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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  April 6, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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sze. >> thanks for joining us. let's get to meteorologist sandy patel. >> a look at live doppler 7, we are beginning to see the signs of a storm moving in. take a look at where the rain is falling right now. we're going to go into street level radar. the north bay starting to see an increase in the rainfall moderate around wilfred avenue, south santa rosa, santa rosa into ron ert park. it is getting wet for the start of the evening commute. as you take a look at this storm, it has quite a bit of moisture to work with. and believe it or not, there is an intense area of low pressure here. so, what is going to happen? winds are going to whip the bay area. we are going to see pouring rain on our storm impact scale it is a moderate strength storm, a 2 for this evening into overnight. gusts up to 60, isolated higher than that. rain will be heavy at times, may phigh wind warning for hills an coastal areas. 8:00 tonight until 5:00 a.m. tomorrow, those gusts up to 60 could take down power lines and trees. a wind advisory for the lower
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elevations. watch out for blowing debris and difficulty driving tonight. so, here's your hour by hour preview. reds and oranges at 7:00 indicating some intense rain. 8:00 p.m., 9:00 p.m., i hope you're inside because you are going to get soaked. the rest of your hour by hour forecast plus a look at the next storm coming up. alma? >> thank you, sandy a. pg&e is watching the storm tonight. experts are monitoring wind gusts we think expect will bring down power lines and create outages in the bay area. the center does computational modelling. that gives them a pretty good idea where we'll be hit the hardest and where to stage and send crews. >> it enables us to plan and prepare for the storm events. we've been preparing for this storm event a week now mobilizing resources and getting everybody aware and prepared this storm is coming. >> the company has generators ready to deploy. they can power an entire neighborhood if needed. pg&e tells us that, quote, all hands are on deck tonight.
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and track the rain any time with live doppler 7. download the abc 7 news app. breaking alerts and weather updates where you live as they happen. >> a woman is free after posting $35 million in bail. tiffany lee will be on monitored house arrest until her trial in late september, though prosecutors fear she is a flight risk. abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow is live outside san mateo county jail where lee got out just hours ago. melanie. >> reporter: well, dan, with a baseball cap on, her hood up and her head down, tiffany lee had nothing to say as she left the jail today. her defense attorney says her next stop is a, quote, modest condo. tiffany, did you have anything to do with keith green's murder? no answers from accused murder suspect tiffany lee. as she got into this black escalade, earlier lee posted $35 million bail, a portion in
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cash and the rest, more than $60 million in property. >> we kind of knew it was coming. nothing seems right about it at all. >> reporter: lee is one of three sspects charged in connection with keith green's murder. the father of her two children. green died from a single gunshot wound to his neck. his body dumped in the sonoma county field. green's close friend angela dunne is anticipating the trial in late september. >> we will hear the truth. truth is very powerful. >> reporter: but the san mateo count district attorney is concerned lee who has deep connections in china is a flight risk. he had asked for no bail. as part of lee's release conditions, she'll wear a tougher electronic monitoring device with 24/7 observation. >> everybody charged with a serious crime is a flight risk. >> reporter: the attorney says 10 to 15 family members put up property for bail. >> that means a lot. they believe she's going to return to court i believe and may believe she's not guilty.
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>> reporter: lee will not return to her hillsboro home according to her attorney who says she is receiving death threats. she'll be in a modest condo at an undisclosed location. also that it would likely take a court order for lee to have visitation with her two young children who are being cared for by her mother and keith green's mother in a shared custody arrangement. in redwood city, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. >> police in the monterey county city of sea side made an arrest of a young teen. 13-year-old christina williams vanished while she was out walking her dog on the former fort ord army base. her remains were found seven months late earn. today police identified 56 year old charles holyfield for her death. he is serving a 25 years case. he lived in the county in 1998 when williams vanished. san francisco police have arrested a children's swim teacher on suspicion of
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possessing child porn. 28-year-old nicholas hodges was taken into custody this week after police served a search warrant at his home in the city. investigators say they found more than 600 files containing child pornography. hodges has been charged with distribution those files and sending harmful material to a minor. he remains in custody with bail set at $335 ,000. >> people in pacifica upset about access to a popular beach, it has to do with this zigzag trail that you see here behind me. the area collapsed last december. the coastal commission is concerned about the lack of repairs. here's a map showing exactly what i'm talking about. abc 7 news reporter leslie brinkley is live in pacifica tonight. leslie, you followed up today with the property owners about the restoration of the coastal access. >> reporter: that's right, dan. this trail is still closed and the california commission, california coastal commission told me today that the public's been denied access here for far too long and they said that they can understand no repairs during
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the rainy season, but now that we're getting into the spring and the summer months ahead, they want this trail going from the cliff down to the beach reopened, safely and as soon as possible. this is the view from sky 7 of a switch back cliff side trail that leads to stairs to the beach along esplanade avenue in pacifica. it's the same area where apartment buildings were torn down because of problems with erosion. in december, part of the beach access trail collapsed. >> we love to walk the beaches and now there is no access and we are, of course, upset about that. >> reporter: pacifica residents have been asking the property owner ocean air apartment homes when it will be reopened. but have gotten what some describe as a run around. early on cement trucks sured up some of the path to prevent further erosion, but now it's april. >> but they're spending money for the property renovation, why isn't this being done. >> reporter: tyler smith worked as a leasing agent for ocean air and said some tenants moved out
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in february when beach access wasn't restored. i called the irvine based owner of ocean air called trinity property consultants. their executive vice-president said the trail will be rebuilt very similar to what it was. our construction team is submitting plans and working with the coastal commission to get approval. but the california coastal commission says that's not the case. they've only gotten preliminary drawings so far. district manager nancy cave told me, we are getting increasingly concerned because we haven't gotten a response from the property owner in regards to timely repairs. good weather season approaching, they seri opening tay reopening coastal property is a priority. after approval it will take only a few weeks to complete. in pacifica, i'm leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. >> a restaurant in jack london
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square has been fined $75,000. reports the fine was unanimously approved by the bacon certification and development commission. they say scott succeeded the number of events it held on an illegally modified outdoor pau civilian. the commission originally suggested an $841,000 fine. the last steel beam was placed on the sales force tower in san francisco today. this makes it the tallest occupiable building west of chicago. here's a time lapse of the building rising up from the ground over the past four years. it was quite a ceremony today to mark the occasion. abc 7 news eric thomas was there and joins us live with more. eric. >> reporter: and alma, even without the two construction cranes on the very top there, it's the largest building in san francisco. it dominates the sky line. not done yet as you can see. that comes later in the year. but they held quite a party for the milestone today. lifting the final beam into place is part of the ceremony known as topping off in the
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construction trades. that's what builders, financiers and future tenants were celebrating today at sales force tower. >> the ceilings are the highest. the air is the cleanest. the natural light is amazing. and the views are pretty good. >> reporter: he's right. from the east bay to the golden gate bridge, views from the thousand foot tall building are stunning. we are on the 60th floor of the sales force tower. let's show you this. look over there, yeah, we're looking down on the transamerica pyramid and this is not the top floor. >> there is almost no point in san francisco that you can be in today without seeing this tower. >> reporter: the anchor tenant will be sales force. ceo mark benioff says that means jobs. >> we have 10,000 employees right here at this new sales force tower campus. >> reporter: when completed the new tower will be one of three sales force buildings downtown. the developer of the $1.1 billion tower made sure people knew this sky scraper would not begin to settle and
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lean like the 58-story millennium tower in san francisco. >> so, the mantra everyone should leave with today is bed rock, baby, this building is in bed rock. it's not going anywhere. >> you know, it's more than the tallest building west of the mississippi. it's also a company that has, i think, created values that represent the city so well. >> reporter: eric thomas, abc 7 news. >> eric tweeted out this picture of the bay bridge as seen from sales force tower. and here is how the tower looks from our exploratorium camera. mark benioff says he can see it from virtually anywhere in the city or east bay. we'd love to see your pictures of the building. use the hashtag abc 7 now, you can see it now or online on abc 7 >> twitter versus the white house. the san francisco-based company is suing the government. that's next. >> plus the protest that stopped an israeli official from speaking at a bay area university. and the plan to make sure it doesn't happen again. >> sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite.
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remember that? 7 on your side michael finney shows you how to spot what your mother warned you about. >> and keeping an eye on live doppler 7, meteorologist sandy doppler 7, meteorologist sandy patel will be back doppler 7, meteorologist sandy patel will be back ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ to take advantage of this offer on a volvo s90, visit your local dealer.
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was it a social blunder or misunderstanding between the mayor of jerusalem and san francisco state? we're talking about the mayor cancelling a speech that was supposed to be delivered at s.f. state after accusing the university of trying to silence him. abc 7 news reporter says changes have been made by the university. >> reporter: this is what happened exactly a year ago today. pro pls protesters interrupted a public speech that was being given by the mayor of jerusalem near san francisco state. the university acknowledged that the students violated campus policy by disrupting the event.
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meanwhile, an independent review found that the university did not properly handle the protest. still, he said he felt a moral obligation to return to san francisco state, except that he claims this time the university offered him a lot less exposure. in a statement the mayor says the university offered a ticketed limited event, and no legitimate effort was made on the part of the university to publicize the lecture. >> this is not the way that we invite any mayor from any other country around the world. and under those circumstances, since they continue to refuse to publicize it, the decision was not to go to the university. >> reporter: san francisco state says there was little time to prepare for the second event. confirmation was given by the mayor just five working days before his speech. >> what do we need to do as an institution to make sure that the mayor and our students and our community members are safe, and that they are able to have an open dialogue? and we felt like we prioritized
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that over publicity. >> reporter: since the 2016 incident, s.f. state has implemented new policies to manage crowds in addition to putting more security. both sides say they are now open to a third possible visit by the mayor. in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. >> twitter is suing the u.s. government after a demand to reveal the identity of the person behind an anti-president trump twitter account. the anonymous account is called alt immigration and has more than 40,000 followers. twitter says the identity of the person who runs it is protected under the first amendment. and the government hasn't shown proof of a crime or civil offense that outweighs the importance of the first amendment. a lawsuit was filed in san francisco federal court. the aclu is representing the anonymous user. >> this is very consistent with the way this administration has treated its critics and also what it seems to be a disregard for fundamental first amendment questions, such as in this case
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the right to anonymous speech. >> the u.s. department of homeland security is a defendant in the lawsuit. it has declined to comment. >> san bruno based youtube is changing the policy for those ads that pop up before you watch a video. the social network will no longer allow the ads on video channels that have fewer than 10,000 total views. the change is to help stop users from displaying ads and making money off of those ads with videos that have questionable content or contebt that belongs to someone else. >> all right. we're moving on, you're tired from the trip, you're excited about your vacation. you get to the hotel. there are bed bugs. that can really put a damper on the vacation. >> there are ways to avoid that nasty surprise. michael finney is lehere with that. michael. >> i was walking out of a hotel and a woman was talking about bed bugs. >> you're waujing in, she's walking out. >> bed bugs can cause a variety of symptoms from skin infections to allergic reactions. breathing can cause a trip to the e.r.
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here are tips to keep the bed bugs away during your next hotel stay. >> bewear, bed bugs. started feeling itchy the moment i entered the room. stay away, bed bugs. >> bed bug infested. >> consumer reviews on sites like trip advisor have some real horror stories. consumer reports says you can avoid these headlines on your next vacation. >> following some simple steps when you check in can help avoid hassle and expenses when you check out. >> reporter: it might sound extreme, but to be safe, put your luggage in the bathroom as soon as you enter the hotel room. >> bed bugs prefer anything dark and crevice they can hide in like bedding, seams of fabric, furniture, even inside walls. the bathroom is usually a safe zone while you search the room for signs of critters. >> check the sheets, box springs, for any signs ever bed bugs. look for dark yellow spots. casings the bugs leave behind. don't forget to look at the head of the bed and in, around and
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behind the headboard, too. be sure to lift and check under the mattress as well. while this room was clear, it's important to take action if you do find anything suspicious. >> if you find any signs of bed bugs, alert the manager immediately and ask for a new room and a different part of the hotel. infestations can spread from wall to wall. >> even if your room is clear, consumer reports says it's a good idea to keep your luggage and clothes off the floor and on a hard surface, or luggage rack, clear of any potential bed bug zones. consumer reports says when you get home, throw all your clothes into a hot dryer for at least 30 minutes. and store your empty luggage in your basement, garage, or even up in a hot attic. >> yeah, right. >> good info. >> thanks, michael. >> announcer: ndour your accuweather forecast with sandy a patel. >> hang on tight. winds are beginning to increase and the rain is coming down. live doppler 7 right now showing you light rain in the north bay,
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pockets of moderate rain. much heavier rain just up the coast line. let's go into the north bay where we are starting to see some downpours. as you look, sten son beach area, orange panoramic highway into mill valley, it is only going to intensify in the next few hours. here's a look from san francisco area, sunset district, ocean avenue. we are seeing some light to moderate rain right now. in pacifica, mar linda boulevard beginning to get wet. as we take a look at the sierra nevada it has been snowing. the snow levels are high. it will belower down to 4,000 feet so there will be accumulating snow tonight. winter storm warning starts 6:00 p.m. tonight runs until 6:00 p.m. saturday. get a load of this. two to 4 feet of snow is expected above 6,000 feet. with gusts up to 70 miles an hour. so, prepare for winter driving conditions. good idea to take the chains. it is starting to look dreary out there from our east bay hills camera. temperatures right now all in the 60s except for half moon bay, 57 degrees.
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here's a live look from our sutro tower camera. the camera is starting to shake a bit as the breeze is picking up. 5 palomino in santa rosa, 55 fairfield, livermore 59 degrees. from the exploratorium camera, you see the wind whipping up the waves now. so, rainy, windy through friday morning. we're looking at wet and gusty tomorrow night. showers lingering into saturday morning. here's a look at the storm impact scale. the storm for tonight going into early tomorrow, 2 moderate strength storm. wind gusts to 60, downpours at times and there is even a chance of thunderstorms. when you look at the hour by hour forecast here's what's going to happen. tonight wind gusts close to 40, topping 40 around 8:00 p.m. we head onto 11:00 p.m., it is still going to be pretty gusty out there. winds will subside as we head into tomorrow morning's commute. rainfall will also taper in intensity by tomorrow morning. 6:00 tonight, though, it's coming down in the north bay. 7:00 p.m., you're seeing it all the way down to the san francisco peninsula. and at 9:00 p.m. there will be some areas of heavy rain continuing right on through
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11:00 p.m., and into midnight before that rain begins to ease up. 3:00 a.m., you're still looking at pockets of moderate rain in the south bay and around 5:00 a.m. as well. scattered lighter showers right on through your morning commute. of course, mike miko will be tracking that for you tomorrow morning along with alexis smith. moont showers begin to ease up but it will intensify again as we head into late friday night. so, 7:00 p.m. into the north bay, moderate to heavy rain at times. around 9:00 to 11:00 p.m. tomorrow night, and we will see that rainfall tapering to showers with colder air coming in. rainfall estimates right now could range anywhere from about a half an inch to almost 2 inches of rain as we head into friday, adding to that for the saturday system. friday night into saturday. tomorrow night we drop it down to a level 1. light to moderate showers. rain fall less than half an inch. gusts will be not as strong. 30 to 45. hour by hour forecast tomorrow night, you'll see the intensity of the rain picking up. this takes you into saturday. saturday morning we are seeing
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some snow showers mixing in over mount hamilton. and then saturday afternoon it's all drying out. beach hazard statement 6:00 a.m. tomorrow through 9:00 a.m. saturday, those waves will be picking up. they're already up 8 to 10 feet. watch out for sneaker waves and rip currents. tomorrow morning it is going to be wet in spots. temperatures primarily in the 50s with showers, tomorrow afternoon 50s, 60s, cooler day, breezy with showers, accuweather forecast will show you 2 on our storm impact scale for tomorrow morning becoming level 1 tomorrow night into saturday. morning showers will give way to an evening storm and saturday morning showers with some snow over the hills. dry second half of your weekend, through tuesday, a lighter system for wednesday, thursday, it's a 1. download the abc 7 news app, we'll send you push alerts if urban and small stream flood advisories are issued which is likely. >> thanks, sandy. >> fasten your seat belt. we could be seeing a lot more bumpy rides. that's next. then at 5:30 on world news with david muir.
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>> coming up, breaking news, president trump weighing poll possible military action against syria. the president now saying something should happen. we obtain coverage. severe storms tonight, at least 13 reported tornadoes, 50 million bracing for dangerous weather tonight, next. >> david, thank you. we'll see you then. now, each of these dots represents a possible contact. next to ticks, see how san jose is trying to reach each of them in case of a disaster. in case of a disaster. that story and a lot more imagine if the things you bought every day earned you miles to get to the places you really want to go. with the united mileageplus explorer card, you'll get a free checked bag, 2 united club passes... priority boarding... and 50,000 bonus miles. everything you need for an unforgettable vacation. the united mileageplus explorer card. imagine where it will take you.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ to take advantage of this offer on a volvo s90, visit your local dealer. mountain view genetic testing start up 23 and me has one approval to tell you if you have genes linked to diseases like alzheimer's and parkinson's, in 2013 the food and drug administration actually blocked the company from providing genetic health information. but now you can purchase an at-home kit that will test your saliva and tell you if you have a genetic risk for ten diseases and blood disorders if you would like to know. well, a state court has upheld california's
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controversial cap and trade program. that's a cornerstone of the state's battle against climate change. the program requires companies by permits to release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. lawyers for the businesses plan to appeal. >> research shows climate change could make turbulence more common. severe turbulence, the kind that can toss you around the cabin if you're not buckled in, is to be twice as common because of climate change. that is according to researchers in england. they say the atmosphere contains twice as much co2, strong or more stable wind sheerz that increase turbulence will increase as much as 150% by the year 2050. european airline ryanair is threatening to double the fee for taking a child on a flight after losing what could be a landmark legal battle. a judge in england ruled today that infant passengers are entitled for compensation for flight delays. the decision could cost millions after a family was delayed on a
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flight for nine hours. >> the uh strastronomers say on recently detected by a telescope by the university of sydney. they were adjusting the set ings to enhance their ability to inpoint the origin of the busts which were intense flashes of radio like last for just milliseconds. origin is the key to understanding what makes them. >> found alive, a dog thought to have dround was found walking on a beach in marin county. >> that story when abc 7 at 5:00 continues.
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♪ ♪ to take advantage of this offer on a volvo s90, visit your local dealer. coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00, this man watched his neighbor point a gun at him and pull the trigger and he lived to talk about it. you'll see it on abc 6:00 tonight. >> she tried to improve her home and didn't get her money back until michael got involved. >> plus apartments that build like leg owes, glasses you can create with your smartphone and a guitar that teaches you how to
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play. welcome to the future. that's on display now. all coming up in half an hour in abc 7 news at 6:00. >> finally tonight, a moment of happiness for a family going through a difficult week. >> brian died trying to save his dog yoda after the boat capsized. the other man on the boat and the second dog were rescued but assumed yoda drowned. >> they found this lyle guy north of where the accident happened. they say yoda was shivering and cold but otherwise okay. >> they were able to reunite the yellow lab with some of his owners this afternoon. family members told the fire department tonight they were going to bring yoda to spend time with his old owner one last time before memorial this weekend. >> that is really sweet. >> it is. all right. well, thank you so much for joining us. world news tonight with david muir is next. i'm alma in for kristen sze. >> we appreciate your time. we'll see you at 6:00.
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tonight, breaking news. president trump and possible military action against syria. the president now saying, "something should happen" after the chemical attack in syria. this evening, the president and the defense department now weighing options after trump repeatedly said before that the u.s. should not get involved in syria. martha raddatz, jon karl, and brian ross standing by. also tonight, the sudden move to step aside. the republican leading the house investigation into russian meddling and any possible collusion, now recusing himself. >> did you disclose any classified information? >> what next in the investigation? in the senate tonight, the showdown over the supreme court. republican senators changing the rules, using the so-called "nuclear" option, set to push president trump's pick through. severe storms as we come on thai


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