a scratcher worth $750,000. >> i started freaking out. i started yelling at myself when i was driving. i was calling my wife. i just had a feeling i'd win some day. i told that to my family and to my wife. i said i just have a feeling some day it's going to pay off, and it did.
4:42 pm
>> awesome for him. the 35-year-old pruitt has been playing the lottery since he was 18 years old. it was not only his first big win but the store's biggest jackpot as well. pruitt plans to use the money to pay off bills and buy a house. well, residents of a fire-ravaged area in southern california are also welcoming the rain. look at this. the wet weather is transforming the terrain east of los angeles. hillsides left blackened and barren from last summer's wildfires are now popping with color, with green grass and bright wildflowers everywhere. >> look at all the grasses. there's a natural sage up there, which a lot of people come -- native americans come and harvest it for smudging. you see all the new growth down in here from this tree, which got burnt pretty good on this side, killed a lot of the leaves and they're all coming back now. >> of course more grass means more fuel for wildfire season ths summer, but residents say they're going to worry about that later. for now they'll enjoy the colorful landscape that they
4:43 pm
haven't seen in years. right here in the bay area, doctors are seeing an increase in those suffering from allergies. those blossoms are beautiful but not so much if you're running for the kleenex. one allergist tells abc 7 news it's not these flowering trees that are causing the pollen count to rise, it's juniper and elderberry right now. he says, quote, we ain't seen nothing yet. all the rain will bring out the ragweed and the grasses which will really make the pollen count rise. we'll start with live doppler 7 showing bright, dry conditions over the bay area but clouds are increasing and a few cold showers are on the way. speaking of cold, overnight lows will drop into the low 30s in our inland valleys once again. up in the north bay mid-30s and everywhere else low 40s. so the approaching storm will rank 1 on the storm impact scale. it will produce light showers tomorrow and then again sunday afternoon after a little bit of a break tomorrow night. most locations will see less than 0.2 of an inch of rain from
4:44 pm
the storm so let's get to the forecast animation starting on sunday. we know we'll have a few scattered showers tomorrow. sunday afternoon 1:00, we'll see a few showers developing into the evening hours. they'll be widely scattered going into monday morning. looks like the morning commute on monday will begin under showerly conditio lly condition. ooerz the here's the accuweathe seven-day forecast. snow levels will come down to 2500 feet so some of those showers could produce snow in the high bay area elevations but by midweek we'll be looking at upper 60s to near 70. bye-bye cold. >> can't wait. >> thank you, spencer. a live look from san jose. 7 on your side's michael finney is taking questions from residents who are recovering from the flooding there. he'll be back with us live, next. and switching things up. an inside look at the newest nintendo system. it's a cross between a
4:45 pm
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4:47 pm
right now people across the entire bay area are looking for help to repair the damage from this winter's record-setting storms. >> michael finney joins us from san jose with what you should know before you hire anyone to do any work for you.
4:48 pm
michael. >> reporter: good afternoon, you guys. we're down here with the red cross at james lick high school and we're taking any consumer complaints or concerns you have. come on down, talk to us, brick your paperwork if you need it. we've got a lot of experts here and we'll take care of you. the one person i have right here is rick lopes with the contractor state license board. good friends of 7 on your side, good friend to consumers. everybody always thinks they can never be taken, they think everybody else can be taken and not them, right? >> it's one thing after a flood like this and all the storms that we've had, some people are quite literally going to have storm damage. the cases where people don't have storm damage, they still run the chance of becoming a victim. we have a perfect example of just how easy somebody can take advantage of you. >> let me get a wide shot here because this is amazing. go right ahead. >> it's not unusual, especially in areas where a lot of seniors live, for somebody to knock on their door. hey, i'll give you a free inspection. i'll check in your attic to see if you have any leaks or any
4:49 pm
problems. the elderly person, sure, go ahead. what they have is a ziploc type bag with some water. >> so it's hidden under their coat. >> they come down a few minutes later and say, oh god, you know what, it's really bad up there, you've got this leak. i had this towel, i got what i could but look how bad this leak is. but all of a sudden they say $500, $700, $1,000, i can fix it for you, oh, thank you very much. they go up there, sit there for an hour, might pound a couple of times, come down and say it's all taken care of. pay the money and off they go to the next suspect. >> oh, man. that's how easy it is to be taken. what are the rules briefly? >> the biggest thing is watch for down payments. certainly you want to have a licensed contractor. anything over $500, they're required to have a state license. down payments, be very careful. they can't ask for more than 10% or $1,000, whichever is less. if you have somebody asking for a lot of money up front, a big red flag you've got to be
4:50 pm
careful from. >> thanks a lot. rick is from the state contractors license board and he's down here with 7 on your side right now. if you have any questions or concerns about rebuilding, come down and talk to rick right now. he has some great information. reporting live, i'm michael finney. >> that's great advice. you'd fall for that scam in a second, right, easy. today we got our hands on nintendo's newest game console for the first time. abc 7 news was at ft. mason in san francisco where members of the media got to try out the nintendo switch. the public can check it out on sunday. switch is a portable system and a tv game system all in one. it's made of plastic but people said it feels durable like an apple product. also loads quickly letting you turn it on and play games in only a matter of seconds. nintendo is betting its future on the switch. coming up at 6:00, industry experts tell us if that bet is likely to pay off. a bay area photographer is asking for help to track down a history couple after she took a picture of them getting engaged.
4:51 pm
>> angie wilson posted it on her facebook page in honor of valentine's day but she took it two years ago at the palace of fine arts in san francisco. >> wilson was out for a walk when she heard music playing and saw a man proposing. she said she took the picture but didn't want to bother the couple at that time. but now she wants to find them and give them a memorable photo as a thank you for letting her be part of that special moment. if you want to help out, the picture is on our facebook page. well, if it feels like everyone around you is talking about the oscars, you might be right. social media has changed the way we watch the awards show. who can forget ellen's selfie. jessica castro spoke to lynda lopez about how the oscars has become an experience, not just a show. >> do you think that that changes the experience for the viewer? >> yeah, i think for sure a viewer feels more engaged. think about the days when you watched big awards shows sitting on your couch and all you were doing was watching the tv. now so many of us sit and look at what's going on on social
4:52 pm
media and it's sort of an affirmingi thing. if you loved someone's dress, there's many, many people to scroll through who agree with you. >> one interesting hash tag to watch out for this year, that's already trending, oscar so male in response to the small number of women nominated for nonacting roles. the list of goodies inside this year's oscar swag bagging is completely insane. >> nominees will get more than $100,000 of luxurious stuff, but we did find a couple of bizarre things in there. on the swankier side, there are several travel vouchers, including an extravagant six-day hawaiian vacation on kuwai. there's also a three-night stay in lake como italy. a 14-karat gold soliden encrusted diamond bracelet. on the not so fancy side, under arm sweat patches and cellulite
4:53 pm
massage mats and other beaut beauty-enhancing products. >> i'll take some of those first ones. >> you can watch the oscars live here on abc 7. jimmy kimmel will host for the very first time. our live coverage begins sunday at 2:00 and the awards start at 5:30 p.m. timing is everything. a lyft ride turned into a life-or-death situation. >> i feel like i saved his life. i know i saved his life. >> a passenger plays hero after a sudden heart attack. right now dan is here with a look at what's ahead at 5:00. >> thanks, guys. coming up next, protesting senator dianne feinstein in san francisco. the calls at a private event for a public town hall. bees could be smarter than any of us think. the new research that has the insects playing soccer. plus kristen sze is live in hollywood looking ahead to sunday's oscars, of course. she'll have more on "la la land" leading the pack with 14 nominations. all of that and more coming up on abc 7 news at
4:54 pm
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4:57 pm
an american tourist on a whale tour in mexico got close enough to share a little kiss with one of these huge animals. the video was taken just a day after valentine's and then the whale swam off. cute. what should have been a sleepy ride home in a lyft car turned into a life-or-death emergency. wayne freedman caught up last night with the person who just happened to be in the right place at the right time. >> reporter: never a dull night around this household in hercules. a busy mom runs homework and music practice and dinner. >> everything is always crazy when you're a parent. >> reporter: at san francisco general hospital, patients call her dr. nuwondo. tuesday night she solved a crisis that may seal her reputation as one cool customer. the episode began when she hired a lyft car home from the airport. she had been sleeping in the back seat. the driver rolled down his window. he seemed to be in distress. she recognized the signs.
4:58 pm
a heart attack. >> don't talk. don't talk anymore, okay. try to take deep breaths. >> reporter: this a recording the doctor made as she instantly switched modes from passenger to life saver and told the driver to pull over. >> he was moaning, just writhing in pain. >> reporter: she called 911 and the driver's wife. in minutes the fire department arrived and took 35-year-old man to the hospital. as it turns out, he moved here after serving u.s. forces in afghanistan as an interpreter. tonight we reached him at home in modesto by skype. >> i thank her a lot. she did her best. >> you know, when i told my kids the story, they said, mommy, you're a hero. i feel like i was doing what a good doctor would do. >> reporter: or passenger, client or person in the right place at the right time with the right skills. >> i feel like i saved his life. i know i saved his life. >> reporter: along interstate
4:59 pm
80, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. >> she's a hero and he is very, very lucky. thank you for joining us. i'm larry beil. abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now. demonstrators giving a hard time to senator dianne feinstein. they want to know why she's taking questions at a private event instead of a public one. mud and misery in san jose. more flood victims are now returning home and not to much. city workers and volunteers are trying to help people replace what they have lost. 7 on your side's michael finney is there. making progress in san jose. more flood victims are now being allowed to return home. the city is trying to help clean up. devoting as many resources as possible for the job. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm ama daetz in for kristen sze who's in los angeles for the oscars. thank you for joining us.
5:00 pm
san jose's assistant city manager just updated us on the flooding evacuations. >> as we're moving through the neighborhoods, we are able to get people back into their homes. i think we'll have to address the issue if we encounter homes that are completely unoccupied or unoccupiable, if you will, we'll have to figure out what that plan is. at this point we have not encountered that scenario. >> 3,000 people are still under mandatory evacuation orders. that includes 765 homes, down from 1100 yesterday. a shelter opens tonight at allen rock youth center and will stay open at least until all evacuation orders are lifted. the san jose mayor says the city will hold public hearings over its response to the flooding. right now the city is figuring out how much damage there is in order to get state and federal disaster relief funding. today city workers had dumpsters set up to help people get rid of furniture, piles of clothes and anything else damaged in this week's flood. >> oh, it's a god send. they're well organized


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