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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  March 13, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> announcer: good morning, south bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> new this morning, a warning before you hit the roads. potholes damaging at least a dozen cars in palo alto overnight. northbound 101, crews working as quickly as possible. all lanes back open. you're going to want to watch out. it's not the only spot that's happening. >> absolutely. good morning. we're springing forward on monday, march 13th. glad you're here. alexis, want to turn to you. they worked quickly to clean up that issue but there is another issue nearby. >> there was. the roads are so damaged. they're all in bad shape, as we know. we hit the potholes and it is like, oh, my tire, is that going to survive that one? it was close to that. i'll zoo in m in on the maps.
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101 near holly street, we had overnight scheduled road work and potholes in the area. they patched those up. all lanes open now. crews got that done around 4:30 this morning. there's where we had all the vehicles get the flat tires overnight. northbound 101 just past embarcadero in palo alto. in the green at this point. be on the lookout, the potholes can open at any time. let's go to meteorologist mike nicco. we have calm weather for the sm commute. >> fog around santa rosa. visibility fine now but it is something we'll keep an eye on. down in the south bay, 101 and 880, all of us under the clear sky. a little cool this morning. 43 to 54. noon, already 64 to 68 with total sunshine. 65 at the coast to 77 around the bay and inland by 4:00. 57 to 68, comfortable evening. sunny at 7:00.
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former president obama waking up in the bay area this morning. >> this is his first trip to silicon valley since leaving the white house. the question this morning, where is he headed today? lonnie rivera is live in san jose.natasha. we're in front of the fremont where there is a police car behind us. not clear if it is part of the security detail for former president obama. here's a look at the motorcade as it arrived to san jose airport. he arrived to the airport last night. the reason for his visit is not clear but it comes as the clock ticks for president trump to back his claims that the former president wiretapped his phones during the campaign. the white house intelligence committee asked for proof of the accusations by today. >> there are one of two possibilities here. either the president deliberately for some reason made up this charge or perhaps, more disturbing, the president really believes this.
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>> before traveling to san jose, president obama met with billionaire warren buffet in omaha, nebraska. they had lunch sunday. we'll be here this morning to see where he is going. we're live in downtown san jose. lonnie rivera, abc 7 news. thank you. an estimate of how much president trump's new health care plan could cost would come later today. outside analysts who reviewed the republican plan estimate 6 million to 18 million people may lose their coverage. it drops the mandate requiring americans to buy insurance or pay a penalty. instead, there are other incentives to give consumers more choice. >> you get it if you want it. that's freedom. >> how many people will lose coverage? >> i can't answer that question. it is up to people. >> i'll say to my friends in the house of representatives with whom i serve, do not walk the plank and vote for a bill that cannot pass the senate and have to face the consequences of the
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vote. >> the non-partisan congressional office is expected to give the estimate for the cost of the bill this week. the labor secretary pick confirmation hearing was scheduled for this week but has been rescheduled. puzder withdrew his candidacy last month. tension is high in ferguson, missouri, following released video linked to the michael brown shooting. the unarmed black teen was accused of robbing a market before fatally shot by a white officer in 2014. this surveillance video seen in the documentary, stranger fruit, casts doubt on whether brown robbed the store. it suggested he was selling pot. the film maker and brown's father say there is a lack of transparency by police. >> the taste is in the pudding. you see it for yourself.
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you know, all the information is right there for you, you know. i just feel like they should have came out a little earlier. >> police say they haven't confirmed the new video's authenticity. they say it is irrelevant to the encounter between probrown and officer who killed him. >> reggie, want to break in from the live desk. the owner of the store is saying the film maker footage, not showing all of what happened. this is new video i'm getting this morning. police talking to the protesters out there. in this video, we also see police putting someone in handcuffs. dozens of people in front of the ferguson market. several people seen yelling at cops. they all seem to have their cell phones out, just in case there's any reaction or people get riled up. i'm going to be keeping an eye on this situation for you. there has been video streaming on twitter all morning long.
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when we get the full video from the store owner, what he claims could be eye opening, we'll pass it along, as well, from the live desk. >> thank you. an east bay family struggling to understand why someone opened fire on a freeway, living their loved one. family members say the victim's final moments were heroic. >> reporter: 24-year-old demarcus doss was the baby brother, the youngest of six in his family. >> demarcus was my best friend. i lost my best friend. i really lost my best friend. >> reporter: thursday, someone shot him as he drove on eastbound interstate 80 in richmond. >> doesn't make any sense. it doesn't make any sense at all. >> no one slept yet. been up since thursday. any time i close my eyes, i see him. >> reporter: demarcus' sisters say he was their protector, a role he played thursday, as well, for his passenger and
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close friend. >> that's the last thing he did. he covered her and took all the bullets for her. >> he would have lived. the one to the head killed him. >> reporter: the shooting is said not to be random but his family says no one would want to hurt him. >> college student. good kid. he worked out, played with the family. >> reporter: after the shooting, richmond p located a vehicle matching witness descriptions and took men into custody. one 24-year-old and two 17-year-olds. >> we want justice for sure. we want them to get the max. the max. >> senseless. everybody just killing each othe f no type of reason at all. >> reporter: the family set up a gofundme page to help with funeral exexpenses. abc 7 news. >> the page mentioned had more than $7,000 in donations over the weekend. to help the family,
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link on our website. take a good look at this man. berkeley police need your help finding him. he suffers from memory loss and dement dementia. he was seen yesterday afternoon on ward street near martin luther king jr. way. call 911 or contact berkeley police if you see him. a woman is safe after disappearing several hours in san francisco. she called her mom last night. she is nine months pregnant. her family notified police after she went missing for several hours. they told police they last saw her at her home around 11:00 yesterday morning. officers focused the search on golden gate park. it'll be interesting to see if this technique works. santa cruz county using these greeting cards to help get lawmakers in the giving spirit. they share road damage from recent storms. officials plan to give 120 members of the state assembly and the senate one of the cards.
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the goal is to urge them to move forward with funding proposals to improve roads. the county is seeking several million in emergency funding to repair at least 170 separate damage incidents. governor jerry brown set an april 6th deadline for any deal. >> announcer: your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> temperatures are cooler than yesterday but don't let that fool you. we are going to end up in the same ballpark, if not warmer this afternoon. mid to upper 40s in the inland valley neighborhoods. antioch, 52. couple inches of snow we had last monday morning. addy y diablo, 61. pacifica, san jose, 50. the hills in los gatos, 61. 46 in novato. sfo, no clouds. not worried about delays.
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watch out for the pollen. on the boat, small waves. the beach, burning sunshine for sure. this is the reason you want to be out today. half moon bay, 66. 72 in san francisco to nearly 80 in santa rosa. antioch, napa, 77. cooler tomorrow, especially near the coast. the coolest day will be wednesday because of the cold front, increasing clouds and threat of wet weather across the north bay. we'll talk more about that coming up. first, tonight's temperatures. upper 40s to low 50s. a little more fog, especially near the cosast. so far, so good for the morning commute. before we went on the air, we had a couple issues including the potholes on the peninsula. those are clear. now, we've got this problem that has cleared on eastbound 580 at grand avenue. a little bit of a delay through the stretch. we had all lanes closed about 4:15 this morning due to a crash and a car fire. we are hearing about guardrail damage on the grand avenue off ramp. be on the lookout for that.
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possibly a little bit of oil left from the crash on the roadway, as well. keeping an eye on that one. a little stop and go traffic at the moment. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. the cash lanes filling in. you're looking good in the fast track and carpool lanes. state parks are having money issues across southern california. how you can keep the funds flowing and spice up your car at the same time. the same time. a local company is looki
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bort bnorth bay firm is one hundreds interested in helping build the wall president trump wants between the u.s. and mexico. san rafael based company martinez services incorporate may submit prototypes for the way. the firm has done previous work for the federal government. the trump administration estimated the wall will cost 12 billion. house minority leader pelosi visited texas over the weeke weekend. she said president trump's effort to expand the border wall must be stopped. she made a stop at a humanitarian center. she also participated in a round table discussion on white house policies. >> they're saying 11 million people can be subjected to deportation. don't they understand that what -- that would undermine our
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country, our economy? >> she said she took an oath to protect the u.s. constitution and the right that gives anyone who steps on u.s. soil. the man who invented the world wide web now wants to save it. tim burners lee wrote a blueprint for what would be the worldwi wide web 28 years ago. he is worried about three trends. compromised personal data, fake news and a lack of regulation in political advertising. to fix the problems, he says there needs to be greater protection laws. google and facebook need to do more to weed out false information. in today's gma first look, chris angel is back on stage one day after a dangerous straight jacket stunt sent him to the er. >> reporter: in this morning's gma first look, magician chris angel speaking out about a trick that sent him to las vegas emergency room. >> what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. for me, it is always about
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pushing the envelope. >> reporter: the 49-year-old illusionist dangling upside down in a straight jacket friday night when something went dangerously wrong. >> it was dramatic. i was kind of confused for a moment. didn't know what happened to me. >> reporter: just 24 hours later, abc news was there when the mind freak live mastermind strapped up once again, successfully performing the very same stunt. for angel, taking risks, all part of the act. >> i really take my life really at the mercy of whether or not something is going to work or not. >> reporter: at 7:00, we'll have more from the exclusive interview with chris angel. with your gma first look. abc news, new york. 5:16 now. san francisco lawmaker wants the state to help the homeless. if the bill passes, homeless people who are eligible for
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medical and supplemental income could receive housing. it passed a critical committee hearing last week. >> we should be spending the money before the fact on supportive housing so we can save all of the expenses that come when someone is out on the streets exposed to the elements, having to go in and out of emergency rooms and mental health services. >> the money to pay for the pilot project would come from the state's general fund. park lovers, you can order a special license plate and help the state park system. a redwood forest is the image. before plate production can begin, 7500 pre-paid ordered are needed. this plate is $50. proceeds go toward preservation and restoration throughout our california state parks. if you want to order one, you'll find a link on our website, abc 7 football fans came to rally to keep the raiders in oakland.
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ronnie lot spoke to fans yesterday. he is working with a group trying to build a new stadium for the raiders in oakland. fans hope to persuade owners the raiders belong in oakland. >> the best course of action now is for the nfl to table a vote until they can truly make a determination, you know. one, there is a viable plan in oakland. >> they shouldn't go anywhere. they should stay here. didn't work before when they want to l.a. they came back to oakland. >> any move by the raiders to leave oakland can be blocked if just nine nfl owners vote against it. you can share some local pride when filling out march madness brackets because st. mary's is going to the big dance. [ applause ] you can see the excitement. this is how the team reacted when they found out. despite winning 27 games last
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season, st. mary's got snubbed by the tournament committee. this year, they grabbed the seventh seed in the west regional. they'll play virginia commonwealth thursday at 4:20 in salt lake city. last night, i was leafing minneapolis. it was snowing. we had to get deiced. came home and it was like the gates of heaven had opened. >> yesterday, weekend weather, incredible. >> it was wonderful. we have a couple more days, especially for those who maybe worked or stayed inside yesterday. here's a look from the roof camera. total sunshine, above average highs today. a little more in the way of fog the next few nights. weak storms wednesday and sunday promise a slight chance of wet weather. until then, we have a blocking area of high pressure. the storm track to the north, went into minneapolis, through chicago. today, it is going to develop into a nor'easter and pound them with some snow. for us, we've got quiet weather. we wake up 7:00 wednesday
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morning. increasing clouds noon through the afternoon hours. by 5:00, light rain moves spot north bay. it falls apart into our nay poor hoods. rainfall totals, nothing but 5:00. less than 1/10 of an inch by 11:00 wednesday evening. we put the storm impact scale on it for the north bay if you want. something we'll consider. near 80 tomorrow. 60s wednesday with the storm. warm thursday and friday. a little cooler saturday. coolest sunday with the slight chance of wet weather again. alexis? >> sounds good. looking at our traffic maps this morning, we're starting to fill in in all the usual places. of course, that means westbound out of tracy there. westbound 205 to 580, 17 miles per hour and 12 miles per hour approaching altamont pass. no blocking issues so far. the bay bridge into san francis francisco, we have a disabled van blocking lane four west of treasure island.
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out of view of this camera. things don't look too slow into san francisco but i'm working on confirming that. i know chp is on the way to the scene. a quick mention of mass transit. the only issue, ace rail reporting a mechanical issue for ace one out of tracy. looks like they're on the move into v and just a minimal delay. next traffic update just before 5:30. one of san francisco's most famous performing groups supported one of comedy's stars for her support of gay rights. kathy griffin believes the gay men's chorus sparks a dialogue when it performs in so-called bible belt states late they are year. >> i think it is really special. it is also, you know -- i mean, i go into these areas and say to my liberal friends, the whole world isn't new york and l.a. there is a whole country in between. i think the chorus will have a great time on the tour. >> money raised at last night's
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11 annual crescendo gala with help with their tour. will smith jumped off a bridge? he had quite the weekend, giving new meaning to fresh prince of bel air. bel air. get it,
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want more freshness? add new downy fresh protect. living healthy is a balancing act. that's why i love light & fit greek nonfat yogurt. each delicious cup contains 12 grams of protein and 80 calories. it's nutrition that fits my healthy life. light & fit. do what fits you. 5:24. these are the seven things you need to know before you go. chp saying at least 12 cars were damaged by potholes in palo alto overnight. the biggest problem on highway 101 near embarcadero road. crews worked through the night to make repairs. >> number two, all the lanes are open, great news for the morning commute. we have a new issue. westbound 80 on the bay bridge. sounds like we have a disabled vehicle blocking the second lane from the right. chp on the way to the scene. the backup is approaching the incline. i'll have an update in a few minutes. how about that warmth over the weekend? it is going to spill into today.
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look at these temperatures compare. compared to average, 9 to 13 degrees. instead of mid 60s, the low to upper 70s. >> number four from the live desk. storms hitting the midwest hard this morning. here's a live look at the chicago area getting a beating right now. then the storm moves east. more than 700 flights are already cancelled nationwide today. nearly 1,000 already cancelled for tomorrow. >> number five, former president obama in the bay area for his first visit since leaving the white house. he flew into san jose airport yesterday afternoon. it is unclear what he is doing or how long he'll stay. >> number six. estimate of how much president trump's new health care plan is expected to cost will come as early as today. analysts who reviewed the republican plan believe 6 million to 15 million people may be losing their health coverage. >> number seven. good news, it is national napping day. it coincides with daylight savings time, when many of us are tired after losing an hour of sleep. the extra zs expected to
5:26 am
increase productivity. now an epic jump by actor will smith. this wasn't for a movie. smith was bungee jumping off victoria falls in zimbabwe. got it on his go pro. >> he is holding it, doesn't have it strapped to his head. a. >> whew! >> look at him. he knows his angles even when upside down at 65 miles per hour. i don't know the speed but it looks that fast. the 48-year-old star says this was on his bucket list. he said he had been wanting to make the jump more than 20 years. his lifelong dream was fulfilled four days ago. he kept saying, this is going to be a cool shot. joked about it, saying i have high blood pressure so they need to get me from being upside down. >> good for him. he can have that. >> absolutely. >> no interest in doing that whatsoever. back with a full 90 minutes of news, including how the community is helping san jose flood survivors rebuild their
5:27 am
life. replacing a bridge in big sur that collapsed in big storms, cutting off traffic on highway 1. this video i'm getting into the live desk, an offic officer-involved shooting in southern californi. they take this guy out of the van. we'll get more details for you, all coming up next. >> that was crazy. taking a live look outside with abc 7 now. with abc 7 now. keep
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>> announcer: good morning, bay area. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> all right. good morning to you. monday, march 13th. jessica is missing right now. she's at the live desk working on breaking news. >> that's right. i talked about how i left snow yesterday in minnesota and came to the most beautiful weather that's ever happened in the bay area. alexis, i saw you. i saw your picture on instagram. >> i went for a hike yesterday.
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all around sutro bass. >> good for you. >> sea cliff neighborhood. it was awesome. got a little sun burnt though. >> there she is. i can see why. >> didn't know we were going to put this up. >> it's great. >> i said, i'll take another, please. that's a hint for mike nicco. >> mike, are you going to fulfill? >> come on, mike. >> yes. absolutely. let's do it again. i was enjoying the sunshine at the beach from monterrey all the way up. it was incredible. firsthand experience, wear the sunscreen. 75 mile it is how far the fog layer is away from us and where it is going to stay today. another day of sunshine and the offshore breeze. 46 to 50 at 7:00 this morning. still dark out there. 64 to 68 at noon. 71 to 75 around the bay at 4:00. look at the wonderful even sunshine, 57 to 68. alex alexis? looking at the bay bridge commute. i haven't gotten official word that the metering lights are on, but looking at the camera, i'd
5:31 am
say they probably were flip on in the last few minutes. on top of that, once you pass the metering lights, we have a disabled vehicle westbound 80, west of treasure island, and it is slowing down your drive time. no issue between there and the maze but 18 across the bay bridge. chp ton way to assist. san francisco to sfo, in the green at 9 minutes. we have trouble in santa rosa. that's coming up next. >> announcer: breaking news from the abc 7 live desk. >> i want to get to the breaking news out of southern california. just gets this stunning new video into the live desk at an officer-involved shooting in the city of orange all caught on camera. this man was yelling at police. unclear if he was armed or what he was yelling at. moments later, you see police drawing guns, using water to try to get the guy out of the van. you see officers struggling with the suspect here. they're running there. have the struggle. eventually, you see the fan fall to the ground.
5:32 am
he was rushed to a nearby hospital in critical condition. no word on what led up to this. i'm going to be keeping an eye out for additional details as we get them in. i'll pass them along. back to you. >> i've never seen anything like that. >> never seen that use of water. >> thank you. we're tracking potential problems for drivers on highway 101 this morning. >> talking about potholes and road patches. crews have been busy all night getting it repaired in time for the commute. abc 7 news reporter kate larson is live in palo alto. kate? >> natasha, reggie, fortunately, you can see the traffic behind me on highway 101 moving quickly and smoothly this morning. there was a danger it wasn't going to be that way because there were several lanes closed on the northbound 101 side through palo alto overnight and into this morning. let's take a look at video of repairs this morning. 9:15 last night, the chp started getting calls about potholes between embarcadero and university.
5:33 am
the crews responded and found four large hot holes. four to six feet long, two to three feet wide and six to eight inches deep. a dozen cars reported damage to their tires or front wheels off these potholes. fortunately, crews made repairs and opened up the highway about 3:45 this morning. the heavy rains made potholes an especially big problem the past few months. more than $600 worth of damage to state highways have been reported this year. that is according to caltrans and the chp. remember, if your car is damaged because of a pothole, you actually can make a claim to caltrans for up to $10,000. you can do that via the caltrans website or by calling them. they do investigate but at least it is a start if you get trapped and stuck by one of these potholes where the road sort of is crumbling away throughout the bay area. that's the latest live in palo
5:34 am
alto. kate larsen, abc 7 news. former president barack obama is in the bay area but keeping a low profile. abc 7 news was at the airport as his motorcade left yesterday afternoon. this is the former president's first trip to the area since leaving the white house. obama flew into san jose yesterday after spending the day with warren buffet in omaha. no word on how long he'll be in the bay area or what his plans are while here. happening today, the milpitas man accused of jumping the white house fence with two cans of mace will be in federal court. 26-year-old jonathan tran was stopped before midnight on friday yards from the south entrance to the white house. tran had scaled the fence and told the officer he was friends with the president and had an invitation. he's been charged with entering restricted grounds with a dangerous weapon and could face up to ten years in prison. his brother said he was troubled after laid off from his engineering job and was living in his car. don't travel anywhere today.
5:35 am
you're in the one place in the country free and clear with great weather. 60 million people preparing for this. on the east coast or the midwest, there is a good chance you'll face below freezing temperatures and snow. this is expected to be one of the biggest storms of the season. you're looking here at what's happening in the midwest. also if you go far east to the northeast, you're looking at blizzard watches, new york to boston. again, stay where you are. the community coming together in san jose now. people affected by the coyote creek flooding have essential items thanks to the generosity of others. there was a donation drive yesterday. thousands of people dropped off clothing, food, furniture and other items. flood victims picked up whatever they needed. the san jose woman behind the drive said she felt compelled to do something. >> i was not affected but i was two blocks away. my husband and i and family wanted to give back. our way to give back was go
5:36 am
through the neighborhood, see what people really needed. >> the city is admitting it did not give people enough notice to evacuate. it is now working on getting state and federal aid to victims. happening today, caltrans will start demolishing pfeiffer canyon bridge on highway 101 near big sur. the bridge buckled, cracked and started sliding down the hill. a giant wrecking ball will go to work at 7:00 and the demo is expected to last several hours. oakland police hope witnesses will help identify suspects with a shooting in oakland. the first was dashwood avenue saturday night. the victim died after rushed to a traumacenter. the same night, another man was shot inside of a car in north oakland, 60th street and martin luther king jr. way. he died after being driven to the hospital.
5:37 am
napa county reaching out to businesses in hopes of stopping human trafficking. posters like this one have gone out to 80 businesses in the last week. the identify here is to help workers identify victims of human trafficking and tell them about the support available. state law requires places like bars, bus stations, emergency rooms and farms that use contract labor to post these. 5:37 now. a hiker says she is so thankful for the people who helped find her after she disappeared in the san mateo hills near woodside. haury spent two days in the wilderness with her dog. searchers found her saturday after not coming home from a hike on thursday. rescuers found her at the bottom of a ravine. she has early onset dementia and there were concerns with her help. she is recovering at home and feeling better. the coast guard rescued two men after their kayak capsized in sonoma county. one managed to cling to the side of the kayak and called the coast guard for help.
5:38 am
it happened yesterday afternoon around 4:30 in bodega bay. one man was treated at the scene and the other was taken to the hospital. a third person was with them but swam to shore. the coast guard is reminding you to wear a life jacket and have a portable radio if headed into the water. >> announcer: now your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> the north bay, 50 in san rafael. 52 in bodega american canyon, napa, 45 to 46. let's look at the rest of the neighborhoods across the bay. san francisco, 52. daly city, 53. daly city, 53. alameda, 50s. the golden gate bridge, notice, yeah, the flag blowing offshore once again. that means we're going to be warm today with a lot of free pollen and the uv index will be high, also. here's a look at the temperatures. 66 at half moon bay.
5:39 am
76 in santa cruz. richmond, cool spot at 70. mid to upper 7 p0s around the b and inland. the commute, mass transit, good. mild to warm. hazy sunshine and a light breeze if you're taking the ferry. tonight's temperatures, mid 40s to low 50s with a little more fog around the bay in the north bay. a couple chances of rain wednesday, saturday and sunday. we'll talk more about that next. here's alexis. taking a look at the traffic maps, we have an issue in the north bay. want to take you to the santa rosa area. unfortunately, we had a fatal crash 10:30 last night. they are still wrapping up that investigation. they're hoping to have the lanes back open in time for the heart of the commute. all lanes are closed, state route 12 between rincon and calistoga. you'll be forced off on the detour. we also have trouble on the bay bridge commute. westbound 80 past treasure island, a disabled vehicle is blocking the second lane from
5:40 am
the right. the line of red is back to the bay bridge toll plaza. we got official word the metering lights were flipped on 5:29 this morning. we'll look at drive times at 5:50. protecting yourself against hackers. the latest wikileaks documents has users concerned about their privacy. there's one question you should ask to protect your personal information. we'll hear from former vice president joe biden. he is vowing to work with the trump administration. as you get today into gear, keep on top of weather and traffic throughout the commercial break with abc 7 news now. you can see, of course, a you can see, of course, a downto
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>> announcer: abc 7 mornings, all news. >> all morning. >> we're now hearing from the grandfather of a little girl in pennsylvania killed in a fire linked to a hoverboard. this story gets sadder the more you hear about it. the 3-year-old died on saturday. the fire happened friday night when a hoverboard plugged in and charging exploded and ignited inside her harrisburg, pennsylvania, home. two other girls are now in critical condition. a man and a teenage boy were also hurt. they have been released from the hospital. >> my granddaughter. we can't replace her. the pain is so deep. i'm hurt. my soul is hurt. >> it's hard to believe but to
5:44 am
add to this already terrible situation, a firefighter was killed while responding to the fire. police say a drunk driver ran a stop sign, hit the firefighter's car and killed him. >> so sad. another series of bomb threats is targeting jewish community centers across the country. several jewish centers received threats via e-mail yesterday including one in indianapolis. police searched in and around the buildings after the threats came in but didn't find anything. >> the other centers across the country that, at the same time, also received threats, in the similar manner by e-mail. we do believe that this is part of, as i mentioned on tuesday, a larger picture. >> it is true. it is across the country is skp here in the bay area. these threats follow one made against the jewish community center in los no explosives were found following hours of
5:45 am
makes me have hope it'll turn out better. >> that seventh grader is one of hundreds who rallied in support of the jewish community in louisville, kentucky. a bomb threat was called into a local jewish community center on wednesday. fortunately, nothing happened. no one was hurt. neighbors decided to throw a unity rally yesterday. the goal was to bring people together following the recent string of nationwide threats against jewish people. police in southern california trying to identify who did this. environmental activists vandalize a golf course owned by president trump. a tarp is covering what does say, no more tigers. no more woods. the vandals carved the message into one of the greens yesterday morning. an activist group said this happened in response to what is the trump administration's blatant disregard for the environment. california has tougher pollution standards than most of
5:46 am
the country but it could change starting this week. the trump administration is expected to start rolling back pollution limits on cars and trucks nationwide. that could include revoking california's authority to set its own standards. it is in response to car makers that argue the cost of vehicle fuel efficiency standards put in place by the obama administration would be too costly. california could exercise a waiver to try to continue setting its own pollutio limits. it would set up a fight between the state and the federal epa. the price of gas is slowly going up. the average price of a gallon of regular gas has gone up 2 cents the last two weeks across the nation to $2.35. despite the increase, experts say prices are expected to go down slightly because crude oil prices are falling. compared to the same time last year, the national average is up 51 cents per gallon. gas in san francisco, yay, the highest in the country. average of $3.03 a gallon.
5:47 am
>> wonderful. the recent wikileaks cia data dump shows how easy it is to hack into everyday items inside your home. hackers exploit flaws in internet connected devices to get your personal identification. experts say the truth is anything connected to the internet is potentially hackable. darrell says it is his job to find the weaknesses for companies to fix it. you can protect yourself, too. the most important question to ask before you buy. >> have they ever had vulnerabilities exposed? that in itself is not an issue. the question is, how did that vendor or manufacturer handle the vulnerability? >> also he says to change your default passwords. when not using your device, turn it off. a man in san jose, richer. >> remember the time we went to high school? >> it's been a while. from the lee's sandwiches on
5:48 am
king road. lee's sandwiches also gets a bonus. they get $5,000 for selling that winning ticket. a whole lot of happy people, hopefully, today. >> lee's sandwiches has 3.5 stars on yelp. maybe we should go by and try it. >> won't get $1 million but a tasty lunch. notice the resemblance between us. >> that's right. >> amazing. i have so many cousins. east bay hills, looking at clear conditions out there. watch out for the pollen again today. let's talk about the accuweather highlights. brightest today as we'll have high clouds increase over the next couple of days. spring warmth again in case you missed it yesterday. nice to open up the house and let some of the cooler winter air out. some of the spring air in. cooler wednesday. chance of rain, north. warmer thursday and friday. cooler saturday with another chance of rain sunday. here's a look at the area of high pressure. the storm track well to our north. because of that, it is going to remain mild the next two days. then the low will crash us wednesday. it is not going to make it to all neighborhoods. at 7:00 wednesday morning,
5:49 am
there's some fog out there and high clouds. clouds will be increasing throughout the day. by 5:00, live doppler 7 up there on mt. st. helena, we'll watch that wet weather come into the north bay. it falls apart overnight with scattered showers. 5:00 through the commute, rainfall totals, nothing. .02 by wednesday night and could linger into thursday. the storm impact scale isn't on it but it would be a one. warmer thursday and brighter for friday, st. patrick's day. the next chance of rain, sunday. looking at things through walnut creek. it is filling in and slowing down but no major issues so far today. here's a live look at southbound 680. seeing brake lights fill in as the commute ramps up. check of drive times. looks like we are in the clear now for the problem westbound on the bay bridge just past treasure island. westbound 80, highway 4 to the
5:50 am
maze, in the green at 23 minutes. the lights are on. on the bay bridge, 20 minute on the bay bridge, 20 minute drive ace 1 had a mechanical issue out of tracy. it has been resolved and a five to ten minute delay there. i don't think it'll have a ripple effect and you should be good the rest of the way. we'll look tat the central vally next. if you procrastinated filing your taxes, you're not alone. the irs received 5.7 million fewer individual returns than this time last year. that is down more than 8%. taxes are not due until tuesday, april 18th. you have some time. the deadline is later pause the normal tax day falls on a saturday. the following monday is emancipation day, a washington, d.c. holiday. >> whatever it means, we get extra days. arnold schwarzenegger says
5:51 am
he won't be back. he's staying away from politics at least for now. our former government posted this response yesterday saying he is deeply flattered by those who have been suggesting that he might run for senate. he says he hopes to, quote, bring sanity to washington by redistricting reform. he said jerry gandering has completely broken our political to help is from the outside. the warning chp has about lingering effects from daylight saving time. enjoying all the warmth we're getting, the rest of the country is freezing. how an entire home ended up frozen over. at 6:00, tracking the breaking news out of southern california. crazy video. a police shooting after a a police shooting after a standoff comes to a dramatic end
5:52 am
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>> announcer: a live desk update from abc 7 mornings. >> hi and welcome back. this just in. new photos of 42 students in washington state who are stuck 90 mile acews away from home afb avalanche. this is day five of what's supposed to be a three-day field trip. avalanche fell friday, covering part of the highway there. parents told reporters that one kid has diabetes. another has a heart condition. a third has a torn acl. emergency responders tending to those folks. they were able to get medication in, according to the school's principal. plus, the kids cell phones are working so they're in touch with their parents. hoping to get the kids hope sometime today. back to you. >> thank you, jess. the first morning after daylight savings time. how do you feel? the chp is warning drivers about
5:55 am
the risk of drowsy driving, which goes up when you don't have as much sleep as you're used to. also, the sun will come up later. if you're walking your kids to school before daylight, be extra careful this morning. >> 5:55. former vice president joe biden is vowing to work with the trump administration in the fight against cancer. biden and wife jill appeared at south by southwest yesterday. of course, it is the annual tech, music and entertainment festival in austin, texas. he said they've decided to devote their lives to the fight his son beau died of brain cancer. >> by the year 2020, 26 million, 26 million will die. the passion jill and i bring to this effort is driven by desire to spare other families what our family and so many other families have gone through. >> he says he hopes the
5:56 am
president will be able to focus on the goal of ending cancer. take a look at a house encased in ice. lake ontario, new york. powerful wind dpgusts and cold temperatures sprayed the shoreline for days last week. this home is on the shore and it never dried out. when the temperature plummeted this weekend, that's when it became an igloo. >> wow. good morning, everybody. let's talk about our more dry than wet march. we are up to, what, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine out of the 13 days have been dry so far. let's talk about the beach. you can see it is going to be warm with our last day with total sunshine. mid 60s most neighborhoods. santa cruz, 76. you see the fog arriving late tonight. staying and pushing into our valleys. also into the pay for tomorrbay morning and hugging the coast for the better part of tomorrow afternoon. we have a cold front coming our
5:57 am
way. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights on since 5:29 this morning. we're clear westbound on the bay bridge. i want to show you. we had a disabled vehicle blocking one lane just past treasure island that cleared up. we are in recovery mode now. a little stop and go traffic remains. sounds like we have a new problem in concord. we'll check on that at 6:00. next at 6:00, new details in the shooting death of michael brown that happened three years ago. the video that could change what we know regarding the case. plus, a warning for anyone getting packages delivered to their homes. what you need to do to avoid being targeted by criminals like these. plus, getting some more information on that breaking information on that breaking news we're following out of
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> announcer: good morning, east bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> it feels like 5:00 a.m. but it is coming up on 6:00 a.m. on this monday, march 13th. we'll get through it together.
6:00 am
>> we're going to have warm weather. >> yeah. maybe the best weather in the country. >> i think so. >> yeah. you had the weather whiplash yesterday from the snow to this. >> i came from minnesota. snow on the window. >> i love that. >> to beautiful temperatures here. >> thanks for not bringing it back. >> you're welcome. >> live doppler 7, it is clear outside. go to the roof camera. the lights on the bay bridge and the ferry building and the flags that are pretty quiet right now. 43 to 54. it is cool this morning. look how quickly. 65 at the coast while the rest of us are in the mid to upper 60s at 4:00. the sunlight, 57. couple of chances of rain coming up in the accuweather seven-day forecast. >> i want to take you to concord, where we have a three-car crash on southbound 242 before you get to the 680 merge. we don't have much of a delay, if any at all. we got that in. doesn't sound too serious. i will keep an eye on that. of course, you're slow once you get on 680 through


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