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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  April 3, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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displa displaced. >> abc7 news reporter, leslie brink ler sat down with the mayor to go over what's next. leslie. >> that's right, dan. on friday, there were e-mail we told you about showing for month, oakland fire inspectors warned of the danger of the fire code violations and nothing was ever done about it. today, talk turned to how to avert another tragedy. there was the ghostship fire in december, 36 lives lost and last week the meade fire, four per h perished. >> we cannot afford to lose one more life. >> reporter: the council member endors and the catch me if you can. >> the property owners take advantage of the city. >> you have to guarantee my city where i live. >> we are watching and holding those property owners accountable.
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>> reporter: the mayor calls for increasing the amount of fire inspectors from 6 to 12 and will modify the fee schedule to pay for them before the budget is finalized. a new database will final the communications between departments. >> the idea is make these build, safe before it comes to conditions that would require red tagging. >> reporter: instead, the city plans to dramatically increase blue tagging. >> it does not require the people to be displaced from their homes. it is a method on the books for a while. that is something we are lifting up and retraining all personnel. >> there is the ability to correct some violations or some concerns. with the tenant still in the building or move them from one area of the building to another area while we work on fire safety systems. >> some argue it's not a big enough stick to force compliance. >> if i need to red tag you, that's what i have to do. there is no compromise for that.
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>> reporter: blue tagging or red t tagging, lives hang in the balance. in oakland, i'm leslie brinkley, abc7 news. a man wanted on an attempted murder charge in monterey county is facing the same challenger in the bay area. 19-year-old alexander monzon was arrested. the driver is expected to survive. while searching for monzon, they learned he was already wanted on a 4$4.1 million warranted. this man was arrested for an inappropriate relationship with a minor. he was arrested yesterday and accused of exposing himself to a woman in an osh parking lot and he admitted to an inappropriate relationship with the teenager. >> high surf more than 13 feet capsized and killed a san jose man this afternoon.
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another person survived and all this happened on to mamales bay waiting for the emergency truck to arrive. >> over my shoulder is the boat. a few moments ago, friends of the victim told us, his name is brian ho, a dealer at the casino in san francisco. everyone at this party, we're told, worked at that ca ssincas. let's begin with the man who tried to save his life. we found him sitting quietly. kim so exhausted he can barely lift his head trying to understand why he survived. >> i'm so tired now, sorry. >> reporter: this is the high surf that nearly took his life and claimed another. 46-year-old brian ho of san jose, crossing the sandbar and
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planning to pick up friends and go clamming when overwhelmed. >> a big wave and the boat flipped up. brian tried to set the dog and he hold on with the dog and he fall down with the dog. >> reporter: locals who know these water describe the conditions as treacherous. doug told us the best way to deal with them is stay away. what's it like in 13 plus waves? >> there's an elevation. it causes a crash and they're pretty close together, about every four seconds. even experienced boaters usually don't want to go out there. >> reporter: for several hours after the accident, rescue crews kept the body in an ambulance awaiting the coroner. the boat sits on the beach and the lone survivor trying to make sense of what should have been a good day turned tragic. >> he tried to save rbrian's
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life. >> reporter: in marin county, wayne freedman, abc7 news. emergency crews on the scene of a severe crash. look at the video from our helicopter. one of the vehicles caught fire. one person was injured and taken to the hospital. the road is closed off for the investigation. a restaurant owner says hate won't keep him from supporting the rights of immigrants and muslims in oakland. the owner in oakland said someone defaced the restaurant and amongling inside the glass. he serves dishes from several middle eastern nations and many workers are immigrants. >> they come here for a safe place and it should be a safe place for them, my wife and myself and my customers. i won't take them down. >> the owner reported the vandalism to the police and office of the east bay
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congresswoman barbara lee as well. happening now, state sena r senators are still debating a bill that would make california a sanctuary state. advocates rallied in support of the california values act. if it becomes a law it would ban state law enforcement to use resources for undocumented workers. >> i.c.e. has been a little lazy right now and taxing california residents by using our local resources. they should use their federal resources. they can pick up folks they want, it's that simple. >> backers of the bill hope to get a vote this evening. a controversial law giving california immigrants driver's license s is making our roads safer according to a stanford study that showed the 2015 law appeared to decrease accidents by 7%. supporters had argued the measure would make state roads
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safer and force the undocumented immigrants to take driver's t t tests. a new power company made its debut in silicon valley and claims to have cleaner energy than pg&e. its rates will be set by local officials not state regulators. live at a pg&e substation. >> reporter: this is something they have done at marin provi providing customers with carbon energy without changing your meter or new service line. it happens behind the scene and promises to be good for the environment. with this symbolic ceremony, power surging into homes in silicon valley is for commitment to carb boroncarbon-free renewa. >> removing 1.2 trillion pounds
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of carbon equivalent to 150,000 cars taken off our street. >> reporter: silicon valley clean energy is a joint venture of 11 cities plus the county of santa clara and becomes the power source for 60,000 customers today and 180,000 more in july and by design they are automatically switched to the new utility unless they opt out. they say it's the only way to negotiate favorable contracted with hydrogen rated power. >> if it was an opt in process, there is no certainty as to what it would make. it's critical to the choice. >> reporter: if you select the 50% renewable energy plan, you pay 98.$98.19 or 102.07 if you select the 100% renewable plan. pg&es is a 40% renewable and 60%
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carbon-free. pg&e will continue to handle the power and repairs. in cupertino, abc7 news. >> the government is ordering wells fargo to re-hire a whistleblower and pay the manager back pay in compensation. the manager was fired in 2010 after reporting suspected mail and wire fraud. he hasn't found work afterwards. and the occupation has determined that. i cannot support this nomination. >> senator feinstein and the supreme court nomination why the so-called nuclear option is now a lot more likely. it may be fantasy football but tax implications are very real. michael finney has the story. plus, what was in this truck that had kids in the south bay scurrying to catch up with it.
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the senate judiciary committee sloecht-9 along party lines to advance neil gorsuch's nomination to the rest of the senate. the showdown begins between republicans and democrats. abc7 news reporter is in the newsroom with more on both party's strategies here. >> it ain't gonna be pretty, dan. the white house wants this nomination confirmed by friday before the senate goes on a two week recess. republicans say they will deploy a rule used in the past by the democrats called the nuclear option. if neil gorsuch is confirmed, they would have a majority in the supreme court. >> if confirmed, the nominee's decision would affect the lives
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of all americans for generati generations. with th >> reporter: with that said, dianne feinstein voted against moving forward. the democrats lost because republicans outnumbered them on the senate judiciary committee. now the nomination goes the full senate. democrats secured the 41 votes they need to sustain a filibuster and prevent an advan advancement. current rules say republicans need 60 votes to break that filibuster. right now, the republicans don't have the votes unless they change senate rules and go with what is being called the nuclear option. >> they can vote to change the rules. they only need 50 to change the rules, 51, 50 plus the vice president. >> reporter: both parties fear the implications of the nuclear option. >> if we have to, we will change the rules and it looks like we're going to have to. i hate that. >> reporter: some republican senators like ted cruz reminded everyone the nuclear option was
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first used by the democrats when some of president obama's judicial nominees were initially blocked by republicans. >> what explains the conduct here is simple. it is politics. >> what we don't like about that, the supreme court's too important to have just a bare majority support a nominee, we ought to allow it to be a higher number. that's being taken away. >> reporter: this tactic means the republicans will have an easier time getting the next supreme court nominee confirmed. in san francisco, nbc7 news. governor brown has started the ball rolling in his effort to increase the state's gasoline tax. >> 7 on your side michael finney is here with that and other consumer news. >> this is interesting with the governor. he's really selling it. governor brown is defending his plan to raise the gasoline tax before the senate. if passed it will be the first time california has adjusted its
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gas tax in 30 years. he wants to increase it an additional 12 cents bringing the gas tax to 30 cents a gallon. >> the people that use should pay. it's pay-as-you-go. we can't borrow $50 billion, can't put a $50 billion bond on the ballot. >> the governor insists the time to pass the tax is now with some 2$200 billion in unmet infrastructure needs throughout the state. a hand full of new taxes kicked in, in california, widely publicized tax, tobacco tax raised the price of a pack of cigarettes to $2 per pack in taxes alone. that tax also applies to electronic cigarettes, e cigars and other new fees including $2 added to the sale of lead acid batte batteries, the ones usually used in cars and trucks. also, vehicle registration fees were increased from $43 to 5$53.
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this year, taxes are due on april 18th. time to fill out forms is running short. here is some advice for taxpa r taxpayers who play fantasy football or baseball. remember to report any winnings. that's right. if you have cash rwinnings, you must report it as other income on your tax form. there is one little bit of good news, you can subtract any fantasy football or baseball losings as long as they don't exceed your winnings, very much like gambling. >> all right. >> that's a drag. >> thanks. the san jose earthquakes are doing their part to help raise the spirits of the youngest victims of this winter's floods. they donated a dump truck full of soccer balls. look at that. they scramble and in the end, everyone got one. >> it was really exciting for everyone to get a soccer ball and have a ball to play with at
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home. >> this way, it will encourage them to be outside and play with their friends and gives them the equipment to do that. >> the kids also got a chance to meet the earthquake's mascot and get his autograph as well. >> how fun is that? >> as launched the 2007 baseball season at their home opener at the coliseum tonight, their first home game. raiders have announced they're leaving for las vegas. eric has more with how fans are taking it. save me a chili dog. >> reporter: home opener, a party over there, a party over there and party right see them right there. this is the first home opener since raiders announced they want to move to las vegas. there is an oakland as fan not happy about the move. a lot of people feel the same way. inside the coliseum, grounds crews are up lateral sprucin ei
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the field for opening day. outside, fans fired up grills and spirits for tonight's matchup against the los angeles angels. >> it's a tradition, we come over here and watch the swinging as, as you can see. >> it's like a national holiday and you can't wait for the season to get started. >> reporter: no, not that season, baseball season. as always, like a new baseball experience. hot dogs and pretzels are taking a back seat to chicken and waff waffles, tater tots slathered in cheese and scallions, also the beginning of the end for pro football in oakland and may be driving more fans towards baseball. >> my raiders are gone, the as are here. my heart is here in oakland. >> it means a lot to have a sports team in oakland invest and stay and want to be a part of oakland tradition. >> i have friends jumping ship but i'm staying with my team. i know they're going to vegas but i'm staying with my team.
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>> reporter: the green and yellow putting on a show feat e featuring hall of famer rickey henderson who will throw out the first pitch and have the field named after him. one of the stars of "hamilton" will sing the national anthem and the cheers come when the ump shouts, play ball! nbc7 news. warriors are cooking up tasty partnerships for their san francisco arena. the team showed off some of the feed told at the venue. think local favorites, chicken sandwiches from big sale betty and taco from taco delicious. and hot dog bills that sells exclusively will also have a stand at the chase center. >> i think we'll have the ability to keep the product the same way, the ability to still have the same product we sold for the last 67 years. >> the warriors will also create big nate's barbecue. that was a business operated by
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warrior's nate thurman with is original recipes. >> your accuweather forecast. >> a nice start to your monday, all change ing this week. a few clouds passing to our north. a look at what's coming, chances of rain increasing through the work week and into sunday. get ready for not one but two storms. until then, soak up the sun looking at santa cruz beach boardwalk, beautiful day to take the kids. 62 in san francisco and 72 in oakland. a live look from the kgo roof camera. all in the low to mid 70s. really mild start to the work week. a few degrees lower than where we were yesterday. we're looking towards mt. tam and filtered sunshine. dry and mild the next two days, showers late thursday night and
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wet windy pattern on friday. low 40s to 50s, a few clouds around, tomorrow afternoon, high clouds filter the sun at times and a breezy along the coast. temperatures low 60s to mid 70s, still dry for your tuesday and temperatures come up in san jose by a few degrees on wednesday well above average of 68 degrees. you will also see the major drop-off in those temperatures. this weekend, you will be much co cooler. it will not feel like spring. a look at the storm impact scale, arriving late thursday night to friday, a 2, moderate in strength. rainfall totals 1-3 inches, the high in the north bay and you're looking at gusty winds. light showers move into the north bay spreading by 1:00 p.m. we head to friday when it's pretty sloppy for the morning commute. a rough morning ride and scat r scattered showers continue in
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the evening hours and we head to saturday and you're still looking at damp roadways around the region. if you have plans be prepared for that. that second system not as strong sunday afternoon to monday. in temps of rainfall totals, the first system, just an estimate, the highest totals in the south bay, most will get anywhere from three-quarters to an inch and half of rain. winds picking up, really getting gusty at times, beginning at midnight, 50 miles an hour friday and still pretty strong going into 7:00 a.m. commute time and ease up heading to the afternoon. this is a good opportunity to download the abc7 news app. you want to know when the rain is going to hit. a look at the forecast, sun and high clouds tomorrow. 60s to upper 70s. warmer ahead of the next system. thursday, cools down and it will
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be noticeable. rain arrives wednesday night. wet and windy, much cooler, upper 50s to lower 60s. saturday, showery breezy conditions, short break, sunday morgan to monday afternoon -- sunday morning to monday afternoon. >> a way to keep you and your kids off the internet at night. next. a live look over the open coliseum where the as are getting ready to kick off opening day. st
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president trump has joined the rank of herbert hoover and john with f kennedy donating his salary. he donated the three months salary amount of 78,000,3$78,00 the national parks service and they will use to it maintain the battlefields.
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a new company called yahoo! ceo marissa mayer will not continue with the new company. reports of terms of her departure is being worked out. it's a nearly 4$4.5 billion dea expected to close later this month. google is making it's easier to restrict internet access at home adding a scheduling feature with google wifi and when to block wifi at certain times like when your kids should be doing their home work maybe or in bed. you can schedule internet down time for yourself. one county unveiling its new super charger station for the fleet of electric vehicles. get this, the station is also portable and can be deployed at a moment's notice to first responders who need to power equipment in a remote location
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or for an event. having a field day, coming up next, madison bumgardner, how his historic day has become a cottage injury for math nerds. and share your picture on social media. you may see
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coming up on abc7 news at 6, a ray of hope in the search for a little girl missing for a year now. the discovery made by police that could help them crack this case. also, someone went on a tire slashing rampage in the east bay and this could be the suspect, residents are taking action so they don't get victimized again. the bay area woman caught in the clutches of her cable company for services she did not want. all coming up in a half hour at 6:00. don't look now, the san francisco giants' star pitcher
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is leading the league in hitting ho homers. >> that ball is smoked, left center field! >> that's madison bumgardner smacking a ball over the fence in phoenix on opening day. he followed that up with a second blast. >> that's right. bumgardner is the only pitcher with two home runs on opening day. for now, he's leading the league in homers and lining up the stat sheets. >> twitter fans say bumgarner is on face to hit 64 home runs this year. nate silver did the math. if bumgarner hit everyday, he would strike out 74 batters and hit over 200 home runs. >> makes perfect sense, right? thanks for joining us tonight. world news with david muir is next. >> for all of us, we appreciate your time and see you again at
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6:00. tonight, several developing stories as we come on the air. the showdown in the senate over president trump's supreme court pick, neil gorsuch. democrats voting tonight to block him. republicans now preparing for the so-called nuclear option. changing the rules to push him through with a simple majority. our team standing by. also breaking tonight, the deadly terror attack in russia. this evening, you will see the video from right after the attack. passengers trapped running for their lives. tonight, the death toll and news on a bomb in a second location. in this country, the deadly storms at this hour. tornado watches up right now. more than a dozen tornadoes reported already. a mother and child killed. millions bracing from florida to the carolinas. blinding rain right up in the northeast. the urgent manhunt at this hour, the veteran police officer


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