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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  March 10, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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and valencia. video to show you from sky 7. you can see what it looked like here just about an hour or so ago as police officers were arriving here. this is very close to the mission police station. and you mentioned officers that were running. we also saw officers hugging the wall, and that's the instructions we got when we first arrived there on scene. officers came up to us right away and instructed us to stay along the perimeter of the wall, especially if we saw officers doing that, because it's really unclear what they're dealing with here at this point. again, this is the crown hotel, i's a single room occupancy hotel. people that were inside say they were evacuated this afternoon. we spoke to one man who described what that was like. >> i just heard bang, bang, bang. a police officer said you've got to evacuate the building, there's an emergency. and you've got to do it now, get dressed. he went knocking on every door. he was real adamant, no time to waste. came out of my room.
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they got those shields that would block bullets. and they had assault rifles, shotguns, heck of police in there. there. >> reporter: so that in turn made him nervous because he wasn't sure what was going on here. watching right now there's an officer running across the street with one of those shields. we had seen some officers that appeared to be staged on the roof of buildings across the street, but really it's unclear at this point exactly what police are dealing with. again, reports of a man who was possibly armed but then we also were hearing reports of a possible incendiary device. the one thing i can say for sure, whatever is going on here, it has led police to expand this perimeter multiple times over the last couple of hours, and you can see the streets are largely empty here at 16th and valencia. there had been dozens of people.
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it's a warm afternoon, it's a friday afternoon, people are leaving work, people live around here, work around here and there each of these street corners. you may be see right now, we can see an officer with a shield who's running somebody who might have come out of one of those buildings to safety outside of this perimeter. so they really want this area clear for whatever it is that they're dealing with here. guys. >> melanie, is there any evidence that this man was threatening anybody or do police feel at this point he may be more of a danger to himself. do we know that? >> reporter: you know, unfortunately we don't know that. we haven't received that official update from police. again, just information that he may have been armed with a weapon and then, of course, those reports of a possible incendiary device. but whoever he may be a threat to, whether it's himself, these officers or anybody else that lives or works in this area, again, they have expanded this perimeter multiple times and there is obviously a good reason
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that police want this scene clear. >> you can see the police right now escorting what looks like just a pedestrian to safety just to make sure that nobody is in the line of fire. again, the area that is being closely watched is the crown hotel at 528 valencia street. lots of restaurants and businesses in that area, and joining us on the phone right now is the manager of a cafe in that area. thank you for joining us by phone. we're glad you're safe. can you talk a little bit about the evacuation process, how you first got word of this from police and what they asked you to do? >> i was working. i didn't have no idea what's going on. suddenly two police officers come to me and ask me is there any way to get on the top of the roof upstairs. and i didn't have no idea. and i say i think, yeah, in the back and i let them in. since that, two more come in, we don't have no idea. and everybody is terrified here. we don't know what's going on. everything is empty.
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i never see valencia as empty as right now and a lot of police with guns and with big guns. i see a couple of them in the crown hotel because it's in front of me, in the stairs there, and we don't know what's going on at all. at all. we're still here. >> how many police officers do you see from your location? >> okay. i see one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. ten, 11, 12, 13, 14. and i have four on top of and more coming. i don't have no idea what's going on. >> obviously you can tell it is a very tense and dangerous situation, but have you personally heard anything that resembles a gunshot or anything like that? >> no, honestly i didn't hear nothing. i was inside. suddenly everybody got evacuated.
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i say can you please close the shop and nobody get out, nobody come in. it's been more than an hour and we are like this and we don't have no idea what's going on actually. >> are you hiding? >> i call my boss and my boss told me he's still waiting to hear the news also. >> well, essentially we can tell you there's a man with a gun located, we believe, in the crown hotel and police just want to make sure everybody is kept safe at this point. >> i hope we stay safe here. >> excuse me? >> i hope we stay safe here. >> yes, we certainly hope so. we can see a lady there obviously locking down a business, closing up shop. while you guys are still stuck inside staying inside being safe, are you hiding, taking cover behind any counters or in a certain room? >> some of them are actually hiding but some of them are just at a table waiting. >> did you happen to see anybody that looked suspicious in any way or that police were chasing? do you have any idea what may have started this?
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>> no, i didn't see anybody suspicious or any chasing, but i see actually police trying to do their best to figure out what's going on. >> we are looking at some pictures that you sent us. you are the manager at muddy waters, right? >> yes, correct, ma'am. >> we can see the inside of your shop and that there are a few people. i wouldn't say packed right now. >> no, no, no. because a lot of people left. the rest of them stayed here. there are eight people staying here. >> all right. this is earlier video that has been taped. >> yes. >> we thank you very much for sharing your experience. we do want you to stay safe and of course what police are telling us to advise all our viewers and people out there is to stay out of the line of fire. stay away from windows, doors and the street on valencia. so thank you for your time. >> thank you so much. you too, thank you. all right. a woman who has been locked down
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inside a thai restaurant on valencia shared some photos with us. rebecca pierce shows nobody but police are on the streets. really an odd scene as najet passed along as well because this block is packed with shops and restaurants. usually a very crowded block but police have basically tried to get everybody off the street for their own safety at this point. >> we want to give you another live view of what's happening there in the mission from sky 7. this is the area that's involved valencia street between 16th and 8th. i just got some new information from the sfmta. they want to let us know that because of this police activity you see there, the 22, 33 and 53 bus lines will have reroutes. so if those are your normal routes, 22, 33 and 55, expect detours and reroutes and there are delays. that is also not far from a b.a.r.t. station and people may not be able to exit and walk
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onto the street there. so strong traffic impact as well adds we move into now the afternoon commute. >> just to wrap it up for anybody that might have joined us late, police are looking into the crown hotel at 528 valencia in the mission district in san francisco, concerned about a man who was seen with a gun. there was a concern about possible explosives. that has not been confirmed yet. at this point it's believed that the man is holed up inside. earlier when you were doing your live report at about 3:00 in the afternoon, there was an attempt by a negotiation team, but we never really got confirmation that they had made contact with that man with the gun. so we'll keep you posted on this. obviously a developing situation in the heart of san francisco. our coverage continues on the abc 7 news app. if you download it and enable push alerts, you'll get updates on your phone or tablet. >> keep an eye on the developing story. in the meantime we have other news to bring you. in san rafael a woman is fighting for her life after a fire that damaged at least ten
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apartments. >> it happened late this morning on bayview street in san rafael. the woman is alive thanks to the quick actions of a neighbor. wayne freedman on details of a dramatic rescue that you'll hear about only on 7. >> reporter: this is what remains of a san rafael apartment after a fire that severely burned a 49-year-old woman. >> there was flames in the living room and in the kitchen. a lot of smoke. >> reporter: no one got a closer, more scary look than this 23-year-old man, a man the san rafael fire department describes as a hero for rushing in and pulling that victim out with not a moment to spare. >> she was so hot that it burned me to touch her. >> reporter: was she on fire? >> she was not on fire, but the burns were pretty bad. you could see the skin peeling off. >> reporter: san rafael fire says the blaze began at about 9:15 this morning in a lower apartment with smoke floating up
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to the units above. emil kistov escaped through a window. >> i was sleeping, i just heard the alarm. >> reporter: the fact that other apartments did not burn is a miracle. officially fire investigators have yet to name a cause. unofficially, neighbors have their own theories about the woman in that burned apartment. >> she does like to burn incense, so something must have caught fire but she was passed out and wasn't able to catch the fire. >> reporter: in all of this, we have one certainty, dimitrius can sleep tonight knowing he did his best to save a life. he is not comfortable, however, with being called a hero. >> most people in the situation i feel like would have done the same thing. >> reporter: in san rafael, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. san mateo sheriff deputies are asking for your help to find a missing hiker. bethnee haury was seen near
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kings mountain road. sky 7 was at the kings mountain fire brigade building as they prepared for today's search, which is still going on. haury suffers from dementia and is also a diabetic. she's 5'5", weighs 140 pounds and has red hair and blue eyes. haury's dog is a brown and white australian shepherd. call 911 if you've seen either of them. we'll have a live update from the search scene at 5:00. and we continue to follow the breaking news in san francisco in the mission district. these are live pictures of the scene on valencia street where police believe a gunman has locked himself in the crown hotel at 528 valencia. they are trying to talk him out peacefully, and in the meantime, you can see streets blocked off and police trying to do everything they can to make sure that no pedestrians are in harm's
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breaking news, continuing our coverage. sky 7 and our news video looking at a scene on valencia between 16th and 18th who a man is reportedly armed has barricaded himself inside the crown hotel. police very nervous because of the weapon. they have been getting people off the streets. it's a shelter in place situation. so far no one has been hurt. we'll continue to watch this breaking news story. a lot of questions remain in connection with a shooting in the south bay that left a young man dead. today we're learning more about what prompted police to shoot. here's more from police
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headquarters. >> reporter: we're waiting right now in front of the police department because the captain is supposed to come out and explain what prompted this officer to shoot. the coroner's office has not identified that man who was shot and killed by police, but neighbors tell us that his mother was begging police to help him. >> seeing that he might have been fighting for his life or running away from them, i don't know. >> reporter: jerry is talking about what is left on the back of a window. a handprint with blood. he said it belonging to his neighbor, jesus, a young man in his 20s who worked at walgreens. >> i was surprised that all the cops came. they could have gotten him out talking to him or maybe -- they didn't have to kill him. >> reporter: the man's parents called police around 5:00 p.m. saying he was acting erratically. police scanner traffic seems to indicate he was harming himself. >> he is outside now in the
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compl complex, to the rear of the complex. still has a knife. >> reporter: police have not revealed whether he had a knife or other weapon in his hands. they say the officer who responded first deployed a taser but ended up firing his gun. the officer was wearing a body camera but they are not releasing that video yet. the department is conducting a joint investigation with the district attorney's office. the officer involved is an eight-year veteran of the department and on administrative leave. >> he was just depressed and i guess going through a hard time. mom called police to help him, not to kill him. >> reporter: friends say the young man lived with his parents and was a student at deanza college. his family is left reeling. a high-profile political consult ankt will not be allowed to serve his sentence at home on child porn charges. he pleaded guilty to all charged against him in lieu of a six-month sentence at home with an electronic monitor. the sheriff told the judge that's not an appropriate
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sentence. the judge withdrew the deal so pierce will now have to accept six months in jail or withdraw his plea and start over. police said they found nearly 5,000 images and videos of children and infants being sexually abused on pierce's computers. police now say the man who attacked a woman while robbing a san francisco jewelry store was armed with a fake gun. matthew ho faces multiple charges for robbery and assault with intent to cause great bodily home. police say he had a replica firearm. prosecutors will not reduce his charges, though. ho will be back in court next month. after all the recent rain that we've had and now sunshine, you know what's coming, bad news for allergy sufferers. >> cornell bernard is live in san francisco with a look at why this allergy season is shaping up to be a bad one. cornell. >> yeah, kristen and larry, time to wake up and smell the pollen. it could be a monster allergy season in fact after all that rain that we saw this season. if you're like me, you're keeping tissues, a lot of them,
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standing by. spring is almost here. the sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, the bees are buzzing. it's enough to make you -- time to reach for a tissue, or two or three. >> it's not a cold, it's allergy, allergy, allergy. >> reporter: this woman and her daughter are suffering from a monster allergy season. >> i have coughing, sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes. >> reporter: so it's a mess, right? >> it's a mess. >> reporter: record rainfall for the bay area this season rescued us from drought conditions but it's producing a downside. >> we are pretty much just starting to see all the plants going to bloom and we're getting a lot of patients from that. >> reporter: denise wood is not a physician but clinical director of advanced allergy solutions in san francisco, offering patients a holistic approach to beating allergy symptoms. >> the biggest complaint so far is definitely mold. >> reporter: marcus jones traveled all the way from
4:19 pm
stockton for relief. >> uncomfortable, lack of concentration, lack of focus, stuffiness, drippy nose. >> reporter: marcus is seeing results here, but for others over-the-counter allergy medications offer relief from symptoms. doctors say if your allergies persist, consult a medical professional for help. cornell bernard, abc 7 news. >> we will be sneezing plenty in the next few months, but how about this weekend? >> this weekend, it's going to be clear and mild but it's going to be spring-like and all that pollen will be in the air so we have to inhale, right? >> i hope that we're still inhaling yes. >> here's a look at live doppler 7. we have a few clouds around today. bright sunshine with a few filtered clouds. skies are getting a little bluer right now looking out over san francisco. 66 degrees here in san francisco and across the bay at oakland. 70 at mountain view, 71 at san
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jose, 74 at gilroy and 61 at half moon bay. temperatures are in the low to mid-70s at santa rosa, napa, novato, fairfield, concord and livermore. blue skies over the golden gate and these are our furyk futures. we'll see sunnier skies this weekend. it will be nice and mild the next seven days but a few more clouds in the picture the middle of next week and a sprinkle or so late next week. overnight mainly clear skies, a few high clouds will pass by. low temperatures will be on the mild side, mainly upper 40s to 50s. then tomorrow look for mild weather under sunnier skies than we had today. highs will ring from mid-60s at the coast to 70 around the bay, maybe a couple of low 70s around the bay and mid-70s inland. as we look at the pattern that's bringing us this weather, we still have center of high pressure anchored to our east-southeast. the clockwise circulation around that high continues to bring
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mild air up from the south even with the presence of a few high clouds. we still have mainly sunny skies and mild to warm conditions. tomorrow look for widespread temperatures in the 60s at the coast to 70s elsewhere. in fact it's going to be warm enough to go to the beach probably. tomorrow, sunday and monday as we look at the three-day forecast, highs in the upper to mid-70s. you might want to go to the st. patrick's day parade here in san francisco which will be hosted by michael finney or go to the coast and to the parade. festivities will continue from 10:00 tomorrow morning to 5:00 p.m. under sunny skies and mild conditions. so here is a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. it's just going to be beautiful the next couple of days. don't forget to spring forward to daylight saving time over the weekend. sunny skies through tuesday. high temperatures in the upper 70s inland on monday and tuesday, even close to 80 in a couple of spots. clouds increase on wednesday. a chance or two of a shower in the north bay and after that it
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starts to sunny up and warm up again. >> thanks, spencer. you know "hamilton" is the hottest ticket in town. tonight the broadway hit starts right her
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one of the nation's most talked-about musicals opens tonight in san francisco. ♪ "hamilton" takes the stage for the first time in the bay area this evening at the orpheum theatre on market street. you may remember the long lines. if you missed out on tickets, they're holding back 44 tickets to each show. they're going to be sold for $10 each in a digital lottery online. go to or our abc 7 news app to sign up for the next ticket lottery. you have to sign up two days before each performance. "hamilton" will run through august the 5th. a well-known muralist is leaving his mark in san francisco. abc 7 news was at shotwell and
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16th street as douglas miles completed this huge mural on the side of a building. he used spray paint to depict the faces of two native americans. he wants indigenous people to see the mural, feel proud of their heritage and to stand up for their rights. >> i want them to feel proud of their roots. i want people to be proud of where they're from. wherever you're from, i want people to see the mural and feel that pride of place. >> miles is from the san carlos apache nation. he was the artist in residence during february at the de jonge museum. he'll painting another mural before he returns home to arizona. bigfoot fans are getting excited. san francisco is kicking off its first-ever bigfoot conference today. the three-day film feflt is being held at the balboa theater in the city's outer richmond district. it features filmmakers, authors and tv personalities, as well as hunters and enthusiasts.
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the lineup includes cliff who hosts "finding bigfoot." we're following breaking news out of san francisco, a lockdown still under way in san francisco's mission district on valencia because of a person armed with a gun. we'll have the latest on this breaking situation. plus -- these actions are reprehensible. >> new details in that nude photo scandal involving the marines and a new report suggesting it is not just marines involved. plus a south bay man accused of stalking up to 20 children appears in court. what we've learned about the case. and the changing face of the catholic church. why the pop tomorrow's the day we'll play something besides video games. every day is a gift. especially for people with heart failure. but today there's entresto... a breakthrough medicine that can help make more tomorrows possible. tomorrow, i want to see teddy bait his first hook.
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back to the breaking news in san francisco's mission district. sky 7 is live over 16th and valencia street where a couple of blocks are on lockdown because of a person with a gun who's inside a hotel and is refusing to leave. >> we say person because right now police are not yet confirming whether the person reportedly with the gun is a man or a woman. what we do know is that it all happened after 2:00. abc 7 news reporter sergio quintana is live in the neighborhood. >> reporter: police have had to take every precaution necessary
4:30 pm
because this person is inside of an sro hotel that's actually several stories and so because this is a person who may have a weapon, they have had to clear out a pretty large chunk of this neighborhood with a line of sight from that potential person with the weapon. i can show you right now from where we are, the building that they are keeping an eye on, that police officers are keeping an eye on is the pink building, probably about a block away from us. because there are several blocks that are blocked off here on valencia street, this is a very busy area of the mission district, so there are people who actually had to be walked out of restaurants as they were having lunch. there were people who were -- there was actually people right now who are figuring out if they can actually get into work. you can see right here there's a man who's putting his seat out who's likely going to get cleared out by officers because this whole area has to be clear of any pedestrian traffic and
4:31 pm
vehicle traffic. this is an ongoing situation. what we do not know just yet is the kind of communication that police officers have with this person who may have a weapon. we understand that there may have been past incidents at this particular building a few years ago with an incendiary device, so of course officers are taking every precaution possible so they can make sure the public is safe and they can resolve this situation very safely. we'll continue to keep tabs on the situation and hopefully have updates from the police coming up shortly. reporting live in the mission district, i'm sergio quintana, abc 7 news. >> all right, sergio, thank you very much. as we take a look from more pictures from the scene, we want to pass on some information. this is unconfirmed but comes from mission local and they are reporting that the person barricaded is a woman and that woman was a veteran and that at least one tenant at that single
4:32 pm
room occupancy hotel who has been evacuated said that she was marine trained. s that could add to a level of seriousness with regard to the use of a weapon and why police, you can see, are taking it so seriously and cautiously. >> for sure. you can see some of the frustration there. while sergio was doing his live report, a man comes out with his lounge chair. i'm guessing he's just frustrated at being forced to stay inside. i'm going to come out and try to live my life. i want to sit down and enjoy the afternoon and police were having none of that. they want everybody off the street in this situation because it is a potentially dangerous one. our coverage continues on the abc 7 news app. download it and enable the push alerts and you'll get updates on your phone or tablet. in the meantime, another story here, a new report suggests it's not just marines involved in a nude photo scandal. photos from other military branches have been discovered on another website. abc 7 news reporter marci gonzalez is live in los angeles with the latest developments.
4:33 pm
marci? >> reporter: kristen, the secretary of defense responded to those allegations today saying the lack of respect for the dignity and humanity of fellow service members is unacceptable, promising a thorough investigation. new allegations now surfacing of military service members sharing illicit photos of female colleagues online without their consenti consent. hundreds of photos were posted to a message board dedicated to military personnel on a pornographic image-sharing website. on it users reportedly asked for nude photos of specific female service members, identifying some by name or where they're stationed. this as the pentagon investigates separate allegations of marines sharing as many as thousands of nude and other photos of current and former service members through a private facebook group called marines united that reportedly had tens of thousands of
4:34 pm
followers. >> these actions are reprehensible, harmful to our military and our national security and detrimental to not just servicewomen but to all service members. >> reporter: the marines on friday reiterated their commitment to taking all appropriate action in response to what the defense secretary calls egregious violations. >> we're going to be self critical, self analytical, but we've also got to recognize that there's a problem and we've got to figure out how to solve it. >> reporter: the marines say no one has been charged yet and there is no estimate for how long the investigation could take. marci gonzalez, abc 7 news. back to you. a south bay man accused of stalking 19 underage girls made his first court appearance today. investigators believe the man has been taking part in these activities in saratoga, los
4:35 pm
gatos, san jose, los altos, even los angeles. kate larson was in court this afternoon joining us live in palo alto with the judge's decision and how he hopes to keep the victims and other young girls safe. kate? >> reporter: yeah, the judge actually issued protective orders for the four known victims. and if he posts bail, which was increased substantially today, then he'll have to be monitored by an electronic device. meanwhile i spoke to sheriff's investigators today that tell me since his arrest this week, more possible victims have come forward. leaving the santa clara county court had nothing to say today. his 35-year-old son, rajeev is accused of stalking four underage girls. he lives with his father and based on evidence found at the family's home in cupertino, sheriffs believe there could be at least 19 alleged victims. deputy district aattorney
4:36 pm
rebecca weiss believes he is a danger to the community. >> i think this is a very disturbing case. you have a defendant who has targeted young women and young girls and has annoyed and harassed them repeatedly over the course of the last few years. >> reporter: his father says the accusations against his son are not true, but on wednesday police searched the house and found numerous photos of young girls in what police describe as a wall shrine and gifts they believe were intended would would be victims. in light of the evidence, the judge raised the bail from $200,000 to $1 million today. >> i am pleased that the judge raised bail. he recognized that the defendant poses a unique risk to society. >> reporter: the initial stalking report came from a 14-year-old girl who said that sanhi followed her home more than a dozen times and repeatedly offered her money and gifts. kate larson, abc 7 news. a federal judge has revoked bond for the wife of the pulse nightclub gunman.
4:37 pm
the federal judge reversed the decision made by an oakland judge to release noor salman. she has pleaded not guilty to charges of aiding and abetting and obstruction of justice. her husband, omar mateen, was killed by police. 49 people were killed in the june 12th attack in orlando, florida. tens of thousands of south koreans are celebrating in the streets of seoul after ousting the president. they removed her after allegations that she colluded to accept money from companies and allowed a friend to manipulate state affairs. some south korean saw this as a sign of dedication to her work. pope francis today said the cath click church should allow married men to become priests. it would help curb the shortage
4:38 pm
of clergy around the world. he called it an enormous problem. it currently allows married priests who convert to catholicism but does not allow catholic men to take holy orders. he did not allow openness of allowing men who are already priests to marry. president trump in negotiation mode today. >> choices are disappearing as one insurer drops out after another. >> it's the battle over health care and why republicans are optimistic about a new bill. and wild weather. winds so strong a little girl was lifted right off her feet. and she's not the only one. the amazing video coming up. i'm spencer christian. as this week winds down, the skies are getting clearer. that's a
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this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others
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are enjoying their first bowl today. wild weather across the u.s. take a look, winds so strong it lifted that little girl right there right off her feet. did you see that? today snow was the problem. it started coming down early this morning in several states from pennsylvania to massachusetts. here's abc news reporter, kenneth moton. >> reporter: winter whiplash, the northeast hit with a late winter blast. >> the road is slushy but
4:42 pm
passable. >> reporter: several inches of snow coming down in massachusetts, new york, new jersey. the friday morning commute a little slower on those slick roads. >> my back ending actually did swerve a little bit, and there was another car behind me so i got a little worried, but i got back on right into place records the roadways also a mess in pennsylvania. near pittsburgh, a driver slid right into a utility pole bringing down power lines. >> the car was facing towards the pole and it was all messed up. that car is totaled. >> reporter: the winter weather also caused flighted delays and cancellations at airports. at jfk, planes had to be deiced. at laguardia, poor visibility as this plane disappeared on a foggy runway. the snow moved out, the bitter arctic gold moving in this weekend in the northeast and the midwest. the system that brought snow also brought severe weather to the heartland. kentucky and missouri reported tornados. residents and storm chasers
4:43 pm
tried to dodge golf ball-size hail. and those strong wind gusts took down trees and knocked the power out in michigan. in the south a coastal storm is expected to move north monday night which could bring another storm system from d.c. to boston. kenneth moton, abc news, new york. meanwhile our weather, look at this. ranging from mild to spectacular, i think. >> the picture says it all, spencer. >> you're right. our weather is quite tame here, quite pleasant. here's live doppler 7. you can see we have no active weather going on right now. the beach forecast for tomorrow is looking pretty good. we'll see mainly sunny skies. maybe a little fog here or there. a light breeze and temperatures mainly in the mid-60s, but up to 7 in santa cruz tomorrow. in the overall picture tomorrow, look for sunny skies with highs ranging from mid-60s at the coast to upper 60s and low 70s at the bay and mid-70s in most of our inland areas. as we look ahead, this is how the accuweather seven-day
4:44 pm
forecast forecast looks. through next tuesday look for sunny skies and high temperatures reaching into the upper 70s inland on monday and tuesday, mid-70s around the bay. clouds will increase on wednesday. we might see a sprinkle or two up in the north and then it will get sunnier and warmer toward the end of the week. that's what i call a spectacular week of prespring weather. >> you almost wanting to tip your meteorologist and weatherman for that, right? >> i'm waiting, i'm waiting. >> i believe he's willing. >> it looks like perfect parade weather. tomorrow 7 on your side's michael finney will anchor our live coverage of the san francisco st. patrick's day parade. the coverage begins tomorrow at noon on the air and on the abc 7 news app as well as the latest on those explosive wiretapping claims against former president obama and why president trump is not backing down. plus a serious interview turns hilarious as some little kids steal the show fr
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back to our breaking news now in san francisco's mission district. sky 7 is still live over 16th and valencia streets where a couple of blocks are on lockdown. they have been since past 2:00 because of a person with a gun
4:48 pm
who is inside a hotel and refusing to leave. police have been busy trying to evacuate people from that hotel, from that street, from that block, get them to safety. people in the area have been ordered to stay inside for now, as they try to talk with this person and reach a peaceful resolution. but for now people have been evacuated and you should stay out of the area. in politics, president trump doubling down on the need to pass health care reform, even before members of congress learn the cost and the number of americans who stand to be impacted. meanwhile, top lawmakers speaking out about a secret briefing with the fbi director. janai norman has the latest developments. >> reporter: the businessman turned president in full negotiation mode. >> choices are disappearing as one insurer drops out after another. >> reporter: trump out to make a deal on the republican health care bill that made it through two key house committees in marathon sessions. republicans are optimistic, with hopes of passing the bill by early spring.
4:49 pm
the president urging congress to act now to save americans from what he calls the imploding obamacare disaster. >> '17 would be a disaster for obamacare. that's the year it wasment to explode. because obama won't be here. >> reporter: the president still taking shots at his predecessors. >> thank you. >> reporter: but ignoring abc's jo jon karl as he asks about brief about his last bold charge against president obama. the top democrat on the house intelligence committee telling abc news. >> i haven't seen any evidence to back up the president's extraordinary and i think reckless claim that his predecessor wiretapped him at trump tower. >> reporter: the white house not ready to say whether trump will apologize if his explosive claims are officially stomped out. >> if there is no evidence that any wiretapping took place, will the president apologize to
4:50 pm
president obama for making such a serious charge? >> let's not get ahead of ourselves. i think it's important to see where that goes. i think once that's done, we'll respond appropriately. >> sean spicer touting that new report showing 235,000 jobs added in trumpest first month in office. the press secretary quoting the president saying, jobs reports may have been phony before, but they're real now. janae norman, abc 7 news, washington. the labor department today reported that 235,000 jobs were added ifebruary. that dipped the unemployment rate -- that dropped the unemployment rate to 4.7%. california's great america plans to hire 2500 people for its 2017 season. it's hosting job fairs on saturday this month and next from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. go to for a link on how to apply
4:51 pm
volkswagen has pleaded guilty by using software to evade emissions rules. they agreed to pay a $4.3 billion penalty. the company installed software to activate pollution controls during government tests and switched them off during regular driving. phone scammers have found a way to get your cash. it's called a 473 scam. it looks like area codes within the u.s. but are actually international. there are three ways. they use robo dialers and hang up and also wait for the target to answer, then play a recording of someone pleading for help before hanging up or ask for help through text messaging. there are 20 different area codes being used. do not call or text back unless you know the number. are you ready to laugh? >> yes. >> two small kids lightened up a
4:52 pm
serious tv interview on a weighty subject. they stole the show on the bbc news. >> now this video is going viral worldwide. abc 7's jessica castro has more on this video you have to see. >> reporter: chaos happening in south korea, the president impeached, protests overnight. pit's a really serious subject. but this tiny tot doesn't seem to care. the adorable glasses-wearing toddler oblivious to her now international fame, happily eating something. it turns out the spotlight isn't all hers. here comes another one. meanwhile dad keeps talking calmly during his bbc news interview. it seems the only one worried about the optics was this woman. she frantically runs in. anyone knows that it's really hard to keep your concentration and train of thought when someone photo bombs you. so we've got to hand it to professor robert kelly. he should teach a course in
4:53 pm
serenity. never even taking his eyes off the camera, just like a real pro. professor kelly teaches south korean politics. the video with good reason is going viral worldwide. jessica castro, abc 7 news. well, which child stole the show? >> i think the woman. she's sneaking around. the camera sees you. you're not invisible. >> right. i think i've done something like that before. >> she did her best to duck down, though. and they are off. it looks like fun and games, but there's a real-life reason behind this high-tech robot competition. right now dan has a look at what's ahead at 5:00. a sudden closure. a popular san francisco brewery surprises a lot of people by shutting its doors. we'll explain what's going on. and the makeup heist. how more than $4 million worth
4:54 pm
of eye shadow was stolen. and if only. house minority leader nancy pelosi says she would be retired right now except for this. we'll explain.
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
coming up tonight in primetime, at 8:00 it is "last man standing" followed pie "dr. ken." then "shark tank," "20/20" followed by the abc 7 news at 11:00. playing with a robot sounds
4:57 pm
like fun but for students at cal tech it's also a lot of work. a competition this week put their skills to the test. sid garcia was there. >> the baseball is being transferred now. >> reporter: some of the brightest young minds at cal tech are taking part in one of the more stressful classroom assignments they have ever had. these mechanical engineering students design and build robots to go over what looks like a simple obstacle course. >> we had mostly everything working. the issue is we didn't anticipate the seesaw. it bounces when it lands and it lifts it off and flips it over. >> reporter: mechanical engineering students have been challenged to design and build robots for this annual race. think of this as their indy 500 race. the robot is the culmination of these brainiacs putting their collective heads together to get what looks like a toy through and over these obstacles. >> the result is months and months of concentrated design
4:58 pm
and reliability testing, which may pan out on some days and then at the worst possible moment things can go wrong, which is the most valuable lesson as young engineers that they can learn. >> because they can figure out what went wrong, fix it and make improvements. probably the most important lesson learned in this competition, teamwork. >> i think that we work really well together. we've kind of figured out, you know, which team member works with which role, so it's kind of worked out. >> reporter: there's a gear shaft trophy for bragging rights fo winning. however, the most important prize, everyone gets a passing grade for this assignment. i'm sid garcia, abc 7 news. >> i see some future competitors in battle bots right there. reminder to get the latest news any time with the abc 7 news app. you can download it for free and make sure you enable those push alerts so you're the first to
4:59 pm
know about breaking news where you live. thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. i'm larry beil. abc 7 news at 5:00 starts right now. we have a barricaded suspect with a firearm. >> neighborhood under lockdown. hostage negotiators are on the scene in san francisco's mission district. search and rescue teams fan out in san mateo county. a hiker with health issues is missing and it's been hours since she was last seen. plus -- >> they're heinous events. so dangerous to the motoring public. >> we're learning freeway shoot go ahead are a lot more common than we thought and it's innocent bystanders who often pay the price. a fire breaks out at a home and a neighbor jumps in to help. a standoff in the mission. one of san francisco's busiest dragging is empty right now because a suspect police say is armed with a gun and refusing to come out of this pink building. >> sky 7 is live over the mission district.
5:00 pm
this is the crown hotel where police are trying to get that person out of their hotel room and disarm them. >> we want to show you the area on a map. it's here at valencia and 16th street. the area under lockdown, no one is allowed in, no one is allowed out. >> it's been going on like this for quite some time. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm kristen sze. this all started when the manager of the hotel went door to door to tell the tenants they were going to spray for pesticides and a person got upset and pulled out a gun. >> we want to get right to melanie woodrow with the very latest live from the scene. melanie. >> reporter: dan and kristen, this may be an example of those de-escalation tactics that we've heard about recently. san francisco creating time and space. you can see the streets here are largely empty. san francisco police officers have moved the perimeter several times in the last couple of hours absolutely clearing the area on valencia and 16's streets. we have some videoro


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