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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  April 11, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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light rain in the north bay at noon and scattered light rain from 4:00 to 7:00. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. cooler than average once again. here's frances to tell us about the morning commute. we have been tracking an accident in the south bay, we'll head down there. this is san jose, northbound 101 reported at old oakland and chp just arrived at the scene. a little slowing as you approach the area. a live shot past this, northbound 101 for headlights. 880 across your screen and it's looking pretty well. no delays on bart and caltrain. a driver made a big splash in santa clara. >> it ended up in a pool off of warburton avenue. tiffany wilson is there when w what is happening now. >> reporter: well, the debris from that crash extended out to the curb. this is part of the hub cap from
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that car. if you look behind me the car went through two different fences, a wrought aaron fence arou -- wrought iron fence and then a wooden fence before it ended up in the pool. these pictures show the four-door sedan completely submerged in the deep end of that pool. fortunately the young driver was able to safely escape from the car and you can see he is dripping wet, huddled on the curb covered with a blanket. that path of destruction went all the way through the backyard of the house. the car barrelled through the backyard grill. emergency responders were able to retrieve it from the water firefighters inspected the car and they determined that they nor any local towing company could do anything to get it out of the pool so now the homeowners will have to call in an industrial crane to lift the car out of the pool. the young driver blame this is
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major accident on a black of sleep. >> took too big of a turn, i was falling asleep and crashed. >> santa clara county police tell me the homeowners are out of town right now. it's spring break for many people in santa clara so they are trying to get ahold so the homeowners don't know about this accident and the responsibility they will have to bring in the crane to get that car out. now, the driver is unharmed and he did take a breathalyzer test. police say that came back clear. he simply fell asleep at the wheel. live in santa clara, tiffany wilson, abc 7 news. a chicago aviation security officer is on leave after a man was dragged from an overbooked united airlines flight. united airlines flight. [ screaming ] >> by now you've probably seen
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this video. the man being dragged down the aisle of the plane on sunday night. united airlines says it needed four people on the flight to louisville to give up their seats for crew members and the man refused saying he was a doctor, he needed to get home to see patients. security dragged him bloody from his seat. united' ceo says he regrets the situation but his employees followed procedure. >> the video causing a public relations nightmare in one of its most important markets, china. it's generated tens of thousands of outraged posts on chinese social media sites and united is the top u.s. carrier to fly direct to china worldwide. many are calling far boycott of united accusing the airline of discriminating against the passenger for being chinese. in the u.s. people also making light of it with the hashtag "new united airlines mo t toes" like this one "we will drag you all over the world."
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but no laughing matter for the company's bottom line. market watch already saying this morning that the company stock because of this video is down 5% in pre-market trading. matt, natasha, back to you. we're asking the question, what are your rights as a passenger? united's contract specifies it's allowed to involuntary remove passengers from an overbooked flight. seven on your side's michael finney spoke with a travel agent who's predicting a droawn out lawsuit. >> the airline overbooked the flight and they need to inconvenience someone, it has to be someone not on the plane, not someone already given a seat. >> reporter: united's contract with passengers says it chooses people for involuntary bumping based on a number of criteria including fare class, frequent flyer program status and when the passenger boarded. experts say complain not only to the airline but also the department of transportation. complaints lodged with the dot are included in airline quality surveys and its aviation industry monitoring system.
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complaints are reviewed to determine the extent to which carriers are in compliance with the federal aviation consumer protection regulations. the system also serves as a basis for rule making and future legislation. a san bernardino elementary school is closed until at least tomorrow after a shooting that left a teacher and a student dead. police say the gunman, a 53-year-old cedric anderson, walked into the school and opened fire on his estranged wife, 53-year-old karen smith. that before turning the gun on himself. two students were hit with gunfire. one of them, eight-year-old jonathan martinez, died a short time later. the other, a nine-year-old is in stable condition this morning. the san bernardino swat team surrounded the suspect's riverside home yesterday afternoon. it's not clear from anyone was inside. the "l.a. times" reports cedric anderson and his wife were friends for four years before they got married. they moved into his home shortly afterwards. the victim's mom tells the "l.a. times" that anderson had other motives and her daughter planned
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to divorce him. a mission bay lot in san francisco is expected to house homeless residents. the building would be behind police headquarters on 3rd street near at&t park. according to the examiner, at least half of the people who would live there have mental health challenges or disability. the proposal calls for 120 units with amenities like a conference room and storage space. construction is set to start in july of 2019. >> some san francisco dog owners think something at a popular park is making their dogs sick. where concerns are mounting and the city's response. and the underwater saga continues. the work being done to remove a 112-foot barge that's resting on the transbay tube. >> a live look from our east bay hills camera at 6:06 in the morning. a beautiful glittering look at the bay area keeping weather and traffic up through the whole break so you're in the know as you start your day.
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cloudy and mild this morning. on the peninsula, 49 in woodside to 54 in san bruno, 50 at half
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moon bay in santa rosa to 56 in oakland, concord and san jose. 61 in santa rosa, the rest of us 61 in santa rosa, the rest of us 64 to 69 degrees there will be a lot of pollen, temperatures low to mid-50s and if you're traveling around the state, warmer to the south, 89. a mix of rain and snow in tahoe, more snow tomorrow and thursday. francis, you have a new accident? >> yes, an injury crash reported in east bay, chp is enroute right now. it was reported in concord southbound 242 near 680. here's a live shot of 680. i did just see a chp yoount drive southbound on the right-hand side so we'll keep you updated on this because if it's out there that will slow things down. it's a typical backup right now towards the foot of the maze, a
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. fremont police are asking for your help in locating a 15-year-old girl, she was last seen one week ago in fremont, place say kailen is an at-risk juvenile. she's 5'8", 280 pounds and may be wearing a white sweater, blue jeans and white shoes. police are asking you to call 911 if you see her at least two dog owners in san francisco say their pets became ill after playing in a popular part. both dogs visited some owners believe something is making their pets sick but the park and recreation department has no record of anything being put on the ground. >> he just hasn't been feeling too great the last couple days and what worries me, like he's doing right now, is eating the fish emulsion or whatever is on the ground. >> at this time there's no record of fertilizer or any type of chemical application. >> the recreation and parks
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department is investigating there and is encouraging public input. marin county has decided there had will be no medical marijuana dispensaries within its boundaries the board of supervisors adopted an ordnance to allow for medical pot dispensaries in unincorporate mad written however the man chosen to select the december penceries said no to all of them. he will turn the issue back to supervisors to learn what to do next. we have learned a sunken barge near the bay bridge is resting on top of the transbay tube. we are assured the tube is safe. it's protected by a 25 foot layer of earth. bart was using the barge to derepairs when it came loose on friday due to strong winds and sank. a salvage plan is in the works. a man captured an incredible moment in malibu. he had just returned to a parking lot of whale watching when he noticed some dirt sliding off a hillside near zuma
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beach. he turned on his camera and moments later rocks and debris fell covering the cars below in a cloud of dust. he's heard at the end of the video saying "that might be better than getting a picture of a whale." no one was injured. >> no stranger to landslides and mudslides in the bay area. more wet weather on the way. >> but nothing like that will happen. these storms don't last for days like we had in january and february but it's always something to remind us. let's look at what's going on in san jose. bone dry under a cloudy skies. chances of light rain increase today or the chance of light rain increases today. moderate rain and breezy tomorrow and friday through sunday trending dry and warmer. we have two storms, the weaker one is today remember the rain and breezes is heading more to our state. this will give us a bigger punch with moderate rain and breezes. so let's focus in on today's
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storm. storm impact scale one light because it's pockets of rain, not steady and the rain estimates from 500 to n the south bay to a quarter in the north bay won't cause flooding and the breezes will be so slow they shouldn't cause damage. here we are from 7:00 until 9:00. you can see the shield shrinking to pockets or areas of light rain and mainly across the north bay during the noon hour then you can see by 4:00 through 7:00 it increases a little bit around our neighborhoods except for inland east bay. the best chances in the bay and towards the coast. overnight scattered light showers that will become isolated during the morning commute. hopefully you can dodge one of those. storm afternoon look at that. up in the north bay once again and here we are at 6:00 through about, oh, say 10:00. that's when the moderate rain rolls through and that's when we can get a quarter in the south bay to possibly a half inch in the north bay. scattered showers through noon thursday and then increasing sunshine late thursday and total
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sunshine friday and saturday and sunday. temperatures back where they should be. 60s to near 70 >> southbound 242 at 680, traffic has been a little bit lighter than normal. you may have noticed some folks on spring break. so even at that injury crash it's looking good. green right there. there is slowing on southbound 680 as you approach highway 24. more brake lights continuing on southbound 680 as you make your way towards the grade. traffic moving at 20 to 30 miles per hour. slow drive times, westbound 580 tracy to dublin has grown to 48 minutes. and that southbound 680 ride where i showed you that slow traffic a 22-minute ride, matt, natas natasha. a forceful police takedown in sacramento was caught on video and the officer is on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of a paid internal investigation. a woman posted this video on
6:19 am
facebook. police say the man was crossing the street unlawfully and the officer tried to detain him. the officer says the man ignored him and walked away. police say the suspect challenged the officer to a fight and then for an unknown reason the officer threw the man to the ground. police say they're reviewing the officer's dash cam video and may release that to the public. "good morning america" is coming up at 7:00. amy is live in new york city with a look at what's ahead. good morning, amy. >> good morning to you, natasha and matt and coming up next on jooem mgma, rex tillerson heo moscow with new questions arising over what russian officials knew ahead of that chemical attack in syria. and the man hunt is intensifying for the wisconsin gun thief who sent an angry letter to the white house. his stepfather speaking out about what he thinks his stepson is trying to do and we'll talk to police on a search to find
6:20 am
him. and outrage after officers were caught on camera dragging the passenger off an overbooked% flight. the united airlines ceo facing backlash after a letter he sent to employees where he seemed to be blaming the passenger. the latest on the controversy. and mr. t. is in the house. he and his partner kim booted last night from "dancing with the stars." they flew all night long to join us live this morning. that's coming up on a busy tuesday here on gma. matt and natasha. >> a lot going on and standing o for mr. t., well deserved. thank you so much. >> indeed. >> here we go again. another gross object or a mall found in a bag of veggies. check out what a maryland couple found inside of their bag of spinach yesterday. a live scorpion. they called the giant food store where their purchased the spinach and it responded saying "we are following up with the supplier to take every step to ensure this isolated incident does not occur in the future." last week you may remember two people in florida ate sfrald this container before
6:21 am
discovering a dead bat inside of it. so yet another reason to eat more jurng food and no more salad. >> yeah, i'll have a snickers bar with no scorpions inside. time for spring cleaning. 7 on your side's michael finney has an important answer to a question about carpets. and more bragging rights for palo alto's tesla. how it's beating out other u.s. automakers. >> and keep on top of weather throughout the commercial break with abc 7 news now. a live look out there in walnut creek. red brake lights out there. we'll be right back.
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move over general motors, tesla is the most valuable company in the u.s. investors appear optimistic his model 3 car will make the automaker more accessible to the middle-class. toyota is the world's most valuable out maker worth about $26 billion. terry from antioch has a question about cleaning carpets. >> 7 on your side's michael finney has her answer. >> i'd like to know which is better to fight bacteria, chemical or steam cleaning your
6:25 am
carp carpet. >> that's an interesting question. chemical dry carpet cleaning and steam cleaning are the popular methods. angie's list says both of them work. steam cleaning uses hot water and detergent. it takes longer for the carpet to dry that means you can't go in the room for a longer period of time. chemical dry carpet clean iing doesn't use water so it dries much quick erquicker. if you do it yourself the environmental protection agency suggests you use something with a label that says "safer choice." terry, thanks for your question. >> if you have a question for michael finney, record it on your smartphone or tablet. share it on social media with the hashtag "ask finney" or go to our web site you could see your question answered on abc 7 mornings. still monitoring the breaking news out of santa clara. after the break, the path of destruction one driver carved on his way into a backyard pool.
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this is the story everyone is talking about. the intense fallout from the federal government to twitter after a man was dragged off a united airlines flight. >> at the live desk monitoring live pictures. secretary of state rex tillerson arriving in moscow this morning. we're told this is a live image of where he arrived. there's a huge black plume of smoke. we're working on figuring out what is happening there. much more from the live desk next. our unsettled pattern develops today with several rounds of light to moderate rain through the next three friday, saturday and sunday dry with more rain next week. i'll give you an hour-by-hour look at the next 48 hours. as you get your day into gear, keep on top of weather and traffic throughout the entire traffic throughout the entire commercial break with abc
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is. >> thanks for joining us on this tuesday, april 11. i'm matt keller. >> i'm natasha zouves. we're welcoming back jessica castro. we have frances in for alexis smith and mike nicco bringing us wet weather. >> just a taste. that's what we've had in santa rosa. the only measurable rain so far.
6:30 am
three hundredths during the overnight hours. for the rest of us the radar has looked impressive but it's not until you see the moderate rain to the shore that that will make it to the ground but pockets of light rain just about all day today. you can see from mt. tam kind of hazy. upper 50s to low to mid-60s from noon to 4:00 and more of us will get scattered light rain during the evening hours. hey, francis. >> hi, mike. delays developing because of an injury accident in concord. southbound 242 approaching 680. now that emergency crews are there the left lane is blocked and you can see brake lights, traffic is backing up. we're also seeing slowing westbound across the san mateo bridge and getting there sluggish as well, southbound 880 through hayward. i'll check out drive times in my next report. >> thank you, frances. there are calls for a boycott of united airlines after a passenger was violently dragged of of a flight. >> you have seen this video of a man getting pulled off the
6:31 am
flight kicking and screaming. >> none of us could believe it would get to that point of violence. the police were just determined to take him off the plane. >> united said he was one of four people randomly selected to give up their seat for four crew member who had to get to louisville. one of the chicago aviation security officers involved is on leave. >> the backlash is growing and there is news of a federal investigation. >> abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield live at sfo. amy? >> reporter: some travelers tell us they are disgusted by what they saw but they are still flying united this morning telling us they have to make their destinations, they have to make these trips, there's nothing they can do. some passengers, though, do feel uneasy about climbing on board united flights after seeing this -- a man dragged down the aisle of the plane by security. he said he needed to make the flight because he is a doctor
6:32 am
and needed to get home to see patients. united said the flight was overbooked and four off duty employees needed seats. passengers tell us they don't feel good about climbing on board united >> unease six concerned about just going to pray that we get on board and get seated and get too our destination safely. >> >> it's heart to boycott with but it's hard to respect them as well. >> united's ceo is thanking his employees for going above and beyond but he says he believes lessons can be learned from this experience. the department of transportation is investigating whether united followed consumer protection regulations. there is a movement online to boycott the airline. the topic is trending. some are even coming up with fake slogans for the airline on twitter so it doesn't appear
6:33 am
this is going away any time soon. live at sfo, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. what about your rights when you fly? this morning on gma, abc news chief legal analyst dan abrams spoke about the legal issues involved? >> if there's a lawsuit, it's likely against actually the police department more than united because united does have the legal right to refuse someone access or even to ask someone to leave a plane. the people who pulled him off the plane were not united airlines employees, that was the police department. >> abrams says united's ceo is not smart in saying the airline did nothing wrong. more coverage obstruction of justice jooem mgma at 7:00. welcome to the live desk where i've been monitoring live images coming in from moscow, russia where secretary of state rex tillerson is set to arrive
6:34 am
at any moment. you're seeing the live images of the press bool waiting for his arrival in russia. but i want to show you video from a few moments ago before the commercial break where we actually monomonitored the airport where he was supposed to land at any moment and you can see there's a huge black plume coming from what appears to be a plane. it could be behind that plane. we're not sure. we don't know how this might impact secretary of state rex tillerson's arrival in moscow. he is there to talk with his counterpart in russia about developments in syria as tensions remain very high between u.s. and russia. the u.s. has alluded to possible sanctions against russia so we are monitoring the situation closely. this will be secretary of state rex tillerson's first visit to russia as his new post as secretary of state so were watching it closely. updates throughout the day and if we find out if his flight is at all -- our producer -- our
6:35 am
producer telling me in my ear just seconds ago that that smoke as we turn around the camera is coming from a burning waste pile so good news, it should not impact the airport and we'll keep track. looks like his plane is arriving now. >> jessica, we appreciate the real-time updates. developing news in the south bay, a driver dozes off at the wheel and ends up underwater in a backyard pool. >> tiffany wilson is live in santa clara where homeowners are in for a big shock. hi, tiffany. >> they certainly are because they are out of town and don't even nope this happened yet. this is part of the car we found out by the curb. the big story is is what is going on behind me. the car ripped through the wrought iron fence around the yard then slammed through this wooden fence that protected the backyard and then went into the pool. these pictures show the submerged four door silver sedan. it landed in the deep end of the
6:36 am
pool. fortunately the 19-year-old driver was able to escape from the car and you can see in the video he is dripping wet and huddled on the curb. emergency responders covered him with a blanket and then later gave him a ride home. the car barrelled through the bark yard grill. emergency responders were able to retrieve it but getting the car out won't be as easy. santa clara police say there is not a tow company around that can reach the car so the home openers have to get an industrial crane to hoist it out. as i said they are out of town and police are still trying to get ahold of them. the driver blames the entire accident on a lack of >> took too big of a turn, i was falling asleep and ended up crashin crashing. >> this is what the car looks like inside of the pool. they will be getting a crane as soon as the homeowners know about it to hoist it out. the driver did take a
6:37 am
breathalyzer. the police say it came back completely clear so that was all from falling asleep at the wheel. live in santa clara, tiffany wilson abc 7 news. developing news in san bernardino where the community is mourning the loss of a teacher and young student shot and killed in a school shooting at an elementary. >> the shooter is identified as 53-year-old cedric anderson. police say he shot and killed his estranged wife, 53-year-old karen smith, then turned the gun on himself. mourners turned out at a church for an impromptu service and to pray for the victims. one of the two students wounded in the attack, eight-year-old jonathan mart des, died yesterday. a second student is in stable condition. anderson told the front office he needed to drop something off to his wife. after he went to her class he opened fire. parents are in disbelief. >> i'm a mom. i feel bad for the quds that have to go through this becaus the kids are the innocent ones. >> i would have never thought. typical morning and then chaos
6:38 am
breaks out. >> the school is expected to stay closed until tomorrow. >> stay with abc 7 news for continuing coverage of the san bernardino school shooting. sending out push alerts on the abc news app as new information comes down. 6:38 now. a man who worked as a school janitor in pinole is facing dozens of crimes involving children. ruben gonzalez is being held on $46 million bail. police say march 30 he ran from a home in pinole but officers caught and arrested him. the west contra costa unified school district terminated him the next day. he worked as a substitute night cus todayian and a lard supervisor. officials say he passed a background check. >> all of our employees and volunteers have to be -- have fingerprints run through the state department of justice and the federal bureau of investigation. >> police say the four victims claim the abuse happened when they were between four and 17
6:39 am
years old. gonzalez faces 47 felony charges based on the age of the victims and the number of alleged assaults. sfo can now record the license plate information of everyone who parks at the airport. that includes travelers and people picking up friends and relatives. the airport can keep the information for more than four year years. the airport commission voted last month on the new policy that allows 70 employees access to the database. it's supposed to help collect revenue but sfo does have permission to release information to local law enforcement and the fib is. happening today, the santa clara county board of supervisors will propose spending more than $1 million of taxpayer money to tell residents how great their county. is it's part of a rebranding effort by the board. our media partner the mercury news reports the board is not required to hear from the public about the money because the con
6:40 am
needs only that -- consent -- to go into effect. let's look at the temperatures. 48 in los gatos. 48 to 56 from los al toes hills to san jose. you'll find a uniform atmosphere. the rest of us around 52 in fairfield, alameda 55. san francisco, san carless 54. temperatures warmer than yesterday thanks to a southerly breeze. 62 in half moon bay and petal a petaluma. bodega bay 60. a cooler breeze tomorrow and our coolest day is thursday with 53 to 61. the way it looks from sutro tower, breezy north of the bay bridge, wet at times if you're out and about and there will be strong pollen where it doesn't rain if you're out exercising. tonight low to mid-50s once again and look at this, chances of rain hour by hour look next.
6:41 am
alexis -- no, francis is in this morning. sorry about that. >> just like old times, mike. in concord, southbound 242 approaching 680, the left lane has been blocked. emergency crews are at the scene. this accident was reported near 6:00. you can see traffic jamming up approaching that blockage. it's slow getting to 242 to hercules. 46-minute ride. that has grown to over half an hour at 32 minutes. bay bridge toll plaza is backed up into the maze as well matt, natasha? >> thanks francis. it's a perfect storm here. leaving your wallet dry. just ahead. the reason gas prices are expected to soar this summer. [ doug whistling ] >> move over mariah, how this san francisco rescue turned into
6:42 am
quite the chanteuse. and take a live look outside with abc 7 news now. beautiful shot there of the golden gate bridge this morning. what a great place we live. weather and traffic will be up we're out ink,nk! not ink. printing doesn't have to be painful. now, during "hp savings month" at staples, get up to $180 off hp printers.
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secretary of state rex tillerson just arrived in russia in the past couple minutes.
6:45 am
we saw it in the live desk from jessica castro. now he's working on bringing washington and moscow closer together. he may have made the mission harder by saying earlier today russia must choose between aligning itself with the united states or with syria, iran and hezbollah. moscow announced syria will let experts examine its military bases for chemical weapons. president vladimir putin says he will ask the united nations to investigate the chemical attack in syria. the man suspected of ramming a stolen beer truck into a crowd in sweden admits he did it. an attorney for the 39-year-old uzbekistani man says he confessed to the terror attack. police say he drove the truck into the front of a department store on friday killing four people and leaving 15 hurt. two are still in critical condition this morning. police say the man had been denied residency and expressed sympathy for isis. quick update at the live quick update at the live desk on the fallout for
6:46 am
airlin airlines. the stock for united continental has been down more than 3%. at one point i saw it down 3.5%. as i mentioned earlier in the newscast, pre-market trading had it down 5% so this could dip lower as the day continues. i have been watching this tick down since the markets opened so we expect the fallout from this video to continue throughout the day. matt, natasha, back to you. jessica, thank you. reporters at the east bay times are celebrating a bittersweet victory. the staff won a pulitzer prize for the coverage of the ghost ship fire and their report yerg th ing. the ghost ship fire is the deadliest in oakland's history claiming 36 lives. it was a tragedy that was personal for many in that newsroo newsroom. >> it was a terrible thing that happened and we felt compelled
6:47 am
very early the first day to get to the bottom of what happened. >> we're still writing stories about that fire and we'll be writing more. >> the "east bay times" says its work on the ghost ship fire has just started and it will not let go of the story until every important detail is brought to light. happening today, sonoma county residents did such a good job conserving water during the drought they will have to pay more for it. supervisors are scheduled to adopt a resolution establishing rates and charges for the next fiscal year it will be about 90 cents more per month. the water agency says it needs to raise rates because the drop in water use translated to a drop in the agency's revenues. 6:47. on to your morning money report, sorry to say your summer road trip will cost you more this year. analysts at gas buddy, a cite that tracks fuel prices, says california new gas tax combined with the more expensive summer blend gasoline will make filling up more expensive.
6:48 am
adding to the cost -- international tensions which are already affecting oil prices. there is no prediction of how much we will pay but the average price for gasoline in the state is $2.98. after weeks of speculation we have official numbers. according to conservative government watchdog judicial watch president trump's travel to his private club in florida has cost taxpayers more than $20 million. this puts him on pace to surpass president obama's spending on travel for his entire eight years in just one year. meantime, new york city officials have said it costs up to $146,000 a day to protect first lady melania trump while she is staying in trump tower. the national park service is wa waiving park entrance fees to 118 national parks this weekend and the next. the park service is celebrating its 100th anniversary that includes yosemite which is $30 if you're driving a car. also free admission to muir woods, the pinnacles and sequoia. >> the question, are we going to
6:49 am
have park-going weather? what do you say, mike nicco? what do you say, mike nicco? >> i think so. you can see light rain on shore not reaching the ground. this area, that's possible it will come into marin county over the next half hour to an hour or so. look for sauce lete scattered rain as you head through the rest of our neighborhoods this afternoon and evening. here's a look from sutro tower. a beautiful look at the morning sky. yeah, hazy because of the moisture and that's why we're going to have a chance of light rain increase as the low gets near. moderate rain tomorrow, friday through sunday dry with more rain next week. today's storm still a 1 on our impact scale because of the pockets of rain. the rain estimate about 500th to a quarter of an inch.
6:50 am
i'm not expecting flooding or damage. that pocket of rain starts to shrink and at noon it's bigger, but over the north bay. 4:00, heading outside, take the umbrella and you can see scattered showers by 7:00. even though we have a healthier chance of rain it's still a 1, same thing on thursday and you can see friday, saturday and sunday warmer. hey, frances, how about an update. >> we've been watching this accident in concord southbound 242 at 680. looks like they're just about to clear. traffic is still slow but i expect traffic will improve very quickly once all lanes are open because it has been a little bit lighter than normal with some folks on spring break. southbound 680 on the right-hand side just past north main, a few brake lights towards highway 24 and the north bay has been looking good. there's southbound traffic on the right as you make your way through san rafael. also i want to check out drive times for you. albany to the maze on westbound
6:51 am
80 a nine-minute ride. natasha? matt? >> thanks so much, frances. speaking of traffic, happening today in contra costa county, get ready for construction on a new overpass on highway 4. there will be a ground breaking ceremony for construction on the blfour road interchange in brentwood and if you know this area, you know heavy traffic builds up during the commute hours. the county says the overpass will improve safety and congestion. taxpayer advocates say california's gas tax bill puts unfair pressure on residents in a state with an already-high tax burden. late last week, state lawmakers approved a $5 billion a year plan to pay for major road repairs. one of the immediate results is a 12 cents a gallon gas tax to begin in november. >> this helps people because their cars won't get as broken as they are under our bad roads. a lot of them will get jobs and it's part of the prosperity of california. we can't be a third world country with crummy roads. we're all in it together.
6:52 am
>> the only republican to vote for the bill did so only after democratic leaders agreed to spend $500 million in his district. to win support from truckers, democrats agreed to restrict regulations on greenhouse gas emissions. dog lovers, some of you like to sing to your dogs, but a rescue in san francisco prefers to do the singing herself. [ dog singing ] >> maybe she can do the new year's eve show this year, i don't know. that's foxy the dog showing off her singing chops. her human mom carol says this all happened by accident. one day she howled at foxy, foxy howled back for like five minutes. she just wouldn't stop until carol picked her up and cuddled her. >> foxy is giving mariah her whistle register a run for her money. she is hitting those notes. very apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo.
6:53 am
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the all-new xfinity stream app. all your tv at home. the most on demand, your entire dvr, top networks, and live sports on the go. included with xfinity tv. xfinity the future of awesome. 6:54. whether you're just joining us or heading out door, here are seven things to know before you go. there are growing calls for a boycott of united airlines after a man was dragged off a plane for refusing to give up his seat. one of the chicago aviation security officers involved is now on leave. secretary of state rex tillerson just arrived in moscow on a mission to repair relations between the u.s. and russia now tense following the strike on syria. tense moments before his arrival, thick black smoke spotted at the airport turned out to be burning degree.
6:55 am
a san bernardino school is closed after a shooting that left an eight-year-old and teacher dead. police say the gunman went to school, shot his estranged wife and two opportunities before turning the gun on himself. the second student is stable. abnumber four, a car is stu in a santa clara homeowner's swimming pool. a 19-year-old driver says he was falling asleep and couldn't make the turn, smashing through two fences before going into the pool. police say an industrial crane is needed to get that car out. your chances of getting wet are limited. we have some areas of light rain on your bus stop forecast but it's much milder, 48 to 58. more widespread but still just light rain, 58 to 66. traffic just a little bit lighter than normal for spring break. bay bridge toll plaza is backed up. car pool the way to go or fast track or mass transit. and a slight show in southern california has everyone talking this morning. a possible meteor shower popped
6:56 am
up on social media including this one. look how surprised this woman is after she sees a bright flash. this is my favorite video i've been watching throughout the morning. a lot of people on social media thought it might be a plane so good to find out everything is okay. >> she's okay but startled. abc 7 news continues online on twitter, facebook and all your mobe devices. >> we're back in 25 minutes, gma is next. bye-bye.
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good morning, america. showdown in moscow. president trump's secretary of state rex tillerson heading there this morning hours after an urgent meeting with world leaders about how to handle the syria crisis. the white house may be sending mixed signals. is president putin snubbing tillerson. did russia kical attack before happened? shocking school shooting. >> possible active shooter at north park elementary. >> the terrifying moment a teacher's estranged husband opens fire in a classroom killing his wife and one of his students before turning the gun on himself. kids running from the scene. >> i didn't know what was happening. >> parents desperately searching for their children. and high-flying outrage. backlash growing over this video


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