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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  March 18, 2017 1:07am-1:38am PDT

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now at 11:00, a naked
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rampage. erratic man in the nude leads police in chaotic chase across south bay streets ending in fire. i'm dan ashley, ama daetz has the night off. now about the naked man acting strangely in crandall. ended 30 minutes later in san jose, where katie marzullo is live with the developing story. >> reporter: just checked in with the san jose police department. tell me the man in critical condition. went to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. bul vad still shut down and truck still here as nine hour long investigation continues. >> raced down the road with about ten police officers behind
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him. >> reporter: this witness saw the end. what he heard next sent him ducking for cover. >> i heard a popping sound, then the officer, saw the officer firing into the vehicle. >> reporter: james shaw says he heard 12 shots. cell phone video taken just after the shooting. police say started after 9:30 when responded to 911 calls to campbell about a naked man. >> agitated about something and all of a sudden took his clothes off. >> running in the yard, throwing stuff, picking it up, running back to his truck parked in front. still naked. >> reporter: women say he rents a room in a house on eva court and don't really know him, finally called police after another neighbor came home with children. >> running towards them charging kids naked and they're like fourth grade. all screaming and crying. >> reporter: when police arrived, man got in his truck,
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rammed parked truck and police car before taking off. officers chased him. got into accident with another car and broke down at safeway where the officers tried to take him into custody. >> multiple officers fired. he was struck at least one. sheriff's office is investigating. katie marzullo, abc7 news. police say this suv slammed into bicyclist sending her to the hospital with serious injuries. report that police were trying to pull over the driver when went wrong way down a one-way street and ran over the woman on a bike on homer avenue near emerson. arrested others. man and two women ran away and found hiding in shed. shed. major injuries, broken bones,
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pretty bad but expected to recover. new at 11:00, president trump vowed to crack down on immigrants and now reuters is saying immigration judges will be moved around to target cities, including san francisco. more on the story. >> the goal would be to speed up deportation of undocumented immigrants charged with crimes. law professor says having more judges could produce a clear result. >> what the addition of more immigration judges means is many more people will get deported. >> according to figures from university of syracuse, california had the highest number of pending proceedings but professor says no judges may not be the solution. >> real problem in my opinion, too many people put in deportation proceedings that don't to be in them.
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>> says customs and enforcement agents broadened crimes that put people in the process. driving without a license for example and been more aggressive. this week even the chief justice of the california courts wrote letter to attorney general and director of homeland security say agents shouldn't use these as bait to take people into custody. fears in the community. trying to manage them. >> create a great deal of panic, understandable but doesn't correspond with reality. >> since donald trump took office, three bay area counties, including san francisco, have pledged to provide legal resources for immigrants. abc7 news. >> the secret service says a man from millipedis illegally on the white house grounds undetected.
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accused of hopping over fence at treasury department, vaulting another around the white house and moving up to south portico where he jiggled a door handle and tried to get in. didn't get in thankfully. arrested him. tightened security and interviewed more than 50 people to get to the bottom of how this breach could probably happen. more than halfway through president trump's first 100 days in august and spending another weekend at mar-a-largo in florida. after meeting with angela merkel at white house. been highly critical of merkel in the past during his campaign. today's meeting had its shafr awkward moments as well. >> president trump did not shake the chancellor's hand and also reiterated his claims of wiretapping at trump tower in the obama administration,
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telling merkel they had something in common. referring to claims that her cell phone was tapped by nsa during the obama administration in 2010. met to discuss equal pay for women with president trump. tweeted this photo. thank you ivanka trump for leading the charge on gender equality and workplace development. all need to strive for equality for all. benioff been a strong advocate for hiring more women in the tech industry. relations between the united states and russia been icy at least. now the revelation that two russians behind the yahoo cyberattack, only escalated. spoke with the counsel general of the russia federation in moscow. >> innocent until proven guilty in court of law. >> responding to fbi
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announcement that the agency filed criminal charges against russian intelligence agents and two hackers working for them. fbi says they stole private information from millions of americans after hacking into half a billion yahoo accounts. >> let's not talk about them like criminals. >> counsel general in san francisco would go no further, not even say if russia would hand over the intelligence agents if found guilty. he was adamant though that russia had no influence in the november u.s. elections. >> as far as i know my government approached the u.s. government requesting this evidence and never received anything. >> he's cautiously optimistic under president trump the relationship between the two countries will improve. insists under president obama things deteriorated. towards end of his administration ordered expulsion
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of some russian diplomats from the united states including a few from the san francisco office. >> i wouldn't use the word offended but the word disappointed. >> there's a large russian speaking community in san francisco concerned about what is happening between the two countries. >> lot of people protest in america. no we will know what the future. >> some fear animosity towards them. in san francisco, leon mellen diz, abc7 news. astory only on abc7 news, former napa student expelled over hazing incident fears punishment have a severe effect on his life. at school headquarters where dozens of students marched in support of their peers. expelled students for hazing. a third had already been kicked out. took honors classes in hopes of
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becoming engineer. in exclusive interview says the dream and more might be gone. >> lost part of my life. a big part of my life. i lost respect, i lost hope, i lost a lot in the past two months. >> prosecutors are considering criminal charges. it is certainly unheard of price in the red hot bay area. homes on sale for just a dollar. coming up, the true cost behind the bargain price. and losing your job is bad enough but tonight the situation is getting worse for laid off solar company employees here in the bay area. sandhya patel, live doppler 7, tracking a weak system, beginning of changes to come. and celebrating the luck of the irish, effort to make sure st. patrick's day funds stay
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safe across the bay area. first looking at "jimmy kimmel live." >> here is a preview of tonight's show for you to >> [ speaking spanish ]. >> you have to sing into the (voand exceptional customerity pre-ownservice,les... head t to your neiborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... flip your thinking about buying your next one.
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we all know the bay area real estate market is among the most expensive in the nation so when abc7 news found out two homes in oakland on sale for $1 each. we had to check it it out. there's a catch. tells you about the true cost to own one of those houses. >> little red house for sale for $1, and next door the greenhouse is also $1. developer low enterprises is planning to build apartments on the corner. the catch is these victorian houses have to be relocated by april 30th. developer is offering the houses for $1 each in order to meet city requirements for relocating potentially historic properties. and time is money. reality is getting all the
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permits and approvals by end of april would be difficult if not impossible. >> logistics of moving the home, cost $60 million and cost of moving power lines, tree limbs and signal lights on the way to the new location and finding vacant land zoned nearby? >> find land that's zoned and allows home to be placed there and neighbors okay with that as well. >> hasn't stopped neighbors here from daydreaming. >> much rather live in a house like that than a brand new building. >> a bot a lotto ticket and thought if i win the lotto, i'll try to do it. gorgeous home. >> $1 each. abc7 news. workers for bay area solar company just laid off got more bad news. final checks bounces.
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media partner reported some of the employees' last paychecks bounced when tried to cash them. sungevity blamed it on confusion at bank it's trying to fix. filed for bankruptcy. a rare friday's st. patrick's day, abc7 news at bank where people having a party that will keep going until midnight. coit tower and anothers lit green. if you had a few drinks, no reason to drive. aaa's tipsy tow service see you towed home. it's free. don't have to be a
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800-222-4357. also on our website. hope you're having a fun time. changes ahead in the weather. >> gave it away. >> didn't say what they were or when they're coming. >> beautiful st. patrick's day. temperatures good 10 to 13 degrees above normal. east bay hills camera before the sun set. high clouds but overall warm day. blue sky and green. live doppler 7 not showing the green but changing into the thee weekend. cloudiness at this hour. pretty warm. even san francisco, oakland, managed to get to 76 degrees. temperatures right now, so comfortable outside. if you've stepped out tonight, you know what i'm talking about. everybody in the 50s and 60s.
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changes are coming but for activity planner this weekend, biking good, sailing a light breeze and nice. gardening, clouds and cooler. ideal conditions. live look from sooutro tower. decade out for st. patrick's day. wet pattern for the first week of spring. check out rain chances. every day we have a possibility of seeing some rain but best chance going to be monday all the way through friday next week. we have a series of storms coming in. tomorrow morning start you out with some clouds. waking up to bright skies for some of you in south bay. some dampness, not a lot. temperatures drop sharply from today. mid-60s to low 70s and clouds
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out there saturday afternoon. morning, few showers in the north bay not out of the question. continuing to 3:00 p.m. in the afternoon. keep the chance through saturday night before sunday morning. system primarily going to the pacific northwest, you're going to see the tail end of this. dampness showing up as early as sunday afternoon between noon and 2:00, just carry the umbrella, not a washout, don't worry. next week need the full on gear. one impact. chance of thunder on monday. next week, 7:00 p.m. monday night, widespread rainy event. commute is wet. continues to evening. rainfall from nothing in south
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bay to few hundredths of an inch. adding up third to 8/10ths of of inch, one to two inches for friday. accuweather forecast. chance of showers anywhere sunday. light stuff. don't change plans. monday spring begins and wet parent sets up. three storms between monday and friday. light system, one. second storm wednesday is also light. one. and friday a two. with potential flooding issues. this is why you need the abc7 news app. download
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cal's quidditch team qualified for the national cup. sport ripped from harry potter universe is -- team prepped. needs to raise $5,000 to get to the cup. sport is growing in popularity. they're good at it. >> be careful with that broom. that's all i see in that video. in other sports. uk davis made the tournament for the first time.
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good evening. started with two, now only one northern california team left in the ncaa tournament. that's st. mary's and need a huge upset to survive tomorrow
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facing two seed arizona. uc davis eliminated today. rob lowe went to uc davis. who knew that. showing alumni pride. brenten lamar, hit the mark. tied. huge upset -- not so fast.t. 24 run to end the half. mason. athletic. josh jackson, went to high school one year in napa. put-back jam. take on michigan state on sunday. ucla and kent state. scary for the bruins. lonzo ball down but but but butt golden flashes of kent cut to four. walker for three. bruins pull away. ucla wins 97-80.
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usc played in the first four. big comeback in the second half. stewart the three ball and trojans up. both missed free throw opportunities leading to last chance for smu. shake and bake and oh, take out smu. face three seed baylor next. raiders need a running back and marshawn lynch is thinking of coming out of retirement. imagine the beast in the silver and black. lynch is still in contract to the seahawks, supposedly asked them to release him. beast mode would do well joining the raiders. get your green beer here? scottsdale, giants and rockies. fighting for the starter job.
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up and down. trim here and scores first run of the game. kaine finished with five strikeouts but gave up nine hits and four runs. not bad but not good either. a's fell by 3-2. abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> green ball caps fun. >> everyone in at enterprise, we guarantee it. next vehicle purchase?
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head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... change your thinking about buying your next one. all right that is you're report on this st. patrick's day. hope you had a great day for sandhya patel, larry beil, i'm dan ashley, have a good night.
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it's an all new show is today, "right this minute." cut throat e competition between equestrians working for different horse ride companies. >> see why they said watch me whip while the horses nay nay. it's a unique traveler's experience at a pod hotel in japan. >> the sleeping spot that doesn't sit is well with everyone. >> i'm a wise woman. >> i need to breathe. >> let's say you've got a convertible and a snowy day. see if the snowplow can blaze a new path. and a brave woman decides to plaster her entire body. she if she can handle the full body cast challenge.
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>> sometimes when you feel like you can't reason with someone, you feel like you have to whip them into shape. these women really weren't feeling each other. they work for different horse ride companies at this park. >> they are competition. >> they need to settle this with a jousting contest. >> that would be much better. instead they settled for literally whipping each other. they started swinging their whips. >> that hurts. >> oh, my goodness. the horses know. that's why they are getting out of there. >> you see sol people trying to break up the fight. >> i love that people intervened. that could be dangerous too. if they miss, now you have a problem too. >> horse rides in this park have been banned.
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>> the people weren't listening to them. though he felt like club them on the head. i do mean this. he was mad at the company because they were charging him a daily fee. when they weren't able to help them, he smashed their windows, but that wasn't enough because he was down the street to another cell phone store of the same brand and smash them up too. >> they put you around to these peop


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