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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  April 16, 2017 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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good morning, america. this morning, failed launch. north korea firing a missile that blows up shortly after takeoff. how will the u.s. respond? the launch happening just hours ahead of vice president mike pence's arrival in south korea. our martha raddatz getting a firsthand look at defense operations. >> this shows you just what the threat level is here. >> yes, ma'am. we live with it every day. violent protests. pro and anti-trump demonstrators squaring off. police in riot gear, right there at the scene. protesters doused with pepper spray. the injuries and the arrests. plus outside trump's door, and across the country, the april 15th message to the president. release your tax returns. call for peace. the message from pope francis on the holiest day in christianity
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speaking to the faithful. under tight security. his words resonating across the world -- open your hearts. and hello, baby. april, the world's most famous giraffe, delivers a new calf. millions tuning in for the live-streamed birth. the youngster, quickly on his feet. >> april has done a phenomenal job delivering the calf. >> the "gma" exclusive, closeup look at the adorable new addition. and good morning, everyone. we want to thank you for joining us on this easter sunday. of course, it's the holiest of days for christians around the globe. and coming up, we're going to take you to the vatican, where the pope just celebrated mass. we start this sunday with breaking news overnight. north korea's attempt to put on a show of force quite literally blows up in its face. >> the north koreans attempted to test-fire a missile, but it exploded during launch.
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a high-profile failure, yes, but a serious provocation nonetheless. the missile test came just hours before vice president mike pence landed in south korea to discuss the problems on the peninsula. >> now the stakes are very high, and our own show of force. an american u.s. aircraft carrier is heading towards north korea right now. and we have just learned there at the white house that this missile did not have the capabilities of hitting the united states. so what's next? how does the united states respond? >> the normally outspoken president trump keeping mum thus far. we have got team coverage this morning, and we're going to start here with chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz in seoul, south korea. martha, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan and paula. the botched launch is an embarrassing misstep for north korea after weeks of tension between the trump administration and pyongyang. and it comes just as vice president pence begins a trip to asia with a stop here in seoul. tension on the korean peninsula this morning after that failed
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missile launch by north korea. u.s. commanders say after the missile lifted off near sinpo, it blew up almost immediately. vice president mike pence, briefed aboard air force two en route to seoul. >> this morning's provocation from the north is just the latest reminder of the risks each one of you face every day. >> reporter: at osan air base outside of seoul -- >> this is your third set of blast doors here. >> reporter: i had an exclusive look at the war fighting and defense operations near the most militarized border in the world. this shows you just what the threat level is here. >> yes, ma'am. we live with it every day. >> reporter: so you would say the threat is pretty real? >> it's very real. >> reporter: we saw up close patriot missile batteries. a missile defense system guarding against an attack from north korea. >> basically what a patriot does is it determines an in-bound flight missile. we fire a patriot missile at it. it's a bullet on bullet scenario. the patriot missile hits the
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threat missile and destroys it. >> reporter: the south korean government calling the failed launch along with the weekend's parade in pyongyang a show of force that threatens the whole world and warning that any further nuclear tests would be dealt with in strong, punitive measures unbearable by the north korean regime. the white house said overnight only that president trump had been briefed on the failed launch and that he would have no further comment. that statement perhaps a deliberate move to deny king jong-un the attention he clearly craves. dan and paula? >> martha, thank you. make sure you stay tuned to abc later this morning. martha will host a special edition of "this week" from seoul. she'll be speaking with nsa lieutenant general h.r. mcmaster as well as the former u.s. ambassador to south korea, christopher hill. that's all coming up on "this
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week" a little bit later on abc. for much more, let's go to washington and the retired marine corps colonel and abc news contributor, steve ganyard, who has served in the pentagon and as a fighter pilot. steve, good morning. >> good morning, dan. >> shortly before we came on the air, an unnamed white house official told the press that the trump administration is not planning to respond to this failed missile test. quote, if they took the time and energy to launch a missile and fail, we don't need to expend any resources against that. so, do you think this is the right strategy? >> it's the right strategy in the sense that kim jong-un craves attention. he craves the attention of the world and he loves the world stage. so not dignifying his failed launch with any kind of a comment is not a bad idea. that said, we shouldn't be gloating about a failed launch because it shows they have the determination to eventually paerveg loperfect a a a a a a aa
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nuclear missile capability. >> you talk about not gloating and it was very embarrassing, and the north korean leader, kim jong-un, has said he wants to conduct both this missile launch and a nuclear test. what is the u.s. strategy considering a nuclear test could be coming next and considering this failed launch was really embarrassing? >> well, paula, interestingly enough, the red lines that have been drawn, particularly by president trump, involve the means of delivery of that long-range, intercontinental ballistic missile. the world has never really said much except don't do it when the north koreans have tested nuclear weapons. so in this case, they are probably going to test a nuclear weapon in the next day or so, and there will be lots of condemnation, but we have yet to see any serious action taken against them for nuclear testing. >> if america's goal is to prevent north korea from developing the capacity to hit the u.s. or the lower 48 with nuclear-tipped missiles, what options do we have to prevent them from doing so short of war? >> dan, we have had a lot of talk in the past few days about military action, interestingly enough, the economic side of it. the economic opportunity for the u.s. to put pressure on north korea really hasn't been put into place.
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up until just recently, zimbabwe was more sanctioned than north korea was. there are all sorts of things that can be done. you look at the chinese economy, 90% of the trade from north korea goes into china. there's lots of things the chinese can do. there are lots of things we can do. in 2005, we shut down their banking access. it was like touching a hot wire to a nerve. there are lots of things that can be done. the danger is if you push too hard on the economic side, the fragile north korean economy could collapse, and there could be some sort of revenge attack or offensive by kim jong-un as his regime falls. >> incredibly delicate situation. colonel steve ganyard, very happy to have your analysis on a sunday morning. thank you. >> thanks, steve. we're going to be following the situation with north korea throughout the day on abc news. and here at home, the president is facing political challenges. in berkeley, california, police arrested at least 20 people. look at this, trump supporters
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and protesters started throwing punches on saturday. it got ugly. separately, thousands of demonstrators across the country marched, demanding the president release his tax returns. abc's david wright is in palm beach, florida, this morning, near mar-a-lago. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, paula. and happy easter. these tax day protests were held from coast to coast. about 150 cities and towns nationwide. including palm beach. and as you say, in berkeley, things got violent. pro and anti-trump demonstrators squared off in berkeley. police in riot gear standing by as violence flared. a clash complete with firecrackers. and pepper spray. at least 20 demonstrators are now under arrest. and 11 injured. this on a day of nationwide protests, thousands of marchers demanding trump release his tax returns. >> we, the people --
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>> reporter: demonstrators not for climate change, or women's rights, or war. no broad issues here. just a very narrow one. one man and his taxes. >> we demand to see his taxes. and if he doesn't, it's only going to cause more distress amongst his citizens. >> reporter: trump was clearly >> reporter: someone should look into what paid for the small organizationed protest? trump was clearly aware of the protesters. in fact, his motorcade almost drove right by them. they were gathered along the route he normally takes back from his golf club. the motorcade went the long way around, a ten-minute detour to avoid them. dan? >> david wright reporting from florida. thank you, david. let's go to the vatican. pope francis held easter mass with thousands of catholic faithful in st. peter's square.
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just hours ago, the event held under heavy security after the recent attacks in london and stockholm. abc's linzie janis has more now from the vatican. >> reporter: good morning, dan. the pope's easter ceremonies just wrapping up. he finished with his traditional message to the city and to the world, calling for an end to wars and help for refugees. ♪ >> reporter: this morning, pope francis celebrating easter sunday mass with tens of thousands of pilgrims in st. peter's square. in his sermon, the pope asking people to open their hearts to those suffering from tragedy and war. >> translator: to our closed hearts and fearful hearts, stop. >> reporter: the crowd, praying. and taking part in communion. after the service, pope francis putting security concerns aside. riding around in his popemobile. then another tradition.
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the pontiff stepping out on to a balcony, giving what's known as his message to the city and the world. praying for an end to armed conflicts. terrorist attacks. and oppressive regimes. he spoke of horror and death in syria. referencing yesterday's bomb attack on buses carrying syrian refugees. easter week in rome has been marked by heavy security. after suicide bombers targeted christian churches in egypt at the start of holy week. and following a wave of terror attacks across europe. at the end of the month, the pope travels to egypt. the vatican saying he'll go ahead with the plan to visit despite security concerns. paula? >> linzie janis, thank you for your reporting. on this easter sunday. now to the big break in the case of a jogger attacked and killed in broad daylight. vanessa marcotte's body was found last summer, just half mile from her mother's home in massachusetts. and now police have announced that they have made an arrest.
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eva pilgrim is here and covering the story for us this morning. eva, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. she went for a run in the middle of the day and never came back. after eight long months of waiting this morning, finally an arrest. investigators crediting an alert state trooper, and vanessa marcotte, the victim herself, for helping catch this suspect. >> we got him. >> reporter: relief this morning. as police report the murder of a young woman out for a run finally solved. >> we never lost faith that this day would come. >> reporter: authorities say 31-year-old angelo colon-ortiz attacked vanessa marcotte. marcotte, who lived in new york city, disappeared after going for a run in broad daylight near her mother's home in princeton, massachusetts on august 7th. hours later, a police canine unit finding her body in the wooded area nearby. witnesses saying there was a dark-colored suv in the area. >> not a day goes by that we don't reflect on the enormity of our loss. >> reporter: after months of
7:13 am
nothing, an alert state trooper in wooster, spotted an suv matching the description of the one seen the day marcotte was killed. writing down the license plate number on his hand. eventually leading him to angelo colon-ortiz. >> we do believe he was working in the area and had been for some time. >> reporter: authorities say vanessa marcotte in the fight for her life gave investigators the critical clue. >> it was through her determined fight, her efforts, that we obtained the dna of her killer. >> reporter: investigators finding that dna under her fingernails. authorities say ortiz gave a voluntary dna sample. it was a match. >> she was a loving, caring, and intelligent young woman who had her whole life ahead of her. in her brief 27 years, she had already achieved much. but we know she had much more to do. >> reporter: ortiz is not charged with murder yet. authorities expect the charges to come soon. he is behind bars this morning. the judge setting his bail at
7:14 am
$10 million. at this point, authorities have not ruled out if anyone else was involved. >> horrible story. so sad for her family. eva, thank you very much. a lot of other news. for that, over to ron. hey, ron. >> good morning to you, dan, paula. robert, good morning to you. good morning, everyone. we're going to begin in war-torn syria. where evacuations of a rebel-held area outside the city of aleppo have resumed this morning after an explosion killed at least 100 people including children who were waiting to board buses there. it's believed a car bomb caused the deadly explosion. that left the buses and cars charred and mangled. no one is claiming responsibility for the blast. each side, government and rebels, are blaming each other. back here in the u.s., the national rifle association announcing that president trump has agreed to speak at their annual convention in atlanta, georgia later this month. trump will be the first president since ronald reagan to address the pro-gun rights group. about 80,000 people are expected at the nra leadership forum. remembrances will be held at
7:15 am
virginia tech university today. the tenth anniversary of the deadly massacre on the campus, when a gunman killed 32 people and wounded 17 others. it was the second deadliest shooting rampage in u.s. history. it led to changes in gun laws and campus security nationwide. and the oldest person -- the world's oldest person -- the last person known to have been born in the 19th century has died at the age of 117. emma morano is said to have passed away in a rocking chair at her home in northern italy. she credited her longevity to her daily habits of eating one raw egg and one cooked egg every day and going to bed before 7:00 p.m. and rising before 6:00 a.m. and i imagine some very good genes there. and in oklahoma, a dramatic rescue of a fisherman stuck in the middle of raging waters. the man was fishing off the rocks when a spillway from a nearby dam opened, flooding the area with water. it was a tricky rescue. taking more than an hour to get him into the boat. but he was not injured.
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and finally, we have our first buzzer-beater of the nba playoffs. check it out. final play of the game. joe johnson, utah jazz, driving. he's going to drive there, into the paint. floating up the ball over two defenders, it slips in as the clock runs out. final score, utah jazz, 97, clips, 95. you see it there again. utah leads the best of seven series, 1-0. the clippers and jazz resume that series on tuesday. in l.a. i'm a big clippers fan, so -- sad to see. >> you should consider a career in play-by-play announcing. >> thank you very much. >> that was great. >> you write a recommendation for me? >> and pacers almost won. but they didn't. >> who beat them? >> cleveland. it was so close. marciano, you win easter today with the easter egg tie. i have to say.
7:17 am
>> always sharp. >> i try to be festive. >> i don't. >> clearly. >> i gave you that one. >> ron tries to be -- >> the undertaker. >> i try to make up for ron. won't be wearing the pastels at the yankee game tonight. don't worry about that. the tornado that dropped down in otoe county, nebraska. this is a beauty. i can say that because no significant damage. no injuries. look at that just tearing up some fields there. a beautiful funnel. unfortunately, there was some -- it got close to those houses so that put a scare in them for sure. wind gusts of 77 miles an hour with this. and hail, also the size of, well, easter eggs maybe and baseballs in logan, iowa. also hail this size in parts of kansas yesterday. today, the tail end of this front kind of sags down. we retrograde it back to see a severe threat from lubbock, all the way up through springfield, missouri. same deal. strong winds, large hail. maybe a tornado or two possible. the energy kind of splits. good news for folks across the north. because this part of the front kind of falls apart, so if you're worried about rain today, it will be more sporadic across the appalachians. here we go. to match the tie. we have hidden eggs. the pink easter bunny. thank you, dan manzo. storms across the ohio river
7:18 am
valley. late in the day, northern california. more hopped up easter bunnies coming in the next half an hour to go along with wonderful accessories here. >> dan manzo? >> he creates the bunny, brings it to life. >> and thanks to liz, our set designer. for this beautiful job here. >> i was up early helping her out. that's not true. >> i saw you. >> we don't have to tell
7:19 am
everybody that it's not true. i think everybody knows. >> gotcha, gotcha. let's change the subject. she may be america's most popular new mom. april the giraffe became an internet phenomenon as we all waited for her to give birth. >> on saturday, over 1 million watched her deliver a healthy boy, lye. live. animal adventure park's owner giving "gma" an exclusive interview just after the moment. and adrienne is here with a story also festive, but can we say bouncing baby boy? a big calf. >> it kind of falls out and bounces a little bit. i don't know. >> one bounce. >> one bounce. toppling over. and then standing on its feet within an hour. able to walk in an hour. we have learned so much about april. she did carry this calf for 16 months, and then the mammoth task of delivering the 6 foot tall baby. and of course, daddy is in the picture, too. oliver. only abc news was there inside the giraffe's pen. >> reporter: this morning, the wait is finally over.
7:20 am
abc news, the only cameras inside to get an exclusive, up-close look with april the giraffe and her healthy baby boy. zoo officials announcing the birth was imminent on facebook live saturday morning. >> it's happening! we are in labor! 100%, so tune in! >> reporter: after two hours in labor, with 1.2 million people watching, the world's most famous baby giraffe was here. abc news speaking exclusively to the park's owner. >> april has done a phenomenal job delivering the calf. and the calf, within an hour, was up on its feet. in another hour was nursing. >> reporter: animal adventure park's giraffe cam captivating millions around the world. making april an instant internet sensation. since launching the giraffe cam in february, the park says nearly 300 million people have viewed the live stream. at its peak, a reported 5 million viewers each day. april wasting no time bonding with her calf. kissing her newborn.
7:21 am
and nudging him to stand. a little shaky at first. working on his footing. taking his first steps across the pen as proud mommy watched. >> it's a mix of emotions. we're elated. we're tired. but we're excited. >> reporter: now, you can help name april and oliver's new calf by donating $1 to the park's gofundme page. proceeds going to the giraffe habitat and to conservation efforts. >> beautiful animal. >> i'm marveling how tall they are. i wish a person was closer. they're concerned about allowing the child to bond -- the child? >> the calf. >> the calf. it's in a manger almost. it's very sweet. >> a manger. a 6 foot baby. >> yeah. >> thanks, adrienne. well, coming up on "gma," we have new developments in a murder case involving a kennedy cousin. why michael skakel's lawyer says new testimony about the alleged murder weapon could turn this case upside down. ron claiborne will have that story for us coming up. the woman shocked to learn that hackers ran up her phone
7:22 am
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7:28 am
party opened fire shortly after midnight, and by the time officers arrived, the suspect vehicle, described only as a four-door car, was gone. right now we'll get a look at our easter morning weather with frances dinglasan. good morning, frances. >> good morning. a system moving in. you see the clouds from the coast. temperatures mainly in the 50s, and also this afternoon it will be on the cool side with the rain heaviest between noon to 3:00. light to moderate showers during the afternoon. kate?
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when it's time to get organized for retirement, it's time to get voya. welc welcome back to "gma" on this easter morning. and new this morning -- missile failure. north korea launching a missile. just a day after putting its military technology on parade. the test failing moments after liftoff. the white house saying this morning it did not have the capabilities of hitting the united states. this morning, the vice president arriving in south korea, kicking off a ten-day trip to asia. also happening right now. raging fires sweeping through central florida. crews working through the night to contain a brush fire that has spread to 500 acres in volusia county. the skies there filled with massive clouds of smoke. dry conditions and wind gusts fueling the fires throughout the state. and easter celebrations under way around the world. pope francis addressing the crowd of followers in rome. while thousands gathered in jerusalem lighting the candles during the holy fire ceremony in
7:31 am
the church of holy sepulchre. >> adrienne and i dressed in our sunday best. going to church after this, right? >> right after. also coming up on this sunday, the force is in the family. how the "star wars" movies have become an experience for parents and their kids. more on my adventures to the "star wars" celebration. >> how did you get this assignment? i'm the one who likes "star wars." >> you and rob. and i have to say that was the one lingering thought that i had was why weren't you guys here with me? >> that, or i'm so glad i got in assignment. >> or that. the final day of the celebration is today in orlando. >> nice. first, a new development in a decades-old murder case involving a cousin of the kennedys. >> this story with so many twists and turns. and the latest is the lawyers for michael skakel say there may be new evidence that could affect his conviction in the death of martha moxley when the two were teenagers. and ron is here with details on that. hey, ron. >> yeah, hay, again. the lawyers for skakel say that
7:32 am
that potential evidence, a golf club handle, may have been turned over to greenwich, connecticut, police almost 20 years ago but disappeared. now they want to talk to the people they think may know what happened. >> reporter: attorneys for michael skakel are fighting to get testimony they say could disprove the prosecution's claim that the golf club used to murder martha moxley in 1975 belonged to the skakel family. >> i was told by a local member of the bar that he had information that pertained to the murder weapon. >> reporter: skakel, a member of the kennedy family, served 11 years behind bars until his conviction was overturned in 2013. a judge ruling his legal team had mishandled his defense. >> he didn't get a fair trial. >> reporter: last december, a connecticut appeals court reinstated that conviction. skakel has always maintained his innocence. >> what i do every day is pray to god and to martha that whoever did this crime is brought to justice. >> reporter: in court documents,
7:33 am
his attorneys say time is of the essence to get details about a golf club found on an estate of a family friend where skakel says he was the night of the murder. the defense investigators say a property manager for that estate, peter groom, gave that club to police in the late 1990s. but now according to the lawyers, police deny ever receiving it. >> there's a big question about, where is it? who had it? who has it? if it's related to this murder in any way, shape, or form. >> reporter: skakel's attorneys issued a subpoena for philip drake, the attorney for the now deceased groom. to come forward and give a deposition about what happened. arguing in the filing, saying new testimony should prove that the murder weapon did not belong to michael skakel. and in response to the latest defense moves, martha moxley's family saying the jury that convicted skakel got it right. family members telling abc news it's just quote, another fiction-based maneuver by the
7:34 am
skakel defense team. so it goes on. >> it certainly does. thank you, ron, for that reporting. now a look at our easter forecast. the one and only rob marciano. please show everyone your socks. >> the socks are -- >> the sock game. >> the green. the other passels. our friend, peter cottontail. the bouncing pink bunny can't get enough of that. we haven't seen temperatures like this since mid october. even then, they were above average. 15 to 25 and maybe a record or two broken. 85 expected in new york city. this cold front will cool things down. it's not going to bring, like, a sustained line of thunderstorms, but it will bring pockets of thunder and lightning later on tonight around 8:00 p.m. until midnight. some easter cities for you. and he's back. 76 in easter, texas. egg harbor, new jersey, 84. lily, kentucky, 79. basket, pennsylvania, 79 for you. and, of course, passover still happening. happy passover to you folks, as well.
7:35 am
this weather report is brought to you by state farm. these are the same socks i'll be wearing on the saturday of the kentucky derby. just so you know. >> you're kwoik going to wash them? >> i don't know. same ones. i may wash them. >> are they your lucky socks? >> my sister gave them to me yesterday. thank you, joann. >> rob will be wearing them to the -- on kentucky derby sunday. i have sock envy. coming up on "gma," can you really be on the hook for thousands of bucks if your phone line gets hacked? why what happened to one woman may happen to you. and how you can protect yourself. and my lightning round with john boyega, or finn from the "star wars" series. he spills the secrets about his "last jedi" co-stars. >> he's awesome. >> he is pretty cool. tar
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7:39 am
there are all sorts of schemes targeting your phone. if you wind up with a bill for a bunch of calls you never made you may think your phone company will be understanding about it.
7:40 am
>> yeah, not so much. that's the last thing one woman said she found. the bottom line for you could be, if you're hacked, you're on the line to pay it. abc's marci gonzalez joins us with more. hi, marci. >> reporter: that's right, paula and dan. you may have to pay. it could be thousands of dollars. experts tell us, this woman is not alone. hacked and then stuck with the charges. darlene howard says she's trying to warn others that her phone billing nightmare could happen to anyone. >> buyer beware? look at the small print? >> reporter: she explains a hacker somehow got into her california p.r. company's phone line and made repeated calls to cuba. racking up a nearly $6,400 bill. howard, whose business consults with media companies, including abc news, says she called spectrum. and though her phone service provider acknowledged there was some kind of hack, howard says she was told she still had to pay half the bill.
7:41 am
>> why would i have to pay half the amount? oh, well, we're hacked, it's your problem. i said, how can that possibly be? >> reporter: spectrum's parent company said howard's business phone system, purchased through a third party, was compromised, not her voice service to her firm. they say she didn't have the proper security settings. and two months before the bill arrived, they notified her about unusual activity on her account, which she denies. the company took another $500 off the bill. but with spectrum's contract for business customers, the contract says the customer is solely liable and responsible for all charges incurred through authorized or unauthorized use, the company is standing its ground. >> and i'm being held for ransom. and that i have to pay another amount or else my phones will be shut down again. >> reporter: experts say this is why it's so important to read the entire contract. also, call your phone provider to see how it handles billing in hacking cases. some companies, including at&t,
7:42 am
say if they determine there was fraud, they remove those charges. dan and paula? >> great to know, marci. had no idea. thanks for your reporting this morning. >> can you imagine having time to read those contracts? >> you don't? kidding. the fine print is too small. we're getting too old. that's our excuse. >> exactly, exactly. coming up, i'm talking to is the stars of "the last jedi." and i found out who is being called the biggest jokester on set. >> i still can't believe you got this assignment. coming up later, lady gaga making some news at coachella. that's coming up in "pop news" with adrienne bankert right here on "gma" on a sunday morning. we'll see you soon. a sunday morning. we'll see you soon.
7:43 am
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well, the latest "star wars" films are introducing brand-new characters. but they're not forgetting the familiar ones. it's allowing different generations to enjoy the movie together. i sat down with the stars of the upcoming installment "the last jedi." to talk about its wide appeal. and the nickname that luke skywalker has for his diehards. >> reporter: lines of force faithful, young and old, gathering this weekend at the "star wars" celebration if orlando, florida. the fans in hyperspeed mode. on the heels of the new teaser. for "the last jedi." >> i'm really excited. i've been waiting a long time for this. >> reporter: at the 12th annual gathering of the jedi faithful in orlando, creator george lucas perfectly summing up his brain child. >> you know, it's a film for 12-year-olds. >> reporter: but that vision has grown up and is being passed on from generation to generation. >> i am a jedi, like my father before me. >> reporter: who do you think is the scariest villain, darth vader or kylo ren? >> well, kylo ren has a bit of an attitude.
7:47 am
i'll go with vader. >> join me. together, we can rule the galaxy as father and son. >> reporter: but to truly rule the galaxy takes an incredible costume. hundreds hitting the stage to show off their perfectly detailed queens. and trot out their tontons. but it was this blinged out stormtrooper who took the prize. so how do the originals feel about the enduring energy from their adoring fans? after all these years, it's still such an emotional and spiritual experience for your fans. is that surprising? >> yes. in a word. because i thought, you know, there's the different categories. people that just don't care for it. people that like it enough to go see it once. and then there's the point that i -- label them upfs. ultra passionate fans. >> lightning round. >> john, r2-d2 or bb-8? >> bb-8. >> better pilot, rey or han solo? >> han solo.
7:48 am
>> most intimidating "star wars" character? >> kit visto. >> the villain you would most like to kill. >> emperor palpatine. >> biggest jokester on set? >> daisy ridley. >> really? >> daisy ridley. yes. >> most likely to break character while shooting a scene. >> benicio. >> really? benicio del toro, who has a part in the latest installment. it's really quite impressive by the way. finn will have a unique experience. he'll go off with one of the new characters, rose, that you'll see. they may or may not have a romance. but 40 years. the broad appeal. is your little guy into it? >> not yet. but -- he has, darth vader and r2-d2 bath toys. so -- he's -- he's starting. >> planting it. >> planting the seeds early. >> as lucas said, it's for 12-year-olds. we all feel it. >> and 2-year-olds. stick around. "pop news" is next. with adrienne. "pop news" is next.
7:49 am
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♪ hey, it's time for "pop news." adrienne is back. and she brought chocolate. >> yeah, sugar. >> forget lent season and fasting, right? let's talk "pop news." lady gaga wowing the audience at the super bowl. now she's done it again at coachella. the singer gave her little monsters one heck of a show in the desert. taking over for beyonce. if somebody is going to take over for beyonce, it's got to be gaga. she debuted a new song called "the cure." listen. ♪ ♪ you decide when you fall >> she sounds amazing. gaga has nothing on this guy. ♪ i, i'm so in love with you
7:54 am
oh, no. [ laughter ] ♪ whatever you want to do that is low. >> all right. we just had to do it. >> that was private. >> it was perfect. >> when's your album coming out? >> never. >> the first time ron sang on "good morning america weekend." >> ever. >> we're honored. we're an honored audience today. many of us will be celebrating like we are right now with black top in new york city, featuring today only, an over-the-top peeps shake. we ordered some for everybody. cherry flavored shake here. >> this -- >> pastel sprinkles. whipped cream, frosting, and of course, peeps. mine are chocolate-covered. >> that is so good. >> so you're feasting on that. with a little help from wallet hub, we're bringing you easter by the numbers. as far as spending goes. the site predicts the average celebrator will shell out $152 during the holiday with total
7:55 am
easter day expenses being over $18 billion. 56% of us plan to cook. not me. 2.6 billion eggs are purchased each march. >> it's a lot of eggs. >> and 49% of us will decorate them. of course, when it comes to the old chocolate easter bunny, almost 89% of us eat the ears first. >> do you guys eat the ears first? >> it depends. >> 6.6% start feet first. i didn't know they had feet. >> they don't. >> 4.7% eat the tail. i would never eat the tail first. what is that craziness? >> where are we getting these numbers from? >> first of all, you have to see -- >> nice. >> you have to see if it's solid or not. >> you smashed it. you completely smashed it. >> you can enjoy some lovely 100-calorie treats. if you have a few almonds or a handful of jelly beans. >> this shake is actually only 100 calories.
7:56 am
reminder, martha has a big show coming up. she'll anchor from south korea. we leave you with a little bit of ron. >> no, no, no. ♪ i'm so in love with you whatever you want to do is all right with me ♪ good morning, i'm kate larson. happening today, the warriors' quest for another championship begins today right here on abc 7. the team has a new playoff motto as they try to reach the nba finals for the third year in a row. abc 7 news was inside oracle
7:57 am
arena when workers put out gold warriors playoff t-shirts on every seat. it took 40 people about three hours to put t-shirts on all 19,000-plus seats. it encourages fans to arrive early today. the a's also playing at the coliseum today. tipoff for the warriors is 12:30, first pitch for the a's at 1:05. if you don't have tickets, abc 7 is the only place to watch portland take on the followed by abc 7 news at 5:00. here's frances dinglasan with a look at our forecast. >> temperatures san francisco 55, oakland 57. live doppler 7, a system is going to be moving in in the next few hours. still dry, though, through 9:00.
7:58 am
then by noon to 3:00 is when we see the light to moderate showers move through the bay area, tapering off this evening. so if you have easter plans, get the egg you not in now because the showers arrive midday. light showers continue into the afternoon, tapering off by this evening. ears the accuweather 7-day forecast. mild temperatures, near 60 inland, then another system moves in tuesday and a dry midweek. kate? >> thanks, frances. this week
7:59 am
8:00 am
starting right now on a special edition of "this week" with george stephanopoulos. high alert. overnight, north korea launching another missile. it failed. these new images have the world on edge. are they missiles that could some day reach the u.s.? all eyes on the country's unpredictable leader. and how will president trump handle this major foreign policy test? >> north korea is a problem. the problem will be taken care of. >> martha raddatz just miles from the north korean border. >> you're going to use this. i'll be checking here. >> on the ground with the first line of defense. the service members on high alert. how close are we to confrontation? >> you would say the threat is pretty real? >> it's very real. >> tough questions ahead. our exclusive intervie


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