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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  April 3, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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as sue said, happy monday if there is such a thing. like how you said that. you have made it to april 3rd. it's 5:00 a.m. thank you for being here. >> nice to have so many new friends here this morning. >> it's nice to be here. it has been a while. >> great weekend this weekend. picture perfect. >> picture perfect. plenty of sunshine. we will see the sunshine continue today and cooler air moves in and with live doppler 7, temperatures are on the 7, temperatures are on the cooler side, especially north bay. sunny and breezy especially at the coast and parts of the north
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bay and that means afternoon temperatures are slightly cooler. mid-70s inland and low 70s around the bay and low 60s at the coast. hi, sue. >> good morning. we are checking your roads for your monday commute out of the central valley, and we are seeing slow traffic up over the altamont pass. and about an hour from tracy into the interchange, an hour commute already at 5:01 this morning. we will check an alternate root in just a few minutes. and emergency repair work is going to happen this morning across the bridge. >> it could be tough getting through the toll plaza this morning, and kate larson is at the bridge with more. kate? >> reporter: yes, good morning to you. the traffic is moving nicely out here right now, and this is the eastbound side of 80 across the carquinez bridge starting at 7:00 this morning. traffic might slow down quite a lot. let's look at video.
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they will be doing some emergency road repairs this morning starting at 7:00, and it's is that corrected to go through until 2:00, and now the road actually, as you can see from the video looks good from the surface, but we are told by caltrans there's damage under the surface of the road and that's what they are going to be repairing later today. they are going to close the three lanes closest to us, closest to the inside and around 7:00 they are going to start coning those off in the middle of the carquinez bridge, and this is just on the east bay-pound eastbound side. we will let you know if we start to see construction crew show up here. back to you. >> thank you, kate. antioch police are investigating a shooting that took place outside crewsers saloon. officers found a victim with a single gunshot wound and he was rushed to a nearby hospital and we don't have word on his condition. the shooter is on the loose.
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call the antioch police if you have information that could help them track down the suspect. police found a victim on k street near west 7th street last night, and an ambulance rushed him to the hospital where he shortly died. a 13-year-old napa girl is recovering after allegedly getting kidnapped, sexually assaulted and held hostage for more than 24 hours. investigators said that she was taken in napa. the girl bravely jumped from the suspect's moving truck near bodega bay. >> anything being done to a child is horrific. >> neighbors inside the mobile home park reacted that timothy marble is accused of kidnapping a 13-year-old girl, and one
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neighbor said he rarely spoke with anybody. >> i never would have thought, especially, you know, in the park i live in. >> my prayers are with her and her family. that's really scary to hear. >> shock and surprise from customers at the shell station where the 13-year-old was kidnapped about 3:00 p.m. on friday. the teen ran away from her napa home after a fight with her parents and met marble who convinced her to get his truck. >> he spent 26 or 27 hours with her. >> marble drove for hours, sexually assaulting the girl and forcing her to take drugs. forcing her to take drugs. >> he injected her and then he cut her legs and carved his name into her arm. >> then she escaped by jumping from the truck, and marble did something unusual. >> he called the cops.
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>> when deputies showed up. >> she came up to us and told us she was sexually asaulsaulted b this man. >> she was very brave to do that. >> super brave. we are very fortunate. i can't imagine what she went through. >> what a story. police say marble has a long rap sheet across california from drug offenses to domestic charges, and no sex crimes. the girl is now recovering from that trauma. at the live desk, the threat of severe weather continues this morning all across the south bringing hail and threats of tornadoes. strong and damaging winds and hail hit parts of louisiana. some states will see torrential rain and areas of flash flooding today. three people have died because of this weather.
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i want to show you this. storm chasers caught a tornado on tape as it was forming. this is about 80 miles northwest of baton rouge. drivers had to race to get out of its path. the biggest threat today is in southern alabama. >> this morning we want to show you draw mat skpwreupha dramatig police video of a shooting in salt lake utah. >> what are you doing, dude. >> it's not clear why two officers approached sanchez at a gas station, but after a brief and verbal exchange, you see sanchez lift his shirt and reveal he has a gun, and he took off and the officers fell and whps sanchez pointed his gun at the office's face, and the officer took the gun and shot sanchez several times and dropped it and then pulled out his own gun. this happened so fast leaving the other officer so confused. >> he hears the shots being fired and he doesn't know if
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sanchez has another weapon on him. >> and sanchez died and both officers are on paid administrative leave. a teenage boy faces sexual assault charges after an attack streamed on facebook live and now police are looking to make more arrests. the 15-year-old victim vanished while on her way home, and she knew one of her attackers and lured her to his house, and 40 people watched the attack on facebook live, and people say -- police, rather, say none of them called 911, and the 14-year-old suspect now faces several felony charges, including criminal sexual assaults. in marin, engineers are moving forward with studies on a major realignment on a hairpin curve on lucas road.
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the county supervisors signed off on the contract to conduct design and env kwraestudies to help pay for the rest. spring has sprung but it might be difficult convincing these crews at yellowstone national park. they are busy removing tons of slow ahead of the busy tourist season. crews are working 12-hour shifts preparing the park for the summer. this is the west thumb area of the park. we are looking at temperatures right now a little cooler and drier as you wake up and head out the door. only in the 40s in parts of the north bay, and napa 46 and novato 46. also, if you are headed outside your allergies might be bothering you. tree pollen is high and grass pollen has gone up to moderate. highs will be in the upper 70s in some of the warmest locations
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like concord, that77. and san jose only hitting 68 degrees. lows tonight, we will see more 40s. widespread 40s in parts of the north bay, and santa rosa, 44. oakland, 52 degrees. we have got rain on the way. mild weather for the next few days, but on thursday night the rain moves in, late, and then we have got a moderate storm on friday with some very gusty winds. i will tell you all about that. we could see gusts to 40 and 50 miles per hour. it tapers off to showers on saturday and hopefully dry for the end of next weekend. sue has a look at mass transit. >> muni reporting no problems getting around the system on light rail or on the buses. b.a.r.t. has 42 rains running on time at this time. and ace train number one
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arriving on time. the red sensors coming out of the central valley is typical with a 45 to 50-minute drive, and we have a new accident reported, four cars involved all off on the shoulders but debris in lanes causing slowing, northbound 101 before oyster point. we will check on that when we come back in just a few ppb a scary scene for a woman pumping gas when somebody tries to take her car. how that driver fought back. >> the coast guard returns home to alameda after a massive cocaine bust. we will show you what made this one so different. stay on top of weather and traffic by keeping tabs on your traffic by keeping tabs on your screen t
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up, up, up! >> aww. >> that's the way we wanted this to end. a dog in southern california was hiking with her owners when she fell into a 30-foot well yesterday. the search and rescue team set up a rope system to firefighter down the well and get her, and she is doing fine just now. you are looking at pictures you are looking at pictures from the
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rescuers used ropes to pull people up and the helicopter was used to take others to safety. and then more on new surveillance video of the tennessee teacher. >> a confirmed sighting. this new video giving fresh clues in the search for a tennessee teen and her alleged kidnapping. the two captured on security cameras at a walmart in oklahoma city two days after her disappearance. 700 miles away from her home in columbia, tennessee. the new picture showing small changes to their appearance. >> you have to look at physically how they are moving. the dynamic is i am in charge, and you are following me and we are going to keep it that way. investigators say the pair bought food in the store paying
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with cash, and the two disappeared after comings was accused of having an inappropriate relationship with the teen. more coming up on that. and cell phone shows a and cell phone shows a pickup truck slammed into a church bus. the driver and just one person on the bus survived that crash. no charges yet in that case. abc7 news was in alameda when the crew of the "the stratton" returned home. it helped to seize cocaine off of central america.
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those drugs would have been about 35 million bucks here in the u.s. >> and we need to get down south where the cocaine comes out of columbia from the jungle so it has no chance to get close. >> this marks the first time a coast guard crew used a drone for an entire patrol mission. >> this is a interesting way the state is hoping to fix the teacher shortage. a bill was introduced that would make teachers exempt from paying state income taxes. you have to be on the job for at least five years. this bill is going to head to various legislative committees over the coming weeks and will likely face opposition since the governor said california can't afford new initiatives to fix the ongoing shortage. more than a week becoming the first san francisco basketball team to win a
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championship, and the team was treated to special seats at oracle last night where they were recognized for their historic run. they defied all odds beating big-name schools. >> they were all ranked and stuffed, and they didn't think we were going to make it this far. >> in the moment, staying in the moment, saying, take it game by game. >> they did stay in the moment and quite a moment it was. many of the players are now deciding which college they will play for next year. >> back street is back, all right. las vegas went a little country last night for the academy of country music awards but everybody is talking about this blast from the past. >> backstreet boys featuring a track by the country duo, '90s boy band plan to perform
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for florida georgia line for a couple shows during the tour. >> that was one of the best songs from the '90s as far as i am concerned. >> i would love to see their vegas show. >> let's do it. francis, you in? >> i think i remember this kind of move from them. we have clear skies right now, and live doppler 7 showing us high clouds over sacramento. if you are headed to the coast, just be extra careful, a beach hazard in effect until 7:00. highw high waves, 15 to 16 feet. temperatures in the low 50s. san francisco and oakland, right at 50 degrees. san jose 51. some of the valleys and cooler locations in the 40s, like gilroy at 49. we have sunny, breezy and cooler conditions today. mild temperatures near seasonal through wednesday, and a lot of
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sunshine. it's going to be a moderate storm by friday. highs today will range from low 60s at the coast and even mid-60s, and 63 in half moon bay, and san francisco, not as warm as yesterday, so only 68 today. on abc exclusive storm impact scale, this storm on ranks a level two and is moderate. gusty winds, 30 to 50 miles per hour. so thursday night looks like the best chance of rain is in the north bay. friday morning rain spreads throughout the bay area, and could be a messy commute. starts to taper off on friday evening and we could see a lingering shower into saturday. i wanted to show you the wind gusts as well, and 15 miles per hour in the north bay and breezy around the bay area, so this could mean wind advisories on friday. here's the accuweather 7day
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forecast, sunny through wednesday. there's the storm towards the end of the week. sue, how is it looking out there? >> let's look at the bay bridge toll plaza where there are no metering lights yet and the right lanes are starting to slow up and bunch up due to cash-paying folks. slow traffic out of the central valley, you can see the red sensors within a 45-minute drive from tracy into pleasanton. and westbound 80 moving an accident off to the shoulder on pinole county road. you will see a 20-minute delay, and chp is on scene there. and further to the east of that, and further to the east of that, eastbound 80, this c c car canious bridge delay.
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an accident near oyster point on 101 in the south city area, we will check back on that in just a few. >> thank you, sue. take a look at the video out of massachusetts. do ot let your guard down at the gas station, and here is why. a guy jumped into the driver's seat of a woman's suv yesterday while she was at the pump, and she sprayed him with gas. he took off and dragging her several feet. she later ran inside the station and called 911, and police found the abandoned suv a few blocks away, and the suspect still on the loose. the victim was not seriously injured. >> glad they found her car, though. abc7 news was at aquatic park in san francisco as boaters rescued one person who was struggling in the water yesterday. the boaters pulled the person aboard and pwraubrought them up the pier and that person is going to be okay. and this young internet sensation --
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>> this morning, we will meet this inspirational middle school star who can shoot with the best of them. of them. >> april is
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good is in every blue diamond almond. and once good gets going, there's no stopping it. blue diamond almonds. get your good going. it's 5:24 and here are the seven things you need to know today. heads up if you drive on the carquinez bridge in vallejo. bridge work starting at 7:00, and the three left eastbound lanes will be closed until 2:00 today. b.a.r.t. riders already disappointed with the new warm springs station, and riders have to transfer trains because there are not enough to run a two-line service according to the "mercury news." and we headed to the san francisco area where northbound 101 an accident clearing by oyster point, and i am not seeing slowing there but you may
5:25 am
have debris in lanes, so a heads up for that. and we will see sunshine today and temperatures will be cooler and that means breezy conditions as well at the coast. san francisco, 68. oakland, 72. warmer in san jose at 77. and this man accused of kidnapping, assaulting and holding a napa teen hostage for 27 hours and injecting her with meth. police say he convinced her to get into his pickup at a gas station on friday and the teen escaped by jumping out of his pickup. the man was arrested. the senate judiciary committee expected to approve neil gorsuch for the next supreme court justice. baseball back in action. it's opening day for the oakland a's as they take on the angels here tonight at home. the giants opened their season yesterday with a loss to the diamondbacks, their first home game is next monday against
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arizona. now to an inspiring story of determination. a florida team is wowing the world for his fearless ability on the basketball court. >> he lost his arms due to a bacterial infection. he is now an internet star. he lead his teammates to victory in the middle school game, and he says having no arms isn't going to stop him from getting out there. >> i just pass, and it boosts me and up and i try every day to stay positive and you can do whatever you can if you want to. >> this kid is unbelievable. he tells our sister network, espn, he started to shoot hoops when he was 10 and kept practicing, and he plays football. this is -- from this kid, i guess it doesn't surprise me, but he taught himself to play
5:27 am
the drums. >> wow. very talented. if that doesn't get you going and inspired for the workweek, i don't know what does. we are coming back, the search in the east bay for this person, and the damage to nearly two dozen cars police think he caused. and then being mum about the spillway damage, and why one state lawmaker asking if it's all a cover-up. it's 5:27. look at a lightly travelled look at a lightly travelled embarcadero so far this morning. life's bleachable moments need clorox bleach. look at a lightly travelled embarcadero so far this morning.
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i am going to predict it's going to be a good day. >> me too. >> i am going to go ahead and say that, at 5:30 on this monday morning, and when you have
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sunshine, doesn't it put you in a good mood. >> yeah, and i think it will continue because you will see a lot of sunshine. >> we will make it a great day. live doppler 7 showing clear skies right now, and you might want to grab an extra layer, a sweater, but this afternoon with breezy conditions at the coast that means temperatures by afternoon will be slightly cooler compared to yesterday, but still really comfortable. inland areas in the mid-70s. around the bay, low 70s. the coast will start to cool down quickly so by the afternoon we will ceelo 60s. we have a moderate storm coming co , and i'll tell you about that. look at the 55-minute drive from the tracy area into dubl dublinton. we are seeing delays if you are traveling from vallejo towards berkeley, expect a 35-minute drive. they hopefully will get those two vehicles, at least one of
5:31 am
them is blocking a lane. northbound 101 before oyster point, this one in the clearing phase, and chp is doing a quick break to get that out of there. it has only been open a little more than a week and some b.a.r.t. riders are not happy with the newest station. >> the problem is not with the warm springs station itself, it's with the lack of trains. matt keller is live in fremont with the issue, matt. >> reporter: good morning, reggie and jessica, and a lot of people were happy to save ten to 15 minutes in their commute to head on this line, and if you get on the richmond line you have to stop at the fremont station and get off the train and get on another train, and wasting all that time you saved in the early-morning hours by coming to the warm springs station. it seems like a lot of passengers already figured that out. >> do you take the richmond line? >> no, dai daly city.
5:32 am
>> do you take the richmond line? >> no. >> do you take the richmond line? >> no. san francisco. >> yeah , a lot of nos this morning. can you go anywhere on the daly city line from warm springs, but if you are on the richmond line you have to transfer to another northbound train and then at 6:00 p.m. and weekends that schedule flips. it makes sense to just drive to the fremont station if you are taking the richmond line. the b.a.r.t. sportsman said there's not enough cars to run a full-line service. and steve glazer said he was not surprised saying b.a.r.t. has a history of over promising and under delivering and that's why public confidence in b.a.r.t. is declining. reporting live in fremont, matt
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keller, abc7 news. new this morning we are tracking a house fire in hraet yo. robert sanford showed this video showing the huge flames. nobody was hurt. the southern marin fire protection district says the fire was contained to the garage area. investigators still trying to figure out what started it. two people out of their house this morning after their home caught fire in santa rosa. the three-story home caught fire around 8:30 last night. the house did not have cell service so the victims could not call for help themselves. a neighbor saw the fire and got help. the firefighters could not save the house but the two people and their dog made it out okay. a devastating death for a concord family. a 1-year-old girl died after police found her unconscious in a backyard swimming pool.
5:34 am
the family called police to say she was missing on lexington road, and she was found submerged in the fool ju before 5:00 yesterday, and they were not able to save her. happening today the senate judiciary committee expected to approve the next supreme justice, and senate republicans say neil gorsuch will be confirmed by the full senate by the end of the week. democrats have all but four of the votes needed to block the nomination with the filibuster, and they want republicans to work with them to find somebody who is more moderate. >> why doesn't trump, democrats and republicans in the senate sit down and try to come up with a mainstream nominee? >> meanwhile, three senate democrats publicly support gorsuch. republicans need 60 votes to get him confirmed. they can use the so-called nuclear option to cut off any possible filibuster with just 51
5:35 am
votes. north korea expected to be a major topic of discussion with the upcoming meeting with china's president. he said he is prepared to act alone if china does not take a tougher stand against north korea's nuclear program. speaking of south korea, last month secretary of state rex tillerson did not rule out military action against north korea. and trump's son-in-law expected to play a role in the meeting with china's meeting. and heraveling with the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. kushner expected back in washington in the next few days, and he has been advising the president on relations with the middle east, canada and mexico. and a tweet from the president says the death toll from a massive mudslide climbed to 254 people, and the desperate
5:36 am
search for hundreds still missing continues this morning. torrential rain fighting caused the river to overflow and sent mud surging through the city, and survivors are in makeshift shelters with almost no clean water and no other services. and then another major infusion of federal cash to help with our storm-related damage. $540 million now headed to california to cover damage from february's storms. it's the fourth inskwrubgtion of federal dollars from the president and covers every bay area county except for san francisco which did not see as much damage from the storms. >> and $274 million going to fix the orville dam. the money will go to stabilizing the main and spillways and response costs that have been building since 200,000 people were evacuated in february. state and federal officials are
5:37 am
blocking the release of information about the specifics of the repairs, and signing potential security wrists, and nielsen represents the orville area and is calling for an oversight hearing and wants to know whether the security risk is real or is being used to cover-up spillway design flaws. if you are like me, you will not like this news, because of all the weather, so rainy, it's leading to more bugs, including mosquitos. and look at surveillance of a person wanted for slashing tires on nearly two dozen vehicles. a neighbor shared this surveillance video with us and it appears to show somebody walking up and crouching next to a truck. these cars were on aur men drive
5:38 am
and dean duh drive. one man says it was pretty obvious it was not an accident. >> i looked over at my truck and that tire was flat and i peeked that tire was flat and i peeked over to my neighbor's there's was flat as well. >> they are asking anybody to check their surveillance cameras to see if they see someth suspicious. april is detracted driver awareness month. this wednesday is the maximum enforcement day in dublin. it is illegal to hold your phone while behind the wheel and only drivers 18 years old older can use hands free devices. happening today, good news for oakland a's fans. it's opening day. >> that's right.
5:39 am
fans encouraged to get there early today for the all the pregame festivities, including naming the field after rickie henderson. and bill king is the voice of the a's for 25 years. the first 25,000 fans will get an opening night pennant, and they're opening against the l.a. angels. it will be comfortable weather if you are headed to the game tonight. starts off in the mid-60s at 7:05, and then drops down to the upper 50s, so have a jacket for when the game ends. temperatures a little cooler than yesterday at this time and we have less cloud cover and a cold colder temperatures coming through. in parts of the south bay, pretty cool in cupertino at 46 degrees. today's highs will be cooler compared to yesterday. there will be a breeze at the
5:40 am
coast and parts of the north bay still mild. napa, 75. in some inland areas, will still hit the upper 70s. oakland, 72, and san francisco only at 68 degrees. you will need your allergy medicine, tree pollen high and grass pollen up to medium. and then once again in the 40s for parts of the north bay, and we are tracking a storm. next chance of rain comes our way thursday into friday. hi, sue. >> good morning, francis. good morning, everybody. we have metering lights at the bay bridge toll plaza, and you are looking at a 12-minute delay to get through the tolls, and that pretty smooth sailing on the upper deck into san francisco. and westbound 80 near pinole valley road, your drive time from vallejo into berkeley is 35 minutes before you get into the bay bridge backup. first reports of a accident in
5:41 am
santa rosa, eastbound 12 near stoney point road, injuries in a car facing the wrong way. we will check back with chp on that one, and that's the eastbound direction. more when we come back in just a few minutes. what investigators are saying went wrong after that massive explosion at a carnival. >> scary stuff. we have several recalls to tell you about this morning, including the chili packets that could have salmonella. >> and the cleanup at the park >> and the cleanup at the park is frustrating, but ♪
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5:44 am
breaking news just coming in. ten people have died in an explosion inside a train car at a subway station in russia. just happened a few minutes ago in st. petersburg. we are working to confirm details but state media is reporting there was more than one blast, and all of this unfolding right now. i will keep looking for any new details and we will bring you an update as soon as possible. massive explosion as a carnival in france over the weekend left 18 people hurt, including children. here it is.
5:45 am
hundreds gathered to light the lighting of the bonfire, and the gasoline to light the fire was mishandled and caused that explosion, and chunks of wood flew into the crowd causing burns, and everybody is expected to survive. bill cosby in the courtroom, his lawyers want to bar any mention of drugs when cosby stands trial in june. he is accused of molesting and drugging a woman in his home in 2004. he admitted to getting quaaludes in the 1970s and giving them to women before having sex, and that admission shows cosby is familiar with date-rate drugs, and his lawyers say that's irrelevant because the drugs irrelevant because the drugs were banned years before the
5:46 am
2002 incident. police say an oakley man started a fight after being asked to leave, and he suddenly pulled out a gun and fired. party guests held down the gunman until the and arrested him. and if you were at this park this weekend, i probably saw you there, but there's frustration because of the trash left behind. trash around the park after crews spent hours on saturday cleaning it up, and then look at sunday's crowd, and neighbors tell us this is not a new issue. they love to see people enjoying the green space, they are not happy when people can't clean up after themselves. >> so much trash. seems like there's a lot of people from out of town that came to visit for the day, and don't really take care of it. >> now some neighbors say for the first time this year, they are seeing rats at the park as a result. one of the major issue, not
5:47 am
enough trash bins. you can see they are overflowing with garbage. several signs have been set up to remind people to take their crash with them. crash with them. and then tesla up production from last year. a few days ago the electric carmaker was reported to have 3,000 openings in the fremont plant, and most are expected to be in manufacturing. we know how much of a traffic nightmare can be when streets close in san francisco, but when one particular street shuts down, people put on their roller skates. i can't get over this for some reason. are they doing the electric slide? >> looks like it. >> this is a special once a week event at golden gate park.
5:48 am
jfk drive is closed to cars and buses to give walkers and joggers and people on roller skates more room. >> people wanted to get away from the problems of the world and where can you do it? by closing the street off you created a place fantastic for that purpose, get away from it all, and enjoy yourself in this environment and don't get run over by cars. >> free parks on the weekends. >> that makes me smile. we wanted to highlight some of the newest and weirdest foods we are seeing around the league this year with baseball. >> how does a taco dog sound. it's a hot dog rapped in a tortilla, with jalapenos and cheese and sour cream. if you want to try the chicken funnel cake sandwich, you will have to head to chase field in
5:49 am
arizona. arizona. it's a chicken patty between funnel cake. and then minute maid park in -- >> i am drawing the line at the chicken thing. >> i would eat the spam thing. >> the two of us are real odd balls, and we grew up eating spam and rice, so take that into spam and rice, so take that into consider ache >> we have got clear skies right now with live doppler 7, and you see that from mount tam looking from san francisco. san francisco is currently 50. oakland 50. san jose, 51. from suture towards san
5:50 am
francisco, we will see a lot of sunshine. with the breeze it means temperatures are cooler today at the coast. mild temperatures continue through wednesday and then a storm arrives early thursday and continues into friday and saturday. highs today will hit the upper 70s in concord, and 77 in san jose. oakland, 72. notice san francisco dropping down to 68 degrees today. on our storm impact scale on friday the storm ranks a two, moderate. rain up to three inches and gusty winds as well, and widespread rain by friday morning, and could be a very messy commute. i will have more details coming up on the storm in my next report. sue has been tracking a fire we have a grass fire off the side of the road highway 37, between willen and highway 29 and it's visible from the
5:51 am
roadway, and chp has contacted vallejo fire department to come check on that. the slow traffic you are see something where two lanes merge down to one in the westbound direction after the bridge, so there's slow traffic in the area there. in santa rosa, a vehicle facing the wrong way and injuries involved. not seeing a lot of slow traffic here yet but we will follow that for you this morning. we also have traffic on the peninsula coming up towards south san francisco, i should say northbound 101 an earlier accident cleared and still debris in lanes but not a lot of slowing here. new at 6:00, not what you want to hear. a health alert about the flu. we thought we were done with this and there's a late-season sickness and what can you do to keep healthy. surviving a nazi prison surviving a nazi prison camp, and now a new honor 85
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
a 102-year-old man can call himself a high school graduate, and he fought in world war ii and survived a nazi prison camp. family friends and fellow vets cheering on former army captain sidney cole when he received high school diploma in new york. he served with the canadian air force and as a u.s. army pilot. >> unbelievable. i went back through all of these histories. >> my dad deserved everything that was said today and i am
5:55 am
extremely proud of my dad. >> cole got the royal treatment in addition to his was awarded ten military service medals. and then a recall on hunts chili kits here could be contaminated with salmonella. and the recall only affects certain kits, and go to for more information. and then taking back 52,000 trucks that could move while in the park position, and ford encouraged the owners of the models to always use the parking brake as a safety precaution. ford said it has not received any kwreuri any reports of injuries or accidents because of the defect. ford says it will fix that issue for free. we have breezier conditions
5:56 am
this morning, and that means temperatures are coming down compared to yesterday. slightly cooler numbers in store for us this afternoon. san francisco, 68, and low 70s in oakland, and fremont, 77 san jose. thursday night a storm moves in and it will be light on thursday but by friday it ranks a two moderate and drops down into saturday and sunday. the forecast shows temperatures starting to rebound into wednesday and then evening showers on thursday, and then rainy and windy on friday. we have issues with mechanical problems on the mechanical problems on the subway ace trains one and three are running on schedule this morning, and we had a fire visible on the freeway from
5:57 am
wilson and highway 29, and you are seeing slow traffic on 37. that's primarily due to the two lanes merge into one, westbound 37. >> thank you. a new baby otter is making his official debut at the aquarium of the bay in san francisco this month. this is baby tahoe. he's a juvenile north american river otter, and he is the newest member at pier 39, and will officially the public on monday. and then taking on marriage equality in australia and the way you can help. help on the way to fix dangerous roads in the north bay. bay. how soon drivers will see
5:58 am
what's the story behind green mountain coffee and fair trade? let's take a flight to colombia. this is boris calvo. boris grows mind-blowing coffee. and because we pay him a fair price, he improves his farm and invest in his community to make even better coffee. all for a smoother tasting cup.
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green mountain coffee. i'm vern, the orange money retirement rabbit, from voya. i'm the money you save for retirement. who's he? he's green money, for spending today. makes it easy to tell you apart. that, and i am better looking. i heard that. when it's time to get organized for retirement, it's time to get voya. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ to take advantage of this offer on a volvo s90, visit your local dealer. how soon drivers will see now at 6:00, you can't see
6:00 am
it, but hidden trouble is there under a busy bay area freeway and it's about to cause a major headache for drivers. >> and that's because caltrans is going to shut down i-80 for repairs. >> good news, it will be sunny while it's happening. just trying to put in a silver lining on this one. welcome to monday morning. >> we have sue and francis here, and it's going to be a great day because of the sun, right? >> yeah, we will see lots of sunshine but the breezes will pick up along the coast and portions of the north bay. there's a beach hazard in until 11:00 this morning. look out for large breakers, sneaker waves and rip currents. temperatures in the 50s by 9:00


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