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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  April 15, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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we're live from the park with more. >> reporter: yes, eric the streets and bart station are back open. some pieces restored here after a very violent morning. some peace is restored here. >> chaos. tension. fighting. rally by supportered of president trump disintegrated into what is something like a war zone around berkeley, faced off with critics of the president, a familiar scene like one that played out in early march but this time berkeley police increased presence. >> most of them are very an taggonistic. >> they believe in freedom of speech and believe they shouldn't be attacked. >> passionate words escelated to physical fights this supporter of trump walked into a crowd of
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protesters, first words and then blows exchanged that man and oeshl others ended in handcuff. >> part of what trump is doing to the country is this here, polarizing it. >> they had to use pepper spray, rocks, sticks, m-80 explosive. but those rules clearly ignored. by after of afternoon police responded to a stabbing. >> i do not have details that particular stabbing but i'm told they were transported to the hospital. >> i think we have a right to defend ourselves if they attack us. >> with so much civic unrest there's small space for both sides. >> this is all right stanford peace and for helping people to have a chance to feel heard. >> surprisingly both sides want safety and for someone to listen but apparently not willing to listen to each other. in berkeley, a abc 7 news.
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>> berkeley police tweeted these pictures showing some of the banned items they removed including fireworks, wooden dowells, a stun gun and a knife. 18 items were banned from the park to insure this peaceful expression of speech. they arrested 18 people he prot close its downtown berkeley station, it was shut down most of the afternoon, reopening at around 4:30. our coverage of the berkeley protest doesn't stop therep on abc 7 news online and on our app we'll keep you up-to-date on latest arrest and injuries. be sure to enable push alerts to get instant update onz breaking news any time. across the bay another major rally that stayed peaceful just end in san francisco this focused on one thing, people across the country said they want president trump to keep one of his campaign promises.
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>> i will release my tax returns against my lawyer's wishes. >> we're live at justin herman plaza with more on the turn out. sergio. >> reporter: well they came, they marched and then they continued on with their saturday. a pretty large group of people started at san francisco city hall and ended here at justin herman plaza and then quickly a. >> there was an array of clever protest signs and no shortage of concerned citizens. >> ever since trump was elected everything felt like it turned upside down and i want to make i right again. >> what there was a shortage of was anyone who voiced support for president donald trump when they assembled on market street this crowd stretched for five city blocks. many openly mocking the president. >> the chicken mask is because donald trump is afraid to show his taxes. >> chicago trump show us your taxes you chicken. >> this is part of an effort
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across the nation to pressure president trump to release his taxes i asked nancy pelosi about that. >> do you think he's going to release them. >> it's not a question of him but how long republicans in congress will proteblgt him they're the ones who can vote to make it happen. >> she was keynote speaker in front of city hall. an event with chicken and was obvious. >> i'm not afraid to call trump an enemy of this state. >> for many this was the first political protest they've attended for others it's yet another venue to voice frustrations at the administration in san francisco abc 7 news. similar anti-trump tax day took place across the country, tens of thousands hit the streets from l.a. to d.c. to put pressure on president trump to
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make good on his promise to release his tax returns. >> we march today because while donald trump thinks he's distracting us we came to a whole another 45 and his administration account able. >> trump has said americans don't care about his tax returns. polls show 75% of americans believe he should release them. crews have contained a fire that broke out in a vehicle salvage yard in freemont. crews battle flames in the facility on stevenson boulevard. it broke out at 4:15 this afternoon. the fire burned about 20 cars but didn't reach any building and arson investigators now on the scene. sky 7 also flew over a fire that gutted a large home in los altos on la cita way. the fire was brought under control in about 45 minutes. no injuries were reported
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investigate joors are checking to see what started that fire. police use cellphone to san francisco man to murder in the san francisco valley. in february the 30-year-old's body was found in merced, police say she was brought here to work in the sex trade. police arrested willli at his auto shop, they found evidence linking him to the murder. the two had been romantically involved but the relationship turned violent both of them lived in the bay area but with no ties to merced. governor brown set to pardon 72 old drug crimes or other low-level offenses. the spring time tradition is reserved only for those who have lived crime-free for a decade, completed her sentence and received a court order
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certificate of rehabilitation. among the requirements for pardon is not own guns or be on juries. a road blocked out on west bound and bridge vicinte roads, cal frans is working to fix it cal trans. we're about to go from warm to rain. we're tracking the rain. >> yeah going to see showers to wound out our holiday weekend. tonight though you're just enjoying a dry picture. let's get you started out there show you what's going on right now. we are quiet. outside notice our east bay hills camera we've been dealing with a thin layer of cloud cover upstairs, despite that it's mild out there. this is the next storm system. clouds approaching first and then showers will arrive for your sunday.
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on the storm impact scale this ranks on one. light showers on sunday. less than quarter inch along the coast winds picking up to 20 miles an hour. we'll show you where those drops first arrive coming up in the full weather forecast. we're staying on top of major traffic headache on the peninsula, a of people looking at this u-haul truck charred and the effort to put it out. plus coachella catastrophe, problems on opening night. see what happens when you try to play
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take a look at this fire on the san mateo bridge at around 2:30 a u-haul truck burst into flames at the high rise you see the entire cab was destroyed, the driver though got out safely. as firefighters put out theire zwo of the three two of the three east bound lanes were blocked creating a big mess. a bay area man died thursday in his wood side home he helped to link a single computer network with the
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pentagon with other institutions around the country that evolved into the internet and evolved into personal computers with icons instead of typing text which inspired microsoft and apple computers. popular music festival coachella got off to a glitchy start, radiohead walked off twice because of audio issues, the sound cut out multiple times not only for the tens of thousands in attendance but for the millions watching live on youtube stream. lady gaga will perform on the main stage tonight at 11:20. we're keeping track of a storm rolling in for your easter plans we'll keep you updated. and there's a lot of gold today at oracle arena see what awaits warriors plans at tomorrow's first playoff game. >> funny you mention that we
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have a preview. ace
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proudly caring for northern california, birthplace of pioneers. more than 50 people hopped on bikes today in martinez and
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rode to sacramento to honor law enforcement fallen hero. started at the contra costa county da's office where fallen officer names were read and ended 70 miles away at the state capitol officers from various agencies, survivors of the fallen and other community members took part in the event. the warriors have a new motto as they begin their quest to reach the nba finals and retake that trophy for the third year in a row. abc 7 news was in oracle arena when gold warriors t-shirts were placed at every seat more than 18,000 people will wear the shares bearing the slogan defend our ground. more than 40 workers spend about three hours putting up those shirts. the quest for champ warriors zbbegins tomorrow, tak on the doves in game one of the
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playoffs, beginning at noon and stay with us after the game followed by abc 7 news at 5:00. now your accuweather forecast. >> and an accuweather this evening we're tracking a weak moving system coming through the next 24 hours that will bring a bit of a damp to our plans especially in the afternoon on sunday. we have a lot of nothing right now. clouds upstairs but the clouds not giving way to any rain on live doppler 7. live look from san jose camera showing peaks of sunshine into that cloud cover in the south bay. sun going down shortly before 8:00 this evening. it is a mild evening. take a look at this. 60s from the coast to the bay. 65 in oakland. napa 66. clouds will continue to thicken
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overnight ahead of the storm system to help to keep on the mild side. most areas 59 tonight. 51 in san jose. dropping about 48 inland around fairfield. coming back on our sunday. going to be a light system we're tracking for the second half of our weekend. light showers mainly in the afternoon for most, less than quarter inchful rain in most areas and along the coast line winds picking up to 20 miles an hour. beginning tonight at midnight. to sunday. see the clouds continue to thicken. by 9:00 tomorrow morning showers starting to pop up. >> reporter: first in the north bay but light in nature. mid day to early afternoon is best chance for light sprinkles moving through the region. the forecast through 3:00 it's not a wash out but you notice showers in the forecast they will begin to wind down as the sun sets and will dry out sunday night.
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look at the rain for san jose you're dry through the morning hours on sunday and in the early afternoon couple sprinkles but minimal rain in san jose less than tenth of an inch of moisture. future rain is not a soaking by any means but still drops in the forecast, the north bay, quarter inch of rain, outside of the north bay those numbers really drop often add i do expect a lightning of locations across the region coming in less than a tenth of an inch of moisture. showers in the forecast not bright day, 57 in san francisco. cooler than today. 59 in oakland. 52 san jose. 57 that high in vallejo. a lot is blooming right now. even grass pollen still at moderate level. let's look at the next seven days for you. light showers mainly in the afternoon. get the egg hunts in early when
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it will be dry. monday light sprinkle. tuesday scattered showers. clouds will lessen wednesday to thursday and warmer by friday and saturday we're bouncing back up and yes 80s will make a return. >> thank you very much. now abc 7 news sports with shumann. >> nba playoffs kicked off today around the nation with four games on tap including your defending champs the cleveland cavaliers. warriors tip off their post-season tomorrow hosting portland. the doves are at full strength with kevin durant back who surrounding into form after missing five weeks due to knee injury. this is definitely the team to beat in the post-season. x. c.j. averaging more than klay. >> this is nba we don't look at who is the under dog all that stuff. we know we can be beaten any
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night. it is hard as hell to be an nba player. it's hard to be a playoff team. one through eight. it's hard. not under eft mstimate no playe. they're nba players. >> cavs and pacers in cleveland, king james looking for back to back titles. he had 32 points 13 assists for the kings. late fourth. cavs down two. lebron two handed jam. kyrie irving added 23. swish. cavs take the 2-point lead. five seconds left. trailing by one. why isn't paul george taking that shot. had he 29 points six threes, cavs take game 9. >> talk to c.j. about it, situations like that i got to get the last shot. them being on their floor they walked wherever they wanted ran wherever they wanted. nothing about that has playoff written over it.
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that's where we got to get better at. been saying that all year and trying to challenge guys to be tougher. >> all right we had a couple potential no hitters today starting off with sean manea on the hill against the astros on jackie robinson day everyone wearing his 42. a's were up 3-0 hit two home runs in the fifth and two batters later, 5-0 a's. sean manea pitching a no-hitter this game is over, right? wrong, he walked bases loaded in the sixth and correa two run scores. man allowed two runs -- struck out six. astros fieed in the eighth. tied in the eighth. springer completes four run eight with two run jack off doolittle. a's fall 10-6 after leading 5-0 and flirting with a no hitter.
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giants hosting colorado with matt moore facing tyler chandler allowed two and thirds allowed five runs on two hits. start with a solo shot. charlie blackmon two out two run single. then dj lemahieu, looking for more. watch parker run this thing down. but he paid for it. broke his collarbone. his right shoulder. he's going to miss some time. perfect game. into the sixth inning. he ended with a complete game shut out allowed two hits struck out four and fall 5-0. third round of the heritage in south carolina. birdies, gators, doesn't see the gator, finally noticed after the practice swing chased it away. three back of the leader, kellen dunham jason
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did you ha dufner with the lead going into sunday. more from the warriors tonight coffee tv 20. back to you. >> next, the cutest thing we've
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that's it abc 7 news at 6:00 see you at 9:00 after "the ten
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