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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  April 2, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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live where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> thousands flock to dolores park to enjoy all that warm weather this weekend. but tonight it's what they left behind that has residents there angry. good evening. i'm eric thomas. visitors to national parks already know if you pack it in, you pack it out. and patiently the same is true of the urban counterparts. that's what is causing the controversy at san francisco's dolores park. abc 7 news reporter sergio quintana is live with more on this story. sergio? >> neighbors of dolores park say a sunny weekend in san francisco is a blessing and a curse. they love seeing people come out and enjoy the newly renovated park, but they don't love when people leave all their trash behind. as the sunset on dolores park, we wanted to see if this crowd would leave as big a mess as saturday's crowd. neighbors say it was mess that happens so often.
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>> there is so much trash. it seems like a lot of people from out of town who come to visit for the day and don't really take care of it. >> when the park is trashed, city workers often show up early the next morning to clean it up. this evening we noticed for the most part people did try to tidy up after themselves. >> they all tried to gather their stuff up around the trash containers. but they're not enough and they're not big enough. >> cassandra alexander and her neighbors watch the sunset pretty regularly. but this year they noticed a new problem she believes is related to trash in the park. >> the rat, yes. this year. prior to this year we have not noticed rats. >> there are only a couple of trash bins inside the park. so people have to haul their garbage out and stuff it into often overflowing containers. >> we are hoping to find a trash on the exterior of the park. and if not, it's going home with us. >> dolores park was reopened
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early last year after major renovations. we tried reaching out to superjeff sheehy's office for a comment but haven't gotten a response. in concord, police are looking for a serial tire slasher who was caught on camera. this morning officers found more than 20 car, trucks and tires with flat tires off clayton record along armand drive and deand a drive. it shows somebody walking up and crouching next to a truck tire. police got the first accounts around 10:00 this morning. >> looked over at my truck, and that tire was flat. and i peeked over to my neighbor's and saw their tire was flat as well. somebody just came through the neighborhood. and they're stabbing tires. >> police think this happened between 9:00 last night and 7:00 this morning. they're asking anyone who lives in the neighborhood and has a surveillance to check the video from overnight for anything that looks suspicious. a search for a missing 1-year-old girl quickly turned
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into a race to save her life in concord. police officers searched for child along leland way before finding her submerged in a backyard swimming pool. the child was unresponsive just before 5:00 p.m. officers immediately began cpr and paramedics rushed her to the hospital. investigators have not yet revealed how the child is doing. a 13-year-old napa girl is recovering after being allegedly kidnapped and held hostage for more than 24 hours. it ended when the girl bravely jumped from the kidnapper's truck near bodega bay. cornell barnard is in napa with details of the crime. >> anything being done to a child is horrific. >> neighbors inside this napa mobile home park react to news that 50-year-old timothy marble is accuse of kidnapping a 13-year-old girl. lisa says marble often stayed with relatives here but rarely spoke to anyone. >> that's really surprising. i never would have thought, especially in the park i live in. >> wow, my prayers are with her
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and her family. it's just really scary to hear. >> shock and surprise from customers at this shell station where the 13-year-old was kidnapped about 3:00 a.m. on friday. the sonoma county sheriff's department says the teen ran away from her napa home after a fight with her parents and met marble, who convinced her to get into his truck. >> spent about 26, 27 hours with her. >> reporter: sergeant spencer are come says marble drove for hours, sexual assaulting the girl and forcing her to take drink, he injected her with methamphetamine. during this long ordeal he pulled out a knife and started cutting her legs superficially and with a razor blade started carving his name into her arm. >> reporter: but the girl escaped on highway 1 in bodega bay by jumping from a moving pickup truck and hiding in some bushes while marble did something very unusual. >> he called the cops. >> when officers showed up she came up and told us she was a victim of sexual assault by this man. >> it was pretty brave to do
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that. don't know where your future holds or do i jump and take a risk and see if i make it or not. >> super brave. we're very fortunate. i can't imagine what she went through. >> police say marble has a long rap sheet across california from drug offenses to domestic violence charges. but no sex crimes. marble is in the sonoma county jail. the young girl back home with her family, trying to recover from her long ordeal. in napa, cornell bernard, abc 7 news. now to sacramento, where police are questioning several people in the shooting of a woman and two children. it happened this afternoon during a birthday party at a park. an 11-year-old boy, a 6-year-old girl and a woman were shot. all are expected to survive. on capitol hill tomorrow, the senate judiciary committee is expected to approve the next supreme court justice. senate republicans say judge neil gorsuch will be confirmed by the full senate by the end of the week. democrats have all but four votes needed to block the nomination with a filibuster.
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they want republicans to work with them to find someone who is more moderate. >> why doesn't president trump, democrats and republicans in the senate sit down and try to come up with a mainstream nominee. >> just three senate democrats publicly support gorsuch. republicans need 60 votes to get him confirmed. they say if they don't get the votes they plan to confirm gorsuch anyway using the so-called nuclear option to cut off any filibusters with just 51 votes. california is getting another infusion of cash to help with storm-related damage like the pfeiffer bridge you see here in big sur. damage beyond repair due to heavy winter rains. the trump administration announced today it will extend disaster funds to cover damage from storms in february. president trump earlier approved federal disaster funds for damage caused by weeks of flooding in january. this latest declaration will make aid available to 42 counties where winter storms caused floods, sinkholes and mud slides. a crash on the bay bridge
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injured the driver, and the highway patrol believes that man suffered a medical emergency behind the wheel. abc 7 news was on the eastern span just after the pickup smashed into the car's -- other car's plastic safety barrels as well. the barrels are designed to keep cars from running into a concrete barrier. this evening's crash slowed westbound traffic. as you can see, a chp officer comforted a dog that was riding in the back of a truck. there is much more ahead on abc 7 news at 11:00. a beautiful day takes a scary turn in santa cruz. tense moments as a tide traps a dozen people. thankfully authorities are there to respond. also, $55 million worth of drugs. a coast guard crew returns home to the bay area after quite the haul. after a beautiful warm april weekend, it looks like we're going to start the week out with some winds. but that's not the big news. big changes ahead bringing back the storm impact scale for several days this week. and some heavy rain. i'll have my accuweather seven-day forecast coming up. and later, a woman's golf
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tournament decided by a viewer at home. mike shumann explains this crazy situation. but first -- >> told ourselves at the beginning season that we wanted it. that was our goal. >> celebrating a state championship in style. the mission high school basketball team caps off a historic season with a shout out
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a highway patrol helicopter helped three people stranded on panther beach in santa cruz county. you're looking at pictures the chp santa cruz post office posted on facebook. high tide took away an easy way to walk off the beach for a dozen people and their dog. their only way out was to climb an 80-foot cliff.
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rescuers used ropes to pull two people up the cliff. the helicopter flew others to safety. abc 7 news was in alameda when the coast guard stratton returned home after tracking drug runners in the pacific. the stratton helped seize 3600 pounds of cocaine off central and south america. the drugs would have been worth about $55 million on the streets here in the u.s. >> the intent is for the coast guard to push our borders offshore, get down south where the cocaine comes out of colombia from the jungle so it never gets close to the border. >> a drone helps the true find drug runners. this is the first time a drone was used for the entire patrol. the south bay, a critical group that helps families in need has a new home. abc 7 news was in san jose as mayor sam liccardo opened the amigos de guadalupe center. they help with basic needs including affordable housing, jobs and education. now they're in a new spot on
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alum rock avenue. >> it's about investing in our young people through championships, through edge asian, through housing work. >> we have tens of thousands of residents living in my city in fear because they or a member of their family could be deported. they need information. they need access to legal services. they need access to a network that can help support them. >> the new center is four blocks away from our lady of guadalupe church at alum rock and mccre y mccreary. when one street closes down in san francisco, people play. ♪ as a abc 7 news was at golden gate park today as roller skates and roller skaters celebrated the 50th anniversary of jfk been closed to car, trucks and buses every sunday. this started in 1967 gives skater, jog es and bicyclists more fun to have fun. >> people want to get gray the
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problems of the world. and where can you do it? by closing the street off you have created a place that is fantastic for that very purpose. get away from it all. enjoy yourself in this green, sylvan environment and not have cars run you over. >> roller skating enthusiasts hope to see more people out enjoying the car-free park on the weekends. mission high school's boys basketball team is still enjoying the spotlight more than one week after capturing the state championship, the first time ever for a san francisco public school. abc 7 news reporter lilian kim has our story from oracle arena where the team was treated to special seats and recognized for their historic run. >> the san francisco mission high school! >> reporter: a special shout out to mission high school's basketball team for winning the division 3 state championship. warriors fans even gave them a standing ovation. >> it was a beautiful feeling. i loved it. the whole team loved it. >> the team got their own special section at oracle arena where they watched the warriors
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take on the wizards. >> for most of the players the seats are a real treat. they say when they usually come to a warriors game they're usually sitting in the nosebleed section. >> but this team is getting lots of attention. they defied all odds. in doing so, they became san francisco's first public school to win a state title. >> coming from mission high. and all these stones that are known, they all was ranked and stuff. and from a public school, they didn't think we was going to make it this far. >> one of the secrets to success, never looking too far aahead. staying in the moment, saying take it game by game. >> their coach has been overwhelmed with congratulatory phone call, texts and e-mails. he says the players never grasped the gravity of their historic run which turns out for the best. >> i think if they had been aware of it they might have been too nervous to actually play. but it's a huge deal. it's a huge deal for our city.
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i'm a native san franciscan. >> the players are weighing their options and deciding which college they'll be playing for. lilian kim, abc 7 news. >> congratulations to them. two of california's top youth hockey games were down to the wire playing for a state championship in san jose. >> let's go slashings! -- sharks. >> the sharks wearing the darker teal face the san francisco sabercats today. the junior sharks happen to be all girls. their opponents are an entirely -- almost entirely boys squad. one of the sharks tied the game with 17 seconds left in ot. but the say abothe sabercats pr. >> it was a little disappointing. it wasn't the outcome we were hoping for. we caught all the way the end. >> they did exceptional. i mean, they're playing against the boys. to be able to get to this far is just incredible. >> it was hard, but we did it. we pulled it off. >> both teams showing off their
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medal was pride after a grueling thriller. and hats off to all the young hockey players. >> now your accuweather forecast with lisa argen. >> hi, everyone. i hope you enjoyed the 70s and 80s. here is live doppler 7 where we're expecting just a little bit of fog. nothing out there now. in fact, skies are clear. i wanted the perspective to show you this winter-like system that is offshore. this system moving to the north. but there are systems embedded to the south of that curlicue that will be affecting not only the bay area, but as far south as southern california. so the mountains are -- could see a couple feet of snow into next weekend. i know. it's april, right? and we enjoyed 80s today. 82 in santa rosa. 72 in san francisco. 74 across the bay. 60s along the coast. waking up to the low clouds, the fog. peeling back in some breezy winds in the afternoon. but the winds will pick up tomorrow, bringing a slightly cooler afternoon. pretty chilly, half moon bay, 49. look at the warmth from vallejo
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to concord. mid-60s. with very little wind, the temperatures will continue to drop off. our forecast highlights. we have a little bit of wind in the upper elevations. but maybe some patchy coastal fog. then we're sunny tomorrow. north winds, we're going kick up 20 to 25 miles per hour. so that will make it feel cooler. then we rebound to more warm temperatures on tuesday. high clouds fill in on wednesday. and then rain returns as early as thursday. heavy rain thursday night. wave heights have been increasing steadily all weekend long. so from 12 to 14 feet. and this will ease up by tomorrow. but between now and then, it's pretty dangerous out there. so numbers in the 60s for the city tomorrow. nice afternoon, though. you should see about 62 for a high. 72 tomorrow for oakland. some subtle changes inland. more dramatic changes closer to the coast. and then things really get going. but not until the a's opener gets under way that will be nice. 62 with temperatures dropping throughout the evening hours. but beyond the middle of the
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week, you're going to want to prepare for friday. even thursday night. because the storm impact scale bringing in a strong storm. we're talk gusty winds from 3/4 of an inch to 3 inches in the north bay by saturday. so check out our hour-by-hour animation here. 5:00, we've got heavy rain on friday. it goes throughout the day. and then we have more rain behind this into saturday. and this is when we can see low snow levels along the hills here. mt. hamilton we're talking several feet in the sierra nevada. average rainfall in san francisco is 1.25 inches for april. well could see all of that by the end of the weekend, next weekend. so here we are, 0.05. by noontime on friday, more rain. an inch in the north bay. we're close to an inch in the south bay. by 7:00 on saturday, we've got an inch everywhere. up to 2.5 in the north bay. the accuweather seven-day forecast. we're breezy and sunny tomorrow. the warmest should be tuesday.
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wednesday more clouds. one on the storm impact scale. download the impact. you can track the rain that is going to last through next weekend. >> i can't believe it's april. >> i know. >> lisa, thank you. next at 11:00, in southern california, rescuers help get a dog in a terrifying situat ♪ sweet cinnamon-sugar on the outside, crazy on the inside. crave those crazy squares.
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♪ sweet cinnamon-sugar on the outside, crazy on the inside. crave those crazy squares.
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up, up, up, up! >> that's a lot of attention for this pup in southern california. lucy was hiking with her owners near malibu this morning when she fell into a 30-foot-deep well. the county urban search and rescue team set up rope system. they lowered a firefighter down the well to pull lucy out. firefighters say this is a good lesson to dog owners to keep their pets on a leash. and if they try to lower me down there, they would have had two rescues on their hands. too claustrophobic for that. big controversy today on the first lpga tour costing lexi
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thompson a major title. despite two home runs from madison bumgarner on ope
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abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> giants back in the desert to open the regular season against the d-backs. despite madison bumgarner making history at the plate, the finish looked a lot like the 2016 giants. bumgarner had a perfect game through five on the mound, but did his damage at the plate. in the fifth, mad bum for a 2-0 giants lead and tied him for most homers by a pitcher. bumgarner again just crushing this one, with two homers on opening day. he takes the giants franchise
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lead with 16 in his career. 4-3 giants. mark melancon on to close it out. got the first two but couldn't get a number three. gives up two runs. micah owings singles in the winning run. starting 2017 like 2016 ended with issues. hosting the wizards, who they're facing for the first time since kevin durant got hurt in d.c. back in february. durant looking good in pregame warm-ups. but he won't be activated for at least a week. steph meanwhile came out hot and did not cool off. first quarter, steph faking marcin gortat out of his shoes. steph with 12 in the first quarter. second quarter, andre iguodala on the fast break, leaps. backwards pounce to steph for three. 22 for curry at half and the dubs led by ten. durant loved that pass. curr re, more moves. drives to the basket. look at this finish. he is good. curry had 15 points in the
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third. he has 302 threes on the year. draymond green got his 19th career triple double with a late three. warriors against a good washington team. three their magic number to clinch the top seed in the west with five games left. all right. a big controversy on the lpga's first major, the ana inspiration. a viewer e-mailed third round leader lexi thompson improved her placement, marking her bowl on the 17th hole yesterday. so on the 13th hole today, she was told she was being given a four-stroke penalty. two for incorrect ball placement. two for handing in an incorrect scorecard. she went from lead big three to trailing by one. here is the move that resulted in the penalty. she moves the ball maybe a quarter of an inch. maybe. still today lexi had a chance to win the championship with an eagle here on 18. comes up a little short and
11:31 pm
settled for a birdie with a play-off. on the first play-off hole, thompson another birdie putt on 18. missed and yu hits hers for the win. but it's inexcusable that the lpga didn't telex i l lexi of t penalty until halfway through her round. she did say the right things afterwards with a broken heart. >> i don't know. every day is a process. i'll learn from it and hopefully do better. >> this abc 7 sports report is brought to you by river rock casino. much more coming up on this ridiculous ruling on the lpga tour. i'm fighting mad, so stick around. >> ago, he is fighting mad. the wizards better turn in the term paper because they have got school tonight. next, go inside one of the most secretive countries in the world. we take you inside north korea when technologieses between north korea and the rest of the world may be at an all-time high. back in the
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♪ sweet cinnamon-sugar on the outside, crazy on the inside. crave those crazy squares. ♪ sweet cinnamon-sugar on the outside, crazy on the inside. crave those crazy squares.
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live where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> good evening. i'm eric thomas. and tonight's headline, police in concord hope surveillance video will help them catch a person who slashed tires on cars parked in a neighborhood off clayton road. investigators think it happened between 9:00 last night and:00 this morning. at least 20 cars, truck, and trailers were damaged. in napa, a terrifying story of kidnapping, abuse and a daring escape. the sheriff's department says a 13-year-old girl who had run away from home was taken from a shell station early friday morning, held hostage for more than 27 hours, and sexually assaulted. timothy marble is the man
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accused of taking her. police say she jumped out of his moving pickup truck, and they found her after he called police. marble is in jail tonight. the warm weather this weekend brings a familiar problem around dolores park in san francisco, trash. some people are calling for more trash bins. the few around a the perimeter were overflowing by the end of the day today. some neighbors say they're seeing a problem with rats because of all the trash. this could be a big week for the white house. the senate may vote on president trump's supreme court pick. but that may not be the only headline. the investigation into russian election meddling remains front and center. abc news reporter david wright is in washington. >> a round of golf course diplomacy with senator rand paul. health care reform on the agenda. >> i remain very optimistic that we will get a bill. >> but president trump has a more immediate legislative goal on the horizon. >> i do. >> he is hoping his supreme court nominee neil gorsuch will be confirmed by the end of the week. on sunday, another democrat
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broke ranks to support gorsuch. the white house needs five more defections to bring the nomination to a vote. meanwhile, the russian investigation continues to make headlines. a new poll out this morning shows a majority of americans want an independent investigation into ties between russia and the trump campaign. >> obviously, if there was intentional disclosure of names of people who were in the trump campaign, that has to be revealed. we know for a fact the russians tried to change the outcome of our election. >> the house investigation appears to be stalled over trump's counter claim that the obama administration spied on trump tower. today the ranking democrat on the committee said he is not inclined to grant former national security adviser mike flynn's request for immunity in exchange for his testimony. >> we also have to determine whether he really can add value to our investigation, whether we need him to learn information we can't learn from other source. >> while trump continues to denounce the russia
11:38 pm
investigation as fake news, some of his cabinet members are taking a different view. >> certainly i think russia was involved in the election there is no question about that. the president has not once called me and said don't beat up on russia. has not once called me and told me what to say. >> but he isn't beating up up on russia. should he be beating up on russia? >> all of this on the eve of what may be the biggest test yet of trump's diplomatic skills. a critical meeting with china's president at mar-a-lago. david wright, abc news, washington. >> and president trump's deputy national security adviser believes pyongyang could hit the u.s. with a nuclear armed missile before the end of the president's a term. tonight abc news reporter bob woodruff is in north korea with rare access inside that authoritarian country. >> we arrive in this reclusive country at a time of rising tensions with the u.s. our hosts make a point to show us the growing capital city of pyongyang. but we hope to see something else, those sights where the
11:39 pm
north koreans have launched missiles or tested a new rocket engine since president trump took office. >> we put in all sorts of requests to visit out here. the launch locations where they t missiles are being launched. we asked if we can see those brand-new rocket engines. we're not getting that. but they said they're going to take us skiing. >> on a road deep into the countryside, we drive by workers walking in formation. then arrive as promised at north korea's brand-new ski mountain with all the trappings of a resort. >> is there any other guest here? are we the only ones? >> except it is eerily empty. the few people on the slopes skiing to patriotic music. back in the capital, the top north korean official for u.s. affairs grants us a rare interview. and we talk about secretary of state rex tillerson's recent tough talk. >> let me be very clear. the policy of strategic patience has ended. all options are on the table. >> vice foreign ministr says he thinks the possibility of a
11:40 pm
preemptive strike against the country's nuclear program is strong, later adding if you bring out a knife to attack us, we will take out a sword. now mr. han told me he has never personally met president trump before, but he did read that he is a great businessman, and he heard that he is unpredictable. which means he is preparing for everything. bob woodruff, abc news, pyongyang. to developing news in colombia now where the temperature is on for hundreds of people missing after massive mudslide. the death toll has grown to 200. about 600 survivors are in makeshift shelters without power, gas or telephone service and little clean water. the disaster struck yesterday morning when rushing river water submerged the city of maocoa catching many people as they slept. police are looking to arrest others following an attack that was screamed on facebook live. the 15-year-old victim's ordeal began when shh vanished while heading home on march 19th.
11:41 pm
police say she knew one of her attackers and he lured her to a home. someone sent the mother screen shots of her child being abused. 40 people watched the attack. police say none called 911. a 102-year-old man can now call himself a high school graduate after fighting in the second world war for two different countries and surviving a nazi prison camp. [ applause ] family, friends, and fellow vets cheered former army captain sydney cole when he got his high school diploma in buffalo, new york. like many teenagers during the depression, cole dropped out of high school to earn money for his family and never returned. cole would serve with the canadian air force and a u.s. army pilot fighting hitler's germany. >> unbelievable how they went back and opened up all these histories. >> my dad deserves everything that was said today. and i'm extremely proud of my dad. >> coal ended up being beaten and nearly starved in a german
11:42 pm
p.o.w. camp after his plane was shot down. next at 11:00, many places have been labeled no drone zones. and it's usually not easy to keep the flying objects out. but a bay area startup is trying to change all that. we've got clear skies. temperatures are cool. but several sunny and mild days ahead to enjoy before we go back to
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airports, prisons, some ski resort, even the golden gate bridge, they've all been labeled no drone zones over the past couple years. keeping drones out isn't easy. but jonathan bloom introduces us to a bay area startup stepping in to help. even before this drone took off, the sensors on the corner of this rooftop were tracking it. >> i'm going to turn on the remote. >> in fact, they knew everything about it from the moment the pilot turned it on. >> like what type of drone.
11:46 pm
maybe even if we've seen that drone flying in the airspace before. >> the sensors and the software come from d-drone. microphones listen for the telltale sounds while cameras search for the signature silhouette. >> we picked up the drone on the video sensor and we're now mapping out its flight path in realtime. >> all the while radio scanners are quietly watching the link between the drone and its wireless controller. >> video footage, that sort of thing, we can look and see what those look like. >> for all the fun you can have flying a drone, there are times and places where having one of these in the air can be a serious risk. that's what dedrone is all about. >> there was a drone that crashed in front of the white house. we thought of hey, not even this building is well protecteded against malicious drones. what else isn't protected? >> some of the biggest customers are stadiums, data center, who want their privacy and prisons. >> we've seen lots of drones carrying contraband into prisons and jails.
11:47 pm
we've seen drones smuggling drugs and weapons into ships and shipyards. >> for government agencies dedrone works with signal jammers to force a controlled landing, something even more important to american troops overseas. >> these little drones actually drop bombs into camps like 40 millimeter grenades. >> dedrone work likes anti-virus software, constantly updating to detect the newest drone that come on the market. in san francisco, jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. >> clear skies there. and blue just like we had today. but don't get used to that. here is lisa argen. >> i know. geez, i've been teasing this rain. and it just seems not nice. after what a nice weekend we had. check it out. the next seven days we're talking rain coming back. i'm not talking drizzle. i'm talking heavy rain. we should see an inch and a quarter in san francisco for the entire month. we could see more than that through next weekend. so you want the plan for that. but you also want to plan for some 70s in san jose. average high upper 60s. so it will feel like spring
11:48 pm
tomorrow with breezy winds. 70s all the way through wednesday. then the numbers begin to drop. san jose, you'll stay dry on thursday. wake up to rain on friday. but tomorrow everyone gets to enjoy a sunny and breezy afternoon. especially in the hills of the north and east bay where we'll see some gusts up to 30 miles an hour. 76 in santa rosa. san rafael, 73. and it's a 2 on our storm impact scale. you believe it? 3/4 of an inch of rain to 3 inches copping our way. the rainiest time will be overnight thursday night into friday morning. and then it lasts through saturday. so we've had summer-like weather this weekend. well, you know, look what is going to happen. the first half of the week is dry and mild and even warm. the second half of the week wet and rainy. and you are prepared. that's all i can say. i told you. >> typically speaking, sp if somebody wanted to play golf on thursday morning, they could probably get it in in the north bay? hmm, who would that be?
11:49 pm
>> just getting it out there. all right. the lpga tour needs to address their ruling on tv viewers calling or e-mailing infractions that can change the outcome of a tournament. it happened today in the first ma the uncertainties of hep c. wondering, what if? i let go of all those feelings. because i am cured with harvoni.
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abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> a big controversy at the lpga's first major of the year. the ana inspiration. a viewer e-mailed that third round leader lexi thompson improved her placement, marking her ball on the 17th hole yesterday. so on a 13th hole today, she was told she is being given a four-stroke penalty. two for the incorrect ball placement, and two for handing in an incorrect scorecard. she went from lead big three to trailing by one. here is the move that resulted in the penalty. she moves the ball maybe an 1/8 of an inch, maybe. you wouldn't even notice that in realtime. look at that.
11:53 pm
that's barely noticeable. seems to me, someone was looking for something and cameras were rolling today just after she finished her 12th hole. >> from a wrong place. and two for an incorrect score on the 17th hole. >> is this a joke? >> no, it's not. it's not at all. >> all right. you can hear her ask is this a joke? in between tears, she goes out and makes a long birdie anyway on 13. her first hole after hearing the news. staying in the hunt. she still had a chance to win the championship with this eagle putt on 18. comes up a little short. you had to believe she was just out of her mind. settle for birdie in a play-off with so yeon ryu. right back to 18 for the first play-off hole. thompson with a birdie chance from the other side. also leaves it short. and then ryu had this birdie putt for the win.
11:54 pm
it's inexcusable that the lpga didn't tell x than halfway through her round. >> it's unfortunate what happened. i did not mean that at all. i didn't realize i did that i learned a lot about myself and how much fight i do have in me. and i don't know. every day is a learning process. i wasn't expecting what happened today. but it is what it is. it happens. i'll learn from it and hopefully do better. >> golf is the only sport that allows tv viewers to become officials. the pga tour eliminated this for the 2017 season except in majors. you would never finish a game in any other sport if tv viewers were calling constantly. i understand the two-stroke penalty for ball placement. but you can't penalize her for signing incorrect scorecard when she didn't realize it until the next day. lexi handled it like the pro and
11:55 pm
the lpga should be embarrassed and change its rule tomorrow. angel cabrera finished his day in the rain. right online, ace. cabrera finished it at 4 under. a winner automatically qualifies for the master if they need it. russell henley needed it. this chip on 13 sets up a birdie for the outright lead. and then 35 foot birdie on 14 will help him pull away in lieu of five birdies on the back nine as well. a 65. he is minus 20 pour the week. a three-stroke win over sun kang. the sharks power fade got worse despite a win as joe thornton left with a left leg injury here in the first period. no score in the first. but the shot is block. but tomas hertl is there for the rebound. less than two minutes later, hertl keeps the puck this the zone. marc-edouard vlasic takes the shot and right time for hertl.
11:56 pm
2-0 sharks. an empty netter in the 3-1 victory. three games left in the regular season. women's national title game. south carolina/mississippi state. the gamecocks led by double-digits most of the way. third quarter off the turnover. alicia gray. nice finish. she had 18. mississippi state wouldn't go away. jasmine holmes cuts it to four midway through the fourth period. but asia wilson would not be denied. 23 point, 10 boards earning outstanding player honors. mississippi state, morgan williams, a hero in the last two games. she was held to eight points as south carolina takes it, 67-55 for their first national title. 13 years after facing off for the very first time at this tournament. roger federer and raffy nadal met once again. fed ex continues its early season. off four break point, had five of his own. the 35-year-old has won the australian open, indian wells and now the miami open with a
11:57 pm
straight sets victory for his 91st career title. said afterwards he would take a break in the clay court season and only play in the french. this brought to you by river rock casino. golf has the most strict rules in all of sports. players call penalties on themselves if they realize there is a penalty. somebody had to be looking for something like that. >> this has jacked you up. >> it drives me crazy. >> thanks for joining us, folks. have a good one. bye-bye.
11:58 pm
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