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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  April 2, 2017 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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time for fresh viral videos "right this minute." villagers frantically dig to rescue something buried in the dirt. >> oh, my gosh. an infant. is that a newborn baby? >> it's a human child. >> y that is a newborn child. >> the story behind the heartbreak strg that thankfully has a happy ending. a horse on gets a wild hair. >> not obeying a single command. >> find out why old shamrock isn't about to slow down. pranksters target a wedding party to see how a poor bridesmaid took the brunt of it. we're breaking down the best on the web, including two dads with a track beat.
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♪ my wife is sexier than yours ♪ >> rapping it minivans and kids. you will not believe what i'm about to show you in this video from india. it starts off with a group of people gathered. there's already someone digging through the dirt with his hands. and then you see what was buried in that dirt. >> oh, my gosh. it's an infant. is that a newborn baby? >> that's a human child. >> yes, that is a newborn child. in fact, according to reports, no more than six hours old. >> how did they find it? did they hear it crying? >> a small schoolgirl happened to be walking in that area, saw the feet of this baby sticking out of the dirt. ran for help and that's when villagers got to the location to
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save the baby's life. >> hold on. that means somebody buried that child alive? >> it's inconclusive how the baby got here. some people are saying that they believe the parents were the ones behind this, but there is an investigation under way to figure out exactly how this baby got here because right now, i don't know who the parents are or where she came from. the baby was taken to a hospital where she's being treated. some reports say she's in stable condition. the good news is because of all the attention this story has gotten in the video, a lot of people are already reaching out to the child welfare committee who has custody of the baby to adopt her. so there is already interest and they will be finding the best home for her. >> nick is taking a little ride on shamrock here. and then you hear nick say,
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whoa, shamrock. >> whoa. sham. whoa. >> shamrock say retired race horse and we begin to see that sometimes he misses the old job. >> whoa! shamrock! [ bleep ]. >> nick gets quite the ride because shamrock is not obeying a single command. >> i remember this. i can do this. let's go. >> yeah, shamrock is like he just picked up speed and keeps going. nick is like shamrock, whoa, whoa. there's a few other things that have to be bleeped. no, sham. [ bleep ]. whoa, sham. [ bleep ]. >> he was going to jump it. >> when he comes to that split in the road, you don't know which way shamrock is going to go. >> whoa, shamrock! >> hang obuddy. let him run himself out.
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>> i remember this happened. the horse took off. i tried to turn him one way. the horse went the other way. the saddle flipped underneath. sprained a finger or two. >> i lost count how many times he said "whoa, sham." but then it's whoa, sham, one last time. >> whoa! >> oh. >> did he bail off or get thrown off? >> according to him, he was unseated. shack ro shamrock was uninjured. nick said he didn't suffer any serious injuries. maybe just his pride and bruises from that fall. i got two videos of beautiful sweet moments. the first at a wedding in china. >> are you out of your mind? >> was the bride on fire? >> no, that's not even the bride. that's a bridesmaid and these
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pranksters are just dousing her with a chemical powder fire extinguisher. so much that she had trouble breathing. >> that's not good. >> the purpose of that is to starve a fire of oxygen. what's that going to do to a bridesmaid. >> it's not funny either. >> these guys are relentless. finally, the groom had to step in. the woman had to blow the stuff out of her nose and clear her eyes. a weird part of this, i guess it's sort of a tradition in china to prank the bridal party. this just went way too far. >> let's head over to the uk for mother's day. he's got his 5-year-old, 10-year-old in the back of his car. they're on their way to celebrate mother's day. and along the way they decided to just stop alongside the road and pick some daffodils for grandma. isn't that a sweet thing to do? >> that's super sweet. >> picked a little more than two dozen. >> had a couple bunches in their hands. when they turned around, they spotted this.
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>> this police officer here decided to take them off of my children. >> is it like the poppy in california where if you cut it it's illegal? >> the daffodils aren't endangered but it is unlawful to pick or cut flowers from city parks and other publicly planted areas. you see her writing stuff down. the only thing i can see is that she provided advice to this family. i don't believe she offered any type of citation or ticket. it's a bummer in the middle of mother's day. the daffodils did not go to waste. the officer did take them to an old age home. >> it's so ironic and twisted. ♪ you know how it goes. any time we're about to go hang out as a family or with friends you take a selfie. >> document the moment.
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>> that's right. that's exactly what this family is doing. you've got mom and dad, two sisters here. that's their son's girlfriend there in the middle. they're all saying cheese. >> just as they realize it's a video, they're trying to prank dad. >> a little to the right. >> and everybody goes bananas because rowen is a marine and he told them he wouldn't be able to make it home for spring break, but -- >> did you know he was doing this? >> dad was the only one in on this? >> yes. dad went and picked rowan up earlier and they had no idea. he told them they were just going to breakfast and they put all of this together. one big, beautiful surprise. this next video is super sweet as well. this little one's dad was in the military, gone about a month. they decide to give her a little
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something. >> dad. >> oh, that's cute. >> it's her dad. it's her dad's voice. >> yes. they had a voice recording of her father's voice put inside her teddy bear so every time she presses it, the voice plays and this made me melt. >> dad. >> oh, my goodness. i can't handle that. >> dad. >> four guys head north for some amazing skating. >> of course, the backdrop is mind blowing. >> why the cold location is the perfect spot for their super cool tricks. >> no, they didn't. >> yeah, they did. and this beauty blogger's testing out the latest thing in lip plumping. >> you might get blue and purple lips. >> let's see if it leads to a beautifully full pout. traditional aerosols contain a lot of water... which eventually falls down
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closed captioning provided by -- breakthrough allergies with allegra®. the winters up in norway can be very, very long and things can get very cold and sometimes boring. but it's also extraordinarily beautiful. these guys are in norway. you never think that this would be the perfect environment for skateboarding. this is for skaters. it's the big frozen solid.
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it is frozen solid and creates a perfect surface for these guys to skate on. >> potentially concrete. >> has enough texture to give you just enough grip. >> there's even sticks and things they find out there on the beach to create ramps. >> they have an endless set of obstacles they can jump over and create different tricks with and, of course, the backdrop is mind blowing. >> but they've got no edges to grind. >> don't they? >> well, did. they start using not only their environment but some of the stuff that floats up on the beach. here they find a beach and use that as a rail. the weather extraordinarily cold. down in the neighborhood of 14 degrees fahrenheit and they ramp it up even more. they use the horrible weather to their advantage. these guys are urban skaters. they know their skills very well. what if they could bring part of the skate park to this wild back and beyond area.
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>> no, they didn't. >> they did. they built a halfpipe out of sand and water. it froze. the weather and elements change so it didn't last very long. there's an entire full-length documentary called "on thin ice." check it out. remember when these things were a thing? there's a lip plumper. >> you're supposed to create suction and it almost like bruises your lips into being plump. >> the trend is still out there except it's gotten fancier and way more expensive. there's this device now that does this electronically. >> why do i feel like i'm going to have a hickey around my mouth or bruise. the instructions say you might get blue and purple lips but that's normal and it goes away. >> wait a minute. i've got a shop vac i bought for about 28 bucks that will do the same thing. okay.
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>> okay. my tongue got like stuck in there. [ bleep ]. that actually is doing it, though. >> she says it works but it hurts in the process. she can't leave it on the whole time. she has to do it three separate times for shorter periods of time. eventually she has these super plumpy lips. she really enjoys it. other than the pain to get there, it's cool to have these plump lips. a few hours later her lips are back to normal but i wonder if this is going to work on my husband. >> i'm scared. >> you should be. it hurts. >> is it doing it? >> oh, it's doing it. >> my lip is bruised. oh, no. why did you do this? >> your lip actually is bruised. i'm so sorry. >> it's okay. >> she's not sorry. she's really happy she put him through this. >> doesn't do the same thing for me that it does for you. all right. so i'm out of here.
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a breathtaking sight on the side of the road. >> this happened in tanzania. >> the beauty of giraffes just going with the flow. two regular dads murder a track beat. >> these two dads have decided to use sort of like a trap hook, i suppose you can say, to make a whole song about being a dad. >> hear their impressive song, next. ♪ keeping food on the table ♪ keep your wifi and cable >> pretty good. a whole lot more. box 365, the calendar. everyone knows my paperless, safe driver, and multi-car discounts, but they're about to see a whole new side of me. heck, i can get you over $600 in savings. chop, chop. do i look like i've been hurt before? because i've been hurt before. um, actually your session is up.
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imagine you're not even on a safari and you get this view on the way back to where you're staying. this is a tower of giraffes running alongside the vehicle that is carrying some people back to their residence in tanzania. >> a group of giraffes -- >> that is just money. well done. >> this happened in tanzania where the woman was visiting a village. she is just going back to her residence and got this view. an added benefit she wasn't expecting. >> they always look like they should be able to run and to see so many doing it that way, you are like, good for you, giraffes. >> they don't run like other animals. they more like gallop. >> i think they glide very nicely. something that's not so nice, what's happening to this lioness. her name is elsa.
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she's at a safari zoo in mexico. you can hear people on this tourist bus not exactly making her happy. now the male lion is sitting chill like, uh-oh, i don't think you should really mess with her like that. and let's just say she had enough. >> no! she tried. man, she was ticked off. >> she was ticked off. elsa wanted to leap onto that bus but she didn't make it. elsa was okay. checked by zoo vets. she was fine. she could leap about 16 feet but the distance between where they are and the other side of the trench is 23 feet. some zoo experts in the u.s. say it probably should be about 36 feet. >> how about the lion that seemed to have little concern. baby, baby. for anybody at home, it's a
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type of music if you're under 21 years old, it makes no sense whatsoever. but these two guys from the dad life youtube channel found a way to make it relevant for me. ♪ ♪ family comes first it's only logical let's go to work ♪ ♪ my wife is sexier than yours no comparison ♪ >> so these two dads have decided to use sort of like a trap hook, i suppose you can say to make a whole song about being a dad. they do the whole thing pretty much in a home goods store which is where i spend most of my weekend. in fact, this part of the song is basically my entire life. ♪ got a house in the city wife and two kids ♪ ♪ vacuum and dishes and laundry and mowing the lawn ♪ working nine to five
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five days a week ♪ >> and they keep going. it all boils down to -- ♪ keeping food on the table that's the reason i can never quit ♪ keep your wifi and cable otherwise nobody will babysit mommy and daddy ♪ if they don't get the time they'll go insane ♪ >> trap music is to show life to the masses. ♪ my wife is a keeper >> give him credit. he's pretty good. >> they both are. >> if you are a parent, if you're married, this is hilarious. talking about the kids at school. deal with the parents. head to our website or use our mobile app. yo. grand ma gets a visit from the police. >> and they are looking for somebody. they are looking for her grandson ross. >> there's a warrant for his
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arrest. >> see why the only crime in this video is pulling off a perfect prank.
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>> you should do it, and i'll watch. so confused. ♪ ♪ >> this is never the knock at the door you want. >> hello. >> hello, ma'am. we're the local police. >> two cops roll up to grandma's
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door and they're looking for someone. they're looking for her grandson ross. >> he's got some issues he's going to have to take care of. there's a warrant for his arrest. and grandma just has like the sweetest demeanor. oh, he's such a sweet boy. >> we have videos of him pushing you into the leaves. we got some complaints about that. we're going to have to take him to the station and question him over those videos. >> i love that he pushed his grandma. that means she still has a sense of humor. >> you loved it. she has a sense of humor. but some saw it and thought it was elder abuse. >> is he home? >> josh. >> what? >> so ross does come downstairs. >> your days of elder abuse are over. >> is this for real? >> she calls down her daughter, ross' mom. >> just here to investigate this thoroughly. he shoved her into the pile of leaves. we got some complaints on that.
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>> really? >> that was just a fun day. >> just a fun day? >> tell them it was a joke. >> it was a joke. >> ma'am, would you like him to go to jail or stay here. >> i want him here. >> do you love him? >> yes, i love him. that's my grandson. >> i couldn't do it anymore. >> all a big prank on grandma. >> ross has his buddy comes and play a big prank. ross and his grandma have a very tight, close and funny relationship. ross has more than a million subscribers on instagram where he's always doing fun and goofy stuff with grandma. the fact he's made her part of the channel, it's special. >> not a part. she's the star. >> super cute video by ross smith and grandma. and we'll see you on the next brand-new episode of "rtm."
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