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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  April 6, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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the northern smoemonoma county. lower marin county right around the golden gate down to the peninsula, san mateo, across the bay near hayward right now. it's going to ged steadier and heavier soon. here's our storm impact scale. approaching storm this evening and tomorrow. ranks 2 on the storm impact scale. wind will gust up to about 60 miles per hour at times in the higher elevations. we'll see rainfall totals raping from half an inch to inch and a half for most areas. also a chance of thunderstorms. here's a storm animation. over the next few hours between 5:00 and 8:00 p.m., we'll see the rain become steadier, heavier and cover most of the bay area. those areas of vivid red and orange will represent the steadier heavier downpours. and by 11:00 tonight we'll see some of the heaviest downpours developing. and accompanied by strong gusty windy might add. wind will gust p to 60 miles an
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hour as i said. as the morning commute begins we'll see the steadier heavier rain tapering offer and by midday it looks like it's going to be calming down. but that calmness will not last for long. there is another wave of stormy weather coming. i'll give you a closer look at the whole picture in just a few minutes. larry? >> spencer, we'll see you then. >> reminder you can track both storms with the abc 7 news app. enable push alerts to get weather advisory on your phone or tablet. >> crews in alameda county didn't even wait for the storm to roll in. closing the road before the rain began to fall. the canyon which runs from near castro valley to fremont was battered by the winter storms and has been shut down several times. now they're trying to clear the rock and mud so they can stabilize the sliding hillside. the road won't reopen until early may. >> a storm and wind alert has already gone out to residents who are living in the region of loma prieta which was scarred last fall by a large wildfire. >> the alerts go out to cell phones from a county run system and officials would like to see
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more people sign up for it. abc 7 news reporter david louie is live at the santa clara county office of merge is he services. you say the system could have helped out during the flooding in san jose. >> reporter: that is correct, alma and larry. this could have been the system that san jose could have asked to be activated during that coyote creek flood. it has tremendous capabilities. yet only 60,000 out of the county's 1.8 million residents have signed up for it. yet signing up for it is very easy to do. the emergency operations center is quiet when it's not activated. at its heart is software that can send out text alerts to residents in cities in unincorporated county areas. in the case this morning it was the burr area of last september's fire who are vulnerable to heavy rain and wind. to be at its most effective, the alert sec system needs people to sign up to get timely alerts. deputy director of emergency management david lamb showed us this monitor filled with colored dots. what are they?
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>> registered cell phones, it could be e 911 data. so land lines that we can contact using the reverse 911 system. anyone that's in the white pages or yellow pages. >> reporter: but as he zeroed in on the rock springs area hit by the flood, only 223 contacts were found for an area with thousands of es are denlts. san jose did not request an alert to go out that morning, but if it had it would have reached only a handful of residents. an alert scc has to reach people they are credentialed to use an a ert will system that goes out to everyone. >> we can notify anyone in a given area about life safety issues and we can send those notifications out using that federal credential. and anyone in a given area will receive that if they've got their cell phone turned on. >> reporter: it is underway to encourage more residents to opt in to sign up for alerts at alert the county is in the process of converting to new software to
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allow not just alerts but also advisories and general information to targeted areas or the entire region. in san jose, david louie, abc 7 news. >> all right. check this out. this is the view from the 60th floor of the sales force tower. and it is changing the whole san francisco sky line. you can see that sky line from our exploratorium camera. sales force has the largest tower out there. have a look at the artwork of the sales force tower and what is expected to look when construction is complete. today the final beam was hoisted from the ground up to the very top of the tower. abc 7 news reporter eric thomas was there for the ceremony. joining us live now with more. hi, eric. >> reporter: and larry, if you like the view you saw just a momentl love thisag one from treasure island. there it is, all 1070 feet of it. you can tell from the construction cranes they haven't finished sales force four. that will happen later this year. but it was a meaningful milestone today.
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lifting the final beam into place is part of the ceremony known as topping off in the construction trades. that's what builders, financiers and future tenants were celebrating today at sales force tower. >> the ceilings are the highest. the air is the cleanest. the natural light is amazing. and the views are pretty good. >> reporter: he's right from the east bay to the golden gate bridge, views from the thousand foot tall building are stunning. >> we are on the 60th floor of the sales force tower. let's show you this. look over there, yeah, we're looking down on the transamerica pyramid and this is not the top floor. >> there is almost no point in san francisco that you can be in today without seeing this tower. >> reporter: the anchor tenant will be sales force. ceo mark benioff says that means jobs. >> we have 10,000 employees right here at this new sales force tower campus. >> reporter: when completed the new tower will be one of three sales force buildings downtown. the developer of the $1.1 billion tower made sure
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people knew this sky scraper would not begin to settle and lean like the 58-story millennium tower in san francisco. >> so, the mantra everyone should leave with today is bed rock, baby, this building is in bed rock. it's not going anywhere. >> reporter: it is 61 stories tall and if things go on schedule as i said a few moments ago, when they finish late this year, it should be ready for occupancy in early 2018. larry, alma, back to you. >> eric, sales force has special plans for the top floor in the building. what are they specifically? >> reporter: yes, ceo mark benioff made a point of saying this, that there would be no offices on the 61st floor. it will be open, employees during the week can use it for meetings and galtherings but on the weekends they'll let community groups, religious groups, ngos, people like that use that top floor for free for their weekend activities. benioff says that's giving back.
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>> live on treasure island, eric thomas abc 7 news. thank you, eric. >> well, san francisco is locked into a race to have the tallest tower west of the mississippi. the sales force tower is the tallest in san francisco at 1072 feet. but won't be the tallest in the state. that distinction will go to the which will sure grand tower in lots loss which will rise to 1099 feet. in seattle an architecture firm is planning the west coast tallest building the 4 c tower slated to be 1111 feet. but the faa is fighting the plan since it may interfere with air space for nearby boeing fields. >> abc 7 news viewer alex philip shared this video with us on instagram with the hashtag abc 7. this is the view of skf's changing sky line and views from twin peaks, you want to see your view of the knew sales force tower, post ire pictures or video with a hashtag, #abc 7 now. >> a hillsboro woman accused of arranging the murder of her ex-boyfriend posted $45 million bail. one of the highest in history.
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tiffany lee stayed silent as she was rushed into an suv outside the san mateo county jail this afternoon. that's her with the hood over her head. she is one of three suspects charged in the murder of the father of her children, keith green. lee was released after posting bond which included several million dollars in cash and at least $60 million in property. the amount is the highest ever posted in san mateo county. lee will be monitored by gps and has to turnover her passports. >> bail has been set at $2 million for the man accused of killing his ex-girlfriend right in front of her two children. the 43-year-old man lawyer da shun mcbride was arrested in is being sacramento. police say he killed ra shon da franklin as she drove her children to school. yesterday mcbride told abc 7 police have the wrong man. >> fire fighters have their hands full this morning rescuing several cats and birds from an apartment fire. fire started in the top unit on randall street. fire fighters rescued two women
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who were trapped near the rear stairs. they then pulled two birds and seven cats from the residence. they had to put an oxygen mask on one of the cats overcome by the fumes. >> i saw them bringing five or six out. they're all puffy, covered with soot. crying, you know, really crazy sounds, making a really crazy noise. >> the two women were rushed to the hospital and treated, animal care and control experts checked out the animals at a neighbor's home. >> right now state lawmakers are voting on a $52 billion transportation package that would raise the gas tax to fix the state's roads and bridges. that bill proposes a 12 sirnt per gallon tax hielk as well as diesel tax increases and higher vehicle license fees. needs a two house majority. if it passes the senate it will go on to two a december sbli committees. it has to win approve from both to move onto the assembly floor. the state can use existing funds for all this work, but democrats say that would require cuts to
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education and social services which they are unwilling to make. >> we're learning more today about the police shooting in napa that killed aid 65-year-old man. >> he was standing right there kind of right in front of that tre tree. the last time i looked back running on the porch i could see smoke coming out of his gun. >> neighbors tell abc 7 news what led up to the shooting, it's something they say they'll remember for the rest of their lives. >> and the effort to put an end to fake news, what facebook is now doing to try to help. plus. >> what i do is exaggerate life. i don't have to apologize for it. >> one of the great legends of comedy has died. remembering don rickles and the art of the put down. >> at 4:10 i should say our first live look at the afternoon commute. this is 101 in san jose. not raining there yet at least, but you can see the cloudy skies and the back up is in the southbound direction. northbound is moving fine as is 880 over the top. back with more on abc 7 news at 4:00 right after the break.
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we're learning more about the shoot out between napa police and the man sthe shot and killed in a suburban neighborhood on tuesday. >> abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman returned to the scene today and joins us now. we heard from residents who told hair owing stories just happy to have survived the whole incident. wayne? >> reporter: well, they are talking. we learned today that steve ferry, the man who napa police shot and killed last tuesday may have been a bit of a tormented soul. he found out last weekend that he was going to be evicted from the house that he was renting, the one right over there in front of that red truck. the neighbors say he had always
4:14 pm
been difficult, but those who lived around him say this is the first time he ever turned violent. >> there is no police. >> reporter: here is the harrowing story steve will tell for the rest of his life. >> he was standing right there, kind of right in front of that tree. the last time i looked back running on the porch, i could see smoke coming out of his gun and it was just going off. >> multiple calls of a male yelling get down and possible shots fired. >> reporter: that dispatch came in moments before steve ferry tried to leave the scene in his car leading to a chase and shoot out with napa police that led to him crashing into a tree. he says he saw officers surround the car, weapons drawn. >> had their guns pointed at him and then about 15 seconds later, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, just at least probably at least 100 rounds. >> reporter: depending on who describes him, steve ferry was either an ernest entrepreneur who sold wood chips in local stores or prone to disputes with
4:15 pm
neighbors who often said they heard him yelling in his house or in his yard as on tuesday. >> gibberish like you, you, you. something like you, sounded like you. it was hard to make out. like he had been in an insane asylum. >> reporter: ples had been at the house once to settle a dispute between mr. ferry and the people who lived in this house. they had an ongoing argument apparently after police left, ferry attacked a woman in the street. he pushed her to the ground and kicked her. she screamed. neighbors came out to help. then steve ferry came out with a gun. and everyone took cover. >> he knew we were right there behind the door. that's where the shots are. all the shots are right there. >> reporter: you're saying he wasn't trying to scare me? >> no, he was trying to kill us. >> reporter: fortunately every single bullet missed. it left most unusual repair work today. that will be the easy part. how do you get over this? >> i don't know. well, it's easier when you don't get shot. >> reporter: in napa, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. >> today the school board is
4:16 pm
considering a plan to change napa high school's mascot to the school known as the indians and has a logo with the native american wearing a bandana with a feather. indigenous groups complained the mascot dehumanizes native americans. last month the committee of students alumni faculty and school board members recommended changing it. the meeting gets underway at 6:00. the final decision is expected in two weeks. >> facebook is testing a new feature to help users spot fake news. founder mark zuckerberg said when you log in there will be a prompt at the top of the news feed, it will have tips on how to spot and flag stories that are hoaxes or designed merely to mislead people. zuckerberg said stopping the spread of false news is an important part of building an informed community. on facebook he wrote, we know our community wants accurate information. we've got more work to do, but this is another important step. cable giant comcast is jumping into the wireless game. today the company announced it plans to start selling cell phones.
4:17 pm
comcast says it will use a network that it is leasing from verizon, that service will original be available to comcast customers who already pay for home internet service and it will start in a few months. >> hyper loop one is taking some steps forward in introducing a new mode of transportation. the company announced it is finished installing parts of its test track in las vegas for a two-based autonomous transportation system. it's also revealing the 35 proposed routes for freight passenger transit and makes them both. 11 of them are in the us including los angeles to san diego, and reno to las vegas. the longest is shy en, wyoming to houston, texas. it is about a 17-hour drive. the hyper loop trip would take an hour and 45 minutes. the goal is to have three systems in service by 2021. >> don rickles, the emmy winning kirng of insult comedy has died. >> that's what i do, i laugh about people. irish, jewish, italian, puerto rican -- well, puerto rican -- [ laughter ] >> for more than five decades
4:18 pm
nobody was safe from the so-called merchant of venom. also pushing the envelope with his humor. he had a deep affecttion for those that he taunted. his long career in stand up comedy began after a short try being a serious film actor. rickles made fun of pretty much everybody from frank sinatra and president reagan and frequently appeared on late night tv. he suffered kidney failure at his home in los angeles. there's been a lot of reaction to his passing, actor tom hanks tweet being, a god died today. we do not ever want to lose you, never. chris rock called him the love of my life. and the u.s. department of defense tweeted, fair winds and following seas to u.s. navy veteran and comedian don rickles. spencer christian, you hockey puck. >> that's what he called me. he called me that once. >> did he? >> yeah. now it's happened twice. what's the story there? >> well, i was a cheap skate so
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he called me a hockey puck. let's talk about weather, shall we? it's going to be a storm that is rather energetic and vigorous and it's on its way. let's look at live doppler 7. you can see right now we have some scattered showers over the bay area, but the heavier rain is building right offshore there. you see this massive moisture here. that's going to be our first wave of actual storminess and it's only a couple of hours away. right now we're looking at cloudy skies, light rain reported in some bay area locations. current temperatures generally in the mid 60s right around the bay. upper 50s in the coast and some of the our inland areas. let's move along and take a live view from mount tamme camera which is shaking up there where the wind is gusty already. these are our forecast futures. rain, windy tonight through tomorrow morning. wet and gusty again tomorrow night, with showers lingering into saturday morning. on we go to our high wind warning which is in effect from 8:00 tonight to 5:00 tomorrow morning. for the bay area hills, we'll see gusts up to about 60 miles
4:20 pm
per hour, possibility of downed trees and power lines. and there is a wind advisory in effect for the lower elevations for the same time frame. 8:00 tonight to 5:00 tomorrow morning. winds gusting up to 45 miles per hour. be on the look out for blowing debris and hazardous driving conditions. this storm has come in tonight and tomorrow, ranks 2 on the impact scale. about half an inch to inch and a half of rainfall generally across the bay area. there is also the chance of some thunderstorms with this storm. so, here we go. forecast animation starting 6:00 this evening. at that point we'll already see pretty widespread steady rain across the north bay and very quickly it will cover all the bay area by about 8:00 tonight. then 11:00 tonight we'll see another wave of intense storminess moving through with heavy downpours, but notice what happens early tomorrow morning. going into the morning commute we'll see the intensity of the storm winding down leaving behind pockets of showers and cloudy skies for mosttomorrow. but no more significant rainfall is expected until late tomorrow night. by 5:00 tomorrow afternoon we project rainfall totals will range from just under half an
4:21 pm
inch at san jose and mountain view. let's get there. well, it didn't show up. so, over an inch in san francisco, oakland and most of the north bay. then we get the second storm tomorrow night into saturday morning. this one ranks one on the storm impact scale. it will produce light to moderate showers. rainfall totals less than half an inch from the bay area. here's a forecast animation for that one starting 5:00 tomorrow afternoon going into tomorrow night, we'll see a wave of rather heavy downpours just sweeping through the bay area quickly and will be out of here by early saturday morning but it will be followed by cold air and cold showers and possibly some freezing precipitation in the higher bay area peaks. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. tomorrow night storm ranks 1 on the impact scale. and we have sunny skies on sunday, monday, partly cloudy tuesday, light rain again wednesday and thursday. i should have told you the circumstances of don rickles calling me a hockey puck. he made an appearance on "good morning america" when i worked
4:22 pm
there and i had tried to crack a joke which he didn't think was very funny. he said you're just a hockey puck. >> ah. >> he was probably right. he was probably right. >> yeah, he probably was. thank you, spencer. >> okay. >> you can get a good look at the clouds over the north bay and the picture tweeted from on top of the sales force tower. we want to see your weather pictures. post your pictures on social media use the hashtag abc 7 now and you can see them on tv. >> don't think of them as mexican brit owes. it's great food. >> a tasty twist on mexican food right here in san francisco. the restaurant is bringing something new to the bay area.
4:23 pm
♪ "turn around... every now and then i get a little bit hungry and there's nothing really good around. turn around... every now and then i get a little bit tired of living off the taste of the air... turn around, barry. i finally found the right snack."♪
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"each with one hundred fifty calories or less, try our chocolaty brownies, tangy lemon bars, and creamy cheesecakes. fiber one, most people flock to the mission district when they want some good mexican food. >> but we have uncovered some hidden gems in some of the city's smaller neighborhoods. jessica castro from abc 7 mornings has more. >> reporter: you won't just find traditional dishes in san
4:25 pm
francisco's top mexican restaurants. instead, you might find a worldly twist. >> we're putting it all together. so don't think of it as mexican burr it owes. it's great food. >> reporter: it is a specialty restaurant in soma that everyone loves. >> it's completely different from what it should be. >> reporter: the head chef uses kimchi and other flavors from around the globe. it may not come as a surprise, but they crunched the numbers on yelp average rating versus number of reviews. instead of just the star ratings you see online, we were able to compare the largest well known restaurants against specialty spots and hole in the wall mom and pop shops. when it comes to sheer number of popular mexican restaurants, the mission neighborhood is definitely the neighborhood to be in. but would it surprise you to learn mexican restaurants in
4:26 pm
some of the smaller neighborhoods like crocker amazon, the haight and kpelsie, all ranked high on average? and two restaurants in particular are hidden gems. i'm going to show them to you here on our map. these are the popular mission spots. but if you actually look down the street, there's those two hidden gems. lee's restaurants, they actually ranked in the top 20 mexican restaurants and both beat out those three mission hot spots based on hood line's numbers. this is in the crocker amazon near mission and geneva avenue. they're known for their tortas or mexican sandwiches. save plenty of room. they're huge. or try mexico tipi co in the exelsior district. she tells me everyone who works there is from mexico.
4:27 pm
>> they should always try new places. flavors are very different and different part of mexico. >> reporter: for more detailed information on the restaurants i mentioned and the breakdown of the scores, visit our website abc 7, and we'll also hook you up with hood line for more tasty ideas. jessica castro, abc 7 news. >> well, the nuclear option has been triggered. >> unprecedented, in the history of our senate. >> the rules have been changed in order to clear the path for president trump's supreme court nominee. >> and after weeks of refusing to budge, fresno congressman devin nunes says he will step aside from the investigation into russia.
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>> announcer: live where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> and here are the stories making headlines at 4:30. crews hoisted the final beam into place for the sales force tower today. a topping officer moan i was held on the apex of the building. the tower should be finished later this year and tenants are expected to move in in early 2018. the hillsboro woman accused of killing the father of her children walked out of jail today after being granted baling. abc 7 news melanie woodrow tweeted lee getting out. she is backed by a group that raised $4 million in cash and pledged 62 until in san francisco property. she'll be on house arrest at an
4:31 pm
undisclosed location. coming up new 5:00, a pacifica properties owner has plans to restore beach access. leslie brinkley will have more on what needs to be done to get a profrm. senate republicans went nuclear today and have paved the way for judge neil gorsuch to be confirmed in the supreme court. the controversial move has democrats furious and republicans pointing fingers. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony is live in berkeley with our story. laura. >> reporter: historically republicans have more often used the filibuster, but in this case the democrats used it. republicans reacted with this drastic move that will make confirmations easier, but potentially future supreme court nominees more extreme. >> historically it used to be the case that to stop a filibuster, you needed 60 votes. and now the nominations for the supreme court cannot be filibustered. >> reporter: a professor of politics at saint mary's college
4:32 pm
says the nuclear option implemented by the senate could affect the makeup of the u.s. supreme court for decades to come. >> in the future, if there are other vacancies on the supreme court during trump's presidency, he will have an easier time getting an appointment that suits his point of view on policy options because the filibuster won't be available. >> supreme court nomination was something that we expected to be a potential flash point. >> reporter: u.c. berkeley political science chair eric is the coauthor of the 2006 book, filibuster, obstruction and law making in the u.s. senate. though they knew it would fail, he believes democrats had no choice but to filibuster gorsuch. after republicans refused even a hearing last year for president obama's nominee, merrick garland. >> i think they felt they had to take a stand for their constituents who were really angry about the treatment of merrick garland, obama's nominee, really angry about the trump presidency and really are insisting the party's senators takes a stand.
4:33 pm
>> reporter: as it is now gorsuch is expected to be easily confirmed with a simple majority as the newest u.s. supreme court justice friday evening. in berkeley, laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> all right. now to that bomb shell on capitol hill, california representative devin nunes, the house intelligence committee chairman, is stepping aside from the investigation into russia's meddling in the 2016 u.s. presidential election. now, for weeks nunes has refused to recuse himself. abc 7 news reporter stephanie ramos live in new york with a look. exactly what changed, stephanie? >> reporter: yeah, it was a surprise on capitol hill, larry. house speaker paul ryan has been one of those gop leaders that have really stood by nunes. but he says that the current ethics probe into nunes is now a distraction from the committee's investigation into russia. but even so, he says nunes should stay in his position as chairman. >> i sent out a statement and that's -- my statement will stand. >> reporter: devin nunes, the
4:34 pm
house intelligence committee gop chairman today, leaving the capital soon after bowing out from the russia investigation he was leading. >> it is in the best interest of the investigation. >> reporter: this comes weeks after nunes refused to recuse himself from the investigation into russia's alleged interference in the 2016 presidential election. >> i fully support his decision. >> reporter: nunes is blaming politically motivated accusations from left-wing groups, saying in a statement, the charges are false. >> devin nunes has earned my trust over many years for his integrity and his dedication to the critical work of the intelligence community does to keep americans safe. >> reporter: there were questions of nunes's impartiality when he met with a so-called whistle blower on white house grounds. nunes says he received information showing the trump team was incidentally caught up in surveillance. the next day he showed that intelligence to the president instead of the bipartisan committee he led. the house ethics committee is now investigating nunes for possibly obtaining unauthorized classified material.
4:35 pm
the ranking member of the house intelligence says his stepping aside allows for a fresh start. >> investigation is of such critical importance that we need to get fully back on track. >> reporter: now, weeks ago the trump administration had plenty to say about nunes and his visit to the white house grounds. but today the trump administration says specifically sean spicer says they will not be commenting on any of the decisions made by the house intel committee. reporting live in new york, stephanie ramos, abc 7 news. larry? >> stephanie, thank you. tonight the u.s. will be considering military action against syrian leader bashar al-assad's regime following this week's chemical weapons attack that left dozens dead. the death toll from tuesday's attack has now climbed to 86 people including 30 children and 20 women. today secretary of state rex tillerson condemned the attack and placed blame on assad for all these deaths. he suggested the syrian leader could be removed and potentially by force. >> assad's role in the future is
4:36 pm
uncertain clearly, and with the acts that he has taken it would seem that there would be no role for him to govern the syrian people. >> and abc news is reporting the national security council met last night on taking possible military action against the regime, but it's unclear exactly what that action would entail. >> in colombia, a woman was rescued several days after a massive mudslide that killed more than 300 people. this video shows rescuers bringing the 76-year-old woman off an army aircraft to take her to a hospital. southwestern colombia received a month's worth of rain in a single night between friday and saturday. >> at arlington national cemetery, friends, family and invited guests said their final good-byes to john glenn. the astronaut and former u.s.
4:37 pm
senator from ohio died on december 8th last year. today's memorial in virginia was supposed to be a more personal event for glenn's wife and children. glenn served in the marine corps as a pilot before circling the earth three times in 1962. john glenn was 95 years old. >> well, rough roads ahead. the storm damage that's leading some bay area drivers with a very bumpy ride and what's being done to smooth things out. >> i'm spencer christian. this is a view from sutro tower. dark clouds over the bay area soon to be followed by widespread downpour. i'll be have the accuweather forecast as abc 7 news at 4:00 continues.
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here's some breaking news in san bruno. a man has been arrested for murder after authorities discovered a dismembered body. the remains were found inside a home on pacific heights boulevard near sharp park road earlier today. police say they were originally called to the home to investigate a missing person report. officers searched the house and they found the body that was dismembered. 50-year-old san bruno resident david stubble field has been arrested on suspicion of homicide. authorities have not yet identified the victim in the crime. we do have a crew on the scene and will bring you more details as soon as we learn them. >> this year's storms have been creating quite a few trouble spots on bay area free ways. one that is getting a lot of notice right now is on the transition from highway 85 to southbound 101 in san jose. abc 7 news reporter matt keller takes a closer look at the big bump in the road.
4:41 pm
>> reporter: take a ride with me and my photographer steve. this is a car pool lane fly over from southbound to 85 to southbound 101 in san jose. >> i'm going 50 miles per hour. it got you worse than it got me. >> reporter: from a distance it looks like the cars are actually jumping off the pave. >> i have a low car so you can definitely feel it when you're going. >> reporter: cal trans told me their engineering staffer is reviewing the road conditions. tey say the spot on the connector ramp is one of many areas directly impacted by the past winter storms and kpegs i have water runoff. crews are spread and it could take a few more days before any repair plan can even be discussed. if you're driving in the area, just remember slow down and hold on tight. >> honestly it's like a roller coaster. you just -- everybody in the car gets ready because you're going to go flying. and everybody will lift out of your seat literally. it's that significant. >> reporter: it will take a lot of money to damage all the
4:42 pm
roads. cal trans estimates it will take about $72 million to do all the work. in san jose, matt keller, abc 7 news. >> california will receive $105 million from the federal government for emergency repairs to roads and bridges that have been damaged by severe weather and wildfires. mud money coming from the emergency relief program. colorado and south carolina were other states to receive this federal funding. >> announcer: now your accuweather forecast with spencer christian. >> live doppler 7 is just offshore now. rain is already beginning to spread across the north bay. it will hit all parts of the bay area as we get later into the eepg and overnight hours. the storm ranks 2 on the storm impact scale. it will produce half an inch to inch of rainfall with winds gufrting to 60 miles per hour at times. and we have a beach housazard statement in effect. we expect wave heights to get higher than they are now, up to about 10 or 11 feet right now.
4:43 pm
large breakers are likely, sneaker waves, rip currents, dangerous elements. meanwhile snow is pushing into the sierra. winter storm warning is in effect until saturday at 6:00 p.m. for the central sierra. we expect 6 to 12 inches of new snow, about 4,000 feet. two to 4 feet of snow above 6,000 feet with winds gusting to 60 miles per hour. now, our weekend forecast, here are the two-day forecast the bay area calls for breezy, cold showers on saturday, but sunday sunny and turning mild earn. very sharp contrast in the two-day period there. here's the accuweather seven-day storm cast. 2 storm impact. it will rank 1 on the impact scale saturday. mainly sunny sunday, partly sunny monday. storms wednesday and thursday of next week. >> thank you, spencer. >> 7200 feet of property in san francisco for only $35,000.
4:44 pm
this sounds like an amazing deal. not quite what you think. >> no. plus a request for shoes for a homeless man turns into much more than expected. how so many are helping. >> 7 on your side michael finney. good news for frustrated vw owner who was waiting and waiting nor a settlement. we'll tell you what's changed. coming up next.
4:45 pm
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good news for the warriors. their star kevin durant set to return this weekend just in time for the final three games of the regular season. the postseason. durant has missed 19 games after spraining his knee back in late february. the warriors say if there are no set backs, it's anticipated that k.d. will play saturday when the new orleans pelicans visit oracle arena. the warriors won 13 straight games, won the 13th last night in phoenix without k.d. and secured home court advantage throughout the playoffs. >> we have a heart warming update to a story we first brought you yesterday. >> yeah, this is fantastic. darren brazil works at san francisco based ign. he passes by a homeless man by the name of dennis almost every day and dennis wears size 14 or 15 shoes that were recently taken. >> darren's feet aren't that big so he asked for help on social media. yesterday that photo that you saw spread across social media and it resulted in giants player
4:48 pm
brand don belt offering to donate a pair to the cause. go fund me page for dennis has also raised more than $500. >> darren says he'll go shopping for dennis over the weekend and buy him multiple pairs of shoes and clothes. in the meantime darren's mother-in-law immediately gave him a pair of shoes which was passed along to dennis today and he says dennis had tears of joy in his eyes after he told him about all the tweets and our story and the reaction to it. >> that is great. all right. well, just yesterday we aired a story about frustrated volkswagen owners waiting for their share of a multi billion dollar settlement. >> the consumer team we feechd has his money. 7 on your side michael finney has the update. >> we're happy to see things moving ahead here. in just the past few weeks we received complaints from a half dozen vw owners who sold their cars back to vw that still haven't been paid. the buy back program is part of a huge settlement you remember between volkswagen and federal regulators after findings that the automaker rigged its vehicles to pass emissions
4:49 pm
standards. yesterday at 6:00 i told you a story of patrick. he turned in his car expecting to receive his money. vw's own website said he could expect the cash in three days. it's been well over a month. well, today he contacted us here at 7 on your side. happy to have finally received his money. the $19,000 included money to payoff his loan. that means four of the six who reached out to us here at 7 on your side have now received their share of the money from the settlement. if you still don't have your money, let me know. as if twitter isn't light enough when it's 140 character limit, it's now offering twitte light. the social media site is launching a scaled down version for mobile users. twitter says it will reduce data use on smart phones and tablets and it will load fast on slow 2 g americas. the app lets you preview items before downloading and that saves even more data. you don't need to -- i should
4:50 pm
say you don't need an app to get it. just go to mobile on your device. thousand of skooters made for adults are being recalled tonight. the steering support can snap and cause riders to fall. the recall affects 3,000 of these zooters. they were sold from last january through november -- excuse me, last november to january of this year. zooters says the steering support can break during normal use. six breaks have been reported. one rider fell and suffered scrapes and bruises. it is offering a free repair. i posted all the information you need on my facebook page. i want to hear from you. the 7 on your side hot line is open monday through friday. 10 to 2. the number 415-954-8151. you can reach me through abc also. >> thanks, michael. >> you can look back right now,
4:51 pm
just one of the fun things you can do this weekend. >> reggie from abc 7 mornings has the details and some other options from our partners at hood line. >> turn on, tune in and drop out. this week hood line takes us back to golden gate park where hip ee culture is now fine art. we got a sneak peek at the de young's exhibit opening saturday. summer of love experience is meant to immerse you into the psych dell i can world of san francisco circa 1967. these posters that line haight ash bury is the role of the evolution of pop art. the fashion of the day, news of the overarching theme of the exhibit, disruption. what do you think the summer of love generation is going to think when they see that their stuff is now in a museum? >> it's going to be very challenging because in here you have something that's really on the one hand already history to be a writing and maybe even rewriting history. on the other hand older components are still alive. to be able to go through here,
4:52 pm
they will see it and they probably will have their own interpretation. so, we have about a thousand different curators for the show. >> summer of love now 50 years old and it isn't the only 50th anniversary happening. san francisco's japan town offers the 50th year of the cherry blossom festival. it happens on post interest between laguna and fill more. this starts on saturday. it goes for two weekends with the parade happening next sunday. we end not on a 50th but on the 40th of the original tv series "roots." to celebrate that this saturday the oakland film festival hosts some of the starz of the original show and the more recent reboot. to see that and other events happening go to abc 7 we'll link you up with hood line. have a great weekend. >> and speaking of our friends at hood line, they told us about a pretty affordable piece of real estate in san francisco. believe it or not, only $35,000, it's just a driveway. that's the problem. it's on 22nd avenue in the outer richmond. the catch is the driveway is shared with the adjacent homes
4:53 pm
so you can't build anything on it. if you buy it, you owe the taxes. the insurance and the maintenance fees. what a deal. listed on real estate website red thin and the price has actually been cut. the driveway was once on the market for $50,000. i don't know if they would let you put a little toll there. >> right. >> you get your money back. >> that's a good idea. >> probably not. >> well, a touching reunion. >> she helped you. he has five children. i wouldn't want his five children to be without their dad. >> the family of a woman who died gets a chance to talk with the man who now has her heart. >> right now dan is here with a look at what is ahead on abc 7 news at 5:00. >> larry, alma, thanks so much. the government is demanding to know the identity of a trump critic and twitter is suing to keep it a secret. the risk be for alls heimers, they can tell you, no doctor required. even nice hotels have them.
4:54 pm
the quickest way to tell whether your redwood room has bed bugs. and the marin county dog rescue three days after a deadly boat accident. all of that is coming up at 5:00. has crazy low prices. do you know how we do it? - how? - bargainomics! say, if california has a bumper crop and produces too many oranges. or a winemaker in sonoma suddenly has 1000 bottles too many. we've got name-brand, top-quality groceries priced 40-70% off every day. bargainomics. that's our business model. and our business model is... delicious.
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it is tgi t night here on abc 7.
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graze anatomy, scandal, followed by the catch, and stay with us for abc 7 news at 11:00. morgan recipients rarely get the chance to say thank you to the family of their donors. today a sacramento man reunited with the parents of a young east bay woman who helped save his life. abc 7 news reporter chris nguyen has more on a very emotional meeting. >> reporter: it was the call that changed a sacramento man's life. >> i had been on the transplant list for 12 days. when i got the call it really was a shock. >> reporter: after years of dialysis and suffering from failing health, tom goss found out that he'd be receiving a heart and kidney from a young martinez woman. >> i told my kids be nice to everyone you come in contact with. you never know who is going to have an effect on your life. >> reporter: in march of dworn kate hopkins was in yosemite testing her new long board when she suffered a traumatic accident. the 20-year-old was rushed to the hospital, but did not survive. however, she had made the choice to register as an ore began
4:58 pm
donor a couple years earlier. something her mother didn't think about when tragedy struck. >> we got so many cards and letters from people telling us about the kind things she either did for them or for their children and it was very heart warming to know that she always made sure that everyone felt like she were included. >> reporter: today the goss and hopkins families met at the california pacific medical center in san francisco thanking the medical staff who saved goss while remembering the young woman who made it happen. >> whatever we were doing, she was such a fun person that whenever you were with her, you had fun. it didn't matter what you were doing. >> reporter: the families had previously met shortly after goss's surgery but were over come with emotion. >> three years down the road to do something like this is easier. before i'd start crying because of the fact to think what i was given was someone else's life. >> reporter: a message in sharing life and living life to the absolute fullest. in san francisco, chris nguyen, abc 7 news. >> wow, the gift of life. so precious. thanks for joining us for abc 7
4:59 pm
news at 4:00. i'm larry beil. abc 7 news at 5:00 starts right now. >> get ready for heavy rain to roll into the bay area. find out how long it's going to stick around. >> household out of court. a bay area murder suspect is released after posting an almost unheard of bail amount. the restrictions to keep her from leaving the country. >> the sign reads access closed. the california coastal commission is telling abc 7 news it is concerned. we are live with what happens now. >> and you can't beat the view from a thousand feet up. the capping officer mo ceremonye tallest building west of chicago. >> announcer: live where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> so, what happened to spring? you're looking live from our cameras atop mount tamme, the golden gate bridge and emeryville, a potent storm is just about to hit. good evening. i'm alma daetz in for kristen
5:00 pm
sze. >> thanks for joining us. let's get to meteorologist sandy patel. >> a look at live doppler 7, we are beginning to see the signs of a storm moving in. take a look at where the rain is falling right now. we're going to go into street level radar. the north bay starting to see an increase in the rainfall moderate around wilfred avenue, south santa rosa, santa rosa into ron ert park. it is getting wet for the start of the evening commute. as you take a look at this storm, it has quite a bit of moisture to work with. and believe it or not, there is an intense area of low pressure here. so, what is going to happen? winds are going to whip the bay area. we are going to see pouring rain on our storm impact scale it is a moderate strength storm, a 2 for this evening into overnight. gusts up to 60, isolated higher than that. rain will be heavy at times, may phigh wind warning for hills an coastal areas. 8:00 tonight until 5:00 a.m. tomorrow, those gusts up to 60 could take down power lines and trees. a wind advisory for the


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