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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  April 19, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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ground. this was in february. there has been so much rain since then that it just keeps getting bigger and the ground just keeps shifting. >> part of the things started falling in, and this is a transformer over here and trees, and there was a light pole that went down. >> reporter: here's a picture of crews as they filled up the hole, but unfortunately the ground was so wet it just keeps sliding, so they are in somewhat of a chasing their situation. they are worried about what more rain could mean for their safety. live in pinole, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. aman that killed strangers was in a racist rampage. police say he murdered three people in less than two minutes. family members identified one of the victim, this is the father
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of two leaving with groceries when he was shot. laura anthony talked to one man that saw all of this unfold. >> i was sitting in the house upstairs and heard a noise and then a gunshot outside. >> aaron was in his downtown fresno home when he heard gunshots. >> turned around and looked out the window and saw the second and third gunshot, and this third guy was this guy being shot and falling to the ground and this guy ran off. >> he said he heard eight shots in all. some of the shots, a total of 16 fires in less than a minute. the first victim, a 34-year-old man in a pg&e truck. >> the passenger was a white male and he fired what appears to be four rounds into that vehicle, striking the passenger. >> the suspect went on to shoot
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two more people, both white males. the last one in front of catholic charities before an officer tackled him. >> he made some spontaneous statements, and those statements were i did it, i shot them, and he identified himself as cory muhammad, and said you guys have been looking for me. >> the police were looking for >> the police were looking for muhammad since he shouted >> there was a growing memorial here where one of the victims died. two hispanic women inside a car with a 4-year-old girl, the gunman came up and pointed his
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gun but decided not to fire. in fresno, laura anthony, abc7 news. >> we have been looking into his background, and he has criminal records dating back to the late '90s. he served several years in prison for a federal drug conviction and was supervised by drug counselors until september. he attended high school and college in happening today san francisco's board of supervisors is discussing a modification for extra funds because of over time costs. that includes $2.6 million in academy training. a special revenue fund that previously paid for training recently expired. seven cadet classes were hired last year, which more than doubled the number of students trained.
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this morning a man charged with kidnapping and raping a napa teenager is scheduled to make a plea. she escaped the next day by jumping out of his truck while they were still driving on highway 1. detectives say during a 50-mile ride, he smoked marijuana with the girl and injected her with meth and used a razor blade to carve his name in her skin. and a girl told police a man blew a kiss at her and showed her a picture of a naked girl, and the girl ran and hid behind a parked car and called her mom who called police. he was driving a white suv,
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possibly a toyota with a bike rack on top. the dmv is doing a poor the dmv is doing a poor of disabled about 26,000 placard holders would be dead because they would be over 100 years old. they could use designated spots and park as long as they want in spaces with time limits. b.a.r.t. could be losing $25 million a year to cheaters who jump the gates. the next guy jumps the gate as well. this is at the pittsburg station. riders will have to ask the station agent to be buzzed in and out. b.a.r.t. is look into hiring
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fare inspectors. we know you don't need the umbrella, but how about a coat this morning. we are up to ten degrees cooler than yesterday morning. can you see on our 24 hour change there. it's still mild in san francisco. paw tray yo hill, 51. financial district is 57. a little warmer there. downtown is about 53. we have palo alto, 45. look at that, 49 inn union city. pleasanton and walnut creek, 46 and 47. richmond, american canyon, dress for 50. hillsboro, about 42 degrees. and mount tam, definitely easier to see without the showers around. the uv index will be high as we will get a lot more sunshine today. walnut creek, a dry commute. exercising cool this morning, to mild this afternoon. light breezes on the water, and
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fur thinking about doing yard work, although mine has gotten out of control with all the rain we have had, it's likely to be a little damp. temperatures today, low to mid-60s. 64 to nearly 74, and temperatures tonight are going to be milder, 49 in santa rosa, to about 54 in oakland. see those green spots? rain is on the way, later today and tomorrow. another chance late next week. when we come back, we will focus on today and tomorrow's rain, and an hour by hour look at it. here's alexis. we are enjoying the dry pavement after soggy starts on monday and tuesday. no issues yet, a little stack up in the cash lanes and we should not have the metering lights flipped on until 5:20 or 5:30. westbound 580, there was a
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rollover around mountain house parkway. nothing else blocking here so far this morning. overall a quiet start. we will take a look at drive times coming up in less than ten. remember this video that sparked worldwide outrage. find out what united ceo said will happen to the employees involved. involved. and the unbelievable
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welcome back. democrats celebrating a huge moral victory tkpweupbs donald trump after forcing a runoff vote in georgia. 30-year-old john ausoff led all candidates in a race, despite being attacked by the president. he earned 48% of the vote last night and that's just narrowly missing an out right win. now it will go to a runoff vote and he will be up against a republican, karen handle, june. trump said is it a win for the republicans. no new tweets from the president this morning. an autopsy is planned on the body of the so-called facebook
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killer in cleveland. he killed a man on sunday and posted it to facebook. a nationwide manhunt to find stephens ended. employees recognized him and tried to delay him while calling police. >> he didn't want to wait for the fries, which was fine. he took his six-piece and didn't want money back and headed out on to buffalo road, and the minute he turned on buffalo road, the state police was behind him at that point. >> facebook has been criticized for allowing questionable on its site. new details airlines flight fee aso. munoz apologized again today to the passenger dragged off a plane. munoz said he takes full
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responsibility and he said it's too early to tell if the incident is hurting ticket sales. a deediodidas is the poorly-marketing e-mail. adidas sent an e-mail with the subject line, congrats, you survived the boston kwrpwaubos . adidas replied they are incredible sorry and called the e-mail insensitive. with a check of your weather. >> let's talk about what is going on as far as your weather. you can see i was working on the headlines right there, but we'll start with live doppler 7. there you go. what you are looking at is your
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area of our part is going to weaken as it heads over the top of us. let's talk about the storm impact scale and it's going to be for tonight's storm, moderate and then light showers. the north bay is up to quarter of an inch, so not a tremendous weather maker whatsoever, but tomorrow's morning commute probably going to be damp once again. you can see pockets of sunshine, the gray, those are the clouds, and there are green and yellow in the upper left-hand side of your screen. as we move towards 7:00, we end the evening commute for the most part. it's still dry. once the sun sets, i think one of the moderate showers will move into the north bay and reach the ground. but then the yellows fade away and by 4:00 you can see scattered showers around. as we head through the morning commute by 7:00, we have a few
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light showers in the south bay, and then by 9:00 the sun breaking out. by the time we get to tomorrow, you will see rainfall totals, 0.4, santa rosa, and the rest of us less. and then increasing sunshine on thursday afternoon. we will hit the low to mid-60s friday, saturday and sunday, while low to upper 70s will take over the rest of our neighborhoods. partly cloudy monday to tuesday, and a little cooler but dry. >> that looks great, mike. i don't have any major problems to talk about on the roads, and southbound 680 through walnut creek, wide open at this early our. a big difference in the last couple of days, and we have dry pavement so enjoy it while it lasts. we are in the green all the way around. and 29 minutes to tracy to dublin.
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and 680, dublin to mission boulevard south, tkphraepb minutes, and highway 101 to cupertino, you are in the green, just 16 minutes. 2,000 pounds of syringes, bottles, cans, all out of the petaluma river now. thanks to a young north bay boy that decided he wanted to make his waterway a little cleaner. >> reporter: he's only 12 years old, but he could be the youngest environmental hero, and it's after school and he's searching for trash. >> number 18. >> 18 syringes found since he and his father have been fishing. >> we thought, well, it won't take much to clean up, and we were very wrong. >> the first weekend was quite a haul. so much debris, it filled up
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several crash cans. some weird stuff found floating like this tv monitor, and more. >> yeah, it was just floating in the weeds. >> three months later a. grand total. >> 2,215 pounds of crash. >> that's a lot. >> yes, it is. >> the massive cleanup has been d.j.'s class project at live oak school. but the classmates don't get it. >> kind of gross. why are you doing that? there's dog poop. >> there's a loft rivet of rive the bay area. >> he can't help but feeling alone in his quest. >> it's nice to pick up the trash, because not many people do it and they don't get motivated because who wants to pick up trash. it's gross. >> d.j. and his dad will go to next week's city council meeting to talk trash and look for
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solutions on keeping the waterway clean. in petaluma, abc7 news. >> if you plan to celebrate in san francisco, what you need to know about. >> and then a new music festival headed our way. and then a new feather in its cap when it comes to cleaning up pollution. enhancing your camera's capabilities. >> augmented reality. adding imaginary steam to your coffee. >> and zuckerberg showed off this to your run, and it's only available to developers, although snapchat is stepping up its filter game, going 3-d. new filters have floating phrases like, omg and cute.
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>> you have to cap on the screen, and snapchat says the screen, and snapchat says the new lenses will be updated hraeul daily.
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we're back at 4:51. three former drifters expressed
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regret just before killing a hiker. the victim's family shared their own grief. the trio killed 2015. before the sentence came a tearful apology. tearful apology. >> i'm so sorry for what i did. the decisions i made and the undescribable pain i caused -- >> the shooter got 100 years to life. and sean angold got 50 years to life after testifying against the others. last year there was canceled events after the bathroom bill, and many people viewed
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discriminatin discriminating. yesterday the ncaa awarded to north carolina. there's something quite different this year for the first time it's a city sanctioned event. last month the rec and part department allowed merchants to sponsor the event. this year there will be fencing and port a potties and security, and the total cost of sponsoring this is more than $100,000, which includes paying for cleanup. an interesting combination coming to alameda right now, a hip-hop concert on an aircraft carrier on memorial day weekend. hip-hop artis will
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the ship show. it will be a sharp contrast to the usual events they host. >> you have to rough exteriors. these bands do a lot of work. >> security will be provided by the alameda police department. it will be the largest event hosted above the world war ii era aircraft carrier. we put a tally together and it shows 58 light storms, and 18 moderate storms, and four strong storms, and the major storm on a sunday back in january, we had all that flooding across the north bay. fingers crossed we don't have anything like that today. between storms today, it will be dry during the daylight. once the sun sets, rain will move into the north bay.
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it will make for a damp commute tomorrow and then the warm weekend. it's not going to last into next week, looks like it will be cooler then. let's talk about today's temperatures. a lot like yesterday's with a couple degrees of average highs from mid-60s to about 70 degrees. if you are going to the game this afternoon, sun screen and sunglasses. it will be partly cloudy. 12:35 at the oakland coliseum. 62 degrees warming to 66 as the a's wrap up their three-game series with the rangers. we are looking really light at this early hour, 4:55, and we hope we would stay really light. and we have denser fog, so the brighter the white the thicker the fog, so it's dense along 101, and you will want to slow down and drive for conditions. and golden gate bridge, not
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seeing any visibility issues. ace out on time today. b.a.r.t., no issues. 35 trains in service and we had quite a few problems with cap kul corridor yesterday, and today no word of problems with them. and then reaching an ambitious goal to reduce greenhouse gases and did it two years ahead of schedule. the city's overall emissions level fell to 28% below 1990 levels. this is an extraordinary feat especially since the city's population went up 20% during that same time. the city is now on the right track to reach its ultimate goal of an 80% >> the bay area ranks among the ten worst regions for particle
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pollution. much of the problems could be traced to the five-year drought. particle solution is a mixture of solid and liquid droplets floating in the air. the san joaquin valley surpassed other regions. >> we just gave you some good news and bad news. okay. it's a once in a thousand years event and it's happening today. more on that at 5:00 a.m. and the city council made its decision on renter's rights late last night and we will break down what this means for future residents. former patriot aaron hernandez kills himself in prison. i will have new details for you coming up at 5:00 a.m. plus, this is popping up in silicon valley today. what is this exactly and why should any of us care? the answer is next. taking a live look outside
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at the embarcadero. nice to see drier roads out there right now. there right now. we will keep up weather
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it's 5:00 a.m. and we are halfway through the week. welcome to wednesday, april 19th. >> i am reggie aqui, and in a moment we will talk to jessica, and she is covering the breaking news, the death of aaron hernandez. first, we will get to weather and traffic this morning. so far this morning it has been relatively quiet weather-wise. >> yes. no rain on live doppler 7. and santa rosa near the


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