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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  April 5, 2017 1:07am-1:38am PDT

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shot and killed while taking her children to school. for the first time her family is responding to the tragic. >> her life was just stripped the from her this morning. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. late tonight family members confirmed the identity of the victim. she was rashanda franklin. >> we spoke with franklin's family and still this developing story. >> if there's a wife and family member out there, you know him. you know where he's at. turn him in. because that could have been your child. >> the mother of rashanda franklin making this emotionally plea for her daughter's killer to surrender. her life was stripped from her this morning. >> >> reporter: her esstrajd boyfriend was captured on surveillance video tuesday morning walking away then driving off moments after
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shooting franklin. she had been taking her young kids to school can when she was cut off by mcbride at a stop sign. the children were in the backseat and saw it all. >> witnessing your own mother being killed, i just -- my heart breaks for these kids. >> police say he shot her once in the upper body. the two interactions intersection. >> she was very sad. >> those kids loved their mom. >> the rank lynn's aunt says few words can describe her family's grief. >> how do you explain to a young kid your mom ain't coming back? somebody took her life. >> one neighbor shared this cell phone video of mcbride driving away
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550 sedan with plates. >> call police if you have information. in richmond, abc7 news. a gun battle in wine country ends with police shooting and killing a man. >> video from the ground shows the bullet riddled honda civic. >> this all happened this afternoon on linda vista lisa? >> it all started with an argument between two neighbors. now investigators will be here through the night. take a look behind me. you can see that that is the suspect's car underneath the blue tarp. it's riddled with bullets. the crimes task force has been called out to help. red and blue lights continue to keep neighbors away while police piece together what happened here. what they do know is the driver
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of this silver sedan was firing his gun even before police arrived. >> the officer set up in the area and as they were set up the subject backed out of either the driveway or the garage. as he was leaving the area in his car, he began to shoot at the police officers. >> they fired back. >> we heard a bunch of gunfire it sound like there was two shots that came interest a different firearm and all of a sudden we heard bam bam bam. >> then they crashed behind a tree. he was described as a kind man who is retired. >> it's supposed to be a quiet neighborhood where things like this don't happen. >> as events unfolded this afternoon, police took quick action. they locked down a local elementary school. >> police said lock the doors and don't come back.
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we heard probably 15 shots as we pulled up to the school. >> a few officers suffered from shrapnel and broken glass. new at 11:00 a post on social media helped lead san francisco to arrest a serial groper case. police arrested a man today who they believe assaulted women on muni east n judah line. >> the suspect would get very close to the women, touch himself as well as touch the women inappropriately. in one case the woman did actually have to leave the muni lrv to escape the suspect. >> as far as say the first known case happened last thursday. and there are at least four victims. we have new details tonight about a deadly fire last week in oakland. inspectors issued a safety warning days before the fire. a resident was told to remove an
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extension cord that was deemed dangerous. it was in the same room were a burning candle started that fire. alleges a third victim was identified as a 41-year-old man. one day before the chinese president meets with president trump to discuss north korea's weapons program, north korea launches missile into the sea of japan and it happened as u.s. and south korea conducted annual military exercises. secretary of state rex tillerson issued a short statement saying north korea launched another ballistic missile. united states has spoken enough about north korea. we have no further comment. in syria the death toll is now at 58 after an apparent chemical weapons attack that includes 11 children. the attack happened in the northern part of the country in an opposition-held town. it left residents gasping for air. let me warn you, the images are difficult to watch.
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richard has the story. >> scenes of horror and suffering in syria after a suspected chemical weapons attack in idlib. children and babies on vent laytors. medics and nurses tend to go injured victims. victims lying on the ground struggling to breathe while others are hosed down. this child described the attack saying i was asleep when the war plane hit us. and a grievig mother. >> translator: i lost my son, my children, my neighbors, my daughter. they're all gone. >> while this local activist reported from one of the hospitals, he was hit by another air strike. eyewitnesses said the suspected gas attack was carried out by jets operated by the russian and syrian governments, but both moscow and damascus denied responsibility. the white house called the attack reprehensible and said it
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could be ignored by the civilized world. these heinous actions by the bashar al assad regime are a consequence of the past administration's weakness. instead, president obama worked out an agreement with russia and syria to get rid of assad's chemical weapons. >> assad gave up his chemical weapons. that's not speculation on our part. >> the question is whether president trump will hold the syrian president accountable for using chemical weapons. the price of freedom will cost a peninsula woman $35 million. she's posting twice that amount to get bailed out of jail on a murder charge. tiffany li faces charges in the murder of keith green.
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the d.a. believes he's a flight risk. >> the rich do get to buy their way out in this circumstance, and that's bothersome. >> a source who knows lee's family says they're rich and powerful in china. parents at a former crossing guard where demanding changing to a crosswalk after a car hit a child. it happened at author ton avenue. the child broke his collarbone. abc news was back at the intersection today. families have dealt with no crossing guard since september when the original guard was also hit by a car he's been on disability leave ever since and isn't sure about returning. >> it's not that i don't want to come back but i don't want to get hit again. >> they want to ban left turns there. caltrans is in charge of caracas because it's a state highway.
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it may be sunny and sparkle now but we are tracking two storms. we're going to have back-to-back storms. live doppler 7 tracking it. i'll have an hour-by-hour look at what is going to be a return to winter. plus free or discounted cars. the bay area city set to give away these wheels and who can qualify. a whale caught in a trap, the concern tonight for this mammal off the california coast. the new ad featuring kendall jenner sparking outrage. >> thank you dan and ama. it's important you see this. >> aston martin burned in the fire. >> when you're james bond doesn't another aston martin just -- >>
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military crisis line. during times of crisis, reach out and call. dial 1-800-273-8255 and press 1.
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. getting san jose flood victims moving again. late today, the city formally approved a program to get cars and trucks into the hands of people who lost their vehicles because of flooding in february. >> we're live at san jose is
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that all with a story. >> the program involves connecting donated cars with flood victims. the city made the first 20 donations. >> 1995 honda, my first car. >> jennifer ras cone vaukd her rock strings apartment on foot when the water started rising. she didn't have time to think about her car. two weeks later she made a discovery. >> it was really nasty, but i noticed it turned on, so that was a blessing. >> she cleaned out the mold and mud and has been driving it despite the health concerns. >> i go to san jose state and i'm a student and i have work. it's a necessity. >> jennifer is one of hundreds of flood victims struggling with transportation following the flood. city leaders have announced a program to help. >> we are challenging our businesses, our residents who've been very generous so far and we're grateful for their generosity to come forward again
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to help us with your vehicles. >> the city is making the first move donating 20 surplus vehicles like these. the donations go to good will then catholic charities will match vehicles with flood victims. there are at least 200 families in need. >> i'd like everybody to know that your donations to good will of a car is not a handout, it's a handup. >> the 61 dealerships that make up the silicon valley auto dealers association have agreed to offer victims deep discounts on used cars and car repairs. a whale trapped in a metal fishing frame is making its way up the california coast. the whale was spotted in the santa barbara channel. rescuers are working on a plan to remove the fishing frame. the gray whale was first spotted in orange county saturday. a accompany whale is traveling with the injured animal watching
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out forit. pepsi is criticized for a new ad. here's part of it. it shows kendall the kardashians running off a photo shoot. pepsi says the ad shows the spirit of harmony and is an important message to convey. >> we have had nice weather, but not for much longer. really a couple real storms coming in. sandhya patel is tracking them for us. >> turn it back to winter. you'll notice this large storm system looks more like winter as we show you what is coming. sfo thursday windy. friday morning they ease up only
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to pick up again. if you do have travel plans, do be prepared for possible delays, especially thursday afternoon going into friday evening. here's look at live doppler 7 locally. we have clouds around. we'll tracking the potential for patchy fog as we head into the tomorrow morning's commute. 50s for most of you except for a few 60s, concord, visibility is just fine right now. take advantage of the mild weather tomorrow. another round friday evening. it is definitely going to be two rounds as two systems move in back to back. mid-40s to low 50s when you get going. patches of fog along the coast. thin clouds later in the day only increasing as the day goes on. we'll call it a milky sky. mid 60s and upper 70s for
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wednesday. we have a 2 thursday. the more strength storm will bring at times, gusty winds and possibility of thunderstorms. you heard correct. here's the hour-by-hour look. light to moderate rain in the north bay. showers continuing between 9:00 and noon in the north bay. light stuff. watch what happens as we head into the evening. intensity picks up and becomes widespread between 7:00 and 11:00 p.m. downpours thursday night. friday morning's commute will be sloppy and at times it will be gusty as well, although the winds will ease up briefly friday morning only to increase again friday afternoon/evening. in the south bay friday afternoon you see pops of red. could be thunder as well. do be prepared. you will definitely want to make sure your storm drains are
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clean. rauchbl totals will be topping 2 inches by friday afternoon. that doesn't include the showers on saturday. look at the rain accumulation for santa rosa. all of a sudden over an inch by friday morning. definitely going to pick up and that will be one of our wettest spots. hour-by-hour forecasts, gusts, still windy around midnight. it will basically start to get gusty again as that second system moves in friday evening. your friday getaway is going to be a rough one. high wind watch for solano county. gusts to 60 could take down power lines and trees. for the sierra it's going to be winter travel conditions. treacherous thursday afternoon to saturday afternoon. two to three feet expected above 6,000. accuweather seven-day forecast, mild and dry tomorrow.
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stormy for your thursday night. friday's also a gusty wet one too. and then morning showers saturday, 1, a light system. much cooler weather friday, saturday. you can always download the abc7 news app to track the storms. we'll send you a
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a san francisco man went to extreme tloent propose to his girlfriend who is a huge fan full hou"full house". >> if i was a woman, and i'm not saying i'm not i would say "yes" to young doug. i guess this is me asking you to marry him. and i hope you do. >> of course, she said, yes. you can see the entire video of the proposal on our website, an interview with doug on right this minute at 1:40 in the morning. >>
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staymos. >> when my daughter gets married i want you to do that for me. how about some sports. warriors matched their longest winning streak of the
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kevin durant probably feels like he needs to hurry back or he may lose his spot. klay thompson had 41 points. klay thompson had 23 in the first half, seven threes in the game and the did you say are up of 68-60 in the half. steph curry the steal, his third dunk of the year. and then matt barnes off the feet of chaits. he had 12. everybody got involved tonight. klay drives, he's got, 41 points. steadfast with t and then behind the back
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go -- he ties oscar robinson's nba record with his cent straight triple double. thunder win 110-79. mvp award would his way of rubbing into kevin durant's face for leaving. >> sharks taking on the canucleus. first period just 15 seconds into the game, nick lie spins, fires, 1-0 sharks. second-line strikes. joe ward, hiss ninth of the year, 2-0. third period, two on san jose. burns with a wicked shot. tip by tyranny. d backs, johnny cueto allowed four runs in six innings. gave up two home runs.
1:37 am
first one in the fourth. 3-1, giants. crawford got your home run right here. first jack of the season. cueto just one hit, but he got one lock in the fifth, this liner off the glove of chris owens. nunez will score. a's and angels getting offense. healey goes dead center, his first home run of the season and a's up 1-0. they led 6-4 in the ninth. this is not going to do it. danny espin knnosa. of course the masters begins on thursday. >> great time. >> abc7 news continues online now on your


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