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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  March 19, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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lillian? >> reporter: this has been done before, last year in woodland and fremont but the people that came here today say it's more important to show solidarity now more than ever before with muslims feeling like they are under attack from the trump administration and his supporters, and they say it's time again to define who they are instead of critics defining them. they asked faith-based and nonfaith-based groups to come here and join hands with them and hundreds eagerly accepted the invitation, and they surround the very large building that houses a mosque and community center. >> i am going to cry. i just feel as if we need to be building bridges and the atmosphere in the country is so dangerous right now. >> even though we might have different ideas or different thoughts, we are still different people in the end and we still need to get together and work
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for good everywhere. >> are you surprised at the tonout stto turnout? >> i am actually. we are grateful. >> reporter: the event is continuing inside where speakers are addressing the crowd, and there are information tables for people to learn more about the muslim faith and leaders of the muslim community association are approaching another community about holding a similar event. happening tomorrow governor brown is headed to washington, d.c. it's his first trip to the nation's capital since president trump was elected. the governor will be there for thursday with a series of private meetings with government leaders, and the non-profit group prevents attacks with weapons of mass destruction. and the president faces a busy monday from supreme court confirmation hearings to testimony on alleged russian interference. this is the new republican health care bill looking to
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clear a hurdle in the house. and david daniel has the latest from washington. >> a pivotal week ahead as trump administration has hearings and a supreme court nomination hearing, the first in seven years. >> the qualifications of judge gorsuch are beyond dispute. >> reporter: president trump's pick to fill the seat for scalia will go before the committee for opening statements, and also on monday, james comey will testify in the first public hearing regarding possible russian interference in the 2016 election. >> there are a few things i am hoping to hear, first whether any americans are being investigated for cooperating or conspiring with the russians who interfered with our election, and second the scope of the investigation, and third a timeline for resolving it. >> comey is also likely to be questioned on president trump's claim that former president
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obama wiretapped him, and later in the week the new bill to repeal and replace obamacare heads to the rules committee, and all this while the trump administration continues to work toward the votes needed to pass the health care act. >> we are still having conversation wz members, and making fine-tuning improvements to the bill, to reflect peoples' concerns and improvements. >> the bill already passed two committee votes in the house. the showers are headed back to the bay area. a live look from the east bay hills camera, and this is the golden gate bridge camera. i think we should know that by now, right? a beautiful shot of the golden gate bridge. you would be amazed what you can see from the east bay camera. it's cool. storm clouds coming soon, and the
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let's check in withdr drew. >> we have action on the screen. i have just checked our observation sites around the region, and we have yet to see moisture hitting the ground and with it above us we are going to give it a number tonight, and that is the best chance over the next 12 hours of seeing a light shower, but the next seven days, it's not the sunshine we're tracking, it's the wet weather. monday and tuesday, and then again on friday are our best chances for seeing wide-spread wet weather. we will time out to go hour by hour, and we will get the full accuweather forecast. and tourists hoping to take a cable car were delayed after a cable car hit a person. the person was walking on and fill pwber when it happened. on wednesday, marcos cruz
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and amanda matsuo were checking front porches for packages, and officers arrested them after they had two packages from san jose and drug paraphernalia. police spotted a man climbing a crane at hayes and polk street. police did not say if they will per se charurdueursue charges. and then the district hopes to send out first-round school assignments tomorrow but the delay already has parents upset. and cornell has the story. >> reporter: yeah, matt, the district is helping get the assignments out tomorrow but they say there is no guarantee, and they were supposed to go out next week, and many parents we have talked to today say they really need an answer now.
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>> san francisco, unfortunately, is over populated. >> she is raising five kids in san francisco, and she's been there, anxiously waiting for school assignments in the mail. >> we have parents that live across the street from the school and that would be the school of your choice and you may not get it. >> we are waiting. >> and she can't think about anywhere else other than where her 5-year-old daughter will start school in the fall. she was hoping to hear by now. >> heart wrenching. a lot of time put into it, and we just need to know. >> it makes our family, um, very nervous and very concerned. >> one parent told us via face-time her son wants to play at a public school and he has already been accepted by two private schools and deadlines are looming. >> they have dates coming up this week where we have todeclid
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to know if he has an assignment. >> parents can choose from 130 schools in the district, and this year there are 14,000 applications and we are told that number is average, and staffing emergencies delayed the process. this notice was posted on the district's website, assignments would be late. >> our computer system is working fine and it's taking a little longer to go through all of the checks to make sure everything is accurate. >> there's no guarantee families will get their school of choice. nicolette is hopeful. >> do you have any other options? >> private school, or moving out of the city. >> the waiting continues, and in san francisco, abc7 news. a spacex wrapped up its tenth space mission today, and its capit it's getting back to normal after being thrown off course by
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the drought. a full marathon in full gear. not a problem. the story coming up.
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spacex's capsule is back on earth with a wealth of information from the experiments. capsule's separated from the international space station this morning and carried 6,000 pounds of cargo down-to-earth and that
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is a study on cell growth and microgravity which could be used to treat cancer and other diseases. scientists will now prepare the reusable capsule to return to the space station. uber is putting more testing miles on self-driving cars, but not everything is going smoothly. the documents obtained said the cars drove more than 28,000 miles in pennsylvania and arizona, and the records show humans had to step in and takeover for the computer at every single mile to keep the cars driving smoothly and to avoid a possible crash. the report comes the same day uber's second in command is stepping down from the company, and jeff jones resigned as president today and he has been with the company for just six months and he made the decision because of the charges of sexism and sexual harassment at uber, and jones did not see a future at uber after the ceo announced
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he was search fog a new chief operating officer. right now many vineyards are starting to bud showing the growing season in wine country has begun. and vines are back on track for a normal year. grape growers expect the heavy rainfall we have seen this winter to make for a healthy growing season. coming up on abc7 news at 6:00, it's more than a little off the top here. why they feel so good after getting all of their hair shaved off. and the rain is back this week. but all we can see is just a few clouds up there in the skies from our sutro camera. and we have your accuweather forecast next. another bracket buster in the men's ncaa tournament as michigan beats
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in southern california more than 24,000 people took part in the los angeles marathon today. some police, firefighters ran the race in their full gear and they have done it in the past to raise money for various
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charities, and it goes from los angeles dodger stadium to the pier, and of a new fire station downtown. the new one is set to be finished by the end of the year. the fire department has six strewn pilots, and that has been used to inspect bridge damage after flooding. the princess project is putting prom dresses on hundreds of bay area teens who otherwise would not be able to afford one. abc7 news was in mountain view at the clark center for the non-profit annual event. they collect prom dresses all year to give to teens in need. go to for more information. abc7 news was in downtown martinez for the shave-a-thon.
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volunteers of all ages raised money for childhood cancer research. and the foundation raised $17 million for the cause this year, and the martinez community alone raised $150,000 in the past five years. we are seeing a return of our stormy pattern, and that means the umbrellas need to come back out, but not everyday will be a washout. you have action on the screen, and you are seeing some shower activity, and it's yet to reach the surface, and it is basically getting your atmosphere ready for wide-spread rain arriving in the next 48 hours, but nonetheless tonight, we will attach a number two to the shower activity in the north bay and along the coast because the chances there, you could see a light shower reach the surface along with breezy conditions along the coach. from time to time in the south bay today, you had sunshine but
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a live look right now showing you it's gloomy and gray and those clouds, yes, even san jose, you will see showers monday and tuesday. out there right now, a mixed bag of numbers, at 65 currently in concord and a little sunshine, and 61 in san jose with gray skies overhead, and 59 in oakland, and 62 in napa, and half moon bay, the coolst spot right now at 55 degrees. here's the call, overnight tonight a lot of cloud cover along the coast and into the north bay and that's where we have the best chance of seeing wet weather overnight tonight. across the region, not a chilly night. we are holding in the mid-50s in a lot of spots. and the storm impact scale comes back on tuesday, and we will have showers returning and breezy at times and then on tuesday morning, the chances there of a thundershower popping up that could drop some small hail. let's go hour by hour, and monday morning 6:00 in the morning, your best chance right
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now looks like drizzle along the coast as we head back to work and school but the second half of the day, anyone is fair game for a shower, and then we could see widespread shower activity and the second half of our monday, unsegtsttled. on tuesday morning, another wave of moisture moves onshore, so 8:00 tuesday morning, and you notice yellows and originanges your screen, and that's the chance for a pop-up thundershower. tuesday afternoon we could squeak out a good amount of sunshine, so the theme is the next 48 hours, and it's not a washout. and the highest totals likely in the north bay the next 48 hours, and one to two inches likely from million valley, sonoma and napa, and then the heart of the region, down to half moon bay, probably half an inch of moisture, and then in the south bay you will see showers but less in totals. san jose, less than half an inch
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of rain. accuweather 7-day forecast shows spring arrives tomorrow morning and so do some scattered showers in the afternoon, and possible thundershower tuesday morning and tuesday afternoon does look dry right now, and scattered showers on wednesday and thursday night, and friday is the day i think we will have widespread rain, and a 2 on the impact scale and gusty winds. >> when you thought it was over all this and it comes back and gets us again. >> yeah. >> thank you, drew. and the ncaa tournament suffered another bracket buster today, as louisville was upset by the seventh seed, michigan. and the cardinals looking for the sixth street trip to the sweet 16, and odell throws it down, and then a furious second half comeback for michigan, and a 79-63 victory, and they will
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take on the rhode island winner, and here's he is on the upset. >> i just let the game come to me and don't force anything, and see what happens, and today, yeah, i got a couple easy ones early. >> unless you win it all, there's always going to be the disappointment. you play a good game, and we lose games because mentally we have a difficult time figuring out what to do defensively. >> and wichita state shocker, shot number two kentucky. four-point wildcat lead under 90 seconds to go, and wichita state cuts it to one. and then a chance to tie it at the buzzer, but wildcats win 65-62 and get the cincinnati winner in the sweet 16. and then the warriors got their mojo back.
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steph curry led the way with 28 points rediscovering his stroke from beyond the arc. klay thompson adding 21, and the team made the necessary adjustments without durant will pthe first time since his injur. >> we talked about when we got it back from the road, this will be a big week for us to just get back to who we are, and we figured it out, and most of it was defensively. >> we are in a gray spot right now, and our turnover ratio was great, and we have to continue this momentum on the road. cactus lead action, and it was not a good day for the shark. gave off a leadoff double, and then the next pitch, a quick 1-0 brewers lead. and he did strikeout five including the side in the third with shaw looking to end it, but
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he gave up back to back home runs in the fourth, and he went four innings and gave up six runs on nine hits. the a's lose today to colorado, 9-2, their final. final round of the arnold palmer invitational. off the green for eagle, and just misses, and he made that putt to tie but faulted with a three putt on 18. and then the same hole, and a 50-foot eagle putt. and he takes the lead but struggled home and has to make the three-footer for par for the win, and with a victory a. trip to the masters. and roger federer winning the first set, and 42 straight games during the tournament until he hits long here, and then it looked like we might have a three-setter, but you can't break a breaker. roger comes back.
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phenomenal. forehand down the line and now we go to match point for fed, and a nice forehand volley for the victory. 6-4, 7-5, and record-tying fifth record, and this is his 90th career championship. check your brackets as we approach the sweet 16. remember, tickets are still tomorrow's the day besides video games. every day is a gift. especially for people with heart failure. but today there's entresto... a breakthrough medicine that can help make more tomorrows possible. tomorrow, i want to see teddy bait his first hook. in the largest heart failure study ever, entresto was proven to help more people stay alive
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tonight on abc7 news at 9:00, took some work to take down part of a damaged california bridge, and why the job is still far from over. at 11:00 here on abc7, a southern california waiter fired after asking customers for proof of residency. we have reaction from one of those shocked customers. the 1991 disney cartoon "beauty and the beast" made $145 million in its first week at the box office, and the new version already surpassed that. and disney added its first openly gay character, and it didn't seem to matter. beauty and the beast made $170 million this weekend, and that's
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>> hi, everyone. i'm lizzie bermudez. welcome to "bay area life," the place where lifestyle, interests, food, and entertainment all come together. there's so much to explore. on today's show, the perfect blowout in five steps. >> hot tip -- you want to keep the nozzle on the blow dryer. this is gonna help you from not frizzing. >> i love this! oh, my gosh. then head to sunny costa mesa for a fantastic weekend getaway. >> we're close to beaches. we're just about a 10-minute drive away from the pacific ocean. so you've got everything right here in costa mesa. >> and a special organization empowering the latino community. >> the latino community foundation exists to amplify the voices of latino in the state of california. latinos, as you know, make up the largest ethnic majority in the state, and we believe that as we invest in the leadership of latinos, the economy and our democracy will thrive as a state. >> but first, aubrey is cook


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