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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  March 1, 2017 11:00am-11:31am PST

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a south bay preschool shares its heart break after learning one of the teachers was among the victim when a small plane crashed into a riverside home on monday. i'm reggie aqui. >> and i'm kristen zse. investigators in southern california are asking witnesses to come forward as the youngest victim's brother tells us what made his sister so special. abc 7 news reporter matt keller is live at pepper tree school in san jose with the latest. matt? >> reporter: kristen, the kids and teachers here at pepper tree school of los gatos has big holes in their heart this is
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morning. they say adean fer elas was a beloved teacher and loved by all. you could hear the pain an this 19-year-old brandon's voice. >> realize exactly what it is i'm losing. >> his sister was one of three people killed in a plane crash near the riverside airport on monday. she and her mom were flying with friends. her mom was one of two survivors. the cessna is owned by nora hathi and they were on the plane before takeoff on monday, they called brand on saying they were concerned about the weather. >> >> before my mom and sister took off on the plane and they gave me a call and told me that the weather went the best out there, probably wasn't the best decision and they decided to go for it any way. >> they were returning to san jose from a cheerleading competition in southern california where his younger sister competed. she came back by bus with the rest of her team. >> in the future, to become a
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strong woman just like my mother and sister. >> she was a teacher at pepper tree school of los gatos. they released a statement saying she has h a strong passion for children and our community has lost a very special person. she will be deeply missed. the ntsb and faa are still investigating the cause of the crash. live in san jose, matt keller, abc 7 news. >> just such a sad story. matt, thank you. one of the three people police say base jumped off the hilton in downtown san francisco say police are going too far. amy hollyfield just talked to this jump per as she got out of jail and she's live at sfpd. amy. >> reporter: he said he thinks it is ridiculous what he is being accused of. he just got out of jail about an hour ago so he was in there for about nine hours. he did not want to give his name or n vienta tnd would -- an interview but it would put him at risk but would touch him in touch with someone else that
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might do this. when i was surprised he was shying away from the tension after pulling off a public stunt and if he wanted to do this and with attention, why do it at 1:00 in the morning. two men were taken into custody. officers also have the parachutes. the overnight investigator said they researched it but couldn't find a law that they broke for base jumping. they are charging them with trespassing and conspiracy. the stunt did get quite a reaction from those on the ground. >> i think that was awesome. i think everybody should have fun. do what they do. but as long as it is not jeopardizing the safety of others, what is the problem? we only live once, right? >> it is no surprise to thrill-seekers, trying to have a good time. nothing surprises you out here, at all. >> reporter: police say there were three people who jumped but they only found two men. they say a woman got away.
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police say the jumpers went into a restricted area on the roof of the 46 story hilton and that is what triggered at alarm and got the attention of security officers. that hilton is at oferal and taylor across from glide memorial in san francisco. police are not releasing the names said they are 25 and 26-year-olds, the two men who are accused and no one on the ground was hurt. one veteran officer said he's ben doing this for 18 years and this is a first for him. live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> thank you. happening now, just a few minutes ago, a federal judge in oakland ruled that the widow of the orlando nightclub shooter will be released from jail while she awaits her trial. flo noor salman was accused of aiding her husband after he was shot and killed after killing 49 people last june in an attack at the pulse nightclub. she has pled not guilty. the judge ruled she'll be
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released to the custody of her family. the uber ceo is getting exactly what he and his company don't need right now -- more negative attention. and now he's apologizing after he got in a heated argument with a uber driver. jessica is here with more on that developing story. >> he is saying sorry and that he needs to grow up. after he was shown getting into a heated argument with one of his drivers. >> this is a whole business. >> what, you drop the prices? >> on black? >> yes. [ bleep ]. >> we started with $20. how much is the mile now. $2.75. >> you know what? >> what. >> some people don't like to take responsibility for their -- >> [ bleep ]. >> they blake everything on somebody else. >> [ inaudible ]. >> good luck. >> good luck to you. >> the video shows travis channic arguing with the driver. the driver said he lost $97,000 to take part in the high end
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blank service and he was told to take responsibility and now the ceo is apologizing, saying to say that i'm ashamed is an extreme understatement. it's clear this video is a reflection of me. this is the first time i've been willing to admit that i need leadership help and i i tend to get -- i intend to get it. last month the company had to respond to allegations of sexual harassment in the workplace. jessica castro, abc 7 news. our sky is so full of sunshine. but we're always looking ahead in the weather department. we're on storm watch. here is a look at our storm impact scale. why? we have a couple of storms coming at us and the first one comes in on saturday. and then we have another one for monday. and in all, about a quarter to three quarters of an inch of rain and i'm not expecting any damage. most of saturday is dry until the evening hours and could you see light rain falling there, less than a tenth of an inch for most of us but during the
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evening and overnight hours, look at that, nearly three quarters to -- well, nearly an inch of rain will fall. and then it looks like sunday afternoon it will get dry once again before the showers arrive on monday. i'll give you an hour by hour look on when the storm getz to the neighborhood and how to adjust your plans in the weather. president trump earning praise for what is a critical moment in his presidency, a joint address to congress. >> and the president called for unity and urged republicans and democrats to move past bickering. we are in the nation's capitol with more. >> the time for trivial fights is behind us. >> reporter: delivering an optimistic message to the american people. >> and american greatness is now beginning. >> reporter: the president takes a softer tone in his first address before congress, sharing an emotional moment with corin owens, the wife of ryan owens killed in a raid in yemen. >> ryan's legacy is etched into
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eternity. thank you. >> reporter: and the president was even talking compromise when it comes to his hardline stance on immigration. >> i believe republicans and democrats can work together to achieve an outcome that has alluded our country for decades. >> reporter: but still committing to his campaign promises, like building that wall on the mexico border. p>> of a great, great wall -- >> fighting to repeal and replace obamacare. >> the agenda they voted for and the agenda of majority of americans believe is the right agenda for the country is exact lip the agenda that president trump is advancing. >> reporter: but some comments -- >> we have begun to drain the swamp of government corruption. >> getting boos from democrats in congress. chuck schumer saying he doesn't buy the change in tone. >> his speeches are always totally detached from reality. >> reporter: accusing the president of saying he's one with the people, but not following up that talk with
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action. trump's commerce secretary ross was even seen wearing $600 slippers to the speech last night. and the president's speech is getting major traction on social media becoming the most tweeted about an address ever with 3 million tweets. abc news, washington. well how do you feel about the direction of america after president trump's speech? we want to hear from you on twitter. follow us at abc 7 news bay area and you could see our poll is going to be at the top of the page. cnn reports president trump will wait to release his revised travel ban until later this week. white house officials felt signing the executive order today as planned would undercut the favorable coverage of last night's speech. the original order bans citizens of seven muslim majority countries from entering the u.s. and suspended the entry of all refugees and that was put on hold by a federal appeals court here in san francisco. we are also sorry about this
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news. details about kevin durant and it is not good for fans any way. hyper extending his left knee in last night's game in washington. watch the highlighted circle. will you see he gets hit by pachulia and the warriors issued a statement saying he sustained a bone bruise and he is out indefinitely. could be back by the end of the season. or if not that, then certainly we hope the playoffs. >> crossing our fingers. next on abc 7 news, death and destruction across the nation's mid section. >> dozens of tornados across five states and it is not over yet. meteorologist mike nicco tracking the storm's path today. and atext tempts -- attempts to make san jose safe in the
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>>. new this morning, a low speed chase in los angeles has led to a standoff. a carjacking suspect took police through south l.a. and playa del ray and redondo beach and came to a full stop and then drove away from a motorcycle officer n. redondo beach, after the suspect began driving backward, police rammed the car. the man is still inside. police have gunned drawn and now have the car surrounded. take a look at this. three people are dead and several are injured and thousands are without power this morning from a series of spring storms in the midwest. 25 tornados have been report sod far in five states.
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the damage is incredible. winds destroyed several homes, down to their foundations. meteorologist mike nicco is tracking the path of the storms and where they are headed now. mike? >> let me show where the potential is. up in the mid atlanta to new england, it is winds with 58 miles per hour, hail up to an inch in size but you notice across the south, where the winds are twisting and a tornado is possible. here is a latest look at the radar and could you see the storms barreling through those areas and what you are hearing through my microphone is our -- is our fire system. so i'm going to keep talking until they tell me we need to get out of here. these are severe thunderstorm warnings and you could see the east coast down to the deep south is waked by severe thunderstorms. reggie. >> the fire alarm is off. mike, i think we're okay. whew! they are reach out for money and [ inaudible ] is asking for
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forward funding for the coyote creek. they are drawing up new flood control plans. the estimate for last month's flooding tops $73 million and that is expected to go up. the city has declared a local emergency and that clears the way to apply for state and federal aid. they are saying the mayor has promised to meet with landlords to seek rent breaks for those displaced by the flood. next on abc 7 news, a new warnings as hackers find a new way to target your family through a children's toy. te one thing you could do right now to stop them in their tracks. and a live look at the sfo camera. clear skies today. mike nicco coming up
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welcome to a new month. and a new weather pattern, too. let's take a look at san francisco and what to expect. and i'll highlight through the next couple of days. we start at 62 and 49 for the high and low. we end up at 64 and 49. extremes 86 and 35 degrees. about three and a quarter inches of rain on average and we've had a little over nine for this month. want to give you a quick update for good news for our folks and friends in lake port. they are on clear lake. the flood warning was not extended. it ends on friday. and we are slowly getting the lake down to flood stage. it is at 9.9 and flood stage is 9. let's look at what is going on. the storm track is moving well to the north thanks to high pressure. clouds are out there but more than 100 miles off the coast so grab the sunglasses if you are heading out.
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and the east bay hills camera, across the richmond san rafael bridge toward marin and you could see how beautiful it looks this morning. and it is going to stay that with a blue sky and sunshine and warmer high this is afternoon. we'll see stars and feeling chilly tonight but the threat of frost is continuing to get less and less and now you'll have the umbrella and you'll need it for saturday, sunday and monday. in fact, let's take a look at temperatures right now. if you are heading out. we are nearing 60 in san ram on. santa rosa at 55 along with san francisco and san jose and up towards hayward and fremont. 58 at the coast, where it is coolest. 60 to 64 from san francisco to palo alto and santa rosa. the way the day breaks down, you could see the water still muddy from the runoff from our exploratorium at pier 15 camera and temperatures near 60 at 2:00 and still there at 4:00. low to mid-50s at 60 and then a lighter jacket tonight, in the near 40s to 50 degrees.
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tonight we drop down to 35 in the coolest spot and san jose about 44 degrees. hour by hour, starting at noon on saturday, you see rain up in lake and mendocino counties. it comes down by about 5:00 right to san francisco and oakland. but notice the dark green comes in later on in the evening. through the overnight hours when most of us are sleeping and we wake up at 7:00 and it is over except for some scattered showers. now at the same time, up in tahoe, look at this -- modern at snow on saturday sunday. and so getting up there is easy and getting home sunday is going to be a nightmare. back here at home, we'll be near 70 in some inland neighborhoods tomorrow. back to average on friday. cooler with the extra clouds and the rain coming in on saturday, sunday, leftover showers on monday and by tuesday we're dry again. >> thanks, mike. >> you bet. >> i don't want to be average. i want to be above average. >> you are above average to us. >> thanks, mike. happening today, san jose state university students are planning to protest a proposed
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5% tuition increase at noon, they are planning a walk-out before a rally on campus in front of the cesar chavez monument near the student union. leaders are proposing the hike to cover a nearly $168 million budget shortfall. the csu board of trustees expected to vote on the proposal later this month and if that is approved it will take effect in the fall and amount to as much as $270 per student per year. christians are marking ash wednesday, the first day of lent. catholics around the world are going to mass to receive ashes. pope francis received ashes from a bishop and returned the blessing. lent is marking 40 days jesus is believed to have spent fasting in the desert and that marks a period of sacrifice for many worshipers. easter marks the end of lent. this morning, a major security breach to warn you about and it involves a popular children's toy. hackers are tapping into cloud
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pets and accessing sense pitive personal messages. since the messages live in the cloud, hackers are figured out a way to retrieve millions of passwords and private conversations. so the advice change your app password or just disconnect the doll from the app altogether and then your cloud pet is no longer cloud and more just pet. and that is not really why you bought it in the first place. so you have a decision to make. >> so kids are not trusting of people after this episode. >> maybe a good lesson to learn in our day and age. >> that is a good point. get ready to dust off your dancing shoes. >> "dancing with the stars" coming back with a brand-new cast. see who they are. and a surprise that you may have missed.
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coming up at 4:00, vic lee relives one of senator dianne feinstein's darkest moments when he announced the assassination of mosqueony and milk. and the three r's and what teachers want to eliminate tonight at 5:00. and the comforts of home are helping online ticket sales for one of the biggest theater chains in the country.
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cine mark said sales have increased by 50% because of what you see on your screen and that is these reclining chairs in the auditoriums and the renovations will continue into more of the movie theaters 40% of the nearly 6,000 theaters will receive the reclining chair upgrade. have you tried this? >> no. >> it is pretty great. >> but i think it is pretty great. i think we want to make the home experience movie theater like and now we want to make it more home like. and who is breaking in the new dancing shoes on "dancing with the stars." >> it was revealed this morning on "good morning america," and in case you missed it. >> mr. t. >> charo, rashad jennings, bonner bolton, erika jayne and chris kattan and same own biles. this season dance with somebody you love. >> moments after the lineup was announced a surprise, gma
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tweeted details on another star who will be competing this season. >> it is going to be the current bachelor, nick viall. can he not stay away from the tv, you guys. more face time for him. >> thanks for joining us on abc 7 news. >> have a great day.
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this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first bowl today.
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>> they say the number-one thing that married couples fight over is money, but if things go well in these next 30 minutes, the newlyweds on our show today may never have to fight about money again, unless it's about where to keep all of it. from world-famous bally's, las vegas, this is is "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ hey, welcome to newlywed week here on "who wants to be a millionaire." you guys ready to go? [applause] hailing from texas, our returning newlywed lives by the motto "go big, or go home." and he definitely went big when he proposed. from college station, texas, please welcome back zack butler. [cheers and applause] what's up, zack? how you doing? welcome back. >> thank you, thank you. >> what was the-- well, first of all, how long you


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