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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  March 10, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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like spring. i mean, don't get crazy. it's not tank top weather. >> according to matt keller, on twitter, it is. >> i don't know about that. >> he's pushing it. >> does that say more about matt or his choice of clothing? i'm not sure. >> you decide. >> i know he works out a lot. >> oh. hm. >> oh god, i hope he's not watching. here's a look at what's going on. i love you, matt. there's a lot of cloud cover out there. if you're using our app today, it's not going to make it to the ground. san jose easily winning our colorful sunrise contest this morning, that's 280 and 17. here's a look at your day planner. 63 to 67 at noon, slightly cooler at the coast, 61 at 4:00, 71 for the rest of us and then look at that, 55 to 62 with that sunshine turning to stars by the afternoon and evening. alexis? okay, san jose winning the sunrise contest, but maybe not the commute contest here at this point. we've got a few issues to get to. but they are all pretty minor. northbound 101 at lawrence
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expressway, a vehicle that was facing the wrong way, hanging over into that left lane just a little bit and a couple new issues in the last few minutes. northboun 101 past alum rock, we have a minor trouble spot and then northbound 280 right around 11th, we possibly have a problem on the shoulder so i'll look into those further and next traffic update coming up. anger at a city hall meeting in the south bay. flood victims asking why they weren't warned or evacuated before the waters hit. new details now leaders promising a plan to make sure this doesn't happen again. here's abc7 news reporter matt keller live for us in san jose. >> reporter: good morning, reggie. it's calm now but coyote creek caused so much trouble for this neighborhood. the flood victims were pointing the finger at the city asking why they weren't warned earlier. >> when anderson overflows, there is a flood, and every one of you should know that and you don't need all these cubic feet per second to know that. >> reporter: more than 150 flood
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victims showed up at yesterday's special city council meeting. they dealt with so much since the flood on february 21. clean-up is still ongoing and 200 people are still living in a shelter. the city is taking a lot of responsibility for not evacuating sooner but they're also pointing the finger at the santa clara valley district saying they provided fundamentally flaud data that day. public works has begun developing a flood threat matrix using info on reservoirs and rivers. it's a three-tiered system. level 1 is a yellow alert. flood advisory issued. level 2 is an orange alert, a flood warning issues 12 to 24 hours in advance of the likelihood of flooding. level 3, a red alert, flood evacuation issued 4 to 6 hours in advance of imminent flooding and the local assistance center is moving to city hall today. take a look at this. the surveillance image on the
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left is a man suspected of attacking a woman wednesday night. the sketch on the right, a man wanted for sexual assault last week. both incidents happened in palo alto. authorities trying to figure out now if this is the same person who groped a woman. the latest attack happened on alma street minutes after the woman stepped off a bus at the palo alto transit center. >> hopefully, you know, they put a stop to it. i've heard more and more stories around the area, you know, on campus and things like that, which does make us, you know, a little un -- feel unsafe or insecure. >> at last week's attack, the victim was standing at a kiosk at around 11:00 p.m. waiting for a ride from a shuttle when she says the man walked up to her and started fondling her. the woman fought him off and he ran away. police have now stepped up patrols in that area. >> happening today, a south bay man accused of stalking as many as 20 underage girls is scheduled to make his first course appearance. this is 35-year-old rajeev sanhi and he's being held on 200 thoulds bail. police arrested him wednesday at
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a house in cupertino. his father says that he is innocent. >> because i know my son. he's a good kid. and he go to church. he has -- i mean, he's -- he don't do drugs. he don't do -- hurt anybody. >> sanhi is a pastor and police found photos of young girls in his room. he's accused of stalking at least four underage the family of matty middleton, the 8-year-old girl whose violent death shocked santa cruz two years ago is trying to raise money to create a memorial to her. her body was found wedged in a recycling bin where she lived. she had been sexual assaulted and stabbed. her relatives are launching a website to raise money to honor matty's memory and the memory of all children who have been abused. several high-profile republicans are doubting the fate of the gop plan to replace obamacare. senator ted cruz is among lawmakers expressing doubt that the new measure will not pass the senate. he believes he can fix it.
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senator tom cotton of arkansas also speaking out about it. he says he is hearing from constituents worried about losing their coverage. cotton believes the president and gop leaders are pushing too fast. >> unfortunately, the house legislation is not going to achieve those results and the break-neck speed at which it's moving is designed to actually make those results probably worse. >> i think, really, that we're going to have something that's going to be much more understood and much more popular than people can even imagine. >> president trump is giving the hard sell to several senators who he challenged during the campaign. he had dinner with senator cruz and his wife at the white house. he's also reached out to senator rand paul and lindsey graham. aarp says older people would pay significantly more under this new health plan. it lets insurance companies charge older customers up to five times the amount as younger ones. under obamacare, companies could only charge up to three times as much. the american medical association and the american hospital association have come out against the bill.
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a conservative group for older americans founded by a former insurance agency owner has praised the hi, and i wanted to check in right now because i just got this video. it's a possible tornado in kentucky overnight. this video just coming into our live desk and look at the damage. looks like a damaged gas station. it's video from hickman, kentucky, when is right on the southern border with tennessee. right now, hundreds of people are without power. in fact, schools in the area even had to be canceled. search and rescue efforts were underaall night long. so far, no injuries or deaths reported. the national weather service will determine today if indeed it was a tornado that touched down. regardless, though, big clean-up underway in that area right now. new details this morning about the battle to save a closed ice rink in san mateo. the bridge point rink is now going to reopen. it took four years to persuade a developer to reopen this rink. he had a change of heart after
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the city's planning commission turned down his offer of $8 million. that money was to get permission to tear down the rink and replace it with stores. dennis wong, who owns the bridge point shopping center, said that he misjudged how many people wanted to save this rink. officials are ready to beginning given the final phase of seismic upgrades to the golden gate bridge. they'll need help from the trump administration before any work can get underway. a new report raises serious concerns about free sports tickets given to oakland city leaders and claims it could lead to corruption. live look outside at the bay bridge toll plaza. at 6:07 in the morning. yep, you can see that backup. yep, you can see that backup. we're
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it may be spring here but old man winter is holding on up in the northeast. look at that heavy snow that's falling there. and it's going to continue to fall for the next six hours so if you're trying to fly into that area, make sure you call ahead. upper 40s, woodside, menlo park, everybody else on the peninsula, low to mid 50s and mill valley at 49. temperature is going to top out at low to mid 60s.
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and mid to upper 70s inland and it really doesn't change much as we head through the weekend. the thing that will change is we'll see a little more fog tonight, not as much high cloudiness and temperatures a little bit cooler tomorrow morning, mid 40s to low 50s. take a look at rain in your accuweather 7 day forecast next. we're taking a look at the south bay right now, mike. updates on a couple issues we have here. they are pretty minor. mclaughlin, we have about five vehicles involved in a crash. we did have a backup on the main line too. looks like that is starting to thin out, though. and northbound 101 at alum rock, a two-car crash, pushed off to the shoulder and another problem, northbound 101 at lawrence expressway, a vehicle was facing the wrong way there. quick check of the bay bridge toll plaza. those metering lights have been on since 5:26 this morning. making the golden gate bridge earthquake safe. bridge officials are planning a trip to washington, d.c., later this month. they're seeking help from the trump administration and paying for all the seismic retrofitting work and they say it won't be
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cheap. the final phase of the seismic effort could cost up to $500 million. the three-stage project began in 1998. it was supposed to cost only $300 million. the bridge district says rising costs and security upgrades after 9/11 has more than tripled the cost. this morning, a warning for parents thinking about diy braces for their kids. did you even know this was a thing? it's a recent trend. why doctors say they could have dangerous, unintended consequences. and they say diamonds are a and they say diamonds are a girl's best
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it is 6:15 and man, i feel for this woman. did you see that? this happened in detroit. she wasn't hurt. that's the only reason i'm able to smile about this. a heavy wind interfered and it just blew that cover right up into her face. she just gave up, basically, in getting the cover on. she is okay but she says that she had a bit of a headache and look, that face pretty much says it all. real annoyed. and a security camera caught this terrifying moment for a girl in cleveland. watch carefully. do you see that? whoa! that door takes her for a ride but she's strong because she hung on to that door and by the way, she's doing fine. the girl's mom actually says that she laughed about the whole thing shortly after that. take a look at this
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surveillance video out of florida. these men disguised themselves as women during these robberies. this was inside a jewelry store last friday. the men targeted this store and a check cashing store as well the day before. the two suspects pretended to be interested in buying jewelry but then hopped the counter, grabbed two employees, and dragged them into a back room. detectives say they took watches and other valuables. another run-in with the law for aldon smith. deattained by san francisco police yesterday for being drunk in public. smith was in a car that hit an basin. the driver was arrested on suspicion of dui. smith got suspended by the nfl in 2015 for a violation of its substance abuse policy. the league was set to discuss his reinstatement this month. new details about the investigation into oakland's free ticket policy for at the officials. a scathing report from oakland's public ethics commission says the policy has built-in
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conflicts of interest and could lead to government corruption. officials get free tickets to every warriors game, plus tickets to the raiders and the as. the report also found that every city council member and mayor libby schaaf didn't fill out paperwork that was supposed to list the public service that was employed during the use of those tickets. 6:17 now. the damaged spillway at the oroville dam could go into limited use as soon as next week. it's been dry so a temporary repairs could be made after an evacuation ordered for nearly 200,000 people last month. you'll remember that. a storm runoff and snow melt fills the reservoir now. it will become necessary to open the spillway again. officials have a new evacuation plan. they say it would give at least 12 hours' notice in case anything goes wrong. we are looking pretty friday light out there this morning. here's an example of that. this is southbound 680 through walnut creek. not a lot of vehicles heading
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into work today, so not complaining. we certainly will take it and the only issue with mass transit that we've had so far today was some earlier emergency track repair with b.a.r.t. that is long gone at this point. just a reminder you can watch the st. patrick's day a week early, that's going to air tomorrow right here on abc7. if you want to actually go to the festivities, caltrain not a bad idea. northbound weekend service will drop you at 4th and king and then golden gate ferry will be adding extra trips from larkspur. you can also use that service from sausalito to get to the parade. let's check in with meteorologist mike nicco. news is getting better all the time for lake port. clear lake still at -- in a flood warning but notice the current stage. 8.92 feet, that's below flood stage of 9 feet and the warning is supposed to end at 11:00 this morning. at the beginning of the show we showed you a beautiful colorful sunrise from san jose. exploratorium camera from pier 15 said, not so fast, sunrises are any specialty.
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beautiful one, isn't it? sunshine late today, looking at a weak storm wednesday. here's a look at what's setting up over top of us. high pressure and some southerly winds that will bring warm weather in. in the upper parts of the atmosphere, you see the winds coming out of the north and you see a clearing late this afternoon from north so south so we're starting off cloudy and ending up sunny and temperatures hanging out in the 60s and 70s for the better part of the weekend. look how much warmer than average we're going to be in oakland. 6 4 versus 73 by sunday. and our average in san jose, 67, will be 75 sunday. this warmth will gleed into the sierra also so good thing we have that huge, understatement, base of snow up there because our average high is 48. will be in the low 50s today, upper 50s saturday and sunday. make sure you take the sunscreen. you will get a lot of reflection off that snow. warmest monday at 60 and then you can see a cooling trend but it looks pretty dry other than a shower possible wednesday and that's the same time frame we're
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looking at for some wet weather in our neighborhoods, especially across the north bay. temperatures will top out in the mid to ep upper 70s. let's take more about what's going on up in the sierra. here's alexis. it's the toyota tahoe report and good thing we've got those really healthy base totals because yeah, with the sun and warmer temperatures, we lost a couple inches yesterday at squaw alpine. down to 150. i don't think we have anything to worry about. and that means that traveling conditions are going to be great the next, really, week or so, at least. 89, no chain restrictions, no chains for 50 either. but we do still have traffic going one way in each direction right around bridal veil falls where we have that road damage. sugar bowl, looking great there for sierra and kirkwood as well. no chain restrictions anywhere heading to the sierra, just those lemations on 50. a lot of us have bundle tv so that includes internet and phone service but what happens
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when you want to ditch the phone part of it? "7 on your side's" michael finney is going to explain that. also the next time you shop at macy's, you'll be expected to serve yourself. the changes coming to the department store. here's a live look outside. we keep up information about weather and traffic on your screen so you can see it throughout the entire commercial break.
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delta airlines will pay a $90,000 fine for not offering passengers any food during long tarmac delays. it stems from four flights last year on the east coast. federal rules require passengers to get food and water if they're kept on the tarmac longer than two hours. a judge found delays on all four flights exceeded that limit. delta says it regrets the distribution of snacks was not ideal. >> and that is corporate speak for, we messed up. and this is corporate speak for, we're changing things. macy's is going to now have possibly fewer employees. it's testing self-service systems in its shoe departments and beauty counters. the company says they're reacting to customer habits. they say many people don't even want help getting shoes or make-up anymore. >> who are those people? >> that's the only time i really
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need help. >> show me anyone. >> the new system is modeled after discount retailers like tj maxx and nordstrom rack. dave from san francisco has a question about his phone service. he spoke to us at our ask finney event in daly city. >> my question is, i bought a bundle, and i don't need the phone service so i'm trying to get out of it. >> hey, dave, i got some pretty bad news for you. you're probably not going to get out of it. most bundled services include video, phone, and internet and even if you don't want one of the three, you bought a bundle. a bundle of three. now, generally, people tell me they don't need or want the phone service but often, if you take that out of the package, you pay more for the remaining video and internet, so it doesn't pay to change what you have. that said, it never hurts to ask. dave, good luck, and thanks for the question.
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>> if you have a question for michael finney, share it on social with #askfinney. another freeway shooting in the east bay brings the evening commute to a halt. why police say you don't need to be worried this morning. plus the search for a person who threatened a south bay jewish center, how the fbi is now getting involved. plus a new jobs report released this morning, the first one after a full month in office for president trump, how does it look? that's next. and we're off to a cloudy start this morning but don't let that fool you. those temperatures are above average already and they'll continue to do that this afternoon and through the afternoon and through the weekend and into early
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this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first bowl today.
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now at 6:30, a huge backup in the east bay during the evening commute after yet another freeway shooting. nearly a dozen so far this year. what police are doing to try and stop the violence. and uber under investigation now. the ride sharing service you might be planning to use this morning accused of tricking law enforcement. now the san francisco d.a. is demanding answers. but first this morning, we have to talk about this amazing weather. our mt. tam cam shows the sunrise right now and we understand the weekend is going to be very nice. good morning to you on this friday, march 10. you made it through the week. >> we're savoring these mild temperatures, mike. >> winter's not over.
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we'll have a chance at cooler weather but while the east coast is getting -- >> thanks. >> well. alexis? >> what ? >> hi. i better finish here. wow. all right. so, the good news, no fog so far this morning because of the high clouds that are out there and i like that camera too so i picked it also. temperatures are very mild this morning, above average in the upper 40s to mid 50s, 63 to 67 at noon, a little cooler at the coast with the sea breeze, 68 to 71, as the sunshine will start to break out, then we'll break out into stars. how's the commute? okay. we're doing all right on the commute here this morning. i do have one new issue for you if you are trying to make your way on to the san mateo bring so westbound 92 before the toll plaza, we've got a collision that is blocking the far left lane right now so it looks like we've got at least two vehicles involved in this one and emergency crews are on the way to the scene. also stop and go traffic once you make it on to the span and
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here's a quick check of the one green spot, once you get past the crash and heading towards the mid span where that heavier traffic is. the chp says a freeway shooting that caused this huge backup on interstate 80 in the east bay was a targeted shooting. sky7 shows the shattered window of a honda minivan. it happened at the start of the afternoon commute and it forced the closure of that freeway for hours. the man and woman inside the honda were both hit. his gunshot wounds were so critical, as you can see there, an air ambulance had to land on the freeway to take him to a trauma center. the motive for the shooting is still unclear. a good samaritan driving that red volvo stopped to help the victims. >> we had some great witnesses call 911, provide us with description of the suspects and the vehicle. >> sky7 was overhead as richmond police stopped a silver dodge charger on 17th street.
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the car matched the same description given by witnesses. three men were detained in connection though this incident. the chp doesn't know if the latest shooting is connected to a string of other freeway shootings this year alone. >> the shooting caused rush hour chaos late into the night. sky7 showing the backup that stretched for miles, drivers just going nowhere, some for several hours and the detours weren't working either. >> we tried rerouting but it's bad. >> we are sitting like two hours. >> what a nightmare. interstate 80 reopened around 9:00 last night after a five-hour closure. we sent out a push alert when 80 finally reopened. be the first to know when breaking news happens where you live, go ahead and download the abc7 news app and enable push alerts. gdeveloping news from santa clara where an investigation is underway. we can show you where officers responded on a map here. it happened late yesterday. the caller said his son, a man in his 20s, was acting stranger.
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police found him but they say he took off. they tased him, officers said it escalated and the man was shot under the scott boulevard overpass. neighbors told abc7 news he lived with his parents and comes from a nice family. >> he was very nice. every morning when i saw a couple times, he would say good morning. i never hear he was not with bad guys, i never saw that. that's why i don't understand what happened. >> police did not say if the man was armed. the officer who shot him has been placed on administrative leave. police say this lake county mother is accused of abandoning her 2-year-old son in the middle of the street while she was high on meth. a police sergeant spotted the buy after 7:00 last night so police began a search of the neighborhood and that's when they found the mom. 39-year-old sofia polito is in jail on drug and felony child endangerment charges, the boy now in the care of child protective services. the fbi is trying to find the person who e-mailed a bomb threat to a jewish community center in los gatos.
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the threat came in just before noon yesterday. police evacuated everyone to a nearby church. officers and bomb sniffing dogs swept the building. they found nothing and this threat is very similar to threats made against jewish community centers across the country over the last month, including several in the bay area. the director of the fbi was on capitol hill to discuss national security issues and there are quite a few of them, including president trump's claims of wiretapping by president obama. sources tell abc news that fbi director james comey has unsuccessfully implored the justice department to refute president trump's unsubstantiated claims about president obama. democratic and republican lawmakers are demanding proof of those scloesive allegations. in fact, two senators sent a letter to the justice department demanding the fbi show some evidence. following a closed door briefing with comey, senator mark warner said, i've seen no evidence. and happening now, more states joining hawaii's challenge of president trump's revised travel ban. new york, massachusetts, oregon,
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and washington state all joining the call now for the courts to stop the executive order before it goes into effect next thursday. they say it's unconstitutional and violates federal law. the revised ban bars new visas for feel from six predominantly muslim countries. it also temporarily shuts down the u.s. refugee program. hi, guys, i want to break in. we actually have been coming out of oakland. an oakland police officer involved in a crash and i want to get straight to these live images coming from sky7. you can see that police vehicle on a tow truck right now. there is damage to the front driver side. unclear if the officer was hurt, but extensive damage to the vehicle. sky7 at the scene at 42nd street and broadway. they're cleaning it up now but earlier, i saw a pole actually knocked down in the middle of the street. so, that is what they are dealing with. a lot of clean-up underway there at the moment and again, we are working to confirm if the officer was hurt at all, but you can see a lot of damage on that
6:36 am
car. so we will continue following the breaking news as soon as i get any new details here into the live desk. there you see our live picture again and a lot of damage. so again, if we get any more information on how that officer is doing here at the live desk, i will pass it along as soon as we know. uc berkeley police have a new batch of photos now that they want you to see from the protests against milo yiannopoulos. they're hoping to pin down who was behind the chaos. >> you'll remember these scenes last month. the small group of rogue protesters setting fires, smashing windows. their actions forced the university to cancel the conservative news editor's speech on campus. now police are releasing 31 new photos of people they want to speak to about the violence and vandalism on february 1. you can take a closer look at all these photos. we've posted them on our free abc7 news app, also on federal investigators now have new information about that small plane that crashed in southern california. it was supposed to be coming to
6:37 am
san jose. and then ended up not. it crashed in riverside before -- it turns out it had engine trouble before taking off. the crash killed three people on impact. stacey pierce of san jose, one of the two survivors but she d from her injuries. the ntsb's initial report says the pilot, her stepfather, made several attempts to start the plane's left engine before it started running. investigators don't say yet if that engine was the cause of the crash. 6:37 now. the san francisco d.a.'s office is investigating uber's use of a high-tech tool used to evade local authorities. it's called greyball and it was exposed by "the new york times" last week. it's an app used to identify undercover regulators who try to track and clamp down on any illegal uber practices. city officials have called the use of greyball an obstruction of justice. uber says it will now ban drivers from using it. more than three quarters of california now totally out of
6:38 am
the draught. you're going to see the evidence on this map. only 1% remains of the category of severe drought and that is the dark orange color you see at the bottom of the screen. let's do a side by side comparison. you see this year compared to last year. and what a difference. last year, virtually every part of the california was in some form of drought. what a dramatic difference. hi, everybody. temperatures down in the south bay from 50 in alum rock and santa clara, saratoga to 56 in los gatos, san jose right in the middle. it's not clear but it's cooler on the coast. 47 at half moon bay. here's the way it looks from our east bay hills camera. little hazy but not as much fog this morning because of the high clouds kept it from developing. tree pollen is going to be high today. uv index is going to be a little lower, moderate. temperatures 63 to 66 coast into san francisco, around the bay, 69 to about 71, inland about 70
6:39 am
to 75 degrees, one hour and five minute arrival delays at sfo because of the cloud cover. if you're commuting on the road, less fog. if you're going to be on the bay, small waves, dry and mild if you're taking mass transit. little bit cooler, mid 40s to 50s tonight. couple issues we've had so far this morning. first one in san jose. this is the mclaughlin onramp, five vehicles involved in this one. they pushed it fully off to the shoulder but we have some backup there on the main line so hopefully that's going to start to thin out shortly. we have a two-car crash on westbound 92 just east of the toll plaza and that is blocking one of the fast lanes there so as you're coming over from 880 you are heavy getting through that and until about the mid span of the bridge. also just hearing about a new problem around 87 and almadin expressway. quick check of drive times. westbound 80, highway 4 to the maze, westbound 80 bay bridge about 19 and southbound 101, san francisco to sfo, you are still
6:40 am
in the green. getting there, of course, mike just mentioned some flight delays once you do make it but that is ten minutes for your drive time. we're about to lose an hour of sleep when we switch to daylight saving time this weekend. the big impact it could have on your kids. plus san jose residents demanding answers after they were not warned about the chance of major flooding. what the city is promising it's going to do differently next time. it is 6:40. we are tracking that breaking news in oakland. sky7 over a crash that left an sky7 over a crash that left an oakland po
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hi, and welcome back. we want to get you back to that breaking news this we're following out of oakland where an oakland police officer has been involved in a crash. what you're looking at right now is sky7 above the area that this happened on 42nd street and broadway and you can see a light pole that is down in the middle of the street. we are unclear if the officer sustained any injuries, but i can show you some video from just a few moments ago where we saw the officer's suv. that's the wrong video there but i can tell you that the -- the vehicle had extensive damage to the driver front side. we also saw the other car possibly involved in this crash driving away with damage to the rear driver side so we know that both cars or at least two cars involved in this had some sort
6:44 am
of damage. unclear on whether that officer was hurt. we are trying to get you some more information right now. sky7 will stay at the scene and we will have the very latest when we get that into the news room. i want to check in with alexis. that light pole in the middle of the street, i'm assuming there is work around there for drivers. absolutely is, and they have this totally blocked off right now and this is the intersection in so he could. if you're familiar with the area, this is right next to oakland technical high school. and you can see we've got officers on either end of broadway so that is a full closure of broadway in either direction. they've got to get that light pole cleaned up if there are any injuries or serious injuries, they're going to have to do an investigation. we don't have much information yet. avoid the area for now. san jose unveiling a new warning system to alert residents the next time there's a threat of flooding. >> it comes weeks after the massive flooding that left entire neighborhoods underwater. abc7 news reporter matt keller is in san jose with that story. >> reporter: good morning, reggie and natasha.
6:45 am
since i last saw you, we've gotten some more light out here so we can give you a good perspective on coyote creek now. we're standing on the bridge at east williams street. the creek is over 12 feet right now. on the day of the flood, it reached more than 33 feet. the clean-up is still ongoing. many homes are uninhabitable. 200 people are still living in a shelter. city council got an earful yesterday at a special meeting. residents wondering why evacuation orders didn't come until hours after their streets and homes were already flooded. as a result of this, public works has begun developing a flood threat matrix. it's a three-tiered system. if you look on the screen, it will give you some details here. level 1 is a yellow alert. issued 48 to 72 hours in advance of that. level 2 is orange alert, likely to flood. and level 3 is red alert, evacuate because of imminent flooding. the city and water district are scheduled to meet together on april 28. reporting live in san jose, matt
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keller, abc7 news. new details this morning in a brutal road rage attack in san francisco and it was caught on video. you're going to see here up to 15 bikers attacking a driver in the middle of rush hour traffic on highway 101 wednesday. "the chronicle" identifies the victim as an uber driver who lives in modesto and comes into the city to work. a family member says that he just had a baby boy. now watch. the man who took this video asked to remain anonymous. you're going to see as they go right over to this car, they take him out and start beating him. and he was in bad shape when the bike bikers took off. >> he had a broken leg, as i said. he had a bloodied face, road rash. he was in pretty rough shape. so we called 911. >> chp says the m.o. is similar to other incidents in san francisco. they advise that if you see something like this, never get out of your vehicle. call 911 immediately. >> terrifying situation. two lawmakers from southern
6:47 am
california want to raise the state's tax on hard liquor to pay for tax-free diapers as well as feminine assemblywomen fletcher and garcia want to revise a bill that was voe teed by governor brown last year. -- the legislation would raise the liquor tax on distributor bisz $1.20 a gallon or less than two cents per drink. pope francis says the catholic church should consider allowing men who are married to become priests. the pope says single men who are already priests would not be allowed to marry. how about this. getting steph curry to be your roommate. >> this is the premise of a new brita water filter commercial. ♪ what if steph curry was my roommate ♪ ♪ my quality of life would be
6:48 am
super great ♪ >> so great. yeah. autotuned by amazing. this full two and a half minute commercial is this music video with internet star king batch. i think having steph as a roommate would be amazing. >> he has better moves than whoever this king batch is. >> all he has to do is do that poison. >> no shame but it's true. you can watch the warriors and spurs on abc7. the two teams battling for the top seed in the western conference. golden state leads san antonio by two games. and do not forget you're going to lose an hour of sleep this weekend. daylight saving time begins sunday at 2:00 a.m. for most of us, it automatically adjusts because of our smart phones that we have everywhere but listen to this. parents, you might want to just take note that this really messes up your child's internal clock and it can take up to ten days for them to get used to this. so, experts recommend that next year, you shift their bedtime 15
6:49 am
minutes earlier for four days leading up to sunday. i know, too late this year but maybe just keep that in mind. once daylight saving goes into effect, researchers say you should give children as much natural light as possible in the morning, turn on the lights and open the blinds and see how they react. that signals their body clock that it's time to start the day. >> right. 6:49. this weekend, "7 on your side's" michael finney will anchor our live coverage of the san francisco st. patrick's day parade. it begins on air and on our free abc7 news app. taking a look at that spring-like weather that's coming our way. >> some of that will hit the parade tomorrow. there you go at 11:00, it will be 60, 63 at 2:00 in san francisco and then mostly sunny and a mild 59 degrees at 5:00. let's take a look at what's going on right now. the exploratorium camera at pier 15 showing sun trying to sneak in with those clouds and eventually the clouds will be pushed away from north to south late today by a weak cold front.
6:50 am
now that cold front's so weak that spring warmth will hit today and last all the way through the weekend. we do have a chance of rain and some cooler weather wednesday. here's a look at that canopy of high clouds and if you're using our app today, you may see a radar return once in a while but that's not going to reach the ground. here's the cold front that's going to bring us the clearing most of the wet weather's going to be well to our north. take a look at some of the microclimates. now, clouds to sunshine, it's going to be late today, downtown san francisco 66, marina district 67 but look at the sunset. 62 in daly city, 62 sunset with 63 down in san jose, mainly cloudy all day in the south bay from 73 in san jose to about 70 in milpitas. the warm spot will be gilroy. here's a look at my accuweather 7 day forecast. we will stay in the low to mid 60s along the coast, moderate rain mid to upper 70s by monday. slight chance of rain wednesday. plenty of issues in the south bay right now. let's get you down there on the traffic map. still have residual delays.
6:51 am
had a crash on the mclaughlin onramp. reportedly clear now but stop and go traffic behind that. new crash blocking at least one lane and another one, northbound 85 just past almaden expressway, another blocking issue so plenty of red on the traffic maps. live now to sky7. this is a crash involving an oakland police officer. we still are working on all the details here, but this is at broadway and 42nd so broadway is fully closed in both directions approaching that intersection. i am seeing red on the traffic maps approaching that and this is right next to oakland technical high school if you're going to be traveling through that area. we saw what it looks like from the sky. now we're going to take a look from the ground. >> here's abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield on that scene. amy? >> reporter: hi, natasha. we just talked to a witness who saw the accident. he says the officer was very shaken up. the witness helped him. and he said it look like he's
6:52 am
okay. i also talked to an officer at the scene here who says that the police officer involved is okay. you can get an idea, though, by looking behind me of the impact of this crash, took out a lamp post, lying there on the ground and that's why you see broadway is closed down at 42nd street. we are near oakland tech high school. here's some video of the police car. it has since been towed away so we want to show you video that we took while it was still here so you can see how smashed up it is. we don't know what happened. why he crashed. still, so new. they haven't been able to release that yet or whether anyone else was involved. but it does appear that the officer is okay. and so that is the good news here. this just happening now, so we'll get back to you as soon as we get more information, but do keep in mind that this block is closed. reporting live in oakland, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. certain good news so far about the officer. thank you, amy. thank you, amy. we're
6:53 am
6:54 am
. welcome back. here are the seven things you need to know before you go. number one is breaking news from the live desk. an oakland police officer involved in a car crash at 42nd and broadway. sky7 is live overheard. unclear if the officer was hurt but the vehicle had extensive damage to the driver side. a light pole in the median of the street was knocked over. i'll show you where that is on our traffic maps. we do have a full closure of broadway at 42nd very near
6:55 am
oakland technical high school and i am seeing a little bit of red on those surface street closures once you zoom in a little bit tighter. avoid that area for the next hour. number three, a santa clara police officer on administrative leave after shooting and killing a man last night. officers responded to a call of a man acting erratically. an investigation now underway. the city of san jose taking action weeks after massive flooding left entire neighborhoods under water. many say they didn't get enough warning to evacuate. now the city is working on a new warning system to alert residents sooner. number five, we're off to a mostly cloudy and probably our warmest day this week. dress the kids accordingly. we'll see increasing sunshine and temperatures well above average, 61 to 70 and even warmer this week. number six, a february jobs report is out and the economy had a 235,000 jobs. this is the first full month president trump has been in office. the unemployment rate also went
6:56 am
down last month to 4.7%. number seven, the ice rink at the bridge port shopping center at san mateo will roe open. the owner of the center shutd down the rink four years ago in hopes of replacing it with stores. a strong community effort to save the rink convinced the owner to change his mind. we continue to follow that breaking news out of oakland as we have been watching an officer who was involved in a crash there. the early word is it appears as if the officer is going to be okay. that's from our amy hollyfield who said a witness told her that the officer didn't look to be severely injured. >> we did see that damage to the driver side of the car before it was taken away and of course that light pole down in the middle of the street. >> broadway and 42nd still fully closed there so that is a pretty main thoroughfare this time of morning and we've got some delays as well. our team will be continuing to follow this and we'll have updates throughout the morning during "gma" every 25 minutes and of course updates on your weather and traffic as well. until then, we hope you have a great morning and "gma" is coming up next. coming up next. we'll keepalways wins.
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winter comes storming back. alerts from ohio to long island and massachusetts. more than 40 million on alert for a miserable commute. after those dangerous winds move through the midwest, this 4-year-old clinging to a door, luckily okay as a major gust moves through. the new warnings this morning and the bitter cold blast now moving into the northeast. president trump putting on a full-court press to get republicans behind obamacare repeal. and the fbi director summoned to capitol hill for top secret meetings on russian interference in the election and those evidence-free wiretapping allegations from the president. highway hell. a rush hour attack caught on camera. a group of bikers surrounding a car forcing it to stop. punching and kicking the driver. what happened moments before the assault. police hunting for the bikers this morning.


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