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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  April 11, 2017 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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zplmplg live where you live, this is abc 7 news. united airline shares are tumbling today as fallout continues after a violent encounter with a passenger who refused to be booted off an overbooked flight. thanks for joining us. i'm matt keller. >> today, new outrage and questions for the man forcibly removed from the flight. the passenger refused to give up his seat when ordered to. >> several news agencies identified the possible as david dowel, a medical doctor in louisville, kentucky. the federal government launched an investigation. here's the details.
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>> reporter: most people saw the viral video, united in anger. today, united airlines under fire, the shocking scene reported by passengrs on a flight to chicago to louisville, a 69-year-old man drag off the plane by security. they needed to bump passengers to make room for four crew members, but no volunteers, so the airline was forced to kick someone off based on an algorithm and offered $1,000 compensation. the maximum? 1350. the ceo wrote to employees blaming the passenger, while i deeply regret the situation arose, i stand behind all of you, and i commend you for continuing to go above and beyond to ensure we fly right. >> i could not believe what i was seeing or hearing. i was in shock. >> the backlash now impacting united overseas. international negative
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headlines. he was shouting he was a doctor, but profiled because he was chinese. the video seen 1 million times in china alone. the serious incident providing comic relief for others. the twitter hashtag motto, trending. even abc's jimmy kimmel live joining in. >> this will be so badly, you use your own face as a flotation device. >> reporter: united is not laughing. an airport security officer has been placed on leave. abc news, new york. several news outlets incoming entertainment site tmz reports dowel was charged in 2005 with felony drug counts for illegal prescribes and trafficking painkillers. >> some say the personal history has nothing to do with united airline's actions. abc 7 news reporter is live at sfo with that story. >> reporter: matt, a lot of passengers here say they'd like to be boycotting today, but when you have miles on united or has
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the best fare or goes to where you go, it's hard to make a statement when you make travel decisions. they tell us they don't think the passenger was without fault, but they are upset with united. new information this passenger has felony convictions in his past does not come as a shock to travelers today, but it does not appear to be changing people's minds about how this situation was handled. >> it's not surprising, but united did not handle it well. >> reporter: travelers think the man should have obeyed authorities when told to get off the plane, but sympathetic to him, not united. >> they had no right to do that. >> reporter: people angry with united. they are still flying it today out of san francisco's airport despite calls for boycott. >> the whole thing is disgusting, and i'm going to talk to united when i check in today to let them know this is
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the first time in my career, flying for 30 years, that i'm embarrassed to fly united. >> reporter: some want to boycott, but when united is the only airline flying to certain test in additions, boycotting is out of the question. >> booked since february, no other choice, and, plus, quite a few planes do not go there, so we always fly united into lake charles. that's the reason why we take this flight. >> reporter: very upset, said he was dragged down the aisle like a piece of trash. he wants to boycott in the future. others are watching how it plays outs and said it could impact future travel decisions. live at sfo, amy hollyfield. >> thank you. we continue to track every development on the story on our abc 7 news app. download for free and enable push alerts for instant updates on your phone. a 19-year-old man faced a
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harsh cold reality after falling asleep behind the wheel. the car dove in the backyard of a home in a pool. we are live at the scene, and, tiffany, homeowners in for a surprise when they come home. >> reporter: yes, they certainly are. especially because they are out on vacation so they had to get a call about this mess. they were shocked, but the cleanup effort is already underway. you can see the tow trucks here just arrived on scene. today, the silver sedan looks like a submarine. if you can imagine a submarine in your backyard pool. >> i'm just amazed. >> reporter: quarter to three this moxrning, the car blasted through the backyard fences and plowed into the deep end of the pool. >> the person went through two fences before landing in a pool. it's kind of shocking. >> reporter: the 19-year-old driver escaped unharmed and told
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responders he fell asleep at the wheel. >> i was falling asleep. >> reporter: santa clara police said he passed all field sobriety tests. th removing the car is not simple. >> local tow companies did not have the equipment to get out the vehicle so neither do the fire departments. they recommended an industrial crane to lift the vehicle out of the pool. >> reporter: the homeowners are away on vacation, and they are now responsible for cleanup. >> yeah, i hope they are in a really lovely place where they can get massages today, and maybe that should be deducted from their insurance. >> reporter: as you just heard, the the police thought that local tow companies would not be able to get the car out because it is in the deep end of the pool, however, two tow trucks showed up here at the house. they just began the process of
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stringing cables and chains. we are substantial doubting by to see if they'll get the car out of the pool. abc 7 news, tiffany wilson. now your accuweather forecast. >> we are on storm watch. good morning, everyone. the unsettled pattern hangs through thursday. going on right now with live doppler 7, you see the pockets of light rain. that's why there's green out there. so far santa rosa at that's how random showers have been. they stretch from the bridge all the way up past the east in sacramento and stockton with more offshore as you see there. as i put it in motion, the storm impact scale is light for this, pockets of light rain, and about a fifth -- .05 inches.inches.inn breezy, no wind damage. it's light. now, i do have five of the next seven days with rain in them.
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more on that and a look at this storm coming up. all right, thank you, an alarming weekends in three bay area universities. police are investigating eight sexual assaults. at san jose state, a man groped five women saturday, 32-year-old was arrested after being spotted on video and identified by victims. another alleged sexual assault took place at an offcampus uc berkley frat party saturday night. no arrests made. friday night, stanford, two women reported being sexually assaulted within minutes of each other. police are looking for the suspect in that case. a man who worked as a school janitor is facing charges relating to sexual crimes involving children. the 60-year-old gonzalez held on 46 million bail. the school district terminated him the next day. he worked as a substitute night janitor and supervisor. the four victims claim the abuse
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happened between 4 and 17 years old. he faces 47 charges and a number of alleged assaults. an employee accused of peeping at the hospital. they arrested a 25-year-old of san jose last night. he's worked as a protective services officer at the hospital for more than a year. the hospital has not commented. ali is held on $5,000 bail. new this morning, one person is dead and two others wounded after a shooting at an autd motive production plant in tennessee. the shooting happened in cookville about 80 miles east of nashville. the plant manufacturers parts for other makers around the u.s. there's no threat to the public and the three victims include the gunman. an update on yesterday's deadly murder-suicide shooting at a san bernardino elementary school. police tell abc news their investigators did not find reason for the school to suspect problems between teacher karen
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smith and her husband anderson. anderson shot smith and two other students before turning the gun on himself inside a special education classroom. one of the students, an 8-year-old boy was killed. last night, investigators searched the home. neighbors saw no signs of problems. >> never unfriendly, but i don't know. >> just that they were neighbors. people that we someday should get to know. >> smith's daughter tells abc news her mother never took threats of violence seertsly and no signs of danger in the marriage with anderson. secretary of state tillerson is in russia meeting officials about the civil war in syria. he arrived in moscow this morning after calling out russia for not keeping its promise to help eliminate syria's chemical weapons. it's the first official trip to russia by a member of president trump's cabinet. the russians say tillerson will not meet with putin, but they say they expect constructive cooperation during the meeting
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rather than confrontation. even before tillerson's arrival, tense moments at the airport. thick black smoke above the tarmac. it was coming from a nearby garbage fire. the california drought may be over, but a county is raising water rates where prices are going up and why. >> plus, putting off retirement for longer than ever, why so many people are choosing to stay in the work force well into their golden years.
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new this morning, florida highway patrol has a crash involving a school bus. seven students and three adults hurt. one child taken by helicopter as a trauma alert, and the rest of the victims had nonlife threatening injuries. the kids on the bus were from a special needs school. the bus they rode on slammed into a pole after colliding with car. happening now, a warning for drivers, be prepared for slowdowns on highway 4. a construction project is now underway at the interchange in brentwood. county's building a new overpass there. ground breaking ceremony was an hour ago at 10:00 a.m. construction is expected to last until late 2019, but road crews insist it's worth the wait promising safety and cutting congestion. now to the morning money report. an old go pro camera? that could earn you cold hard cash. there's a trade-in program.
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looking for older model go-pros. and you can trade it in for a credit to where a hero 5 session or hero 5 black. the credit offered is up to $100 depending on the model you trade in. the move is in effort to boost sales by showing users that newer cameras capture better video but make it easier for users to create and edit their own. more americans plan to stay in the work force more than ever before. the poll shows one-third of workers 45-65 will work part-time in their golden years. they cite factors for putting off retirement including decades of student loan debt, bouts of unemployment, and the housing market crash, all making it difficult for people to save for retirement. all right. get ready to pay more for the water. where in the bay area rates go up and why you're shelling out more. a live look now at the explore tor yum camera at pier
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15, a beautiful shot. we have today's accuweather forecast.
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parents, you did a good job conserving water in the drought, you have to pay more for it. happening today, supervisors will adopt a resolution establishing rate for the charges for the next fiscal year beginning july 1st. the increase would be 5% trancelating to 90 cents more on
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your built. the water agency is raising rates because the drop in water use during the drought resulted in a drop in revenue. rainy season is back with a storm watch in the bay area. here's a live look from our east bay hills camera showing the clouds gathering. checking in with mike again for a look at live doppler 7 where you live. mike? >> the time lapse, looking to live doppler 7, the cloud texture this morning. really cool. rub your hands across that and just feel the turbulence in the air that created those clouds we're seeing from the explore camera. that was hours ago. as promised, a look at live doppler 7 with the cloud layer. look at this. the swirling air right there. that's the area of low pressure headed north. that's why there's more yellows on the radar returns, meaning moderate up north and why there's lighter rain, green, for us. it's been scattered in nature and continues to be that way. there's a look at the clouds in
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the explore tower right now. cool texture on them, don't they? they let go of rain at times today, not all of us get wet. there's a southerly wind keeping us mild. rain tomorrow evening, showers thursday, and looking dry sunday. this afternoon, look at that. 61 in san to rosa. the cool spot, 64-69 for the rest of us. the greatest concentration of green in the north bay. if you're out and about the next several hours, this is what's going to happen. pockets of rain at 2:00. in the 50s at the coast, mid-60s inland, same at 4:00, and little cooler, low 60s at 6:00, and all of us in the mid to upper 50s at 8:00 with drizzle in, higher elevations along the coast. going to the game tonight? take the umbrella, if you can. still let you do that. or something else, you know, ponchos to keep you dry from the possibility of light rain. it will not stop the game or even suspend it. it'll be cool, 60-57. we're back to normal times for
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first pitch. few lingering showers around tonight. hour by hour look at the prom. here we are at noon, mainly in the north bay, 4:00, as we start the evening commute, some of that starts to move in, and you can see scattered showers through about 7:00. we'll have isolated showers overnight, and through tomorrow morning, maybe a little wetness on the road. tomorrow, you can see from 9:00 on, some isolated shower, and at 6:00 tomorrow night, in the north bay to 11:00 in the south bay, there's gustier breezes, but tomorrow's storm, not expecting damage. it's a 1. thursday's showers a 1, and friday, saturday, most of sunday are going to be dry. saturday could be the brightest and warmest day right now. >> oh, boy. no more delays of little league games. fix it. >> i know. really gets to be a backlog. it really does. >> all right, thanks. wedding bells will be ringing in london. >> indeed, buckingham palace
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announced they are attending pippa middletopn's wedding may y 20th, prince george and charlotte are part of the ceremony. >> who doesn't love ice cream, right? >> nobody. >> nobody out there. well, there's a shop serving up scoops, but not just to humans. up next, the furry customer who stops by for a cone of her own day after day.
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at least two dog owners in san francisco say their pets became ill after playing in a popular part. the dogs visited the park in -- heights, and there were plenty of dogs in the park when we were there. owners believe something is making their pets sick, but the park and recreation department has no record of anything being put on the ground. >> just has not been feeling too great the last couple days, and what worries me, like he's doing now, is eating the -- the ground. >> at this time, no record of fertilizer or any types of chemical applications. >> the recreation and park department is ingevestigating a encouraging public input. at 4:00 with all the wet weather this winter, yosemite is prettier than ever, the
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waterfalls are going crazy, and this weekend is a great time to visit. the rare special deal for visitors just in time for spring break. filing taxes online? michael looks at which products get the job done right tonight on abc 7 news at 5:00. finally this morning, a north carolina squirrel is really living the dream. >> yeah. she loves ice cream and knows exactly where to get it. >> there she comes. >> what are you doing? >> might be headed home. okay, papa, you ready? >> oh. >> yeah, putter the squirrel is a regular customer at fantasy al ice cream in holden beach and has her own cones, thvanilla is her favorite. she showed up last summer and has not left their side since. she's a character, lives in the tree above the shop and stops by nearly every day for a scoop. it's free. sometimes even twice. >> yes. i got plenty of squirrels in my backyard that would love ice cream. they steal all the fruit from the trees. >> really?
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vanilla? i expected a nutty flavor. >> right? >> from us here -- >> i liked that. >> thanks for joining us. mike, check out -- more snow, right? >> more snow coming, just an inch to break the record. that'll do it today, tomorrow, or thursday. take your pick. >> all right, have a great day, everyone.
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>> welcome to whiz kids week. we've got a bunch of young people with big brains and big dreams here today, all of them trying to win a million dollars. can they do it? only one way to find out. let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] ♪ welcome to the show, everybody. it's whiz kids week here on "millionaire." [cheers and applause] today's whiz kid is an expert in presidential history, but most importantly, he's a fan of "the bachelor." i like him already. here for some dating advice, from tucson, arizona, please welcome 13-year-old preston helfand. [cheers and applause] how are you, sir? >> nice to meet you. >> good to meet you, preston. ♪ how are you, my man? >> i'm great, and what about you? >> i'm doing great. thanks for asking.


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