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tv   America This Morning  ABC  April 11, 2017 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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a san bernardino elementary school is closed this morning after a teacher and a student were killed in a shooting. >> we want to give you a sense of the scene overnight. the community gathering for a prayer service and candlelight vigil for the two victims. >> police say the teacher's estranged husband, cedric anderson, walked into the school and opened fire shooting her and two students before turning the gun on himself. the teacher, karen smith, died on the scene. the two students standing near smith were also hit. one of them did not survive. >> and we do have some new video in from the scene. s.w.a.t. teams moving in as children and teachers file out of that building. ♪ overnight the san bernardino community coming together yet again following a shooting, this time at north park elementary school. >> sometimes all we can do is cry, and today is the day for that. >> reporter: just a few hours into the school day, and emergency calls go out. >> possible active shooter at
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north park elementary. >> reporter: authorities say 53-year-old cedric anderson checked in at the front desk for the school to try to visit his wife, karen smith, a teacher there. >> it is my understanding that he entered the office, and he had simply said that he was there to drop something off with his wife. >> reporter: he walked into the classroom filled with elementary school students carrying a large handgun, shooting and killing his wife, two students also hit with gunfire, one of them an 8-year-old boy named jonathan martinez dying at the hospital. ♪ >> reporter: the couple just got married this past january. smith's mother says they were happy at first. >> we thought he was a caring person until he was married, then he showed the other side of him, which we never had seen before. we were shocked. >> reporter: the students too young to understand this sort of terror line up hand in hand rushed to safety. and with the 2015 san bernardino mass shooting in their purview, law enforcement officials
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surrounded the school. >> my partner is carrying one out to the front, okay. we believe we have the shooter down inside. >> reporter: anderson eventually turning the gun on himself as panicked parents rushed to find their children. >> oh, my gosh. she doesn't see me, but i can see her. they look like they're all crying. they're all holding hands and all look scared. >> reporter: many here in disbelief. >> i'm a mom and i feel bad for the kids that have to go through all this. >> the other child that was wounded in that shooting, a 9-year-old boy, is expected to survive. authorities say anderson has a criminal history, which includes domestic violence, weapons and drug charges. breaking overnight, severe storms in the great lakes brought a possible tornado to western michigan. emergency crews cleared debris from the roads after the strong winds also toppled several trees. >> there were several damage reports to tell you about, reported near a golf course, as well. thousands are believed to be without power this morning. so far no injuries
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have been reported. and in east texas, a possible tornado was spotted as severe thunderstorms swept across the region with heavy rain, strong winds and hail. flooding was also reported. >> the storm system is still hanging over east texas with more heavy rain and flooding possible and a line of storms is also moving across parts of the midwest. all right, we're going to turn our focus right now to politics and the trump administration struggling to explain its position on syria. this as the secretary of state heads to russia. the white house press secretary had to walk back some comments after suggesting the president would take action again if syria dropped barrel bombs on civilians. abc's maggie rulli has the latest from washington. maggie, good morning. >> reporter: diane and kendis, good morning. this is by far the secretary's most high-profile trip yet and now the entire world is watching to see how he'll handle the fragile relationship. secretary of state rex tillerson's trip to moscow could not come at a more tense time for u.s./russia relations with
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growing criticism against russia from world leaders at the g7 summit in italy and support for the recent u.s. ordered missile strikes on russia's ally, the syrian regime of bashar al assad. >> i can't imagine a stable and peaceful syria where bashar al assad is in power. >> reporter: the strike in retaliation for the chemical weapons attack that assad ordered on his own people killing more than 80. now new accusations from washington that russia was well aware of the chemical weapons stockpile. >> i believe that russia knew about the chemical weapons because they were operating from exactly the same base. >> reporter: russia is denying all accusations and continues to support the syrian government. new images appear to show syria's russian made fighter jets are back in business on that very same base the u.s. destroyed, and now russia in a remarkable joint statement with iran and hezbollah warning the u.s. of retaliation for any new strikes saying from now on we
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will respond to anyone, including america, if it attacks syria and crosses the red lines. and while the president has not blamed russia outright, others in the administration have gone that far. >> innocent victims were hurt by a terrible regime that was attempted to be covered up by russia. >> reporter: while we're expecting most of the conversations to have a hard focus on the syria conflict, guys, there will also be talks of how they can work together as the u.s. needs some level of cooperation with russia to defeat isis in the region. diane and kendis. >> all right. maggie rulli live from washington for us. maggie, thanks. the new governor of alabama has now been worn in. republican kay ivey was the state's lieutenant governor, but she now takes over for robert bentley, who resigned yesterday. bentley pleaded guilty to misdemeanor campaign violations which came to light during the investigation of his alleged affair with a top aide. just days ago, bentley said he would not resign because he had done nothing wrong. it turns out a pair of deadly weekend explosions will
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not keep pope francis from going to egypt. a vatican official says the pope will travel to egypt as planned for a two-day visit starting april 28th. isis has claimed responsibility for the palm sunday blast that left 44 people dead. both targeting coptic christian churches. still ahead, general motors is no longer the country's top american automaker. wait till you hear who has taken over. plus, this -- >> did you guys see that? >> yeah, we saw it, but what was it? it was the strangest sight in southern california overnight. we'll tell you what was seen streaking across the sky. and a man caught on camera in the path of a deer clearly in a hurry. we'll explain.
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overnight police released these pictures of tattoos in their search to find a wisconsin fugitive suspected of robbing a gun store and sending an anti-government manifesto to president trump. investigators are hoping those pictures of the fugitive's tattoos will help lead to an arrest. they say joseph jakubowski stole handguns and rifles from a gun shop then sent a 161-page handwritten message to the white house accusing police and the government of enslaving people. there's now a $10,000 reward leading to an arrest. we'll have more details coming up in a live report on "good morning america." law enforcement in the chicago area searching for the suspect who shot a judge outside of his home there. a woman was shot in the leg as she was leaving the home of judge raymond miles. then police say the judge heard a commotion and stepped outside to investigate exactly what was
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happening. the judge then exchanged words with the suspect and was shot multiple times. police say the shooting appears to be a botched robbery and not a targeted attack. convicted charleston church shooter dylann roof will await his execution in federal prison. now that he's pleaded guilty to nine counts of murder, that plea settled state charges in connection with the 2015 shooting spree. in exchange for his admission of guilt, he was given nine consecutive life sentences. roof was convicted and sentenced to death earlier this year in a federal case. and a maryland grocery store chain is pulling bags of spinach off the shelves after a customer says she found a live scorpion in her salad. the woman says she purchased the bag of spinach at a giant food store in chevy chase. when she opened the bag yesterday, she found the scorpion crawling inside. giant food says they regret the inconvenience to the customer and they are following up with
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the supplier. now, this comes just days after a customer claims to have found a dead bat in a salad purchased at a florida walmart. that discovery sparked a recall of organic spring mix made by fresh express. >> and it's our excuse for why we're staying away from salads. >> yes. >> more pizza, folks. so, tesla is now america's top valued automaker. the company's total worth has soared to $51 billion edging past general motors. now, tesla will begin trading this morning at $312 per share. that's a 75% jump since november. all this comes despite the electric carmaker selling fewer than 80,000 vehicles last year, although it is on pace to sell about 100,000 vehicles this year. and it seems the ban on cell phone calls on airplanes is staying in place. the fcc started an effort to give airlines the option to make personal phone calls possible. they started this four years ago. well, now the commission's chairman is halting that effort calling it ill-conceived. his position has to be formalized with an fcc vote but there appears to be enough
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support for the ban to continue. >> so, you won't need to find the quiet car on the airplane? >> no, no, no, no, we're all good. when we come back, united airlines is under fire after an officer dragged a passenger off a plane. so, we're asking the experts can an airline remove you if they need the space? plus, the heart-stopping moment a woman is left dangling slipping out of her harness on a ride. what went wrong here? here? are you serious? wait- mama, you're going to be an abuela your face yeah, this is how she tells me [] hi, it's anne from edward jones. i'm glad i caught you. well i'm just leaving the office
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an extra 20% off spring polos for him and an extra 20% off an embroidered dress for you. plus, you'll get kohl's cash too. kohl's. find fast relief behind the counter allergies with nasal congestion? with claritin-d. [ upbeat music ] strut past that aisle for the allergy relief that starts working in as little as 30 minutes and contains the best oral decongestant. live claritin clear, with claritin-d. did you guys see that? >> that was a bright meteor seen streaking across the skies of southern california overnight. the fireball caused a lot of reaction on social media. it only lasted a few seconds. sightings were reported, though, from santa barbara to san diego and as far east as phoenix. some people thought it was a plane crash. now for a look at morning road conditions, you'll have some wet roads in the dallas area, parts of the pacific northwest and northern california. and if you're flying,
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airport delays are possible in memphis, dallas and houston. speaking of flying, united airlines yet again on the defensive following an ugly incident that has turned into a pr nightmare. a passenger dragged from a flight to make way for crew members. >> united's ceo is now defending his employees, but the incident has caused such a stir that federal investigators are now looking into it. abc's david kerley has the details. [ screaming ] >> reporter: it is a stunning scene, that passenger yanked from his row. >> oh, my god. >> his lip cut. dragged off a united jet for refusing to give up his paid seat. >> oh, my god. look at what you did to him. >> reporter: the chicago aviation security officer involved here put on leave. but so many are asking how could this have happened? john klaasen in the orange shirt saw and heard it all. >> after having done really nothing other than say this is
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my seat, i bought and paid for it, i need to go to louisville. i could not believe what i was seeing or hearing. i was in shock. >> reporter: united told passengers the flight was overbooked and now says it was a crew transport issue. four seats needed to get a crew from chicago to louisville. $800 in vouchers offered. no takers. so, united's computer picked four passengers including the 69-year-old man who said he was a doctor and had patients to treat. >> come on. >> reporter: the man slipped back onto the jet. >> i have to go home. i have to go home. >> reporter: before he was removed again. united's ceo calls it an upsetting event and apologizes for having to reaccommodate these customers but no direct apology to the man. the overbooking even demanding a paying customer give up a seat is perfectly legal. >> it's part of a document that nobody ever looks at called the contract of carriage which gives basically the airlines, the pilot, the flight attendant all sorts of rights to pretty much do whatever they want. >> reporter: david kerley, abc
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news, reagan national airport. >> and this comes right on the heels of united catching some heat for keeping two girls wearing leggings from getting on a flight because of their wardrobe and the fact that they were riding on a pass rider ticket. and a woman got a real scare on a carnival ride in france. watch as she slips out of her harness on this giant swing and ends up hanging on by just her feet. after several minutes she was finally removed safely. one person nearby said she was able to hang on only because she was wearing big boots. well, when in deer country you might need some big boots to get away from this guy. watch the man getting out of the car and then, oh. this is in the british columbia section of canada. he just gets completely plowed to the ground when that deer in quite a hurry takes him down. the deer disappeared. the man says he has a bruised shoulder but otherwise he's okay. >> oh, man, and his friends didn't believe him when he said he got hit by a deer. >> luckily he got it on camera. you mean you hit a deer? no, no, no. >> no, no, i got hit by a deer.
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one sports item to tell you about this morning, and it comes from the friendly confines of chicago's wrigley field, which was cold and wet last night. it's april. cubs fans waited about two hours through a rain delay before watching their team do this for the first time in decades. raising the world series championship flag. >> first baseman anthony rizzo carried the world series trophy onto the field. the sellout crowd cheered. the fireworks soared and during the rain delay, by the way, fans got to see former cub david ross' performance on "dancing with the stars." good entertainment. the cubs, by the way, they did win the game scoring the winning run in the bottom of the ninth. they get their championship rings before tomorrow night's game. >> david ross, on the other hand, i think he scored a 31 out of 40. >> all right. not too bad. >> yeah. up next in "the pulse," why baseball fans are piling on martha stewart this morning. >> and the pool that lets you live on the edge and swim in the sky. >> oh, oh, no. check out our facebook page. scientists are calling the
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could be a missing piece for you. learn more about better breathing at ♪ we are going to start your tuesday "pulse" with martha stewart under fire from baseball fans. >> so, let's set the scene for you. opening day at yankee stadium. fans were enjoying 73-degree weather in the afternoon. probably a few $13 burgers and they got to watch pitcher michael pineda kill it against the rays. >> he threw an amazing six innings of perfection, and then what happened was martha stewart tweeted this. it's top of the seventh here at yankee stadium and the yankees are pitching a perfect game versus the tampa bay rays. of course, a mere mex of a perfect game in progress is a huge no-no for baseball fans.
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>> and this didn't help. just three minutes later, the rays ended pineda's perfect game. yankee fans are now blasting martha stewart online accusing her of jinxing the team. >> including this post, one of them, martha stewart should still be in prison for this tweet. martha hasn't tweeted since, by the way. >> that's mean. >> too soon for the jokes about prison. there's a new thrill for adventure swimmers when a diving board isn't enough. >> yeah, so check out this heart-stopping glass bottom swimming pool in houston 500 feet above the ground. the pool juts out from the 42nd floor of a new skyscraper, so you can enjoy a bird's-eye view of the city while cringing there and taking a dip. >> yeah, this gives me the heebie-jeebies every time i look at it. for those faint of heart, they have a normal indoor pool on the fourth floor. >> i kind of like it. i could get comfortable with it. >> i would want to check out the sky pool. this might be the sweetest world record ever set involving
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on tuesday. >> i'm in for reggie this morning. we've got frances in for alexis and mike nicco in for mike nicco which is always great. we'll see the rain again i guess? >> a little bit. then wider sprinkles into the afternoon hours even light rain as we head into the evening and overnight hours. it looks impressive on live doppler 7. a lot of this not reaching the ground yet. up in the north bay is where we'll have the best chance through the morning hours. we're looking from our roof camera, san francisco is dry. through 7:00, pockets of sprinkles. light rain in the north bay and the rest of us will deal with rain as we head through the evening or afternoon and evening hours so parts of us could be wet for the evening commute. i'll show you that when we look hour by hour coming up next. here's frances. good morning, everyone.
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light rain not causing in i problems. bay bridge toll plaza nice and light. metering lights were on at around 5:30. there are lanes on the upper deck until about 5:00. the real slow down is westbound 580 as you make your way into livermore. there are pockets under 30 miles an hour and i'll check the drive time for you in my next report. now at 4:30, breaking news. a wild car accident in the south bay. a driver plunged their car into a pool of a home in santa clara. hard to see but this is happening on the corner of calabazas boulevard and warburton avenue. the driver managed to get out of the car and we have reached out to police for more information to police for more information on this.
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in san bernardino, classes are cancelled in san bernardino after a viololent shooting yesterday. police say cedric anderson shot and killed his estranged wife 53-year-old karen smith and turned the gun on himself. one of the two students wounded in the attack, eight-year-old jonathan martinez, died last night. a second student is stable. police say anderson told the front office he needed to drop something off to his wife. they say after he went to her class and opened fire. parents are in disbelief. >> i'm a mom and i feel bad for the kids that have to go through this. the kids are the innocent ones. >> i would have never thought. i mean, typical morning and then chaos breaks out. >> the school is expected to remain closed until at least tomorrow. last night, a prayer vigil for the two victims. the san bernardino community gathered at a church and prayed for the quick recovery of the student who's hurt. police say the two students were standing behind the teacher when
4:29 am
gunfire hit them. 15 fourth graders and two aides were in the classroom when it happened. you can get the latest any time on our app, we're sending out push alerts as new information comes down. you've likely seen this video, a man getting pulled off delta airlines kicking and screaming. >> none of us could believe it would get to that point of violence. when the police came on they were just determined to take him off the plane. >> the 69-year-old was forcibly removed from the chicago to louisville plight on sunday. united said he was one of four people randomly selected to give up their seat to make room for four crew members who had to get to louisville for another flight. one of the c


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