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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  April 17, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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d.c. >> reporter: with all eyes on north korea, a weekend missile launch failed in spectacular fashion. u.s. commanders say a medium range ballistic missile blew up almost immediately after launch with the world watching, humiliating the leader, kim jong-un. new questions over why that launch failed and whether a u.s. cyber attack could have brought the missile down. >> i don't think so but i wouldn't rule it out. >> there's a strong belief the americans have been successful on several occasions in enter resulting these testses and making them fail. >> and that failed test >> this problem is coming to a head, so it's time for us to undertake all actions we can short of a military option to
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try and resolve this peacefully. >> but all options are on the table. >> the administration warning the u.s. will take action amid the concerns the regime is getting closer to be able to reach the continental of the united states with a missile, and if they pull the trigger, forces say they are prepared. >> we are trained day in and day out to fight ready, as we say it. >> officials are sure kim jong-un is not giving up on a long-range missile with a nuclear warhead capable of reaching the u.s., and the u.s. is depending on china to flex its muscle with north korea and its weapons. i am tracking breaking news out of south korea. former president, park, has been
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charged and the 65-year-old is the country's first female president. she was elected in 2012 and impeached last month. she faces from ten years to life in prison. dozens of high-level figures including the air to samsung has been indicted and awaiting their own criminal trials. and dianne feinstein is to hold a town hall event in san francisco. feinstein has held campaign fundraisers recently but made an announcement to say she will be running. a man accused of shooting and killing his ex-girlfriend in front of her children is set to be arraigned.
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it happened while franklin was taking her children to school and they were in the backseat of the car and saw their mother get killed. he was charged with first degree murder andng held on $3.1 million bail. a young woman is dead after falling from a balcony on cal campus. police say the 21-year-old woman from elk grove likely fell from a third story balcony. she was breathing but unconscious when first responders first arrived and then died at the hospital. she is active in a sorority, and it appears to be an accident. police are investigating. a mother and daughter visiting san francisco are relieved after police reunited them with ashes stolen from their rental car. melanie woodrow explains they changed their mind about spreading them here in the bay area. >> there's no words to describe the joy and the overwhelming love i have in my heart for
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having him in my hands and having him back with us. >> julia is clutching her father's ash's after losing him a second time. he died from a heart attack nearly eight months ago. wednesday julia and her mom, mary, arrived in san francisco, one of joe's favorite cities. they planned to spread his ashes but the time they parked in a fisherman wharf's parking lot, somebody broke in their car and stole them. >> it's a person. it's like robbing a grave. >> and even after they explained what was stolen, they were told to fill out an online report. saturday they received the call. >> somebody had turned him into
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one of the undercover officers. >> the family is grateful and hopeful their story might help somebody else. >> in the future if somebody calls like a situation like this, i would hope they would listen a little more intensive tea. >> and she said she never lost sight of her faith and love. >> you can call it want, universe, spirit, god, i don't know, it is what it is, but it's a powerful force. >> in the end, she says she believes her father found his way back to them. in san francisco, melanie woodrow, abc7 news. >> happy for that family. renters right as the kids are on a hunger strike. the senate expected to vote on two new rules that would vote on tenants being effected for no reason.
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our media partner reports the hunger strike started on friday. and then yesterday morning on barry street, a man started yelling for help when he got lost in the sewers. an officer called firefighters who arrived to rescue the man. let's talk about temperatures specifically just how much warmer it is right now than this time yesterday. you can see, look at that, we're about one in satisfy on the low to six to seven degrees in livermore. here's a look at the temperature. running in the mid to upper 50s in san francisco. the warmest spot is the castro at about 58 degrees. 57 right now, and that's how you need to dress in richmond, san
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francisco, walnut creek, and pittsbu pittsburg, 55. below average once again from 60 at half moon bay, and one of the warm spots, san jose at about 68 degrees. tomorrow we rebound a little bit. a few 70s around concord and san jose. and then on wednesday, nearly steady, 60 to 71 degrees from san francisco to antioch and san jose. you can see it's going to be damp this morning for your commute. the lows tonight are going to run in the low to mid-'50s, so mild because the chance of rain and crowd cover hangs around, today, tomorrow, wednesday and thursday. we will look at the hour by hour
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in the next 48 hours. coming up, 80s, alexis. >> we are looking forward to that. look at the golden gate bridge. it's soggy and reduced visibility, as well. and somebody clipped one of the toll booths and damaged one of the arms to the toll gate so i don't know if we have a lane down or not, but just one of those days you will want to slow down and take it easy. also a problem on the peninsula, just cleared up a few moments ago. we did have that ramp closed due to a crash but that cleared a few moments ago. and let take a look at video here. we had significant delays due to a mysterious electrical issue in the concord and martinez and pittsburg area. they don't have an answer, there was a burning smell, and it was only affecting the longer trains
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but they don't know the cause of that, and in any case i don't think it's going to be a prub this morning. we are keeping a close eye on that, and no issues or delays reported. hopefully that stays on track this morning. next traffic update coming up around 4:50. something to keep in mind as you drive around this morning, today is the stpaurt of roll to school week. dozens of schools are taking part in this year's event. it started in 2009, and it expanded to a week instead of a day. more bad press for united airlines, and now a couple gets booted from the flight and they say it was justifified. and then we have reaction from a shooting, and then a massive manhunt for the shooter. if you are getting wet weather where you live, take a
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photo and share it with us using #abc7now. storm impact scale, today's storm is level one. that means light rain, so keep an umbrella handy and drive safely. safely. track today's storm anytime
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>> announcer: abc7 mornings. >> a massive manhunt is spreading to five states for a spreading to five states for a man that shot a pointblank range and then posting it on facebook. police think he has left ohio and now the fbi is joining the search. steven up loaded video which appears to show him shooting a random stranger. in the video he claims he killed several other people, and police have not verified that claim. >> this man right here was a good man. and i just hate -- i hate he's gone. you know what i mean? i don't know what i am going to do? it's not real. >> i feel like my heart is going to stop. >> a facebook spokesperson calls this a horrific crime. and his page is now deactivated. a week after a man was
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dragged off a united airlines dragged off a united airlines flight n. a and then t to sit in their assigned seats and they did it, and they come flied and then they were asked to leave the plane. in a statement, the they did not follow crew instructions to return to their
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assigned seats. at the live desk we are tracking a big mess for drivers in atlanta. a toxic spill shut down the connector in atlanta, and one of the main thoroughfares that goes into downtown. a live look, there are cars on the roadway right now. there's still certainly a bit of a backup. here was the problem earlier. an overturned big rig leaked some sort of toxic chemical for hours. people being kept a distance away for quite sometime crews were able to clean up the mess, and already drivers being told to expect one to two hour delays into downtown this morning, especially as rush hour continues. today starts the neil gorsuch's first week on the bench. they will hear about the separation of church and state. the outcome could make it easier
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to pay for private religious schooling in many states. the trump family will host their first easter egg roll. the martin family circus, a band from nashville is driving up to washington, d.c. in an rv for the annual event, and 21,000 guests are expected to attend. the easter egg roll will be smaller than last year, which featured 30,000 people. a lot of people this weekend had to rearrange their easter egg hunts. >> we did one on saturday and one on sunday. when you have two little girls you have to do them all the time. we did get it in in time. it started raining around 11:30 in san jose, mike. >> yeah, close to what we were talking about. i think we mentioned friday by noon rain would be falling in the entire area, not bad for a forecast 48 hours out.
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here's a look at the golden gate bridge. it will turn over to showers during the evening hours as our next storm arrives and that will linger through tomorrow morning's commute. once we get past the storms on thursday, we will have above average warmth in the 80s this weekend. the low pressure will sit there the next 72 hours and spin off energies that will keep us in this wet pattern and cooler than average. and this is when it's going to be wettest, and this is when your commute will be the most challenging. as we head into the evening hours, most of the showers will come in after we arrived home, and not expecting much damage, just more of a nuisance, especially this morning. look at the green out there from 7:00 to 10:00. you can see it tapering until noon, a random shower po
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as puddles on the roadways tomorrow morning when we wake up. wet weather, a couple hundreds of an inch in the morning commute. and my accuweather 7day forecast, the rain in thursday morning and the sunshine returns on friday, saturday and sunday. >> sounds good, mike. i want to show asoggy bay bridge right now. it's on the fremont street off-ramp, and it's not slowing down the main lanes but you have to take the harrison exit on the left instead of the exit on the right. seeing a ton on live doppler 7, but a lot of that is mist and drizzle and it's not picking a lot of that up, but you will have to use your wipers in a lot of areas.
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westbound 205 at tracy boulevard, we have a crash block the two right lanes and you are jammed solid from i-5, so probably going to run into delays there. and westbound 580, tracy to dublin, 26 minutes. you are in the green. dublin to mission boulevard, about 15. and 85, 101 to cupertino, 16 minutes. it may be the eighth movie in the franchise, but many still obsessed with the fast and furious. >> police uncovered something that left them scratching their heads. the roads are wet this morning, and mike and alexis are helping get through the trouble spots. we are going to keep you updated on weather and traffic throughout the break, but first this morning's tech bites. apple has a permit to test
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self driving cars. >> apple joins other companies in the race to develop self driving vehicles. google is offering fashion tips to help you pick out the perfect outfit. >> when you use your mobile app to look at things like dresses or shirts, you will get a bunch of images showing how that item can be worn. >> perfect for lazy news anchors like myself. >> drones spot sharks underwater allowing lifeguards to warn allowing lifeguards to warn swimmers.
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a man was knocked unconscious during the brawl in a southern california walmart. it happened north of san bernardino on saturday night. one man was arrested. police are looking for another man seen in the video. a bold and attempted burglary in southern california was caught on camera. take a this happened at a store in western l.a. the people are shown inside the bank, but when officers arrived
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the truck was gone. but doesn't appear any money was missing. nobody was did locate the abandoned flatbed truck hours later. the boston marathon starts in an hour and hundreds of thousands people will line the streets of boston to watch more than 30,000 runners compete. saturday marked the 40th anniversary of the bombing that left three people dead and more than 250 others injured. this year police are using drones to help keep an eye on the race route. the marathon starts at 5:50 this morning our time and we will try to check in later in the newscast. the bay bridge toll plaza, you can see how wet it is and the mist hanging in the air this morning. temperatures today anywhere from two to seven degrees below average. and let's look at what is going to happen at the game over at
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the coliseum. it's going to be dry, but the more late the game goes the more likely a shower will develop. now we have a one on monday, wus, wednesday and thursday, and then it's a one and it's light. they are going to be showers and not everybody is going to be wet and it's not going to be enough to cause significant damage but will keep our temperatures below average and it will hit a lot of our morning and evening commutes. alexis. right now we are dealing with the wet pavement this morning. the san rafael bridge, it's soggy. today you will want to drive for conditions. the south bay looking fairly dry here, so it could be hit or miss for your commute, but more often than not we are seeing soggy driving conditions. it has been fairly light, and westbound 80, 17 minutes and eight minutes across the bay
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bridge, and southbound 101, if you have a flight leaving for san francisco, that should stay in the green there just about ten minutes for you. we do have one new problem in the east bay and we will check on that coming up next. a lot of people are watching television on their computers, tablets or phones. >> kids like to watch it on tv. 17 hours of live tv each week is the average, although that that's a problem of 90 minutes weekly from the year before. by comparison kids only spent about 4.5 hours each week watching video content on other devices. i don't know if we should be happy or sad about that? >> seems like we are watching everywhere, so doesn't matter. >> and then the biggest worldwide debut at all times. >> we are going to need a bigger truck.
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>> a universal pictures estimated the fate of the furious would earn $530 million over the weekend. over the weekend. if that holds it will beat "star wars" series. and then several airlines are responding with policy changes. have you seen this truck here? now it's missing. more details behind a new report about rapidly rising sea levels here in the bay area. and then this is the toll and then this is the toll plaza, and it's
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>> announcer: good morning east bay. let's get up and get going. >> announcer: this is "abc7 mornings." >> new this morning, vice president mike pence makes a surprise visit to south korea. what happened overnight as pence starts his ten-day asia pacific tour. and then fog on the bay bridge right now and don't forget about the wet roads out there. good morning and thank you for joining us on on this monday, april 17th. i am matt keller. >> i am jessica castro, and reggie and natasha are off, and mike and alexis >> it's so close to the ground, and it doesn't show up on the live doppler 7. here's a look at the peninsula where we wl


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