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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  April 17, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> announcer: good morning east bay. let's get up and get going. >> announcer: this is "abc7 mornings." >> new this morning, vice president mike pence makes a surprise visit to south korea. what happened overnight as pence starts his ten-day asia pacific tour. and then fog on the bay bridge right now and don't forget about the wet roads out there. good morning and thank you for joining us on on this monday, april 17th. i am matt keller. >> i am jessica castro, and reggie and natasha are off, and mike and alexis >> it's so close to the ground, and it doesn't show up on the live doppler 7. here's a look at the peninsula where we will have arrivals at
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sfo. damp but mild. it will be dry at lunch, but still great. temperatures cooler than average once again, 58 to 65. check out 7:00. 56 to 62 degrees. our next storm system starting to roll in, and we have about three this week. more on that next. we have had a handful of crashes already, and you will want to slow down and drive for conditions. southbound 880, a new collision reported in the far right lane and sounds like everybody still sitting in their check, and chp is on the way to the scene. and then we will look at some of the soggy traffic cameras coming up in less than ten. and airlines are changing the way they do business in the wake of the united controversy last week. >> tiffany
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morning with details. >> reporter: three major airlines changed their policies, delta, american and united after this major confrontation last sunday. you can see a man getting dragged off of a plane that he was on. that was a united flight. it has some people calling for changes the way all airlines do business. three airlines responded so far, and delta increased its pay to passengers bumped off flights and it can pay up to 9, you have to give up a seat, and if you are onboard you cannot be removed from your seat for somebody else, and united requires somebody to book a seat on a flight at least an hour before takeoff. >> they are positive changes. i think it will help passengers feel more comfortable that they
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won't lose their spot on the plane. >> some politicians wanted airlines to go further and calling for changes to the practice of routinely overbooking flights and so far no carriers made changes to that. tiffany wilson, abc7 news. >> thank you, tiffany. new this morning we are hearing from vice president pence who made a surprise visit to south korea. >> he called an end of what he called strategic patience. he got a look yoon po korean post, and he said all options are on the table in dealing with any threats from the north. >> we express the revolve of the people of the united states of america to stand together in the months and the years ahead with the people of south korea, to
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preserve their freedom. >> pence also says the north's continual testing of missiles is unacceptable. >> an officer tells abc news if kim jong-un would challenge the u.s., and they say north korea should know the u.s. and south korea are ready to fight. sky 7 was overhead on saturday and so far police made 23 arrest and seven people face felony charges. protest started at civic center park and as people started streaming out to the park and on to city streets, brawls started breaking out. 11 people were hurt. and new this morning, a man
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and new this morning, a man arrested on suspicion highway 101. parts that matched his vehicle were found at the corral. and this piece of stolen property is used to deliver food to the needy in the east bay. >> they call her susie and almost every day the refrigerated truck picked up and delivered food county. >> for us, susie, the truck, was
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like a personal friends. we hate the loss. she was our very first refrigerated vehicle. >> white pony express is a new organization. it was founded 3 1/2 years ago, and since then it picked up 4.5 million pounds from surplus foods from restaurants and grocery stores. and this is susie in action as a food and clothing giveaway at a san pablo school recently. not having her in the fleet is going to create major juggling. going to create major juggling. >> we have fix. it's not a permanent fix. >> replacing susie will cost $75,000, the money the non-profit doesn't have, but white pony is hoping somebody will recognize the logo. >> we are hoping it's going to
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be returned. >> in pleasant hill, abc7 news. police are searching for a shooter in vallejo that open fire at a party. the victims were outside a home on calhoun street when somebody inside a car across the street shot at them. now a live morni "abc7 mornings." >> and then two officers shot and a woman and her two teenage sons are in custody. the officers were responding to a report of an attempted burgly of a home when a shot was shot through a window and one officer was shot in the face and the other was shot in the arm and is released in the hospital, and a woman and her 19-year-old and 14-year-old sons were taken into custody. police believe the older son was the one firing the gun, thinking he was shooting at possible
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intruders and not the officers. in the north bay, climate change might be the blame to higher seas. santa rosa reports it could be as ice as far as way from iceland. let's talk about temperatures. hi, everybody. we are very mild this morning. low to mid-50s from -- look at that, 55 to 56 in the east bay valleys. in the elevations, 51, and let's see how everybody else is doing. 50 in los gatos. san jose, mountain view, 58, and san francisco 56, and fairfield at 54. here's one of the drier spots this morning, 101 and 880, even
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though we had nearly a quarter inch of rain in the last 24 hours right now, and not seeing any service reports of drizzle making it down into your neighborhoods yet. light breezes today on the water, and you will need the umbrella if you are going to be out and about for the morning hours. see what happens in the afternoon hours? there's a chance of a stray shower but for the most part that will come in as we get deeper into the evening hours. temperatures range from 60 to 65 degrees, and in the south bay in the upper 60s. tonight 50 at half the warm spots richmond and oakland. here's a look around the state today. we have 75 in l.a., and 92 at palm springs, and 75 in fresno. tahoe about 46 degrees with a chance of light showers today. moderate showers tomorrow. more light showers thursday. it gets warmer than average on saturday and sunday. we have 80s in my accuweather forecast. here's alexis.
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a little soggy and reduced visibility, and heavy mist here on the bay bridge raoeupblg now, and we had a blocking on fremont when you get into san francisco and sounds like that cleared. we never did have much of a backup on the main line. hearing about a new problem on b.a.r.t. but it already has been resolved. an earlier equipment problem on a train so there was a ten-minute delay but should clear out fairly quickly. we will check on drive times coming up at 5:20. and then a million-dollar find inside an apartment. part of you will this cash could be yours. we will explain how. and the warriors playoff run is under way, and the team honored a 10-year-old bone cancer survivor. let's take a look outside from the top of our studios here. >> beautiful look at the
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embarcadero. stay on top of weather and traffic by keeping tabs on your traffic by keeping tabs on your screen throughout
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>> announcer: storm impact scale, today's storm is level one, and that means light rain so keep an umbrella handy. track storms anytime on the abc7 news app. download it now. you take a live
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side at the golden gate bridge. mike says a lot of the poor visibility is because of all the mist out there. we will check in with mike and alexis and have the expert tips to get around it all this morning. >> we are getting incredible drone video out of italy. this is lava flow from the latest eruption of mt. aetna. it happened last week from europe's largest active sraul taeupb yo. the latest round of eruptions started around february. meanwhile, a shocking sight. anti-corruption investigators in nigeria trying to figure out who left $43 million in cash inside left $43 million in cash inside an empty the agency raided the
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that's a lot of cash. and then confident they arrested a right man who killed a woman while she was out during a run. >> in this morning's look, the alleged killer of the 27-year-old is now in police custody. >> we got him. >> behind bars and being held on $10 million bail eight months after the google employee's was found. >> it was through her fight and efforts we determined the dna of her killer. >> i will always, always be proud of her. she's a fighter, and every day she makes me want to be a better person. >> finding the person that did this isn't going to bring vanessa back, but we are relieved and it gives our family some peace that the person is found and he can't do this to somebody else. >> coming up at 7:00 a.m.,
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former fbi special agent brad garrett weighs in on the case. i am lindsay davis, abc7 news, boston. police took a teenager into custody after he threatened suicide and attacked officers. there was a report of a breaking windows. the teen was taken to the hospital for treatment. new research shows regular doses of aspirin may reduce the risk of dying from cancer. more than 100 person took part in the study. for a woman it was 7% lower. in the study the largest impact in the study the largest impact for both sexes was for rectal cancer. and the shuttle service,
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chariot, could be the first bus to union in the city. a union representative says the wages are not enough to survive here in the bay area, and the here in the bay area, and the drivers made it was a big sunday for the warriors. they beat the portland trail blazers, and they won game one of their first playoff series. >> the game was especially meaningful for one f a boy's foot was rotated and he reattached to what was left of his upper leg to act as the knee. chris and his family got the vip treatment yesterday. >> on top of that, how wonderful the warriors have been to our family while we were going through a difficult time.
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it's a happy day to be here. >> chris underwent his surgery at sanford children's hospital six months ago and he is able to play basketball once again. >> love how the warriors take care of their young fans like that. >> absolutely. it's time to check in with mike nicco with a look at your forecast. >> it's nice to see they can support the community. love that. and you can see the rain trying to move through the sou it's out towards the altamont pass. you can see the moist and southerly flow. so when the rain starts to dry up around 9:00, 10:00, it will be cloudy and humid and a little cooler than average today. the san mateo bridge here. the storm arrives after the
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evening commute is over. above average weekend warmth, finally 70s and 80s come into the forecast. guess what you have to go through first? yeah, more storms. light ones on the storm impact scale because the rain is going to be 0.1 to quarter of an inch today. by 9:00, it starts to taper. by 10:00 or 11:00, it's gone. most of us are dry for the noon hour. all the way up until 4:00, you can see a few rogue showers in the north bay by 7:00. 9:00, 10:00, all the way through tomorrow's morning commute light to moderate rain. when that comes in, quarter to half an inch of rain is possible. that will taper and tuesday evening will be dry, and wednesday morning is dry, and wednesday evening into thursday morning will be wet once again and then look at the picture perfect days for friday, saturday and sunday. kind of murky this morning, alexis. >> yeah, and we have to get through the monday morningfirst.
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boy, as mike has been explaining, so close to the ground level the radar having a hard time picking that up. it's soggier than that appears. we have a report of a collision of a vehicle blocking the far right lane and it looks like chp ran a traffic break through there and we are looking at green traveling conditions and that's the lighter side of things this time of day, and i don't think it will be a major issue. bay bridge toll plaza, no metering lights yet. and a quick check of drive times here this morning, too. no issues southbound of 80 highway 4 to walnut creek, six minutes. and then up to 38 minutes now westbound 580, tracy into dublin. mike is always teaching us about the weather and also teaching kids, went to a local school recently. >> how did it go? >> i thought it went great. a lot of hugs and hi-fives
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afterwards. you can see, these are some of the kindergarten questions. they were so attentive and smart. so well behaved. i spoke to the kindergarten through fifth graders first, and sixth, seventh and eighth graders, we still talked about weather but a little different, and thank you to the principal, mrs. laura miller, and two teachers, and that is probably the most fun at least i have doing this job. when you get to go out and you see the rolook on the >> thanks for the sweatshirt, too. >> oh, yeah, you got to wear that on tv. >> yeah, i will bring it tomorrow. >> put it over the suit. thanks, mike. what would you name april,
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the giraffe's, name. he was born saturday weighing in at 129 pounds with a clean bill of health. a live look right now, they put the baby back in the pen with mama there. the zoo is holding an online contest to name the baby boy, you have to pay a dollar per name and all proceeds go to charity. very cool. mama not paying any attention to him right now, though. >> baby matt. what do you think? >> a lot of crying and always hungry. that would be me, huh? next the seven things you need to know as you start your day. >> and the easter surprise that left this young fan and his left this young fan and his family
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the seven things you need to know before you go. number one, berkeley police plan to make more arrest following the weekend's duelling pro antitrust protests. number two, vice president mike pence is in south korea. he says all options are on the table when it comes to the north korea launches. and then a frightening scene, and delta is offering $9,000 to customers that give up their seats and american says it won't bump any passenger who is already seated. number three, interestingly, the number one question i get asked lately, when is the rain going to end? we have more in the forecast. can you see it right here, especially during the morning commute. several more chances through thursday, and then we have 70s and 80s for this coming weekend. looking forward to that. number five this morning, of course we are dealing with some of the mist and tkreusle here for the monday morning commute.
5:26 am
here's a live look at the richmond side of 580 of the richmond and san rafael bridge. a handful of crashes already, so drive for conditions today. drive for conditions today. number looking at the sidewalks. and then the answer to many coffee drinkers dreams, coffee hitting the market. not cheap. not cheap. two coffees will run you >> so one coffee $3.75. we have to do math this morning unless they only come in pairs. and sergeant trading
5:27 am
shirt for a jersey. hs wife and kids were khochoseno helping, and that's when they got the real surprise. >> really excited. glad he is home. >> it was a logistic nightmare. when we found out about it we had five days to get me home. >> took him 27 hours and five flights to get home from afghanistan, well worth it. he made it. those stories never get old for me. >> always get you. >> dad, are you going to play? he is like, no way. you see those guys out there? we are coming back with a full 90 minutes of news. above ground, things could be more packed than usual today. the reason thousands of children are expected to hit the pavement. pavement. and
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>> announcer: good morning, south bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc7 mornings." it's monday, april 17th. reggie and natasha, taking the day off. listening to all the rain. >> yeah, it's more of a mist this morning, right, mike? >> yeah, a lit mist, and no doubt they are at home doing their taxes like i should be. there's a lot more moisture out there than what its picking up. from southeast looking at the bay bridge. we have got drizzle to light rain through at least 9:00, and then tapering to mainly cloudy conditions, and then our next storm arrives at 7:00 with more showers. the temperatures today in the 50s this morning, mainly 50s at the coast, to low to mid-60s for the rest of us. chilly again by april standards. we have had a handful of crashes already this morning, don't have anything currently
5:31 am
blocking so that's the good news, no major issues. here's a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. looks like the metering lights are on. mass transit, one issue so far about a 10-minute delay, they had an earlier problem on the train and that should be thinning out here quickly. next traffic update coming up a 5:40. concord getting upgrades. >> amy hollyfield is live with what it means for a amy. >> reporter: look at the equipment they brought in and put a fence around already some morning. but some passengers we talked to are convinced this is not necessary. here are pictures from b.a.r.t. of what the plaza is to look
5:32 am
like. when riders need to walk or bike from downtown concord they will have a better path, and this is going to cost $6.5 million, but riders we spoke to said the concern the plaza doesn't bother them. >> i have not given it no thought. i don't see a problem with it, though. i guess people would love it. i think it would be nice. >> here are some specifics to look for as the work gets under way. they will be raising the crosswalks. you will notice new lighting here at the concord and b.a.r.t. station. new striping on the bike paths and new plants and trees. they have a ground-breaking ceremony. reporting live in concord, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. vice president mike pence is in south korea this morning hoping to send a message to the
5:33 am
north. a failed test has not eliminated the looming threat of north the looming threat of north korea's sixth test and new missiles tphraupbted in a new parade. >> all options are on the table. >> u.s. officials are confident kim jong-un is not giving up on long-range missiles. happening today senator dianne feinstein is scheduled to hold her first town hall event since trump took office. feinstein has held campaign fundraise fundraisers recently but has not made a formal announcement. she turns 84 in june and is the oldest currently serving u.s. senator. meanwhile a group will hold a news conference before the town hall urging feinstein to retire.
5:34 am
a san pablo man accused of shooting and killing his girlfriend in front of her children. it happened while franklin was taking her children to school. they were in the backseat of the car and saw their mother get killed. mcbride has been charged with first-degree murder and is being held on $3.1 million bail. a young woman is dead after falling from a balcony from a campus. it happened at dwight way and college avenue. the woman likely fell from a third story balcony. she was breathing but unconscious when med eubics arr. it appeared to be an accident. police are investigating. a massive manhunt is spreading to five states for the man wanted for shooting a stranger at pointblank range and posting the video to facebook. 37-year-old steve stevens is suspected in the brutal shooting in cleveland yesterday.
5:35 am
police think he has left ohio and now the fbi joined the search. stevens up loaded video showing him killing a random stranger. in the video stevens claimed to have killed several other people but police have not verified the victim's family is in shock. >> this man right here was a good man. i just hate -- i hate he's gone. you know what i mean? i don't know what i'm going to do. it's not real. >> i feel like my heart is going to stop. >> a facebook spokesperson called this a horrific crime and says the company does not allow this content on the social media site. his facebook page is now de a a deactivat deactivated. and then a man's stolen ashes were finally returned. we first broke the ashes being stolen from a rental car on thursday.
5:36 am
wilkinson wanted to spread his ashes in the bay, one of his favorite places, and she and her daughter reached out to reporters after the police asked them to fill out a report online instead of sending officers. >> there's no words to describe the joy and the overwhelming love i have in my heart for having him in my hands and back with us. >> the wilkinsons have changed their plans and will not spread his ashes in san francisco. and then a battle of landlords versus tenants. the city council is expected to vote on two new rules. it's legal right now in san jose for landlords to event tenants without giving a reason ppb the
5:37 am
hunger strike started on friday and supporters plan to continue it through tomorrow's vote. san francisco firefighters had to rescue a man who divided to explore the sewer system. it happened on berry street in the mission bay neighborhood. the man yelled for help when he got lost in the sewers. an officer hurt him through the sewer grate and called firefighters to help rescue him. and kids and their families are encouraged to walk, bike, scooter or take public transportation to school in san francisco. dozens of schools are taking part in the event. bike and roll has expanded to a week, and co-insides with earth day which is saturday. unfortunately a little damp this morning, but tomorrow will be a little better. we are going to try and trade off commutes, which will be wet
5:38 am
and which won't be. let's focus on the sunol grade all the way down up towards san ramon valley. it's going to keep things moist but mild, dress for low to mid-50s and to stay dry. mid-50s and to stay dry. 57 right now in newark. alameda, san carlos, and san francisco, at about 56 degrees. here's what is going to happen today. we will have a mild flow but the lack of sunshine is going to keep us cooler. still, kind of comfortable. about 60 to 65 degrees. look at the south bay, warmer in san jose. san jose and concord will hit 70 tomorrow while the rest of us are 62 to 69 degrees, and the same temperatures for wednesday. here's one of the areas that received a whole lot of rain in
5:39 am
the last 24 hours, two-thirds of an inch. you are seeing cars coming at us from the east and so if you are going to be on the roads, especially this morning, it's going to be damp. and wet spots, if you are taking mass transit, some of the stops could be wet again this morning. and you could see green and yellow out there. here's a look at the next four days and our chances of rain. i will map those out hour by hour. i will tell you when the 70s are coming. >> that's what i want to know, mike. we have soggy conditions, as mike just told us. the metering lights were flipped on officially at 5:28, and we did get official word there. as i flip over to the traffic maps i have live doppler 7 over the traffic maps and doesn't look like much, and it's so low the mist and drizzle the radar
5:40 am
having a hard time picking it up and it's more soggy than what you are seeing here. we had an earlier crash on 205 in the tracy area that is long gone at this point. 18 miles per hour and 20 miles per hour as you get close to altamont pass and that's the norm. we are starting to see the full volumes return. a quick check of drive times. westbound 580, the rafael bridge, that's seven minutes across. united is responding to another incident involving newlyweds that say they were removed from their honeymoon flight. >> a truck backs into a ban income an apparent robbery attempt, and things did not go as planned, though. keep track of weather and traffic with abc7 news now. traffic with abc7 news now. what a beautiful shot
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welcome back. let's give you a live look at how your commute is shaping up. spoiler alert. not good at this point. this is the emeryville camera, and headlights are westbound on i-80. we are watching fog and drizzle coming down this morning and we will have a closer look for you at the forecast and traffic in
5:44 am
just a few moments. a week after a man was dragged off an airlines flight in a video seen around the world, and the airline facing more backlash. michael and his fiance were on their way to get married in coast arico. somebody was laying across their seats asleep when they boarded so they sat in different seats. a flight attendant told them to sit in their assigned seats and they cooperated but then a u.s. marshal came on the flight and told them they could not fly. >> for us we were going to go get married, and the way united airlines handled this was absurd. >> in a statement united said these passengers repeatedly attempted to sit in upgrading seating which they did not purchase and they would not follow crew instructions to return to their assigned seats.
5:45 am
return to their assigned seats. today marks the start of the first week for justice neil gorsuch. the court will hear an important case on the separation of church and state. the outcome could make it easier to make state money to pay for private schools in some states. and then the deadline for taxes was postponed. and washington, d.c. has a holiday today and that deadline has pushed tomorrow. the irs processed returns. and planet fitness location are giving tax relief smassages
5:46 am
through saturday. california rakes in more in income tax than any other state. it collected $87 million in income tax in 2015. seems pretty low. that's $38 million more than new york state, and massachusetts and new jersey, who round out the top five. now we want to get to the live desk. 139th annual easter egg roll is at the white house. more than 21,000 expected to turn out for the paired down event. much smaller than last year which saw 35,000 people and had sirius star power with an appearance from pbeyonce. so far so good, those little ones don't seem to mind one bit. looking like nice weather out there on the east coast, and for us a little different picture, right, mike?
5:47 am
yeah, they have light rain on the way there, 69 degrees. we have wet weather here, mist and drizzle and pockets of light rain hanging over the east bay and this is from walnut creek. hope you had a relaxing weekend, because this morning's commute is a little challenging. the evening commute won't be like this. a chance of rain through thursday, not a solid rain every hour on the hour, but there are several chances. the extended period of warmth begins on friday. we are talking about possibly a whole week of above average temperatures. we are going to keep our eye on the low right here and it's going to shoot out areas of energy and that's why we are going to have a series of week storms through thursday. we are feeling the affects of it right now, and now we will have another storm coming in this evening, so the commute is the slight breeze, and it's a one on the storm impact scale. from 7:00 to 9:00, can you see it tapering a little bit.
5:48 am
it tapers from 9:00 to noon. most of us are dry during the lunch hour, but a little drizzle along the coast. and then gets to about 9:00, and then the overnight hours, the yellows and greens, that means we will have puddles on the roadway, and we will have drizzle through 9:00. notice we will see sunshine tomorrow afternoon. now the rest of the morning, we will have maybe a tenth of an inch of rain, and tonight we will have half an inch of rain. evening showers after the commute, it looks like thursday morning we will have a difficult commute, and after that thursday evening all the way through sunday we are seeing increasing sunshine and warm temperatures, and i see alexis looking at sunday and those 80s. i saw you. >> yeah, i am laser focused in on that. you got it, mike. back to reality. it's monday morning so we have a ways to go before we get to the 80s. we have a soggy drive across the
5:49 am
golden gate bridge. and earlier this morning we had somebody lose control and clip one of the toll booths. doesn't sound like a lot of damage there and that's cleaned up. no lanes blocked but one of the mornings we have had several spinout crashes and nothing serious. you want to take it easy on the ramps and curves, and just slow down and take it easy today. san jose, looking drier than anybody else so far today and a slight delay on 101 between the 680 and 880 merge. and we are looking good for mass transit. ace one and three on time. ace one and three on time. we have a ten-minute delay colma riders. take a look at the images. this happened southwest of l.a. the stolen truck was used to
5:50 am
take out the entire storefront of the chase bank. when officers arrived the truck was gone. police think they were going after the atms or other items and investigators say there does not appear there was any money missing, but police did locate the stolen flatbed first, violence inside a california walmart. what sparked this brawl caught on camera. on camera. plus millennials turn more
5:51 am
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get up to $180 off hp printers.
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keep an umbrella handy and drive safely. track today's storm anytime on the abc7 news app. download it now. welcome back. just a reminder, if you see rain where you live today take a photo or video and share it with us, it's very easy. just post on social media using #abc7now. we may use it on the air or online at a man was knocked unconscious during a brawl in a southern california walmart. it happened saturday night north of san bernardino. there was an argument between customers that escalated. one man was arrested and police are looking for another man seen in the video. happening right now, the world's most prestigious road racing event celebrating its 121st year. the boston marathon starts in about an hour and hundreds of thousands of people will line the streets of boston to watch
5:54 am
more than 30,000 runners compete. saturday marked the fourth anniversary of the bombing that left three people dead and more than 250 others injured. the marathon, just about to get under way there, started at 5:50 our time, so just started. we want to show you this live look and this year's police are using drones to help them keep an eye on that race route. i said in about an hour, but instead it just begun only four minutes ago, matt. well, seeing major progress on the construction of a new fire station. the steel frame and walls are going up. they showed the project on hoover street and rain delayed the work about two months but is still on track to be finished by the evened of the year. >> the "fast & furious," have you seen them? >> i have seen two of them. >> this is set to be the biggest
5:55 am
worldwide debut of all times. >> we're going to need a bigger truck. >> universal pictures estimated "the fate of the furious" would earn enough to beat the previous numbers, "star wars:the force awakens." >> it's pretty incredible so many people are into that movie. >> it has the rock. >> i don't know about you, mindless action movie, i am in. you had me add min >> i don't understand. >> i don't understand. >> we could see something little more saw remembcerebral . you can see the drizzle is still coming down. two to seven degrees cooler than
5:56 am
average today is our big story. all right. let's talk about the a's. they are back home at the coliseum taking on the rangers. 62 and dry at 7:05, but by the time we get to 10:00, prepare for showers and about 59. trying to figure out on what is going on the bay bridge. westbound traffic looking heavy get into the city, but i did see an ambulance go by so we may have a problem but we have not confirmed that. i want to show you drive times, too, highway 4 to the maze, no too, highway 4 to the maze, no issues, 21, and terrible, and good from san francisco to sfo. turns out not everybody is a fan of watching on tablets or phones. >> not everybody likes that. kids averaged 17 hours of live tv each week in the last three
5:57 am
months of last year, although that is a drop of about 90 minutes weekly from the year before. by comparison kids only spent 4.5 hours each week watching video content on any of their other devices like the hidden cell phones or mom and dad's ipad. new at 6:00, why you could soon see needle disposal containers in parks. >> have you seen this truck? the critical role it plays for an east bay non-profit. an east bay non-profit. airlines taking
5:58 am
5:59 am
"abc7 mornings." >> now at 6:00, a live look at the east bay commute. >> walnut creek camera shows damp roads to start your workweek, and mike says more storm are on the way. when will it end? good morning.
6:00 am
it's april 17th. mike nicco and alexis smith are here. you guys have been busy. >> a little busy, yeah. because of the wet weather out there, that means you will have a tough commute this morning, which i will let alexis tell you where those are. for me it's wet except for in the south bay where it's drier right now. this is one of those areas of proof, the golden gate bridge. the spray is coming up. a 12-hour day planner shows 50 to 57 degrees, and by noon mainly cloudy and 58 to 63. still cloudy at 4:00, 58 to 65. by 7:00, more showers are coming in as our next storm is on the way, 56 to 62. we'll talk more about the storms coming up in a minute. here's alexis. >> good morning,


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