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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  April 10, 2017 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> "world news tonight" is coming up next. >> we appreciate your time. we'll see you at tonight, breaking developments as we come on the air in the west. the deadly school shooting. authorities say a man entering the school, heading for a classroom, shooting and killing a female teacher. two students also shot. children rushed from the school. what we have just learned. we're on the scene tonight. also tonight, the firestorm. the passenger dragged off a united passenger jet, bleeding. at first, the airline telling passengers it was because the plane was overbooked. tonight, united's explanation. the warning to the u.s. and president trump from russia and iran. if president trump acts again in syria. and our correspondent today asking, is there a new red line on syria? you'll hear the answer. and what the white house is now saying late today. the deadly church bombings this holy week. the bomb, hidden in the pew. brian ross standing by. the urgent manhunt in this country, now going nationwide. the man accused of stealing
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high-powered weapons and what we've now learned about his threats before. and breaking news as we come on, the governor, the sex scandal and the resignation just moments ago. good evening. it's great to have you with us here on a monday night. and we begin tonight with the deadly school shooting in san bernardino, california. and that terrifying message that went out to parents today. authorities say a man with a gun checked in at the office and headed straight to a classroom. he shot and killed a female teacher. and two young students were shot, too. tonight, we learned one has not survived. he then killed himself. parents rushing to the scene, grief-stricken. tonight, the police chief now with a possible motive. abc's kayna whitworth on the scene for us. >> reporter: tonight, those troubling images. young children evacuating an elementary school after shots rang out, crossing a basketball court in formation to get to
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safety. this girl was for transitional kindergarten. >> i didn't know what was happening and i just wanted to go home. >> possible active shooter at north park elementary. >> reporter: the emergency calls coming in just before 10:30 in the morning. authorities said 53-year-old cedric anderson said he had something to drop off for his wife. shooting and killing his wife before turning the gun on himself. >> cedric entered the classroom without saying anything and opened fire on his wife. tragically, two students caught up in the violence, both shot and rushed to local hospitals by air and ground. >> my partner is carrying one out to the front, okay, we believe we have the shooter down inside. >> reporter: late word tonight, an 8-year-old did not survive. the other student in stable condition. the father of a second grader described what he did the moment
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he heard there was a shooting at his daughter's school. >> i fell to my knees and started saying our father's and hail mary's. >> reporter: heavily armed officers and s.w.a.t. teams rushing to the scene, arriving at north park elementary school in san bernardino in just minutes. as parents flooded to the school looking for answers. >> my son is in school and he just sent me a message. >> reporter: the school, a crime scene. some parents able to see their children, but they couldn't reach them. not able to hug them. >> oh, my gosh. she doesn't see me but i can see her. it looks like they're all crying and they're all holding hands. they look very scared. >> reporter: row after row of students moving calmly across school grounds. holding hands. getting on buses taken to a safe location before being reunited with their families. authorities tonight say they are searching the suspect's home in riverside, california. meanwhile, emotional images, parents finding their children after hours of confusion and desperation.
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>> this is tragic event that it's going to take time for our heads and our hearts to heal. >> and kayna whitworth live with us from san bernardino. authorities believe they now know who the subject is. what are learning about a possible motive here? >> david, right now, authorities are taking a closer look at the relationship. the pair was married just three short months. they had recently separated in the last month. david. >> kayna whitworth leading us off tonight, kayna, thank you. we turn next to the chaotic scene unfolding on a united flight in chicago. initially passengers were told the flight was overbooked. four passengers were told they had to get off. their names selected by a computer. one of the passengers was dragged down the aisle and off the plane bleeding from the struggle. he did not want to give up his seat. tonight here, the airline's explanation. we asked, what are your rights once you've boarded a plane? abc's david kerley covers aviation. >> ow. >> reporter: it is a stunning
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scene. that passenger, yanked from his row. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: his lip cut, dragged off a united jet, for refusing to give up his paid seat. >> oh, my gosh. look at what you did to him. >> reporter: tonight, an aviation security officer involved here, put on leave. but so many are asking, how could this have happened? john klaasen in the orange shirt, saw and heard it all. >> after having done really nothing other than say, this is my seat, i've bought and paid for it. i need to go to louisville. i could not believe what i was seeing or hearing, i was in shock. >> reporter: united airlines told passengers the flight was overbooked. it now says it was a crew transport issue, four seats needed to get a crew from chicago to louisville. $800 in vouchers offered, no takers. so, a united's computer picked four passengers, including the 69-year-old man who said he's a doctor and had patients to treat. the man slipped back on the jet.
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>> i have to go home. i have to go home. >> reporter: before he was removed again. united's ceo calls it an upsetting event. and apologizes for having to re-accommodate the the overbooking, even demanding a paying customer give up a seat, is perfectly legal. >> it's part of a document that nobody ever looks at called the contract of carriage, which basically gives the airline, the pilot, the flight attendants all sorts of rights to do pretty much whatever they want. >> all right, david kerley live with us tonight. you reported there that it's in the fine print, part of the contract in the ticket. they can order you to get off even when you're on the plane? >> they do have that. but passengers do have rights. they're due compensation if they get bumped from the plane. the department of transportation wants to make sure this passenger's rights were honored in this case. >> a lot of people weighing in on this one today. david kerley, thank you. we turn next tonight to an
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image syria is quite proud of this evening, planes taking off from that very airfield targeted by u.s. cruise missiles last thursday night. russia which has supported syria and bashar al assad airing these images on russian tv of those jets, taking off from that same base. and there was a moment today at the white house when our correspondent asked, is there a new red line on syria? the white house answered, but then changed the answer later this afternoon. here's abc's senior white house correspondent cecilia vega. >> reporter: president trump picking up the phone to congratulate the commanding officers who launched 59 missiles into a syrian airfield. but from the looks of these images on russian state tv, that airbase is back in business, planes taking off once again. tonight, new accusations that russia was well aware of bashar al assad's chemical weapons stockpile. >> i believe that russia knew about the chemical weapons because they were operating from exactly the same base. >> reporter: this, as the white house seems to shift its red line on syria, saying it's not
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just the use of chemical weapons that would provoke an american response. >> is the red line -- just to clarify, the red line for this white house chemical warfare? is conventional warfare enough to get the president to go further there than -- than this white house has gone before? >> the answer is, is that if you gas a baby, if you put a barrel bomb in to innocent people, i think you can -- you will -- you will see a response from this president. that is unacceptable. >> reporter: but assad has frequently used barrel bombs against his own people, nearly 13,000 last year alone, according to human rights groups. spicer's statement, not the only mixed message on syria from the trump administration, top officials, divided on whether or not assad should stay or go. secretary of state rex tillerson saying it's up to the syrian people. >> we believe the syrian people will lawfully be able to decide the fate of bashar al assad. >> reporter: but u.n. ambassador nikki haley all but advocating for a regime change. >> it's going to be hard to see a government that's peaceful and
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stable with assad. >> reporter: the white house now seeming to echo that. >> how far is the president willing to go to see bashar al assad out of power there? >> so, just to be clear, i can't -- i don't think it's -- it's -- you can't imagine a -- a stable and peaceful syria with assad as -- as -- in charge. >> reporter: tonight, from syria, russia and iran, a joint statement, accusing the u.s. of crossing a red line with its missile strikes, warning, "from now on, we will respond to anyone, including america, if it attacks syria and crosses the red lines." it comes as secretary of state tillerson heads to moscow for talks. as exxon ceo, tillerson once shared champagne with vladimir putin. but this time, there are not yet plans for the two to meet face- face-to-face. >> and cecilia vega live with us from the white house. we heard sean spicer tell you if bashar al assad barrel bombs innocent people, which he has
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often done, that president trump will respond. but tonight, the white house walking that back now? >> they are, david. in fact, they're emphasizing that quote, this is not a shift in u.s. policy. they say nothing has changed going after the assad regime for the use of barrel bombs, would mark an incredible shift in u.s. policy. david. >> all right, cecilia vega with us from the white house tonight. next this evening, we do have new reporting on the deadly attacks just as the christian holy week begins. suicide bombers targeting palm sunday services at two churches. this video right here showing one of the bombers being directed to go through a metal detector to get inside a church in egypt, instead stepping back towards two police and blowing himself up. isis taking responsibility with a new warning that there's more to come. here's abc's brian ross. >> reporter: the choir was singing when a bomb hidden under
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one of the crowded church pews went off. [ explosions ] [ screaming ] >> reporter: the camera feed went to a test pattern, but the audio of the chaos and the screams could still be heard from inside the church. it was one of two palm sunday attacks on christian coptic churches in egypt. in the second attack, surveillance cameras show a suicide bomber trying to avoid going through a church metal detector. as he is directed by a guard to go back, he detonates his explosive vest. even before today's funerals for the 44 worshipers who were killed, isis had claimed responsibility and spread fear across the christian world with threats of more to come. >> i think it is a tense time going into holy week at any church or large gathering of worshipers. >> reporter: isis has killed far more muslims than christians, but its war on christianity goes back to its founding, imagining attacks on rome, photo-shopping the isis flag over the vatican.
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as pope francis sunday deplored the isis church attacks, security officials at the vatican and churches around the world were seeing what they could do to enhance the already-high security for the coming holy week. >> just horrific. brian ross with us tonight. despite that threat from isis the pope still plans to travel to egypt? >> yes, david, that trip is still on. the vatican says the pope's mission to be beside his brothers in egypt at this time of difficulty. >> brian ross, thank you. we're also following breaking news tonight coming in from the alabama statehouse. governor robert bentley, caught in a sex scandal there, just a short time ago now resigning just as an impeachment hearing was getting under way. abc's steve osunsami is in montgomery tonight. >> reporter: this awkward-looking photo is a shameful ending tonight for a governor who's also a deacon at his baptist church and recently argued that marriage is a holy union between one man and one woman. >> i have decided it's time for me to step down as alabama's
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governor. >> reporter: alabama governor robert bentley didn't just have one woman, he had two, the campaign aide who authorities say he illegally paid with money that he strong-armed from donors, and the wife who got even when she recorded cell phone conversations with his girlfriend, and then turned them over to police. >> baby, let me tell you what we're going to have to do. >> reporter: his alleged mistress, rebekah mason, is a campaign consultant and a former beauty pagent winner 30 years his junior. >> we've been very betrayed by robert bentley and he needs to go off into the sunset. >> reporter: the governor is pleading guilty to two misdemeanor campaign finance violations. he'll have to pay back the money he misused. but he'll avoid real jail time. david. >> steve osunsami with the late developments for us. next to that moment of victory today for president trump. his supreme court nominee now on
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the bench. neil gorsuch sworn in as the 113th supreme court justice during a rose garden ceremony today. gorsuch replaces antonin scalia. restoring the court's former balance. among the cases that could come soon, president trump's travel ban. and there's still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this monday -- the manhunt now going nationwide tonight. the suspect accused of stealing high-powered weapons. new details from his manifesto and new reporting on threats he's made before. the judge shot and killed outside his home. now the manhunt for the suspect who opened fire in that neighborhood. and look out below. this scene on the american coastline. beachgoers shocked by what they were witnessing. a lot more news ahead. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ sfx: engine revving
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abc's adrienne bankert is in wisconsin. >> reporter: tonight, the manhunt for this self-proclaimed revolutionary expanding, authorities confirming that manifesto, with plans of a brutal attack, has arrived in washington. >> what this individual was proposing was a revolution, to have an armed uprising. >> reporter: joseph jakubowski on the run since tuesday. authorities say he stole 16 high-powered handguns, two assault rifles, and possibly gun silencers, then set his own car on fire. the suspect's stepfather, who did not want to go on camera, saying he believes jakubowski is on a do or die mission. >> i'm afraid he's trying to commit suicide by cop. >> reporter: while you don't see his face the person recording the video appears to sign the envelope containing the manifesto. >> today's the day. so, remember this face. >> game time. >> reporter: officials tell us they are speaking for the person on the other side of the camera. he's cooperating and he is not a suspect.
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we talked to a woman who said that she's jakubowski's sister. she said no one has heard him. david. when we come back on a monday night -- the two former presidents back together, sharing stories about their grandchildren and their socks. also tonight, more on that urgent manhunt after a judge is fatally shot outside his home. that motive under investigation right now. and the stunning aerial pictures tonight from above the great barrier reef, drained of its color. scientists now revealing why and their concern tonight. (man vo) it was may, when dad forgot how to brush his teeth. (woman vo) in march, my husband didn't recognize our grandson. (woman 2 vo) that's when moderate alzheimer's made me a caregiver. (avo) if their alzheimer's is getting worse, ask about once-a-day namzaric. namzaric is approved for moderate to severe alzheimer's disease in patients who are taking donepezil. it may improve cognition and overall function, and may slow the worsening of symptoms for a while. namzaric does not change the underlying disease progression. don't take if allergic to memantine, donepezil, piperidine,
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to the "index" of other news tonight. a manhunt in chicago for the suspect who shot and killed a judge outside his home today. chicago police say a woman stepped out of the judge's home around 5:00 a.m. and was shot in the leg after exchanging words with the gunman. she survived. judge raymond miles was fatally shot confronting the gunman who then fled on foot. authorities say the shooting may have been a botched robbery and not related to his work in the court system. new aerial video showing australia's great barrier reef in grave condition tonight.
5:52 pm
the survey revealing that two-thirds of the world's largest coral reef system is now bleached. appearing white from the sky, drained of its color. by higher than normal ocean temperatures. it marks the first time bleaching has occurred in successive years, giving the reef little time to recover. scientists blame the bleaching on climate change. a mountain collapse caught on camera in malibu, a huge chunk of earth giving way, first in small pieces and then a massive collapse on the cars parked right there at the beachside parking lot. you can hear people screaming there. no one was injured, just the cars. and a pair of former presidents brought together by love of family and love of socks. president bill clinton tweeting an image sunday from a visit to president george h.w. bush in houston. the two presidents caught up over grandkids and their love of socks. president clinton presenting the president bush with dog and bee pattern pairs.
5:53 pm
it's not the first time he's gotten a kick out of the 92-year-old's foot fashion. as far as back 2013, president clinton tweeting #sockswag. when we come back here tongiht, -- america strong. would you remember your program do it? it's about moving forward, not back.t. it's looking up, not down. it's being in motion.
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now give up half of 'em. do i have to? this is a tough financial choice we could face when we retire. but, if we start saving even just 1% more of our annual income... we could keep doing all the things we love. prudential. bring your challenges. finally tonight here, america strong. would you remember your prom date, everything about them even after six decades had passed? and would you take the chance and call her? tonight, one man who did. this was when they first began dating. joyce kevorkian and jim bowman during their senior year of high school in elmhurst, illinois, 1953.
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they went to prom together, and then as life goes, they went their separate ways for college. both met new loves and started families. they were happily married more than 50 years. and recently, they both lost their spouses. it was difficult, but jim remembered joyce from all those years ago. they'd lost touch. but he would soon learn she had suffered loss, too. after looking her up, and what did joyce say? >> i said, "nice to hear from you again." and we started talking on the phone. and then he said, "why don't i come over and see you?" and i said, "that'd be good. i'd like to see you again." >> there was a spark, you know? they say that you never forget your first love. and there must have been a spark that was smoldering in each of our hearts that we never realized. >> reporter: and when they first saw each other after all those years -- >> i recognized him. he has less hair now than he had then. >> we said to each other, "i wonder if it'd be possible to pick up where we left off 64
5:58 pm
years ago." >> reporter: they got to talking, and never stopped. >> one day on the phone he said, "will you marry me?" and i said, "yes, that's a good idea." so we did! >> reporter: the two high school sweethearts tying the knot, 64 years after that prom, both of their families right there. >> without hesitation, we said yes. and that's where we are now, a week into our marriage. [ laughs ] >> that's right. >> the next chapter 64 years later. >> thanks for watching here on a monday night. i'm david muir. i hope to see you right back here tomorrow. from all of us here, good night.
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these pampt pampt pampt pamt local newspaper staff received one of the most prestigious honors. too many sunny days can put us more at risk and we have had some close calls. very, very quickly upon entering the class room started shooting. >> families lives have been impacted irretrievably today. >> mourning and praying tonight in san bernardino after an attack that killed three people including a child. >> san bernardino police are revealing a troubled marriage was involved in the murder-suicide of a high school
6:00 pm
teacher and her estranged husband. >> police say 53-year-old cedric anderson walked into his estranged wife's class room today and shot her to death before turning the gun on himself. karen smith was 11/a 5 teacher. >> they have been separated for a month or a month and a half, but nobody we have interviewed said they saw this coming or knew this was going to happen. >> investigators reveal he had a criminal past including weapons charges and domestic violence. 8-year-old jonathan martinez has died. a 9-year-old boy


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