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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  April 10, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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six homes in all were damaged. good evening. >> thanks for joining us. these million dollar houses had just gone up for sale. they were vacant and vandalized by people who broke in to party. this happened on rosemar avenue in the hills above alum rock. david is there live. these break-in parties go by another name, don't they? >> they do. they're sometimes called flash mob parties. three houses on this street and three others around the corner were targeted. word goes out over social media to come to these vacant houses, they ended up leaving $50,000 in damage. muddy footprints show how the vandals broke down back doors to the garages so they could get inside. all six new houses had the first public showing saturday. that night it's believed a fwrup decided to use them as a party site. street lights were broken to give them cover. heather le france is the listing
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agent on one of the houses. >> it's become a thing where they send a viral invitation out. i've heard it might be disappearing invitation, some sort of snapchat maybe link. all of a sudden kids from everywhere come and have a party. >> reporter: the house at the end of the court sustained the most damage. the front windows were smashed and the stucco damaged. the glass fireplace screen was broken. in the kitchen, the refrigerator door was gouged. two cabinet doors were ripped out. a sick floor railing had slats kicked out. construction crews were heart sick to see six months of work vandalized. now they're repairing the damage. >> we took all our energy to rebuild these houses, and in ten minutes they can do a lot of damage. it hurts a lot. we built them from the ground up. >> reporter: a 20-year resident of the neighborhood says this happened before at a vacant house up the hill. >> you hear them up there making noise.
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call the police, sometimes they would come. sometimes they wouldn't come. when they came, they already left. >> reporter: san jose police say they're not familiar with the break-in parties. >> a pinole man facing child molestation charges is being held on $46 million bail. rubin gonzalez molested at least four children living at his home. he abused them from the age of 4 to 17 over the course of 15 years. he worked as a janitor. he has been terminated. an east palo alto man faces sexual assault charges for an illegal massage business. officers say last month jose plascencia assaulted at least three female clients at the unregulated business inside his home on illinois street. police think there may be additional victims. a dismembered body police found in san bruno last week is the body of a missing elderly
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man from the same block. the san mateo county district attorney charged david stubblefield with the murder. stubblefield was arraigned today. the victim's home was on park heights boulevard, that's where melanie woodrow is live with more new details on this. >> reporter: stubblefield is being held on $10 million bail. neighbors of this victim say they are as shocked by the alleged motive as they are by the alleged crime. >> reporter: david stubblefield appeared in court for the first time today on murder and destruction of evidence charges. the san mateo county assistant district attorney said stubblefield killed his elderly neighbor who lived here. 77-year-old benjamin roybol, then cut up his body and used chemicals to try to dispose of it. >> a lot of the remains were in buckets, other containers. >> reporter: police found the body nearly a month later behind stubblefield's home. a couple weeks ago someone
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reported the elderly man missing. police were at stubblefield's home late last week as part of the missing person investigation when they found the body. >> was an odor that was apparent. >> reporter: the motive, a shocking one. >> a dispute arose on march 1 1th involving the sale of a space heater. during that dispute, the defendant used pepper spray, eventually shot the victim in the chest killing him. >> reporter: neighbor's say they knew the man who lived here as benny. >> a very nice old stubblefield also charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm. >> i'm so glad that guy is locked up. i hope he never sees daylight again. that's horrible. >> reporter: stubblefield's brother was in court today but did not want to spoke on camera. in san bruno, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. an 8-year-old student shot at a school in san bernardino has passed away. police say the suspected gunman,
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53-year-old cedric anderson, walked into the school and shot his estranged wife, karen elaine smith. two children were standing behind smith. they were also shot. police say after killing smith, anderson then killed himself. smith was a special needs teacher. the 8-year-old boy who was killed was named jonathan martinez. a 9-year-old boy also shot is still in the hospital. the school was locked down until late this afternoon when the children were finally released to their worried parents. >> it's my understanding that he entered the office and simply said he was there to drop something off with his wife. that's not uncommon for a spouse or something to gain access to a school campus to meet with their other spouse. >> police said anderson and smith had been married for a short time and they recently separated. anderson does have a criminal background that includes domestic violence, weapons and drug charges. a year ago a young engineer was gunned down while walking home from a night out.
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brian bole was three doers from h doors from his home when he was shot and killed last april. now police and fbi investigators want you to take a close look at this car. this image was captured by a nearby security camera and it's just been released. police believe the car is a late model chevrolet impala and may be connected to the crime. >> i just want those to know who responsible that keep looking over your shoulder, the oakland police department and the community will look for you and find you. >> investigators are also looking for a plan wearing a turquoise jacket with a reflective stripe on the back. he was nearby when bole was shot. there is a $30,000 reward being offered in the case. oakland police are releasing few details about the arrest of a man in a reported carjacking this afternoon. sky 7 was overhead as officers put a man in handcuffs at a gas station at 7th and union streets in west oakland. police say he carjacked the
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yellow truck and then barricaded himself inside the vehicle for a while until officers took him into custody. a routine traffic stop in the east bay led to a pot bust. it started when a chp officer in castro valley tried to pull over the driver of a van on 580 for a cell phone violation. officers found more than 200 pounds of pot in the van. two people were arrested. a further investigation led officers to storage units in alameda. look at the stack officers found there. that's more than $1 million in cash stuffed into a suitcase. officers also found 100 plus pounds of marijuana and some growing equipment. rising mail thefts across the bay area, it's a story that viewers have been contacting us about for months now. we've been asking the postal service for answers. today we uncovered a new problem in livermore. residents have been buying new mailboxes when it's really the post office's responsibility. today kate larson has the story.
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>> reporter: homeowners in this livermore neighborhood have not had mail service in two months. after thieves stole their mail and broke their cluster box at the end of january, julie herd called the post master inspector to report the problem and find a solution. >> they referred me back to the local post office who referred me back to the husband who said, no, it's not their responsibility to fix the post office boxes. >> reporter: so they ordered this new $1300 cluster box and installed it the end of february. now, six weeks later, the post office still has not installed their locks on the mailbox to make it functional. roseanne thomas has been reporting the problem to supervisors at their post office. >> they tell me there are 500 locks on back order. basically you have to wait. >> we may be negligent in this part, we need to do a better jb of communicating with our
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community as a whole. >> reporter: u.s. postal service spokesman gus ruiz also says usps should be paying for new mailboxes, not residents. he says the livermore post master is trying to track down their miscommunication. >> he's checking with his supervisors, if that may have been erroneously been told by one of his supervisors. >> reporter: the neighbor's we spoke to in livermore did everything correctly. if your mailbox is vandalized, call your police department, the postal inspector and the post master. have phone nuns and links on our website, relax. buster posey is okay after a scary moment in the giants home opener this afternoon. >> look out. oh. >> yeah. posey later talked about what happened. mike shuman is live with that next. and head of the fcc makes a decision about using cell phones
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to make a phone call at 30,000 feet. >> the prime suspect in an international scam that targeted american taxpayers has been arrested. four people a foothold in the job market. why it's getting harder. and the san francisco icon that sold for less these are 100% beef burgers that are 100% from denny's. they are 100% made-to-order, which is 100% awesome. 100% beef burgers with fries from denny's. 100% seriously.
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>> it's opening day. it's a tradition. >> we're going to get a home run ball. >> we want to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary. what better way? >> i don't know. it was my idea. >> enjoy the game. >> baseball is back in san francisco. as fans flock to at&t park today for the giants home opener. mike shuman was at the game that just wrapped up. he's live at the ballpark.
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giants fans really got what they wanted. what do you mean they? we got what we wanted today. >> i noticed today earlier you were wearing your orange dress, you were ready to go. good news/bad news for the giants. good news, of course they win beating arizona 4-1. bad news, buster posey took a fastball to the helmet bottom of the first inning. let's show you what happened. he was out there to bat, you could hear it hit throughout the stadium. i was turned away. i turned around, he sat down, did not get up. trainer came out, bruce bochy came out. he left the game. matt moore with the bases loaded. bochy didn't want him to bunt. instead he had a half hit bunt down the third baseline. two throwing arrows, three runs score. the giants go up 3-0. they'll hold on to win 4-1. the first question asked to bruce bochy after the game, how is buster posey. >> he's doing okay.
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he's fine right now. we'll continue, you know, to keep an eye on him. he'll be under observation tonight. we'll re-evaluate him tomorrow. so, some times you just got to give these things time. but he's doing good. he's doing fine. we'll keep an eye on him. >> bochy said if he wasn't a catcher he would have put him back in the game because he's fine, he didn't want him to take a foul tip to the head. buster was walking out and said he feels fine. we'll have more coming up at 6:00. reporting live from at&t park, mike shuman, abc 7 news. >> glad buster is okay. an arm wrestling contest led to a fine for a number of nfl players. those players include two raiders, mario edwards, marquette king and navorro
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bowman. they're in trouble for violating the league policy that bars players from taking part in events held at casinos. more than 30 active and retired players participated in the pro football arm wrestling championship this past weekend. critics say there's too much bling in the new badges for the santa clara coroner's office. the office needed new badges after splitting from the sheriff's office. the bay area news group the office picked these sterling silver and a gold-filled emblem that cost three to seven times the amount of normal badges. from high gas prices to the arrest of a plan who fooled a lot of people out of their money, michael finney has more on those stories. >> could there be an end in sight to those phony irs telephone calls? the ones where they try to pick you to paying a phony irs bill?
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the "wall street journal" is reporting that police in mumbai, india say they caught the 24-year-old man behind those calls. the callers threaten americans with arrest and get victims to pay with debit cards on the phone. i introduced you to many victims over the years. at the height the scam was bringing in about $150,000 a day and employed hundreds of phone bank workers. authorities say he stole roughly 3$350 million over two years. a summer road trip will cost you more. a perfect storm is brewing in california where we're looking at a double whammy when you buy gasoline. analysts at, a site that tracks fuel prices, says california's new gas tax combined with the more expensive summer blend gasoline will make filling up more expensive. and there's worse news. adding to the cost, international tensions which are
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already affecting oil prices. there's no prediction of how much we will pay. today the average pies for gasoline in san francisco is $3.13 a gallon for regular. that's up 5 cents over last week. getting a first job is going to be harder in the coming months and years. a third of all first jobs come from retailers. those jobs are going away. retail stores are cutting jobs at the quickest pace in more than seven years. more than 60,000 retail jobs have been lost over the past two months alone. >> especially tough for teens in the summer. forget about talking on your cell phone mid flight. the fcc announced today that it will no longer consider lifting the cell phone call ban during air time flights. the ban was -- airline fights, shy say. the ban was put in place 26 years ago over concerns about phones on planes jamming signals on the ground. in 2013 the fcc first started talking about possibly lifting
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the ban after new technology reduced that concern. but during the public comment period, most opposed ending the ban. the largest cab company in san francisco, yellow cab co-op, has been sold to a rival at a bargain price. according to the examiner, big dog citicorpration picked up yellow cab for $810,000. the company also owned citywide taxi. big dog will get 160 yellow cabs the sublease to the company propcy and the famous phone number. yellow cab filed for bankruptcy protection in 2016. while uber and lyft took away a lot of business, it was the financial liabilities that caused most of their turmoil. hi, everyone. the weather turned out to be fabulous for the giants home opener today. look at live doppler 7, we have a few clouds in the bay area,
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but it's been dry today. not the case the last ten days of april. we've had almost three inches of rain in santa rosa. oakland about an inch and a half. when you look at the first ten days percent of normal, over 400% in santa rosa. it has been wert than what we're used to for the first ten days of the month. east bay hills camera showing you a few clouds. here's the temperatures. low to mid 60s from san francisco to oakland, san jose, beautiful view from the emeryville camera. a few clouds gracing the skies there. most of you have been in the 60s today. 66 in livermoe. look at the blue skies, those skies will be changing as we head into the next three days. showery pattern unfolding for the next three days. short break friday and saturday. another storm arrives on easter. here's the storm impact scale. heading into tomorrow, 1. light system.
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scattered light showers with rainfall up to a quarter inch. winds will start gusting, 25 to 35 miles per hour over the hills. here's the hour-by-hour look. tomorrow morning, some spotty showers during the commute. at 8:00 a.m., mostly a north bay event. spotty showers around 11:00 a.m. as the afternoon goes on, everyone will have an opportunity for seeing rain around the evening commute. it is widespread, very light between 5:00 and 7:00 p.m. at 9:00 p.m., still going. we bring you in another light system. wednesday afternoon through thursday, light to moderate rain. about 0.2 to a half inch of rain. this will also be accompanied by breezy to gusty conditions. here's the hour-by-hour look. wednesday afternoon, rain in the north bay. staying there in the evening. then it slides by:00 p.m. we' by 8:00 p.m. we go to scattered lighter showers for part of the thursday
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morning. by the afternoon it winds down. in terms of the rainfall totals for both of these systems, about a quarter to three quarters of an inch for all areas over the next couple of days. there is another storm coming in on easter. tomorrow morning, temperatures not as low as we've seen in days past. mid 40s to low 50s thanks to the cloud cover keeping us insulated. have your umbrella handy. you may need it, you may not depending on where you are. temperatures in the 60s. as you look at the seven-day forecast, we have ones the next three days for showers. scattered showers on tuesday. heaviest rain wednesday evening. thursday, light showers with dry conditions on friday, saturday, sunday. sunday, the timing looks like in the afternoon/evening is when we will see the opportunity for a light system bringing rain. wet and breezy on monday. both days looking at a 1. i know a lot of people have
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plans and are wondering what about the egg hunts, download the abc 7 news app and find out more. working conditions under a former yosemite national park superintendent, a new report says it is was not easy especially for women. and new at 6:00, unite the airlines under fire after police violently pull a man off the flight. michael finney explains what your
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>> in malibu a man was waiting with his friends when he noticed what he calls a dirt waterfall. isn't that scary? a huge slice of that mountain at zuma beach just collapsed. dust and rubble filled the air after it fell on to the cars below. lawn furniture later tumbled down the mountain. fortunately no one was injured. federal investigators say
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the former head of yosemite national park created a hostile workplace by belittling employees. they say don nubacher called women stupid, lazy. he retired last month. he denies harassing employees. before going there, he served as superintendent of point raise national seashore. the judge skrut s scrutiny because of the lenient sentence handed down to brock turner is facing a critic. the "mercury news" reports jeff rosen has endorsed perski. rosen last year was one of the judge's most vocal critics getting perski removed from another sex abuse case. the recovery of a capsized barge after last week's storm is making progress.
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the 112 foot barge went down south ovf the bay bridge on friday. you can see the sheen some fuel left behind at surface there. the barge was doing repairs on the transbay tube when it came loose because of howling winds and sank. in just a few minutes, a test of the county's emergency warning system. that means you may be getting text messages and calls if you live. there the system is set to call land lines and cell phones to test its capability and capacity. start times will be staggered every half hour starting at 5:30 this evening in pittsburg and antioch followed by martinez and pacheco at 6:00. at 6:30, rodeo. still ahead, the bay yir middmi area middle schooler going on tour. first we want to thank scott for this beautiful picture of the santa cruz county coast.
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i'm alma daetz, coming up today at 6:00 -- you hear hear r chainsaws are buzzing all around the bay area dealing with all the trees that fell after our latest storm. we have some advice for home owners as more rain heads our way. also neighbor's describe the intense scene leading up to a deadly officer-involved shooting in the east bay. and the big award for a bay area newspaper for its coverage of the oakland ghost ship fire. it's quite an honor. that's all coming up in a half hour on abc 7 news at 6:00. >> sounds good. finally tonight, a 12-year-old bassist with music rooted deep in his dna has been
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tapped for a very high profile gig. >> that's right. young ty trujillo has been chosen to join the metal band korn on korn's toukorn america. that is trujillo playing with his own rock band. they have played at la la palooza kid stage. ♪ >> he looks so cool. he's been filling in for korn's long-time bassist who is not able to make it for korn's six-date tour in south america. >> he will rejoin the group in north america next month unless this kid outplays him for the job. >> little competition from a 12-year-old. >> it's in his dna.
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>> "world news tonight" is coming up next. >> we appreciate your time. we'll see you at tonight, breaking developments as we come on the air in the west. the deadly school shooting. authorities say a man entering the school, heading for a classroom, shooting and killing a female teacher. two students also shot. children rushed from the school. what we have just learned. we're on the scene tonight. also tonight, the firestorm. the passenger dragged off a united passenger jet, bleeding. at first, the airline telling passengers it was because the plane was overbooked. tonight, united's explanation. the warning to the u.s. and president trump from russia and iran. if president trump acts again in syria. and our correspondent today asking, is there a new red line on syria? you'll hear the answer. and what the white house is now saying late today. the deadly church bombings this holy week. the bomb, hidden in the pew. brian ross standing by. the urgent manhunt in this country, now going nationwide. the man accused of stealing


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