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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  April 11, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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for the in n out burger is just across the street there and a local developer already ownsa property, it's already zoned for a restaurant. what they're trying to do is get a conditional use permit for a drive through. but there's already a lot of cars here it's not in n out that dan angus and his neighbors object to, it's all of the traffic that goes in and out of the popular burger restaurant, and having all that just a few yards from their quiet residential neighborhood. >> right now they're planning on putting a combined in n out plus a starbucks. >> reporter: that in addition to the fact that there are already five other fast food restaurants within a quarter-mile radius of the proposed in n out location. sandra myers, walnut creek's community and economic
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development director. myers says the public will have several opportunities to voice their concerns. >> in this case, this will probably go through at least four public hearings. >> those hearings will be scheduled after traffic, noise and other impact studies are completed. >> reporter: what would look good to you over there. >> we actually thought of a hardware store or a retail outlet that serves the community. >> reporter: in walnut creek, laura anthony, abc7 news. we are on storm watch, because of pockets of sprinkles which are turning into light rain, this is a live look in san rafael, the traffic on 101. the storm started in the north bay and it's gradually spreading to the south bay. let's take a look at san jose, that's 10 is you're seeing there. spencer christian tells us what to expect from today's storms. >> we're seeing light sprinkles
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from this system, no steady or heavy downpours yet. you can see areas of green represents pockets of light showers and sprinkles moving through the central part of the day moving across the bay to oakland and other parts of the east bay. this storm ranks one on the storm impact scale, it will be breezy at times and here's our forecast animation, starting at 7:00, at which point we'll see rain becoming a bit more widespread, there may be a couple of isolated downpours there, but they won't last long, the system will move through rather quickly, giving way to scattered showers overnight and into tomorrow morning. there is a second storm coming our way, it's out at sea right now, it's a bit stronger than this one and i'm give you a closer look at that and what we can expect from it in just a few minutes. now to today's other big story, continued fallout from united airlines. >> we're hearing from the name of dr. david daodo
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>> the family of dr. dao wants the world to know that they're very appreciative of the outpouring of prayers and sup part they have received. right now they are just focusing on dr. dao's medical care and treatment. >> dao was hurt after being dragged off a united flight in chicago, he refused to give up his seat to make room for crewmembers, this after the airline get passengers to leave. >> san francisco supervisor jeff shehey wants the city to ban pulling passengers off overbooked planes. >> i don't think pulling passengers off of planes are appropriate and i don't think
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our police department should be cooperating with this. >> and dr. dao practices in kentucky with a specialty in pull mpulmonary disease, he got his license back in 2015. hiss background does not appear to have played a role in this incident. >> the question now, what is united's response and how might this affect their bottom line. >> united ceo oscar munos will be on "good morning america" tomorrow at 7:00 for an exclusive interview. in the meantime, he made a new attempt at damage control today, let's take a look at this, he tweeted a second apology, that takes more important. oscar munos says, i'm sorry, we will fix this. now in the meantime, the boycott united hash tag . a passenger wearing boxing head
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gear saying always be prepared flying united. now united continental shares rebounded ending down $1.13. >> most people are going to focus on something as very quickly, the damage is going to be to the image of the country, but it is not going to have any significant effect, at least i don't think so. >> united would do well to show extra responsiveness to passengers in the weeks ahead. but will it be enough? comedian joe wong is one of many choices on chinese social media citing discrimination about the treatment of this passenger. new at 6:00, police hope you can help identify this
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motorcyclist who hit a 9-year-old boy in a santa cruz crosswalk, it happened on mission street and van necessary avenue. the motorcycle stopped, slammed into the boy and then kept going, the boy has significant injuries but is expected to recover. these are two of the four people who were arrested after a man was robbed at gunpoint. the victim was able to direct police to a home in sausalito where officers arrested 21-year-old andre andres, and then three suspicious people were looking into empty cars, that's when officers arrested 20-year-old jackson bowman and two 14-year-old suspects, all are from fresno. police say karen smith had told her family about, quote, odd behavior and threats. but never took them seriously. yesterday, cedric anderson entered her classroom and shot
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her to death. two children were also hit. anderson and smith had been together for four years. police say there were allegations of infidelity, investigators did not find a suicide note from anderson, but did find a note they believe anderson had written. >> it talked about some things that needed closure, feeling disrespected, just that type of stuff, but nothing that would be specifically identified as a suicide note. >> 8-year-old jonathan martinez was killed in the attack. a gofundme page has raised more than $70,000 for his family. the second child is recovering, police say he's in good spirits. new at 6:00, a san francisco sheriff's deputy and a convicted felon she's accused of having a relationship with were both indicted on felony charges. april myers is accused of giving her boyfriend a gun. the two were arrested on federal
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insurance fraud charges in february. today federal prosecutors charged myers with wire fraud and giving a firearm to a convicted felon. fowler was also charged as a co-con conspirator, investigators say they found myers missing gun in fowler's car. investigators originally thought roger anthony perez died after being shot by officers. he ran from police after being stopped in a traffic stop and then fired at them from the top of a box truck, no one else was hurt in the shooting. the city is keeping an eye out for illegal dirt bikes that are operated on city streets and highways. how law enforcement is fighting this growing problem.
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kate? >> reporter: sometimes it's actually more safe for the public if officers do not engage in a pursuit, especially when it comes to these dirt bikes and atvs, but the chp says their airplanes that fly high above traffic have been effective way to track down criminals in a stealthy matter. chp officers arrested a 28-year-old san francisco man allegedly using this stolen dirt bike to illegally ride through san francisco streets on sunday. >> our understanding is there are multiple different groups that are doing this in this area, it's almost become, if you will, a culture. >> reporter: for more than a year dirt bike and atv riders have been terrorizing bay area roadways, this video shows riders popping wheelies on the bridge.
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>> it's very hard to stop these highly mobile riders who have no regard for the law and they can get away by riding on the sidewalks and riding into groups of people so absolutely it's frustrating. >> reporter: but the chp has a powerful tool to combat the problem. several arrests were made possible due to these planes which can safely follow groups of dirt bikers. >> the aircraft obtained some really clear video of all the individuals, and noticed one rider who was extra reckless, spee speeding, doing a lot of dangerous stuchbts. >> reporter: in san francisco, kate larsen, abc7 news. some students say they'll have to change schools because they simply won't be able to get to campus. >> next we're live with the battle between ac transit and
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oakland unified that has students caught in the middle. the latest advance in the game of baseball looks like an ordinary pair of headphones, i'm jonathan bloom with the giants not so secret weapon. a mystery to e
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ac transit and oakland schools have been trying to resolve an ongoing issue
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regarding transporting students to and from school in oakland hills. >> while ac transit has promised to provide bus service through the close of the school year, no one knows what's going to happen next year. >> reporter: tomorrow night there will be a meeting at ac transit headquarters not to decide if service should continue or who's going to pay for it, no, tomorrow the board will vote to decide if it should have a special meeting to allow for community input. for students like alicia carlo getting on an ac transit bus is a necessity. a total of 56 busses are provided exclusively to skyline and two other schools, monster are middle school and community day high school, thanks to an agreement between the school district and ac transit, that was until oakland unified said
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it could no longer pay because of a budget cut from the state. >> that money is no longer in. >> reporter: ac transit was surprised to learn the district was bailing out after oakland unified lost $2.25 million to subsidize student bus fares, still the transit agency promised to continue service until the end of the academic year while trying to determine if it's even financially possible to absorb the cost of transporting these students. >> that would be for our planners to decide, there's certainly been discussions about what agreements to be reached. >> reporter: ac transit has operated along traditional routes. >> doing some very careful calculations with bus schedules and bell schedules and things like that, they have already been able to save quite a bit of money, the question is how do we close the rest of that gap. >> joseph says he might have to
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transfer to another school. >> reporter: both sides promised to provide families with updates as needed. public high school graduation rates in california have reached an all-time high. 83% of freshman who went into high school graduated in 2010, that's up 1 percentage point from the year before. the state superintendent of schools credits a number of factors including real world curriculum. >> a lot of students don't relate to out of the textbook kind of learning, they want to be learning in groups and teams, team work, creative thinking, problem solving and career pathways. >> the sharpest increase in graduation rates are among african-american, latino non-english speak students.
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a biotech merger lea lea business watch, superior controls has merged with banks integration group. banks has about three dozen employees and none will lose their jobs. the companies create automated control systems for their clients, both biotech and pharmaceutical companies. uc berkeley has struck a new deal with peet's. the 10-year $8 million contract will provide paid internships, jobs, scholarships, grants and even funding for student gardening. the deal does not make peet's the only coffee company on campus. it's now headquartered in emeryville. and a reminder, taxes are due one week from today.
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we have sprinkles and light showers around the bay area, showing up on live doppler 7 right now, as you can see with these little patches of green scattered across the screen there, but we don't have any heavy activity at the moment, but this is the picture right through the central part of the area, through marin county across the east bay, current temperatures range from mid 50s at the coast to lower 60s near the bay and inland. let's take a live look from our east bay hills camera, these are our forecast features, showers continuing through the morning hours, another storm arrives tomorrow night and it will be a little bit more energetic than the current storm, and we'll see sunny and mild conditions on friday and saturday, tonight's storm ranks 1 on the storm impact scale, which means light intensity, we should register up to .15 inch, and there will be some wet pockets of rain moving
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through the night. look for low temperatures in the early morning hours, generally in the low to mid 50s, and will be some wet pavement. now moving into the afternoon hours tomorrow, much of the bay area will be dry, although cloudy in the mid afternoon, highs will range from the low 60s to in the north bay, it will still be a little wet, with the approaching storm that will be coming in late this afternoon. this storm also ranks 1 on the storm impact scale, and tomorrow evening and thursday morning it will produce brief swrodownpourd wind will gust from 20 to 30 miles an hour. here's your forecast animation, starting at 2:00 tomorrow afternoon. overall conditions will be pretty quiet at that hour, but late afternoon early evening we'll see steadier, heavier rain moving in, we'll see a line of heavier downpours sweeping through the north bay, and by about 9:00 tomorrow night, that
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line of downpours will cut right through the central part of the bay area, and it will move on down to the bay area and swing out of the bay area by 11:00 tomorrow night, but it will be followed by scattered showers overnight and into thursday morning, finally by thursday afternoon, we'll becle clearingt and drying out. rainfall totals from .33 inch to .66 inch. here's the accu-weather seven day forecast, both tomorrow's and thursday morning's systems rank 1 on the storm impact scale, storms of light intensity. friday we'll have sunny and milder conditions, much milder on saturday, with highs in the low 70s, easter we start the day with cloudy skies and dry conditions, but by afternoon and evening, we'll see some light rain, a system ranking 1 on the impact scale. and another system in the north bay on monday and more rain on tuesday, each of those will rank
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to take advantage of this offer on a volvo s90, visit your local dealer. today attorney general jeff sessions toured the u.s.-mexico border and unveiled what he described as a new get tough approach to -- intensify their
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focus on immigration crime saying more illegal immigrants should be prosecuted as criminals. critics blasted the initiatives as fear mongering and anti-immigrant rhetoric, not rooted in fact. a rift is growing tonight between the u.s. and russia over ending the violence in syria. secretary of state rex tillerson arrived in moscow to meet with russian officials for talks on syria. he issued an ultimatum. >> russia has really aligned itself with the assad regime, the iranians and hezbollah. we want to create a future for syria that is stable and secure. and so russia can be a part of that future. >> russian president vladimir putin is standing firm and not condemning the syrian government. he claims last week's deadly chemical attack came from a militant arsenal that was hit by a syrian air strike.
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political observers are watching very closely to an election in -- a nail biter too, early returns show democrat james thompson with a slight lead over the republican. the election is the first congressional race since donald trump's inauguration, it's viewed as a political bell weather of sorts of the midterm races in 2018, particularly for the republican party. there's a universal issue that a uc berkeley professor has finally figured out. >> why do shoelaces come untied all the time. well, we have the research and the results next. still hear and he's doing well and he's recovering and it's a blessing. it's a blessing. >> it's a blessing he's alive and it's an honor for her recognized today as the dispatcher who helped save the life of an officer who was shot in the head. a new way to save you from
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spending time on one of life's mundane chores. nbc 7 on your side, a mobile gas station. you can track today's storm with the abc7 news app. you can enable push alerts to get weather advisor
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they yelled officer down, shots fired. >> when that call went out, she was the one who answered. she's a 911 dispatcher for san francisco and newly named ditch patcher of the year for her actions the night an officer was shot. >> really good work. he could have died, but thankfully didn't. abc7 news reporter david vickly walks you through exactly what happened that night. >> there was death someone with a greater power watching me that night. >> reporter: that night, there was for officer kevin downs. >> it went all bad, but it started as just a normal routine
6:30 pm
call. >> reporter: october 14, downs was shot as he responded to a 911 call at a shopping mall. his assailant, a mentally disturbed man was shot him in the head missing an artery of his brain by one cent meter. >> shots fired, officer down, the ambulance is responding, code 3. >> she was a 20-year veteran, but she had never heard the words officer shot, she was scared. >> you don't know how you're going to handle it when it happens, but you have to stay calm and continue to do your job. >> coordinating the responding officers and their search for the suspect who was cornered and fatally shot. >> i'm doing well, the possibilities's back. >> downs says he's almost completely recovered. as for ashton, she still remembers the rush of emotions
6:31 pm
when it was all over tat night. >> my hands were just shaking, trembling, and i just started crying, and that had never happened to me before. >> san francisco's dispatcher of the year, janet ashton. >> we really, really thank you for all your work. >> reporter: today the board of supervisors honored janet ashton, she was named dispatcher of the year. the city of san jose is investing in new technology to manipulate traffic signals so first responders can get to emergencies fasters. firefighters are required to arrive to an emergency within eight minutes 90% of the time. this afternoon the city council voted to go forward with upgrading the system so all traffic signals will go from red to green for first
6:32 pm
responderings. >> the route is preidentified for the truck to follow and signals that are under way will be automatically pre-empted to the fire truck can maneuver around the intersection. >> it won't solve the problem entirely, as the city grows in population, they will need to build more fire stations. take a look at where one manned hended up after taking a really wrong turn. his car landed in a pool in the south bay. glad to say he got out without a scratch. in santa clara, neighbors knew something was wrong when they heard a splash and cries for help just before 3:00 this morning. the driver didn't want to talk to us on camera, but his mother gave an explanation. >> he was taking his friend home and it was too late, he fell asleep, he was too tired. >> he said he had gotten out the backdoor, the backdoor had
6:33 pm
opened and he was able to get out of the backdoor. >> reporter: police say this young driver was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol. the house was not damaged and the family who lives there was not at home at the time. at least a fortunate ending. a just announced scientific discovery at uc berkeley is going viral. >> it isn't going to change your life perhaps, but before dismissing it completely, tread lightly. >> you've done this, you've tied a shoe and for reasons unknown, your shoelace has come untied. finally enough was enough. >> it's scientific curiosity. >> reporter: it's a mystery to everyone who wears shoes, why must their laces become untied? >> finally after intense investigation by dr. o'reilly and graduate students, if the question sounds simple, consider
6:34 pm
the factors. >> your walking strides, the shoelace material. >> how it's tied. >> we have friction. >> what's the material of the lace, what are your shoes made out of? >> reporter: the group spent two years testing different varieties in the typical bow knot in both it's weak and strong configurations. >> some of the best work even goes unrecognized. >> reporter: christine walked and ran countless miles on berkeley streets and even more on a treadmill where with a slow motion camera, no this is not a matter of human error, it is physics, with possible future applications that might even help us understand dna. >> is is there a formula for this? >> no. >> reporter: you might wonder how much all of this research costs the taxpayers of
6:35 pm
california. investigators are already employees of the state of california, all the equipment they used, they borrowed. so the cost? >> on a shoe string. >> this research might influence how you walk on it. at uc berkeley, abc7 news. coaches tell athletes to use their heads, now they're saying use your headphones. >> these headphones have spikes and they work for the giants, you're going to see how and why next. and looking at the view from mt. tams tonight, we're getting more of that winter weather in our spring, christian is tracking the next five more days of rain in our storm forecasts.
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well, it's not unusual obviously to work out wearing headphones, but the san francisco giants are trying out a pair that's about way more than listening to music. >> jonathan bloom explains how these head known phones talk di
6:39 pm
to the brain. >> reporter: whether taking swings or throwing pitches, your brain is always communicating with your body. >> that's part of the gains you get with athleticraining. >> reporter: and the folks at halo neuroscience say they can do that with headphones. >> the brain's neurocortex is right along where the band of the headphones is, legs, arms, lower arms, hands and fingers. >> reporter: halo sports sens electrical impulses into the brain through those spiky brands. >> what are you feeling right now? >> a little tingle. >> after a two-week study, we're able to see some good results that we can buy into. >> reporter: don't expect junts players to wearing these out on the field or in the dugout, it's not only against the rules, but it's not what the headphones are for. the headphones are meant to be
6:40 pm
worn in the beginning of a workout. >> the sweet spot is in the 40 to 60 minutes after that you want to pair that with high quality training. >> reporter: halo claims it puts the brain in a state of hyper plast plasticity. the team's sports scientists tested the system with minor league players. so this season some giants players are trying them hoping for that little extra advantage. >> even if it's a 1% gain, it's something to take notice of, because we're really looking for that small edge that we can get. well, you're looking at the place that ranks first in the list of most moved to cities by mill lennia millennials. san francisco. almost half of millennials moved to a city without planning to
6:41 pm
stay permanently. they moved to work at a new job, to experience a new lifestyle or to find a new job, researchers call these adventuremo moradven. at least all millennials say they do plan to settle down eventually, either in their current city or a new one. michael finney e intercourse that's painful due to menopausal changes. it.
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to take advantage of this offer on a volvo s90, visit your local dealer. give your furry friends a hug, it's national pet day. we want to thank our abc viewers for giving us pictures of their furry friends. join the celebration, just add the #abc7now. peta recognizes berkeley's mayor. google continues to defend itself against a charge by the department of labor that it systematically discriminates against women when it comes to pay. in a blog post, eileen naughtton declared, quote, in late 2016 we
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performed our most recent analysis across 52 different major job categories and found no significant pay gap. she went on to say that the company suggests a starting pay for employeeings and compares that to what other companies' starting pay. always looking norways to make your life easier. >> michael finney says the competition for your gas money is getting a little more fierce. >> do you guys like filling up your car? >> oh, it's a chore. >> well, there's a new type of gas war going on, between new providers working to disrupt the way you fuel your car. >> like most, kevin's day is pretty hectic. while kevin is inside working, booster fuels is outside fueling
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his car. all you do is put in your request for gas through a mobile app. >> after the first couple of times, i was like, wow, this is awesome s why not do it again. >> for people like jenny lamb, it's more than convenient, for her it's also an issue of safety. >> it's late at night, it's dark, do i want to pull into this empty gas station by myself and i don't have to think about that anymore. >> reporter: by now it's only in the bay area and dallas ft. worth years. another mobile gas company is wefuel, unlike booster fuels, wefuel goes to your home. right now the service is only provided in mountain view, palo al low, los altos and menlo
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park. park. today booster fuels is selling for $2.94. >> i could probably get some gas in the east bay maybe just a little bit cheaper. >> reporter: none of the customers we talked to thought the generic booster fuel's gas hurt their car's performance. but they also say they could be more precise with their appointments. >> it's nice to get an eta of when the truck will arrive. >> reporter:a service will cost you an extra fee, of $1.99. >> 80% of our customers are taken care of with our all-day window, they get in at 8:00, they leave at 5:00. >> now i want to hear from you, the 7 on your side hot line i i available monday through friday 10:00 until 2:00,
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time to get a check on our weather again. >> five of the next seven days we'll have some rainfall. some is falling right now, here's live doppler 7, we have scattered showers across the bay area, on the's storm ranks 1 on the storm impact scale. it will continue to produce light showers into the morning. it will be breezy at time, and we have a second storm coming, that one also ranks 1 on the storm impact scale, it will start to swing in late tomorrow into thursday morning. it will produce some heavier er downpours. on easter sunday, we'll have changing conditions in the early morning hours, partly to mostly cloudy, dry, isolated sprinkles will develop by noon, it will be relatively mild where highs reaching into the 60s. by 4:00 p.m., the rain will be a little bit steady, although still pretty light and into the evening hours it gets even
6:49 pm
rainier. next two days, we have storms ranking 1 on the storm impact scale, little periods of wet weather sunday monday and tuesday of next week. some important giants news tonight. >> that's right. >> precautionary. >> well, it's a mix, but the giants make the call on buster posy a day after he got drilled in the head, so how long is the
6:50 pm
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kbeeng, the giants taking no chances with their all-star catcher buster posey, he was placed on the seven day disabled list after taking a 90-mile-per-hour fastball to the side of the head. he said he felt fine when he left the stadium last night. he continued to insist he was oak, but did admit he did have some concussion like symptoms. posey waits and hopes he doesn't experience any severe headaches. >> there's been some lingering stuff, i'm not going to get into details, but overall i feel good. and i think we thought it was just the smart move with, especially, you know, being a
6:53 pm
catcher and take a week and be ready to go. >> you just have to be really careful with these things and i'm not saying he'll be ready in seven days, we don't know, the fact that he is a attacher, he takes another shot behind the plate, you're really at risk of losing your guy for a long time, so we're going to try to get this thing cleared up and we'll get him back on the field as soon as we can. >> a's president dave cavill hits a major decision hereafter -- those seat also sell for a very reasonable 15 buck apiece. you'll recall lou wolf installed the roof in 2006 because of the small crowds. tomorrow night at home against the lakers and then on to the playoffs with the first round series with the blazers. warriors, i would say this is loose, i have never seen this in a basketball camp.
6:54 pm
but steph curry punts the ball across the gym and then hits a three-pointer. >> we want to keep giving ourselves a chance and we know that things happen. you condition control it. you just do your best and see what happens. so that's all we're going to do, we got another swing at the plate, we're in a great position, hopefully we stay healthy and make a good run, but who the hell knows? >> who knows? while the warriors have one more game before the postseason, the san jose sharks already have wheels up for edmonton. but two key sharks may not make it off the bench because of recent injuries, joe thornton missed the last two games of the regular season with this injury to his left knee. he got hit in the face with a puck. former head coach todd
6:55 pm
mcclellan, thinks they will both play tomorrow but kind of playing it close to the vest. >> it's a group that's played together for a long time. but we could give other guys an opportunity. >> playoff hockey, you just kind of do what you can to help the team win and move on. so that's the goal. >> both those guys like i have said all along are day to day. they both looked good today at game-time decision. >> the dallas mavericks just announced that quarterback tony romo is going to suit up for them and sit on the bench for the final game of the regular season. i guess you can't -- he's a quarterback, you can't hit him in basketball either. romo was a good basketball player, he's a huge star in dallas, but even romo admitted it was a little weird. so he played like dress up as a
6:56 pm
mav for a day. it's very odd. but when he was actually doing drills and warmups and the crowd, every time he would make a shot, they would go crazy. >> thanks, larry. >> join us tonight at 9:00 on kofi tv channel 22. the new aviation set for a plane that runs only on batteries. and new fallout for united airlines after a passenger was dragged off a plane. on abc7 news at 11:00, a push to make sure this never happens in the bay area. >> that will do it for this edition of abc7 news.
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you're going to be hanging out in here. so if you need anything, text me. do you play? ♪ ♪ use the chase mobile app to send money in just a tap, to friends at more banks then ever before. you got next? chase. helping you master what's now and what's next.
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this is "jeopardy!" please welcome today's contestants -- a writer and communication instructor from allston, massachusetts... an artist and business consultant from south pasadena, california... and our returning champion, a direct service provider from new york, new york... ...whose 1-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] thank you, johnny. enterprising, intelligent, and with a great ability to move the game around --
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i think those three would describe greg beautifully. steve and atissa, you've got your work cut out for you today to replace him. but good luck to all of you. here we go. the jeopardy! round is where we start with these categories today... ...great place. now in the wait"er" category, notice the e-r in quotation marks, you know what that means. greg, go. world capitals for $400, please. steve. what is riyadh? that's it. world capitals, $200. steve again. what is seoul? correct.


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