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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  April 1, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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the family of a murdered mom hope new evidence tonight could lead them to her killer and her missing daughter. >> it makes me feel great. it's one step closer to having ariana home. good evening. i'm eric thomas. thanks for joining us. tonight people gathered at mclaren park in san francisco where nicole fit's body was found last april. >> reporter: sfpd just seized a car they say could be connected to the case. investigators are not giving any details about where it was found or how. this new lead, though, comes a year after nicole and ariana were last seen. both were remembered at the vigil tonight. >> reporter: ariana fit's family just wants to scoop her into their arms, hear her laugh, see her smile. >> i do believe that ariana's
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still alive. >> reporter: the toddler was reported missing last april after her mom nicole failed to show up for work at best buy. nicole's body was found a few days later in a shallow grave in mclaren park, covered with a piece of plywood. no one has seen ariana since. her aunt couldn't s. fitz has a theory. >> i do believe someone is caring for her. i believe that the whole reason that this happened is because someone wanted ariana. >> reporter: tonight one year since nicole was last seen alive several dozen people gathered for a vigil. they shared a renewed hope for answers. just yesterday san francisco police confirmed they recovered a car possibly connected to the case. the fbi is now testing it for evidence. >> it makes me feel great. it's one step closer to having ariana home. >> reporter: that's not the only hope. contessa is optimistic the car could lead to nicole's killer and ariana's abductor as well.
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>> it gives me hope that it's going to soon, hopefully soon lead to the people who are responsible. >> reporter: nicole called ariana her butterfly. tonight family and friends pinned butterflies to their jackets, the bright bold beautiful colors reminding them of ariana. >> this right here is our hopes and prayers that she gets home safely. >> and there is a $10,000 reward for information leading to ariana's return. eric? >> tiffany, thank you. developing news in antioch. that's where a freeway accident sent more than a dozen people to the hospital. the victims include seven children. at least four people suffered very serious injuries along westbound highway 4. three badly injured children had to be flown by helicopter to trauma centers in oakland and sacramento. >> with the incident being spread out on highway 4 we had all of our resources on the
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highway. we could quickly triage and transport those patients from the ambulance to the helicopter. it was the quickest method to get them to the hospital. >> reporter: highway patrol says at least two cars collided at 6:15 tonight. officers close the all four lanes on highway 4 for about 90 minutes. san mateo congresswoman jackie speier host aid town hall with mike mcfaul, former u.s. ambassador to russia. sergio quintana was there and has our story from san mateo. >> reporter: former ambassador mike mcfaul gave a unique perspective on russian interference in the 2016 election. but the behavior by republican congressman devin nunes last week took center stage. >> the maxwell smart behavior of the chairman cannot be -- cannot be squared. >> reporter: according to the "new york times" and the "washington post," nunes was provided top secret information by two members of the national security council and then briefed the president about that information. mcfaul has also served on the nsc and held top secret
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clearances. >> i don't remember -- i mean, i was there for three years. i don't remember a single time that we ever briefed on intelligence, raw intelligence that we were showing a member of congress. >> reporter: this weekend nunes was met by hundreds of protesters in his frez hsno hom district. >> devin nunes's behavior, he's not working for the people, he's working for the president. >> there's no evidence of collusion between the president of the united states and the russians. >> reporter: congresswoman speier serves on the intelligence committee with nunes. >> he has to go. there's no way that he can actually chair this investigation. >> reporter: ambassador mcfaul says this is all a distraction from the real problem. russian hacking. >> they look at what's happening now and they say mission accomplished. >> reporter: the controversy engulfi engulfing nunes is tied town substantiated claims by president donald trump that the obama administration tapped trump tower phones during the 2016 election. it's a claim that's been debunked by the director of the
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fbi. sergio quintana, abc 7 news. president trump's former national security adviser did not reveal the fees that he earned from speaking to russian groups. michael flynn's personal disclosure form didn't show his 2015 speaking engagements including one for the russian government's television network rt. he turned it in just a few days before he resigned over his contacts with the russian ambassador. yesterday flynn amended the form to include all of his speeches. last year he earned $1.3 million from speaking overall. coming up later in this newscast, the new information about the wealth of president trump's other advisers. tonight the san francisco gay men's chorus honored one of its own members who died during a performance. ♪ abc 7 news 7 news 7 news 7 nes theater as the group sang in memory of ryan nunes. last night the 39-year-old collapsed midway through their paradise found performance and doctors were not able to revive him. >> brian was a larger-than-life persona. he was not only a singing
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member. he was also our office manager. the member who welcomed all of our new members into the chorus. to say he was beloved by everyone is probably a huge understatement. >> nunes sang baritone in the back row and was known for his beautiful voice. chorus members say his legacy is giving more than he took. there is anger and disappointment after parents at albany high school learned that a meeting about a racially fueled instagram page was canceled. today's meeting was a chance for parents whose kids were targeted to talk with parents of the students responsible for posting the offensive pictures. abc 7 reporter cornell barnard has details. >> we looked forward to this meeting to be the adult examples that our children need to see. >> reporter: these parents came to albany high school today to begin the healing process. their kids the target of recent racist social media posts. >> at this point there is no resolution. that's why we came today. >> reporter: but the meeting never happened. a chance to talk with parents whose kids are responsible for
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starting a racist instagram account which targeted minority students. the page was removed after being up for nearly two months. >> for the parents to say you know, what we're willing to meet with you, willing to talk it out, we're willing to try to figure this thing out, and then not to show up is just -- it's terrible. >> reporter: parents got an e-mail from the principal last night the meeting was canceled. no explanation given. but many showed up today anyway with hopes it would still happen. tony dunn pedro's sister was victimized by the online attack. >> they posted a picture of her with a noose around her neck. she shouldn't have to deal with this at 16. she should be worrying about her prom dress, not if someone's putting a noose around her neck on instagram. >> reporter: girls' basketball coach ray newsom was also targeted along with his players. >> i've been coaching here for over ten years. and to have this happen not just to me but to the young ladies is just unforgivable. >> reporter: students responsible for the instagram account were suspended. >> they should all be expelled. > reporter: a unity rally was
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held on friday organized by the black student union. but these parents still want to hear from those responsible. >> this attempt to heal these wounds, and the only way we can do that we have to get together, we have to talk. >> reporter: the meeting may be rescheduled for a later date. so far no response from school district officials. in albany, cornell barnard, abc 7 news. smokers have to dig a little deeper now that california has increased tobacco taxes. abc 7 news was at a tobacco shop on polk street in san francisco. smokers have to pay an extra $2 in taxes per pack now. this follows voters approving prop 56 last november. many consumers had sticker shock when the higher taxes went into effect today. >> a lot of people walk out. they look at the numbers and walk out. >> don't even buy a pack? >> don't even look at me. don't even talk to me. >> taxes will also go up for people who use other forms of tobacco. the owner of the hooka bar and restaurant doesn't plan to pass the increased costs along to his customers. >> i'm here for a long time and
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i have steady customer and some customer they're here twice a day. >> backers of higher taxes will drive people to quit smoking or never use tobacco in the first place. at least that's the belief. much of the new tax revenue will pay for anti-tobacco education. much more ahead on abc 7 news at 11:00, april fool's day gets political. >> to use the services of russian hackers press 2. and a terrifying incident at sea caught on camera in southern california. we had a preview of summer today. 50s at the coast. 80s inland. hope you liked it. we'll have temperatures slightly cooler to begin the workweek. but wait till you see the seven-day outlook. we've got rain coming back to the forecast. don't count these girls out. they are a force to be reckoned with on the ice. >> and in the south bay tonight a girls' hockey team gets ready for a state championship game tomorrow against an
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you have reached the russian embassy. your call is very important to us. to arrange a call from a russian diplomat to your political opponents, press 1. to use the services of russian hackers, press 2. to request election interference, press 3. >> despite the serious allegations against the russians, they do have a sense of humor. that was an april fool's day prank. russia's foorn ministry post aid fake phone message on facebook today. russia has denied interfering in the u.s. presidential election last fall. here's another april fool's day joke suggesting a celebrity opponent for the republican congressman leading the russian investigation. george takei tweeted today that he was running for u.s. house
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against congressman devin nunes. eight hours later the "star trek" star sent another tweet saying "no, i'm not running for congress" and urging his 2 million followers to help elect an openly gay man running for the u.s. house in georgia. mexico poked fun at president trump's plan to build a wall on the u.s.-mexico border. this fake news report says a sports technology company has transformed the wall into the longest climbing wall in the world. and san mateo congresswoman jackie spee yore tweeted she will introduce a bill next week to stop president trump from tweeting unsupervised. she followed up by saying i wish i could introduce a bill, hashtag april fool's day. we're getting a look at how close it is to being finished. this new drone video a couple of days ago. a lot of construction still going on. some apple employees are expected to begin moving in to the new $5 billion campus this month. the late apple founder steve
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jobs once said the new campus would be the best office building in the world. look at this. a day on the water in southern california quickly took a dangerous turn. witness capture td all on video. high winds and surf on tuesday capsized this sailboat slamming it into a pier at redondo beach. the boat was taking part in a race and all four people on board were wearing life jackets. they made it back to shore safely. sailing enthusiasts saw something today that hasn't happened in san francisco bay in more than 100 years. abc 7 news was in sausalito when the matthew turner launched this afternoon. builders tell us the turner is the bay area's first new tall ship in at least a century. they hope to install the masts and have it sailing by september. once finished, students will sail aboard the turner to learn about the bay. well, for at least one night the families of seriously ill children could temporarily leave their troubles behind on the dance floor. abc 7 news was in palo alto for a night in hollywood at the
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ronald mcdonald house. the families got the red carpet treatment followed by dinner and dancing. there was also a gala to raise money to finish renovating what will be the largest ronald mcdonald house in the world, housing 123 families. abc 7's cheryl jennings was the emcee tonight. an all-girls hockey team from san jose will face off against a team from san francisco to become champions of california in what's other weisz an all-boys tournament. abc 7 news was at sharks ice in san jose when the junior sharks under-12 girls team played a boys team from san francisco. one of the player's moms explained how going to a sharks game inspired her daughter. >> mom, can i please give hockey a try? so of course i said sure because i thought it would never last. and 18 months later here we are. she's on a team going to state championships. >> the girls are learning the game from a 13-year nhl veteran, former sharks defenseman mike rathje. >> the run we've had in the nor
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cal playoff series has been exceptional. it surprised me, actually. but i mean, they belong here. >> the junior sharks lost 3-1 to the san francisco sabercats tonight. the two teams will play again for the tournament championship tomorrow morning. from a team of little girls hoping to win big tomorrow to that stunning women's basketball upset that shocked the sports world one night ago. >> william on the drive. pull-up, pop. got it! she got it! >> and that was how mississippi state broke uconn's incredible 111-game winning streak with that buzzer beater in the final four. after the game abc's robin roberts, a mississippi native, addressed the team in the locker room. >> i just want to say bless you. keep listening to the staff. keep listening to your heart. and i have never -- i can't remember the last time i've been this happy. thank you. thank you for carrying it on -- no. thank you for elevating women's
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basketball the way you have. >> robin played a little basketball in her time. mississippi will get the chance to finish their dream run if they can beat south carolina in the national title game. what a day. temperatures 10 to 15 degree above average. and the warmest readings we've seen all year. here's a look at live doppler 7. got some clouds flirting with us off the coast but a lot of these are low clouds and won't be seeing the development of that along the coast. already partly cloudy in san francisco. check out the highs today. low 60s half moon bay. then the west-northwest wind got going and dropped the temperatures quickly to the upper 50s. look at the 80s from cloverdale, lake port, santa rosa. plenty of upper 70s. and we will see more temperatures tomorrow in our inland valleys in the upper 70s flirting with 80 degrees. but changes are ahead due to the low clouds, the fog, and a shift in our winds. looking at 55 right now in san francisco. 57 in oakland.
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60 in vallejo. numbers are cooling off considerably. waking up to a little bit of patchy fog tomorrow. that should start changes. the first phase. we'll look for a slightly cooler day tomorrow around the coast. at the beaches it will still be nice and sunny. but the big changes come the end of the week. say you're planning to garden. don't worry. we're going to have plenty of rain to get that going. you might want to dig out your umbrella. we're talking about a 2 on our storm impact scale. that comes up in just a moment. but right now the wave heights rin creasing. nine feet right here. these are steadily increasing. that's why the national weather service has a beach hazard statement through monday morning. some dangerous surf here. large breakers. sneaker waves. and rip currents to watch out for. you you may want to head to the coast tomorrow because once again it will be pretty nice out there. starting out chilly, though. some patchy fog. 48 half moon bay, 52 fremont, palo alto and 48 morgan hill. let's give you a glimpse of what you can expect for the week ahead. this is livermore. the warmest day 78.
11:21 pm
we've got a couple of nice days here. right through wednesday. then you can see some big dramatic changes. we are getting back to winter by the end of the week. yes, it's a 2 on our storm impact scale, looking at anywhere from a half inch to an inch and a half for friday. with gusty winds. let's start our forecast animation for friday april 7th. and you'll notice we've got rain in the north bay. by your friday morning commute it's a mess. we've got? pretty good downpours by about 11:00. and then it looks to ease up by next saturday. but let's take you phase by phase here. by 10:00 thursday night we already have a quarter of an inch in the north bay. tenth of an inch in mountain view. but look what happens as we get into friday. yeah, we're looking at over an inch here in the north bay, maybe 3/4 of an inch in the peninsula, and this should take us through early saturday morning. 69 tomorrow. we'll take it. 74 in fremont. 78 in san jose. and the accuweather seven-day forecast. 60s at our beaches to the low 80s inland. breezy on monday. slightly cooler but we'll stay
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with that theme tuesday, wednesday. download our abc 7 news app and you'll get those push alerts looking at some rain late first thursday. 1 on our storm impact scale. we'll call it showers, but by friday i
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okay. is this just the cutest video you've seen this weekend or will see? french bulldogs dressed in soccer jerseys squaring off. the video was released to help promote a big soccer match between two rival clubs in prague tomorrow. slavia prague partnered with a french bulldog organization that offers bulldogs with disabilities up for adoption. in the special match the slavia bulldogs beat their sparta opponents. >> yeah. how did i miss that? >> i know. you'd be leading the highlights with that. >> thanks for doing that.
11:26 pm
>> how about some sports? >> we're down to the final two in the men's ncaa tournament. gonzaga holds off the gamecocks to advance while north carolina barely escapes oregon. ducks couldn't get a final rebound on four missed free throws
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men's final four today in phoenix. oregon ducks the only pac-12 team remaining. they were trying to make their first title game since 1939. first year in which they won, taking on north carolina who lost the title last year on villanova's buzzer beater. san francisco native and oregon alum dan fouts can't believe what he's seeing. north carolina led by ten. eight minutes to play. kennedy meeks 25 points, 14
11:30 pm
boards. but oregon came back despite missing a lot of open threes. tyler dorsey gets the amazing roll here. shooter's touch with 42 seconds to play. ducks within one. north carolina then missed four straight free throws in the final five seconds. but oregon could not get a rebound. you've got to block out. it's north carolina by a point. back-to-back finals for the tar heels. carolina coach roy williams knows they're fortunate to be here. >> what do you feel like when they -- >> jump off the building. >> we had 5.8 seconds. we had time to get a look. we just didn't get it done. >> in the other semis, south carolina trying to punch out gonzaga. second half south carolina scores 16 straight. to turn a 14-point deficit into a two-point lead off p.j. dozier's floater. but gonzaga weathered the storm.
11:31 pm
zach collins three hits the rim, rolls. gets them back the lead for good. karnowski slams the door. he had 13. 77-73 the final gonzaga's in the title game to face north carolina. continuing to silence all doubters. >> we've heard everything this year. he with heard the conference. we haven't played tight games, that we're not tough -- we've heard everything. sitting here at 37-1 and playin the last game of the season is just a blessing and i just couldn't be more excited to be playing with these guys. >> ecstatic to be still playing and playing the last game of the year is just crazy cool. the bay bridge series is over. and that means the regular season is upon us. it also has bragging rights involved with our local nines. well, it's all giants this year with their win in oakland a three-game sweep of the a's. this youngster's all about the a's. but that sunscreen on the ears. bottom three a's take their first lead of the series. matt joyce doubles to right. that brings in marcus seem yen
11:32 pm
and yonder alonso. 2-0 a's. nick hundley crushes this andrew triggs offering. bottom six a man on for josh phegley. just misses tying it up. watch this. bounces off the top of the wall. that's a double. jeff becker scores. then it's 4-3. giants put it away in the seventh. justin. wa -- yes. deep fly clears the wall for a two-run homer. 6-3 giants and that's how it ends. giants host the d'backs tomorrow for their season opener. this abc 7 sports report brought to you by river rock casino. coming up, 49er head coach kyle shanahan talks quarterbacks in the draft and we'll tee them up. stick around. hope to see you again. >>
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that breaking news is out of the east bay. we're getting word of multiple people shot in pittsburg. this happened just before 11:00 this evening. no word yet on exactly how many people were hit but at least five ambulances and two helicopters were dispatched to the scene at medline street near alturis avenue. we'll bring you more information on this as we get it. family and friends of a murdered mom and missing daughter gathered at a vigil in mclaren park in san francisco tonight. it's been one year since the body of nicole fitts was found buried in the park. her 3-year-old daughter ariana hasn't been seen since. police are working on a new lead, a car they seized that they say could be connected to the case. all lanes are open once
11:37 pm
between on highway 4 in antioch after a crash that sent 14 people including seven children to the hospital. just after 6:00, up to four cars crashed in the westbound lanes near lone tree way. three badly injured children had to be flown to trauma centers. tonight we have a fuller financial snapshot of white house senior staff. a trove of financial disclosure forms he spelling out the astoupding wealth of president trump's team added up to at least $12 billion. abc news reporter david wright has more on the disclosures, answering some questions but raising many more new ones. >> reporter: tonight a rare glimpse inside the rarefied world of donald trump's west wing. the collective net worth of the president's senior staff and cabinet officials, at least $12 billion. trump's son-in-law jared kushner alone details a real estate and business empire worth up to $740 million, benefiting him and his wife, ivanka. both are unpaid white house
11:38 pm
staff members. but ivanka trump retains her stake in the newly opened trump international hotel here in d.c. property her father frequently visits. her stake, valued at 5 to 25 million. >> that hotel is full of conflicts of interest. it's going to be an ethics quagmire. >> reporter: the president's controversial chief strategist steve bannon lists assets worth up to 54 million. populist rage channeled through conservative media enterprises and consulting has clearly been lucrative for him. adviser kellyanne conway and her husband worth up to 40 million when trump took office. among the most modest members of the senior staffers spokesman sean spicer lists real estate holdings valued at up to 5 million. chief of staff rooens priebus lists assets worth a mere million or so. ad earned half a million a year as head of the rnc. zblthics nightmare. >> reporter: richard painter is a former bush administration ethics zar now part of a
11:39 pm
watchdog group suing trump over his refusal to divest from his business interests. >> a lot of the people who are working in this white house have substantial investments in privately held companies, and we need to know much more about where they're borrowing their money or we're not going to know what the conflicts of interest are. >> reporter: today president trump vented his outrage at the ongoing probe into russian meddling in the november election, an investigation he's previously called a witch hunt. trump tweeted, "it is the same fake news media that said there was no path to victory for trump that is now pushing the phony russia story. a total scam." but this weekend angry constituents taking a different view faced down the republican congressman leading the house probe calling the watchdog a lapdog. republican devin nunes used to work for the trump transition team. he's been accused of diverting the focus toward trump's claims that president obama spied on him. >> there's not a better person
11:40 pm
in the house of representatives to do this investigation than me because i'm the one who's been warning about russia for a long, long time. >> reporter: david wright, abc news, washington. now to developing news tonight overseas. south america specifically. at least 193 people have died in flooding caused by intense rains in colombia. 220 people missing tonight and many of those are feared dead. an avalanche of water from three overflowing rivers swept through a city of 40,000 people while everyone was asleep. what should have been a fun time in a hotel swimming pool turned tragic in michigan. one 13-year-old boy died. other children had to be revived after suffering carbon monoxide poisoning. the odorless, colorless, and lethal gas even sickened first responders. abc report eer chuck sivertsen tells us more. >> reporter: first responders to this small town michigan hotel found poolside had become a mass casualty scene. >> i have a report of approximately six to seven children in the pool area all
11:41 pm
unconscious. >> reporter: carbon monoxide killing a 13-year-old boy and poisoning nearly a dozen others. the youngsters were playing at this pool when they began falling ill. >> my mom heard it and went down there and she said when she arrived all the kids were surrounding the pool, passed out, throwing up. >> reporter: res cuers found a macabrar scene. >> they were pulling bodies, laying them side by side. >> reporter: hotel staff and police helping out in harm's way. >> they opened up doors and called 911 right away. >> reporter: officials blaming a lethal dose of carbon monoxide, more than 16 times what is safe, coming from a faulty pool heater. every year in the u.s. there are more than 400 deaths and 20,000 admitted to emergency rooms for carbon monoxide poisoning. the hotel telling abc news it is working closely with local officials and that their highest priority is the safety of their guests. investigators now trying to determine whether the hotel had carbon monoxide detectors. chuck sivertsen, abc news, new york. we're learning more tonight
11:42 pm
about a house explosion at kirkwood near lake tahoe. investigators suspect propane might be to blame for yesterday's early morning fire. they also say this year's massive snowfall could create an explosion hazard at other vacation homes in the sierra. one firefighter encourages homeowners to keep an eye on their heating and ventilation systems, especially if they use propane. >> just the normal protection for your homes. and also for your propane meters to make sure they're completely exposed and dug out because they do vent. >> nobody was in the house when the fire started. it happened to be the second house fire -- second house, rather, to burst into flames along the same street in the past week. a couple in california decided to keep their wedding reception casual. very casual. yep. this is the in-n-out burger that vanessa and juan pablo cervantes were married at in a southern california wedding yesterday. they married in a church, then they headed to their favorite takeout joint where they joined
11:43 pm
their family and friends. >> stationed in new mexico and there's no in-n-outs over there. we really like in-n-out. there's no endorsement going on. >> no, they didn't spend their honeymoon at that burger joint. they headed to england today for that. next on abc 7 news at 11:00, a difficult week for police officers in one town made a whole lot easier thanks to the kindness of a little boy. hi there, everyone. temperatures are cool, dropping into the 50s. low dew points, light winds. and we're going to see a chilly night with some patchy fog. but are you ready to do it all over again? mo
11:44 pm
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back now with breaking news out of the east bay. we've confirmed authorities in pittsburg are treating seven people after reports of gunshots fired just before 11:00. at least five ambulances and two helicopters were dispatched to
11:47 pm
the scene at madeleine street near alturis avenue. we'll bring you any more information as it comes in. tonight a little boy is making some police officers going through a difficult week feel just a little bit better. abc news reporter gloria riviera has more on brady's selfless act. >> reporter: when the community of waso, wisconsin learned police officer jason whelan had been shot and killed in the line of duty everyone was shocked and saddened including 7-year-old brady duke, who decided to write the police a letter. >> i am so sorry that one of your police brothers died. how can i help? >> reporter: he was serious. >> i just knew i had to do something because their police officer brother died. >> reporter: but what? the oldest of five siblings, brady remembered sharing smiles. >> he just has a heart that's probably too sizes bigger than most people's. >> reporter: so this little boy with a big heart packed up his most favorite thing in the
11:48 pm
world. his nintendo wii. to give to the department. >> when i first that he wants to give away his wii, i was just like, what? okay s&p. >> reporter: brady even played a few games to show them how it's done. just how important was that wii to brady? >> very important. i loved it. >> reporter: and the police? >> they were crying. >> reporter: good tears after a dark week. >> brady made a special impact here. and we are really grateful for him. >> reporter: gloria riviera, abc news, washington. >> i hope you remember where you put that umbrella because you're going to need it. let's check in with lisa argen right now. >> you're right, eric. you've been paying attention. and you know what? it is no joke because it felt like summer today. in fact, right now temperatures are on the cool side. so we will do it again almost tomorrow. here's a look at what you can expect. san jose 78 degrees. average high 68. so ten degrees above average. we'll be slightly cooler in some spots than we were today. and the numbers continue to dip.
11:49 pm
it's a windy day on monday. then we'll rebound again before the bottom drops out. 76 in san rafael. 64 in half moon bay. 80 up in santa rosa. and this is what i mean by friday. we've got rain coming back to the bay area. gusty winds. and it ranks at 2 on our storm impact scale. accuweather seven-day forecast that features summer, spring, and then winter as we get to the end of the week. >> all right, lisa, thank you very much. baseball season is about to start. that's why we're talking football. >> hockey, basketball. the niners have the second pick in this year's draft. with a new head coach and gm it's a mystery which direction they'll go. niners need a franchise quarterback but is there one wort
11:50 pm
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11:52 pm
warriors looking for their 11th straight victory tomorrow at oracle hosting the wizards. our own carol yin tyler talked with kevin durant after the warriors' win last night.
11:53 pm
she tweeted k.d. told her he hopes to return next sunday in time for the last two games of the regular season. durant reportedly participated in a three on three scrimmage this afternoon. during practice it was closed off to reporters. when asked about it steve kerr said pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. since the dubs have won ten straight some people are wondering if durant's return will be problematic forts streaking dubs. steph curry's not one of those people. >> i wouldn't call it having to hit reset. k.d.'s such a smart player, understanding his skill level and his talent, that the things that we've been doing well, he'll take to us another level hopefully. it shouldn't be much of a transition back, you know, for him. just getting his legs underneath him, having missed so much time. nfl draft set for april 27th with your santa clara frrnz f49 holding the second overall pick. so many needs, pass rusher middle linebacker safety wide receivers and a franchise
11:54 pm
quarterback. head coach kyle shanahan reently addressed their needs, especially the quarterback position. >> it's a process and everyone is looking for their franchise quarterback, and people have found him with the first pick in the draft. people have found him in the sixth round. you know, everyone knows all the stories that have gone. that's why you have to look at everyone and you've got to value that and know where people are going to to go. just because the first guy taken doesn't mean he's going to be the best guy. sometimes the last guy can be the best guy. it's not obvious all the time. you've got to look into everything. everyone is taking their best educated guess. that's why you've got to put a lot of work into it. everyone wants that quarterback. especially a rookie franchise quarterback you can have for the next ten years. but you have to do what you think's right. you can't reach on things. you can't guess in that way. you've got to take the best player. there's a lot of good players in this draft. if you know that one's going to be a franchise, of course everyone wants to take him but you've got to be smart with what you do. you've got to be patient. everybody's looking for the franchise quarterback and for the great one, and it's not guaranteed that one comes out every year.
11:55 pm
but there's always a possibility. that's why you've got to look into everybody. you do have to be patient. you can't just keep trying to think you're going to find one all the time and keep wasting picks trying to do that. you've got to really be smart about it and take your best guess, which is through trusting other people, putting that time in, working at it. it is different in every situation. >> do you feel like this is a class that's got one of those guys in it? >> i hope it does. i hope it does. all right. phil mickelson waiting his turn at the shell houston open. final tune-up before the masters. he's two oaf and well back. rickie fowler seven back when the day started. 50-foot birdie here on 7. good. he birdies five of the first nine including three straight. and then three straight between on the back nine including here on 14 for a share of the lead. 17 under. but he bogeyed 17, doubled 18. three back. sung kang, who shot a 63 yesterday, one-under 71 today but a birdie on 15 keeps him in the lead. 3 under going into the final round. ana inspiration where
11:56 pm
michelle wie who had the lead left, hip issues. she fell downtown leaderboard. 14-year-old lucy lee of redwood city only amateur to make the cut from the fringe on 17. a great read that just misses. she's 7 over after third round 78. lexie thompson opening round with back-to-back birdies took the lead for good on 9 with this one to get to minus 10 and was able to get herself out of trouble from the trees on 13. look at that shot. to the green. she's at minus 13, two ahead of suzanne pettersen going into sunday's final round. women's final carolina wozniacki taking on johanna konta who won at stanford. looking for the break her forehand hits the net falls in. wozniacki gets to it but kicks it into the net and konta gets the break. now match point for konta far court. lobs it over. a running wozniacki originally ruled out. replay showed it was in. konta wins it straight sets. men's final tomorrow is federer
11:57 pm
and nadal. this abc 7 sports report brought to you by river rock casino. now, federer and nadal met in the men's final 13 years ago, their first ever at this event. just met in the australian open in which roger won his 18th major. and rafa's 0-4 in the finals in this event. he'd like to change that. >> yeah. but nadal used to own federer. >> used to. >> yeah. roger's been coming back lately. thank you, shu. that's it for tonight. i'm eric thomas. abc 7 news co
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