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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  March 1, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PST

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it is 5:00 a.m. on this wednesday, march 1. >> already in march. >> yeah. >> happened so fast. >> there's hope for warmer weather. >> i think 19 more days until spring? >> the 20th at about 3:29 in the morning. >> not that we're count pfg not that i'm being specific either. >> we'll be here. >> we will. >> astronomical spring, absolutely, but it's going to feel more like spring today and
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tomorrow, let me show you why. live doppler 7, i overlaid the cloud layer on it. those little gray blips, that's it. here's a look at the golden gate bridge where it's dry and not too breezy this morning. chilly again this morning, 32 to 47, check out your noontime temperatures under total sunshine, grab those glasses so you can protect your eyes, sunglasses, 55 to 61 at 4:00 and 57 to 53, grab your coat if you're heading out this evening ft what about now, alexis? sig alert in the south bay. so i want to take you back to san jose. that's where we have an early morning crash on northbound 880 just south of coleman on the south end of the airport here. bob tail truck that is kind of stuck up on that median wall and they haven't gotten that off yet so we have the three left lanes play clocked. not sure how long that is going to be a blocking situation but you're heavy down to 6 miles per hour approaching that crash. and i have some details on a b.a.r.t. delay coming up. president trump hoping to build on the momentum this
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morning from his first joint address to congress. >> the president getting praise from republicans for his measured tone and calling for unity. he talked about tax reform and the strengthening of the middle class. he says u.s. companies are taxed at one of the highest rates anywhere in the world and he plans to reduce it. >> it will be a big, big cut. at the same time, we will provide massive tax relief for the middle class. we must create a level playing field for american companies and our workers. have to do it. >> president trump says he also wants to adopt a merit-based immigration system similar to other nations like canada or australia. >> i believe that real and positive immigration reform is possible as long as we focus on the following goals. to improve jobs and wages for americans. to strengthen our nation's security and to restore respect
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for our laws. >> mr. trump promised to move forward quickly on repealing and replacing obamacare, even among republicans, though, there is disagreement about what that plan should look like and how it will be paid for. united nations ambassador nikki haley reacted after the address. >> i can appreciate the fact that immigration is part of a fabric of america and i think what we saw tonight was the right tone and tone is key. it did not sound like he was on the campaign trail. he sounded like a president. the concessions from local democrats is that the president's speech should have been filmed wi filled with more details. lisa has more from them. >> reporter: heu.s. professor o politics dr. mcbride watched president trump's hour-long speech and was surprised by how noncontroversial it was. she says he stuck to his script, which she says was vague. >> they're going to be a lot of questions about how he's going to pay for everything he's
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promised. >> reporter: that's just one of many concerns local democrats have on capitol hill. many remain seated in silent protest during much of the president's speech. but afterwards, some representatives simply couldn't hold back their frustration. >> it felt like i was sitting in the house chamber listening to donald trump read 100 of his tweets. there were just a lot of armchair rhetoric but not many details behind it. >> he's still living up to his campaign promises to divide people and to make sure that people are fearful. >> reporter: the reverend jesse jackson watched the speech at the hamilton family services in san francisco. he also hoped the speech would have specifics. >> it's been reduced -- the plan to reduce the cost of public education, build affordable housing and lift up the poor. >> reporter: congressional republicans meantime call the president's speech a home run. lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. well, how do you feel about the direction of america after
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president trump's speech? we want to hear from you on twitter. so follow us @abc7newsbayarea. you can see our poll is at the top of the page. president trump's proposed budget doesn't have a chance of passing congress. that's according to top republican leaders. abc7 news is reporting that both senator lindsey graham and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell say the budget will not gain the approval of congress. the white house wants to cut the budget for american foreign said and diplomacy and use that savings to pay for more military spending. senator graham said you can't win a war by having the most guns and that diplomacy is essential for success. moving on to other news now, a fiery plane crash that killed three people in southern california has a big impact in the bay area. >> we are hearing from the brother of a san jose woman lost in that crash and from her former coworkers. abc7 news reporter matt keller is live in san jose. >> reporter: good morning, natasha and reggie. this was such a tragedy.
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members of two families were on board that plane that were headed here to the san jose hart. five people were on board. only two survived. here's a picture of one of those people who died in the crash. it is 22-year-old adine farelas. her mom, silvia farelas, was one of two survivors after the cessna they were riding in crashed in a home near riverside airport. they were returning from a cheerleading competition in southern california where adine's younger sister competed. the union middle school student arrived safely back in san jose by bus with the rest of her team. 19-year-old brother brandon is left trying to cope with the loss of their big sister. >> and before my mom and my sister took off on the plane, they gave me a call and told me that the weather wasn't the best out there, it probably wasn't the best decision and they decided to go for it anyway. >> reporter: adine farelas was a teacher. they release a statement to us saying, adine had a strong passion for children. our community has lost a very special person. she will be deeply missed.
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the ntsb is still investigating the cause of this crash. reporting live in san jose, matt keller, abc7 news. how terrible for those families. thank you, matt. tesla is responding now to claims that it discriminates against its female employees. in a lawsuit filed last year, a former employee claimed the company paid female workers less than their male counterparts. they were also denied promotions for women, they claim, and retaliated against if they complained to hr. the woman who filed the suit also says that tesla turned a blind eye to male staff members who repeatedly harassed her with inappropriate language, whistling or cat calls. tesla denies the claim saying it is, quote, committed to creating a positive workplace environment that is free from discrimination. the coroner's office is working to identify a body pulled from richardson bay. the body is that of a middle aged man. police are investigating the possibility it could be a boater who went missing last month. two people were rescued and a third person was unaccounted for
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near clipper yacht harbor in sausalito after their 14-foot boat capsized on february 17. time is running out for the owner of a berkeley apartment building where a couple and their pets were found dead. officials say roger and val morash and their two cats died from kaerm poisoning in january. the source of the gas is still a mystery. the building's owner now has two weeks to hire a mechanical engineer to find the source and report back to city hall. the remaining units have been inspected several times and declared safe. some tenants, as you can imagine, are still skeptical. >> reporter: are you nervous staying here? >> on and off. i try not to turn on the heater too much. >> what i think is strange is they can't find the source. >> i wouldn't live in that for all the tea in china. i mean, really, would you? >> after the source is located, the owner will have 90 days to repair it. until then, no one will be able to move in. we're hearing this morning about major flooding in arizona from overnight. >> jessica tracking this at the
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live desk. some people actually had to be rescue from the that situation. >> and i want to show you just how bad that flooding was. this is new video into the live desk. firefighters had to rescue several people, including an elderly man who was trapped inside this van. the guy got stuck in a wash and the water actually went all the way up to the roof at some points. you see them tackling that swift water that was moving. it actually carried the car a couple times downstream and eventually firefighters had to break out the windows to get that elderly man out. he was not the only one. there were several rescues there overnight. now they're drying out. but boy, a scary situation this elderly man was okay. glad he's safe. thank you, jessica. crews are now removing debris at the base of the oroville dam spillway. water flow temporarily stopped there so they can clean up. the stoppage will make it possible to reboot the power plant. a major break opened in the concrete chute last month. the flow down the broken
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spillway carved a new path and a huge ravine south of the spillway towards the dam. dress warmly this morning. look at our inland east bay neighborhoods. 33 in san ramon, some frost developing there. 35 in dublin, pleasanton, also in danville out towards black hawk, we've got 38 walnut creek, 37 in lafayette and livermore, 36 in pleasant hill, 37 in brentwood but low 40s around antioch and pittsburg and concord there. 40 in san jose. 39 one of the cool spots in mountain view, 41 in oakland. san francisco, 46, pacifica, 43 and dress partner for mid 30s to upper 30s throughout the north bay. south on 680, on the roads, going to be quiet weather today. activity planner shows a good day for exercising if that tree pollen gets you, i don't see joey sneezing so it's not as high as it's going to get. have you started taking your medicine yet? so that gives you an idea. when joey starts taking his
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medicine, that's when the pollen is out of control. to about 63 degrees today. even warnler tomorrow, about 59 to 69 and then pull back a little bit on friday, 56 do 64 and i want to give you a quick look at the lows tonight, mid 30s from midland to san francisco. i'm going to take you back to our traffic alert here in san jose. so, northbound 880 just before you get to coleman avenue, that is where we've got that sig alert. and we've got a crash involving a bob tail truck that's stuck on the median wall so the three left lanes are blocked right now. we don't have an estimate on when we'll get those lanes back open. in the meantime, all your alternates are looking good at this early hour. if you want to stick to 280 and head up 87, if you have a flight this morning, that's going to be a better idea. we do have a crew on the way to check that scene out. on top of that, we've got a b.a.r.t. issue this morning. 20 minute delay remains at daly city and the pibs/bay point and
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dublin/pleasanton directions due to earlier track maintenance. that has wrapped up, though. we'll check on the central valley coming up. the nfl just offered a sign of hope for raiders fans rallying to keep the team in the east bay. plus video your vjaw drop. oh my goodness. this is one of the wildest finishes to a police chase that we have ever seen. you can stay on top of you can stay on top of we
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president trump signed a bill that repeals an obama era regulation that made it more difficult for people with mental health issues to buy a gun. the obama rule required the social security administration to report people who received benefits for mental health insurance to the fbi. the fbi would use the information to determine whether someone was eligible to buy a gun. the repeal was supported by the national rifle association. in today's "gma" first look, shocking allegations against sterling jewellers, the multibillion dollar company that owns jared and cay jewellers. >> the company under fire for sexual harassment and discrimination claims. abc has the details. >> reporter: thin this morning' "gma" first look, it's the jewelry company that built its brand on cherishing women. but the multibillion dollar company behind kay jewellers and jared galleria of jewelry did anything be. in a series of bomb shell
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statements that are part of an arbitration case over claims of discrimination and promotions in pay, hundreds of former and current female employees claim sexual harassment was widespread at the company. in sworn statements, female workers claim they were told to perform sexual favors to get promoted or even to keep their jobs. sterling telling abc7 news we have thoroughly investigated the allegations and have concluded they're not substantiated by the facts and certainly do not reflect our culture. we'll have the latest detailing coming up at 7:00. abc news new york. in the north bay, central marin police are investigating an attempted bank robbery. authorities say they received a silent hold-up alarm just before 11:30 a.m. yesterday at the first community bank located inside the safeway store there. the suspect gave a teller a demand note but left in a toyota sedan. new details about the
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raiders this morning and the effort to keep the team right in oakland. the associated press reporting fortress investment group has i submitted add formal plan. fortress is working with hall of famer ronnie lott on a plan to replace the coliseum with a new stadium. the radar have a deal with las vegas for a new stadium but they have lost backing from a major investor. an unstable situation could delay the opening of a new school in san francisco. abc7 news was in mission bay where the district wants to build a new school but now the district says the building would need to settle for 6 to 9 months to avoid sinking. that's of course what happened to the millennium tower condos. the district says nothing is certain until they have a design and concrete plans. well, a popular bike route in san francisco is getting a multimillion dollar makeover. according to "the examiner," county and city officials agreed to spend nearly $7 million on several improvement projects
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along san francisco. one of them is to create a flat route for cyclists traveling east to west through the wiggle. the comforts of home, kind of like this. are helping online ticket sales for one of the movie theater giants. >> don't lean back too far. i don't think these stop. sin mark ceo says sales have increased by 50% in theaters that have these, the relining leather-like chairs. he made the comment yesterday at the morgan stanley technology conference yesterday here in sf. he says 40% of the nearly cinemark theaters will be receiving the upgrade and i can't imagine watching a movie any other way now. >> i'm now a snob. if they don't have the reclining chairs, i just stay home. our traffic alert in san jose cleared up a lot faster than i thought it was going to. northbound 880 just before you
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get to coleman, we had a multi-car crash early this morning that involved a box truck that was jammed up on the median there, the front end of the truck was stuck up on that, actually got that pulled off and that is pushed off to the shoulder already and that sig alert was canceled. so we do have a backup to the alameda but honestly it's not terrible if you're just heading out the door right now and you've got a flight this morning at the san jose airport, i might another route but i think it's going to clear up pretty physical. also, northbound 680 just bas berryessa, reports of a wrong-way driver. definitely be on the lookout for that this morning. westbound 580, tracy to dublin, about 37 minutes out of the central valley, westbound 4, antioch to concord, 15, and southbound 101, san rafael to san francisco, not terrible there, yellow at 18 minutes. let's check in with meteorologist mike nicco. if you like sunshine, i've got the forecast for you. if you like rain, i've still got a little bit of that in the forecast as well.
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high pressure took over yesterday, mostly sunny, high pressure is dominating our forecast, you can see on live doppler 7, hardly any cloud and they're well over the ocean as the storm track is moving to our north. look at how dry it is at san jose at 101 and 880, blue skies, sunshine and warmer highs today. seeing stars and still feeling chilly tonight and a chance of rain saturday, sunday, and monday. let's talk about that. our storm impact scale is going to be 1. light because the rain is going to be on the light side, quarter to 1/2 inch. 3/4 maybe in the mountains. breezy but not expecting damage from those. by the time we get to noon saturday, it's in the north bay and during the evening and overnight hours, that's when we have the best chance of rain so if you're going to be out saturday evening or if you work a second shift or a third shift, you're going to have to deal with the greatest amount of rain and then scattered showers possible for sunday rainfall amounts still looking very dry, about 1/10 inch, 1/4 inch by saturday evening and
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then 1/4 to 1/2 inch by sunday afternoon. here's my accuweather 7 day forecast. we're going to have low to up herb 60s tomorrow, upper 50s to mid 60s friday, a little bit cooler with the clouds and the chance of rain. looking forward to that. i am not exaggerating when i say this video is going to be the craziest thing you see today. >> oh my god! >> wow. >> what in the world. this is the end of a police pursuit in louisiana. as you can see, the truck goes airborne, crashes on top of another car, the back story to this is super strange. so police say they were talking to the driver for speeding. they're talking to the driver outside of that truck. so, the person in that truck is not the driver. that was the passenger who moved over to the driver's seat, stepped on the gas, and then started this chase. it ended when the suspect hit
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spike strips, swerved, and then went airborne. that suspect is now in custody and i cannot believe i'm saying this, but no one was seriously hurt. >> thank goodness. coming up next, the seven things you need to know as you start your day. and police in southern california give a young boy with cerebral palsy a life changing surprise. wait until you see his reaction. twitter has been spectacular speculating and speculating over the new "dancing with the stars" cast. it's being revealed right now it's being revealed right now and
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habenera (from carmen) by andre rieu -- beat renditionition habenera (from carmen) by andre rieu -- classical rendition habenera (from carmen) by andre rieu -- beat rendition habenera (from carmen) by andre rieu -- classical rendition habenera (from carmen) by andre rieu -- beat rendition when you see beautiful design... do beautiful work...
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you see what delta can do. find fast relief behind the counter allergies with nasal congestion? with claritin-d. [ upbeat music ] strut past that aisle for the allergy relief that starts working in as little as 30 minutes and contains the best oral decongestant. live claritin clear, with claritin-d. time now is 5:24 and these are the seven things you need to know before you go. we are starting to look much better in san jose. actually, a pretty quick bounceback here. we had a sig alert just a few moments ago. for a crash northbound 880 just before coleman avenue, we had a box truck that was stuck on the median. they just got that cleared, though. lanes back open. number two, san francisco police have arrested three men
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they say parachuted from the top of a union square hotel. it happened just before 1:00 a.m. at the milton hotel on o'ferrell street. none of them is injured. adine farelas, the 22-year-old on the right, is one of the three people killed on monday when their plane crashed in riverside. her moefr, silvia, survived. they were flying home to san jose after watching adine's little sister in a cheerleading competition. number four, from the live desk, impact i want to show you these live images from missouri. one area dealing with major destruction in the midwest. 24 tornados overnight across four states. at least three people are dead. the storms also brought in damaging large hail. and those storms are marching to the east coast. there's tornado watches and severe thunderstorm warnings so if you're heading that way, watch out for delays flying. we're going to be a couple degrees within average today. our highs are still climbing and they're not finished yet. number six, reaction coming in this morning from president
5:26 am
trump's speech to congress. republicans for the most part said the speech was presidential and positive. democrats said that it was too vague to have any real impact. number seven, coachella is making lemonade out of lemons. lady gaga said yes, she will replace beyonce at next month's show. queen bey after announcing she said expecting twins. >> if i can correct one thing, i'm pretty sure that lady gaga said yaaass. a southern california third grader can get around and enjoy the world now thanks to the police department. police department. >> palsy. the visiting police officer saw his predicament using a regular wheelchair so the force raised money for a special one. they raised half of the $6,000 they needed and the chair company donated the rest.
5:27 am
>> it was a great feeling to see the final outcome of how the community came together. >> tell me about your chair. how do you like your chair? >> it's fine to me. >> not a man of many words. >> he's cute. >> but his smile says it all, right? it speaks volumes about what this chair means for him and the mobility that he has now. >> i've never seen a chair like that. >> it's incredible. >> great they did that. coming back with another 90 minutes of news, including the just released video that says uber ceo admitting he needs help. the new action the city is taking. plus a new poll out this morning on president donald morning on president donald tr
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morning on president donald tr it's just a date. i can stay. i'm good. i won't be late hey mom. yeah. no kissing on the first date, alright? life doesn't always stick to a plan, but with our investment expertise we'll help you handle what's next. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can. the time for small thinking is over. the time for trivial fights is
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behind us. >> lots of reaction this morning both here and across the country to president trump's first joint address to congress. >> we have you covered on the highlights and some powerful reactions. good morning, and welcome to march on this wednesday. >> that's right. and we're kind of getting started on a cool note but we're going to warm things up and then tomorrow's going to be a party. >> a little dry too compared to the last couple of months. >> we'll take it. >> we're getting all sorts of differences outside compared to what we've had for normal so far this year. all right, here you're looking at live doppler 7. notice it's clear everywhere and yeah, you can see it on the roof cam, look how dry the embarcadero is here in san francisco indicative of what you're going to deal with during both commutes today. we're in the low 30s inland to low to mid 40s around san francisco. check out your noontime temperature, though. 55 at the coast at 4:00 while the rest of us in the low 60s and dress for temperatures in the low 50s.
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here's alexis. good morning, mike. and i want to take a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. just as i was walking up here, 5:28, we got official word those metering lights are on. so definitely filling in there, especially in those fast track lanes, car pool still looking okay and actually looking a little bit better in cash lanes right now as well. b.a.r.t. still has a 20-minute delay due to earlier track maintenance at daly city. and overall, we've got 43 trains in service. we'll take a look at the south bay still in recovery mode but looking much better. that's in less than ten. president donald trump returned to the capitol last night for the first time since inauguration day, delivering his address to a joint session of congress. >> and this was a speech filled with calls for unity and a different tone than what we're used to from the president. maggie rulli joins us live from the nation's capital. >> reporter: this was a critical moment in donald trump's presidency with just over a month in office, this was his chance to speak directly to the american people and to congress.
5:32 am
president trump's first address to congress beginning with a call for unity. >> why not join forces and finally get the job done. >> reporter: a stark contrast to a chaotic and often divisive first month in office. >> a new tone for a new phase and softer tones on the harder edges of donald trump. >> reporter: abc news political analyst rick kline says president trump's new phase is also a way to repackage his old campaign themes to the american people like calling to repeal and replace the affordable care act. to increase military spending, and build that wall. >> a great, great wall along our southern border. >> reporter: but also, a shift in tone towards compromise. over how to accomplish immigration reform. >> i believe republicans and democrats can work together to achieve an outcome that has eluded our country for decades. >> reporter: the night's most emotional moment, a standing
5:33 am
ovation for karen owens, the widow of chief petty officer ryan owens, killed in action a month ago during the raid in yemen. >> ryan's legacy is etched into eternity. thank you. thank you. >> reporter: but during the rest of his speech, democrats sat silent in defiance, many female members of the party dressing in white to symbolize their commitment to women's rights. and also getting their chance to respond. former democratic governor of kentucky, steve beshear ripped into the president's plans to repeal obamacare. >> this isn't a game. it's life and death for >> reporter: democrats and even some republicans are now demanding answers from the president about exactly how he plans to replace obamacare without jeopardizing the health care of millions. in washington, maggie rulli, abc7 mornings. and as maggie just mentioned, there's a lot of reaction to this moment when the president honored the the widow
5:34 am
of the navy s.e.a.l. who died. cnn suggested he's beginning to look the part. >> he became president of the united states in that moment. period. there are a lot of people who have a lot of reason to be frustrated with him, to be fearful of him, to be mad at him. but that was one of the most extraordinary moments you have ever seen in american politics, period. >> cnn/orc poll after the speech says 57% of those who watched had a positive reaction. so let's talk more about how viewers saw this speech last night. >> let's get over to jessica at the live desk now. >> here's that number. 57% saying that this was a speech they had a positive reaction to. this is, like you said, reggie, from that cnn/orc poll but i want to break it down just a little further for our viewers.
5:35 am
about 7 in 10 people in this poll said the president's proposed policies would actually move the country in the right direction. also nearly two-thirds of people said president trump has the right priorities for the country. so, really scoring some positive points with the folks who watched this but i should note that the group taking this particular poll was about 8 points more republican than the population as a whole. that's because those are the folks that committed to watching this speech and then said that they would be part of this poll. it was roughly about 500 to 600 people. it was less than 1,000. i can tell you that. trump scored highest on his policies on the economy in specific, so those are the policies that a lot of people feel will move our country in the right direction. a little closer look at that poll for you guys. well, this morning, cnn is reporting president trump is putting off releasing his revised travel ban until later this week. the white house apparently felt that signing the executive order today as planned would undercut
5:36 am
the favorable coverage of last night's speech. the original order banned citizens of seven muslim majority countries and entering the u.s. and suspended the entry of all refugees. that order was put on hold by the federal appeals court in san francisco. if you wonder how accurate the president's speech was, the associated press did a fact check on the speech and we have posted it along with the entire address if you want to see it at new this morning, three people parachuted off the top of the hilton in san francisco overnight. >> they landed safely but it had police going to the books to figure out what to charge them with. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live the san francisco. amy? >> reporter: hi, reggie. i talked to the investigator this morning. this one has stumped police. they did take them into custody. they say they took two men in. the third person, they say, got away. they believe, a woman. she escaped. they say they know that they all jumped. they have their parachutes.
5:37 am
hotel security saw them on camera but they are not sure if it is a crime. they have researched it this morning and they cannot find a crime on the books that applies here. the stunt is creating thrills on the city streets. reaction this morning is shock and some admiration. >> i think that was awesome. i think everybody ought to -- should have fun do, what they do. but as long as it's not jeopardizing the safety of others, what's the problem? we only live once. right? >> reporter: no one was hurt on the ground. police at this point are only charging the two men with trespassing, a misdemeanor. they will check in with the d.a. to see if there's any other law that applies here. here is a look at the roof that they jumped from, 46 stories high. this hotel is on o'farrell at taylor. the police officer investigating this fold me this is a first for him, and he's been doing this for 18 years. live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. glad everyone's safe.
5:38 am
amy, thank you. new details this morning about the investigation into the deadly crash involving a plane bound for san jose. the ntsb says it could take up to ten-days to release its preliminary report and a year and a half for the full summary. the cessna crashed into homes shortly after takeoff on monday. three of the five people on board died. their identities have not been officially released. no one on the ground was hurt. that woman that you saw there works at the airport and she said the piemt had trouble taking off in the bad wets. >> i was so worried in the last moment that he left. i said, why they are leaving. >> the plane is own bid a san jose man and neighbors say that he and his wife had flown see their granddaughter take part in a cheerleading competition. the two woman who survived are in critical condition this morning. chp is investigating a four-car crash that left five people hurt in san francisco. the accident happened south of geneva avenue. one person was thrown during the crash and ended up trapped under
5:39 am
a car. it was h firefighters had to pull them out. two of the victims are in critical condition, three others have minor injuries. the city of san jose has now officially declared a local emergency in the aftermath of last week's flooding. this is the next step in applying for state and federal aid. the city council has set a hearing for march 9 to discuss the flood response and why residents weren't warned when the anderson reservoir started spilling over. mayor sam liccardo says he'll try to meet with defer rent for people who were displaced. clear lake is still flooding, but i'll have some good news for you in about ten minutes on what's going to happen there in the next couple days. let's talk temperatures. coolest in castro valley, 37 followed by berkeley and orinda, dress for 40 and then 41 to 41, oakland, san leandro, richmond,
5:40 am
warmest near the water. across the bay, we've got 39 in mountain view, 41 in san carlos, 40 down in san jose. look how cold it is in pleasanton. 34 santa rosa, 34 some of the cold spots, novato and napa at about 37, pacifica, you're at 43. look at these temperatures, how much will be warm today, 58 in half moon bay, 60 in san francisco to 63 in san jose. 64 degrees, pollen's going to be an issue once again. tree pollen, ash, elm, juniper and pine. lows tonight we'll have 36 in santa rosa for the cool spot to san francisco at about 45 degrees. so not as chilly as this morning. look at the state today. we'll wash in total sunshine from tahoe at 40, central valley, look at l.a., 75 degrees and here's a look at the seven day forecast for tahoe. dry today, tomorrow, friday, but moderate to heavy snow coming this weekend. g f you get up there friday, i think you'll be very happy with the results. alexis has happy results too. things are looking a lot
5:41 am
better in san jose. we told you about 20 minutes ago that our sig alert did clear on northbound 880. that's where we had that box truck stuck on the median so that's been gone for a little while now, 15, 20 minutes and no residual delays there as you can see so that really did bounce back quickly. northbound 101, three-car crash, doesn't sound like it's blocking, it's off on the left shoulder but sfop and go traffic. and a quick check of drive times here. westbound 80, highway 4 to the maze, just 20 minutes, westbound 80 across the bay bridge, another 12 and southbound 101, san francisco to sfo, that is in the green at just 9 minutes. we'll check on the central valley coming up next. new video sparking new controversy surrounding uber's ceo. what he's apting this morning. dub nation anxiously dub nation anxiously awaiteding to hear how
5:42 am
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it's 5:44 now. we are getting a better idea of the scope of sexual harassment on uc campuses. our media partner the bay area news group reports that from january 2013 to last april, more than 100 employees were disciplined in sexual harassment cases. 26 of those cases happened at uc san francisco which had the most of any campus. about 58% of all reports came from staff members with claims ranging from inappropriate comments to sexual assault. happening today, san jose
5:45 am
state university students are planning to protest a proposed 5% tuition increase. at noon today, students are planning a walkout before rallying on campus in front of the cesar chavez monument. in january, california state university leaders proposed the tuition hike with csu system facing a nearly $168 million budget shortfall. if this is approved, that tuition increase would take effect in the fall. the csu board of trustees expected to vote on that proposal later this month. this morning, anxious warriors fans are awaiting the results of kevin durant's mri after he hyperextended his left knee last night. yahoo sports the vertical reports the warriors are bracing for the possibility that kd's injury could keep him out of the remainder of the regular season. sources tell the vertical that some of durant's inner circle fear the damage could sideline him even longer. the nba playoffs begin on april 14. he got hurt when his teammate fell into durant's knee.
5:46 am
a quarter to 6:00 now. uber ceo is apologizing and says he needs to grow up. this in reaction to a video showing him getting into a heated argument with one of his drivers. >> some people don't like to take responsibility for their [ bleep ]. they blame everything in life on somebody else. >> but why you send the e-mail for town car? >> this video obtained by bloomberg shows travis kalanick arguing with the driver now. kalanick told him to take responsibility for himself. now, he is now apologize to the driver, saying, quote, this is the first time i've been willing to admit that i need leadership help and i intend to get it. severe weather is hitting the midwest right now, just look at this. tornados, we're seeing hail in some areas, it has just been a real mess and in fact, the weather is now being blamed for at least three deaths. two people were killed in northern illinois. the other victim in eastern
5:47 am
missouri. authorities say there are a total of 24 tornados yesterday, wreaking havoc in six states. you're looking at a photo there of a funnel cloud in iowa. more severe thunderstorms are expected throughout the midwest today. take a look at this damage overnight in perriville, maryland and also in illinois, the governor has activated the state's emergency operation center to those who need help. >> i mentioned the hail earlier and that is what you're looking at here. it pounded parts of iowa. this is video from iowa city. authorities there say the hail, strong winds, and rain caused quite a bit of damage. parts of that state could get hit with even more rain and even snow later this week. and mike nicco, you're taking a look at all of this. i was looking at that hail. it looked like it was small enough that it wasn't causing damage and the crops aren't coming up yet so no damage there
5:48 am
frankly. this includes nashville and lexington, kentucky. severe thunderstorm watch in yellow, that means we could have a tornado or even winds up to 58 miles per hour or hail up to 1 inch in size. we had a strong gust of winds move through nashville. this entire system is going to bear down on the east coast. you can see over the next six hours, boston, new york, baltimore, washington, philadelphia, all the way down to atlanta so flying is going to be an issue trying to get into those hubs later on this afternoon. mike, thank you. there are big changes at anderson reservoir in santa clara county. you remember how it looked last week, water pouring down the spill swai. sky7 showing us how it looks now. for the first time in days, no water flowing with the splway. the reservoir is at 100% capacity. it doesn't meet earthquake safety standards and must be kept at no more than 68% capacity. happening today, we will get another read of how much water we can expect to get from snow in the sierra.
5:49 am
state water officials are doing their monthly physical measurement of the water content in the sierra snow pack. data collected electronically shows the snow pack is 188% of normal. a healthy snow pack is crucial because know makes up 60% of the water captured in our reservoirs. it's also one-third of the state's overall water supply in a normal year. let's go back to mike nicco for a look at what our weather looks like around here. >> good news up from lake port, seeing an end to the flooding. every morning we've come into the national weather service's kicked the flood warning another day down the road. still about friday afternoon. hopefully this flood warning will expire for lake port. flood stage is at 9. we're down to 9.94 so the slow let out of water continues. it's just that it's slow. here's a look from the east bay hills camera. i absolutely sleep air over top of us. sunshine today, warmer, we'll get back to average highs, warmer tomorrow, and then we're still looking wet saturday,
5:50 am
sunday, monday, and to a lesser extent tuesday. let's focus on the first storm. saturday and sunday. some light rain possible. 1/4 to 1/2 inch so i don't expect any flooding. breezy but not much in the way of damage there. saturday, we're going to get our best chance of rain with it moving into the north bay about noon and into the heart of the bay during the evening and during the evening and overnight hours that we're going to get our heaviest bout of rain. in fact, by saturday evening, only about 1/10 to possibly 2/10 of of an inch. we'll have another round of scattered showers for monday and then tuesday, it looks like the clouds hang on but the rain leaves us but let's go back to tomorrow. temperatures near 70. that's awesome. >> we want to hang on though to that as long as possible, mike. taking a look at our traffic maps, i want to head to the central valley. yesterday, we had those issues on the eastbound side of 580 and we're seeing a little bit of a delay there as you get through the altamont pass area. road maintenance scheduled until 9:00 this morning so normally
5:51 am
the eastbound side wide open but we are seeing stop and go traffic approaching. the westbound side, that overnight road work cleared about 4:00 this morning and you're down to 10 or 15 miles an hour. here's a look at another slow spot, the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights on and some good news as far as mass transit is concerned. our only issue today was with b.a.r.t. track maintenance that went late this morning at daly city. that has cleared and those delays have cleared up and we have 43 trains in service. we have one issue in san jose right now. we'll look at that next. who will be dancing on the upcoming season of "dancing with the stars"? >> that list just revealed moments ago on "gma" so we know olympian simone and nancy olympian simone and nancy kerrigan as well, mr. t, kihuen a ja ika. we have the full list for you
5:52 am
too on our abc7 news app. season 24 of dancing premiers monday march 20. >> who's the glee person we were just talking about? >> heather morris. she's an incredible dancer. >> whatever her name is, she is the next winner of "dancing with the stars." she's a terrific dancer. new at 6:00, a warning for parents about a popular toy, how it could expose your children to hackers. first, look at this man attacking a southern california attacking a southern california police s attacking a southern california police s did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back?
5:53 am
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earned you miles to get to the places you really want to go. with the united mileageplus explorer card, you'll get a free checked bag, 2 united club passes... priority boarding... and 50,000 bonus miles. everything you need for an unforgettable vacation. the united mileageplus explorer card. imagine where it will take you. we're back and san jose police are asking for your help tracking down this trio of robbers. officers just released the security video. it shows several convenience stores getting targeted in the span of just an hour.
5:55 am
this happened in october. in each case, the men entered the store in pairs with one of them pointing a rifle at the cashier. two of the victims ended up getting physically assaulted. the robbers are between 18 and 29 years old. they took off with stolen cash in a white or gold colored suv. a man in southern california decided to test his baseball swing on this police station. look at this. he just started whacking the windows of this west covina police station with a bet bat on monday morning. people in the lobby were running for cover there. well, as they were doing that, an officer started creeping up. yep. and tackled that man to the ground. that man is now cited for assault with a deadly weapon. from one sport to the other, baseball to football. just like that. wow. all right. hi, everybody. let's talk about what's going to happen today. here's a look from sutro tower. our highs are still climbing. we're within a degree or two of average with santa rosa being one of our areas a little bit warmer than average, 64 your
5:56 am
average high is 63. most of us about 62 degrees today. san francisco 60. here's a look at san jose. already seeing sunshine over 280 and 17 or at least the sky is getting brighter. the sun is technically not up yet. tree poll season going to be high today. what to expect, march, san francisco, high and low to 64 and 49. it's our fourth wettest month. taking you back to san jose on our traffic maps here, actually, no, that was a quick look at walnut creek there. we'll take you back there in just a second but i do have a problem of northbound 101 near alum rock, a multi-car crash report and had chp saying it's off on the center divide. heavy traffic approaching, though. you're down to 12 to we are working to confirm that but you've got stop and go traffic in the area and here too. southbound 680 through walnut creek, quite a few of those brake lights filling in. we'll check drive times coming up. if you're heading out the door for a game of golf today, it's going to be nice weather. is it going to be easier to understand? get this.
5:57 am
new this morning. two governing bodies for the sport say they are drafting modern rules. they've been working on it for five years, and they're proposing less rules. they're taking out ten. a lot of them involve penalties like you won't get a penalty if your ball mufz in the putting green or if you have to go look for it and no need to remove that flag when you putt. it will go to the public for review, but a heads up if you do play golf or watch golf, those new rules, if they go through, would be starting in the beginning of 2019. but big changes for a sport. back to you. new at 6:00, summer vacation just a few months away, how you just a few months away, how you can find the best deal
5:58 am
5:59 am
hey, good morning. halfway through the week on this march 1. welcome. >> let us welcome you to the new month. >> yes. >> it's a new day, and it's new
6:00 am
weather. hi, mike nicco. >> not going to rain today. >> we'll take it. >> we'll take it. >> it's a little chilly this morning, once again, because we have a clear sky. look at this. i overlaid the clouds on live doppler 7 and you can see they're about 100 miles offshore and that's where they're going to stay today.o cf1 o look at this. we're already starting to see the first signs of day creep into our mt. tamalpais camera. it's chilly this morning. noon, total sunshine, 56 to 58, you want to have those sunglasses to protect your eyes. 55 to 61 from the coast inland at 4:00 and 47 to 53, grab a coat at 7:00. hey, alexis. good morning. i want to take you to the central valley on our traffic maps here. road work on the eastbound side of the road and just like yesterday, we've got a little bit of a delay if you're coming from altamont pass and heading towards tracy so eastbound 580 just before stone cut we've got the two right lanes down and that is likely going to last until about 9:00 this morning so if you are going the counter-commute


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