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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  April 18, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> powers unit. >> i think our pouwers are working because the week is going to get better. >> warm sunshine on the way. we have one more storm. this one is exiting. the steadier shield is moving away from us. let me broaden out and put it into motion. you can see a drying trend, but there you go. a few low clouds out there. a little damp this morning. mild this morning. low to mid 50s. mostly cloudy at noon, but pockets of sunshine. you may want to grab the sunglasses. 59 at the coast and mid 60s for the rest of us. >> i want to start off with our traffic maps and take you back to an earlier problem that is starting to improve here. starting to improve here. westbound 580 all open. we did briefly have that
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for maybe about five minutes. that should be gone within the next few minutes. if you are traveling to the bay bridge toll plaza the metering lights are on. typical delays there. hearing about a rollover crash on 280. we'll look at that coming up. >> thank you. happening today, the san jose city council set to vote on rules that will protect tenants from being evicted for new reason. >> it would require landlords to give just cause and one would give just cause and one would protect tenants if a landlord demolishes property. >> with he need e need to look e people, but i think this lgislation goes too far and it may wind up in the courts. >> this is not a political issue. this is a moral issue because this displacement is literally tearing our community fabric
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apart. >> reporter: that woman is one of several people on a hunger strike. they started on friday and plan to continue until the happening today, a plan to accommodate more households and jobs in the bay area. it includes a strategy to invest over $300 billion in local, regional, state and federal transportation funds. they are confident the bay area can holds 800,000 more households and 1 million more jobs. the public can weigh in on the plan next month. president trump set to sign an executive order that has many in the bay area's tech industry watching closely. he's touting the buy american, hire american order. it's going to require agencies to buy more goods and services from u.s. companies and workers and clamp down on guest worker
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visas. that is what has silicon valley paying attention because many companies here have been saying they need more of those visas. president trump has accused the program of importing low wage workers to take jobs from college trained americans. >> this comes as applications are declining for the first time in five years. it announced yesterday that applications fell below 200,000 for the first time in five years. 85,000 are granted a year. a live desk update. this just coming in. police releasing the 911 calls shortly after sunday's deadly facebook shooting of a 74-year-old man. that's the story sparking a nationwide manhunt for the suspected killer steve stephens. he opened fire, shooting and killing the elderly man at random and posted this disturbing video to facebook. listen to some witnesses calling police. >> he's dead. >> okay.
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listen to me. >> he's dead. >> he's laying there. >> ma'am, what's your address. >> oh, lord have mercy. oh my god. >> you can hear the sheer shock and panic in her voice. dispatchers can be heard on these tapes telling some of those people to try to help give medical aid to that elderly victim but to no avail. back to you. >> more on that now as the search expands across the u.s., we're learning more about his background. the owner of an ohio gun range says stephens came to his range often and was there a few months ago. he has a conceal carry permit. there's a $50,000 reward for his arrest. anyone helping to hide him will face charges and the only way to help him is to give police information to bring him in peacefully. new details on a berkeley philosophy professor caused of sexual harassment.
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there's a petition calling for the university to fire the teacher. his former research assistant filed a lawsuit saying he assaulted her and the university tried to cover it up. nearly 21,000 people have signed the online petition. it cites an article saying the university knew three other students made allegations. he has been removed from his teaching post for the semester while the school investigates. santa rosa firefighters are suing the city claiming they've been cheated out of overtime for years now. more than 100 firefighters say the city is miscalculating their overtime. they want to recover their losses for the past three years. the lawsuit could cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars. mediation started last week and they have another session on may 9th. a somber reminder of the earthquake that changed san francisco. >> the anniversary is this
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morning. tiffany wilson is live for us in the mission district. >> reporter: despite the misty morning more than 100 people have gathered here for the annual painting of this fire hydrant known as the little giant. this fire hydrant is credited with helping save the mission district from the great fire that spread after the earthquake hit. the fire chief sprayed it first and then family members of am so of the survivors of the earthquake. now, that 7.8 magnitude quake hit at 5:12 in the morning on this day 111 years ago. more than 100 people gathered to remember that moment this morning. historians believe more than 3,000 people died in the earthquake and resulting fires. officials say it is important to celebrate the city's resillance and to remind people how necessary it is to prepare because we do not know when the next quake could hit. >> you can see different people
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are taking turns spraying the fire hydrant gold and this will continue on the rest of the morning. we are live in san >> thank you. bay area beaches could become smoke free if a local lawmaker has his way. immigration arrests spike under president trump. a town hall meeting today to address raising concerns. here is a look outside at here is a look outside at the bay bridge toll plaza this
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check out how inform our temperatures are this morning. 53 to 54 degrees in san francisco. this afternoon low 60s in half moon bay and the rest of us around 63 to 70. we will be cooler tomorrow and we'll be back to today's levels by thursday. walnut creek is quiet here. on the road, wet during the morning. on the water, damp during the morning. mass transit wet during the morning. it's going to get dryer this
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afternoon. 43 to about 50 degrees understounder a partly cloudy sky. we've got a couple of new rollover crashes to talk about. the first one in the north bay. the first one in the north bay. it's on southbound 1 on the vehicle is on its roof right now. we have a backup forming. that's a tough spot to have a rollover crash because likely it's going to take a while to clean up. the other one not in such a busy area. this is northbound 280. hard to tell if this is blocking or not. it landed upside on the shoulder so emergency crews are arriving. we'll check out the bay bridge commute coming up at 620. new details on a bill that would ban smoking on state beaches and state parks. the bill is now in the s file.
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here is a look at the bay bridge at 6:15 -- no, golden gate bridge. that's interesting. >> yeah. >> i do know the difference. i swear to you. >> you can barely see it in all that drizzle fog there. >> yes. it's a good practice for me not to trust the teleprompter to be honest. >> we want to see what it looks like where you live waking up this morning headed to work. snap a photo and two people are recovering this morning after an explosion and fire at a colorado home just north of denver.
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neighbors reported hearing an explosion moments before the home went up in flames. two people went to the hospital. no word on their conditions. firefighters are looking into what could have caused that blast. happening today, a town hall meeting on immigration is taking place in the north it will include a panel on immigration experts. the group says they were inspired to host the town hall because of president trump's immigration on policies. the event is at the napa valley performing art center in napa. immigration arrests are spiking. according to new data from immigration and customs, arrests of undocumented immigrants are up 33% since president trump took office. two-thirds of the arrests are convicted criminals. many of thent are being deported. prince william and lady gaga collaborating to reduce the stigma associated with mental health issues. in this video released today,
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the prince and pop star speak on facetime. mental health has been the focus of prince williams' charitable work. lady gaga has spoke of ptsd after being sexually assaulted. >> you are full of anxiety in the shape you can barely think, but it was like saying this is a part of me and that's okay. >> really great to see this. prince harry has been vocal about this issue as well. these two plan to meet face to face in october. ranchers are calling a canadian moment. canadian moment. instead of a cattle, how about a beaver. the livestock were enchanted by cattle, how about a beaver. the beaver and they decided to follow it around everywhere. animal experts say young cattle are naturally curious.
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they probably just wanted a closer look at this funny looking animal. no comments on that one. i'll take it. >> there's nothing that can be said after that. >> it did do, it made me stop working and watch. >> it got your attention. >> it did. that was awesome. it reminds me of that cartoon my kids used to watch, the angry beav beavers. there's a little mist falling out here. partly cloudy and a stray afternoon shower possible. our final storm arrives tomorrow evening. spring warmth and sunshine this weekend. here is a look at what's going to happen this afternoon. you can see some of the clearing taking place as the storm exits, but because there's still a stray shower out there when we add the energy of the sun we have a storm impact scale of a one. light. winds will remain light.
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from 7:00 to 9:00 the trend of decreasing green out there and same thing towards noon and in the afternoon just a few bits of green there. for wednesday evening into thursday, light to moderate showers. we're going to get through the evening commute okay, but by 7:00, 8:00 you can see the rain moving into the north bay. it fades into light rain. that will be our last commute that we have to deal with. wet weather. mid 60s at the coast. >> okay. we're starting to see some trouble spots. taking a look at our traffic maps, we've got a rollover crash southbound 101 in the north bay just before you get to spencer avenue. landed on its roof in the right lane. we're hearing minor injuries. if you're coming in on westbound
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80 we have a new two-car crash that is currently blocking the hov lane. looking at the bridge a little soggy now and a new crash around treasure island. >> thanks. good morning america coming up at 7:00. and a look at what's ahead. >> good morning. great to be with you this morning. coming up on gma, vice president mike pence in japan this morning to discuss how to handle the north korean crisis as we learn new details about the country's missile test and the latest on how the trump presidency has effected the ivanka trump brand. >> the combative and controversial radio host alex jones is facing a new fight as he battles for custody against his ex-wife. his lawyer is saying he's
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playing a character on the air as his ex says his show is evidence he's unstable. i'll have more coming up. michael finney explains your options for internet on the go. options for internet on the go. an effort to turn off gas
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6:24 a.m. there's a live look at downtown san francisco where you can't see the top of our now tallest building this morning because this is what we're dealing with, but have no fear. things will get better. new at 6:00, teslas are getting cheaper. the auto maker has slashed the price of its model s $75,000. the price cut comes as tesla ramps up production of its sedan due out later this year. a report is throwing cold water on the city's to maken pla the city's fleets vehicles to go electric. the city wants this done by 2020. the cost is astounding. the report concludes it will cost up to $95 million to bring
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the nearly 5,900 cars down to zero emissions. a committee of the board of supervisors is going to study that proposal on thursday. it's time to ask finney and there's a question about mobile hot spots. >> i would like to know how do you find the best hot spot carrier? >> if you need internet access while on the go without using your cell phone data, then a hot spot might work for you. pc magazine says verizon wireless, jet pack 773 oll is their top choice. for five gigs it will cost you about $50 a month. another choice is freedom pop that offers a free 500 plan. good question. thank you. >> if you have a question record
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it on your smartphone or tablet and chashare it on social media. you can see your question answered right here. next at 6:30, it's a big day for facebook. the developers conference gets under way hours for now and it's in a new location. what we can expect to hear today. a jogger in the north bay attacked on a popular trail. the search for the suspect and a warning from police before your next run. it doesn't look like it now with midst, but i have sunshine this afternoon and temperatures close to average. close to average.
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looking at live doppler 7 right now a lot of that green is to the east of us, but there are showers lingering making for a rather damp morning. >> from the north bay to the south bay, our live camera showing you slick roadways out there this morning and it could mean a messy commute. >> good morning on this tuesday april 18th. i hope you're doing well. be careful. >> the weather is changing soon. >> if you like sunshine we'll have some of that later on this afternoon. some people don't. i'm just trying to be -- maybe
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not you two. or the other four up here. me included, i like the sunshine. every once in a while it's nice to have some rain. let's look and show you what's going on. you can see the storm that dropped wet weather during the overnight hours moving on. it's a little damp out there as you can see. we'll have 48 to 55 by 7:00. a lingering shower out there. by noon cloudy with pockets of sunshine. need the sunglasses. as we head through 4:00 and 7:00, 59 to 68 and 55 to 61. good morning. i want to take you up to our biggest issue right now. this is a rollover crash on the southbound 101 before spencer avenue. the vehicle landed on its roof. that was blocking the slow lane and it sounded like they were gro going to try to drag it off to the off ramp. i would say we probably have
6:31 am
that right lane blocked. that really is going to slow you down if you are coming in and heading towards san francisco from the north bay this morning. here is a look at those misty conditio conditions. it's likely wet everywhere this morning. facebook's annual developers conference outgrowing san francisco this morning. it's kicking off in san jose. >> we're expecting to hear more about some recent controversies for the company as well. >> reporter: good morning. you may think of facebook as just this, but it's much more than this and this developers' conference is here in san jose to show it off. >> things from artificial intelligence to augmented reality and we're trying to show them the tools that allow them to put these tools in their hands to create some amazing experiences for people.
6:32 am
>> reporter: facebook's conference kicks off today with mark zuckerberg taking the stage. expect updates on messenger, what's up, facebook for work and all the rest of the company's portfolio. zuckerberg could touch on some of the controversies like the video of the murder that was uploaded over the weekend and the fake news issue. 4,000 developers are expected. the san francisco venue could only hold 2,700 people. it's one of three huge events taking place in san jose over the next couple of months. silicon valley is this next weekend an apple's annual worldwide developers' conference is moving her registration starts at 8:00 and that key note speech from mark zuckerberg starts at 10:00. >> san jose definitely on a roll. happening today, two drifters are scheduled to be sentenced in the murders of a tourist in san francisco and a hiker in fairfax.
6:33 am
they are expected in court this morning. lampley admitted calling carey and carter in 2015 and faces 100 years to life. a third defendant agreed to be a witness against the two in exchange for immunity and 15-year sentence. patrols increased at a trail. deputies are looking for a man who tried to sexually assault a jogger. >> the victim told police the man tackled here and reached inside her clothing. she was able to fight him off and call for help. another woman posted signs warning others of the attack. >> i saw some single women running by themselves and i wanted to make sure it wasn't going to happen to somebody else. >> this is out of character for this town, but we are suggesting right now that everybody take precautions. if you can, run with a friend. >> the victim described the
6:34 am
suspect as white, 50s, bushy beard and homeless appearance. anyone with information is asked to call the sheriff's office. a high school teacher arrested earlier this month is now in trouble again. the 23-year-old teacher turned herself into police yesterday. she's facing charges with having sex with an underage student. she was arrested earlier this month for allegedly allowing the same student access to a car in which police found stolen property and marijuana edibles. he was charged with petty theft. the state assembly expected to vote on a controversial bill that will effectively end bail in california. the assemblyman wrote the bill to allow people to be released while they await the poor wouldn't be jailed indefinitely while wealth people bought their way to freedom. opponents say there will be an increase in crime. in developing news, vice
6:35 am
president mike pence is in japan to begin an economic dialogue with tokyo. tensions with north korea continue to command center stage. north korean officials remain d defiant saying they will continue missile testing and the u.s. is determined to deescalate the threat. >> we will conduct for tests on a weekly, yearly and monthly basis. >> we will not rest until we achieve the objective of a denuclearized korean peninsula. >> pence met with prime minister shinzo abe this morning. japan is the second stop on a four country trip for the vice president. a senator holds a town hall in l.a. she did a similar thing in san francisco yesterday and it got little loud. those people are yelling to get him out and they're talking about that guy. he kept interrupting. nearly 600 people attended this
6:36 am
town hall yesterday. and here was her response to the people trying to shout her down. >> you can sit here and pound your fists and i can show you what i've gotten done and you surprised if you found too many senators if any that have gotten more done. >> and when asked if she's going to run again, she said that we're going to know soon enough. she's expected to return to the bay area friday for a paid lunch event. a white nationalist who attend cal state is under investigation this morning by his university after video surfaced showing him punching a woman. [ bleep ] that is hard to watch. this happened during a pro-trump rally saturday at berkeley and you might imagine that video has gone viral. the man in that identified has been identified as a former
6:37 am
marine who has served time for armed robbery and then formed a white national's group. he was not one of the 20 people arrested that day. school officials say they have zero tolerance for violence. supervisors are expected to approve new rules for the personal use of marijuana after supervisors approved a draft set of rules last week. of rules last week. the rules allow people older to grow cannabis for personal use. bart officials are expected to announce how much fare jumpers are costing the agency. bart will hire next full time inspectors. their job, to roam the lines and look for cheaters. the agency also plans to spend nearly $2 million to raise the turnstyles and make them higher and harder to jump over. the board of directors meets
6:38 am
this afternoon. bart says magnets are the answer to a problem plaguing the system with delays, including last week. the bay area news group reports bart is buying powerful magnets that will pick up metallic dust. that dust played a role in power surges that knocked out 22 cars in the east bay on friday. the dust is from the grinding of the rails. the magnets are expected to be in service in a month. one of san francisco's famous spots is expected to reopen. the park will reopen on may 24th. the park is undergoing upgrades including new grass and irrigation system. heavy rains delayed the work and pushed back the opening date. the park has been closed since last may. up in the hills it's 49. in the lower elevations about 53
6:39 am
to 55 with san jose 55 being the warmest. you're seeing the same temperatures everywhere because of the cloud cover this morning. almost as mild as yesterday morning. sunshine peaking through the clouds. low 60s at half moon bay. 63 to 69 for most of us. a slight dip tomorrow one to three degrees cooler and they'll rebound again back to today's levels. let's look at what's going on. you can see it's damp. .16 inch of rain. wet roads this morning. damp morning on the water and wet a.m. stops it you're taking mass transit and it will be dryer this afternoon. cooler tonight. 45 in santa rosa. a couple of more chances of rain tomorrow and thursday. we'll look at that and this weekend. >> sound good. we've got quite a few issues to get to. we are starting to ramp up. the first one, the north bay, this is that roll over crash they have not cleared yet. the southbound 101 before
6:40 am
spencer avenue. this is a rollover crash in the right land. you are backed up to highway 1. you are definitely going to be heavy heading into san francisco. we'll check that drive time in a second. westbound 80, this one is looking better if you're heading toward the maze there. two-car crash just cleared to that off ramp. all lanes open and that backup is merged with typical delays from highway 4. quick check of the bay bridge toll plaza, it looks like the rain and sprinkles letting up for a minute. we have a crash reported westbound 80 east of treasure island. we haven't gotten much information. it doesn't sound like it's a serious crash. you're looking typical there at the toll plaza. slight delays as you cross the bridge. with that roll over crash 101 you're in the yellow. >> thank you. there is a health alert this
6:41 am
morning. the concerning trend among asian american woman in california. it's tax day, but it's not all bad news. where you can find some free goodies and discounts. looking outside at lake looking outside at lake tahoe right now.
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i'm going to put it to you in a soft way here. it could be worse. on other rainy and cloudy mornings we've seen worse. right now it looks like they have a 43 minute delay on average for flights. not the worst or the best. mike is tracking storms and you can track the rain where you live on the abc 7 news here . i've been keeping track of this press conference happening in cleveland where law enforcement talking about the nationwide manhunt for steve stephens. that's the man wanted in a facebook killing of a 74-year-old man. police are still looking for stephens and asking for the public's help.
6:45 am
they are getting calls from as far away as texas. they've had 400 tips already. if you see him or his car you need to call 911 right away. fbi also asking for tips saying someone out there has to have some sort of key information. there is a $50,000 reward right now for any information that leads to him. the fbi has posted wanted billboards all over the country including here in california. cleveland's mayor also at this press conference speaking and saying they are asking the community to come together to try to heal after that horrific video was posted online. the search still continues this morning and a big head's up for the public this morning. >> it is so disturbing. thank you. the project to upgrade the university of california's payroll and personnel system is more than four years behind schedule and more than $340 million over budget. uc path is set to launch in july of next year.
6:46 am
it was postponed this time because additional testing is needed. it was proposed in 2011 with a time line to combine the employees into one system. officials said that would save more than $100 million a year. so far it has cost us so much more. happening now, a somber reminder of the earthquake and fire that forever changed san francisco. >> the 111th anniversary is this morning. tiffany wilson is live for us in the mission district. >> reporter: the ceremony just wrapped up, but there are still people gathered here around the fire hiydrant that helped save the district. these people gathered at 5:12 this morning when the quake hit in 1906. historians believe more than 3,000 people died in the earthquake and the resulting
6:47 am
fires. officials say it is important to celebrate the city's resillance and to remind people how necessary it is to prepare because we do not know when the next quake could hit. the fire chief was the first one to spray paint the fire hydrant gold again and family members of survivors and it continued throughout the morning. they'll have a luncheon today at 2:00 to continue the commemoration. >> thank you. time for your morning money report now. yes, it is happening today. no more procas nation. it is tax day. >> a lot of places offering discounts to make it go down easier. dunkin' donuts and hooters doing their part. hooters is doing a kids eat free promotion. i guess hooters has a kids menu, which i was not aware of.
6:48 am
that hooters promotion is not valid in california. there are tons more businesses with special offers that are valid here. go to our website for a full list. uber might end up having to add a tipping feature to its app. a proposal to require card services that accept credit cards to allow passengers to tip using their card. uber only allows drivers to receive cash tips. if uber adds that feature in new york it will expand that feature to the rest of the u.s. a bi netflix about to mark a major milestone. it will reach 100 million subscribers by this weekend. that could be good news for investors. reaching 100 million subscribers could past the stock higher. are you ready for my favorite story of the day?
6:49 am
starbucks is launching a new drink for five days. wait until you see it. >> would you drink this? the unicorn a dusting of sweet pink powder blended into a cream frap cheen owe with mango syrup and with sour blue powder. it will be available tomorrow through sunday. a lot of people thought this was just an internet hoax. starbucks wouldn't officially confirm it until this morning. go out there and try it and let us know. >> please do. would you try it? >> of course. if someone else bought it. >> your wish may be granted, mike. if you're willing to taste that, i have $4.50 for you. >> welcome back. all right. i usually head to starbucks at about 7:30. it will be on social media at
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7:46. this is going to be the wettest spot during the morning commute. the last to see dryer weather. we'll be partly cloudy with a stray shower this afternoon. a storm will arrive tomorrow night through thursday and then that's it. a prolonged period of sunshine is in store after that. the steadier rain moving away, but there's low level moisture out there that we have a chance of drizzle and a chance of light rain through 10:00. the low is going to make its way towards us tomorrow night. until then because we have a chance of a stray shower and drizzle this morning, still a one on our storm impact scale with winds light. 7:00 to 9:00 there are still a few green areas out there. as we head deeper into the afternoon or evening hours these greens become less likely and they push off to the east. for tomorrow's storm which will
6:51 am
come into the north bay at 9:00 in the evening and exit in the south bay, .1 inch in the south way. thursday is our last day weather wise and then it's dry and sunshine. 60s at the coast. >> i want to take you back to a couple of our earlier issues. we are looking better in the north bay. southbound 101 before spencer avenue where we had that roll over crash. they were able to clear that. they pushed that off to the spencer avenue off ramp there. you're down to 13 miles approaching and still heavy from highway 1. that will thin out in the next ten minutes. all the main lanes are open again. the gillman street off ramp blocked by that two-car crash and things are slow from highway 4. 13 across the bay bridge and southbound 101. san francisco to the sfo you're
6:52 am
in the green. golden gate bridge, it's soggy wf give yourself some extra time today. breast cancer rates are increasing among asian-americans in california. breast cancer rates have been going up for the last 15 years. the study found the largest increase was in koreans and southeast asians. risk factors include delaying risk factors include delaying childbirth, changing
6:53 am
6:54 am
these are the seven things you need to know. >> city officials are come member rating the anniversary of the great san francisco quake. 80% of the city was destroyed in that quake and fire. it looks like i'm number two so let me say hello. you can take a look at the bus stop forecast. 48 to 54. dress the kids for damp conditions. drizzle and pockets of rain through the morning. we'll have mostly cloudy conditions. 59 to 67 with a stray shower this afternoon. traffic wise, we have a new issue in involving a crash with a motorcycle. that motorcycle is down blocking the two right lanes right now. it sound like that rider has injuries and they pulled him off to the right shoulder. they're trying to move the bike too. you're heavy from south of 580.
6:55 am
expect that to grow. number four from the live desk, a news conference just wrapped up about the hunt for steve stephens, the man wanted for killing a 74-year-old stranger and posting the video on facebook. the fbi says he is their top priority. hundreds of tips have come in some as far away as texas. vice president mike pence is in japan reiterating the strong economic alliance between the u.s. and the country. pence talked about north korea say saying we will work together. the san jose city council set to vote on rules to protect tenants. one ordnance would require landlords to give just cause before evicting a tenant and the other would protect tenants if the owner redevelops the building. number have is, look have their lips locked on kias.
6:56 am
they are trying to win one. once they hit 50 hours the remaining names will be put into a hat. how many people can we count here. >> i think ten. >> i don't think it's worth it. >> no. >> i feel bad for the people involved. >> yeah. we're looking at them with their lips. >> they deserve a unicorn frappuccino at least. >> they won't be able to use their lips after that. >> we'll update you how they're doing tomorrow. gma is next.
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good morning, america. fbi's most wanted. the hunt for that facebook killer goes nationwide. a $50,000 reward being offered, tips pouring in, and now facebook is under fire. the company apologizes for leaving it online for hours. what they're doing to stop it from happening again. north korea now warns they're prepared for weekly missile tests as the rogue nation blames the u.s. for taking them to the brink of nuclear war. president trump fires back. >> any message for north korea? >> got to behave. >> as tensions spike, hawaii is now preparing for an emergency. also this morning, new questions about ivanka's brand amid reports it's reaching record sales and received a big windfall from china the same day she sat down with the chinese president at mar-a-lago.


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