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tv   ABC7 News 800AM  ABC  March 25, 2017 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning. you made it to the weekend. it's saturday, march 25th. i'm cornell bernard. here's meteorologist lisa argen. >> hey, cornell. hi, everyone. if you were up early, we had a few showers in the south bay that have since moved out of the area. live doppler 7 right now is clear. from san jose down to the central coast, a couple .01s. half mile visibility. less than a quarter of a mile in petaluma. 53 in the city and mountain view with 48 on the coast. from lake tahoe, it is 33 degrees. highs today in the mid-40s. lots of clouds dominate the sierra nevada. no winter weather advisories here. 49 in livermore. and the golden gate bridge, nice and sunny.
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60 by noontime. upper 50s at the coast. mid-60s around san jose. we'll talk about average temperatures today, return to the showers tomorrow. and well above average for the week ahead. all of those details coming up in my accuweather forecast. we'll see you in a bit, lisa. the obamacare is the law of the land after the gop pulled its replacement bill. bill. bill mary bruce in washington with more. >> i will not sugar coat this. this is a disappointing day for us. doing big things is hard. >> reporter: it was a stunning admission just moments before the house was expected to vote, the speaker announcing obamacare is here to stay. >> obamacare is the law of the land. it will remain the law of the land until it's replaced. >> reporter: conceding he does not have the votes to get it done. >> we came really close today, but we came up short. >> reporter: the speaker and the president pulling the bill after a frantic push to make a deal falls short. by midmorning friday, it was
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clear conservative opponents were standing their ground. >> there's no negotiations. >> done, not going to pass. >> the only thing going on now is basically arm twisting. >> reporter: at the white house, the negotiator in chief who demanded they hold the vote now seeming not so sure. >> we'll see what happens. we'll see what happens. >> reporter: on the house floor, the debate on the bill well under way. democrats railing against the republican plan. >> health care is a right. it is not a privilege reserved for a wealthy few. >> reporter: as the hours passed, it's clear the votes aren't there. the house speaker traveling to the white house to break the news to president trump. but the white house press secretary still optimistic. >> the leader and the whip are doing their vote counts. the debate is ongoing. you know, we're going to continue -- we're proceeding with a 330 vote as scheduled. >> reporter: but it was not to be, as the vote was expected to
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begin, the announcement. >> part of the consideration of hr-1628 is postponed. the chair declares the house in recess subject to the call of the chair. >> reporter: the speaker canceling the vote. >> that is the growing pains of governing. we were a ten-year opposition party. where being against things were easy to do. now in three months' time, we try to go to a governing party. >> reporter: democrats declaring it a victory for the american people. >> let's just for a moment breathe a sigh of relief for the american people. >> reporter: mary bruce, abc news, washington. hillary clinton posted nearly a dozen tweets yesterday afternoon on the topic of health care. the former presidential candidate writes, quote, the fight isn't over yet. we have to push back on future bad ideas and embrace good ones to make health care more affordable. clinton is the featured speaker at the business women in san francisco on tuesday.
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abc 7 is a media sponsor of the event, and cheryl jennings, and natasha zuvez will be there. several of the delegation called this a victory. also a launching point to improve the affordable care act. melanie woodrow has the details. >> what happened on the floor is a victory for the american people. >> reporter: house speaker paul ryan pulled the american health care act off the floor moments before a scheduled vote. congresswoman barbara lee blasted the bill before the announcement. >> this shameful bill includes seniors, veterans, people living with hiv, children, disabled. >> reporter: local representatives are crediting activists. >> they did the hard work. this is not a victory for thought of us >> reporter: as he boarded a plane to california, congressman
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eric swalwell tweeted, we heard you on trumpcare. we fought for you to kill the bill and we won for you. >> it was a win for our constituents who were loud and clear about what they wanted. >> reporter: not everyone locally is celebrating. >> they've had so much time, while obama was still president. so they should have had a bill everybody could get behind ready to go. >> reporter: a plan possibly for the future. >> hopefully, what will come from the next week is that republicans and democrats will look at the affordable care act and figure out how to fix it. >> reporter: melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. >> there will be full analysis of the defeat on this week with george stephanopoulos tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m., only on abc 7. breaking news. the chp investigating a crash in pleasanton that killed a man, it happened around 3:00 this morning on the northbound lanes near stone ridge drive.
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the driver lost control, hit the center divide, and was ejectsd from the car. a driver on the other side of the freeway stopped to help, but another car hit that driver. that person was not hurt. it's unclear if speed or alcohol were involved in the first crash. the far left lane is closed while officers investigate. all lanes of i-680 in pleasant hill have reopened after a deadly hit-and-run crash there. it happened just before 4:30 this morning near monument boulevard. chp said a car hit a pedestrian. three lanes were closed for nearly three hours while officers investigated. no information about the car or driver have been yet released. the chp also investigating how a person died on interstate 280 in san francisco overnight. officers say a body was found in the northbound lane just before 11:00 last night. a witness told them the car appeared to hit the victim. all lanes were closed for two hours during the investigation. no word on any suspects or other cars involved there. in pleasant hill, eight
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families were displaced after a fire at an apartment complex last night. the contra costa fire department said two of the units have major damage. the electricity and gas had to be shut off, so families from all eight units of the complex were forced out. no one was hurt. the cause is still under investigation. forestville authorities are investigating after a man was shot and killed last night. the sheriff's deputies were called to a shooting on river road just after 7:00 p.m. the victim was found in the living room and pronounced dead at the scene. a suspect was arrested at a nearby gas station. two deputies crashed on river road while responding to the arrest scene. they were not hurt. a motive for the shooting is not known. an east bay man is being held on $14 million after people say he molested three underage girls. they arrested gary burbank of discovery bay thursday night. they believe there could be other victims.
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katie has the details. >> reporter: he targeted teens on social media. he was arrested in his home. >> wow. amazing how things could happen right underneath your nose. you don't even know about it, you know? >> reporter: neighbors say he kept to himself. deputies say they found evidence at his home of sexual contact with at least three girls, ages 14 to 16. >> we know at least one of the victims, they met online. we're still investigating as to what method was used. it was certainly via the internet. >> reporter: he's charged with rape and sexual aggravated assault. >> it's really shocking. it's such a coward thing and horrible thing to do. >> reporter: a victim came forward on tuesday. the investigation is preliminary. >> we got the information very quickly. we acted upon it. and our detectives are actively working this case as we speak. >> reporter: burr bank is being
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held on a $14.2 million bond. in contra costa county, abc 7 news. the man accused of grabbing a 13-year-old girl off a san francisco street is due in court on monday. 26-year-old lee eigl was charged with six counts including kidnapping and lewd acts. he tried to force her into his car. two bystanders heard the girl's screams and stopped the kidnapping. high school athletes with concerns about meningitis. the infected student took part at a meet last saturday at dougherty valley high school in san ramon with a water polo club. members of the swim team have been given antibiotics. the infection is not transmitted through the water, but through long periods of physical contact. happening today, oakland leaders and raiders fans will rally at the coliseum to show
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support to keep the team right where they are. the mayor said they have a stadium plan. she wrote a letter to the nfl saying the has more than one $1 billion in financing. nfl owners are expected to vote as early as monday on relocation. >> this is where the raiders should stay. we will be reaching out and trying to plead our case to the last moment. >> today's rally starts at 11:00 this morning at the coliseum. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony will be in phoenix for the team meeting. live reports starting tomorrow. you can take b.a.r.t. a little farther south today. here's a picture of the first train that arrived at the new station, about 7:03 this morning. up to 7,000 passengers are expected to use it on weekdays. the hope is it will ease traffic on interstates 880 and 680.
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that is good news for a lot of commuters in the east bay. >> yeah. >> and the rain finally moving out? >> yes. for today. >> sort of. >> you didn't ask me about tomorrow. good morning, everyone. we're looking at a lot of sunshine for most of you, except some stubborn fog up in petaluma, napa. right now, sunny skies in san francisco from our tower camera. good visibility. it looks to be a beautiful day. it will be with highs in the low 60s. right now we're in the 50s. we'll talk about our springtime day today, a return to, yes, unfortunately more showers tomorrow. but we're looking at a very nice extended outlook which includes 70-degree temperatures. >> wow. great shot of the bridge there. the las vegas heist puts the bellagio on lockdown. and why the clock is ticking for dozens of san jose flo
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or if you experience symptoms of allergic reaction such as rash, swelling, or difficulty breathing or swallowing. do not take invokana® if you have severe liver or kidney problems or are on dialysis. tell your doctor about any medical conditions and medications you take. using invokana® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. it's time to turn things around. lower your blood sugar with invokana®. imagine loving your numbers. there's only one invokana®. ask your doctor about it by name. in georgia, the pilot of a small plane was killed when he crashed in someone's front yard. fire spread to the home and destroyed it. the family who lives there luckily was not inside at the time. the pilot was flying from delaware to the fulton county airport in georgia. witnesses saw the plane spiraling out of control before it crashed. new this morning, las vegas
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police looking for suspects who were involved in a burglary that forced them to put the bellagio hotel on lockdown. police say armed suspects wearing pig masks busted the windows out of a high-end jewelry and watch store inside the hotel just before 1:00 this morning. the store closed when it happened. it was on lockdown for about 30 minutes. people have detained some people but it's unclear if they are the suspects. happening today in l.a., thousands much people are expected to celebrate the lives of carrie fisher and debbie reynolds. they died just one day apart in december. the event is open to the public but with limited seating. their fans will also be able to visit their final resting place. todd fisher organized the memorial. the service starts at 1:00 this afternoon at forest lawn cemetery in the hollywood hills. time is running out for dozens of san jose flood victims still living in an emergency shelter. the city has announced plans to close the shelter on april 10th.
8:16 am
katie marzullo has details. >> reporter: the city tells us there are still about 60 people, including families with children, sleeping on cots here at seven tree community center. the plan is not to kick them out but to find them better accommodations. cameras are not allowed inside the shelter to protect the flood victims who live there. they were forced from their homes. they may have to move on again. >> this kind of emergency shelter is not ever intended to be a long-term solution for anybody. >> reporter: the instead of san jose has set a target date of april 10th to close the shelter. the goal is to get people into more stable house. >> we're asking our community, particularly the community of property owners and landlords, and other parts of our city, to step up. we're not talking about hundreds of units, we're talking about dozens of units. we should be able to find ways of making that happen in a city of a million people.
8:17 am
>> reporter: judith and her family are still not allowed to go inside their rock springs apartment. they were close to going to the shoelter themselves. >> my uncle said we could stay at his house. >> reporter: lucky, but still not an ideal living situation. >> six of us in a two-bedroom house. i miss my room. >> reporter: city leaders hope to move everyone from the shelter into a vacant apartment or hotel. those are still short-term solutions. ulimately they'd like to see flood victims back in their own restored homes. in san jose, katie marzullo, abc 7 news. the community has stepped up to help a local nonprofit after a story we first brought you here on abc 7 news thursday night. network for teachinging entrepreneurship said 39 laptops have been donated to replace ones that were stolen from a storage pod in san leandro last month. the organization helps teach underserved students. they also tell us viewers have also offered mentorship opportunities, and help looking
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for office space. happening today, burn some calories and enjoy free fitness tips. comedian kevin hart, tv personality maria menounos, and melvin gordon will host the free health fair. they will show people how simple lifestyle changes can help improve overall health. there will be yoga, boot camps, foot drills, even a kid zone. it starts at 10:00 this morning at justin herman plaza. expect traffic headaches this weekend. the golden gate bridge will shut down two bridge lanes. the last northbound exit from doyle drive and the southeast bridge parking lot will be closed at 11:00 tonight ahead of tomorrow's rock 'n rol half marathon. it takes runners all over the city. it starts in golden gate park at 6:15 a.m. and crosses over the golden gate bridge and finishes at the civic center probably around noontime. road closures surround the
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route. good morning to you. it looks like we'll squeeze that in way before the rain arrives tomorrow. here's a look at live doppler 7. renegade showers from san jose this morning. but now we're all clear. a live look out on the peninsula. sfo no delays. low 50s from san francisco, oakland, mountain view, san jose, gilroy and half moon bay up to 50 degrees. from the sutro tower camera, good visibility. looks like a really nice day today. cool in santa rosa. we have fog in napa, petaluma, down to less than a quarter mile to about 2 miles there. concord 51. livermore at 49. we are colder this morning as the skies clear the past couple of hours. four degrees colder at the coast and in the city. another vantage point, scattered klause from mount tam. they will remain just for a few
8:20 am
more hours, then we'll look for more sunshine today. so the patchy fog lifts. we'll see more in the way of the blue sky and showers return late tomorrow. the clouds will arrive a lot sooner. highs today. they will be in a range where they should be this time of year. mid-60s palo alto. 51 in the city. 65 santa rosa and napa underneath sunny skies. beautiful afternoon. a light sea breeze. for the week ahead, check it out if you're planning, it is going to be sunny and warm in livermore. pretty much everywhere after monday afternoon. today, not bad. we're dry. tomorrow weak system moves in. cooler, cloudier, showers. they will be over by monday morning. 70s arrive. and it should be a very pleasant second half of your work week. a 1 tomorrow. light rain showers, breezy at times. wet pavement. and our hour-by-hour forecast for the next two days shows you how clear you are tonight.
8:21 am
here come the clouds tomorrow. by noontime the rain is up in sonoma, scattered showers, but it pushes through to the east and south by 7:00, through 9:00 tomorrow night. so the bulk of the day should be dry. but later on in the day, in the afternoon, we'll be wet. monday morning we're back to some sunshine. we'll be looking at amounts ranging anywhere from .10 of an inch, hayward and livermore, to about .25 of an inch. sunny today. download our abc 7 news app. a 1 tomorrow. a weak system. and then mid-60s for monday afternoon. that should be one of the cooler days. and then 70s. sunny. can't get enough, right? it looks really nice. >> who's ready for some sunshine. >> oh, yeah. thanks so much. just ahead, a soccer superstar honored right here in the bay area. big celebration last night for
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we want to congratulate our colleague michael finney this morning. he received an award at chico state last night. michael graduated from the school's information studies program. >> my professor and classmates here at chica -- look at that, i'm getting emotional about it. gave me the chance to learn what it takes to be a good reporter.
8:25 am
curiosity, fairness, accuracy, a passion for the truth. >> he says he has enormous gratitude for his years at chica state. dan ashley tweeted this picture of michael and his wife and two kids. he calls him a dear friend and colleague. michael, congratulations to you. san player brandi chastain. show's known for scoring the winning penalty in the '99 world cup title. the u.s. men's national team blew out honduras in a world cup qualifying match. sebastien scored in the fifth minute. and dempsey had a trip in the 6-0 win. san francisco tradition is becoming more interactive. the annual flower show started yesterday at macy's union square. there's a carnival theme this year. there are pin ball machines,
8:26 am
fortune tellers and vintage items at the beach. 175 varieties of flowers. >> you get to walk through and feel like you're going through the love boat of a carnival. as you proceed on in jewelry, we have the carousel of horses that they designed using mirrors and reflection. >> the carousel was created by the exploratorium design students, making cotton candy and popcorn dresses for the show. it originated in san francisco 71 years ago. it's all on display until april 9th. still to come on "abc 7 mornings," new details on the london terror attack. and the new b.a.r.t. extension hits the tracks this
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good morning. starting the half hour with a look at the weather. here's meteorologist, lisa argen. >> hey, cornell. hi, everyone, good morning to you. a live look outside. walnut creek at 50 degrees. a few clouds, a little hazy vantage point here. but overall, a lot of you are looking at a lot of sunshine this morning. 53 in the city. oakland, mountain view and san jose, with 50 on the coast. santa cruz you're also 50. today will be ten degrees warmer than yesterday. 65 there. 42 in santa rosa. with more 40s out towards
8:30 am
livermore. fog in petaluma. check out the exploratorium camera with tons of sun here. it will last throughout the day. 50s to near 60 by noontime. in the afternoon, upper 50s coastside with the sea breeze, to mid-60s in the inland, east bay, south bay. then sunset looking just fine. no problems if you have plans tonight. the showers do return for late day tomorrow. so 1 on our storm impact scale. i'll track it for you and talk about the week ahead in just a few minutes. new developments in the terror attack in london. the royal embassy of saudi arabia in london said the attacker was in the country three times, even taught english there. they released a new picture of the suspect, 52-year-old british citizen who converted to islam. isis is calling him their soldier. the police are trying to see if they missed any warning signs. >> reporter: the face of the killer, police releasing this photo of khalid masood, and
8:31 am
asking the public for help. he was british born, a convert to islam, investigated for ties to islamic extremism more than a decade ago. they determined then he posed a low risk. a suspect arrested where he lifted, 11 arrested so far, seven released. did masood act alone is the question now. in the hotel south of london where he spent his last night, there was no sign of the karnage ahead. >> articulate, polite, presentable, and he's on his way to commit mass murder. >> reporter: new video emerging of the moment police took masood down. and nearby, the chaotic moments prime minister theresa may was hustled to safety, her guards with weapons drawn in this video from the sun newspaper.
8:32 am
americans remembered one of four people killed in the attack. he and his wife celebrating their 25th anniversary in london. >> you wanted to be his friend in five minutes. >> reporter: terry moran, abc news. this morning, b.a.r.t. closer to san jose after service began at the new warm springs station in fremont. the first train arrived at the new station at 7:03 a.m. whether b.a.r.t. continues its push into san jose may depend on a federal grant, at a time when washington seems intent on slashing budgets. david louie shows us the new station and the potential hurdle ahead. >> reporter: there's little doubt a new b.a.r.t. station in south fremont is going to be popular. 6,000 to 7,000 passengers are expected to use it week days. >> it's much faster living in the community close by to warm springs. it will be a lot faster getting to a b.a.r.t. station, and traveling to where i need to go. >> reporter: the shiny new station brings b.a.r.t. closer
8:33 am
and closer to san jose. next up will be the opening of the new station here in san jose. but there is growing concern that this could become the end of the line, that a much wished-for extension to san jose and santa clara might be in doubt. the wild card is whether efforts to cut the budget in washington will impact the $1.5 billion in federal funds needed to do the six-mile project. the project is still in the environmental review stage. >> we are hopeful that, you know, we have met all of the stringent criteria, and we are hopeful that the federal government will continue with its process that we have been long engaged in. >> reporter: it involves a five-mile tunnel through the downtown area to near the s.a.p. center. half of the project cost is coming from local and state sources, including two voter approved measures. former congressman mike honda thinks that could sway washington to say yes. >> look it, we're self-helped.
8:34 am
the money came out of our pockets first before we put our hands out to get money from you guys. don't you think that's a pretty good deal? >> reporter: in san jose, david louie, abc 7 news. more than 100 silicon valley business leaders sent a letter to the white house to ask the administration to reverse the decision on shall future of cal train. cal train believes electric trains would speed up the commute and make room for more passengers. happening tonight, several landmarks in san francisco and around the world will go dark in the fight against climate change. the movement urges people, cities and businesses to turn off their lights for one hour to raise awareness about the impacts of climate change. the lights will go out from 8:30 to 9:30 tonight. a center that will look at the good and bad of technology
8:35 am
is now open in san francisco. yesterday abc 7 news was at the presidio for the launch of the center for the fourth industrial revolution. it will be run by the world economic forum, which is known for holding summits around the world for world leaders in switzerland. the center will gather experts to explore the impact of technology in our lives, and being in san francisco was a key to getting that done. >> this is the heart of innovation in the world. and we have the experts here, and we can bring them in, really forecasting where this technology is going. >> 75 people will work at the center. the initial focus will be the impact of medicine, artificial intelligence, self-driving cars and drones. ferry land received a bit of a makeover thanks to 175 volunteers who didn't mind working in the rain yesterday. as you can see, they were pretty much ready. volunteers are part of tourism cares, and all visitors have links to the tourism industry.
8:36 am
>> probably 30% of our volunteers have never been to oakland before. some of the people come from around the country, some are from the region. we're just here to help out to raise exposure to give back, and oakland is such a special lace for locals and visitors. >> the volunteers built cabinets while others worked on a downtown mural. 3.6 million visitors added $1.5 billion to the oakland economy in 2015 alone. still ahead on "abc 7 mornings," a teen with a heart in more ways than one. wait until you hear what he had to go through to get a new heart. here's a live look from the abc 7 roof cam. gorgeous shot of the bay bridge. nice day today. a little bit of rain coming in tomorrow. but wait until you hear what lisa argen has in her forecast for the next days after that. we'll be right back.
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tonight a new professional soccer team hits the pitch for the first time in san francisco of the deltas are in golden gate park at 7:00 p.m. the team is part of the north american soccer league. it's a level below the major league soccer division. the deltas will play a total of 16 home matches.
8:40 am
single-game tickets start at $17. all home matches will be streamed on twitter. sounds like a deal to me. what can you do for 17 bucks in the bay area? tonight should be nice for the game, too. >> right. nice and dry. as we look at lake tahoe, this shot looks awfully nice. in the 30s here. highs in the mid-40s. we still have a winter weather advisory for the southern sierra. i just checked, 8600 feet picked up a foot around taomi m last night. we'll talk about our sunshine with increasing warm temperatures feeling more like spring coming up. to be in tahoe right now. let's just look at that for a few seconds. next, the warriors toy with oracle arein a. the highlights coming up in sports.
8:41 am
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good morning. check out the bridge from the sutro tower cam. going to be a gorgeous day. lots of sunshine. but rain is on the way. but not for long. lisa argen is going to have your forecast coming up in just a few mimgts. in sports, march madness in san jose this afternoon with a trip to the final four on the line. xavier faces top seed gonzaga. the west region final at s.a.p. center. tip-off at 3:09 p.m. the warriors play the grizzlies tomorrow. golden state returned home to
8:44 am
face the kings looking for their sixth straight victory. here's larry biel with the highlights in this morning's sports. >> reporter: good morning, everybody. kevin durant, dunking in practice. dunking. so looks like his knee is healing up nicely. while the quest for the warriors and one seed continued last night against sacramento. durant is set to be reevaluated next week, and i would say he's healing nicely. warriors had 21 assists on 24 baskets in the first half. steph had five of those behind the back. livingston with the steal right here from giorgio. pass behind the back to dre mond green. third quarter, steph gets the rebound. and just flips it up with the left. 27 points. i can pass, too. fish. k.d. loving it.
8:45 am
steph, the bomb! one of his 12 assists. look at the finish here. back to the basket. he flips it up and in. warriors beat the kings 114-100. 2 1/2 up on the spurs with ten to play. oh, surprise at cal. jones taking over the basketball program. jones was an assistant under martin who left for missouri. they were talking to veteran koechgs, but will instead go to jones who has never been a head coach. ncaa sweet 16, what a game. kentucky taking on ucla. a lot of chatter about indiana. alonzo ball scored only ten points. immediately after the game he declared he is going to the nba. fox went off for 39 for the wildcats. kentucky advances to the south regional final 86-75. they'll face north carolina next. this is crazy. four seed florida and eight seed wisconsin. aaron rodgers there supporting
8:46 am
the badgers. six seconds left. badgers down three. showalter, that's a three! the discount double-check to rodgers. in overtime, four seconds left. florida's down two. that goes for the win! are you serious? florida pulls it out 84-83. women's ncaa tournament. two seed stanford three seed texas in the sweet 16. they explode in the third quarter. scored 25 points. erica mccall leads the way. 77-66. they face notre dame in the elite eight. o cf1 o to the ice we go. between the pikes for team teal. adam will drive to the net. lose the handle. but it careens in. what are you doing here?
8:47 am
gives it who scores. that is their fifth consecutive loss. that's a wrap on morning sports. everybody have a great weekend. i'm larry biel. now, your accuweather forecast with lisa argen. >> good morning to you. if you are an early riser, you saw a few showers perhaps in the south bay. but doppler 7 coming in clear. a few clouds around. this was supposed to be mount tam. kind of a funky looking shot. we'll look at low 50s from san francisco, oakland, mountain view and san jose, as well as gilroy. that seems to be the popular number. from our sutro tower camera, we've got a few clouds around. we'll call it partly cloudy, fog from petaluma to napa. 50 right now. 50 by the delta. a few clouds around our inland east bay, upper 40s to low 50s. santa cruz warmer today with the sun in the mid-60s.
8:48 am
we're going to remain dry today. patchy fog finally dissipating i think within the next hour. and then partly cloudy, mostly sunny today. and then we'll look for the showers to return later tomorrow. so very weak system. but let's get to the sunshine first, shall we, with the highs today ranging from where they should be for late march, in the low 60s, to the mid-60s, from % san jose. fremont 64. livermore and palo alto about the same. with 63 in richmond. in livermore, 66 today. cooler tomorrow with the clouds. and the late day showers. then we're still cool on monday despite increasing sun. check out what happens on tuesday and wednesday. sunny, in the 70s. a slight dip on friday. storm impact scale back through your sunday with a weak system, allowing for light rain, breezy at times, and it will keep the roadways damp.
8:49 am
here's our hour-by-hour forecast. thursday, nice day. increasing clouds overnight. we're cloudy with a few breaks by midday. here comes the rain by about 3:00 and 4:00 in the east bay. if you have plans tomorrow night, some light rain for you. maybe a few showers through the overnight hours. but by your early monday morning commute, we should be dry. as we add up the totals, it's not too much. in fact, we're just looking at about .10 from fremont, san jose. a little more down by santa rosa. if they picked up another .10 in santa rosa, they would break an all-time record for 55 inches of rain. it's incredible how much they've seen this season. the accuweather seven-day forecast, looking at sunshine today. 1 on our storm impact scale tomorrow. and if you download our abc 7 news app, you can track the showers in your neighborhood, and also look at the steadily
8:50 am
warming temperatures come the middle of the week, with numbers above average. i've got to check that stat. it's just crazy how much rain they've had, over 50 inches in santa rosa. >> unbelievable. people kept asking me, this is it, the rain is over, right? >> they can feel it. a little bit more. but you can feel spring trying to take over. >> maybe a few surprises out there. it's waning. out like a lion, right? >> lamb. it's going to be a lamb. lisa, thank you. a teenager getting used to his new heart this morning after a transplant at stanford hospital. the really amazing part is how he survived long enough to get it. cheryl jennings has the story. >> reporter: abraham said he was always on the move growing up in a family of nine children. but that suddenly changed last year. >> i was just sitting doung. out of nowhere, my heart started beating fast. it felt like i couldn't breathe. >> this is acute end stage heart
8:51 am
failure. >> reporter: he ended up on life support and heading to stanford. abraham was in grave danger by the time he arrived. >> his heart and his lungs had failed. and he would have died very quickly. >> reporter: their challenge wa to keep abraham alive long enough to receive a heart transplant. but that wait time would push the stanford team into uncharted territory. the temporary solution was a machine known as an ek mo which essentially takes over the function of both the heart and lungs. the doctor showed us how it's typically connected through the chest or artery in the leg, leaving the patient unable to move around. but with abraham's deteriorating condition, they knew that could be trouble. >> because patients, they don't do well if they're just laying in bed. >> reporter: instead dr. ha used his own cutting-edge technique and connected the ekmo directly to abraham's heart by running the tube through his ribs. the result was so successful, it
8:52 am
allowed abraham to get out of bed, and much more. >> we took him outside. that was the first for us, bringing a patient on ekmo outside. >> reporter: the exercise turned out to be critical. instead of two months, abraham would wait nearly four months for a suitable heart. >> a record for us for sure. as far as i know, when the longest times in the country of being on this type of support. >> reporter: but instead of deteriorating, doctors say abraham actually grew stronger. >> so that when a heart finally became available, he was very strong. he was in the best shape he could be in. >> reporter: abraham received his new heart in december. just in time for his 18th birthday. he's now looking forward to heading home with his mom. and pouring his whole heart into his dreams. >> looking forward to college after high school. studying architect. >> reporter: cheryl jennings, abc 7 news. pretty remarkable. doctors say at one point before
8:53 am
the trans plant, abraham was actually able to shoot baskets in his room with a small make shift hoop. two of the warriors' big men will be doing a different job on their day off. the big surprise traveles may see at a bay area airport today. he's a nascar champion who's she's a world-class swimmer who's stared down the best in her sport. but for both of them, the most challenging opponent was... pe blood clots in my lung. it was really scary. a dvt in my leg. i had to learn all i could to help protect myself.
8:54 am
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8:55 am
medical or dental procedures and before starting xarelto® about any conditions, such as kidney, liver, or bleeding problems. you've got to learn all you can... help protect yourself from dvt and pe blood clots. talk to your doctor about xarelto®. there's more to know. winning numbers from last night's $151 million mega millions drawing. 5, 28, 37, 61, 69, the mega number 1. nobody picked all six numbers in
8:56 am
tuesday night's jackpot. it increases to $162 million. happening today, travelers flying in to sfo this afternoon will get a special visit from two warriors players. james michael mcadoo will be att the airport this afternoon. they will issue boarding passes, help board flights, and push back planes for departure. united is the official airline for the warriors, and the founding partner for chase center. the new arena is being built in san francisco. it shouldn't be a big surprise for travelers. i always wanted to do the cone flight. we've got rain moving in tomorrow. but then -- >> but then it looks like it's going to feel much different around here. today still a little on the cool side. a lot of switch with a lot of sunshine today. partly cloudy now. 63 in oakland. 64 in palo alto. the seven-day forecast, 1 on the storm scale tomorrow. light late day showers.
8:57 am
and then we'll look for more sun on monday. still cool. but look at the 70s arriving. that's well above average. a slight dip on thursday. everybody's looking forward to that, i'm sure. >> just got to make it through tomorrow, right? >> yeah. lisa, thanks so much. thank you for joining us on "abc 7 mornings." we want to thank viewer michael for this spectacular picture of 89 sunrise from the embarcadero from san francisco. great shot there. you can share your pictures with us on social media. just use the #abc 7 now. you may see it on our newscast, or online at the news continues now online, on twitter, facebook, and instagram. abc 7 news continues at 5:00 p.m. whatever you're doing today, we hope you have a great one. and a great weekend. thanks for joining us, everybody. see you soon.
8:58 am
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