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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  April 7, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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mess. and then conditions as we speak, not too bad right now but it's going to be damp and breezy throughout your friday. let's talk about what is going to happen with your friday with live doppler 7. you can see we have scattered showers out and about, and because of that it's going to remain damp during the morning hours. nthing like the heavy rain and damaging winds we had last night and all the wind advisories and warnings are gone. crossing the golden gate bridge, and then when we get to 7:00, we will have another batch of potentially heavy rain and gusts and thunderstorms moving through. so far so good as far as drive times but we have slick roads and a lot of solo spinouts out there, and a b.a.r.t. delay ten minutes system wide and
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chain requirements in the sierra this morning on all the major highways there. traffic is flowing nicely, but be aware of delays due to wet roads. this weekend, b.a.r.t., no service between fruitville and west oakland, track maintenance, and there will be a bus in place. more in just a few minutes. and then this huge fire in the richmond district has sent several people to the hospital and it has spread from one building to a couple more. kate is at 23rd and anza. kate? >> reporter: the wind this morning made it difficult and that's why the fire spread from this yellow house where it started in the attic space to the apartment buildings next door. we will look at cell phone video and pictures sent this this morning, and this started at 1:45 this morning, and 100 firefighters responded from san francisco fire department. there were three people injured
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and two taken to the hospital. we don't know what their conditions are this morning, but beyond injuries, at least ten people were displaced if not more. there were four different units in the yellow house. i have spoke to a number of the neighbors that said the fire started up top and the upstairs neighbor knocked on the door and warned them to get out, and they did not have time to grab anything. we will have more from the supervisor in the district and hear what she says what is so dangerous in richmond when it comes to fire. abc7 news. the stormy weather continues to strike the bay area the other story this morning. >> matt keller is live in los altos. matt? >> reporter: we are on row seata and los altos avenue. you have branches and twigs on the ground, and other big
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branches could cause damage to your vehicle. and then let's turn off the lights. we have a power outage and a car coming through, and the only lights here are the headlights, and 215 people without power here. let's show you video so you can see something, and a lot of people waking up with the blinking alarm clocks this morning. check out the power pole and lines knocked down by a tree on huh lana road. pg&e scrambling to get power back on everywhere, and just be careful because you may be the first person to come across a downed power line or tree this morning, so when you are out on the roads make sure you are very, very aware. abc7 news. downed trees are an issue this morning. this big one fell on 19th street and oakland and landed on top of an suv. a woman was inside. how scary. the people from nearby helped
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her out, they were in a bar. we're told she's okay. neighbors say this is the second tree to fall on the block this week. abc7 news was in alameda where a big tree came down on constitution way and it might have caught quite a few drivers by surprise. chances are you heard or saw something from the storm overnight, and so post your video and pictures using hash tag. now a live desk update. >> on to developing news now. syria is condemning a surprise u.s. missile strike on one of its air bases. russia just released drone video of the damage at the air base. u.s. officials say it was used
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by syrian warplanes on tuesday's attack on its citizens. >> i think president trump -- he will have to speak for himself and the administration will have to speak for themselves but they understand more fully today than a week ago that as long as bashar al assad is in power you will not be able to defeat terrorism in syria. >> the chemical attack killed at least 86 people and that attack sparked global outrage. the fbi and homeland security officials talking about any potential impacts at home. there has been concerned the syrian government might have sympathizers here in the u.s. officials say they have plans to deal with those potential threats. you can probably expect to see expanded security especially in major cities and possibly in
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transportation hubs, including airports. happening today the u.s. senate expected to vote to c confirm supreme court nominee neil gorsuch. this comes after senate republicans triggered the so-called nuclear option, and that means gorsuch could be confirmed with the simple ma your t majority instead of the customary 61 reports. new details on the muni red line that have been installed on san francisco streets. coming up next, the new data showing if they really do improve safety. a live look outside, and mike and sue are tracking the mike and sue are tracking the
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so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive
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save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. around yesterday and could have used your help. not going to have a steady rain as yesterday but random rains from time to time and they are moving through the south bay right now. and running from 52 in redwood city to 58 in belmont across the peninsula, and most of us in the mid to upper 50s until in the mountains, where antioch, 52.
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look how chilly it's going to be tomorrow, mid to upper 50s. and a little rebound on sunday. tonight cooler and may need the heater, mid to upper 40s. a random shower here and there. in fact, we have a chance tomorrow and another chance tuesday, wednesday and thursday. active accuweather 7-day forecast next, and sounds like sue has a new accident. yeah? san rafael just off of the screen, and it's a car versus a deer in the commuter lane so in the far left lane. traffic past lucas valley road is moving nicely and the headlights moving in the southbound direction. and elsewhere, a system wide b.a.r.t. delay ten minutes due to weather-related conditions, and then a car blocking the ramp from westbound 12 to westbound 80, so heads up there. a new accident in san jose near tenth street and looks like a solo spinout, and we will update
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that in a couple minutes. and then the debate on the special red lanes, and they are reserved for muni buses and the lanes are making mission street safer for drivers, cyclist and pedestrians. today's report shows speeding stopped by 30%, and san francisco plans to build more bus-only lanes. next, the connection between animals and humans. new research shows our furry friends could help build your child's self-esteem. and then a person that if you've tried every pill on the shelf to treat your tough nasal allergies... ...listen up. unlike pills that don't treat congestion, clarispray covers 100 percent of your nasal allergy symptoms. clarispray. from the makers of claritin.
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it's 6:14. you can see our camera is blowing around a little bit there, a little shaky this morning, and we are not done with our round of storms just yet. we are going to check in with mike nicco in a couple minutes. police say a man was hit and killed by a train in san jose. authorities were called to drake street just before 10:30 last night. there were reports of a man holding some sort of weapon, possibly a rifle, standing on the tracks. after searching the area the
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authorities found the body of a man on the train tracks several blocks away from the initial scene. no weapon was found and authorities do not believe it was a suicide. oakland police released photos of a person they hope will help find the person they believe that shot and killed a nasa scientist. police just released the new pictures of two vehicles they are looking for. one is a silver honda accord with a sunroof and the other is a white chevy malibu. we are posting the photos on our abc7 news app and websit and then a new court order filed to compel witnesses to testify under oath. the 50-year-old tad cummings is accused of kidnapping thomas, his former student. another student reported seeing
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her kiss thomas. the father also has a message for the accused. >> i would like to just urge tad, tad, i know you are keeping up with all of this and you are filtering and you are not letting her see how much people out here love her, and you are depriving her of that. it would make better sense for you to turn yourself in to law enforcement. >> the only confirmed sighting of thomas and cummings was at a walmart in oklahoma city on march 15th. and then on to an unbelievable story. a young girl found living with monkeys in a forest in northern india. this footage was taken in january shortly after she is found. she is between 10 and 12 years old. she was covered in wounds and extremely malnourished and not able to speak, and the monkeys
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she lived with attacked the officer who initially found her. and officials are hoping to identify her. she cannot speak, and she is, though, beginning to walk normally and eat with her hands. and educators always believe that children who kind to animals, develop empa y empathy. it shows working with animals improves a child's self-esteem. the researchers surveyed kids 7 to 18 and they took part in a week-long summer camp, and by the end of the week the scores improved by 5% in attitudes towards animals. >> my dog thinks i am garbage. e i know, sue, you are a dog lover as well. >> i have a puppy at home, and
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she would love woodstock. >> they will have to meet. we have rain in certain areas for your morning commute that could affect you. let's look at a couple accidents in the south bay. this is a solo spinout but is blocking a lane of traffic, and it's beginning to slow in the northbound direction. and in the santa cruz accident we have an accident northbound on 17, and that's the combination for most of your morning, slick roads and a lot of solo spinouts. we have your toyota tahoe report coming up, but first here is mike. first, let's focus in on our weather which is becoming calmer. still scattered or residual showers left over from last night's heavier rain and the winds calming down just a bit. and watching this chunk of
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clouds roll through, and we have locally gusty winds. drips on our camera there at 280 and 17. see the spray coming up. showers tomorrow and then dry and brighter for sunday. in a series of weak storms next week, this one will be weak this evening. we will call it a one because i don't expect any damaging winds or flooding out of the system because of the brief nature of it. here's how today plays out. random showers continue from 7:00 to 9:00, round out the morning commute. same thing from noon to about 5:00, random light showers. you see the yellows and originals into the north bay, and then sliding into the rest of the neighborhoods and exiting at 1:00 in the morning. we will have a batch of lighter showers and quicker moving from 8:00 to noon tomorrow and then the noon hours expect sunshine to break out. winter storm warning for the sierra until 6:00 tomorrow
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evening, the snow level 6,000 feet, and we will have snow down to 4,000 feet, and gusts up to 70 miles per hour so looks like we could have issues. we will have moderate to heavy rain and snow today, and then the bluebird day on sunday. and we will have a chance of showers on wednesday and thursday. let's turn it over to sue and talk about the toyota tahoe report. >> if you are headed up there today bring chains and patience, and it's snowing right now and 89 into squaw valley and alpine, chains required, and from here 4:22, and 80 to north star, and you are looking at chains here and just under 4:20 then heavenly, conditions are great. sugar bowl, it's almost four hours just getting to sugar bowl. one of the closer resorts to the
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bay area. sierra, tahoe, you will chains. four and a half hour drive there, and so patience and snow levels are down there, and sunday is the day, according to mike. summer vacation almost here. and michael finney has a tip you will want to hear before you book your flight. and then the lyft leader that could be headed to washington, d.c. as you get your day into gear, keep on top of weather and gear, keep on top of weather and traffic through the
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new this morning, it appears president trump plans to nominate he previously worked as a policy adviser to senate republican leader, mitch mcconnell, who is the husband of transportation secretary, elaine chao. and then a question about travel. >> michael finney has the answer. >> when is the best time and deal to get the ticket going to india? >> josey, great question. the best time to travel to india is between december and march. kind of the small group of months there. it's not summer nor monsoon season so the weather is not too hot or too wet. on average flying in on a tuesday or wednesday will be
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your best deal and you might try your very best ticket prices india if you buy 100 days in advance. have fun and thank you for the question. >> can you share your question on social media with #askfinney. and then coming, a recall on hyundai and kia cars. we have new developments overnight in the oakland hills where a mud slight is causing serious damage to several homes. the heaviest of the rain may be over but we have two more chances between this evening and tomorrow morning. if you are thinking about if you are thinking about heading to the coast,
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included with xfinity tv. xfinity the future of awesome. now at 6:30, fire forces san francisco residents from their homes. several injured as the flames spread overnight. firefighters still putting out hot spots this morning. air strikes in syria. tensions growing after president trump retaliates, and russia is responding now. high winds and rain showing you the calm before the next round moves in. good morning to you on this friday, april 7th. that's the good news. we made it to the end of the week. but as you can see, there's a lot to cover this morning especially when it comes to the weather around here. >> another round or two of wet
6:30 am
weather but not as strong as last night, and last night was a two on the storm impact scale and it lived up to it. the cold front is trying to push through but is falling apart and that moisture is sitting in the saturated air. over 101 and 880 in san jose. very mild this morning, 50 to 57. just a random shower possible from 9:00 to 7:00. we will hang on the low to mid-60s this afternoon. showers, thunderstorms, brief heavy rain and gusty winds and small hail and i'll tell you more about that coming up. how is the commute, sue? >> not that bad, but there are bad spots, and here is one of them, bay bridge toll plaza lights on, and standing water is flooding out there and that makes for a little treacherous commute. and then a car sideways and
6:31 am
traffic is stacking up back towards 101 and san jose. and an accident in the santa cruz mountains in the clearing phases but the right lane blocked here northbound 17 near idle wild. there's a chance for rain during your morning commute, so we will check back with these, and a bart delay continues. a lot of you waking up to signs of a storm this morning, downed trees and power outages and flooded roads are all factors. >> high wind is also expected to affect your morning commute. matt keller is live in pal yo al to toes. >> reporter: i want to let you know i am now on san antonio road here in los altos, near downtown los altos. the winds were so strong overnight, i want to show steve,
6:32 am
my photograph this, this is where it hangs from the stoplight, ripped off. the winds were gusting here in the los altos area here. we want to show you video from overnight in los altos hills, and there were downed trees and power lines up there, and the winds were howling in combined with the rain, and when we say howling, we mean it. 46-mile-per-hour wind gusts recorded here in los altos hills, and mountain view, los gatos, all seeing high winds. we have a lot of power outages around here in los altos, and 250 people without power, and this sign is down so people coming in the downtown area will not see it so if you are turning on to san antonio, i will be nice and stand out here for a couple minutes -- >> could you see a big sign like
6:33 am
that in somebody's house, it's because matt stole it. i know you will put that back, matt. look at the huge tree that fell on paw say yo crews overnight. a power outage left thousands of people in the dark this morning, and pg&e crews are trying to and pg&e crews are trying to restore several locations. pg&e reminds if you see downed power lines or trees, call 911. you are looking at the pg&e outage map, and it shows you the locations impacted and the east bay looks to have the most. you can still see they have a number of people who do not have the lights on this morning. pg&e has crews throughout the bay area to try and fix that as
6:34 am
quick as possible. and then two homes may need to be red tagged because of a mudslide there, and tons of dirt and rock threaten three other homes on banning drive. it forced people to be evacuated from 12 homes. >> we don't suspect or expect this to worsen as of right now, and it all depends upon the rain and the wind. >> civil engineers are looking at the homes to see what kind of repairs need ton made. the red cross and insurance companies went in to help the displaced families to find places to stay overnight. we have live doppler 7 on our app all the time and enable push alerts so you get weather advisories sent right to your phone. firefighters keeping a close eye on a trio of buildings in san francisco after a three-alarm fire overnight. >> the flames are out now, but
6:35 am
they are still watching for hot spots and several people are now in the hospital. kate larson has been watching this all morning long and is at 23rd and anza. kate? >> reporter: the san francisco fire department says hoarding conditions in this yellow house where the fire started contributed to how big and hot and intense those flames got. let's go ahead and take a look at the cell phone video and pictures from neighbors. there are three units in the house itself and another in the back. three people injured in this fire that spread to the two neighboring apartment buildings. it started at about 1:45 this morning. almost 100 firefighters on scene. three injured and two taken to the hospital and at least ten more people don't have a place to stay right now, or at least they can't go home. i did speak to the supervisor who lives in the neighborhood and she came out to check on the fire victims and says that fires are a real concern in the richmond district because of how
6:36 am
old the houses are. >> so the richmond district has many of these homes, wood-framed, very old and a lot of them have the original wiring and also the homes are very close to each other here in the richmond district. we actually need a really good fire suppression system in the richmond district because of this. >> reporter: firefighters were able to control this fire rather quickly but between the wind and the hot flames and all the material in the house, there were three different units filled with multiple people so you could imagine the amount of furniture and stuff inside their homes made the flames bigger, and so that was a tricky deal for the firefighters this morning. we are still waiting for the updates on the conditions of the three injured. kate larson, abc7 news. we want to turn to international news, the u.s. strike on syria.
6:37 am
they described the footage of the aftermath of the attack. the u.s. fired 59 tomahawk cruise missiles. the target was the air base which officials say was used by syrian warplanes in tuesday's attack that killed more than 80 civilians. president trump ordered the air strike in retaliation of bashar al assad's use of sarin gas on its own people. and then this morning syria's president bashar al assad releasing this statement, what america carried out was an irresponsible act that only reflects short-sightedness and a narrow perspective and political and military blindness reality. >> some are supporting this particular strike but they are worried about what happens next. we caught up with a east bay congressman moments after he
6:38 am
landed in sfo. >> i do not support any other strategy until we know which friends are going to be with us. >> meanwhile, republican senator, lindsay graham said, quote, unlike the previous administration, president trump confronted a pivotal moment in syria and took action. >> nancy pelosi released this statement. if the president intends to escalate the u.s. military's involvement in syria he must come to congress for an authorization for use of military force which is tailored to meet the threat and prevent another open-ended war in the middle east. devin nunes bay area this morning. the house ethics committee is investigating whether
6:39 am
have violated some rules. and then the latest victim of the london terrorist attack has died. she was visiting london at the time and she fell into the river from the westminster bridge. she was rescued but has now died from her injuries after she was removed from life support. the attacker was shot and killed by police. we are tracking a major recall at the live desk right now. kia and hyundai announcing they are recalling more than 1 million cars for possible engine failure. the problem is the engines can fail and stall and that increases the risk that you are going to crash. the recall covers the most popular models, including this one, the kia sorrento from 2012 to 2014, and covers the 2011 to
6:40 am
4014 optima, and the spor well as the hyundai santa fe sport and sonata. kia and hyundai are notifying owners and will replace the engine block if needed at no cost to you. all the details are on our app and website, let's start with good news. all the high-eupwind advisory and warning gone. the fastest is in oakland about 15 miles per hour. and in the middle of the span, 32 to 30 miles per hour coming out of the west. going to be damp for the better part of the morning. the water is going to be breezy
6:41 am
and choppy all day. the showers will be evening commute. pretty much from 52 in san pablo to 58 in alameda, and that's our range right now. here we have 60 to 65 degrees for temperatures today and tonight even colder in the 40s, you may need the heater. here's sue. the bay bridge toll plaza turned on this morning and now they are malfunctioning. you can see ironically the cash-paying lanes are relatively short and it's the fast track lanes jamming up, and the crews say they are aware of the problem and are working to fix the malfunctioning metering lights. and then a couple can saw legs for the ferry, and buses under place there. b.a.r.t. is experiencing a delay
6:42 am
due to weather-related problems due to weather-related problems in the fremont, richmond and daly city lines. new this morning we are hearing from the man that owns the apartment building that caught fire in oakland and killed four people. what he is now doing for one of the victims. the governor's gas tax proposal just squeaked by and now we are hearing reaction from jerry brown and what it all means for you. and we are keeping weather and traffic up through the and traffic up through the entire b busibusinessman 1: yea, yea, know what i'ml craving right now? businessman 1: (over speaker) --guacamole and bacon. audio tech: we got a craving! go go go!!!
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today's storm is level one and that means light rain so keep an umbrella handy and drive safely. track weather anytime on the abc7 news app. download it now. it's a quarter to 7:00 right now, and it a little blurry, but you can see the trees shaking atop mount tam right now. just checked in with mike nicco, and we are seeing 24-mile-per-hour wind gusts up there so considerably less than yesterday, and still, drive carefully. the breaking news out of sweden. local media reporting the truck crashed into a department store
6:46 am
in central stockholm. several people have been hurt. there are unconfirmed reports that several have been killed. we have seen people running from this department store and through the streets. smoke is also coming out from the store. no word whether it was intentional or an accident, and we don't know about the condition of the driver. of course we are going to keep gathering information on the breaking news story as soon as we have new details, we will let you know. also this morning, the owner of the west oakland building where four people died in a fire says he is heartbroken, and he said, quote, we grieve for the four lives lost and for the residents, family and friends who are impacted by the tragedy. kim is offering to pay for one of the victim's funerals. kim leases the building at san pablo and mead to one tenant provided low income
6:47 am
housing. and kim was evicting them for not paying their water bill and for allowing conditions to deteriorate. a coalition of oakland faith-based having fundraisers if you want to help out. get ready to pay more at the pump. a plan to raise our state gas tax to 12 cents more a gallon is headed to governor brown's desk for a signature. he certainly will sign it. lawmakers approved a $52 billion transportation package last night, that after nine hours of debate, delays and finally two separate votes. it's a huge victory for the governor. he spoke overnight saying his plan will fix our crumbling highways and bridges. republicans, though, raised concerns saying the tax would hurt low income families. >> the only people that represent the most number of poor people said we are voting for this because the jobs, and a
6:48 am
few other people said crocodile tears for poor people, but they voted no for prosperity. >> we are not crocodile. we know our constituents and they do not want their gas taxes to be increased. >> the plan includes a $100 charge on electric cars, and registration fees are going up by $25 to $175 depending on the value of your car. now to your morning report. 23 and me just won approval to tell you if you have genes linked to diseases like parkinson's. >> it's a real reversal, too. in 2013 the fda blocked the startup from providing genetic testing. twitter is going lite.
6:49 am
a faster data friendly version of itself now. the other version loads quickly on other connections. the social media company said that lite is aimed at people in emerging markets like asia, latin america, african america where mobile data is more expensive. and mike nicco, we are seeing the calm before the other storm, right? >> yeah, and the showers are light and then in the north bay, it will be higher showers. and sfo all morning, had a little over an inch of rain in the last hour there on the peninsula. thunderstorms possible this evening. more chances of wet weather next week. so we have taken the storm down to a one. it's light on the storm impact
6:50 am
scale because i don't expect damaging winds or any threat of flooding except for localized flooding, and you can see the best radar returns in the north bay. a few more random ones trying to push into the heart of the bay by the lunch hour. at 7:00 the yellows and origi l come back, and then are out by 1:00 in the morning. tomorrow morning by 8:00, another push of showers, moderate at times but those are quickly out by noon, and by the noontime hours clouds may open up for sunshine late in the day. and then sunday, a total day of sunshine, and then clouds return on monday and tuesday, and then a better chance of showers wednesday and thursday and those storms will be light also. how about the commute, sue? >> it's a grind at the bay bridge toll plaza. they are malfunctioning. the commuter lanes are being
6:51 am
metered right now, and they are typically are not. you can see on the right-hand and left-hand side, the cars that go through on the commuting lanes are being metered, and pg&e will be repairing that but they are not on scene yet, so heads up, the extra wait especially if you are carpooling and not used to the metering lights, a little problem for you. and northbound 280 off to the right-hand shoulder, a little delay, so expect delays in san jose as well. a new accident right lanes on the waldo grade southbound 101 near spencer, and that is blocking the right, as i said, the far right lane. apparently a jeep involved there as you head toward the golden gate bridge. it could be backing up towards
6:52 am
sausalito. a good samaritan that helped a san francisco police officer received a special honor. >> on wednesday sfpd and the police commission officially thanked jay deichmann for his unselfish courage. he was helping an officer that was being assaulted at sfo, and the officer was trying to help a disoriented man but this man suddenly lunged for the officer's holstered gun and wrestled the officer down to the ground, and deichmann pulled the man off the officer and assisted with restraining the man until other officers arrived. let's take a look at our instagram post of the game. this is a time lapse of clouds in emeryville. in emeryville. if you have not yet, follow us
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♪ seriously, what is this place? it's heaven. yeah, muscle heaven. you want to take one for a test drive? (tires squealing, engine revs) the challenger and charger have the most affordable v8 engines
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in their classes. check them out now during the fast and furious sales event. the fate of the furious. in theaters april 14th. in dealerships now. now get 20% off msrp cash allowance on select 2017 dodge charger models in dealer stock. it's 6:54. these are the seven things you need to know before you go. >> a fast-moving fire drove several people from their homes in san francisco's richmond district. at least three people got hurt and investigators are inside the building where the fire began trying to find out how this started. number two, firefighters fear two homes in the oakland hills may need to be red tagged after the mudslide. civil engineers are looking at the house to see what kind of repairs need to be made. red cross and insurance companies are finding displaced families a place to stay. and then stay away from the
6:55 am
debris in the roadway if you are traveling around. light showers, 50 to 57, and mainly dry, and then at 3:0062 to 64. and then typically the carpool lanes are not meters, and you can see they are stacked up here, and today they are being metered, not on purpose. there was a power outage, and pg&e is aware of it and will begin fixing it in just a few. number five, tracking breaking news in sweden. a truck has reportedly crashed into a department store in stockholm. they are looking at live pictures now. swedish media reporting three people have been killed. we don't know yet if this was an accident or intentional. number six, the russian military now says it will help syria strengthen its air defenses following last night's air strike. president trump ordered the air strike in retaliation on tuesday's attack that killed more than 80 civilians. and then setting to return
6:56 am
to the court, and he's been out since late february when he hurt his knee in february and leg, and even without him the warriors are in the middle of a 13-game-winning streak. >> having him back could only help. but knock on wood. that can only jinx that. >> what is this? >> plexiglass or something. >> knock up here. there you go. abc7 news will be right back in 25 minutes with updates on your news and traffic.
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good morning, america. breaking news, strike on syria. major militaattack.ers his first >> tonight, i ordered a targeted military strike on the airfield in syria from where the chemical attack was launched. 59 tomahawk missiles shot from destroyers in the mediterranean, taking out aircraft, air defense systems and other strategic targets. the new video overnight shows the charred base. the president taking dramatic and swift action just days after that brutal attack, acting without congressional approval. th both at home and abroad. >> tonight i call on all civilized nations to join us in seeking to end the slaughter and bloodshed in syria.


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