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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  April 3, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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11 counties, are being switched today en masse to a new company called silicon valley clean energy. the customers were not given the opportunity to opt out, not to opt in, but only to opt out due to state law. it's a choice consumers won't have to think about. they're being switched automatically to a new utility called silicon valley clean energy, in 11 cities and unincorporated santa clara county. starting today the energy coming into their homes and small businesses will be 100% carbon free and 50% to 100% renewable. >> now that we have started delivering power, you will be able to plug in and we will be able to buy for you elect trisity that's 100% carbon free. >> reporter: a board of directors made up of elected
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officials will set the rates, not state regulators. >> pg and e raises it's rates three to five finals a year. >> reporter: the switch is seam 8s because there's no need to change meters, pg&e will continue to deliver the ele electricity and billing. pg&e did not return our calls to verify that claim. customers should opt in rather than opt out of the new service. advocates say this program needs a large customer base in order to negotiate large contracts for wind, solar, hydro and other types of clean power. >> now they do have a choice. even though it is a choice to opt out, it's still a choice.
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>> reporter: in co . your energies bill will be a little lower because the state is giving the california clean energy credit. the state charges companies that produce greenhouse gasses. the credit is not connected to your electricity use. governor jerry brown made a rare appearance in the legislature today to defend his plan to raise the state's gas tax. his bill would raise the tax from 18 cents to 21 cents. the roads are only getting worse and the legislature needs to act now. >> brown is running for governor and so they're not going to race your taxes. you got a guy who's going nowhere, i don't have a newt, i only have a past. so i'm willing to do it. >> it needs a 2/3 vote in both
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houses to pass. developing now from sample, state senators have now passed a bill to make california a sanctuary state. the bill places limits on how much local law enforcement can cooperate with federal immigration agents. backers say it would protect in effect people from president trump's immigration crackdown. opponents claim it would endanger public safety. a prostitute convicted of the accidental heroin overdose of a google executive is now in the custody of federal immigration officers, agents detained alex tickleman following her release from the san francisco jail. tickleman faces deportation back to her native canada. the search for a little girl and the person who killed her mother in san francisco is now marking a one-year anniversary. the family of arianna fits says they believe the little girl is
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still alive and a significant break in the case gives them new hope got it. karen tyler is live from san francisco police headquarters tonight with the latest on the story. >> reporter: you know, often in cases like this, as time goes by, the trail seems to get cold, but not this time, not this case. it seemed to be a cold case. the disappearance of a toddler and the apparent murder of her mother one year ago this month. but now there's a new lead that could help solve the mystery of what happened to ariana fits, and 32-year-old nicole fits. nicole's body was found last april in a shallow grave in san francisco's mccclaren park. >> we do believe it's tied to tis case, and we are working
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closely with the fbi because they have more advanced technologies with dna and all that. >> reporter: police won't say where they seized the car, but that new evidence brought hope to the victim's family and friends who gathered this weekend to mark the one-year anniversary. >> that's huge. i have known this whole time that the police are working dill gently. >> contessa fits is the little girl's aunt and she believes her niece who would not be 3 years old is still alive. police are also optimistic and hope they will be able to crack the case. >> since the year has progressed, we have been able to execute several search warrants, some in the state, some out of state. >> reporter: a $10,000 reward is offered for information or the return of the little girl. and the family has started a website, finding ariana to help generate leads. new details now in last
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week's triple shooting that left a bystander dead in san francisco. 24-year-old jonathan santos was let go without charges pending investigation. police would not tell us the details of santos's release. is oak lappland doing enoug protect people from unsafe buildings? that comes after two deadly fires in the last four months. what's next in the city, leslie? >> reporter: there's a lot of talk about the need to red tag or shut down dangerous buildings, but oakland is talking about focusing on what's called blue tagging, that is correcting code violations without displacing the tennants if at all possible. some say that's simply not tough enough. >> a finding to red tag you, that's what i have to do,
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there's no compromise for that. >> reporter: councilmember miguel gallo says it's catch me if you can fire code. >> fire safety is a great challenge and you can't have it both ways, so i think the property owner needs to be held accountable. >> we in the city are watching and holding those property owners accountable. >> reporter: part of mayor libby schaf's new plan of attack is modifying the fee schedule to pay for them before the budget is even finalized. >> the idea is to make these buildings safe before it comes to conditions that would require red tagging. >> instead the city intends to kra dramatically increase blue
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tagging. >> it does not require displacing people from their homes and that's something that's been on the books for a while and that's why we're lifting unand retraining personnel. >> there's a plan to correct those violations or concerns with the tennants still in the building, or to move them from one area of the building to another area of the building while we work on those fire safety is systems. >> reporter: emails -- structure that caught fire last week, as for the displaced victims, the city is searching for displacement housing. and breaking news in san francisco, firefighters are putting out a fire at a home, sky 7 is over page and coal streets in the haite. a second alarm was called for a heavy fire on the second floor. the fire department says there is now just smoke in the
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adjacent buildings. san francisco police are trying to figure out what caused a driver to smash into several parked cars near laker merced. investigators looked over the wreckage, at least two vehicles caught fire when drivers crashed head on into the parked cars. neighbors are dealing with a senseless act of vandalism. the vandal hit more than 20 cars and trucks just off the clayton road area. abc7 news reporter is live in concord tonight. you have surveillance video of this crime? >> reporter: and police are hoping that that's going to actually catch the person who did this. the police tell us that they figure there are about 20 victims because that's how many people have actually filed police reports. but we have been going through the neighborhood and seeing a few people who have cars in their driveways that still have flat tires because they may not have been home this weekend and just haven't found the damage
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yet. evidence of the weekend tire slasher is easy to see. a few cars still have flats or have temporary doughnut wheels. for jason, hiss brand-new pickup has one unmatched tire. >> it was basically punctured and i had to have it replaced. that's obviously the spare. but, yeah, i'm waiting because they had to order my tires. >> reporter: his slashed tire is at the nearby big o tire store. they i've been busy today. >> we had a little bit of an unexpected influx, nice for us, but unfortunate for the customers. >> reporter: as you can see, the manage who they believe is the tire vandal is wearing a hoodie and ducks behind a vehicle. concord police say there are at least two victims. neighbor dawn lopez was also hit. after they pick up their car from the tire shop, they're going to be go to the
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electronics store. >> we're going to install surveillance. >> concord police are asking residents to check for video of the tire slasher, multiple angles could help police find him. it's going to be a bit more challenging for tech companies to get foreign workers on work visa. ahead h1b visas. and it's opening day for the a's, we're going to take you live to the pregirl festivities outside the oakland coliseum. another look at the spring storm coming at the end of the week, we'll have the accu-weather forecast for you in a moment
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getting a work visa has just been more difficult. applications opened today for visas which allow companies to temporarily employ now requires additional evidence so that the jobs are complex or specialized and require professional degrees. last year the cap of 85,000 visas was reached in less than a week. in about an hour, the a's will take the field for the first time in the 2017 regular season. thousands of fans are on hand for the home opener. but baseball isn't the only thing on fans' minds.
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here's a look at how the a's fans look at the raiders planned move to vegas. >> reporter: it's an a's opening day tradition to come out and enjoy some tailgate activities and watch some baseball. but for these fans, football is also the sport of the day and that's not such a good thing. >> let's go oakland! >> reporter: if you don't bleed green and yellow, the coliseum parking lot before the a's home opener may not be the place for you, this guy's such a huge fan he made these outfits in team colors for hiss daughter. real men and real women also love to spend time at the home opener with friends and relatives. >> it's special for me because i'm all about family time.% i love being with my family and it's just about bringing people together. >> for me, it's a lot about the camaraderie, coming out and hanging out with friends, it's
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kind of a rebirth during spring. >> reporter: the oakland raiders planned move to las vegas will leave the a's as the coliseum's may have been tennant. >> as a noon raiders fan but an a's fan, there's big pressure to build a facility that's conducive to baseball. >> we're staying here, we're going to build a ballpark here, that's why our slogan is rooted in oakland. >> reporter: fans tonight will enjoy something old, and something new, the new feature, wi-fi from foul pole to foul pole so people can access social media. now coming up in abc7 sports, mike schuman has reaction from ricky henderson
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about the field being named after him. and giants fans, we haven't forgotten about you, oh, no. the giants will be back in action tomorrow against the arizona diamondbacks in phoenix. madison baumgardner's two home runs in yesterday's home opener in phoenix was not enough to get the win, but he did set the record for most home runs during a home opener. the park has unveiled a website for you, the park has fitted them with gps collars, the bear trackers show the distance the bears travel, sometimes more than 30 miles in a day. here's a look at the website, the park's wildlife biologist says he wants to draw attention to the bears to keep them a safe distance from people. dozens of bears each year are hit by drivers in yosemite. a living legend is in the bay area tonight.
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jane goodall, considered the world's foremost expert on chimpanzees is speaking in san francisco. a good friend of goodall's has just finish e ed a book about ha experiences in africa. >> your book is selling well? >> it's selling well, it's one of those things that you where something and you never know if anyone's going to read it besides your parents an close friends. >> reporter: the book, my journey to meet jane goodall, is a recount of his experiences in tanzania. >> a great picture of you on the book of this book with jane goodall. what was it like to meet someone so iconic and who's done such profoundly interesting work?
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>> i think now i would have been a lot more nervous. she makes you feel so comfortable. >> reporter: that summer of 1993 was transformative. this is some of the video he took of the chimpanzees his mentor jane goodall was so famous for studying. but he took pictures of people too. they made the most lasting impression. >> i would go out on the deck and just listen to that, this is amazing how warm, i mean it's a workday, and they're out there just enjoying themselves, they're enjoying family, they're enjoying their children and about 9:00, everything just quiets down and they go to bed and the next day begins. but every night there was a celebration of life. >> reporter: greg credits the response to his book to the enduring interest in jane's lifelong work to understand and protect the chimpanzees in tanzania. and he's grateful to pass along the life lessons in print. >> what did you learn about being in africa that summer?
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>> no matter what you have in terms of possessions, that you can truly be happy. and i learned that from the villagers and i learned that from jane herself. >> greg and jane goodall are seeing each other for the first time tonight at the commonwealth club in more than two decades. in fact we just got some video in moments ago, literally in the last few minutes of them meeting for the first time in 24 years after greg spent that summer with jane goodall in tanzania. he wanted to express his thanks for an important and transformative time in his life. we're looking at mostly sunny skies in the bay area, cool but pleasant. let's take a look at the 24-hour
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temperature change, 10 degrees cooler in oakland, 13 degrees cooler in novato, 14 degrees cooler in santa rosa. this is the view from our east bay hills camera, looking westward under partly cloudy skies. it's 58 degrees here in san francisco right now. we have got mid to upper 60s in oakland. 72 in gill roy, but only 534 in half moon bay. this is a view from our seeing mostly blue skies. low to mid 70s in fairfield, liver more and concord. here's a view to the northwest. these are our forecast features, we'll see dry and mild conditions the next two days, showers arrive thursday night and it's going to be wet and windy on saturday. dry conditions with a few clouds around, and lower temperatures from the mid 40s and low 50s near the bay and along the
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coast. breezy at the coast tomorrow, we'll see highs ranging from low and mid 60s at the coast, mid to upper 70s inland. and at the end of the week, we have our next storm coming in. a storm of moderate intensity, it will produce rainfall totals from one to two inches, we'll see wind gusting at 30 to 50 miles an hour. this is our forecast innovation starting at 9:00 thursday night. at which point we'll see the first wave of rain pushing into the north bay. in just a three hour period, we'll see rain pushing into all parts of the area and that will continue through the early morning hours, through the morning commute, which means it's likely to be a slow and wet one. a little bit of a break during the day, but by early friday evening, we'll see the rain beginning to expand again, overnight into saturday morning and continuing through much of the day on saturday. by the end of the afternoon on saturday, we'll be looking at
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rainfall totals ranging from one inch to an inch and a quarter. in the north bay, some location also see over 2 inches of rainfall. let's talk about the gusty winds, starting at midnight on thursday night, 5:00 a.m., most locations around the bay area will have gusts at that point over 40 miles an hour and it won't let up much going into the afternoon and evening. we won't see the winds letting up significantly. we have two more mild, dry days coming our way, in fact by wednesday, we'll probably see inland highs uparound 80 degrees. but it will cool down sharply on thursday. a little bit of rain comes in thursday night and the bigger storm, the wet and windy one comes in on friday. an unexpected turn of events for the auto industry.
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tesla passes ford in terms of market value. this story tops this evening's bay watch. the search came after tesla reported first quarter deliveries on the higher end of expectations, tesla's now valued at more than $48 million, even though it's the smallest publicly held u.s. car maker.
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the federal labor department has ordered wells fargo to reinstate the bank manager. the stock of the popular bakery chain panera bread is going through a rumor tonight that it's for sale. panera is renowned for freshness and service. bloomberg news is saying that panera is putting itself up for share. panera shares went up to an all-time high. the battle to confirm judge neil gorsuch could change senate rules for good. >> i cannot support this nomination. >> ahead democrats say they don't want him on the supreme court. the republicans have a backup plan if they don't get all the votes they need. russia is reeling after a
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deadly attack at a st. petersburg metro station, what vefrtds have learned about the attacker. my blood pressure went up sky high every month when the bill came in.
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the senate judiciary committee voted 11-9 along party lines to advance neil gorsuch's supreme court nomination to the rest of the senate. and so the showdown begins between republicans and democrats. here's more on both parties andaand a their strategy to win. >> reporter: california senator dianne feinstein outlined her arguments for confirming supreme court nominee neil gorsuch. >> his ten years on the bench, his years in the senate, i cannot support this nomination. >> reporter: the democrats lost as republicans outnumber them on
6:32 pm
the senate judiciary committee. now the nomination goes to the full senate. democrats have secured the 41 votes they need to sustain a filibuster and prevent his advancement. current rules say the republicans need 60 votes to break that filibuster. right now, the republicans don't have the votes. unless they change senate rules and go with what is being called the nuclear option. >> they can just vote to change the rules, they only need 50 to change the rules, 51 or 50 plus the vice president. >> both parties fear the implications of the nuclear option. >> there's been a lot said about the damage that may be done to the senate with this nomination and the votes that have been taken this week. >> reporter: the nuclear option was first used by the democrats when some of president obama's judicial nominees were blocked by republicans. >> and that pressure is yielding the unprecedented results here. >> what we don't like about that
6:33 pm
is it's like wow, the supreme court is too important to have just a bare majority to support a nominee. we ought to allow it to be a higher number. and that gets taken away. >> reporter: this tactic means republicans have an easier time getting the next supreme court nominee confirmed. russian police now believe a man with ties to radical islam carried out today's bombing attack killed at least 11 and wounded more than a dozen more. that man blew himself up in a subway. investigators say he also planted a second bomb in a subway station. panic broke out seconds after the blast. back here in the u.s., president trump reacted with anger after hearing about the tragedy. >> terrible, terrible thing, happening all over the world, absolutely a terrible thing. >> reporter: russian president vladimir putin placed flowers
6:34 pm
near the memorial of the bombing near his hometown. president trump welcomed his egyptian counterpart to the white house today and said the two of them pledged to fight terrorism together. this is the first visit by an egyptian leader to the white house in seven years. the white house is hoping to chill the relationship with the foreign leader. president trump has made it clear he will drastically cut most foreign aid. your internet browsing habits may soon go to the highest bidder. the bill gets rid of the online privacy regulation issued by the fcc. that regulation driver users more control over how companies like comcast and verizon share information. critics argue that rule would muffle regulation. bay areas activists trying to draw attention to armenian
6:35 pm
genocide have placed a banner. the u.s. has said 1.5 million armenians were deported and killed but has not declared that action a genocide. that banner will be seen by cars and busses passing through every day. there's a new effort to get millennials to swipe right to opera. ♪ up next on abc7 news, the story behind the tinder opera, the modern romantic
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time to get out and eat and
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shop. >> spending money in the sunshine. you've likely experienced it at some point from a salesperson who's trying to get you to buy more. it's called upselling. >> one woman says she didn't order all the add ones that came on her women. >> you've heard that line, would you like fries with that burger? it's a question most of us have likely heard. it's just one example of how businesses get you to buy more than you originally may have intend. sharon enjoys watching tv. one day while on the phone with at&t, she says a rep made a suggestion. >> she said you have really old wires and we're updating the wires and we can save you a on your bill each month. >> reporter: the conversation quickly went to add ones such as direct tv and -- sharon said she was happy with what she had and made it clear she didn't want to
6:40 pm
switch. at&t went ahead and updated sharon's wiring. but the following month she received separate bills for phone and u verse. >> that wasn't okay, it's not what we wanted. >> reporter: sharon called at and t. >> so i called in september and said we didn't want it. >> she says the customer service agent promised to reverse the charges. >> i got the next bill in october, and same thing, next month, same thing. >> reporter: she says the pattern repeated itself for several months. >> my blood pressure probably went up sky high every month when that bill came and i had to look at it. >> then she received a notice of delinquency from a collection agency. >> i was totally frustrated at that point in time. >> reporter: she contacted 7 on your side and we reached out to at&t. >> we really appreciate it.
6:41 pm
it's like we've got our lives back. >> we're glad sharon reached out to us for help. we want you to do the same thing, if you have a problem, the 7 on your side hot line is open monday through friday from 10:00 to 2:00, my number 415-954-8151. well, in an effort to get younger audiences interested in opera, a company is creating them for the internet. including one based on the popular dating app tinder. ♪ . >> this is connection lost, the tinder opera. the story of a young man trying to connect through the dating app. they have also produced an online opera based on "the
6:42 pm
bachelor." one of the sweetest bay area companies has teamed up with a doughnut irk con to create this. >> oh, wow. >> the combination
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i guess you know there are bikes for the mountains and one for the open road. but one bike shop specializes in bikes that are made for the city. >> the two wheelers from mission bicycles are about to get supercharged with street smarts. >> it's a blank slate to build the bike of your dreams for your daily commute. >> five, six, seven days a week, so it's a very personal thing. >> whether you want the bright yellow chain or the blue seat. the mission booiike lights standard. >> it gives a really fantastic presence on the road. >> reporter: making the bike visible to drivers that's invisible until you turn it on. >> the same technology that keeps you safe on the bike, and the next thing is keeping the
6:46 pm
bike safe while you're not riding on it. >> every customer gets bike lock training, but we're all human. >> reporter: they use these security bolts. >> you can see there's a pin on the inside. >> reporter: to each the wheels and the saddle from being pulled off and sold at a bike shop like this. checked again and it was gone. but maybe not gone forever. >> we have a gps unit, it has three antennas. >> reporter: the tiny new board can be -- once you find it, the police are happy to swoop in. >> we would like to do that and it's much safer for the police to facilitate that transaction instead of you. >> gps tracking reduced smart bike thefts. >> the thing that you're stealistea stealing is actually the get away vehicle.
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>> san leandro based has a new chocolate, the -- sea assault carmel doughnut is filled with salt and caramel, topped with a drizzle of chocolate and sprinkles of amber sugar. they are now available at krispy kreme locations. >> i can just feel the sugar rush, and then the crash. >> it's all worth it, though, right? let's talk about the weather forecast. just gorgeous but changing. >> a little bit of sweet weather for a couple of days, we have sunny skies right now, a little breezy and cool out there, but pleasant. tomorrow will be a mainly sunny day, and a bit milder than today, with high temperatures reaching to the mid to upper 70s in our inland areas tomorrow. but check out the high temperature trend over the next seven days in san jose. mild through wednesday, but
6:48 pm
temperature also plummet. in fact going into the weekend or to the end of the week, we'll see temperatures well below the average high, it will drop down to 68 on friday and only 59d on saturday. the reason for that is rain is coming to the bay area, notice the clouds will be there already and the cooldown begins, the rain starts to move in late thursday night all the way during the day on friday and saturday. and during that rainy period, we're going to have cooler weather. here's the accu-weather 7-day forecast. another system on saturday, ranking one on the impact scale. so it's going to be quite cool over the weekend, comparatively speaking. >> and temperatures bounce back a little bit but then there's cooler weather next week as well. a lot to talk about in sports, a big night. >> opening night always fun. it's a new era for a's baseball as they welcome back some greats from their past.
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♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ to take advantage of this offer on a volvo s90, visit your local dealer. good evening, home opener for the a's tonight against the angels and with new leadership at the top, the green and gold
6:52 pm
embracing their glorious past. as of tonight, the a's will be playing on ricky henderson field. mike schuman joins us tonight at the coliseum. >> reporter: as you just said, opening day, there's nothing like it. and a lot of pomp and circumstance, but tonight here in oakland includes two hall of famers. first up will be bill king, you remember him as the voice of raiders and the a's, it will be the bill king holy toledo however booth and of course ricky henderson field. ricky had a little press conference before hand and i asked him what were his emotions when he found out. >> i was happy, i was shocked, you know, it was a belief that, wow, this could happen. and especially, you know, when you come in from the recreation parks out here, and then all of a sudden you're playing for them and you never would know that you would get a field named after you. they have named little league parks after me before, but this
6:53 pm
is a major league ballpark, never in my dreams did i think i would have the opportunity to have my name on a ballpark. >> you have a lot of great players from the past to choose from. >> this actually came out of the office hours, we nemeet with everything in the community on tuesday engs, and somebody said we should honor our past more, and that struck a cord for me as a fan of baseball. somebody said why don't we name it ricky henderson field. and we just gave each other a high five. >> ricky now in the hall of fame, has any number retired and the field named after him. should be a good night. . it will be kendall g and rigraveman -- seven innings struck out eight, and the dodgers are going
6:54 pm
do well to keep hitting four homers. a grand slam and kyle seeinger, last year's rookie of the year as the dodgers go on to beat the padres. brady showing off his super bowl jersey, which of course was stolen and then later recovered and stolen again right there, by as the red socks went on to beat the pirates 5-3. kevin durant may return to the warriors as soon as this saturday. that would give him three games in the regular season to tune up for the playoffs. durant's been out with a knee injury since february 28. he's been doing individual work, just started playing in
6:55 pm
three-on-three and four-on-four contact drills. and in what seems like a perfect fit, patrick ewing, he started with the hoyas in the early 80s, went on to a hall of fame nba career. he's been an nba assistant coach for many years, but never got the opportunity as a head coach in the league. he takes over at his alma mater on thursday. south korea will be hosting the games, it will be the first without nhl players since 1998 and the disputes twirn the nhl and the olympic committee, but the biggest issue is that the nhl doesn't want to take a two-week hiatus. sharks still waiting on word on injured center though thornson who left yesterday's game with the can nooks. according to the mercury news, thornton walked out of the arena without crutches but did have a
6:56 pm
noticeable limp and the timing could not be any worse for the sharks because the playoffs start next wednesday. so hopefully he can heal up and it's not a serious knee injury. gonzaga leading 29-24 in the first half over the tar heels. >> all right. well, tonight at 9:00, on kofi tv channel 13, the rescue at sea, what two men did when they found a sea lion shot with an arrow. and the hateful message and the owner's response. >> that is this edition of abc7 news. we appreciate your time. for the entire abc7 news team, thank you for joining us. have a great evening. >> go heels.
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this is "jeopardy!" here are today's contestants -- an adjunct professor from hacienda heights, california... an education administrator from brooklyn, new york... and our returning champion -- a retired government relations specialist from ottawa, ontario, canada... whose 2-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. hi, folks. welcome to our program. in recent months, we've had a number of canadians as contestants on "jeopardy!"
7:00 pm
and all of them, if my recollection is correct, have done rather well, particularly eric, winning over $50,000 u.s. abigail and billy, you've got your work cut out for you. good luck, though. here we go into the jeopardy! round. and now we'll find out about the categories... i'm trying to discover new ways. we'll deal with... "o" in quotation marks. eric, start. "o" brother for $200, please. luke and andrew are famous brothers of this man seen here. abigail. who is owen wilson? yes. "o" brother for $400. eric. who is otto? yes. "o" brother for $600.


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