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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  April 7, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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the transbay tube. it's been doing work for a contractor hired by b.a.r.t. to do maintenance on the tube. abc 7 reporter wayne freedman is live with the story from treasure island. wayne. >> reporter: good evening, dan. it's a 4,000 gallon capacity barge. we're not sure how much is in there right now. let me show you the barge over my shoulder. we have not had much information on it since this morning. about an hour ago, crews from a salvage company set out with a boat with divers to get a closer look to it. we don't have any confirmation yet from the coast guard as to whether they've been down or not, but one of their goals is to see what they describe as a small diesel leak from the boat. we are still waiting for more. here's what we do know. you might call this a case of residual storm aftermath. a drama that at this point appears to be neither a hazard to people or navigation. a sunken barge named vengeance resting on the bottom somewhere near the transbay tube. >> at this time it is not
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impacting any shipping channel or any commercial operations. >> reporter: the barge belong to vortex marine company of antioch. they were hired to do maintenance on the tube. vortex was not talking today, b.a.r.t. was. >> the barge has a crane and some extra cabling and it's just what the divers use as their base and then they dive down to the replace these metal pieces that a track it so the tube doesn't get corroded. >> reporter: the barge sank at midnight after being overrun by wind and waves. if has leaked a small amount of diesel fuel, hence the yellow containment bowies and the president of the department of fish and wildlife. could the leak be a problem? >> it's possible. at this point right now the amount of action going on out there, the birds are staying away, and right now there is a sheen and that's not a huge cause for concern. >> reporter: huge, no, but at 112 feet long and 50 feet of
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water, not small either. the vortex marine construction has hired a salvage company, but the coast guard says this barge will remain submerged at least through tonight. from the yerba gwen a island, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. >> a mudslide is coming down on the homes below oakland hills. one homeowner took abc 7 news inside the home today. she got calls as mud and water were beginning to stream in the house on banning drive. as you can see she was left with a super mess and the slide is still oozing into that home and backyard. as bad as it looks, the city said the mud is up to the eaves of one of her neighbor's homes. >> it's being stopped in my dining room by sliding glass door. it looks to be about 2 feet of mud. >> the origin of that slide is above banning drive on aiken drive which is now closed as engineers work to assess the situation. three other homes have been red tagged. >> in east oakland, gusty winds
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brought down a tree which then took down two power poles on tenth avenue. the street was strewn with downed power lines. pg&e crews spent all day cleaning up this mess. one of the hardest hit areas was in walnut creek along ignacio co avenue. the atms were still down this morning and while the lights flickered a bit at the whole foods, there was no juice for those car chargers outside. power is back on now. >> sky 7 shows the damage done to a kfc in newark. a tree came crashing down on a restaurant on thornton avenue. no one was hurt. the tree has been removed. it's now chopped up on the side of the building. yum brands has not announced how long this kfc will be closed. heavy winds took down an opening tree in alameda. look at that. this tree is thought to be 100 years old. another storm is just hours away. let's go back to abc 7 news
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meteorologist sandy patel. >> we can still see trees going down, power lines as well. look at doppler 7. right now we're not expecting that, it's later on tonight. at this hour we do have light showers. right around the fairfield, vacaville area, hill borne road, definitely wet for your get away. we are tracking another storm as you mentioned and this system here is right off the coast. it does have some cold air associated with that and that is going to mean the potential for some instability. we are already seeing some lightning off the coast line. as you will notice here. so really this was an hour or two ago. thunderstorms are possible. on our storm impact scale it is a 1, a level 1 for tonight and tomorrow. rainfall less than half an inch. gusts up to 50 mile an hour in the hills. winds not as strong, rainfall not as intense. but this storm will bring something more than wind and rain. back with the hour by hour forecast coming right up. >> thank you so much.
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the governor has declared the california drought emergency over. he lifted the emergency for all counties except fresno, kings, tulare and tuolumne. he kept other conservation measures in place. he said they must remain a way of life for californians. brown declared the drought emergency in 2014. officials later ordered mandatory conservation for the first time in state history. last year regulators relaxed the rules after rainfall was close to normal. >> moving on, a gruesome discovery inside a san bruno home led police to two crime scenes. the first a home on pacific heights boulevard where murder suspect david stubble field lived. abc 7 reporter melanie wood field has the story. melanie? >> reporter: dan, the second location is just down the street where a second person, a missing man who neighbors say is approximately 70 years old hasn't been seen. they say the missing man is
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still in open investigation, because the coroner has not yet identified the dismembered body that was found here. san bruno police say 50-year-old david stubble field is facing a long list of charges. >> murder, robbery, burglary, the unlawful possession and use of teargas and being a felon in possession of a firearm. >> reporter: this was the scene yesterday as police made a gruesome discovery at stubble field's home. >> detectives located what appeared to be a dismembered hum hum hum human corpse in the rear yard. >> reporter: a portion of it inside a structure, this is the view of stubble field's backyard from sky 7 today. investigators were at stubble field's home as part of a continuing missing person investigation that someone reported last wednesday. neighbors tell abc 7 news the missing man is approximately 70 years old and lives in this home on the same street as stubble field. >> he wore a cowboy hat.
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that's all i really knew of him. it's really sad to hear that he's still missing. i don't know if that's him that they found. >> reporter: san bruno police say the missing man and stubble field were acquaintances. the coroner has not identified the dismembered body found at stubble field's home. >> to be clear, the missing person case originally filed with our department is still an open investigation and is not closed due to yesterday's developments. >> to hear a life is taken on your street is disheartening and sickening at the same time. >> reporter: by phone stubble field's relatives say he was sickened. he had a criminal history, but didn't say what. is he was scheduled to appear at san mateo county superior court this afternoon on a warrant for failure to appear. in san bruno, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. >> the man accused of killing his ex-girl friend in front of her children has been charged with first degree murder. lawyer dushan mcbride will be a rained monday for the killing of 29 year old ra shonda franklin
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tuesday morning. she was driving her two children to school when she was shot and killed. bail has been set for $3.1 million. federal prosecutors have charged eight people including a former california veterans affairs official after the son of an oakland city councilmember for rigging the bids on public construction projects. investigators say eric and taj son of oakland council man larry reid to $12,000 in bribes. the money was in exchange for help winning two state construction projects. prosecutors say the indictments of all eight men grew out of the public corruption investigation of then state senator leland yee and san francisco mob boss raymond boy chow. >> tonight the san francisco 49ers have cut one of their players after his arrest on domestic violence charges. abc 7 news reporter david louie was the only reporter to talk with tramaine brock when he got out of jail. and david is live at levi stadium in santa clara tonight with the story.
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david? >> reporter: well, dan, the niners have made a tough call they've made before when a player is involved in a case of domestic violence. we were there when tramaine brock was released from jail on bail where he refused to talk about an incident that has now cut short an eight-year run with the niners. number 26 tramaine brock was wearing a niners cap as he emerged from county jail. what happened last night? >> i don't really have anything to say about it. >> reporter: can't say anything at all? >> no, not too much to say about it. >> reporter: brock slipped quickly into a waiting car that sped off. this is his mug shot when he was booked into the santa clara county jail. as fast as he left jail, it was an hour later before the car showed up at his santa clara home. it was here where santa clara police were called last night by a woman with visible injuries. accusing brock of domestic violence. she told police she was in a dating relationship with brock. shortly after brock made another fast dash into his town house, the san francisco 49ers announced they were releasing him. brock was entering the fourth year of a $16 million contract.
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he was to earn $3.1 million this coming season. the 28-year-old player is the first to face felony domestic charges under new niners general manager john lynch and new head coach kyle shanahan. he enjoys a list of all employers who have been released after violence arrest including all den smith, raymond and bruce miller. only one neighbor was home where brock lives. brock's is the only home with toys on the front porch. the neighbor said she heard no commotion or indication of dispute last night. while brock had nothing to say to us today, he will have some explaining to do in his defense as the legal system tackles his case. he will have to report to superior court for arraignment. but for now number 26 will be listing his occupation as unemployed. david louie, abc 7 news. >> reaction to the u.s. airstrike in syria, what a local syrian american and bay area leaders are saying as tensions rise between russia and the u.s.
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>> president trump taps the bay area for talent, the tech executive who just joined the administration. >> stepping in and speaking up, how apple is keeping certain people from falling silent. >> i'm michael finney. san francisco done general and
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we are staying on top of several new details today in the military strike on syria. the trump administration is defending its decision to fire 59 tomahawk cruise missiles onto a syrian air base yesterday. in retaliation for the country's deadly chemical attacks on its own people. and here is the latest. the u.s. military says at least 20 aircraft were struck and severely damaged and destroyed. >> a pentagon spokesperson said the timing of the airstrike was chosen to minimize civilian casualties. syrian officials say eight civilians were killed. russia and syria are warning the attacks will provoke more
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terrorism and instability in the region. >> u.n. ambassador nikki haley says this strike may not be the last. >> the united states took a very measured step last night. we are prepared to do more, but we hope that will not be necessary. >> reuters is reporting president trump ordered the strike just before he began his first summit with chinese president xi jinping. press secretary spicer tweeted this picture in a briefing with his national security team just after the strike. >> they say they agree with the response, but not the way the trump administration went about it. >> abc 7 news anchor eric thomas is live in san francisco where protests against the missile strike is said to begin any minute now. eric? >> reporter: and that protest has begun. tese protesters are people who were against any sort of u.s. military response in syria. it's getting underway right now. but the people we talk to, syrian american who says missile
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strike was about time, to congressional leaders who say we wish president trump had asked us first. that's the reaction today from syrian born walnut creek businessman to the u.s. cruise missile strikes on a syrian air force base. in response to allegations that syrian president assad attacked his own people with chemical weapons. >> what assad is trying to do is make the world choose between two evils. isis or assad. and the syrian people refuse both of them. >> reporter: but there is caution in the bay area's congressional delegation. peninsula democrat jackie spear was in san mateo today speaking to the league of women voters. >> i'm not willing to go to war in syria. >> reporter: spears says launching 59 cruise missiles against the syrian air force base was a proportional response, but the president should have come to congress first and must consult with congress before upping the ante. >> the president has intentions
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to go beyond tomahawk missiles being shot into air strips, and that can only be done with the aumf being authorized by the house. >> reporter: aumf stands for authorization to use military force. other bay area congressional members also weighed in today. east bay democrat mark says the u.s. needs a strategy. in a statement he said, these rash airstrikes alone are not sufficient to combat the war crimes perpetrated by the assad regime. oakland democrat barbara lee went further saying, the missile strikes, quote, represent a dangerous military escalation into the syrian civil war and are without legal justification. everyone agrees that the wild card is russia and its support for assad. >> i think russian support to assad regime is really a crime against humanity as well. >> reporter: in san francisco, eric thomas, abc 7 news. >> twitter says it's dropping
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its lawsuit against the trump administration. the company dropped its suit filed just yesterday after learning the government had abruptly withdrawn a request for the identity of a person running an account critical of president trump. the anonymous account alt-uscis or alt-immigration, they say users are protected under the first amendment. >> in a statement released by the white house, president trump says he plans to nominate lyft general manager derek kahn. he works in california for the san francisco-based company. he previously worked as policy advisor to mitch mcconnell who is the husband of secretary elaine chao. >> google angrily denied an accusation by the u.s. labor department that it systematically discriminates against women when it comes to pay. the guardian newspaper reports the accusation is part of an ongoing labor department investigation and that the pay
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discrepancies are spread across its entire work force. this afternoon google released this statement to abc 7. quote, we vehemently disagree with the claim. every year we do a comprehensive and robust analysis of pay across genders and we have found no gender pay gap. >> the california public utilities commission is starting a new free ipad loan program for those with speech disabilities. abc 7's news was in san jose at the silicon valley independent living center. that's where a demonstration of voice options was underway. showing people how to use the various speech applications on the ipad. >> the ipad is easy to use. it's becoming ubiquitous and offers a whole new possibility of making people be heard independently, be understood and be more part of the mainstream give and take of communications. >> clients can borrow the ipads for 30 days to see if it helps them communicate. if so, they can arrange for long-term loans of the ipad.
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>> announcer: now your accuweather forecast with sandy patel. >> one storm down, one storm to go. check out live doppler 7 now. we do have light rain beginning to move in along the marin county coast. even a pocket of moderate rain indicated in yellow there. so really it's around the point reyes national sea shore heading into inverness. if you are going across 80 heading out of town you will encounter some wet roadways. in the sierras,s,s,s, required on 80 and 88. winter storm warning until 6:00 p.m. tomorrow. not a great idea to travel up there if you can hold off until tomorrow night. two to 4 feet of snow expected above 6,000, but the snow level down to 4,000 feet with those gusty winds. it's going to be treacherous travel conditions. rainfall totals, we got soaked in many parts of the bay area. as you know with that storm that came through, almost 3 inches in san rafael, but you look at san jose and only a third of an inch
5:19 pm
as you are in the rain shot of the santa cruz mountains. ben loem an picking up 2 1/2 inches of rain. it is gusty now, nowhere near the winds we saw earlier. los gatos 83 mile an hour winds, 72 in los al toes hills. i love the sky, it's so dramatic, but it is indicating how much instability is out there. 62 in san francisco, it is 64 in san jose right now. and still cool from our east bay hills camera. clouds stacked up, showers continue, 57 in santa rosa, currently 62 in livermore. really rough seas as we look from our santa cruz camera. you will notice that it is a little shaky as well. so, if you are going to be heading to the coast tomorrow morning, you will want to watch out. windy, possible cold showers, clearing late in the afternoon and we are expecting dry sunny conditions for the second half of your weekend. we do have that beach hazard statement that waves have come up 14 to 17 feet. watch out. it's rough out there. that beach hazard until 9:00 a.m. tomorrow. risk of rip currents is there. on our storm impact scale, the
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storm coming in for tonight into tomorrow, it's a one, a light system. rainfall less than half an inch. there is the possibility of thunder with hail, with gusts up to 50 miles an hour in the hills. lower elevations you'll be gusting lower than 40 miles an hour nowhere near the intensity we saw last night. hour by hour forecast 7:00 tonight light to moderate showers in the north bay, spreading by 10:00 p.m., could see some brief downpours indicated by the oranges and reds. late tonight around midnight still some showers going. and this will carry over into your saturday morning. notice what is showing up in the lake county area, the hills could be seeing some snow. this is a cold storm, unlike the last one. 11:00 a.m. still looking at light to moderate shower activity. wet roadways right into the early afternoon. by four to 5:00 p.m., nice shower here or there. the second alf of your weekend is dry as i mentioned. rainfall totals anywhere from about a tenth to half an inch. could see isolated spots topping an inch there in the north bay. the winds as you'll notice will be gusting late tonight. could see those winds close to 40 miles an hour.
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along the coast tapering to about 30 miles an hour, late night early tomorrow morning, those winds will die down. tomorrow morning it's going to be chilly. if you have early plans bundle up. low 40s to low 50s. showers for you and hang onto the rain gear for the afternoon. still a few showers, temperatures will be lower, mid 50s to the low 60s. speaking of lower temperatures, a frost advisory, sunday morning for the north bay valleys and mountains. we are looking at a late season frost. low to mid 30s. make sure you bring your pets in, don't forget about your plants. accuweather forecast seven-day forecast, 1 on the impact for storm. chilly showers, maybe snow. fros if i cold sunday morning, we go with a chance of drizzle monday morning and rain chances returning tuesday through thursday. one on the storm impact scale wednesday and thursday. download the abc 7 news app. >> it was intense last night. >> it was indeed. >> thanks. >> i know you're looking for fun things to do with the kids, right? tickets to children's discovery museum. live
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repair work this weekend. that means there will be arriving, expect to to 40 minute delay. >> there is always a lot to see in the bay area, of course. now you can do some of it for free. >> good stuff. michael finney is here with finney's friday free stuff. michael? >> children's discovery museum. >> a great place. >> you've done some events there. >> hands on, really fun. >> it is very hands on. we've got a free ticket for you and your family. the discovery museum is down in san jose, right downtown, and they're having a week of investigating your world from april 10th through april 14th called question quest. i like the sound of that. the kids can explore, tinker, create more than 150 hands-on exhibits. that's a $13 value, but of course you're going to pay nothing.
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now when you're done in the south bay you can move up to san francisco where we have san francisco dungeon. we're covering all our bases. today it's a $20 value. the san francisco dungeon is the ultimate live action journey through bay area's murky, murky past. it is the first attraction of its kind here in north america, 60 minutes long. brings to life the stories of the old bay area with live entertainment. it is a $20 value, but of course you're not going to pay anything. by the way, head down to fisherman's wharf. >> so, how do we get all this great stuff? >> what a great question. probing question. right there is how you get it. you can go to abc 7 and look for the finney's friday free stuff page and you'll get both of these items. >> a question never gets in trouble. only the answer. >> true. >> thanks, mike. >> excuses, excuses. just in case you need one when the giants get off the road, for monday's home opener, we've got
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coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00, more than a dozen oakland chufrpes are taking on a new mission. hear how they're helping out the survivors of this fire. and you can as well. plus a protest with pizza. what these people are doing is actually break being the law. and 7 on your side's michael finney will explain that you lose much more than just a piece of hardware when you lose your smartphone. it's all coming up in half an hour on abc 7 news at 6:00. kristen and dan? >> thanks, we'll see you then. >> a catcher found himself in the sticky est of situations in the game against the chicago cubs. >> and he strikes out caesar. mo lina trying to find the ball. and it's connected to his chest protector. >> not just connected but stuck to it. he feverishly looks for the ball. does not realize he's wearing it right there. >> the bar czar play aloud the
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can you beys to come back with 4-1 to beat the cards 6-4. that is weird. >> yeah, i saw it happen. giants madison bumgarner was the center of attention in arizona. baxter the bobcat mascot of the diamond back grew fond of his ear. >> after taking some tugging around on it, baxter didn't seem too impressed giving him the thumbs down. >> oh, yeah. >> get stuck in that beard. >> all right. other giants fans who want to attend monday's home opener at at&t park, you might need to play hooky from work or school. >> thankfully stub hub has made it easier to cheer for the team with this handy excuse letter generator. according to a poll conducted by baseball fans, 13% have told their bosses they were sick. >> 7% claimed a mental health day and 25% were purely honest admitting they had baseball fever. >> wait a minute. baseball fever is a real thing. no, you can read about it in the journal of american medical
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association. >> can't eat hot dogs. thanks for joining tonight, several breaking stories as we come on the air. first, our team takes you inside president trump's decision to strike in syria. 59 tomahawk missiles fired from american navy destroyers, hitting syrian military targets. we have new details from inside the war room. and the warning from russia now, and their message for president trump. the headline late today. syrian planes already taking off again from that airbase the u.s. bombed. also breaking tonight, the deadly terror attack. a truck barreling right into a shopping center. running down victims. the global bulletin. the person of interest. the manhunt. and late word now of an arrest. we're on the scene in sweden. the nationwide manhunt here at home. schools shut down. a suspect considered "extremely dangerous." police say he made this video main


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