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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  March 30, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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and we're so happy. cities like vallejo are in dire need of funding for infrastructure. >> reporter: road maintenance repairs deferred for years throughout the bay and state. so much so cost is estimated $130 billion. governor brown took his cause to concord today bringing with him supporters to raise the state excise tax from 36 to 4 cents a gallon. the 12 cent increase would take effect in november if the bill passes the legislature by april 6th. republicans are opposed. a 2/3 vote is required. >> anything about a tax, is a problem. th that's the price of civilization. of all the stuff we do in government. nothing is more agreed to than making sure the roads are safe. >> raising the tax however is not going over well at the gas pump. >> they should not -- say that they're going to raise tax on the people who have to commute and drive smaller vehicles just to -- you know, make ends. >> raising taxes on gas.
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i don't think so. doesn't sound like a good idea to me. >> will it hurt your budget? >> definitely. >> bicyclists are expected to benefit from the new tax even though they won't be paying it. bart director robert rayburn says he and his wife have had damage to the bikes from potholes. >> we have broken axels, had pinch flats, broke a frame and broke a rim. these caused us to limp home. >> reporter: governor brown is hoping lawmakers will agree with him better to increase taxes now rather than, rather than wait when the cost of repairs will only go up. live in san francisco, david louie, abc 7 news. >> gas tax increase is raising eyebrows not all drivers will see increasing. >> reporter: that is correct. also talking increase in the vehicle registration tax. all of that is discussed at state legislature. what the formula will be, no one
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knows yet. still talking about total increase of $65 per driver on average. >> all right, david. thank you. >> we are getting a lot of feedback about this gas tax. you might expect. take a look at this web poll on abc 7 news twitter page. you can see right now, you look at numbers, 37% of those people on the twitter poll say yes to this idea of the gas tax. 49% say no. 14% are undecided. you can voice your opinion, by heading to our twitter page at abc 7 news bay area. voting yourself. >> we are getting new information today on just how widespread the wells fargo fake account scandal was here in california. report out says the bank opened 900,000 fake accounts in the golden state. that means almost 45% of fake accounts created as part of illegal sales practice scheme happened here. the information comes just days after the bank reached a $110 million preliminary settlement to compensate customers who claim wells fargo opened fake accounts in their names.
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>> breakingws we learned san francisco police arrest aid 24-year-old vallejo man for the ocean view neighborhood shooting death of innocent by stander. two of people wounded. police announced they arrested jonathan santos in visitation valley neighborhood. arrest made yesterday 20 minutes after the shooting. one of the victims, lee aann was walking to catch muni gunned down at broad street/plymouth avenue. she came to the united states from china, 16 years ago to help take care of her family. she raised enough money to bring her daughter to the u.s. two years ago. now this happens. two men were hit by gunfire. they're expected to survive. >> a rare armed robbery happened in an exclusive east bay neighborhood. police tell abc 7 news a husband and
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couple arrived home. two men one with a gun confronted the victims. >> we right now, we have officers canvassing the neighborhood. immediate area. looking for any body who might have a video recording of, of during that period of time. this happened at 10:30 last night. the woman's handbag was taken. her husband slightly injured when he was pushed to the ground. police say the robbers were seen running from the neighborhood. they did escape with none knee. the loss wasn't significant. >> authorities in contra costa got more than they bargained for during an operation. sheriffs detectives and oakland police officers confiscated two firearms from adults during the operation in which a minor working with law enforcement asks an adult to buy alcohol. the penalty for furnishing al co-hl al -- al k -- alcohol and community service. >> rain may be gone. to day's weather challenge turned out to be the wind. live look from our camera at
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pier 15. advisories for the region. >> a bit breezy out there today. what's in store for the next few days. >> our meteorologist and a closer look at the weather. >> live look at the doppler 7. and talk advisory in a minute. wind howling out of the northwest. as they're coming in from the north west. a cool wind off the ocean. right now, gusting up to 28, novato. hang on to your steering wheels. san francisco, coast, until 8:00, gusts high as 45, 50 miles an hour. seen that over the higher terrain. wind advisory up until noon tomorrow. for the hills. watch out for those downed trees, potential for local power outages. if you are heading to the game, at at & t park. bay bridge series underway tonight. it will be windy. giants host the as. 57 degrees at the start of the game. dropping down to 55. you can see flags swaying in the
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wind. good idea to get your jackets before you go. as wind drop off, i will show you what is ahead as we head into the weekend. and let's just say -- i think you will be happy with the changes. dan. >> oh, great to hear. thank you so much. california's snow pack level at its highest since 2011. great news. water managers did their monthly survey at phillip's station today. just as fresh powder fell on the site. they put this year's snow pack at 183% of normal. this is what it looked like a couple years ago. remember the pictures we shared with you. april, 2015. when there was no snow to measure. wow, what a change. monster storms, recent months helped the state recover from a five-year drought. >> here is the view from our camera at heavenly mountain resort. lake tahoe tv. heavenly. picture perfect there. they have seen more than 50 feet of snow this season. recently, extended the season another month to late april. >> the man who runs the oakland coliseum complex says it is up in the air whether the raiders
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will play there in the upcoming season. the executive director, says they're reviewing the lease to see if there is any way the raiders can be forced out. he says now that oakland is no longer in the raiders long term plans it doesn't make financial sense for the jpa for the team to stay. >> financially it would be better for us if they moved on. because the game day expenses exceed those of the revenues. secondly, from an operational perspective. we like to have the opportunity to do new things with the facility that right now we are limited on with raiders as tenant. >> the jpa stand to lose $1 million on the raiders lease next season. the team controls option to play at coliseum the next two years. the team president, refuse to comment. >> major league baseball returns to the bay area, game one of the bay bridge series. take a live look at att park. where the giants hosting as tonight and tomorrow.
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first pitch at 7:15, for both games. the preseason series shifts off to the kol see ycoliseum saturd. regular season for both starts next week. the coliseum surrounded by banners, "rooted in oakland." other changes. the west side club remodeled, renamed the tavern, in honor of the a philadelphia roots. on abc 7 at 5:00, sampling the new food offered at the coliseum this year. >> federal authorities say a record number of whales are getting tangled in crabbing gear off the coastline. national marine fishery service reported 71 cases of whales call the in fishing lines off california, oregon, and washington last year. the numbers of these entanglements climbing yearly. whales caught in the ropes of crabbing pots can starve or die from infected wound. california recently passed legislation meant to encourage crab tires remove unused crabbing gear from the ocean, so this doesn't happen.
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>> well we have breaking news, out of albany where students walked out of class. protesting growing racial tensions on scam pus. a live report. >> plus the register of voters is under the microscope. accused of making numerous mistakes now an investigation is under way. plus. >> i'm wayne friedman in the lookout tower where cal fire is looking for a few good -- men or women who don't get lonely. that's coming up. >> and, taking a live look at traffic. this is berkeley 890 heading through the area, slowly heading through the area. right hand side is your eastbound traffic. stay with
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now to breaking news, a high school in turmoil. students walk out in protest after rising racial tensions on campus. it began on social media. >> health knee wolive with the . explaining what is happening, melanie. >> reporter: yeah, really emotional afternoon out here for students and parents as well as administrators you. can see that things are clear now. but we have some video to show you of what it looked like a short time ago. one of the word we kept hearing over and over when we arrived was, disgusted. the feeling that a lot of people said they were experiencing here today. there was a meeting that was earlier between students who were targeted and those who had liked or commented on an instagram page that depicted hate speech and images. the students that were at the meeting tell us that the three boys they believe created the page were not at the meeting. it was a private page that
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students could then ask to join or be invite to join and then they could comment or like the images and the pictures again that were depicting quite a bit of hate speech, and hateful image. we talked to one of the students who says that her picture was on the instagram page, and here's what she had to say about it. >> well today when we met with them. i thought they would own up to what they did. and kind of aapproximately jazz. -- and kind of apologize. defending themselves. i didn't add by liking and commenting. i didn't thing i was part of it. and they were so sorry. i'm taking full responsibility. i hate what i did. i didn't agreen with it. i didn't hear that. >> their parents didn't come to the board meeting which was four hours of public comment in people in albany sharing their experience as but racism. very similar to this. and the pattern of the district and the albany police department. and sweep ing it under the rug. do we need to find one of our
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children hanging from the trees to take this seriously. this is not a joke. >> we will not tolerate racism, anti-semitism, homophobia, hurt speech or hurtful behavior in any way, shape or form. >> reporter: albany unified school district superintendent who was also out here talking with students and parents and she says that -- there had been reports that appear to be a noose at a nearby park. those reports were investigate bade -- investigated by albany police, determined it was a swing. the superintendent would not comment about disciplinary action that might be taken against the students that created the instagram page. she said the students have rights and that's why she can't discuss what if any disciplinary action is being taken. but obviously this is a highly emotional topic. one that affects the entire community here, both, students at the school and of course their parents and the surrounding community and one
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that we will likely continue to hear about. live outside albany high school. melanie woodrow. abc 7 news. >> thank you. we'll follow the breaking story on air and on line. get breaking news any time with the abc 7 news app. enable push alerts to get updates sent to your phone. >> the integrity of the election office in santa clara county called into question. state assemblyman requested an audit because of too many mistakes being made. the request was approved. >> reporter, janine de la vega is live to explain. jeannine? >> state assemblyman, evan low says it is rare for a registrar's office off to get audited. he says the number of errors are coming out of this office during the election, is troubling. as a voter you tres tust the registrar is doing its part to make sure elections are fair. red flags are being raised. >> we expect transparency and
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integritiy ein the election process. important that we have faithen electoral system. >> evan low says there have been numerous cases in the county since 2010 when the registrar sent out wrong ballots and with missing information. in another instance, absentee ballots were sent to people ineligible to vote. >> state audit of this magnitude is rare for an agency. we want to make sure we are focused on scrutiny to ensure we have accountability and putting safe guards in place. >> reporter: joint legislative audit committee approved the request. the registrar voter says the people in her office are human. there are times mistakes happen. >> i welcome the audit to come in. it would be great to have an outside organization, come in, look at what we do, and how we do that. i look forward to any recommendations that would help us to improve. she says her office handles elections in nine languages in 80 jurisdictions and complex process. she says every time an error occurred it has been corrected
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and communicated to the voters. assemblyman low does not believe any of the errors have affected the outcome of measures. but they're serious enough to warrant a deeper look. in san jose, jeannine del vega, abc news. >> uber rolling out a feature that allows a change of pickup after they ordered the ride. allows users to make slight adjustments where they want to be picked up before the driver shows up. the company says the change is an attempt to iron out one of the frustrating part of uber ride. pickup. uber says they tested the feature and believe it led to fewer canceled trips. >> you know that brief panic you feel when you realize that you forgot something in that uber you took? turns out a lot of riders forget about a lot of things. >> your heart sinks. >> uber out with the list of strangist things people leave behind. include a lobster. kie kite. bulletproof vest. >> others left behind, oh, dear
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engagement ring. why was it off your finger? a vacuum. and a potted plant. >> according to uber's lost and found index, san francisco the third most forgetful city in the country. sun date most common day to report a lost item. >> right after an eventful saturday night, guessing. >> put your ring back on! >> that's what's going on. on to the weather forecast. so beautiful out today. >> my gosh, gorgeous. >> beautiful. blustery as well. dan, alma. leave the lobster in there all the time. what is that? all right, let's take you out. take a look at what it looks like. couple cloud. absolutely clear. we did have a few showers go through earlier this morning. couple of hundred tds of an in. snowshowers in the sierra. come up on april 1st here. still snowing. not a lot. few inches. where the sierra snow pack stands. survey done today. as you have heard. last year we were at # 6% of
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normal on this day. look at today. 183% of average statewide. of course, the concern now is the snow melt. keeping an eye on this for you as we head into spring. with the warmer conditions. beautiful view from lake tahoe camera. look at this. mix of sun, clouds. a look at your temperatures. low to mid 60s. san francisco, oakland. san jose. half moon bay. 57 degrees. highs so far have dropped from 2 to 9 degrees. compared to 24 hours age as the cooler air has come in. and from the kgo roof camera. see the trees swaying in the wind. so, deaf niffinitely one of the get a jacket heading out the door. mid, upper 60s. santa rosa to livermore. a live picture from the golden gate bridge camera. blue skies you look towards the north. gusty went overnight tonight. sunny, breezy along with warmer conditions tomorrow. highs, get a load of this, 80 degrees on saturday. here is a look from the camera.
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at the few clouds. looking towards ocean beach and shaky camera. this evening. hour by hour forecast. sunny, blustery. temperatures in the 50s. 7:00. clear evening. notice it is still going to reman gust r remain gusty. cooler overnight tonight. tomorrow morning when you get going, you will still notice the wind are up. so here is the hour by hour look at the went forecast. 5:00 tonight. 36 miles an hour. along the coast. close to 40, along the coastline in the evening. then they dial back. breezy tomorrow morning. wind will pick back up again tomorrow afternoon. so we will be watching for that. point reyes, 36. start to drop off tomorrow night. setting the stage for a warmer saturday. tomorrow morning, definitely pack on an extra layer. breezy, clear. low 40s. low 50s. tomorrow afternoon. you see those highs, they're coming up. not going to be end 50s. 60s like today. go, 60s. 70s. sunshine for you. breezy conditions. with plenty of sun. continuing into saturday.
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highs, 5, 10 degrees above average. see low 80s. popping up. sunday, a little cooler. still nice. accuweather seven-day forecast. will feature plenty of sun for the upcoming weekend. you will notice the wind dial back. so, tomorrow mid 60s. mid 70s. warming trend. carries over into the first half of your weekend. that will ben't l in the 80s. cooler sunday. in a holding pattern early next week. cloud increasing by wednesday. thursday, cooler, cloudier. one model continuing possibility of showers. by thursday afternoon. into friday. dan, alma, download the news 7 app. keep track. >> changes are coming to twitter. it could help you say a lot more in just a single tweet. >> plus, cuffed the tech boom in the bay area lead to a bust? why so many people say they want to leave. >> taking a live look at our traffic across the san mateo bridge, moving nicely both direction. eastbound is on the left-hand side. stay
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coming soon to mcdonald's. fresh beef. fast food giant will swap frozen for fresh ones in quarter pounderburgers some time next year. employees will cook up never frozen beef on a grill when ordered. a shift for the world's largest hamburger chain which has been trying to update its image as more people shun processed food. carls jr. is rolling out this new ad featuring carl sr. a stark contrast to the sexy, burger girls who helped fuel sales for year. the company says it is trying to grow up. coaching to broaden customer base. carls jr. bringing in ceo, the outgoing ceo is leaving after failing in his bid to become president trump's labor secretary. >> twitter is out with another update on the rules for character counts and tweets. twitter officials say user names like@so and so won't count
4:25 pm
toward the tweet's 140 characters. it means account users are, will now appear above the tweet, text, rather than kwn the tweet text itself. twitter says the updates are based on feedback from users. and its own experiments. >> three deserving bay area charities, won big last night thanks to lucas film. >> they did. some of the brightest minds of walt disney teamed up to take part in trivia night fund raiser at lucas film in the presidio. >> sharp minded group of abc emplyies joined in. and raises money for three organizations, breast cancer emergency fund, aids emergency fund and mental health associates of san francisco. >> lucas film trivia night began 12 years ago as a way to help local charities. >> i always look to make $100,000 every year. pretty amazing what they have been able to pull in the last ten years they have been doing it. rayed over $1 million. last night they added to that
4:26 pm
amount. bring more than $143,000 for charity. group of lucas film charities pulled away as the winning team. everybody a winner. disney is parent company of abc 7 and lucas film. good fun. >> certainly. hearings under way on russia's possible involvementen the election. >> russian propaganda on steroid was designed to poison the national conversation. >> the secret information being shared with lawmakers. plus -- >> those dangerous and deadly storms that struck texas, are now moving east. i am abc's stephanie ramos in nashville tennessee with the latest from here. >> and, making history in space again. we're going to till you what this astronaut did this morning. stay with
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you don't normally run through a meadow at sunrise. but once you indulge in rich, dark chocolate, lightly salted almonds and slow roasted peanuts... you might surprise yourself. nature valley sweet and salty bars. blissfully good. welcome back. here are the stories making headlines at 4:30. governor jerry brown making his pitch to raise the excise tax on gasoline by 12 cents a gallon. increase will raise more than $5 billion a year. intent to use the money to fix the state's damaged roads. tweetin ing ing about of a part boulevard in moraga. closed for a $2.6 million repair
4:30 pm
project. today they reopened it. leslie will have details on abc 7 news at 5:00. turning your attention to politics. abc news "world news tonight" is tweeting about xi jinping's meeting. the meeting with president trump will not be at the white house it will be at his resort in mar a lago. meanwhile, the trump administration says it will provide critical information with democrats about two -- who provided information to republican house intelligence committee chairman, devin nunes. abc news reporter, lana zach is live in washington with the story. lana. >> reporter: hi there, dan. still so many questions that remain. we actually don't know if the documents of the white house is now promising to provide off to the ranking members, the democrats on the committees if it is the same documents that chairman nunes looked at. so many questions really. the white house won't say how house intelligence committee chair, devin nunes received
4:31 pm
secret information or if gathering that information was done at direction of president trump. >> the president direct any one in this white house or in this national security team to -- to try to find information or intelligence to back up -- >> um, i don't, i am not aware of anything directly. i would have to look into that. >> reporter: "the new york times" reporting two white house officials gave nunes information, president trump later said some what vindicated his claims of illegal wiretapping. a claim widely disputted by intelligence officials. ranking democrat on house intelligence committee said he would review documents provided by the white house, but. >> there is a cloud over the investigation. as a result of the way the materials were provided. if indeed we are talking about the same documents here. meanwhile, republicans and democrats on the intelligence committee, agree russia did try to interferen the election planting fake news stories that hurt hillary clinton and
4:32 pm
elevating fake news on social media. >> this russian propaganda on steroid was designed to poison the national conversation in america. but the russian president is denying any involvement, paraphrasing a former american president saying read my lips. >> no. >> yeah, senator marco rubio says that's not true. actually within the last 24 hours, former staffers of his, have been targeted by russian trolls. still continuing it seems. and during that senate intelligence committee meeting one of the witnesses said that russia is trying to compromise the u.s. democracy by using political discourse against us. and it conclude that it is in fact working. and lana zach, abc 7 news. dan. >> lana, thank you very much. >> we are just learning former national security adviser, mike flynn is willing to testify about the trump campaign potential ties to russia in exchange for immunity from prosecution. the "wall street journal" reports flynn's lawyer made the offer to the fbi and congressional officials.
4:33 pm
so there have been no takers. flynn resigned after acknowledging he misled white house officials about conversations with russia's ambassador during the presidential election. >> americans have mixed feelings when it comes to how presidnt trump has the done during his first two months in office. associated press poll shows the 42% of americans approve of the overall job. mr. trump is doing. 58% disapprove. but americans are split evenly when it comes to how the president has handled the economy. 50% approve. 48% do not. >> today the senate approved a bill to let states block federal family planning money from going to planned parenthood. vice president mike pence had to cast the tie-breaking vote after two republican senators voted against the measure. the bill would undo a rule that denies states from singling out planned parenthood because the organization provides abortion services. democrats say an attack on women's rights and abortion. republicans say it lets local officials decide to where family planning money should go. >> well, just moments ago, u.s.
4:34 pm
justice department announced it will appeal the rule blocking the revised travel plan. yesterday, a judge granted hawaii's request longer term halt of the revised travel ban executive order. would have have banned travelers from six nations. the judge blocked the core provisions of that order two weeks ago, concluding the order likely violates the constitution by disfavoring muslims. that earlier decision was only a limited freeze. >> north carolina's governor signed into law a measure that rolls back the state's controversial bathroom bill. >> the bill signed deep spite criticism from transgender rights community. abc news reporter, erin kurtursky has the the details. >> passes third reading. >> reporter: north carolina lawmaker ended standoff over the state's controversial transgender bathroom law. the senate repealed an earlier law, known as the hb 2 that required people to use public bathrooms that correspond to the
4:35 pm
sex on their birth certificate. but they prevented cities and towns from passing their own protections, for lesbians, gays, transgender and bisexual people. >> our on li gigs bligation tha out to everybody and ensure they're included and afforded all the rights. >> reporter: a few hours of later, the north carolina house okayed the measure. >> i just signed house bill 142. today, we repealed house bill two. we began to end discrimination. there is opposition to the bill from conservative whose think they were railroaded to support it to stop an ncaa buy cot of state over the original bathroom bill. i don't see any other threats. as a state. we take it and we afr backing down at this point. >> ncaa will determine
4:36 pm
and college athletics said no tournaments awarded to north carolina unless the bathroom bill was changed. remains to see if the ncaa will accept the compromise. space walking astronauts today lost an important piece of shielding needed for the international space station. a cloth bundle float add way. midway through today's space walk. as the peggy witzen and shane kimborough, were out on the walk. nasa says the shield will be mon norred to make sure it wasn't come back to hit the station. it protects against my crow meteorite debris. one of four shield pieces to be installed in a hole left by a relocated docking port. >> a snowstorm is brewing. caused a lot of damage and spawned tornados. now heading east. there is good news. tell you what changed. >> on abc 7 news, sandy patel could see wind damage. white caps on the bay there. let you know how long the wind
4:37 pm
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4:39 pm
massive fire burning underneath northeast atlanta freeway caused an overpass to collapse. yeah, this is video of the fire after a northbound section of 85 gave way. intense heat caused structural beams to melt away. drivers were warned to stay away from the scene. minutes before the structure fell. >> those dangerous and deadly spring-time super cells, caused
4:40 pm
destruction in texas and oklahoma are moving east today. resident in louisiana, mississippi, western tennessee, are now just right in the bull's eye. that's where abc 7 news reporter, stephanie ramos is in tennessee, bracing for the storms. in new orleans today. >> look what i see. >> reporter: a walter spout. >> lake ponchetrain. while neighbors in louisiana deal with flooded roads. to the west in acadia parish, roads washed out. in memphis, residents waking up to trees on the ground. electrical workers cutting back branches. trying to clean up the debris. across the mid south, residents are bracing for severe thunderstorms. the main threat, wind gusts. isolated hail. tornados. back in texas, clean-up across the state continues. badly damaged homes. cars and debris everywhere.
4:41 pm
after multiple tornados touched down. in worth, one community struck with tragedy. lose morging more than possessi. two young brothers died after being electrodo theed by downed power lines. >> we can't, we can't talk about it enough the need for safety around downed power lines. this -- this we are just starting the storm season. something we will continue to deal with. >> here in nashville, severe weather threat is a bit lower now. strong thunderstorms are still possible across the area. authorities are telling people here, do not let your guard down. in nashville, stephanie ramos, abc news. >> now your accuweather forecast. >> severe weather threat will continue through tonight. hail, tornados possible. gusty wind in the bay area. main threat. possibility of downed trees, power lines. until 8:00 for san francisco and the coast. wind advisory. for the hills, noon friday. just watch out. live doppler 7 showing you clear
4:42 pm
conditions. few passing cloud. that's it. tomorrow afternoon, the wind will begin to die down. that will allow the temperatures to come up. mid 60s to the mid 70s. nice sunny friday for you. and a warmer one, a look at the temperature trend for san how say. average high of 68. look at saturday. be a good 10 degrees above average, coming in at 78. temperatures will fall a little bit for the second half of your weekend. middle of next weak. we'll bump the temperatures up. a look at accuweather seven day. nothing but sunshine. next few days. watch out for the wind tomorrow. early part of the day. as the we head into the weekend. we will see the 80s inland, saturday. 70s, sunday. 60s, and then the mild patter into most of next week. with just cooler conditions. more cloud cover by thursday. could be tracking drops. not completely done with the showers yet. >> thank you. >> the high cost of living in the bay area could lead to a mass exodus. the new poll shows how many are
4:43 pm
thinking of leaving. >> i'm 7 on your side, michael especially for people with heart failure. but today there's entresto...
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>> no surprise, a new survey down 40% think of moving out. millenials agree. things aren't necessarily working for them as they consider having families. >> abc 7 news reporter live on market street with the story tonight. lyanne melendez? >> it appears through the survey. people are doing that. complaining about the traffic. complaining about the high cost of living. the bay area council is telling the city it should take this very seriously. reality sometimes hits you when you least expect it. take living in pricey san francisco. >> i'm tied to the bay area for now. jobs are here. it is insanely expensive to live here. >> 40% of people interviewed for bay area council survey said they're thinking of eventually >> that's up from 34% last year when we thought that was bad. so it's, it is a trend that
4:47 pm
continues. >> housing is probably difficult for me personally. it is traffic. >> the extra uber and lift cars don't help. >> could you start a family here and live here? >> absolutely not. that's impossible. there its no way. >> reporter: that brings us to the millenials. 46% of them said they too are giving it some deep thought. >> wow you are thinking, i can see it. how do some people feel about this possible exodus. >> let them go. >> be careful what you wish for since those guys are expected to fuel our economy. >> those who are looking to provide the next generation of revenue for our cities and our counties and our economy. >> reporter: the bay area council economic ens to the hopes the city implements more policies to come up with more reasonable ways to keep the millenials here. >> great if all of this was skyscrapers where we could have plenty of apartments. >> it would be new york? >> yeah, it would be great. >> reporter: others say they will take do with what city has to offer. >> we love urban life.
4:48 pm
we are making it work for our family. the bay area council says love it and please don't leave it. in san francisco, lyanne mellen dez, abc 7 news. >> new report moved forward to protect california's endangered honey bees could mean changes for gardeners and growers in the state. >> michael finney and consumer news. mike cam. >> interesting, it its to me. talking possible statewide ban on a noncommercial use of a pesticide. supporters of the ban say it is a threat off to the honey bee population. the industry says pesticide controls the spread of a tree disease that wiped out 70% of citrus crops in florida. if the ban passes, only licensed pest control operators could use it. warning labels would be required on all plants and seed. treated with it. >> looking to add a warning label to a product that essentially informs consumers of very little.
4:49 pm
warning may cause harm to bees. what's that mean? even when they have been studied for their impact on honey bees. we see they have dramatic declines in the cases of other native bee species. in europe. bee populations showed a dramatic recovery after a ban there. the full senate will fake up the ban next month. federal authorities ordered the recall of a brand of salad dressing shaker. consumer product safety commission says the bottom of the whisk, glass dressing shaker can break when metal agitator strikes the bottom. officials say 12 cases reported. no one has been injured. 4,000 of the shakers have been sold. many at bed, bath and beyond stores. face book ready to challenge go fund me. social network announced it is expanding the charitable giving tools to include personal fundraisers. the campaign will allow people 1 and older to raise money for
4:50 pm
themselves, their friends, their, some one, something, not on facebook, like a pet. previously the company allowed users to raise money for nonprofits, personal fundraisers launch in the united states over the next few weeks. >> okay. great. thank you. >> if you are looking for something fun to do this weekend to help you keep cool. keep your cool, rather. we have you covered. >> alexis smith from abc 7 mornings has ideas from partners. athoodline. >> craving a cool treat. steep offered a creamerien the neighborhood. one of the hottest trends, thai style rolled ice cream. ice cream is frozen. stabilize it. then spread into a thin layer, frozen to infuse and bring out flavors. finally, the ice cream is rolled up and topped with boba or house made coconut puding.
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tea infused. tea iced, or matcha or cookie crush. after the ice cream break, sampling whiskey. friday night whiskeys of the were hosting expo on the yacht. the skilled spirit makers and ambassadors will pour sips and teach you about their craft. the two ballroom sized tasting decks and whiskey and cigar deck and food pairings, you'll have a night of spirited fun. head to the east bay, saturday night for laughs. comedy oakland. inside spice monkey. a one night comedy tournament. comedy machine competition features eight comedians telling their best jokes to be crowned champion. check out details and more on our website, click on hoodline. have a great weekend. >> california takes steps to declare an official state dinosaur. a rendering of, been practicing
4:52 pm
this, augustynolophus. morisie, seen on the twitter account. fossils of the dinosaur found in california in fresno county. bill 1540,introduced by richardd blume, passed its first meeting yesterday. and they have declared official dinosaurs. not the first here. the state has a number of official state emblems including flower, golden poppy, the state fish, the california golden trout, and, a state fossil. the saber tooth cat. >> now we have hey dinosaur. you did better than me with that. good job. help fight fires and have a great view at the same time. >> search under way right now for volunteers to keep an eye out for fires. and you don't even need to have experience. you can apply next. >> next at 5:00. saying good-bye a roadway mess. as one problem is fixed. another one looms larger. >> the "uss horn elt" gets a
4:53 pm
high-profile backer techlt you who. >> travel delays because of severe weather. what your rights as as a passenger. >> how california firefighters are using dodge ball as the part of their training. >> announcer: taking on issues. >> three football players expelled at least, six others could face expulsion. >> the punishment does not fit the crime. >> announcer: tracking down answers. >> i want to pg & e headquarters in san francisco hoping to ask a few questions. they retoed to go on camera. >> announcer: telling your story. >> if i get deported what is going to happen with my bank account. >> announcer: abc 7 is right where we have always been, the team you
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tonight is tgit here on abc 7. 8:00, grey's anatomy. at 9:00, scandal and the catch. stay with us for abc 7 news at 11:00. >> in santa clara county. cal fire looking for men or women for volunteer job. >> good eyesight, no aversion to heights and driving skills. here is wayne friedman. >> reporter: one of the roads where people who are lost or determined, narrow, winding, twisting, turning, frightening. this goes on for miles. up mount hamilton, past the observatory where the most dedicated, use their soles of their feet to climb further to a tiny box with windows perched atop a water tower, 4,385 feet
4:57 pm
above sea level. it has a name. >> we have come to do a want ad masquerading as a news story. the agency needs volunteers to staff it this summer. hoping you and others will want to help prevent forest fires. >> eyesight. we do everything by eyesight. using the osborne fire finder. >> reporter: decidedly low tech device with high ratings for reliability. cal fire will teach you to use it. >> drop down. look through the peephole. just as in days of lore when california had 600 fire lookouts like this up and down and across the state. network?ament the loss of this - >> not really. because now -- everybody has a cell phone and people, people call in all kind of smoke all the time. >> reporter: if this looks and sound appealing, cal fire would love to hear from you. sure the place is small and spartan, big on history. not without at least one
4:58 pm
creature comfort we might add. >> we are going to have a microwave, make popcorn in the afternoons. that's a highlight. >> sold. >> that's really good. about 3:00. >> reporter: and 4,385 feet, looking good. from capernicus peak, santa clara, wayne friedman, abc 7 news. >> seems like kind of a fun job. talk about views. imagine what you could see from this, a floating skyscraper. design firm released concept art for a proposed floating skyscraper. the tower would be strung using high strength cabling from an asteroid orbiting above the earth. the asteroid would be put in a geosynchronous orbit. the agency says asteroid wrangling could be reality in the future. >> yeah. >> all right, well that is going to do it for this edition of abc 7 news at 4:00.
4:59 pm
thank you for joining us today. stay tuned. abc 7 news at 5:00 starts now. >> no matter if you are in between jobs, have a high paying job, low paying job. >> a little something for everyone. talking health care and the new plan that could radically change how californians are covered. >> one east bay community is finally saying good-bye to this road mess. but it still has the another problem. that is even bigger. plus. >> this is pay now, or pay later, pay more. >> the governor is on a transportation road show. the big push to fix the state's road and bridges. >> hold on to your halt when getting around the bay today. this is abc 7 news. >> imagine paying no premium or co-pays at the doctor's office. good evening, thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm dan ashley. we'll begin with details on a health care plan for california. the idea here is to have a system where the ceo and the janitor have equal access.
5:00 pm
new details are emerging about a bill making it happen. abc 7 news reporter, chris winn is in the newsroom with exactly how viable this plan really is. chris. >> dan, this proposal is making a lot of noise at the state capital. many people are talking about the possibility of health care coverage for everyone in california. but they're also wondering, does the state have enough money to make it happen. universal health care in california. a proposed senate bill making its way through the state legislature, could make it a reality. >> it will be guaranteed health care. no matter what income level you are in this state. >> the healthy california act would create a single payer health care system operated by the state. meaning, all medical care would be covered, eliminating co-pays and deductibles. but critics say passing such a proposal would lead to hypermedichyperme higher medical bills and dissatisfaction. >> when you create government controls on what doctors and hospitals are going to get paid it will result in less access to care, longer wait


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