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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  March 9, 2017 3:00pm-3:31pm PST

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it's march 9th. time for great viral videos "right this minute." a man pulls a machete on mom. she made big bucks in adult films and then -- >> she started using alcohol and drugs to numb the pain. and a and the harrowing call. we have christian, gayle, nick and oli. and who needs a travel buddy? >> yes! >> i'll be there. >> how he became a social media sensation and why "rtm" may have
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the perfect wingman to help him out. >> this was captured at a gas station in south africa. keep an eye on this woman here. she's just gotten to the gas station with her son. they've been traveling from zimbabwe starting a new life in south africa. they can't find a hotel to stay, apparently they looked but it was too expensive. they decided to wait at this gas station where they thought it would be safe. you see other people hanging out there as well. it's well-lit. >> a safe assumption. there's going to be security cameras, people coming and going. it's not the situation where you feel alone. >> walk these two men that walk up. when they spot the woman, jean, 58 years old, they turn back around and immediately approach her. with her is her 28-year-old son tony who immediately starts to protect her. you can see him putting his hands around her.
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did you see that? the guy in the -- >> huge mistake. >> yes. they immediately start attacking her and hitting tony with the machete. >> this is not uncommon in south africa. in the situations, you always just have to stop. because they'll go through all of your pockets and take your money but if you fight, they it will get messy quick. >> they did take all the money that they had with them, which was roughly $500. >> it's just disgusting. these guys are just cockroaches. >> the scenes in that video are still at large but this one, fortunately, has a much better ending. you see a young school boy walking here with a backpack as he's being followed by another man. as he walks into this building, you immediately see the man grab the kid and immediately the kid starts to fight back. they took his money, cell phone and tablet.
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fortunately, because it was caught on video, they were able to track down this thief and arrest him and they believe he's responsible for targeting other boys of the ages of 11 and 13 to steal their electronic goods. this is patty james. he's an englishman in australia. he's become the most famous backpacker in australia. >> what did he do? >> do you notice anything about him, ladies? anything? >> i mean, he's an attractive man. >> yes. you see, he was supposed to be backtracking with his buddy. robert had to back out a few weeks before they left but he said, hey, why don't i get you some friends and maybe people will join up with you and go along for the ride. >> patty was a little worried no one would respond but take a look at patty right here. these are pictures that they could have seen on the facebook
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page. he was saying, would you be friends with my friend patty? >> a million women are like, yes. >> i'll be there! >> plenty of women said, hey, i volunteer. one woman in canada said, hey, you can come stay with my family, even though he's backpacking through australia. one girl offered him marriage. one girl invited him to india. that's why he's the most famous backpacker in australia. he's already started his trip but let's talk to him via skype. welcome to the show, patty. since this has been posted, how many new friends have you made? >> my facebook has been blowing up a bit. i currently have 250 friend requests and instagram followers and 150 messages. >> any legitimate responses? did anyone join you? >> actual three, nobody was leaving the same day as me. i didn't get anybody. i still traveled on my own. but i had response from various
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peoples in cities to show me around. >> do you think this will change the course of your trip and you may go places you didn't think about? >> yes. so there are places i'm not going which are along the way. i'm thinking about stopping off at those places. >> since you're the most famous backpacker in australia, have you been recognized yet? >> somebody came up to me and said, please, i just have to show you something. she showed me her phone and there was a picture of my host and they had been talking about it. it was great to see. >> what are you looking for in a travel buddy? >> i just want somebody to get along with, make me laugh and have a party as well. >> guy, girl, guy, girl? >> any one guy who responds to this. >> i have number two for you. i'd like to introduce jack moran, the one who contacted you for us. he's a great guy. he would love to meet you over there if you're down with that. >> tell him to fly over.
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[ laughter ] >> we'll have some fun down under, all ♪ machines, totally reliable, all the time, nothing ever goes wrong with them, especially when the machine you're using has experimental in the title. this man planted h planted h plh it's down on the ground -- >> wow! all i could see was the propellers. >> it was close. the reason why this pilot made it out of this without injury is because he was wearing his seat belt and they were tightly fastened. if you notice, you see the thing hanging out the side there -- >> it's a camera. >> it was a camera. wouldn't that be cool if we had that? >> yes, it would, nick. >> as soon as he gets a little air, it goes
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>> here's the official statement of what went wrong after an extensive investigation. many variables led to the >> conclusive. >> and look at this. a big problem. they were experiencing up to 87-mile-per-hour gusts. >> don't they have rules? because i would think any wind would preclude you from you going up there? >> 130 people are stuck on the chair lift. 25 members of the technical rescue team asked people to be patient while they got everybody down one by one. this storm was so severe, it damaged buildings, toppled trees. one girl suffered minor injuries
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from a roof tile that blew off and hit her in the head. ♪ >> the cool thing about living in los angeles, you never know what you're going to stumble upon. lifetime recently announced they will produce a movie about michael jackson's life called "michael jackson: searching for neverland." it looks like they started shooting because this was posted on a facebook this is all taking place at the americano. so are they replicating one of those incidents where michael would be in a crowd of people and he would start dancing for them? they are going to cover a lot but the movie is based on his final days. the other cool thing, is they
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get to see all of the behind-the-scenes stuff. >> right where you are, everybody else, clap your hands. no music. one, two, three, go. ♪ >> if i ran through the background, they could always yell "beat it." [cheers and applause ] a skier is having a blast on the slopes taking a perfect selfie. see why he's about to catch some major action. and the internet has been watching patiently. >> waiting for these eggs to hatch. >> i've got a dollar on six. why this competition is about to get cracking. >> no. >> brought to you by the lactate brand, 100% real milk, no discomfort.
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closed captioning provided by -- ♪ the selfie over the last few years has really grown in popularity. cameras have been developed and there's a certain skill, an art, almost, to the selfie. well, this person right here, epically carving up that mountain, he decides to stop in the epicness and have a seat. picked the wrong place to sit down because the mountain starts to move underneath him. keep an eye on him, though, because look at this, bang, straight into this tree. he rolled down the mountain. just snow everywhere. he's trying to keep himself above the cover. but please, also notice not once does he ever let go of that
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selfie stick. eventually he comes to a halt. >> all jokes aside, it's pretty intense video. disconnects all of that snow from the mountain. it happens to quickly. he put it on facebook. he doesn't appear to have been injured. after the moment that he realized he's not dead, there was that heart stop moment of, i hope my battery didn't go dead. i hope i was recording. did i get hey, what kind of camera is this hatchery? just watch. see what it's like to stream live waiting for these eggs to hatch. >> i've got a dollar on six. >> that's the theme. it's sort of a lottery now? >> this farm decided to, hey,
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let's just number the eggs, set up a lottery and let people for fun pick numbers. now, no money was involved. there was no illegal gambling or betting. >> right. >> but i tell you, someone somewhere is like, i've got $50,000 on five. >> anybody want to guess which number went first? >> six. >> 20 is the lucky number in my family. >> i'm going with eight. it has a crack already. >> some of them have cracks, some have movement, let's see who is starting to move. >> 21 is twitching. >> yes, oli. >> no. >> oh, my gosh. >> come on, little buddy. >> you can see the feathers. does that count? >> daddy needs a new pair of shoes. >> oli, that number is lucky today. number 21 is the first one to come out of the shell.
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>> and scrambled eggs. >> people were fascinated by it. they were like, i can't help but watch it. i hatch. every one of his rides is an inspiration. watch him take on the skate park. >> this is crazy. >> next "right this minute." and still to come, oli's enjoying a home movie. >> what? >> the story behind the video that's got him glued. plus, getting tricky with a sword. >> holy cow. >> that's not the holy cow moment, oli. why what he does next is truly cutthroat. >> he does not have to do that. box 365, the calendar. everyone knows my paperless, safe driver,
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dry skin before it starts. gold bond! if you can't shut down at you're not alone. get non-habit forming unisom to fall asleep fast. unisom a stressful day deserves a restful night. "like" us on now back to the show. there's a debate going on out there about screen time, preparing for their kids, how much screen time should they get. it turns out this is something that few moms should bear in mind as well. in this case, they are having a good time. oli, especially. this is oli right there because this is a video of the day that oli showed up as a puppy. he even was like, what? >> i love home movies. oh. >> oh, you like that?
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who is this? >> it would appear that these dogs do. oli is locked onto it. >> so adorable. >> licking around behind and not quite getting it but enjoying it. >> look who it is. >> what do you think, toby? do you remember that? >> that is amazing. both dogs are still in this home? >> yes. >> except oli is now grown up? >> yes. you see, that's why home videos are so great. i can't even remember when you were that small. cute. they all come up and they are sharing with the family. >> he's looking at that bowl like, i recognize that bowl. >> after a while, oli, clearly enjoying it, is getting comfortable there. he suddenly realizes that oli is still there. >> he's watching dog flicks and chilling. >> he knows what they are. he knows my voice. he knows toby. he knows all of the sounds, the
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water. but he doesn't know where they come from. he looks under, around, on top of and he goes, what's happening? how did this happen? >> i've noticed you had a sore throat. christian wasn't feeling well. >> get out of my business. you don't need to tell everybody. >> maybe you want to tell people because it's kind of impressive what he's up to. down the old gully it goes. holy cow. >> that's not the holy cow moment, oli. >> it's tied to a string. that string is tied to a spear gun, as you can see in this video. >> he did not have to do that. >> look at chris' reaction. >> wow! >> i wonder what the insides of his throat look like?
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>> i don't know. i got a feeling chris had this idea when he was a kid and somebody yanked a tooth out. >> but that's not a tooth. >> creating a straight line down into the chest and put it halfway and then bent forward. that's just dodgy in itself. >> nobody wants to know if he hit his target? >> who cares. he's alive. he's alive! >> look at that bullseye as well. >> words can't compare to what he just did, oli. you don't need words. >> that's a no. >> he can speak. he's just a bit hoarse. a woman tells her story of life in the adult industry. >> i constantly had to keep up this image of being a fake, plastic barbie doll. >> before she knew it, she says she became that thing. she always had to dress the part, look the part and she
3:23 pm
lived the part. >> find out how a rude
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together. if i was a parent, there would be all heck breaking loose on that track. this is the wife, a mother and now a pastor. but that hasn't always been her story. >> i didn't really want to do like crazy, nasty porn. it's all nasty, but it was absolutely all about the money then. >> when she was young, she picked up, took her son to l.a. and started stripping. that soon switched over to
3:26 pm
pornography. >> when i spoke to the altgent,e was like, oh, you can make $30,000 in a month. i was thinking, wow, i can do this for a month and be done with it. >> the first time she did it she said she felt terrible and didn't think she would do it again but she did. >> i constantly had to keep up this image of being a fake, plastic barbie doll. >> she always had to play the part and had a nightclub and several cars. >> i was recognized everywhere. and i realized how big the adult world is. >> she realized just how big that world was when it hit home. >> my dad was very disappointed in me. he's a truck driver and had a break room and there was a magazine there and it was opened up to his daughter in a magazine. naked. >> dang. >> in 2014, she says that things changed for her because she was involved in a car accident and received a dwi. and it was a rude awakening.
3:27 pm
>> after you get saved, something is wrong and it's something you don't want to do. i haven't gone back since. and i never will. >> her life changed again when she went to church with her sister and that's where she met her now husband who is a pastor. >> think of it. she's a perfect candidate for a pastor. stand up in front of the room and say don't make mistakes, there's nothing behind it. but from her, she speaks from experience. >> her husband agrees. he talks about god's forgiveness. >> god can forgive you no matter the path you come from and in this day in age, i hope it's a testament. >> god's grace. >> i'm not worried about my outlook appearance. i'm not worried about money. now i'm worried about helping people. that's our show for today. check out "right
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tonight, breaking news as we come on the air. the ax attack inside a crowded strain station. police sweeping in. several injuries report. a suspect under arrest. the unfolding scene in germany. also, behind closed doors, the fbi director on capitol hill answering questions. was trump tower wiretapped before the election? what our team has learned so far. bracing for a major storm tonight. the morning commute. rain, ice, snow, after high winds turning deadly,and a ground stop for a time at a new york airport. the new and emotional plea tonight. a grandfather coming forward after two teens are killed in the woods. one of them capturing evidence on her smartphone in the moments before. and the hostage standoff inside a bank. new video tonight as th


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