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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  April 12, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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b.a.r.t. just tweeted this. trains are moving. we know it's crowded. please stay safe and away from incoming trains on the platform. service restored through tube. so, we'll keep you posted on the story and provide you updates on air and online. so, the good news is trains are moving now. thanks for joining us. i'm kristen sze. >> and i'm dan ashley. let's go to the other breaking news we're following. new animation shows a fatal police shooting of a knife wielding man two years ago. >> after a lot of pressure, the d.a. says there is not enough evidence to charge the two officers. >> abc 7 news reporter vic lee is live with the story from the hall of justice in the city. vic? >> reporter: well, perez lopez was a carpenter construction worker from guatemala. in the two days -- two years, excuse me, since his death, his parents have filed federal complaints alleging excessive force. today the announcement by the d.a. that the investigation is
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finally over, this after 771 days to complete. the 3-d animation, a time and distance analysis, starts from the time the two officers get out of their unmarked car at folsom and 25th street to the aftermath of the shooting. perez lopez was shot february 25th, 2015. he was allegedly involved in an altercation with another man named in the report only as abraham p. >> regarding the source of the argument, but all indicate it started with an argument and resulted in perez lopez facing p. with a knife. >> reporter: plain clothes offer certificates eric and craig were first on the scene. officer raboli says perez came toward him. fearing for that of his life and partner and abraham, he discharged his firearm. officer tiffy says he thought perez lopez was going after him so he fired.
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both officers say they yelled at him to drop his knife. nine videos were recovered from muni buses at a coffee shop near the crime scene, but none show the actual shooting. the knife with an 8-inch blade was also found at the scene. some say perez lopez dropped his knife just before he was shot. >> the physical evidence is consistent with the knife still in perez lopez's hand when he was shot. >> reporter: a total of six shots were fired, five hit perez lopez in the back, one in the side. a use of force expert hired by the d.a.'s office says he could have been facing the officers when he was hit, but the reaction time they have impacted the position of his body. >> based on reaction time, perez lopez would have been able to turn 90 to 180 degrees by the time the first bullet hit him. >> reporter: he says the vast majority of the physical evidence and eyewitness accounts do not contradict the officers' statements. >> the officers are justified in
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using deadly force to protect others. in this case, abraham p. who was close by. >> reporter: well, the family, the attorney for the family of perez lopez just released a statement and it reads in part, the long awaited decision comes as no surprise. it continues, it's a shame that the district attorney would not carry out his duty to impartially apply the law. now, gascon said he will send this report, this investigative report to the attorney general to the state attorney general for review. vic lee, abc 7 news. >> okay, vic, thanks very much. now, there is a lot more to tell about lopez perez. we have the full statement from lopez's family and the back story posted on our website, abc 7 >> tonight the san francisco police commission may settle a lawsuit over a police officer who was caught on camera appearing to shake a man out of his wheelchair. the video from january of 2015
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shows him trying to help friends being questioned by police. officers told him to leave and at 1.1 of the officers appeared to try to tip him out of his wheelchair, then push him off the curb. according to the news blog, a settlement was reached last week. he reports the commission must sign off on the undisclosed amount tonight, then the board of supervisors must approve it. berkeley police are renewing their call for help finding the people involved in fights during a pro-trump rally. police released these photos of the suspects. take a look. officers say people came to the rally armed with sticks, bats and other weapons. at least ten people have been arrested for causing trouble during this demonstration on march 4th at civic center park. the confrontation could play out again this saturday in berkeley. right and left wing groups have scheduled rallies at 10:00 at martin luther king, jr. park. the rallies prompted the cancellation of this week's
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berkeley's farmers market. >> rescue crews in the east bay successfully pulled a worker from the bottom of a trench this morning. abc 7 was in san ramon as two fire departments and the police department responded. they had to sure up the 6 foot trench before they could reach the man who injured his back. the rescue shut down the intersection of omega and purdue road for about two hours. a water main break flooded streets and left people without water this afternoon. sky 7 was over the scene in oakland at 39th avenue and master son street. east bay mud tells us that a 1 foot cast iron pipe broke about 1:30 this afternoon leaving 100 customers without water service for a time. the utility does not know just yet what caused the rupture. >> an off duty san jose police officer is out of the hospital after a crash overnight in pleasanton. he was driving his personal suv when he slammed into the back of a big rig on highway 84 near ruby hill drive. the truck was stopped for construction. the suv burst into flames with
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the officer trapped inside. he suffered only minor injuries. an out of control pickup truck caused a string of damage in the north bay. take a look, the truck slammed into a garage in is sebastepol early this morning. it pushed the car right into a freezer and slammed both through the other end of the garage. the grate on fire department posted these pictures. the chp is searching for the truck's driver. >> wow. another round of rain is moving into the bay area right now. and it's going to get pretty heavy actually. abc 7 news meteorologist sandy patel is here with the precise timing. >> let's look at live doppler 7 and go hour by hour giving you a preview of what's to come. now we are not seeing much on radar, but there is quite a bit up to the north. this is a look at what is coming which is some heavier rain up towards northern california coast that will slide south ward. on our storm impact scale this is a level 1 light through thursday morning. a brief heavy rain toblt.
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there will be showers for the morning commute and winds will be gusting 30 to 40 miles an hour primarily tonight for the winds. 8:00 it's in the north bay we're going to be seeing brief downpours across the central bay at 10:00 p.m. tonight. and we head into the morning commute. you'll notice those scattered showers between 6:00 and 8:00 a.m. another storm coming happens to fall on the holiday weekend. a look at hour by hour coming up. kristen? >> thank you. the drought is officially over. we're not out of the woods yet, at least when talking about bay area open spaces where the extra water has led to a new set of potential issues. abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman joins us live from the open space in san anselmo with a by product, wayne, of all this rain. >> reporter: it's a by product all right. everything loves water, birds and bees, boaters. also unfortunately do bests in this case we are talking about a proliferation of them. an uptick in ticks.
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at the fairfax veterinary clinic, they call this the tick tube. dr. kelly pep kin uses it as a temporary graveyard. >> actually most of these were removed within the past week. >> reporter: with many more to come, based on spring rains and the booming of blooming in marin county parks and open spaces, especially for dog lover like liz jones who found yet another black dot on her pal after a walk today. >> i found a tick. >> reporter: is that the only tick you found this year? >> no, all the time. >> reporter: it does not carry lyme disease. only 2% of tiks do. the county finds that number holding so far this year. with the wet weather -- >> the inside population, definitely responds to wet weather and we're worried there may be an increase in the tick population, for example. >> reporter: back at the fairfax veterinary clinic, dr. pip kin marked an increase in ticks. >> worst case scenario you could have kidney failure. >> reporter: we haven't
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mentioned poison oak. it is proliferating. not only do people need to stay out of the stuff themselves, but their dogs do, too. >> if you're allergic to it the dog gets in it, you can get it. >> reporter: case in point, liz caught some on the leash and gave it to her. you are a tick and poison oak victim. >> i am. happens. >> reporter: you are pushing for the star. >> i'm glad i meet that criteria. >> reporter: many of us will by the end of this season. wayne freedman, abc 7 news. >> in berkeley neighbors are clashing with the religious university over the sale of an historic seminary. abc 7 news reporter or news anchor eric thomas explains what's going on with the pacific lutheran theological seminary. >> reporter: the half dozen buildings on the pacific lutheran theological seminary site were built for two wealthy families in the 1930s. the church acquired them in the 50s and just three years ago the seminary merged with thousand oaks based california lutheran
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university. now the university wants to sell the historic berkeley campus. >> they trained hundreds of clergy here, of lay leaders and they have to leave because of declining enrollment. >> reporter: marty is with a group top of marin stewardship named for the campus's marin avenue address. the group says it doesn't want to block the sale, but it does want assurances that the next owner agrees -- >> to preserve the open space here, to preserve the cultural history here, to preserve the public access, to preserve the wildlife habitat. >> reporter: that's why they are asking the city of berkeley to bestow landmark status on three buildings. sawyer hall, a former mansion, founders hall and historic chapel. karl-anthony lutheran is trying to block the move citing financial hardship. the university declined an on-camera interview as did berkeley's landmark preservation commission. in a statement on the website, the university says the 6.6 acre property is much larger than needed to serve the 48 degree students and its aging buildings
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need millions of dollars in work. utility and maintenance costs as well as the seminary car upon footprint will drop significantly with the move. >> so, we have reached out to them. we want to collaborate with them and try to keep this site. >> reporter: the preservation group is hoping a buyer will step forward who agrees with their philosophy. right now that's only a hope and a prayer. in berkeley, eric thomas, abc 7 news. >> stay with us. the warriors kevin durant has no shortage of fans as you know. perhaps one most of all. >> my son is a very loving, gentle man. >> wanda durant loves her son, so, why won't she be at the game tonight? that's next. >> i'm at the game. i'm larry beil. live at oracle arena. we'll hear from wanda durant as well as what kevin is thinking about as the warriors get set for their regular season finale. that's coming up. >> can't wait.
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she's been doing it since he was a little body. kevin durant's mom wanda has been front and center at his games, cheering him on. but not tonight. in an interview you'll see only on abc 7 news. live at oracle arena with the exclusive story. laura? >> reporter: hi, kristen. it is the last game of the regular season. kevin durant is back on the floor, but his biggest fan is taking a pass because she got another invitation. >> i wish i would be able to come to the game tonight to see the last game, but unfortunately i won't be able to. >> reporter: wanda durant is in
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the bay area just in time for the final season game against the lakers. her son is back from his injury, but she won't be in or near oracle arena when the team takes the floor. >> i'm going to support circle, an organization that supports teen pregnancy. being the support that they need no matter what decision they decide to make concerning pregnancy. >> reporter: wanda knows well what it's like to be a young mother and a single one, having had older son tommy when she was just 18, and then kevin three years later. >> say a prayer with two boys. by the time you're 21 years old. >> reporter: it was her hard work and dedication to her two young sons that prompted kevin to name her the real mvp when he won the award three years ago. >> we weren't supposed to be here. you made us believe. you kept us off the street. you put clothes on our backs, food on the table. >> reporter: now when she's not cheering on her son, wanda wants
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to send a message to young women who may feel they have little hope, to keep pressing on just like she did. >> even though i it may look a little dim right now, you never know what the possibilities are. but hold on. you need to take the journey of parenthood. you never know what the out come will be. as long as you continue to work hard and strive hard for your family, things will get better. >> reporter: in oakland, laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> i am writing it down all those parenting tips. >> absolutely, good tips. this is a very big night for the warriors. >> indeed. let's go to abc 7 news sports director larry beil at oracle as the team gets ready for the last regular season home game. larry? >> reporter: yeah, thank you, kristen and dan. we're getting set for the regular season finale. not a lot on the line relative to the standings or as far as the playoff picture or anything like that. but just one more chance to get
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out there, game number 82, and for kevin durant, he does have some specific goals. he wants to start knocking down some jump shots because since he's come back from the knee injury, k.d. has gone 0 of 9 from three-point range. you know the shooter's mentality. you want to see the ball go through the net a few times. that would be a nice way to get ready for the postseason. there was a legitimate concern right after the knee injury that he might be lost for the season. you can hear when he speaks in his voice how grateful and fortunate durant feels to be able to come back and play the game he loves so much. >> five weeks later being able to play is definitely a lesson. i don't take it for granted. i'm happy i'm out here playing the game that i love and playing with my teammates, playing for these great fans here. >> kevin is in a good place. he's the first one to tell you that he didn't make this move just to win a ring. it's not like that's the end all be all. obviously that's the goal and that's what everybody wants. but he's really happy.
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>> so, we've been anticipating a playoff game on saturday at 12:30. i was just told by a high-ranking warriors official, hang on a second. it may be sunday. so, now we're not so sure, but we'll find out one way or the other the situation on game one warriors and blazers later on tonight when the league officially announces it, when we know you'll know. live at oracle larry beil, abc 7 sports. >> okay, larry, thanks so much. and keep in mind that game will be right here on abc 7. >> tonight announcing tahoe officially began his expedition to the top of mount he have rest and you can follow it all on snapchat. adrian ballinger and her friend cory richards kicked off their expedition today. last year only richards made it to the top. ballinger got hypothermia and had to turn around just 1200 feet from the summit. >> everest for me was a place i
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failed and when i turned around, i pushed five hours through the cold, shivery. at one point i reached there was no question i was -- i had to go down. >> well, maybe this time they'll do it. you can follow the pair's journey by becoming friends with the no filters snapchat account. >> announcer: now your accuweather forecast with sandiya patel. >> a quiet picture. that is all going to change in a matter of hours. it will become active. a beautiful view from our east bay hills camera right now. you can see some of the sun's rays peeking through the clouds. it is all going to change. low to mitd 60s to oakland, san jose. half moon bay 67 degrees. a lovely view showing you some sunshine from our south beach camera as we look towards the bay. 58 in santa rosa, 67 in concord. this is what you have to look forward to. it is already getting gusty from our tamme cam up to the north and we will be seeing rainy windy conditions late tornt for
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all parts of the bay area. showers for morning commute tomorrow. sunny friday, saturday, our next storm unfortunately timing is not good, is coming in on easter. on our storm impact scale we have a 1, a light system late tonight through thursday morning, brief heavy rain is expected later on tonight. and it will be damp for your morning commute. as showers continue with the wind gusts tonight between 30 and 40 miles an hour. 7:00 this evening, the rain is starting to fall in the north bay. it will be moderate to heavy around 9:00 p.m. still primarily in the north bay. we go into 10:00 p.m., we start to see it sliding into the east bay. san francisco, the peninsula, but the heaviest will have to wait until about 11:00 p.m. when it crosses the central bay. as we head into the wee hours of the morning it goes into the sourgt bay and by 6:00 a.m., you're looking at lighter scattered showers 7:00 a.m., 8:00 a.m., if your kids are in school right now. not on spring break. there will be some damp roadways. you will need those umbrella as we head into 10:00 a.m. hang onto the rain gear because it's not over yet. scattered showers at noontime
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and then it starts to wind down around the early to middle part of the afternoon. we will get a break which will be friday and saturday before the next storm comes in. this system here through tomorrow afternoon will bring anywhere from about a tenth of an inch to 4/10 of an inch. the last system that came through, san jose got nothing measurable. 200th in concord, three quarters of an inch in santa cruz monday tans. we're expecting a similar situation. 8:00 p.m. tonight through 8:00 p.m. thursday. we have a winter weather advisory for the sierra. accumulating snow below pass levels. we are expecting travel issues. the passes will be impacted not just today but heading into tomorrow as well. keep that in mind. tomorrow morning you start out with the 40s, 50s for your temperatures. there will be some showers around. and the showers will begin to taper by mid afternoon tomorrow. it is going to be a kyler day, though. you'll need to hang onto your jackets, mid 50s to the low 60s. and breezy for your thursday. here is your hour by hour planner. for easter, the next storm comes in, rain will start in the north
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bay, level 1 system at 7:00 a.m., 40s, 50s, at noontime the rain is already spread across the bay area. it is going to be a wet afternoon and evening. so, some of those egg hunts will be impacted on easter sunday. download our abc 7 news app. the system is changing. the time line is changing. this will actually help you to navigate these storms that are coming through. accuweather forecast, light system tonight and tomorrow, level 1. cooler day, milder friday, saturday, the sun will be out. enjoy it. the spring like warmth on saturday because that sun comes in light system. continues on monday as another quick moving system comes through. tuesday slight chance, and then on wednesday we have another 1, chance of showers. we're going to continue with the same theme that we had in the winter except these storms are lighter in intensity, dan and kristen. >> thanks very much, sandy. >> the never before se ♪ the sun'll come out tomorrow... ♪
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well, when it comes to retail outlets, a report shows american shoppers, boy, we really have our definite favorites. da data from our check out shopping service shows 95% of u.s. consumers shop at one of wal-mart's 147 stores or website, mcdonald's 89%, target 84%. it's interesting to point out despite accounting for more than half of the growth in online spending amazon barely squeaked into the top 20. >> a london-based company may have found a way to limit the plastic water bottles in land fills. they have produced a water bottle made out of edible material. this is made from the company, as you can see, you can just plop the bubble-like blob into your mouth or tear a hole in it. the outer shell is made algae. they hope the technology can be
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used for anything from soda to ketchup. >> look at this, no ant left behind. tonight a lesson in heroism in ants. they rescue injured comrades after fighting with termites. you can see them helping the injured friend. the study in the journal of science advances says the injured ants are able to make a full recovery and then continue helping the colony. >> new tonight, scientists at georgia tech have developed a new robot they're callin tarzan. you can probably see why. tarzan would kind of hang over crops and document how fast the plants are growing. right now the robot is only being tested in labs. >> wow. all right. cooking up a win next at 5:00. a kul nehr i kings of oakland classroom are headed to the nation's capital with a secret to success. >> but first abc 7 news, this picture of st. peter and paul church, san francisco. it is beautiful. >> that is stunning.
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you can seema rinne just beyond the fog there. share your pictures with us with the hashtag #abc 7 now. and abc 7 news may show it on air or perhaps o
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>> announcer: today's storm is level 1. that means light rain. so, keep an umbrella handy and drive safely. shop today's storm any time on the abc 7 news app. download it now. >> i'm alma daetz coming up at sirks. landlords versus tenants. some feel we are about to see more evictions. also mixing it up at a big robotics event. see what jobs machines like these could be make obsolete and ones they might actually create. and you'll meet the 10-year-old boy who had surgery that essentially put his ankle and foot where his knee used to be. it's exactly what he wanted. all that plus much more coming up in half an hour on abc 7 news at 6:00. dan, kristen?
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>> alma, see you then. >> kids are cooking up change in oakland today. the effort paid off for two young chefs. >> that's right. abc 7 news was at the ralph bunch academy in west oakland. students in the school's culinary arts program competed in a healthy cooking competition >> the challenge was to create a school lunch that's healthy, no salt or sugar, easy to make, all costing less than $1.25. >> jimmy and jay came up with the top plan with their thai chicken rolls and see a chance to promote healthy eating habits. >> we're like the generation that starts something new and that finishes something strong. so, this could be one of the things that starts something new. >> the two chefs are heading to washington, d.c. in june for the national cooking up change competition. i think we must sample those. >> it is almost dinner. you can see the focus on their faces as they work. they're serious about it.
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>> congratulations. tonight, breaking news. president trump on russia. the president late today saying relations may now be at their lowest point. the president is asked, did russia know that syria was about to launch that chemical attack? how he answers. and tonight, vladimir putin face to face with secretary of state rex tillerson. also, inside the white house. sean spicer, the press secretary, saying today i've let the president down. and the president's new words about his chief strategist, steve bannon. will there be any changes in the west wing? the jaywalking takedown, tackled on camera. the police officer now accused of beating the man. tonight, a criminal investigation has now been launched. one-on-one. we have the ceo of united. what he now says about that passenger pulled off the plane as two more security officers are put on leave. >>


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