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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  March 1, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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weather. hi, mike nicco. >> not going to rain today. >> we'll take it. >> we'll take it. >> it's a little chilly this morning, once again, because we have a clear sky. look at this. i overlaid the clouds on live doppler 7 and you can see they're about 100 miles offshore and that's where they're going to stay today.o cf1 o look at this. we're already starting to see the first signs of day creep into our mt. tamalpais camera. it's chilly this morning. noon, total sunshine, 56 to 58, you want to have those sunglasses to protect your eyes. 55 to 61 from the coast inland at 4:00 and 47 to 53, grab a coat at 7:00. hey, alexis. good morning. i want to take you to the central valley on our traffic maps here. road work on the eastbound side of the road and just like yesterday, we've got a little bit of a delay if you're coming from altamont pass and heading towards tracy so eastbound 580 just before stone cut we've got the two right lanes down and that is likely going to last until about 9:00 this morning so if you are going the counter-commute direction, unfortunately you will have a delay and of course if you're
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going westbound 205 to 580 towards altamont pass you're down to 14 and just 13 miles an hour. so our typical stop and go traffic there. couple issues in san jose this morning. i'll show you those coming up next. president trump hoping to build on the momentum this morning from his first joint address to congress. >> the president is garnering praise from republicans for his measured tone and calling for unity to address issues plaguing the country. he talked about tax reform and strengthening the middle class. he says u.s. companies are taxed at one of the highest rates anywhere in the world. he plans to reduce it. >> it will be a big, big cut. at the same time, we will provide massive tax relief for the middle class. we must create a level playing field for american companies and our workers. have to do it. >> president trump says he also wants to adopt a merit-based immigration system similar to other nations like canada and australia. >> i believe that real and positive immigration reform is
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possible as long as we focus on the following goals. to improve jobs and wages for americans. to strengthen our nation's security. and to restore respect for our laws. >> the president promised to move forward quickly on repealing and replacing obamacare, even among republicans, though, there is disagreement about what that plan should look like and how should it be paid for. abc news invited a usf professor of politics to comment on the speech. she was surprised by how noncontroversial president trump's hour-long speech ended up being. she says he stuck to the script. >> he's in effect treating it like a state of the union. there's going to be a lot of questions about how he's going to pay for everything he's promised. >> bay area congressman eric swal well agreed saying the speech sounded like the
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president reading his tweets. on that note this morning, we are asking you how you felt about the president's speech. we posted a poll on twitter. right now, most people say they didn't watch or they have no opinion. in fact, 50% of the more than 119 people that have voted already in just the last hour, 25% say he could be doing more. 25% say it was a great speech. and he's making the u.s. great again. you can take the poll yourself on twitter at @abc7newsbayarea. you have about this time until tomorrow. 22 hours left right now. president trump's proposed budget does not have a chance of passing congress, according to top republican leaders. abc news is reporting that both senator lindsey graham and senator majority leader mitch mcconnell say the budget will not gain approval of congress. the white house wants to cut the budget for american foreign aid and diplomacy and use the savings for the military. senator graham says you can't
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win a war just by having the most guns. diplomacy is essential for success. a fiery plane crash has a big impact in the bay area. >> this morning, we are hearing from the brother of a san jose woman lost in that crash and from her former coworkers as well. abc7 news reporter matt keller is live in san jose where the plane was headed. >> reporter: good morning, natasha and reggie. this was such a tragedy. members of two different families were honor-on that plat was headed here to san jose. five people were on board that plane. only two survived. here's a picture of one of those people who was killed in this crash. she is 22-year-old align farelas. farelas. her they were returning from a cheerleading competition. the union middle school student arrived safely back in san jose by bus with the rest of her team. her 19-year-old brother brandon
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is left trying to cope with the loss of their big sister. >> she was a great sister, a good role model. i just wish that i could have appreciated her a little more than i did the last couple days, but you know, she was a great person overall. >> reporter: adine farelas was a teacher at pepper tree schools of los gatos. they released a statement overnight saying she was a bright and loving person, wonderful teacher to all her students, loved by all here. the ntsb is still investigating what caused this crash. reporting live in san jose, matt keller, abc7 news. such a sad experience for the family and friends. matt thank you. time is running out for the owner of a berkeley apartment building. officials say roger and val morash and their two cats died from carbon monoxide poisoning in january. the source of that gas is still a mystery. the building's owner now has two weeks o to hire a mechanical engineer to find the source in morash's apartment and report
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back to city hall. the remaining units have been inspected several times. they've been declared safe. still some tenants remain skeptical. >> are you nervous staying here? >> on and off. i try not to turn on the heater too much. >> what i think is strange is they can't find the source. >> i wouldn't live in that for all the tea in china, i mean, really, would you? >> after the source is located, the owner will have 90 days to repair it. until then, no one will be able to move in. crews are now removing debris at the base of the oroville dam spillway and water flow has stopping temporarily so they can clean it up. the stoppage will also make it possible to reboot the power plant under the dam. a major break opened in the concrete chute last month and the flow carve add new path and a huge radio veen south of the spillway too towards the dam. sexual harassment and retaliation this morning explosive accusations against palo alto based tesla and now
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the company is responding. also a troubling situation at the site of a new san francisco school. coming up next, why the building would have to be empty for months before students can move in. live shot of the city this morning at 6:07. morning at 6:07. we keep weather and tra
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we have some freezing cold neighborhoods up in the north bay. rohnert park, petaluma, 32, getting close in santa rosa at 33, napa, 36, tiburon at about 42. freezing cold in lafayette, 3 is there, alameda 45 along with san francisco, san jose about 38. let's take a look at walnut creek and you can see we're off to a clear start. quiet weather if you're going to be on the road today. exercising, high amount of tree pollen and total sunshine if you're going to be out and about like walking the dog. forecast today about 59 to 64 degrees, 61 to 68 our warmest afternoon tomorrow. a little less sunshine, a little cooler, 57 to 65 for friday and tonight, mid 30s inland to mid 40s around san francisco. alexis? taking a look at our traffic maps, we do have an issue in the south bay right now. it's northbound 101 around alum rock and it's reportedly off on the left-hand shoulder but we're
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seeing a solid backup approaching so that is a multi-car crash with some minor injuries report and had using our distance measuring tool looks like you're right around two miles for your backup. it's just past that 280/680 split. oer other than that, not many slow spots this morning. the bay bridge toll plaza is congest and had we've had metering lights on since about 5:28 but no blocking issues as you head into san francisco. we'll look at drive times coming up. tesla is responding now to claims that it discriminates against its female employees. in a lawsuit filed last year, a former employee claimed that the company paid female workers less than their male counterparts, denied promotions for women and retaliated against them if they complained to hr. the woman who filed the suit also says tesla turned a blind eye to male staff members who repeatedly harassed her with inappropriate language, whistling and cat calls. tesla has denied the claim saying it is committed to creating a positive work environment that is free of discrimination for all employees oochl a heads up for those of you who take a bike to work
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we are back at 6:14. new details about the raiders this morning and the effort to keep the team in oakland. the associated press reporting fortress investment group has submitted a formal plan to build a new stadium to the nfl for the
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first time. now, forfresz is working with that man you see there, hall of famer ronnie lott, on a plan to replace the coliseum with a new stadium and new development at the coliseum site. the raiders do have a deal with las vegas for a new stadium but they've lost backing from a major investor. an unstable situation could delay the opening of a new school in san francisco. abc7 news was in mission bay where the district wants to build a new school. now the district says the building would need to settle for 6 to 9 months to avoid sinking and of course that's what happened to the millennium tower con doz. the district says nothing is certain until they have a design and concrete plans. a popular bike route in san francisco is getting a multimillion dollar makeover. according to "the examiner," county and city officials agreed to spend nearly $7 million on several improvement projects across san francisco. one of them is to create a flat route for cyclists who are traveling east to woes through the wiggle, the
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there's a major security breach involving a popular toy. according to the huffington post, hackers retrieved millions of e-mails, passwords and private conversations linked to teddy bears from cloud pets. you're looking at the company's website. parents download an app and register personal information before recording private messages for the teddy bear to play. authorities say hackers are accessing all that information from families across the globe. concerned parents, you're being urged to change your password and consider disconnecting the teddy bear from the app. youtube wants to help you cut the cord. this spring, they will offer a tv service for $35 a month and that would include the broadcast networks and their affiliated cable channels. that means abc and espn, which are both owned by disny. they're about 3 dozen channels in total. it will also include a dvr with unlimited storage and the same recommendation system that you get with google.
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$35 a month? that seems like it could be a game changer. >> all the comforts of your couch are helping online ticket sales for one of the movie theater giants. >> all you have to do is lean back like that lady is. cinemark ceo says sales have increased by 50% in theaters that have their new renovated reclining seats. now, mark made that comment yesterday at the morgan stanley media and technology telecom conference. he says 40% of the nearly 6,000 cinemark theaters are going to receive that reclining chair. >> i cannot imagine seeing a movie without it now. i love that reclining medicare. >> i seek it out. it doesn't surprise me that ticket sales are up in those theaters. >> we have to make it more comfortable than staying at home. >> look at her. >> i'm leaning. >> i'm sorry, i didn't even notice. look at you. >> during your entire forecast, we're just going to be laying back. >> do i smell popcorn? >> someone better be making some. >> some of those cinemarks are selling alcohol now also.
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>> i wouldn't know about that. >> i wouldn't either. i'm sorry, adult beverages. here's a look doppler 7. i've overlaid the clouds and they're at least 100 miles offshore. beautiful morning sunlight looking at san francisco. blue skies, sunshine, warmer highs today. feeling chilly again tonight and a chance of rain saturday, sunday, monday. light on our storm impact scale. ranking a 1 because of the lightness of the rain and the lightness of the breezes. now here's the way it plays out. saturday is looking a little bit wetter than yesterday but it comes in during the afternoon and into the evening hours from north to south and the heaviest rain is going to fall during the evening and overnight hours. wake up sunday morning, you can see it's quiet other than scattered showers throughout the afternoon. here's a look at the rainfall potential. by the time we get to saturday, at 7:00 in the evening, about a tenth, maybe two tenths inch and then 1/4 to 1/2 inch overnight a little heavier then.
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here's a look at my accuweather 7 day forecast. 60 to 68 degrees our warmest afternoon tomorrow. the high clouds will dim our sunshine enough for 58 to 66, our spread friday, which is pretty close to average. little bit cooler than average saturday, sunday, and lingering into monday. the sun returns tuesday. and i want to head back out to the central veil here. not as big of an issue as what we had yesterday but a little bit of a delay on the eastbound side. road crews out there working on the eastbound side of 580 near greenville road since 8:30 last night. they're saying they should wrap up by 9:00 this morning. a little stop and go traffic through altamont pass and of course we have delays on the westbound side too as you leave tracy down to 12 or 14 miles an hour but overall, that really isn't looking too bad. one new issue if you're traveling the counter-commute, eastbound 24 in the tunnel, the far right bore and it sounds like the left lane within that bore. we've got a disabled vehicle, no hazards on and that is blocking the left lane. so use some caution there. and a quick check of drive times.
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westbound 80, highway 4 to the maze, and 10 in san francisco to sfo. summer vacation? not too far away. next, we're going to find the best deals on your hotel room. and also, one of america's most famous billionaires facing criticism this morning. the controversial statement leaving many women outraged. abc7, the only place where you can see weather and traffic throughout the break. we'll see you right after this.
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was it a hard place to get to? (laughs) it wasn't too bad.
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with the chase mobile app, jimmy chin can master depositing his hard earned checks in a snap. easy to use chase technology for whatever you're trying to master. look at this. this is the end of a police pursuit in louisiana. that truck going airborne and then crashing on top of another car. how they got there just is wild. police say they were talking to the driver for speeding outside of the truck. the passenger got into the driver's seat, stepped on the gaseo gas and started the chase. it ended when the suspect hit spike strips, swerved and went airborne. that suspect is in custody. no one was seriously hurt. unbelievable. time to askfinney. today, christian from daly city has a question regarding hotel deals. >> she spoke to us in daly city.
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"7 on your side's" michael finney has her answer. >> my question is how do you get the best hotel deals onlin >> hey, hotels are nothing like airlines. generally, the sooner you buy, the better the price. that's not always the case. what i want you to do is to go online to a website like kayak. i really like them. the website will keep track of prices and then send you alerts when the prices are lower and also when they go up. it even works well when you're booking hotels and flights together. the app is free. christian, check it out and good luck getting a deal. >> if you have a question for michael finney, record it on your smartphone or your tablet and share it with us on social using #askfinney and you might see your question answered right here on abc7 mornings. investment maven warren buffett may give up repeating old jokes after using one to explain the difference between a diplomat sfa skpa lady. the executive said if a diplomat
6:25 am
says no, he's no diplomat. if a lady says no, she means maybe, and if she says maybe, she means yes and if she says yes, she's no lady. >> wow. >> take that in. despite those cringe inducing remarks, buffett is known as a progressive who has advocated for women executives. new details on a pilot program providing perks for people who used b.a.r.t. during off peak hours. google ended the partnership early after buying the company that ran it. according to "the examiner," the pilot was set to end last month but google notified b.a.r.t. in november it would not be continuing. b.a.r.t. says the program was working. now they're looking for a new company in an effort to kpeep the program going permanently. san francisco mayor ed lee wants to make it easier to charge electric vehicles in the city. the mayor is proposing that all new buildingings in san francisco equip at least 10% of their parking spaces with electric charging stations like this building on pine street. supervisor katie tang came up
6:26 am
with the idea after trying to buy a electric vehicle but ran into a big obstacle. >> i was researching all the ways that i could do that. i went so far as to test driving vehicles and realized that even if i brought one home, i couldn't charge it. >> that does seem to be a problem. san francisco is also committing to buying only zero emission vehicles by 2020. next at 6:30, vice president mike pence responding overnight to president trump's address to congress. and new this morning, three men could face charges after they jumped from a san francisco high-rise hotel overnight. why the crime has police a bit stumped. and it took until march 1 for us to be average. look at these temperatures. we're within 1 to 2 degrees of our average high temperature. we haven't been able to say that because of all the rain we've had in january and february. i do have a few more chances of rain coming up in the accuweather 7 day forecast. a live look from our exploratorium camera. the sunrise starting.
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well, they come from our hope and a longing to bring something new into the world. it's fitting, then, that classrooms of children are born every day in northern california -- the cradle of ideas, changing the very world around us.
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every bright spark deserves a hand to help it become something more. and that's why we are here. for our newest neighbors and the people they become. sutter health. proudly caring for northern california, birthplace of pioneers. good morning, it is wednesday, march 1, and that reminds me, i need to get my taxes together. who here is done with this? you're done for over a month. >> you've got over a month. >> oh, good, i like your attitude. >> more time to procrastinate.
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>> don't we get three or four extra days this year. >> we get a couple extra days. >> i still won't make that deadline. i never do. >> you're promising this is the last chilly start to the morning for a while. >> and i promise i won't tax you on that either. >> nice. >> hi. let's talk about what's going to happen today. it is chilly this morning. here's the reason why. i overlaid the cloud layer on live doppler 7. you can see the clouds are 100 miles offshore so the clear conditions and light winds led for temperatures that are running from about 32 to 47 from inland valleys to san francisco. 56 to 58 at noon under total sunshine. 5 at the coast. 49 to 53 is your spread under a star filled sky at 7:00. let you know how much longer until the rain comes in next. we've got a rollover crash in san jose and we can just barely see it here on our 101 and 880 camera. it is the northbound off ramp to loop around there and head south on 880 and you can see the tow truck has arrived on the scene.
6:31 am
we can't see the vehicle that flipped but you can see chp responding there. so it isn't fully blocking that ramp, just that left-hand side. no major injuries reported either. little bit further south of here around 101 and alum rock, we have a crash that looks like it's in the clearing stages. i will show you that coming up next. new this morning, three people parachuted off the top of a hilton in san francisco overnight. >> okay, so, right away, we need to let you know they landed safely but now police are a bit stumped by the whole thing. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield live for us in san francisco. >> reporter: hi, reggie. yeah, looks like they may have pulled this off. police say they don't know if it's a crime. look at this video. they did take two men into custody, handcuffed them, booked them. there was a third person, a woman, they say she got away. officers have their parachutes, security saw them jump, but police can't find a crime on the books that they violated when they jumped. so, right now, they are charged
6:32 am
with trespassing, a misdemeanor. while veteran police officers say people parachuting off a building is a first for them, some others who work down here in the tenderloin area weren't too shocked. >> it's not surprising. a lot of thrill seekers, people out trying to have a good time. getting crazy. nothing surprises you out here. at all. >> reporter: no one was hurt on the ground. the jumpers were okay. police say the men who jumped are in their mid 20s. one has a local address and the other out of state. here's a live look at the roof that they jumped from. 46 stories high. this hotel, this hilton, it's on o'farrell at taylor, across the street from glide memorial. police say they will check in with the d.a. later today to see if there are any crimes that were committed but right now, they're just looking at trespassing. reporting live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. president trump tweeting this morning about his address
6:33 am
to congress. it was quite simple and to the point. two words. thank you. >> it was a speech filled with calls for unity, much different tone from the president. maggie rulli is in the nation's capital with the response. >> reporter: good morning. this was a critical moment in donald trump's presidency. with just over one month in office, this was his chance to speak to the american people and to congress. president trump's first address to congress beginning with a call for unity. >> a new tone for a new phase and softer tones on the harder edges of donald trump. >> reporter: abc news political analyst rick kline says president trump's new phase is also a way to repackage his old campaign themes to the american people, like calling to repeal and replace the affordable care act. to increase military spending and build that wall. >> a great, great wall along our southern border. >> reporter: the night's most emotional moment, a standing ovation for karen owens, the widow of chief petty officer ryan owens killed in action a
6:34 am
month ago during the raid in yemen. former democratic governor of kentucky, steve beshear, ripped into the president's plans to repeal obamacare. >> this isn't a game. it's life and death for people. >> reporter: democrats and even some republicans are now demanding answers from the president about exactly how he plans to repeal obamacare woud jeopardizing health care for millions of americans. we think you'll be interested in this cnn/orc poll just out. it finds 57% of people who watch that had speech had a positive reaction. nearly 7 in 10 of those watching the president's proposed policies say they are moving the country in the right direction. also, nearly two-thirds of people said president trump has the right priorities for the country. the group taking this survey was about 8 points more republican than the population as a whole. the reverend jesse jackson watched the speech last night at the hamilton family services in san francisco. he says he had hoped it would
6:35 am
have been more specific. >> the plan to reduce the cost of public education, a plan to reduce affordable housing and a plan to lift up the poor. >> congressional republicans call the president's speech a home run. mike pence sat down with abc to talk about the president's speech. mr. trump made big promises about immigration, infrastructure, health care, the question many americans believe the president left unanswered could be the most important one. >> can he guarantee that everyone who has coverage now won't lose it. >> i think the president's made it clear to congress that particularly when it comes to the most vulnerable population, we don't want anyone to fall through the cracks. >> the president didn't reveal how he would pay for his ambitious plans. vice president pence says funding will come from the new budget and will be offset by cuts in several areas of domestic spending. and we have posted the president's entire speech along with a fact check on
6:36 am this morning, cnn is reporting president trump is putting off releasing his revised travel ban until later this week. white house officials felt signing the executive order today as planned would undercut the favorable coverage of last night's speech. the original order banned citizens of seven muslim majority countries from entering the u.s. and suspended the entry of all refugees. that order was put on hold by the federal appeals court in san francisco. happening today, a federal judge in oakland expected to decide whether to release the widow of the orlando nightclub shooter from jail while she is awaiting chiel. noor was arrested in january and accused of helping her husband, omar mateen, plot last year's attack that left 49 people dead. the judge ordered a psychiatric evaluation of the 31-year-old before making a decision. today's hearing is scheduled to begin at 9:at the federal courthouse in oakland. chp investigating a crash in
6:37 am
san francisco. this accident happened south of geneva avenue last night. firefighters had to extricate one of the victims who was trapped underneath a car after being ejected. two of the victims are in critical condition. three others suffered minor injuries. a fiery, terrible plane crash that killed three people in southern california has a big impact here in the bay area. >> this morning, we are hearing from the brother of a san jose woman lost in the crash and from her former coworkers. abc7 news reporter matt keller is live in san jose where the plane was headed. >> reporter: good morning, natasha. the plane never made it to its final destination in san jose. we spoke with the brother of one of the fatal victims and he told us about his conversation he had on the day of the crash. >> before my mom and sister took off on the plane they gave me a call and told me the weather wasn't the best out there, probably wasn't the best decision and they decided to go for it anyway. >> reporter: five people from two different families were on
6:38 am
board that plane that crashed into homes near riverside airport. three people were killed, including brandon farelas's sister, 22-year-old adine farelas. she was a teacher at pepper tree schools of los gatos. they said she had a strong passion for children. our community has lost a very special person. she will be deeply missed. the ntsb is still investigating the cause of this crash. reporting live in so he thinks, matt keller, abc7 news. thank you, matt. the city of san jose has declare add local emergency in the aftermath of last week's flooding. it's the next step in applying for state and federal aid t. city council has set a hearing for march 9 to discuss the flood response and why residents weren't warned when the anderson reservoir began spilling over. the mayor says he'll try to meet with landlords to seek rent breaks for people displaced and a santa clara water district is now drawing up new flood control plans for coyote creek. there are big changes. you remember how it looked last week with all that water pouring
6:39 am
down the spillway. sky7 is showing us how it looks now. for the first time in days, no wart is flowing from the spillway. the reservoir is at 100% capacity. so you can expect more water to be released soon. anderson reservoir does not meet earthquake safety standards and must be kept at no more than 68% capacity. santa clara and alum rock, you're the coldest in the south bay. and san jose, you're right now. we've got 36 in redwood city. danville and lafayette, 31 and 33 there, 32, alameda 46, san pablo 44 and san francisco is about 46 degrees. temperature today 58 at half moon bay is the cool spot. 60 in san francisco to santa rosa at 64. that's our spread. check out sfo. no delays this morning, not with the lack of clouds, a quieted weather pattern for your commute. exercising, more tree pollen out
6:40 am
there and total sunshine if you're going to be out and about. tonight will stretch from 36 in santa rosa to san francisco. 45, we'll be seeing starsz once again. and we've had quite a few issues in san jose this morning. i want to take you back down there on our traffic maps right now. this one is improving right now. northbound 101, we had a multi-car crash. never sounded like it was a blocking issue but definitely had some onlooker delay. so all lanes are open now if they were ever blocked. that shoulder is back open too. and you are up to about 25-mile-per-hour average there. on that northbound side coming up from the 280/680 split so that is looking better. in the meantime, we've got a new problem in oakland, hoifr. this is northbound 880, right around 29th avenue. sounds like a pretty minor crash but that right lane is blocked right now and then backup is starting to grow quickly so that's the spot that really does not take much and mike just tweeted out a beautiful picture of the sunrise. you can see that on our traffic cameras too. live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. the traffic not so pretty. those metering lights have been on since 5:28 this morning.
6:41 am
we'll head back to san jose, a rollover crash there. we are hearing about some potentially colin kaepernick news this morning. this has to do with his future with the 49ers. >> nfl insider ian rapoport tweeting this morning that kaepernick's new agents have informed all 32 nfl teams that the quarterback will be opting out of his contract with the 49ers. reports first came out in october. he's expected to opt out, but rapoport all but confirms kap will test the free agent market. that means he is leaving behind $14.5 million in the final year of his contract. the still won't be official until tomorrow when the opt-out period begins. free agent negotiations start on tuesday. reggie, natasha, back to you. a man attacks a southern california police station with a bat. you are going to want to see how an officer takes the matter into his own hands. uber's pr crisis is going
6:42 am
from bad to worse. the just released video that has the company's ceo admitting he has some growing up to do. and all morning long here at the live desk i've been tracking the live desk i've been tracking social media for new video o guyou'll swear it came from aew frfancy brunch place. its 100% real. just like my favorite sport - pro wrestling. um... yeah, about pro wrestling... its fake. what? lies!! its... all ...lies!! why didnt you tell me?!!!! sorry jack, i thought you knew. try my new grilled french toast plate with syrup and hickory smoked bacon. the newest addition to my brunchfast menu. hit me with this, youll feel better.
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welcome back. all morning, we've been talking about those powerful tornados in
6:45 am
the country's midsection lt night and i'm seeing incredible video at the live desk this morning. look at this. twisters captured on cell phone video in wash burn, illinois. two hours southwest of chicago. this is a really hard hit town. eight houses were destroyed there. the tornado actually barely missed two schools, three people were killed across four states including missouri, iowa, and arkansas. and mike is still tracking those storms for us this morning. hi, mike. >> hey, jessica, let me give you an update. what you're going to see are two boxes i've overlaid on live doppler 7. the red one, tornado watch. conditions are favorable for a tornado. severe thunderstorm watch means more straight line winds and hail damage. you can see the line of severe weather marching across the mid south. we've got three tornado warnings. can you imagine waking up to the sounds of blaring sirens or your weather radio going off or your phone if you have the proper app telling you there's a tornado
6:46 am
bearing down on you and over the next six hours this is all going to march towards philadelphia, baltimore, washington, and atlanta. we're going to have major delays outside of this damaging weather we're seeing right now. take a look at this man in southern california, apparently he decided to test his baseball swing on a police station. you can see him whacking the windows of the police station with a bat on monday morning and then look, he takes that threatening stance in front of the door, sending people inside the lobby running for cover. that officer tackles him to the ground from behind. the man has been cited for assault with a deadly weapon. san jose police are asking for your help tracking down a trio of robbers. officers just released this security video showing several convenience stores being targeted in the span of an hour last october. in each of these cases, the men entered the store in pairs, one of them pointing a rifle at the cashier. two of the victims were physically assaulted. the robbers between 18 and 29
6:47 am
years old. they took off with stolen cash in a white or gold colored suv. uber ceo is apologizing and says he needs to grow up. this in reaction to a video showing him getting into a heated argument with one of his drivers. >> some people don't like to take responsibility for their [ bleep ]. they blame everything. >> why you sent the e-mail for town car? >> good luck. >> this video shows travis kalanick arguing with a driver. that driver said he lost $97,000 from a lease to take part in uber's high end black service. kalanick told him to take responsibility for himself. kalanick is now apologizes to the driver, saying, this is the first time i've been willing to admit that i need leadership help and i intend to get it. we're getting a better idea of the scope of sexual harassment on uc campuses. from january 2013 to last april, more than 100 employees were disciplined in sexual harassment cases. 26 of those cases happened at uc
6:48 am
san francisco and that is the most of any campus. about 58% of all reports came from staff members with claims ranging from inappropriate comments to sexual assault. today, san jose state university students are planning to protest a proposed 5% tuition increase. at noon today, students are planning a walkout before rallying on campus in front of the monument near the stay tuned union. in january, university leaders proposed the tuition hike with csu system facing a nearly $168 million budget shortfall. in approved, the tuition increase would take effect in the fall. the csu board of trustees is expected to vote later this month. thr shocking claims this morning about sterling jewellers. hundreds of former and current female employees claim sexual harassment was widespread at the company. in sworn statements, female employees claim they were told to perform sexual favors to get
6:49 am
promoted or even just to keep their jobs. the allegations include more than 69,000 current and former employees. >> they have no idea. they think every kiss begins with kay and they don't know how many unwanted kisses come from that kiss. >> sterling is denying these claims. the company says they are not substantiated by the facts and do not reflect the company's culture. this is pretty cool. five female scientists will be i recall mortalized as the newest lego figures. the figures are sally ride, the first american woman in space, nancy grace roman who is known as the mother of the hubble space telescope and may gemeson, the first african-american woman in space. also included are margarita hamilton and catherine johnson whose work helped put the first teem on the moon. this new set will be released late this year or early 2018. we will be learning who will be breaking in their new dancing shoes on this season of wa"dancg with the stars." >> the full list just released
6:50 am
on "good morning america" along with a surprise. >> mr. t, rashad jengs, david ross, bonner bolton, nancy kerrigan, erika jayne, and simone biles. this season, dance with somebody you love. >> moments after the line-up was announced, "gma" tweeted out another star who will be competing this season. >> it is "the bachelor," he's also going to be starting a stop for the coveted mirrorball trophy when season 24 starts on march 20. >> this is now this man's career, to be in every single reality-based program that abc produce s. >> and he's not doing a bad job, i have to say. >> he's the face of abc7 programming now. here's what to expect during on arch march in san francisco. we start with a high of 62 and a low of 49. low doesn't change but we arm a little bit to 64. 86 and 35 are extremes.
6:51 am
this is our fourth wettest month, about 3 1/4 inches the full moon is going to hit on the 12th. good news for lake port. you can see the current flood stage is now down below 10 feet and slowly letting out and the weather service has not extended the flash flood warning, still until friday so hopefully a couple more days and it's over. look at that. i mean, come on. i could sit here and stare at this all morning but we've got to move on. sunny, warmer today, average highs, we've got warmest tomorrow afternoon. of course i captured it and already put it on twitter and facebook, still looking wet saturday and tuesday. here's a look at our storm impact scale. light rains possible saturday, sunday, and monday. 1/4 to possibly 1/2 inch. breezy but not damaging and the rain is going to fall saturday evening and saturday night. okay? so saturday morning and most of sunday are looking fairly dry, some scattered showers there. a slight chance of a shower monday and then tuesday is going to be dry. but wait. look at thursday and friday.
6:52 am
temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. nice days ahead of us. and i want to take you back to san jose. the location of the rollover crash, it's the clover leaf ramp here. northbound 101 to southbound 880 and really you can't see any flashing lights anymore. that is actually the corner of a tow yard that responded to this crash so that rollover vehicle is already in the tow yard. minor injuries involved there. not causing any slowdowns either. we are starting to see a decent backup on our crash here in oakland. this is northbound 880 near 29th avenue. does sound pretty minor but that right lane is blocked and as we zoom out, you can see you're a little bit over 3 miles for that delay so 580 your best betted if you're not a big rig this morning. and westbound 580, tracy to dublin, 41 minutes, westbound 4 at antioch to san rafael to san francisco. we're back in 90 seconds with the seven things you need to know before you go. here's a live look outside with abc7 news now.
6:53 am
with abc7 news now. at that beautiful
6:54 am
whether you're just joining us or heading out the door, these are the seven things you need to know before you go. number one, san francisco police have detained two men on trespassing charges. they say they parachuted from the top of the hilton hotel at union square. detectives say a woman also jumped with them but she got away. number two, adean farelas, the 22-year-old on the right is one of the three killed on
6:55 am
monday when their plane crashed in riverside. her mother survived. they were flying home to san jose after watching adeine's little sister. number three from the live desk, a new poll finds three out of five people who watched president trump's address to congress had a positive reaction to it. nearly two-thirds said he has the right prioritied for the country. we're starting in the same ballpark as yesterday. 47 in san francisco a total sunshine. however, our bus stop will be a little bit warmer this afternoon. 55 at the coast to 62 inland. and number five, our biggest issue at the moment is a crash in oakland. northbound 880 just past 29th avenue, it sounds pretty minor in nature there but the right lane is blocked and we've got a little over a 3 mile backup. 10-mile-per-hour average. 580 looking like your best bet for an alternate. live look at the dow which just broke the 21,000 mark for the first time. stocks are opening higher today
6:56 am
led by big gains as investors expect interest rates to rise. today is ash wednesday and the beginning of lent for many christians. it ends on easter, which is sunday april 16. let us know online what are you giving up. this isn't even a contest for me. the peep oreos. giving up those after our little experiment yesterday. >> not much of a sacrifice. >> maybe whokt chocolate. >> that's a huge sacrifice. >> are you going to make it? >> no. >> "gma" is next. bye.
6:57 am
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good morning, america. president trump strikes a new tone overnight. >> the time for small thinking is over. the time for trivial fights is behind us. >> delivering an optimistic message in his first address to congress. outlining an ambitious agenda suggesting a possible shift in immigration policy. >> i believe that real and positive immigration reform is possible. >> and the emotional moment when the wife of a fallen soldier brought to tears was introduced. live in washington, d.c. with the vice president and democratic leader this morning. severe weather alert. a deadly tornado outbreak overnight. 22 reported twisters from iowa to tennessee destroying homes, tossing cars off the road. with winds over 100 miles an hour, now the system is moving east with more than 100 million on alert this moin


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