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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  March 24, 2017 1:07am-1:38am PDT

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>> a new spring storm is on its way, we are tracking the next round of rain that will soak the morning and evening commute. >> this storm is packing a punch. wind gusts could climb to 40 miles an hour. we are tracking the storm. >> this storm is going to make a mess of your morning commute. take a look at the live doppler 7, we are just getting started with the moisture out ahead of the system. that's why we are seeing light showers in the north bay. and sea ranch and we take you in to street level radar. and acrossing both the san matteo and dunbarto bridges, we are seeing light returns. as we look at the wider picture, this storm is bringing quite a bit of moisture and it's going to head in on the next ten to 12 hours. and it's a moderate strengthed storm. they will get one to two inches
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and winds gusting as high as 35-40 miles an hour. hour by hour, start of the commute, 5:00 a.m., moderate to heavy rain and it's slipping southward as we head in to 8:00 a.m. it's going to be rainy and gusty if you are driving bad, stormy if you are taking the ferry ride and if you are walking, a wet and windy ride, what you need to prepare for is a potential for minor street flooding and trees toppling, the rest of your hour by hour forecast, and a look at your weekend coming right up. >> thank you. now, to breaking news out of southern california, a search for a stolen car with two young boys inside. an amber alert has been issued. someone took the kids around 6:45 tonight in cathedral city. police say the boys were in their baby-sitter's car when she stepped out for an errand and
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someone stole it. the car is a white 2016 honda accord. >> and breaking news tonight in san jose, where police are investigating a body, found in the middle of a road, a vta train operator noticed the dead man lying on north first street just before 8:00. he did not see a car in the area. the service was disrupted for two hours and just resumed a few minutes ago. the identity of the man has not been released. we have new details on a hate crime. the victims a muslim mother and son, trying to enjoy a playground. >> this happened in the south of market neighborhood. lisa? >> reporter: the playground is located just up those stairs behind me by the ice rink and it clears out by late afternoon and early evening and this is when this mother was there with her toddler and a man threatened to shoot them all because of what she was wearing.
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just as the sunset on friday, a woman wearing a head scarf was playing with her son when she said joshua walked up to them. >> the suspect approached the victim, threatened to shoot the son and the mother, and so fearing for her safety, the mother grabbed the son and ran away. >> she dialed 9-1-1, the police found the man a few blocks away and he was arrested on the spot for making threats with a hate crime enhancement. >> i continue to be disappointed and sad, but also angry that it's not acceptable. it's not the way we want our communities to be. >> according to care, there's been an up tick in hate crimes since before the election. parents were not surprised to hear about the confrontation. >> people feel they have license to go and spout off, you know, hate speech or to attack people. you know, an innocent person
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walking around minding their own business with their kid. >> it's very disturbing and yeah, i can't imagine being on the receiving end of that. so, my heart goes out to her. >> most simply miss the days when playgrounds are a sacred stress free zone for families. abc 7 news. the woman accused in the case of parking lot rage outside of a walmart in union stu is in jail tonight. the driver backed in to a family on sunday after the store refused to give her a refund. tips from the behelped them track down the woman. she is facing charges for assault with a deadly weapon i a quadruple murder was not a random act. the killsings happened in sacramento. it's in san francisco where officers arrested a man in the western edition on pierce street
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this morning. a sacramento television station reports that man's wife, her two children and their niece were all found dead in this sacramento home just after midnight. in the east bay tonight, people living in an oakland art warehouse that came on the city's radar after the deadly ghost ship fire are being evi evicted. as we see, the city is hoping to reach a solution to allow residents to stay. >> i'm going go around the other way. >> three remaining tenants living inside the salt lick warehouse could soon be moving out. >> can you tell them that people are being evicted from here. >> reporter: no one wanted to talk about the evictions. the city identified it as one of the properties possibly unsafe for living. including this second floor fire escape that reached to the end of the roof.
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>> the city said that the salt lick has not been red tagged and they are willing to work with the landlord to bring it up to code to make it safe, so far, that has not happened. >> we stand ready to work with the landlord to ensure the tenants can remain and remain under safe conditions. >> the scrutiny follows the tragic ghost ship warehouse fire last year which killed 36 people. after the fire, there was a news conference to say that the salt lick next door was another disaster in the making. she was confronted by a tenant. >> because you are hurting us. this is hurting us. >> okay, i'm sorry. >> i know people, artists who having to leave the bay area. >> she works at the ragged wing theater, housed inside the flight deck. a performance space. and said, creative affordable pspaces for the arts community like salt lick are vanishing. >> to see another arts base go down, that is always going to hurt us and hit us right where we live. >> we reached out to the owner
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of the salt lick warehouse and got no response. all right to washington and an ultimatum from trump that is we have the story tonight. >> good evening, dan. it's still an all-out scramble here on capitol hill for the gop to get their healthcare bill passed with lawmakers and members of the white house work late in to the night. >> tonight, the uncertain fate of the republicans healthcare bill hangs in the balance. >> we have been promising that we would repeal and replace this broken law because it's collapsing and failing families and tomorrow we are proceeding. >> late in the day, the vote postponed and then an emergency huddle. president trump sending the top advisers to deliver this message
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to house republicans, enough is enough. it's time to vote one way or the other. >> at some point you have to say, that is it. and we are at that point. >> stuck in the middle. house speaker paul ryan. trying to appease opposite ends of his own party. and some conservatives are digging in. >> i will proudly vote no if the bill continues to be as it is, bad for america. >> demanding to see revisions that lower premiums and scrap requirements that health insurance cover basic services. but, those changes are sounding alarms for moderate republicans, putting their support for the bill at risk. 216 votes are needed to pass the bill. and by our latest count they are short. the white house is optimistic, comparing the numbers to the president's come from behind election win on fox news. >> he made the case to the american people and he won, i think we will see the same level
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of success when it comes to this effort as well. >> congressional leaders said a vote will be held at 10:00 a.m. friday morning and a yes or no coming down some time in the late afternoon. on capitol hill, abc 7 news. >> low income students ripped off in the east bay. coming up, the thieves who targeted this storage unit and the rush tonight to replace the 10s of thousands of dollars worth of items inside. and this is a man accused of trying kidnap a 13-year-old girl. the officers say the investigation is far from over. and the bank thief that stole from the same bank, not once, but twice. and live doppler 7 is tracking the storm that will soak your morning commute. we will be back with the hour by hour forecast. >> more to bring you, first a look at what is coming up on "jimmy kimmel live." jimmy? >> thanks, here is what we have for you tonight. i would won day like to wrestle you, for real, you and i.
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. new at 11:00, burglars picked the wrong storage pod.
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they stole laptops owned by a nonprofit. >> this theft is now a lesson in a community coming together. >> reporter: everything from the front was gone. >> the morning of march 5th. she saw someone had broken in to the storage pod in front of her home. >> it was disheartening and my heart was in my throat all day. >> reporter: 38 laptops were sole en. that belonged to the nonprofit. network for teaching entrepreneurship. >> these computers are what we do their market research on and they start their first website kps they write their business plans. >> reporter: the laptops are old and refurbished and they change lives. >> they use computers that none of us would look at and it's like giving them a million dollars. >> reporter: the police collected fingerprints and are actively investigating the case.
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>> our detectives will have to work twice as hard to edadvocat for the children and get the computers back so our students can learn and prepare for the future. >> reporter: dawn is desperately seeking donations. between her neighbors, sap, and green she has already received 25 computers, half of what she needs to get had her students back in business. >> a little bit of technology goes a long way. >> reporter: this police ask if you have information about theburg the burglary contact them, and dawn said if you can help with the laptops. contact her. a man that tried to take a a 13-year-old girl was arrested. the man pushed the girl in to
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his car in the west portal area. when the girl screamed the witnesses came to her rescue, pulling her to safety and police say he intended to rain the child. the suspect's mother is obviously stunned. >> yeah, every single person i have talked to, his brother, his best friend was like, what? >> she said her son had been drinking and smoking marijuana yesterday, he was driving to the police station when they stopped and arrested him. a man accused of robbing a bank last month has robbed the same exact bank again. they tweeted these surveillance images of the man taken on the u.s. bank on tuesday. he was holding a gun and got away with cash. here is a picture from the february robbery. in that case, he took an employee hostage. making her walk outside with him before letting her go. >> hi there everyone, get ready for a stormy ride tomorrow morning, live doppler 7 showing you spotty light showers, street
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level radar taking you across north state street and highway 101, light and isolated in nature in the east bay, and you will notice, it is a bit wet. and temperatures are in the 50s as you take a live picture right now from our east bay hills camera. notice the camera is bouncy. it is getting breezy outside. but the winds will increase as we head in to tomorrow morning. it's a stormy morning community. rainy for the afternoon drive and it's a short break on saturday and followed by another system sunday. the sunday system is a weak one. you will want to drive carefully, the morning and evening commutes will be impacted, with brief downpours and gusty winds. allow extra time for your commute. on the storm impact scale, it a level 2. higher amounts for the north bay and the coast, and those wind gusts when they top 35, 45 miles an hour in some spots. you know with the ground wet
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from the recent rain, it's not going to take a lot to take down trees and power lines. that's why there's a wind advisory for solano county tomorrow. should an advisory be issued in other parts of the bay area, you had will get a push alert if you download the news app. hour by hour, when the winds will increase. 6:00 a.m., you are seeing the gusts 20 miles an hour, and topping 30 by 9:00 a.m. out of the south and around noon, it's gusty along the coast and over the hills and then by early afternoon, the winds will drop off. hour by hour forecast showing you the rainfall. moderate rain starts to move in at tour-- at 4:00 a.m. in the e bay. and as you head in to the 7:00 a a.m. hour, it's in the east bay. and most of you with the exception of the south bay is looking at moderate to heavy rains in parts. and as we red in -- as we head
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in to 9:00 a.m., it will will be continuing. the system will move 5:00 p.m., it's in the east bay, south bay and by 7:00, scattered like showers tomorrow night. both commutes again will be impacted. in terms of your rainfall totals, most of you between a third to an inch of rain and there will be some spots up to two inches or possibly three inches in the hills of the north bay. winter storm warning for the sierra nevada, will be a big time snow maker up to two feet over the passes. that warning is 5:00 a.m. tomorrow to 5:a.m. saturday. look at the snow level, 10-14 inches above 4500 feet. that snow level will drop, impacting all the passes as well. temperatures first thing in the morning. upper 40s to 50s. we will be tracking the storm for you and it will be a stormy afternoon, upper 50s to the low 60s. look at your sunday system, it's
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a level one, that's a light system. do expect line rain sunday afternoon in to the evening hours and it will wind down, before you know it. seven-day forecast, two on the storm impact scale, dry on saturday, afternoon evening sunday, could be a few drops. tuesday through thursday,
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horse shoe and sling shot are a few words being thrown around to describe the big bend. the designers unveiled plans for the new new york city skyscra r skyscraper. it will double the height of the tallest building in the world ifyou stretch it out. it's just a design. not clear if the project will ever get off the ground. but that is cool. looks like something out of blade runner. that's cool. >> all right, how are you doing? >> well, let's just say, let's just say somebody was leading their company's ncaa tournament pool and they had arizona. they might be a little peeved at
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what happened in final minutes tonight. let's just say. in fact, a lot of people saw their brackets broken up by the sweet 16 game in arizona. >> arizona, why did i pick you
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good evening a couple of thrillers in the ncaa tournament, san jose, sweet 16, the two-seed arizona loses to 11 seed xavier who were just fortunate to get in the tournament. bill murray's son is an assistant for xavier. a big second half for arizona. weaving through the defense. high off the glass and sticks a three. he had 19 points, arizona led by eight with 3:00 left. what could go wrong? well, x comes back to take the lead. the big body inside. arizona, one last chance. step back three. got to go to the hoops son. 11 seed xavier with the upset,
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73-71. the musketeers will face one seed gonzaga and west virginia. late second half, carter. three-ball. he had 21. west virginia was up three. a minute left. former cal bear jordan matthews with 3 of 13, he transferred to the zags and they take the lead, 60-58. the mountaineers with great defense. they could not get a shot off. at the finish. 61-58 final. gonzaga and xavier in the west final. >> derek walton, jr., he had 20 for the wolverines and gets the jumper right there and michigan was up three. just over a minute left, and the ducks, yeah, why not us? oregon is down one. tyler dorsey with a sweet move in the lane. five seconds left. michigan down one. walton, with the win. short. oregon holds on 69-68. so they advance to the elite 8 and one-seat kansas taking on the four seed purdue.
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gerald vick had 12 points. if i could dunk, i would like to see i could do it like that. but i can't. graham had five triples and a foul, 26 points and smacking the floor. kansas going to state oregon in the midwest final. 98-56 was the final. christian mccaffrey is expected to go high in the draft. thomas, 6'3", 273 pounds. explosive, relentless, a couple of mock drafts have him going second overall. mccaffrey did not run the 40. he ran a 4.40 to the combine and showed off his receiving skills today. interview and ever every day, you have to earn a spot and earn something. so, you know, i just treat it like any other day, prepare like any other day and come out here and try to have as much fun as possible. >> he is fast.


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