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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  April 7, 2017 1:07am-1:38am PDT

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now, from abc,
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tracking storms, and already, heavy rain and wind have caused damage, thousands are without power. >> half a dozen homes had to evacuate. emergency responders are at the scene. first. a strike on syria. president trump fires back, just days after the country used deadly chemical weapons on its own people. >> that attack tonight, to destroy an air base in syria was an effort to stop the country from launching any more chemical attacks. syrian tv is calling it an act of aggression and there were deaths. we have team coverage. >> reporter: an attack on syria. the united states rapidly responding to the syrian government suspectly chemical attack on their own people. president trump ordering the strike, a show of military might
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against assad. >> there's no dispute that syria used banned chemical weapons and violated their obligations under the chemical weapons convention. >> reporter: u.s. officials say it was the same base where the plane carrying the chemical weapons took off t strike happened just after 8:40 p.m. eerp time and for now, we are told it's the only attack. >> tonight, i call on all civilized nations to join us in seeking to end the slaughter and blood shed in seer quota. >> reporter: president trump had argued against military action, but said the heartbreaking images changed his mind, saying that many were hard to watch. the chemical attack killed 80 people, and many children. the syrian government is accused of using serin against their own people. something they deny.
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russia is one of syria's closest allies and warned the united states against taking action in syria. the united states told the russians about the air strike in advance. in the bay area, we have reactions on the strike on syria. we are live at sfo, tonight. >> reporter: dan, mixed reactions from all fronts. from those in washington to political experts to those right here at home. the missiles launched before 6:00 pacific standard time. and in a matter of minutes. reactions both for and against president trump's decision came pouring in. we caught up with east bay congressman eric swalwell, moments after he landed here a sfo. >> what i do not support is further escalation until there's strategy and congressional
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authorize. >> reporter: i bay ar-- many bas criticize not seeking authorization for military force. but he believes the decision was a good one. >> it was a meaningful strike. it's related to the attack. but, it's a very limited step. if assad has more chemical weapons we ought to take steps to destroy them. >> reporter: many bay area residents disagree with tonight's missile attack. >> you know, on one hand, it's good that we are finally doing something, i don't know that bombing them is the right thing to do. >> reporter: abc 7 news. nightline will have continuing coverage of the strike on syria at 12:37 a.m., and count on abc mornings at 4:30 and good morning america at 7:00. get updates any time, just enable push alerts. >> more breaking news in the east bay. a land slide has forced half a
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dozen homes in the hills to evacuate. >> they are located just off of sheppard canyon road, two homes were hit by mud and a total of five homes have been evacuated just to be safe. four of them are on banning drive and the fifth is on aiken drive, a tree broke loose and partially hit another. firefighters evacuated everyone in the area. >> right now, everyone is safe. no injuries and we don't suspect or expect this to worsen. as of right now, but it depends on the rain and the wind. >> civil engineers are at the mome homes checking to see how much damage was done. they are not sure when it's safe for the families to go back inside. the red cross is helping the families tonight. >> we are tracking live doppler seven, who is tracking the storm
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and expect the wet weather to continue thu the morning commute. >> this is one serious storm. take a hook at live doppler 7 and we will talk about what it looks like right now. we have intense rain right now. falling in the north bay. orange is caughting the rain. you will notice we are seeing heavy downpour. rain rates over an inch and a third an hour. intense stuff. as we pan around the east bay from alameda in to oakland and macarthur boulevard, we are seeing hod rate to heavy rain. san francisco, getting pounded from the sunset district, ocean avenue, in to the marina district. in the south bay, it has been lighter. you are in the rain shadow of the santa cruise mountains. you are not getting as much. when you look at the storm, it's one powerful storm, the kind of storm that you expect to see in the winter, which is why the winds are so strong, over 50
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miles an hour at times. numerous power out acknowledges being reporteds. 47 in mount view. could see more power outages and wind damage. for the coastal areas and the hills, wind gusts up to 60 possible and a wind advisory of the valleys, gust of 45 means blowing debris and difficulty driving. i will come back and let you know how much longer the rain will last, there's another storm coming. >> high winds are being blamed for a mess on the bridge tonight. check out of the westbound lanes. they were blocked after a semitruck overturned. two lanes are still closed and they may not open for at least an hour. traffic is also backed up on the san matteo bridge, power lines came down just east of the toll plaza. two lanes were blocked and chp is advising drivers to use
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alternative routes. >> we are live with the damage in the north bay. >> reporter: yes, you can see this rain is falling steadily and it has been for several hours. for a lot of people, it seemed like things are drying out. this spring storm brought with it, a lot of rain and strong wind gusts. april showers arrived just at the peak travel time in the north bay. drivers walker, and cyclists dealt with a rainy rush hour. in san ancelmo, there's not much left of this tree. it fell and knocked down a street light. police closed down a lane while crews cleaned up the mess. and in the town of ross, along shady lane and southwood, a similar scene. >> i don't know why the tree decided to fall today. because we have had so many rain all winterer. and this is just one little storm, basically. but today was the day. >> a tree fell on a power line near a well-traveled sidewalk.
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>> the children walked back and forth to school, and somebody really could have been hurt or killed. so, i feel lucky that it did not happen. >> the storm impacted drivers in novato, flooding and it caused a partial road closure. in the north bay, abc 7 news. and track the rain where you live on live doppler 7, down loud the abc news app and enable push alerts. >> tonight, there's a big break in an element 20-year-old cold case. and search for a missing person leads police to a dismembered body. the questions they are asking tonight. >> here is a look at what is coming up on "jimmy kimmel live." jimmy some. >> thank you, toanight, we pay tribute to the great dan rickles. >> we were sitting and eating and he came over to us.
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wow, amazing how no talent can get you a mov
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hmm. [cell phone beeps] hey! [police whistle blows] [horns honking] woman: hey! [bicycle bell rings] turn here. there. excuse me. uh.
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uh. [indistinct announcement on p.a. system] so, same time next week? well, of course. announcer: put away a few bucks. feel like a million bucks. for free tips to help you save, go to ♪ feed the pig ar music playing ) - ( snaps, clatters ) that sounds awful. ( music stops ) but a lot better than last week. ( rock music playing ) ♪ we weren't born to follow. ♪ . tonight a bit of closure for the family of a young teenager abducted in montrae county
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almost two decades ago. she vanished in 1998 while out walking her dog on the former army base, her body was found seven months later. authorities have announced charges in connection with her murder. >> it was a combination of 19 years of work. >> the fbi have announced that charles holifield will be charged with murder in this case. >> this case touched a raw nerve in this community. >> her disappearance stunned seaside and left her parents shocked looking for answers. >> you know who you are. i know you are just driving around looking for somebody -- >> tonight, we spoke with the fbi agent originally assigned to the investigation. >> almost 10,000 leads were covered on this case. >> richard lack told us one of his great pains was when he retired in 2004, he could not
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resolve this case. but his colleagues kept going. >> the fbi has a long memory. time, nor distance, keeps us from our attention in solving cases. >> holifield is in prison, serving 25 years to life for attempted kidnapping and sexual assault in a separate case. >> he was a suspect from the beginning. >> the fbi had questioned him, and did not have enough to charge him. now, new dna evidence has authorities confident of a conviction. >> formal charges will be filed against holifield next friday. prosecutors could ask for the death penalty. >> tonight, police in san bruno a had found a disturbing event, police arrested the man listed as the resident of the home, and they are questioning him. it's not clear whether the unidentified victim was the person that they were originally looking for. >> back to storm watch, a large
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tree fell on a home, it happened a few hours ago. >> no word on the extent of injuries. and a big tree fell on 19th street. and a woman was inside. a person from a nearby bar helped her out and we are told she is okay. >> abc 7 news, where a tree came true, it caught many drivers by surprise. all that rain is ponding on bay area roads. check this out, abc news was on the embarcadero, be careful no matter where you are driving if you are on the roads this evening. pg&e's outage map shows thousands are without power. the largest concentration is in the east bay. now, an accuweather alert
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from abc 7 news. >> the possibility of power o outages will continue for the next several hours. the intensity of the rain has not eased up, it has started to back off in the east bay. let's go to where it's coming down. we will take you in to street level radar. we are seeing downpours, east bay and in the north bay. san rafael, lucas valley. you are getting drenched. and san francisco and bay street, it's a all coming down pretty hard. alamo, danville, seeing pockets of rain. and rollins road in to burling game and san matteo. reports of a tree down in oakland hills on twitter moments ago. we will show you the street level radar on willow glenn, san jose, and seeing steady rain.
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rainfall totals have varied quite a bit. these are the latest totals with well over two unchs in santa rosa, 1100 in san jose, and everyone else in between the range. the rain is not over yet. it is snowing in the sierra nevada, chains in all roads leading to tahoe, it's knowing at the higher elevations they will see quite a bit of snow. as a matter of fact. two to four feet. here's what is interesting, it spring, we will see the snow level coming down as low as 4,000. that is what is interesting, that is not what you see around this time of year, until 6 clb -- 6:00. 40s, 50s, it is cooling down. a live look from the roof camera, the rain drops are falling on the roof and watching a wet view from the abc 7 news exploretorium, it's a level two,
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moderate strength storm overnight. strong winds and heavy rain will continue. still a chance of thunder as we head in to friday. hour by hour wind gusts. around 1:00 a.m., you are looking at strong wind gusts going in to tomorrow. they will ease up as we head in to the morning commute. until then, a potential for trees going down. hour by hour forecast of the rain. intensity of the rain will continue tonight as we head in to the wee hours of the morning. still going, and by 4:00, pockets of moderate rain. yes, the commute will include scattered showers. around lunchtime, you will need the umbrella just in case, scattered showers will be around. here's the next storm. wind and rain, and not as intense as what we have seen. 7:00, friday night, you are looking at the rain in the north bay, moderate at times. continuing around 11:00 p.m., and then winding down by
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saturday morning. as you look at the rainfall totals, additional rain through friday night. anywhere from a third to just over an inch and we have a beach hazard statement that will start tomorrow morning and run to saturday morning. waves are kicking up, west northwest facing beaches have a high wind of sneaker waves and rip currents. 40s and 50s. tracking the weather with live doppler 7. keep the umbrellas, handy 50s, 60s, showers. accuweather seven-day forecast, 1 for saturday. may see snow showers over the hill hads locally and cooler. sunday's dry through tuesday and then another system mid week next week. all
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anchlt plan to raise the state gas tax has been passed, gas taxes will go up $.12 a gallon and higher vehicle registration fees to help fix the damaged roads. the governor is expected to sign it. take a look at this view, abc 7 news is invited in to what
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is now san francisco's tallest building. after three years of work, it stands at 61 stories and 1,070 feet high. they expect to have 10,000 employees working in the new building, starting in july. >> that is a view. isn't it? >> yeah. >> on to sports. >> yeah, what is going on? >> the giants, not a good view in the desert. samardzija struck out nine, that was the good news. the bad news, the d-backs, the balls fly far in the light desert air. sports is next.
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>> good evening, the giants finished up the series, the diamondbacks are going to install a humidor, so the balls don't fly so far. samardzija would have been in favor of that. pick it up on the thir enough of him already. first hit as a giant. turns out to be a home run. solo shot, it's 1-0 giants. trouble comes in the fourth. here it comes. there it goes. david peralta, and paul goldschmidt, back-to-back jacks off the shark. second of the season. ties the game at two a piec hunter pence comes around to make it a 3-2 game, in the bottom of the inning. giant killer. high, deep and aloha, three-run bomb, samardzija, where's my humid on. r, 5-2/3,struck out nine and
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gave up the three homers. giants fall 9-3 and drop 3 out of 4 in arizona. angels and -- the plastic was way too complicated. how do we put it on? bottom of the third. a's down 1-0, a single in the first. error on the play. adam rosales scores from first. so we are tied at one. and then, oh. ryan healy. he has clout, his second homer of the season. a's win 5-1 and split the four-game set and they are in texas tomorrow. to the ice, sharks and oilers. oh, baby, getting ready for the playoffs. check out of the double deflection. oscar, the shot off he hertl, and san jose led 2-1 in the third. lucic scored a natural hat trick.
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that would be three goals in successi succession, all in one period. oilers win 4-2 this. win will have major implications. these teams will meet likely in the playoffs and it will start in edmonton. the wind was absurd, gusting up to 40 miles an hour. out of 93 players, 11 broke par in round one of the masters. dustin johnson thought about playing. he went out to tee off and then he had to withdraw because of the freak back injury. saufr suffered yesterday. charley hoffman, had the wind in his sails. birdie 5 of the last 7 holes. a long one on 15. and in 67 career rounds in a major, hoffman never led. abc 7 sports, hoffman said, probably going to have a rough night sl


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