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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  April 19, 2017 1:07am-1:38am PDT

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>> a gunman goes on a deadly shooting rampage, and tonight, three people dead, bus police are not calling it a case of terrorism. >> fresno's police chief held a news conference and said, today's shooting was racially motivated and all the victims were white. it all happened this morning in central fresno. we are live with developing details. >> dan, we are here at catholic charities, this is where the last of the three victims today were shot. police told us tonight that the suspect knew he was wanted for a murder of a security guard last thursday. he told police after he was arrested he did not just want to go to jail for that, he wanted to kill as many people as possible. >> i was sitting in the front of the house, up stairs, and heard a noise and then a begunshshos t gunshot. >> i turned around and saw the
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second and third shots. so, this guy being shot and falling to the ground and the guy ran off. >> he told us, he heard eight shots in all. >> some of the same shots that fresno's shot spotter picked up. 16 fired in less than a minute. >> the driver. a hispanic male, passenger, a white male, he fired what appears to be four rounds in to that vehicle. striking the passenger. >> police say the suspect went on to shoot two more people, both of them white males. the last one in front of catholic charities before an officer tackled him. >> the officer took him in to custody and he stated that he did it, he shot them. he identified himself as cory muhammad and said, you guys are looking for me.
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>> the police have been searching for him since thursday for the murder of a security guard. police believe the motive was not terrorism, but racism. as was exhibited in the social media rants and statements to police. >> he made a statement i'm sorry, chief. >> and for this one senseless act of violence, every day there's thousands of acts of compassion and good will in the community. >> one other chilling story from today's rampage, at one point, the gunman had stopped at a car that had two hispanic women and a child inside, he pointed the gun at them, but chose to not
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shoot them, but then shot the other victims later. >> kori ali muhammad, has been involved in nine cases in sacramento. he received a sentence of more than nine years after first attempting to plea not guilty by reason of insanity. we have been sending out push alerts all day about the story. download the news app and enable the push alerts. >> developing news, the search is on for a small plane that disappeared on the way to the bay area. it left the airport around 4:00 yesterday afternoon for the pelaluma municipal airport. here's a picture. it's blue and white with gold trim. there's a ground and air rescue operation to find it. the crews will search as long as
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needed. >> developing news, from the east bay, where a senior citizen home is getting dangerously close to a growing sinkhole. take a picture. we were there, the large hole in the ground is fenced off. this is happening in the bay park retirement community. that's where abc 7 is live for us tonight. with this developing story. >> reporter: yes, dann, you can see the gate here is blocking what was a parking ramp here for the residents. now it's a sinkhole. and tonight, those residents attended a meeting where they were reassured it's still safe to live here. so far, no evacuations. >> so, just cracks. >> reporter: she is keeping track of the sliding soil behind her retirement community. it began as a crack in the ground ar a water main break in late february and then by march. >> then it went whoop, i think we had two or three days of rain. >> reporter: and by april. >> part of the things started to
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fall in. this is a transformer over here and trees and there was a light pole that went down. >> reporter: this photo shows after the crews filled in the hole and because the soil was so wet, the hill side kept sliding. >> i have been very reassured that we are not in any danger. >> reporter: the building engineer said the structure is safe and not at risk of collapse. but she noticed that the situation gets worse with each rainfall and hopes the problem is fixed before it rains again. abc 7 news. >> three former drufters express remorse and regret court today after being convicted for killing a hikers. >> they had a tearful apology.
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>> i'm so sorry for what i did and the decisions i made. and the undescribable pain that i caused. >> she was sentenced to 25 years in prison the shooter got 100 years to life. sean angold was sentenced to 25 years to life after testifying against the others. >> sanctuary workplaces were proposed. immigrant rights supporters were rallying in support. it will establish sanctuary workplaces so that employers will not discriminate. >> we want to make sure that the workers have rights protected and dignity in the workplace. >> thousands in the bay area are exacted to walk off the job may 1st to support immigrants rights. >> tonight the bay area's
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immigrant community is concerned about an executive order signed by president trump. >> it tracks down on immigrants applying to work with an h-1 b visa. >> finding enough people highly qualified in computer scienceiss difficult. >> this kind of job requires us to have very specific skills and some experience. >> we don't move here to take anyone's jobs. we move here to become better professionals in our engineers. >> both of the engineers came here as students and are applying for h-1 b visas. >> with this action, we are sending a powerful signal to the world, we are going to defend our workers protect our jobs and -- >> the president is ordering a
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full review of the program. >> fear. that's a word that everyone is using. >> his clients called all day today worrying about the implications. he is worried that it could scare highly skilled tech wor r workers away from the u.s. >> dubai is welcoming me, australia is welcoming me, why do i say here? those people, we need them here. >> city and business leaders do not want it happen. they are watching closely. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> all right, stay with us. a nationwide man hunt for the facebook killer ended in a mcdonald's drive through t fast food employees that helped to track him down. >> and are fewer people buying sodas and thousands of pounds of trash cleaned up out of the river. meet the young boy that made it happen. >> april showers tracked, i will
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applauded its employees for helping to catch stevens. he shot and killed himself after a short police chase. it started after ordering in a drive thru, the employees recognized him and so they called the police. he took his food and headed to buffalo road, and at that point the police were behind him. >> facebook has been criticized for allowing questionable content on its site. at the facebook developer a's conference, mark zuckerberg said his company has more to do to keep the users safe. >> we have breaking news. tonight, san jose approved new rules that protects renter's rights. it with force landlords to give just cause before giving an eviction notice, landlords say it would make it too hard to evict problem renters.
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>> the public health institute out of oakland studied 15.5 million supermarket check outs since going in to affect. sugary drink sales fell more than 9%. milk, water and healthy drinks went up in the same time. >>new at 11:00. 2,000 pounds of garbage are out of the petalmua river. it's all thanks to a young north bay boy, who decided pted to make the waterway a little bit cleaner. >>. >> dan this waterfront cleaner thanks in part to the efforts on of a 12-year-old, you will not believe how much trash he has collected so far. d.j. is only 12 years old, but he could be petalmua's youngest environmental hero.
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it's after school and he is searching for trash. >> number 18. >> 18 syringes found since he and his dad started fishing on the river. those trips started to change to a trek for trash. >> and he with thought, it won't take much to clean up and we were very wrong. >> the first weekend was quite a haul. so much debris, it filled up several trash cans. weird stuff found floating like a tv monitor and more. >> yeah, it was just floating. >> three months later a grand total. >> we have collected 2,215 pounds of trash. >> that's a lot. >> yes, it is. >> the massive clean up has become his class project at live oak charter school. though classmates just don't get it. >> it's kind of gross, why are you doing that? there's dog poop. >> had his dad is very proud. >> maybe this will inspire other people to do the same thing.
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there's a lot of rivers in the bay area. >> d.j. has no plans to stop his trash pick up. but cannot help but feel alone on his quest. >> it's nice to pick up the trash because like not many people do it and they don't get motivated. because who wants to pick up trash. it's gross. >> d.j. and his dad will good to next week's city council meeting to talk trash, and look for solutions on keeping this waterway clean. >> in petalmua, abc 7 news. >> what a great young man a great father/son activity. > wonderful. >> time to check on our weather. which is finally maybe changing for the better. >> we have good news, sandy. >> i do have good news, and that is if you want dry warmer weather, it's coming. not immediately. right now, i do want to show you how many storms we have been dealing with. we have had 58 1s on our storm
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impact scale. we have had only one 4 on the scale. all the systems have added up. it's been a rainy season that pulled us out of the drought. if you look at the live doppler seven. we are tracking another light system. it's not raining right now. we will be in a break through tomorrow evening and then we will bring in green on the screen here. here's a look at the temperatures right now. we are in the 50s. expect, los gatos, we are at 49 degrees. this is what you are going to be seeing tomorrow morning. especially tlooalong the coast in the valleys. rain arrives late tomorrow night and it's sunny and warmer for your friday. here's your hour by hour planner. watch out for the fog. reduced visibility for the spots. sun and high clouds for noon. mild afternoon. 60s and 70s and increasing cloud cover by night fall. tomorrow morning, cool side, with the inland valleys in the mid 40s. certainly the fog will be around
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near the coast and the inland north bay valleys. tomorrow afternoon, dry, and most of your day will be dry. 60s to low 70s. tomorrow night, it will change. if you are going to the a's game, don't need to worry about the rain. low to mid 60s. on the storm impact scale, we have a level one system late wednesday night, a light system will bring us light showers. the north bay a quarter of an inch, less than a tenth of an inch for the rest of you in the bay area. tomorrow morning, overcast skies around the coast. around parts of the bay, between 5:00 and 7:00 a.m., by noon, you are seeing the sun, in the afternoon, the sun will fade and the clouds increase. rain shows up by 8:00 and it will slide southward by 10:00 p.m. it is in the north bay from 11:00 p.m. to midnight until we see the showers cross the central bay.
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light returns, thursday, 4:00 a.m., right on through 5:00, 6:00, 7:00 a.m. your early commute will have some slippery road ways. as far as rainfall totals, most of you will be between a few hundredths to a tenth of an inch. santa rosa, expecting a quarter of an inch of rain. we will go for a one on the storm impact scale for wednesday night in to thursday morning. it's late night showers in to early thursday morning that we will see the drops. temperatures, 60s, 70s, really in line with where you should be for this time of year. and notice, friday, a big bump up in the numbers. especially inland, low 80s and mid 60s coast side, mild for the up coming weekend and temperatures will trend lower and by early next week, we are cooling it down. tuesday, we are bringing in the possibility of a few showers. but there's two models, one disagreeses with the other. for now, we will keep them off.
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you can download the app and you can track the system. >> hate it when the models squabble, thanks. >> taste the unicorn. >> starbucks is hours away from
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all right, are you ready to taste the unicorn. it's the name of the new frappacino, it's on sale for four days. the drink includes sweet pink powder and sour blue drizzle, mango syrup and whipped cream, it's not a joke, and it will change colors as you stir it. >> i would like to see larry drink that. >> the crowd in the tank, they were yelling we want 7, we want 7, the drought is over. for team teal. playoff scoring record. and this series is tied, without the unicorn. . wild new ways to use drones. >> strike! >> get out of here. >> actually better at bowling than i am.
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>> wait until you see the incredible footage next "right this minute."
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good evening, after being blanked in the last two playoff games the sharks were desperate for offense in game four with edmonton. 15 seconds in tonight, sharks on the board. enter the g.o.a.t., jerry rice,
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he opens the door for the sharks and maybe j.r. was the key. seconds in the game. sharks, with the face-off, 1-0 sharks and the tank is lit. still in the power play. 2-0 in the second. another power play goal. marleau makes it 3-0, the team that could not score, now cannot stop scoring. schlemko with the shot. sorenson with the goal. 4-0 sharks. couture, his second, makes it 5-0, pavelski, in front, 6-0, sharks 1 of 14 on the power play coming in. 4 of 8 tonight. schlemko, another power play goal. there's 7-0 your final. series tied, two games a piece. heading to game 5 in edmonton. >> we got things rolling and that is an important piece, getting the momentum. >> we have been saying, we have confidence in it. it a matter of time before we
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struk. we keep to our fundamentals and we would be fine and you saw it tonight. >> these giames, they are borde line must-wins. we have to split here. they get one here. and we have to go back and try to get the job done. >> now, best of three. >> the giants without their skipper in kansas city. bruce bochy had what was described as a minor heart procedure. catcher coming back from concussion, was out for a week. 1-1 game, posey, 3 for 5 in his return. singles up the middle. throws out brandon belt, who kicked the ball back in to perez's mitt. so, this game ends up going in extra innings. top 11. two outs. panik, drive to center. kane, not able, out of h his reach. hundley, scores, 2-1 giants. melanc melancon, and he got him swinging.
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giants hold on. >> a's hosting the rangers. adam rosales. high and deep and aloha means goodbye. and rosales, spins around the bases so fast, he almost over takes trevor plouffe. game tied at 2. 3-2 a's. sack fly, sky high, pop up. no man's land. a's snap a four-game skid. and win, 4-2. after the game one win. occur ant asked if he was injured. he said no, i'm cool. not so cool, he is questionable for tomorrow night. he gets kneed in the calf late in the third quarter and was on the bench getting it worked on. he returned to the game and scored 8 of 32 points in the fourth quarter and it's hoped he will play tomorrow night.


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