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tv   ABC 7 News at 5  ABC  March 26, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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we've had probably about 50 slides or so. >> soil is saturated and slipping with more rain just starting to come down in the north bay, we have a look at the area still dealing with the effects of our winter soakings. hello, i'm eric thomas. we'll have a look at the rain damage in a moment. first a check on our current wet system. conditions in the north bay where it started raining about an hour ago. you can see the really gusty conditions here a short time ago from our camera atop mt. tam. now a look at current
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conditions. our emeryville camera showing you the clouds. they'll open up to some showers. how much rain can we expect. the latest from drew tuma. >> live doppler 7 tracking light showers out there. first, much of the activity right now this afternoon is in the north bay from bodega bay approaching santa rosa, around cloverdale, that's where we see light showers. dubl dublin, antioch and livermore, they're approaching the cities there. the wider view will show you the showers are developing from a west to east fashion. i want to zoom in on this cluster of light showers that is approaching parts of san francisco in the east bay. we time out these drops approaching san francisco around 5:19 p.m. and holding together around 5:34. oakland, expect light showers. on the storm impact scale, tonight, a light shower. most cities, minimal. it will be breezy with a south wind. we'll time out the storm system and show you the return of sunshine and 80 degree temperatures and that full accuweather forecast.
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>> thank you. >> millions of dollars in damage remains across the bay area from our winter downpours. one area scrambling to find a fix is murin county. kate larson is live there tonight where she got a tour of some of the weather damage. kate. >> well, eric, marin county is a paradise of nature trails. this year, the paths have been beaten by all our storms. it turns out the damage is not simply an inconvenience to hikers and cyclists. this roads provide critical safety roles for the residents' safety here. >> this portion right here is cracking and ready to push and go down towards the road also. >> mike is a marin county park ranger. these days, he spends a lot of time patrolling trails and fire roads in open space preserves, damage by this year's rainfall. >> we had probably about 50 slides or so throughout the different preserves. >> these two slides along glenfire road are preventing fire trucks from using the
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access road. this creates a dangerous situation since fuel has been grohling unchecked in the open space preserve since the area hasn't burned in more than 100 years. >> if a fire started from behind one of these homes, and spread up the canyon, which fire naturally likes to move up canyon, it could be pretty disastrous if the fire department could get up to a lot of these points and access them. >> manmade walk embankments like these are eventually how the parks will shore up the water logged hillsides and roads. the department estimates they'll spend well over $200,000 this year making repairs. which is eight times their annual budget of $25,000. and they would like to complete those repairs before fire season starts in june. in marin county, kate larson. abc 7. >> a man died in a hit-and-run crash early this morning in san jose at monterey highway. the search is now on for the
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driver. this is san jose's ninth case this year of a vehicle hitting and killing a pedestrian. the police department reports the department had a total of 23 cases last year. >> tense moments in oakland today. an officer with a gun pointed at a man on the roof of a building. he's a suspected car thief. police say he surrendered after a standoff with officers and the fire department was called in, bringing in ladders to safely get the man off the roof. >> developing news now. cincinnati police are searching for suspects in a massive shooting inside a nightclub. one man died. at least 15 others were injured. what we know tonight, it was not terrorism related. abc news reporter has the latest from cincinnati. 1:00 a.m. >> multiple people shot. repeating medic respond. >> police say a fight inside the nightclub set off a shooting rampage. >> several local men got into some type of dispute inside the
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bar. and it escalated into shots being fired. >> with bullets flying, hundreds of people inside the club scrambled for safety. >> i think it was running, trampling, stepping over us. i scraped my arms and knees falling on the ground. >> those bullets hit 16 people. four police officers patrolling the parking lot rushed to help but couldn't save the life of one victim, 27-year-old o'brien spikes. police say a few men were able to bring guns into the club despite security measures. including guards using wand metal detectives to check clubgoers as they entered. there were two shootings outside the same club back in 2015. >> we have had incidents here in the past, but this is the worst by far. >> cincinnati's mayor says there's no evidence that this shooting was tied to terrorism. but adds -- >> they have been terrorized by gun violence, innocent victims. >> tonight, this community still reeling as more than a dozen victims recovering and the suspected gunmen are on the
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loose. abc news, cincinnati. >> governor jerry brown says california will do its best to oppose president trump and his proposed border wall between the u.s. and mexico. the governor appeared on "meet the press" this morning to discuss the issue. he met with republicans in washington this past week to collaborate on infrastructure. brown says california is going to fight hard to stop the wall from being built. >> the wall to me is ominous. it reminds me of the berlin wall. when i see the 30-foot wall, i worry somehow, are they trying to keep me in or keep them out? i think americans ought to be very careful when we make radical changes like a 30-foot wall keeping some in and some out. >> the governor also says he hopes conservatives tell the president that undocumented immigrants are human beings and should be treated that way. a group of activists called for restarting the quest to make the equal rights amendment the law of the land across america. >> what do we do? >> fight back. >> abc7 news was in palo alto
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when the feminist majority led today's march and rally. the last push for the equal roilths amendment or era ended in 1982 before a deadline imposed by congress. >> with a simple majority vote and the signature of the president, we can lose rights. but if we had a constitutional amendment, equal rights amendment, we would never have to fear a rollback of our rights. >> organizers tell us peninsula congressman jackie speier is leading a charge on capitol hill to revive the e.r.a. today, a group gathered to fight america's growing epidemic of people dying from overdoses on prescription drugs. abc 7 news was in concord. abc 7 anchor cheryl jennings served as master of ceremonies for the 5k walk. one woman shared her son's story. >> a little bit of alcohol, one xanax pill and about a pill and a half of oxycodone, it shut
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down his breathing. he went to sleep after his college party that night and didn't wake up. like thousands and thousands of others have had happen. >> there was a banner there displaying the names of overdose victims. walk organizers moved it to concord this year because it has a high rate of people dying from opioid over dose. >> divers took to the water today in antioch. no witness, no victims, but investigators have an idea of how the car became submerged. >> also, the happy ending for warriors fans who got duped by phony tickets. the story is a good reminder for us all.
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divers searched the submerged honda suv at a marina near the antioch bridge, but they found inside. someone called after seeing the suv in the water near fleming lane. divers eventually attached a chain to the vehicle so a tow truck could pull it back onto land. the highway patrol says the suv was reported stolen from livermore. by this time tomorrow, we may know if the raiders will stay in oakland or if nfl owners will approve the move to
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that can only happen if 24 of the 32 owners vote for it. on friday, oakland mayor libby schaaf informed the nfl of the latest proposal to replace the coliseum with a 55,000 seat football only stadium, but a response letter from roger goodell didn't put much faith in the plan. >> abc 7 news reporting laura anthony is in phoenix for this week's owners meeting. she spoke with marc davis today about possibly leaving oakland. laura will have his response tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00. she'll also break any raiders news first on twitter. happening now, the golden state warriors are holding a stop fraud night to remind fans about the possible danger of tickets from third party sites. the team flew in a family from atlanta after they couldn't get into the hawks/warriors game earlier this month because they bought fraudulent tickets. the club recommends going to which verifies
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tickets before they're resold. >> twitter trouble for united airlines over its dress code. the story is ahead. we think this could become a big tourism attraction. also destination space. tough competition for spacex. we'll learn about another company promising faster, cheaper tourist flights into space. >> and i'm meteorologist drew tuma. clouds overhead for much of our sunday, giving way to light showers moving onshore. we'll track them on live doppler 7 next and show you warmer and brighter weather ahead.
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united airlines is dealing with a barrage of angry tweets tonight after the airline refused to let two teenagersen a plane because they were wearing leggings. an agent in denver would not allow the girls to board the
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minneapolis-bound plane. another passenger says the agent requested the girls change or put dresses over their leggings. united sent out a tweet saying the girls were traveling using a united employee pass and must follow the company's dress code, which specifically forbids leggings while traveling. >> you could have a lot of options in outer space trouble. an arizona company is showing off its travel rocket. guests can check out the vector r rocket starting tuesday at the kennedy space center visitor complex in florida. it will be the first commercial space rocket on display there. vector has been testing its rockuts in several spaces including california with the goal of providing space travel for a lot less than spacex. >> the launchers are $1.5 million each. that's opposed to say a spacex launch which is $60 million to $90 million. >> vector's goal is to launch paying customers from the kennedy space center. the company says most rocket companies are building and flying five to ten rockets a year. vector plans to build hundreds
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annually. >> more than 9,000 runners took part in today's rock and roll half marathon in san francisco. the race began at golden gate park, acrossed the golden gate bridge. the shut down two lanes of traffic on the bridge. it ended at civic center around noon. >> now, your accuweather forecast with drew tuma. >> the cloudy and cool conditions perfect for runners today. now we're seeing light showers to finish off this weekend. live doppler 7 tracking it all. we'll show you where the action is at this hour. down we go into street level. live doppler 7 showing you very light returns on the screen around daly city. light showers approaching the mission in san francisco. and soma at this hour. the theme is scattered and light in nature. live doppler 7 over to livermore in the past 15 minutes. a light sprinkle moving through the inland east bay. right now, much of the activity could be found in the north bay,
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santa rosa, approaching pengrove and petaluma. a quick moving system we have. outside we go, a live look from the east bay hills. camera pointing north. you can see the showers moving through the north bay at this hour. notice how the visibility drops? that's the light rain falling to the ground. out there right now, it's very spring-like, despite the limited sunshine. 63 currently in fremont and san jose. 60 in san francisco. a rain cooled 54 santa rosa. on the storm impact scale tonight, this is a light system. it's a 1. some light showers moving through the next 6 to 12 hours. really minimal rainfall. you see most cities approaching right around a tenth of an inch of rain. a nice south wind right now between 10 and 20 miles per hour. so hour by hour we go on future weather. 7:00, later on this evening, you see the showers working through much of the bay area. it's a really quick moving system. by 9:00, here's the back edge of the light showers working through oakland, san francisco, some light showers around san
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jose. and as we're back on the news at 11:00, the majority of the region is drying out. just a few light showers dotting the landscape. perhaps along the south bay. as we head into monday morning, the clouds begin to clear out. overnight tonight, here's the call. showers early on. we'll hang on to a lot of the cloud cover overnight tonight. 50 overnight. the low in richmond. 49, san francisco. 50, the number in san jose. as we take you to the sierra, we have a winter weather advisory with this storm system through 8:00 p.m. tonight. until 8:00 tomorrow morning. about 3 to 6 inches of snow over our passes. so slick roads and travel delays very likely. as we take a look at your day planner on monday, early on, before the sun gets up, can't rule out along the coast, could have a little drizzle. the story is brightening skies into the afternoon by 4:00, we're sunny. temperature seasonable. the sun not going down until 7:28 tomorrow evening. temperatures continue to rise into tuesday. temperatures, 70s make a return
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inland. lots of sunshine, and wednesday, it is just a midweek beauty around here. total sunshine, dry skies, and temperatures going above normal. the accuweather seven-day forecast, after the showers tonight, it is a dry pattern that prevails. turning warmer tuesday and into wednesday. we get knocked down a bit with a breeze on thursday, but it's a rapid rebound on friday. temperature wise, and saturday and sunday, it is beautiful. temperatures well above normal going into the 80s both days inland next weekend. >> i know you have been watching for the final four breakdown, and we know. >> you heard a scream from the sports department. great finishes today. >> there it was. >> down to the final four for the men. two first timers and one that hasn't been in 78 years. the stanford women back in the final four for the first time since 2014. what a finish against notre dame. we have it all next in sports.
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i said yesterday, never underestimate a team coached by vand aveer, and today, the coach proved me right with a win over notre dame and a trip to the final four. they came into today 7-0 in the elite eight. third quarter, mabry, gives the fightingire rsh a 17-point lead. stanford would rally, 24 in the third, 33 in the fourth. stanford up one late. 25 seconds left. cardinal down one. smith lays it in. she had 15. stanford up one.
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2.2 seconds left. notre dame with the inbounds pass. mccall, the huge block. one of two in the closing seconds. and stanford wins 76-75, advancing to their first final four since 2014. 13th overall, and looking for their third national title. >> this team really believes. they are so close. they're so unselfish. i'm so happy for the team. and we had to battle, but we played better defense in the second half. we started getting some shots. i think people really never gave up. >> all right, for the men, four teams battling for the final two spots in the final four. carolina and florida. the gamecocks knocked off duke and baylor. madison square garden, florida led by seven at the half. here come the gamecocks. banks it in. carolina down two. then, thornwell, 26 points, 7 boards. lofts it in. 59-57, gamecocks. 17 seconds left, dozier, the
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steal. this is called a monster jam. south carolina, a seven seed, wins it 77-70. advancing to their first final four in school history and they'll facegon zagga. >> i'm just south of words. out of words. just extremely proud of these guys next to me. >> all we wanted was to make it, to be in the tournament. see our names on the board. when we got our name on the board, you know, the rest, you know, we'll take care of itself. all we wanted was a chance. >> game of the day, one and two seeds, south ridge and kentucky. kentucky down one. they don't play defense. luke may with a full court pass to justin jackson. for the layup. unc up three. ten seconds left. monk, another three to tie the game. north carolina had a time-out, but they don't use it. theo runs it up the floor. going to dump it off to may. right there, he makes the jumper for the win. north carolina wins it by two. advancing their 20th final four,
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most all-time. they'll face oregon. looks like the finals right there, an amazing game. >> cactus league action. giants and white sox. nunez with a two-out double to the left wall. two score. san francisco clinging to a 3-2 lead. one out, runners on second and third. garcia grounds to short. sal adino gets caught in a rundown. he's eventually tagged out. two down. next batter, pena. the hero. knocks in both runs with a walk-off single. >> a's be the brewers 11-1, and warriors hosting memphis. we'll upd
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at 6:00, san jose police are monitoring a developing situation at avaya stadium. the violent fights before a soccer game this afternoon. >> plus, donating to charity while taking lyft. the new feature the company is rolling out. >> a canine surprise caught dolphins off guard in vallejo. that's alameda county sheriff canine snake visiting the theme park in a training exercise. as soon as the dolphins spotted him, they began poking their faces up to the glass. snake couldn't stop checking them out. the animals seemed fascinating with each other. thank goodness for glass. thank it for abc 7 news at 5:00. thanks for inviting us into your
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homes. we'll see you right back here at 6:00. welcome to "world news tonight." president trump going after his own party. his attack on fellow republicans over the health care flop. is the president about to unleash the politics of revenge? plus, tensions rising as pro-trump rallies erupt into violence. rage in russia. right police, armed with nightsticks, unleashing on protesters. the largest wave of anti-putin protests in years. night club shootout. 16 people shot. the manhunt under way tonight. family air disaster. the plane breaking apart, wings ripped off. a fear -- family of four killed. how did this happen?


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