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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  March 31, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> going to get super warm. >> yeah, that's right. we have the wind yesterday and have temperatures up in some spots, and it's gusty and we are going to lose some of the wind later today. wind advisory, upper elevations through noontime. can you see winds gusting to 25 miles per hour in livermore, and 23 miles per hour at the coast. it's windy out there, so this morning grab the jacket, in the 40s in santa rosa, and 50s elsewhere, and breezy through noontime, 50s and 60s and we're not stopping there. up as much as seven degrees today, and that will be above average, and the weekend forecast is coming up. alexis? >> we do have a new issue on the san mateo bridge. sounds like a disabled vehicle sitting in the far right lane on westbound 92, and so we are starting to see a backup there, and chp knows about it and are sending help. and past the toll plaza, doesn't look too terrible and we also
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have a high wind advisory for the san mateo bridge, and we'll check the drive times coming up next. three south bay residents out of their homes after a fire tore through it. >> the investigation into what started the fire is just beginning. matt keller is live in san jose. matt? >> reporter: since i last saw you about an hour ago, the contractors finished up boarding up the house here on south 11th street, and they moved on and they have left the scene but have a big mess out here, all the things in the home during the fire were brought out here so they wouldn't burn. the camera was close as flames shot out of the windows and doors on the duplex on south 11th street, and this was a two-alarm fire because of the time of day, and firefighters are concerned about fires like this when people are normally sleeping, and they wanted to make sure the flames did not spread to nearby homes, and
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three people will have to find another place to stay, and firefighters were able to keep the flames from spreading from the duplex. took about 35 minutes for firefighters to knock down the flames. firefighters are still investigating the cause of the fire. reporting live in san jose, matt keller, abc7 news. a magnitude struck not far from salinas. so far we have not received any reports of damage or injuries. a man faced charges of posing as a nurse and treating patients at a clinic in san francisco. chad litz pleaded guilty of practicing medicine without a license. this is not his first run-in with the law, and he spent time for identity left. investigators believe litz treated at least 28 patients and of two them received
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prescriptions for controlled substances. >> we put a lot of trust in the medical profession, and allegations such as this really shake the confidence and the trust we put in the medical profession. >> i would never guess. >> litz was captured when he stepped off a cruise ship in florida earlier this month. and then police need your help in identifying this guy. he was involved in two indecent exposure cases. this is blurry, and it's the man and his car. the man exposed himself to a 19 year old woman at westmore park and on wednesday morning, did the same thing to a 12-year-old girl on mariposa > . we have new video come into the live desk. secretary of state rex tillerson in belgium. he just arrived in brussels
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overnight for his first meeting of nato foreign ministers. tillerson told reporters the meeting would focus on insuring nato has all of the needs. the gathering comes as the trump administration pushes allies to step up counter extremist efforts. the trump administration's fight over the travel ban is back at the ninth circuit court of appeals in san francisco. the ban prohibits people from six-muslim majority countries from entering the u.s. and the ninth circuit court is the same court that rejected the first travel ban back in february. and then the former director of three oakland charter schools have been charged with money laundering. he was arrested in north
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carolina. he used federal money to lease properties for schools and those properties were owned or leased by companies that the 59-year-old controlled. the indictment says he charged a substantially higher rent gaining more than $1.1 million by illegal means. an uber executive accused stealing driverless car technology from google has decided to not incriminate himself. he worked for the driving company owned by google's parent company, alphabet. uber is now being sued by way mow claiming that he stole technology before starting his own self-driving company which uber later purchased. real estate prices in san
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francisco are actually dropping. that is in certain areas. coming up, the three specific neighborhoods seeing the biggest change. and the ball is back in the ncaa's court, so to speak. now that north carolina has changed the controversial changed the controversial transgende
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good friday morning. you made it to friday, and we still are a little breezy out there. live doppler 7, no cloud cover and because of that we have numbers in the 47 in santa rosa. and 43 in hayward. we are looking at temperatures a little chiller this morning, pretty much for everybody. grab the jacket. by the afternoon we are losing the wind and gaining some warmth, but rewriight now winds gusting by the delta. average high in the 60s for tomorrow, and how about mid-70s for your saturday? we are warming up for the weekend, but today, yeah, as well. 71 today in san mateo, and look for 71 in palo alto, and we wil have a look at your weekend forecast and beyond coming up.
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alexis? want to take you to the south bay, and this is the bailey avenue on-ramp to 101 in the coyote area, and we have a flipped semi and is leaking right now. we have not gotten word on any injuries injuries, and it's not causing a backup. backup. westbound 580, richmond rafael bridge, and then dumbarton bridge, you are using along in the green at eight minutes. and then the sellers market in san francisco may be coming to an end. that's according to zillow. and the three communities to see the biggest difference in prices are, the marina, and
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civil center. factors in the price drop include current home value ae appreciation, and inventory and incomes. the more this falls down, the better for a lot of us. >> true. coming up, you may be surprised at how many millennials identify as lgbt. we are looking at what the a's are offering this year. >> as we head to break, we leave you the abc7 news now, ♪ the goalie has studied every one of your shots. she knows you're going for her left corner. she even teases you, calling the shot. but her legs are the ones trembling, not yours. ♪ time to shine. orbit.
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back at 6:14, and the ncaa is reviewing north carolina's changing their law, and the league placed a four-year championship on the state. north carolina's law required the public bathroom to be used according to birth certificates. and they think they were railroaded by the ncaa. >> basketball is important in north carolina, nobody will be denying that, and we have given
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in to a threat. we took the coward's act and we are backing down at this point. >> the ncaa is going to decide on this next week. a new glad study finding a new glad study finding millennials are identify themselves at lgbt, and those identify themselves at lgbt, and 71 identify themselves as and acceptance has grown in the country allowing people to, quote, be more open and safe to talk about who they are and who they love. it's now up to obama to si-- president trump to . the measure dismisses an
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obama era rule banning states from denying federal funds to such organizations. chuck schumer called it another example of the republican war on women. republicans say it reverses a rule that gave federal bureaucrats power while silencing the states. and then $48 million will go to 11 companies who are working to develop new antibiotics to target the deadliest drug resistant bacteria. life sciences institute is one of the forces behind the investment, and its executive investor tells abc news today marks a major milestone. and then what you pay at the gas pump hinges on one person. the bill needs to pass the state assembly by a two-thirds majority. this is where that one person comes in. the marin independent journal
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reports indicates mark levine remains undecided, and every republican says they will vote no, and if levine joins them the tax would fail. the money would go to fixing california roads. >> a lot of weight on one man's shoulder. >> 12 cents a gallon is what we will pay more if that passes. we are pretty congested in a few areas, including the golden gate bridge toll plaza, no surprise there, and the metering lights were on since 5:25 this morning. we are looking better on san mateo bridge. we had a disabled vehicle sitting in the slow lane of westbound 92 past the high-rise, and you can see the traffic as you get past the toll plaza, and that should thin out soon because they cleared that a few minutes ago.
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lisa argen is in today for mike. >> live doppler 7 starting out with fog-free conditions. you can see the beginning of a beautiful day here. winds are gusting in the hills, and upper elevations, we are th and we will warm up into the 80s over the weekend. the camera is shaking indicative of the winds. and looking at numbers elsewhere around the bay, cooler spots in the 40s, santa rosa, and 52 in novato. winds gusting at 25 miles per hour, and livermore at per hour. this is until noontime, and you can see winds in excess of 50 miles per hour. headed to the mountains, well, probably heard the good news. last year 86% of normal, and this year 183% of normal, and if you are headed there we will see mild eer conditions with 47 tod, partly cloudy, and 56 on sunday,
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and overnight lows in the 20s and 30s. back home looking at mid-70s arriving for you in concord, and 73 in san jose, and 67 in the city. still breezy at the coast. the accuweather 7-day forecas numbers up seven to eight degrees. and looking at a little cooling come sunday, just minor. 60s and 70s, and that's still above average through next week, and then you can see maybe increasing clouds on thursday, so it looks like perhaps maybe some sprinkles not out of the question, for here and now it's the warmer weather beginning today and winds relaxing but still gusting in the hills. let's head to the toyota tahoe report, and we have one highway with chain requirements. you are going to have to up on 88.
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and skau alpine, still inch base. and the traffic is controlled due to the winter around those falls. and then everybody hanging around four hours with the exception of kirkwood, probably a little over that. overall should be pretty decent traveling conditions. >> thank you. fremont city leaders are taking steps to get the proposed bart irvington station up and going. they will spend over $2.5 million to re-evaluate an environmental impact report prepared 13 years ago. the station will hit sit between the fremont station and the newly-opened warm springs station. coming up, michael finney answers a question for those that may have technical problems
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with your phone, internet and cable. find out what caused the players from the rockies to hit the deck.
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check out the bizarre scene, players hitting the deck during a spring training game in peoria, arizona. the bees buzzed the area, and look at the bees and the swarm passed and the fans gave the players an ovation when they stood back up. >> why are they all over the microphone? did they have something to say? >> maybe honey was on it. abc7 news was at at&t park last night before the giants and the a's played game one of the pre-season bay bridge series, and the giants won 3-0, and they face each other again tonight at at&t. and we wanted to see the food the a's are showing off at the upcoming season, and tater tots
6:25 am
with cheese, and varieties of sandwiches and chicken and waffles. and the club was renamed this year. time to ask >> michael finney has the answer. >> my package of television and internet and telephone, but their hardware equipment is now malfunctioning, and i had service people out three times and the picture is interrupted and the sound is interrupted, yet they want to charge me full service. >> sounds frustrating. i am really sorry to hear about all of this. usually providers are good about offering something for a lack of service. i want you to call your service provider and ask them straight up for compensation.
6:26 am
don't hint. say i deserve money for this. all those days of interrupted service you should not pay for. if they don't budge i want to you contact me here at the station and we will look into it. raymond, good luck and thanks for your question. >> if you have a question for michael finney, record it and share it on social media using the #askfinney. online racism at an east bay highway prompting student action. coming up, the photos sparking controversy. >> and then the former national security adviser ready to talk under one condition. and then still pretty breezy out there. we're going to lose some of the wind, not altogether though, in the hills it's going to stay quite gusty. grab the jacket and we have plenty 6 sunshine on the way today, and numbers are warming up. still a little breezy along the
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coast right now. things are looking good in san jose here, and 101 around 880, inbound side okay. and in the coyote area we have a flipped rig and we'll talk about that more next. and then offering a live look at sfo, and should have no look at sfo, and should have no weather-related problems in the
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good morning on this friday, march 31st. look at this beautiful sunrise behind us, right? >> yeah. >> only good things in front of us. we have had a really weird morning here in the studio so i am hoping from now on with a half hour left, it will be blessings and good news. >> yeah, i feel it. >> similar aloaloha. >> lisa argen is bringing the forecast, and it's good. >> we have wind out there this morning, and if you are stepping out this morning temperatures are in the 40s and 50s. the cool spot is in if you are planning your day today, plan on some 60s by noontime. the winds are up in the upper elevations and the east bay hills and north bay hills.
6:31 am
we have an overturned big rig in the south bay, so this is in the gilroy area. i will take you to the bailey avenue off-ramp. it's not blocking any of the main lanes there but only blocking the on-ramp, i should say, and they are cleaning up a fuel spill and likely a long-term operation, but not seeing a significant delay. we will talk more about the wind advisories next. and then for a second day we expect students are going to rally at albany hig >> the account is gone but there is lingering frustration. >> reporter: tension reached a new level here yesterday. some of the students who followed or liked that instagram page faced the rage of some students here, and it got
6:32 am
confrontational. you can see as the students left a campus meeting, an angry group surrounded them. one mom said one student broke her son's nose. the hate-filled instagram page targeted minority students. it was up for two months before administrators even discovered it. hundreds of students held a sit-in and rally yesterday to send a message to those that created it or liked it or commented on the page. >> i want them to understand what they did was wrong, and that it's not really acceptable, and i want them to know that people don't stand for it. and why they don't stand for it. >> reporter: some of the students who did like the page have been suspended. the page has been taken down. the superintendent sent an e-mail to the parents saying the altercations yesterday will be investigated but now is the time for the district to heal and
6:33 am
this will be discussed at next month's board meeting. students want to talk about it today so another rally has been scheduled for this afternoon. reporting live in albany, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. new this morning, three south bay residents out of their home after a fire tore through it. >> matt keller is live in san jose. matt? >> reporter: good morning, reggie and jessica. with the light we are seeing more damage at the duplex here in san jose. an hour ago they finished putting up all the boards in the windows and they have a lot of stuff on the lawns and wanted to make sure there was no more fuel for the fire, because just this morning huge flames were shooting out of this home. check out how close the camera was to these big flames
6:34 am
destroying the duplex on 11th street, and it ended up a two-alarm fire because of the danger to the units and the nearby hoeplmes, and firefighte were able to keep the fla from spreading to the duplex. everybody was able to get out safely but three people will have to find another place to stay, and firefighters are investigating the cause of the fire. matt keller, abc7 news. >> matt, thank you. happening today lawyers for the victims of a large apartment fire in west oakland are expected to announce lawsuits. we know a candle is being blamed for the fire that killed four people early on monday, and about 80 people lived in the building and the red cross has set up for everybody who has been displaced. and then attempted murder and murder in san francisco. police detained the 24-year-old santos about 20 minutes after wednesday morning's shooting that happened at plymouth avenue
6:35 am
and broad street. a 65-year-old woman was killed and two men were shot and they survived. there's a go fund me page to pay for funeral expenses for wu. we have a link set up on our website, and then president trump's former flynn says he will only talk if he gets immunity from prosecution. the house and senate intelligence communities are investigating the russian interference in the 2016 election, and alleged contacts between the trump campaign and russian officials. so far, investigators are unwilling to cut a deal. happening today, nunez will
6:36 am
speak to agriculture lenders in fresno and protesters promise they will be there, too, to greet him, as it was reported earlier, the chairman of the house intelligence committee in the middle of a political firestorm over his role in the investigation of russian interference with the presidential election, and several members of congress are urging nunez to step down after he briefed trump on intelligence information that he did not disclose to his community. and vladimir putin's right hand man calls current american russian relations worse than during the cold war. he appears on "gma" this morning, and when asked why putin's approval rating in the u.s. is so low, and he says it's because americans have been fed propaganda against russian tackers. >> they do think russian hackers are everywhere, and in every
6:37 am
fridge, and russian hackers are in every iron and so on and so forth, but this is not true. those are fake news and this is slander. >> he added that president obama's actions in expelling russian diplomats over alleged hacking has caused relations between america and moscow to drop dramatically. and a bill to be calls for children receiving needs. and what does that mean? and they say the language is too vague. the senator says the point is not to tell parents how to raise their kids but to build on their kids but to build on existing state >> most families want their kids
6:38 am
to reach their optimum potential. >> the senator pan calls the bill a vision for children in the state. there will be a vision of more loveliness today with less wind this afternoon, and a warm weekend. here's live doppler 7. our exploratorium camera, it's breezy out there, and especially in the upper elevations. it's 53 in san jose. pick this camera shot to show how windy it is here, and mount tam, 2600 feet, and this camera situated below that. the winds right now anywhere from 20 to 25 miles per hour from the east bay to the peninsula, so keep that in mind as you are heading out through noontime, upper elevations, winds up to 50 miles per hour and then they relax and we will warm up today. the highs range from the mid-60s, and half moon bay, low
6:39 am
70s, and fremont, san jose, and 76 in santa rosa, and tonight with less wind it will feel good out there, and we are on our way to one of the warmest weekends we have seen in quite sometime as we welcome in april. we do have a problem if you are trying to get out of the central value kwraerblevalley, pass road, and all lanes just opened up two minutes ago, and it was fully blocked. i did look at surface street flows on another map and we had a couple miles of backup, and if you want to take a short cut to avoid the highway, you are down to 24 miles per hour as you approach altamont pass, but it's much shorter and faster than a typical weekday commute. a live look at the golden gate bridge toll plaza, the metering lights on since 5:25 this morning, and if you have not heard it's breezy out there today. we have a high wind advisory for the bay bridge, and san mateo
6:40 am
bridge, and we just got word from muni that the powell cable car line has issues, and two shuttles are on the way and they will service that route, and so you can expect delays if you were going to take that line. in atlanta, a fire damaged a freeway 85, and it collapsed last night because of a huge fire underneath it. large spools of plastic utility pipes that were being stored under the underpass fueled the bulk of the fire, and the fire led to a huge backup during the morning commute, and they have begun the design work for a repair project. parent reaction after two more napa high school football
6:41 am
players were expelled because of an alleged hazing incident. and then the raiders are staying for two more years, but the man that runs the coliseum wants them out. wants them out. >>
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welcome back. two more students have been
6:44 am
expelled for their involvement in a hazing incident. five students have now been expelled for the hazing incident that took place last halloween. a teen mate was touched inappropriately. torres is one of those expelled. >> we don't agree with the outcome. we still feel our son didn't do anything wrong and we will appeal it. >> our son has been out of school for three months for nothing, so what they are doing is wrong. >> meanwhile the napa county da's office is doing its own investigation about the hazing. and then it's still up in the air whether the raiders will play at the coliseum. scott mcgiveins says they are reviewing the lease to see if there's a way the raiders will be forced out. he said it doesn't make financial sense to keep them
6:45 am
since they are not in the long-term plans. >> financially it would be better for us if they moved on because the game-day expenses exceed those of the revenues. secondly from an operational perspective we would like to have the opportunity to do new things with the facility that right now we are limited on with the raiders as our tenant. >> he says they stand to lose $1 million next season. the team's president did not respond to our request for a statement. happening today more than 200 people will be honoring cesar chavez day at the food bank in oakland. two larger than normal volunteer shifts will be preparing food for the community. they will be volunteering between 8:30 and 11:30 this morning, and 12:30 and 3:30 this afternoon. san francisco cesar chavez
6:46 am
breakfast will be held at the labor's 261 union hall. tickets cost 65 bucks. now to our morning money report. if you are a spoker be prepared for the big jump in tobacco beginning tomorrow. >> beginning april 1st, there will be a $2 tax on smokeless tobacco and e-cigarettes. on monday -- this is not a coincidence, san francisco is going to launch a quits campaign, and it's going to offer quit kits to residents that include mints and emery boards to keep smokers' hands busy. according to bloomberg, all 26 loan companies that collect for the federal family education family program will not
6:47 am
automatically charge a large penalty fee to defaulted barrowers, and many student borrowers are having a difficult time paying back loans and adding extra fees will make things worse. coming soon to mcdonald's near you, fresh beef. the fast-food company says it will swap frozen beef patties for fresh ones in the quarter pounder next year. they will cook up the beef when ordered. that's a major shift for the largest hamburger chain, and wendy's had fun with that yesterday, and they were dragging mcdonald's hard on the twitter account, and go check it out as it's interesting to say the least. and two daredevils wanted to take advantage of a opportunity. >> ignoring warning from local authorities to stay out of the
6:48 am
local floodwaters, and the two road for 30 minutes, and thousands have watched the video online since posted yesterday. >> and we are done with the flooding here, and now it's time to reap the rewards. a beautiful weekend, huh, lisa? >> hey, reggie. good morning to you. we are looking at not only a nice weekend, but i know some of you are still suffering from allergies, and the wind and so much blooming, but we are seeing the wind dial back today. you will notice the camera shaking from the east bay hills camera. 56 in the city, and 53 in san jose. our sutro tower camera, looking like a pretty start to the day here. 53 in livermore. looking at the winds right now, still gusty from the peninsula to the coast. looking at 23-mile-per-hour winds at the airport, and the upper elevations until noontime, mt. diablo, and mt. hamilton, you will have the wind advisory,
6:49 am
and then things will begin to relax everywhere. gusty in the hills and warming up for everybody and 80s arriving over the weekend. that means a big warmup. even today, despite the winds, temperatures will be coming up. here's where we will have the gustiest conditions, highs today from the upper 60s in san francisco, and 72 in oakland, and look for 75 in napa. 71 in livermore. 73 in san jose. you should see a about 67 degrees this time of year. we are going to enjoy the warm up today and less wind throughout the afternoon. 80 in the inland valleys. maybe a few degrees cooler on sunday and then continues into monday, and then with a few clouds on tuesday and wednesday and it looks like a carbon copy before the warmth comes back. i do have an update on the rollover semi crash in the coyote area. it's only impacting the bailey
6:50 am
avenue on-ramp. and i just checked and it looks and i just checked and it looks like we have a couple big tow trucks on the scene. in the meantime, that ramp is closed and that's it as far as that situation is concerned. san mateo bridge we are improving although we have a wind advisory if you are headed across 92. on the westbound side near the high-rise we had a disabled vehicle in the far right lane and it backed things up to here where you can see just past the toll plaza, and traffic is heavy across the san mateo bridge even on a pretty friday light day. westbound 580 tracy to dublin, 30 minutes for you, half of what it normally is. and heavy on westbound 4, and there was a crash around railroad avenue and it's gone at this point but you can still see the residual delays. and then san rafael to san
6:51 am
francisco, just 18 minutes. and then the first tall ship built in the bay area in nearly 100 years holding its maiden voyage tomorrow in the bay. it will be getting into the water today to get ready for the maiden voyage at 5:00 p.m. on saturday. it's designed to bring the outdoors and ship to kids, sort of an outdoor classroom. if you want to see the launch you can see it from the bay model parking lot in and then launching a reused rocket into space. they hope to bring down the expensive cost of going into space by recycling rockets. space by recycling rockets. the all-important in one piece. they want to have back to back launches in 24 hours. you probably heard americans
6:52 am
consume too much salt and a new report is pointing out where that salt is coming from. on the scene is the list. bread, pizza, sandwiches, and cold cuts and soup, and cold cuts and soup, and surprisingly potato
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whether you are just joining us or heading out the door, here are the seven things you need to know before you go. and protests for a second straight day, and they are upset about a racist instagram account set up and commented on by other students. parents of the targeted students will meet with school officials on campus tomorrow. and then a fire at a duplex has left three people looking for another place to stay. frefighters had to evacuate homes on both sides of the duplex and managed to control flames before the fire spread and nobody is hurt and cause of the fire is still under investigation. number three, winds are still gusty this morning, and the upper elevations and a wind advisory until noon. we are looking at numbers above average today. three to seven degrees above average and we will lose the wind and 80s arrive tomorrow and into the weekend. and then traffic quiet this morning. it's breezy and you can see the
6:55 am
emeryville camera shaking around a bit. we have a high wind advisory in effect for the bay bridge and san mateo bridge and dumbarton bridge this morning. and then a 4.0 hit around 4:00 this morning around salinas, and no reports of damage or injuries. and then holiday today. and now your shoes can be green. adidas introducing a line of biodegradable shoes. the shoes go on sale next year. it's aloha friday, and look what we are wearing today? we have luis on. we are sharing in the aloha spirit today with our colleagues.
6:56 am
abc7 and united airlines partnering together to bring the spirit of aloha, so coming up in just a second you will see how you can get a chance to win a trip to hawaii all yearlong. we are not eligible, you guys. sorry. >> come on. >> we need to go back and we both got married there -- to different people. >> hello? >> yeah. ah-loha to all of you, and enjoy this beautiful day, and it's kind of hawaii-like.
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good morning, america. the russian connection. this morning our exclusive interview from moscow with president putin's right-hand man taking on those accusations about russia interfering with our election to help elect donald trump as the investigation here at home intensifies. >> this is not fake news. this is actually what happened to us. president trump's former national security adviser michael flynn now offers to testify about his contacts with russia in exchange for immunity. massive inferno. a giant wall of flames taking over this atlanta interstate collapsing a bridge during rush hour. smoke seen for miles, all five lanes shut down in both directions. the travel headache that could now last for months and the investigation this morning, what sparked the blaze.


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